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۞Sife۞ ᛗKing of Atlantisᛪ

03/26/2021 12:03 PM 

Tournament of Possibility Matchups Round 3

Osiris v SifeGaara v ItachiElain v Kumo(Sitting out: Hinata, due to the number of participants.)

Rebel King

03/25/2021 03:10 PM 

--- oo1. guidelines.
Current mood:  amused

    001. | a few things to keep in mind ()   *~ *~  RULES AND GUIDELINES  *~*~*   1. Please refrain from taking and stealing the contents of my page. I'm more than open with creating things for other people within reason. I am not an expert by any means and I make mistakes like anyone else. However, please be respectful and leave the artwork, coding, and other things on my page alone.  2. Literacy. I understand that mistakes happen, just don't make it a habit and we should be just fine. I'm not a "grammar nazi" but sometimes I fall into that category if it happens too much.3. No drama. Period. I don't care who, what, when, where, or why. I just don't have the energy for that kind of thing anymore. I am here to write and make friends with the people I write with. I am no longer entertaining anything beyond writing and editing at the moment.4. Information in real life such as phone numbers or addresses will not be given to anyone save for things like making a purchase of something like coding and images. I would highly suggest not offering to buy layouts but that's just me.5. Please put some effort into the roleplays. I will do my part in making the roleplay fun and upbeat but I expect the same effort on the other end of the spectrum. Don't make me pick up the slack where you are lacking in - I see this a lot of one-sided roleplays. Or it's just half-assed.6. You add, you talk. I will do my best to respond to everyone in a quick and timely manner. Please be patient - I have to take time out of my day to sit and write everything out. While I don't mind it, do keep this in mind.7. Don't rush me for responses. This will end in a termination of the roleplay and possibly a delete and block.8. I am a paragraph/multiple paragraph roleplayer and I roleplay in 3rd person. Please try to keep this kind of dialogue in roleplay. It's what I have been taught and I would like to keep it that way.9. I do not own money or claim to be the people in the photos and edits that I use on my layout. They are simply edits that I have made of the characters in Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto (The Next Generation), and Boruto. Every bit of credit for that fandom and franchise goes to Masashi Kishimoto and I make NO MONEY from doing any of this. 10. I use paint tool sai and photoshop cs6 to edit my photo's and if you're wondering I will gladly make layouts for friends if they desire. But do not NOT become my friend for the hopes of me coding you something. Just ask. It's irritating when that happens.11. I will not be getting into a "romantic" relationship with anyone. I am taken in real life and even if it is roleplay it would just feel wrong to me. To be honest, I am here to write because I enjoy it and that's probably the only reason I haven't left after all these years.12 If we didn't get along because a previous account, please do not add me. I accept that you're feeling begrudged against me and that's fine. I acknowledge that there is a rift in the Naruto verse for several reasons. However, please accept that I have been through a lot in the last 3 years and have learned so much more about life and even myself. I have changed and I will not just sit and allow harassment, racism, bullying, or anything of the sort onto my page. I am glad we could be adults about this.13. I will not be online 24/7 as I have a life outside of roleplay and sometimes with errands, chores, and sleep I will not be on my laptop ALL THE TIME like I used to be. My current schedule only allows me to be online in the daytime and some of the evening. If you're wanting to contact me please ask for my discord. I'm not always on there either, but honestly I find it hard to be here anymore with so much going on IRL.14. I don't overly care about how you contact me; discord, comments, messages. I honestly couldn't care less, but if you have a perferred way to contact me either via messages or comments, please do so. I will not restrict you to the confines of certain contacts. 15.  I do not mind talking out of character and getting to know people. As rough as these rules are I really don't mind sitting down and having a good time- that's not what these rules are here to do. They are meant to keep things going smoothly so just keep that in mind when you read these. They're not meant to scare people off; that's not the point of "rules" but I believe that has made them become "jaded" these days. notes:Thank you for reading! I know it was a long list but I have been around roleplaying for a long time and over time things have come up and I try to keep things reasonable. Just let me know that you have read the rules and post a gif of how you're feeling or an emoji of what is happening in your life right now. OR post a list of 3 bands that you enjoy (This is as much to see if you have read the rules as it is for my own enjoyment! =D ;3 ) 

ᴀꜱᴄᴇɴᴅɪɴɢ ᴡɪɴɢꜱ ʚ✟⃛ɞ

03/25/2021 01:14 PM 

Redemption -

:It's been a long few months. Annie has been released from the crystal and is being held and tortured for information. During this time, Petra who was fatally injured by her years prior, has begun to recover fully.Levi offers her a day with Annie. Seeing it fit that she have her shot at her. (Though he never actually says this) Petra takes him up on it, even though she is nervous and resentful. If for no other reason but to give him the chance to rest a little. REDEMPTION-"Boy you must be a glutton for punishment." The blondes voice is heard as she speaks in a flat borderline sarcastic tone. Those pretty blue eyes of hers don't move from the wall they are glued on. She sits in a hard wooden chair, shackled and roughed up. It's obvious by the various cuts and bruises littered over her arms, neck and face, that the torture has been going on for some time now. There were days when even she got to rest. However, today was not one of those days. "I could say the same to you. You monster." Petra responds in a tone that is void of any kindness. The coldness startles even Annie as it's then that those eyes slightly widen and she turns her face in her direction. "Where was that fire when your comrades fell? Not only should you be dead, but you actually took on the job of being my watch dog for the day. idiot."Her voice is sharp and icy. If anyone knows how to be cold it was the former female titan. "Hm..." Petra's eyes close then re- open. She walks over to a small table in the far corner of the room and sorts through the papers on it. They are Annie's charts and all the collected information on the female titan.  Everything is there....It's when she realizes this that she takes the letter opener laying off to the side of them.  Not a word is spoken as she passes the tool back and forth between her hands. Her expression is blank as she takes stance in front of the blonde. For a moment she just stands there looking her over. Annie however turns her attention back to the wall. This seems to really get to the former soldier. Her brows knit together and she can feel the adrenaline rise and claim her. "No. You don't get to do that!"  Her voice is sharp and angry as she kneels in front of the women. She snatches the blonde by her hair and yanks her head back around. She let's go and slices the letter opener she's carrying clear across her palm in a deliberate cut. Before she can compose herself she snaps, and her palm connects with the women's face in a open slap. A loud connect that leaves a smeared, bloody handprint in It's wake. "Does it feel good? To have my blood painted on you? To be reminded of YOUR failure?... I could care less what you think of me. If I could do it all again, I would. Those were good men you killed!"............For several moments not a word is spoken. Petra's breathing begins to steady from the heavy breaths of rage that almost took her over, and Annie....She turns to face the women that she almost killed. To Petra's surprise, the blondes eyes lower and a very different expression takes over her face now.  When she speaks, her voice is the saddest that Petra has ever heard. "I'm not proud of myself you know. Hmph, but you don't get it do you? I'm not going to apologize for what I had to do. If you are half as smart as I think you are, you know already the stories are all true. About me... about the shifters. This damn curse wrapped around our hearts and flooded our minds. I had to survive and if that meant killing hundreds or even thousands... Her eyes briefly narrow in a sharp piercing stare.So be it.... Jokes on me though right? In the end everything I had to do ended up being for a damn sham. So here I sit as the jester in my own pathetic sh*t show. So no, Petra your blood painted on me isn't what I want. Not now and not then."---A loud gasp followed by a hard swallow as her lip quivers. Petra stands once more. She tosses that letter opener off to the side. The sound of it gliding across the wood rings in her ears as she rolls her lips together and closes her eyes. She's trying not to cry. For her comrades, and now even for the women who killed them all. Was it possible? Maybe this "monster" wasn't such a monster anymore. Could she ever?... Could she ever forgive her? She wanted to hate her. Part of her probably always would to a extent. So why was it that the former titans words struck such a powerful chord in her heart?The path to hell was paved with good intentions. Perhaps even Annie deserved a chance at REDEMPTION.

ᴀꜱᴄᴇɴᴅɪɴɢ ᴡɪɴɢꜱ ʚ✟⃛ɞ

03/25/2021 01:08 PM 

Humanity and Hope -

  "I can save them captian... I have to try..."The desperate words of sorrow leave her cracked lips. In her head visions of that day play on repeat. Like a old home movie. Her mind is shattered, and so with it her back. Still she tries to return there. To the place where it all began, and where it all ended. "No, Petra. You can't. You have to save yourself now."His blunt words are not held back, but she hears the crack in his tone. The way he blocks her path and holds her back. He doesn't have to admit that blame for her to know he feels it. He blames himself for that day, and for everything that follows after. It's enough to break her heart, but what hurts the most...Is the way she feels in just a seemingly simple prevention, that he blames himself for her too. It's not his fault. It's all hers. That's how she sees it.  There's a weighing ache that will never dull in her chest. He was humanity's strongest.. She, a becon of hope. Who were they now? Will they ever be more than two lost souls, searching for a purpose again. In a world that has lost both. Humanity and Hope. -

۞Sife۞ ᛗKing of Atlantisᛪ

03/25/2021 12:37 PM 

Tournament of Possibility Matchups Round 2

Osiris v TobiSife v SaiZypher v HinataElain v Mad KingKakashi v ItachiKumo v SasoriGaara v Kabito


03/25/2021 09:18 PM 

Rules Of Lady Amalthea

  Rules Of Lady Amalthea    Rule# 1:  First and Foremost. I am Amalthea, You all may call me Thea if you wish... Most seem to and it’s easy to say then Amalthea. I am not just another character  in some Fairytale. I was the last of my kind... almost I almost … was, a Unicorn. I found the bull and saved them all. Now I’m Here.    Rule #2:  Who I am?  Now that I’m a woman. In this world. In this human world Amalthea went by the name of Amalthea Moonstar. Here’s a little story after defeating the red bull and the curse Amalthea had become human. A beautiful young maiden with long white hair with purple eyes. Amalthea known as Thea now lives with her guardian in a big mansion and the ground surrounding it. Of course, Thea’s home was meant to keep her entertained. The grounds are full of flowers and ponds, and the house is full of books and things she could do without leaving but she wishes she could explore a new world and make new friends and maybe a love.    Rule #3: Who Was I ?  Do you know what I am?  Before her name was Amalthea or Thea. She never had a name; she was known as The Last Unicorn, a protector of her forest. A beautiful unicorn with purple eyes with a white coat and mane, lion’s tail, and goat-like hooves. She was the last of her kind and looking for others.    Rule #4: For those who don't know Amalthea is a character from The Last Unicorn. A Book from Author Peter S. Beagle and the movie of the same name which came out in the 80s The Last Unicorn is my favorite movie.    Rule #5: Role Playing: I will Rp Amalthea the way I want. This roleplay is a fantasy, mythological, adventure, drama and romance. If you want to roleplay with me you don’t need to know The Last Unicorn. But please know about her before you roleplay. An introduction. This is a new role play account for The Last Unicorn commonly known as the lovely Lady Amalthea. Please feel free to interact with me- though first, a warning this is my first attempt to play her, so I am still working on my portrayal and such, so be kind. Feel free to send me a message.   Rule #6 Amalthea is single and looking for her lover prince. Listen well if you want to roleplay with me and I like your character. Let’s get to know each other before we get together. Here’s a warning I’m here to have fun.. I’m not here to be someone’s friend with benefits or someone’s whore. I mean it. I will block your butt if you treat me disrespectfully. I want to be treated with respect, love and kindness is that too much to ask.    Rule #7: Friends: I will add friends who are willing to roleplay with Amalthea. Amalthea is 100% straight she’s not a lesbian she’s into men and looking for her prince/ Lover    Rule# 8: More To come!   


03/24/2021 12:02 PM 

━━━ listen up!!

i'm an indie, selective, multiverse role player. this is an original character with her own lore, a pokémon swsh au, and a ffxv au. she grows organically, which means her development comes from a compilation of the role plays i'm doing and personal introspection. i am a casual and flexible writer, meaning i write what i think is needed. i will also match tense with you (ex. you write present tense, i'll use it too), but will always use 3rd person perspective. i lurk a lot when i'm unable to reply.  things allowed; asking for accommodations. seriously, if you can't read something or if something doesn't make sense, ask me about it. if you have triggers or squicks, make me aware of them so that i can respect them.  taking longer to reply. we have lives offline, and it's okay to tend to that first. in fact, PLEASE do that. i want you happy and healthy. after 3 months of no communication or replies, i'll archive a thread. if you wanna pick it up again when you come back, just let me know.  mistakes. spelling errors, syntax errors, grammar errors, continuity errors... they happen, and it's okay. we're all human. just be willing to improve and learn and fix things (in the case of continuity errors).  sending me things that remind you of our thread or characters. it's fun, it's immersive, and it makes me feel good to see your investment. you're not annoying me by sending me things.  status / banter role plays. i love them. we can plot them a little beforehand or just do random sh*t. it's great for small, meaningful scenes and other fun stuff.  crossovers and aus. if i'm interested enough, i'll work with you to create a universe in which our characters can co-exist and interact. if not, i won't even waste your time, don't worry.  plotted platonic ships. friends, found family, allies, enemies, whatever. if it's platonic, we can most definitely plot it.  fading to black. basically, if our characters end up in a situation where they would have sex, we'll do a 'fade to black' and begin the scene after the act is finished.  multiple threads. ani's messaging system is sh*t, but i'm more than willing to do things on a group page or discord (if we're close enough).  asking for coding/aesthetic help. i'll be more than happy to help you set up your profile or direct you to resources for it.   things NOT allowed; stealing edits. this is self-explanatory. if you want originals, just ask for them.  confusing real life and role play. i am not my character. if she is mean to your character, it's not because i, the writer, don't like you.  grimdark themes. for those who don't know, grimdark is defined as "excessively violent, amoral, and/or bleak." for me, this gets boring after awhile. the natural flux of mood and emotion lends more impact to the good and bad events in the role play.  plotted romance. this character is demiromantic, which means that a bond must be formed before any romantic feelings can manifest. building that bond via writing and also between us as writers is much more satisfying to me.  graphic pedophilic depictions. look, i know the sh*t happens, i know some people's characters will have inclinations towards this behavior, but please spare me the details.  contributing nothing to the discussion or role play. if i'm carrying everything, best believe i'll drop it if you don't pick up the slack. don't leave me to come up with all the ideas AND write the starter AND push the story forward. at this point, i'm just writing a fanfiction with your character in it, and if i wanted to do that, i wouldn't be role playing.  unsolicited violence. don't randomly attack my character, fight her, or maim her without discussing it with me beforehand. she's a scrappy lass, but not meant for hardcore fighting.  disrespecting boundaries. don't ask me to edit for you if we're not friends. don't ask for graphic smut if we're not in a romantic ship. don't ask for my discord if we're not friends. don't ask me to pick up other characters/make other accounts. don't send me long threads in comments. don't rush me. don't spam me with "reminders" or group invites. don't be rude ooc to my friends on my statuses. don't tell me what to do with my time.

𝐝𝐮𝐧𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬

03/22/2021 11:36 PM 

Melody the Flygon

A wild Flygon appeared!This Flygon's name is Melody. She's a kind-hearted and curious dragon, although a bit flighty and erratic at times. A runt straight from the egg, she's smaller than your average Flygon. She adores mushrooms, bugs, and being a hedonist. Battles are not her style and she'd rather flee than fight.  * * * * *  Writer's note: I am chill with all sorts of settings for storylines, just ask if you're curious. Also, I tend to joke around a lot in statuses so if that sort of thing bothers you, then I wouldn't suggest adding me lol. I'm just an adult with a stressful life and I come here to have fun.


03/22/2021 01:35 PM 

The Excellent Challenge

For Lee Chaolan, the day began like any other. Today was his day off, which meant no working or entertaining company affiliates. He cherished days like these, where no official business of any kind had to be participated in. He would leave the important matters to his secretary and the rest of his trusted associates, then he would enjoy his day of freedom.Lee usually stayed in the Bahamas, and his mansion was certainly one beautiful piece of eye candy. It was equipped with everything one could desire, including a pool to get wet in. There were palm trees to compliment the mood, which usually danced in the breeze with bombastic animation.It was an especially hot early afternoon, and the sun beamed down with a melting intensity. Poolside, Lee was laying upright on an angled beach chair, trademark sunglasses in full effect and most of his bare, muscular skin exposed in the bright day for all to see. With the exception of a speedo and his shades, he wasn't wearing anything else. He had a wooden table near him where a large, black radio sat. Currently, it was playing pop singles from the 1980's. The song loudly escaping through the speakers at the moment happened to be 'Voices Carry' by 'Til Tuesday.He ran his fingers through his silver locks of hair as drops of sweat from his glistening abs escaped onto the chair currently housing his body. He had one can of premium beer that sat neatly on the ground next to him, and it was high in alcohol, just how he liked. He reached down, picked it up and cracked it open, but the loud radio drowned out the sound effect.He began to take large sips from his can of beer, eyes closed and nodding his head in rhythm to the melody of the song, smirk present on his lips. By the time he opened his eyes, most of his beer was gone.He glanced over to the entrance door and raised an eyebrow. Sure enough, as expected, the women he invited earlier in the morning ended up arriving right on time. Five of them strolled through the door in bikinis, one carrying a cooler full of ice and premium beer. He increased the volume on the radio and laid his head back, licking his lips. His smirk from earlier became a full ear to ear smile.Time passed. The early afternoon eventually became the late afternoon. More cans of beer were consumed, more pop songs from the 1980's were listened to, and more females eventually ended up arriving. Now, there were a total of twelve beautiful women and one man. To him, this was a true slice of paradise.The entire scene had become something of legend. This time, the song playing on the radio was 'When Doves Cry' by Prince, and half the women were now in the pool playing volleyball. The other half were crowded around Lee as he continue to lay in his chair, a stacked pyramid of ten empty beer cans on the ground beside him. Two of the women were on their knees, massaging his feet and rubbing sunblock on his legs. He glared at the sparkling pool water in a quiet daze. It was evident he was buzzed from the alcohol.Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he spotted his secretary approaching. She had a guest with her, only he wasn't invited. He was there with his own purpose, and he looked angry. He carried a hostile energy that quickly changed the vibe of the entire party, instantly felt by everyone right away, especially Lee. This was only made worse by the man being shirtless and covered in prison tattoos. Despite the sunny weather, he was wearing tight jeans and black boots on his lower half. He sported a thick black beard, was tan, bald and had a scar across his neck, implying he had his throat cut or slashed in the past. His physique was impressive and muscular."Stop," Lee mouthed to the women rubbing on him. In response, one of them began to whine in a loud, dramatic tone of voice that almost went higher in sound than the radio. He turned the music down to a comfortable volume and quickly put the bottom of his foot against her face, which quieted her instantly."Shh!"He shook both of the women off his legs and sat there, staring straight ahead and no longer acknowledging his secretary or the man approaching. They arrived at his side and she began to speak."Sir, this man is here to see you," she said, adjusting her glasses.Lee remained quiet, not making eye contact with either of them. His secretary spoke again, this time in a more alarming tone."He showed up at the front door and asked to see you. He said he wouldn't leave until I let him in," she shook her head."So, what do you want?" Lee muttered, still not looking at either of them."CHALLENGE!" yelled the strange man in a deep, rough tone of voice.The women who were in the pool were now silently watching, the radio was low, and everyone surrounding the conversation didn't move an inch. The current event had the full attention of the party."Why did you wait until I drank to do this?" Lee said with a raised eyebrow, staring at the volleyball floating in the water.The man's eyes widened as he slammed his fist down on the nearby table."What? Do you think I knew you were out here drinking? All I've been hearin' on the road is this 'Silver-Haired Demon' is the man to beat!"Lee took his sunglasses off, giving them to his secretary. He finally turned his sight to the man before him."Don't believe everything you hear," he replied, staring at the unwelcomed man with a cold gaze."I DON'T! I don't believe any of it!" yelled the man as he growled in anger.Lee quickly stretched and got up from his chair. He looked at his secretary, shaking his head. She stared back at him, rolling her eyes. She knew what was about to happen, as did he. However, no one there knew the exact level of brutality that was about to take place in the next few minutes."I was alerted of your presence here over an hour ago, when my security cameras spotted you wandering around near the front of the mansion. Before coming over to me, you chose to hide outside until I finished my drinks," Lee stated."I don't wanna hear it! I'm tired of people thinkin' you can fight! I'll rip you apart right now!" the stranger said, spitting on the ground beside him."Okay. So, how do we do it?" Lee asked, taking in the man's aggressive energy."I want it to be right here and I want everyone to see me cripple you, little man! MOVE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE WAY!" the man asserted to everyone in a loud, commanding voice.Within minutes, all visible furniture was moved off to the side, the music stopped, and everyone gathered around the two men."You look ridiculous!" snarled the man, looking down at Lee's speedo and gritting his teeth."You don't like it?" Lee replied with a grin."Funny guy! See if you can talk once I break your jaw!" the man yelled, slapping himself in the face repeatedly."Do you have any rules, or shall we go all out?" Lee questioned, watching the stranger's ridiculous behavior and performance."One rule! There ain't a winner unless the loser is permanently disabled in some way or another," barked the man in a gruff tone."I would rather not do that," Lee said, shaking his head in dismissal at the man before him."So, you're gonna punk out? Forfeit a challenge from a REAL fighter?" the stranger laughed and pointed.The women began to spread out, giving both of the men plenty of room to confront eachother without any immediate danger of them coming into contact with anyone else."Stakes too HIGH, you bum?" the man continued his aggressive banter."Okay, have it your way," Lee replied, undoubtedly accepting the rule."Now we're talkin'," the man said with a loud snicker.Silence hit the scene faster than a speeding bullet. The two men maintained direct eye contact as they slowly walked closer to eachother until they were both within striking distance. Lee cracked his neck and knuckles. He bent over, stretching down to touch his toes a few times. After cracking his back, he got into his fighting stance and awaited the man before him, who also got into a fighting stance of his own.The man began to aggressively move towards Lee, swinging at him with multiple, powerful haymakers. If any of these landed, it would have been lights out. Thankfully, these were very telegraphed and easy to read. Lee dodged out of the way, pivoting to the left of the man's field of vision.Like clockwork, the man changed the position he was in to match his silver-haired opponent. As soon as they were facing eachother again, Lee sighed and started bouncing around on the balls of his feet. He faked a kick using his right leg, causing the challenger to lower his guard in an attempt to block it. It was evident he wasn't very skilled, as Lee knew any fighter of true quality would never put their hands that low in an attempt to guard against anything. This was a mistake that was fully capitalized on by Lee, who used the opportunity of his opponent's lowered hands to repeatedly jab his own right hand into both of the man's eyes."AHH! Son of a b--!" the man screamed in agony, immediately losing sight in both eyes. He began to completely lose his cool and started throwing wild punches, repeatedly blinking his eyes and trying to regain vision.Lee danced around, rolling with the punches being thrown at him and began to throw more stiff jabs into the man's eyes. Suddenly, he stopped the yelling and his voice began to gurgle. His eyes started gushing out blood and he opened his mouth, spitting out even more blood as he started to choke on some in the process. It eventually became too overwhelming and he took a knee. Both of his eyes were swollen, red and had massive cuts on them. As it turns out, in addition to taking Lee's damage, the challenger also bit his own tongue by mistake during the fight, causing even more issues.He tried to stand up, but only stumbled around in a confused, sloppy manner. He went and sat on the ground, continuously bleeding from his mouth and eyes.The women stood there in awe as Lee approached his secretary."Get the medics here and have them escort him out," he snapped his fingers, taking his sunglasses back from her. He began to head to the door leading inside the mansion."Wait! Where are you going?" his secretary asked.He stopped in his tracks, turned around and stared at her, putting his sunglasses back on in the process."It's my day off," he said with a smile."How's that going so far?" she asked in a sarcastic tone.He finished adjusting his sunglasses, fixed his speedo and walked back over to the wooden table, picking up the radio and carrying it off with him as he finally began to make his exit inside."Excellent."

۞Sife۞ ᛗKing of Atlantisᛪ

03/22/2021 03:41 PM 

Tournament of Possibility Matchups Round 1

Odin v OsirisEcho v SifeKumo v HidanGaara v PeinXil'us v TobiHinata v ZabazuItachi v LucyHellgates v ZypherElain v DanteKakashi v SasukeIno v SaiTemari v Mad KingSasori v NejiSit out for the current round (only due to number of participants.): Kabuto

۞Sife۞ ᛗKing of Atlantisᛪ

03/22/2021 02:25 PM 

Tournament of Possibility Rules

**Response must be within 24 hours after the tournament begins. Each match will have 72 hours to complete.Rule 1: Death is acceptable for the tournament. If the character has died an honorable death, they may be revived.Rule 2: Godlike abilities, powers and Dark Stars are prohibited.Rule 3: God ranked weapons are prohibited.Rule 4: Additional rulings can be decided (and agreed upon) by the participants for that particular match.---This also includes nullifying Rules 2&3 if both participants wish to do so.Rule 5: Each battle will take place in the ruins of Jötunheimr


03/22/2021 02:02 PM 


1. Don't steal anything. This includes edited images, any format of writing headcons, samples, drabbles, and icons. or anything on my layout either since it took forever to edit customize and work on it.2. Please be respectful in and out of character.  I understand if your character is rude, obnoxious, etc however keep in mind there are lines you don't cross ic or out.3.I'm mirror friendly, open to writing with others who write as the same character as me however it is not required that you have to add me.  If you do it's appreciated.4.Keep your personal and internet drama to yourself.  Not here for smut.  Mature themes may apply for blood, gore, horror, and NSFW samples in the future. Don't like it don't add or delete me.5. This account is not interested in any form of pairing at all however romances, fluff, and angst are welcome but are not the main focus for this profile.6. My activity may vary on various things: mood, being busy offline, and muse, and other things. On that note, I ask that you don't spam me here or anywhere else for replies. I either will reply or I won't.7. All versions of writing is welcome: first person second person and third person along with yaoi and yuri themes, content.    OTHER INFO:♛ I prefer Asuka over Alexis♛ Selective with discord.♛Multi-Para, Para to Novella at times. This does not mean you need to match me paragraph by paragraph. ♛ I adore prompts, random starters, and reading samples!  so feel free to send them my way!♛ Want an edit, need help with one or something just leaves a message or comment and I'll try to reply as soon as I can.♛ Not interested in dueling with anyone.  Nor dating out anyone off the site.♛ I write Asuka as I perceive her. I Don't like it delete me.  I can write canon Asuka from both the manga and anime including season 4♛ I write in comments, messages or groups. Though I prefer 1 on 1 group for privacy and due to people stealing: icons, writing, etc from me in the past.♛ If my writing comes off as advanced, imitating, whatever the case may be please all I ask is that you write as you wish.♛Not a writer that's fine! Small talk is welcome just keep in mind my replies will be slow or sparse at times since I tend to get busy offline a lot. I'm also a reserved, person.   


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• After finding out they were going to have a child together, Nari's parents attempted to elope and leave the yakuza behind. In consequence, they were brutally murdered but succeeded in hiding their newborn.• Fujikawa Genzō is a biological relative, specifically her mother's cousin. Although he knew about the assassination a few weeks after it occurred, he waited seven years to adopt her to make sure it was safe to do so. He raised Nari as his own daughter, choosing not to disclose their relation, nor his or her past.• Following a routine annual checkup, Nari's family doctor overlooked an abnormal group of cells in her cervix. This has not been resolved.    


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For some men, a red paper lantern was the symbol of a second home. Where, instead of returning to their empty nests or angry wives, they order a beer or two, or three over dirt cheap, but satisfying meals. It is here, under the guise of peeling wallpaper and cigarette buds, that Nari learns a person cannot be judged by their appearance in the same token as the sea cannot be measured with a bucket. At least, that's how she thinks the saying goes.名称: Nari Han生日: January 1st种族: Chinese / Japanese种族: 26高度: 165 cm (5’4)血型: Type A-占用: Owner of a small, but popular Izakaya tucked away in the backstreets of Tokyo.— appearance.The old man swears up and down that her parents had hair and eyes the same shade as charcoal, but somehow Nari came out — as he put it — looking like a sunstone. As if the sea of freckles didn’t make her stand out enough, she also appears to have reddish-violet irises and bright tangerine hair.— background. They say children must suffer for their parent's sins, but even so, Nari is a testimony that one does not always become a product of their environment. She was adopted at the age of eight by an ex-con, named Fujikawa Genzō, seeking to change his ways and make an honest living.⇒ 𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐔𝐒.  


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headcanon 01. Every other year, Nari cycles between growing her hair out long and cutting it to her shoulders.headcanon 02. She’ll refuse a gift the first two times, but the third time … she will accept it.headcanon 03. Has a hard time getting drunk, no matter how much alcohol she drinks.headcanon 04. Her fingers are often bandaged because she tends to accidentally cut or burn herself in the kitchen.headcanon 05. If someone can’t pay for their meal, she will let them work.headcanon 06. She has a soft spot for strays.headcanon 07. Her eyes sporadically water from time to time as if she were about to cry (even though she's not). headcanon 08. Exceptionally intuitive and book smart. However, instead of continuing her education, she decided that staying close to family and running the local izakaya was more important.headcanon 09. Quirky as she is curious, fueled by an unspoken claim that she could see things that other people simply couldn’t (supernatural verses only). ⇒ 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐃𝐘.  

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