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πš™πš’πš—πšŽπšπš›πšŽπšŽ ⍋

03/21/2021 10:03 PM 

rules or whatevs!

β–ΉPreferably literate, 2+ paragraphs (can vary based on what’s happening obviously!)β–Ή 20y/o writer,18+ welcomed! Both smut and non-smut happily accepted. F-list available if necessary. If smut is involved, obviously Dipper will also be 18+.β–ΉYou add, you message/I add, I message- only because I tend to lose track easily- that would be very much appreciated!β–ΉDiscord available, though hesitant to give out.β–ΉSuper easygoing, so please don’t hesitate to message me! I’m only a bit picky with some adds due to personal reasons, though for the most part there’s no need for a filter around me, I’d love to discuss and make friends!β–ΉIC and OOC both absolutely welcomed, will try to match post length!β–ΉVery patient with replies, and I hope you’ll be the same...I understand everyone has a life outside of here, plus just general motivation can be overwhelming sometimes, so replies may be inconsistent, alongside response time!β–ΉIn the end, just be nice and have fun! I very much look forward to stories that we can get going!β–Ή May add to this, though for now that's it!

Count Dracula

03/19/2021 10:33 PM 

Powers and Abilities!

Quite a few of these will be needed, or altered to keep from being overpowered in rp. This is just to give an idea. Passive attributes Summoning his Demon Castle: Being the true master of the Demon Castle and having a connection with Chaos, Dracula's resurrection allows the castle to appear anywhere and anytime he desires. As long as Chaos exists, the castle cannot be destroyed. Immortality: Thanks to Walter's soul, Dracula is immortal. Even though he can be killed, he will simply be revived after approximately 100 years, although premature revivals are not uncommon, especially when the premature revivals are caused by the more negative aspects of humanity reaching mass overload. Invulnerability: Dracula possesses superhuman endurance. Typical weapons would almost certainly not harm him or they would inflict minimal damage. However, certain weapons and measures, such as Dracula's own power (e.g. Shanoa's "Dominus" attack) or the Vampire Killer are capable of harming and killing him. Dracula is also (usually) invulnerable to attacks to any part of his body excluding his head. His superhuman endurance was such that even being beheaded is not enough to kill him. In his demon form, he seems to have lost this power. Dracula's resurrection also depends on the number of people in the world who desire his return and, between 1797 to 1999, he was resurrected more frequently. Eternal night: It is always nighttime in the area surrounding Dracula's Castle, with it being heavily implied that Dracula was preventing the sun from rising in the area he was present in. Instant army: Dracula's dark powers affect even the dead and are able to create personal "golems" out of skeletons of various kinds, a variety of elemental golems, and can also give life to inanimate objects such as armor or furniture. However, this instant army is not as powerful as summoned demons from the Demon Realm. Chaotic Realm: The Chaotic Realm is the source of darkness and only Dracula can enter this specific dimension. Dracula and his reincarnation, Soma Cruz, are the only ones recorded to have ever entered the Chaotic Realm. This realm also sports demons of various kinds that will bow to Dracula's will. Reality warping: He is shown to warp reality, especially when assuming his true form. This is best demonstrated with his battle against Richter Belmont as well as Hector, and to a lesser extent against his son Alucard.   Transformation Shapeshifting and teleportation: Dracula often attempts to confuse his enemies in battle by taking another form and teleporting to a different place, whether it is by turning into a multitude of bats (with the larger one being his main body), by using (or turning into) a large column of energy to displace his body, or by turning into a cloud of mist for long range teleportation. Aside from wholly transforming, he's also capable of partial shapeshifting, such as having his cape and mantle transform into bat wings that have inner spines comparable to an iron maiden, which is especially evident in his initial fight against Hector in Curse of Darkness. In The Dracula X Chronicles, it is said that he can transform into a bat, wolf or mist. For shorter movement, Dracula favors floating on a runic circle that lets him move very slowly. He has been known to turn into: Bat: He turns into many bats for teleportation or for offensive moves and transformations. It was called "Bat Moon" once and allows Dracula to turn into a swarm of bats to overcome his enemy. This was apparently one of Dracula's earliest abilities, as he, or more accurately, Mathias Cronqvist, transforms into a bat and departs when leaving Leon Belmont to be dealt with by Death. Wolf: Dracula has been shown to transform into a wolf for charging attacks in The Dracula X Chronicles. Mist: Dracula has used his mist form to evade certain death during his confrontation with Christopher Belmont. True form: (see below)   Movement Teleportation: Dracula's favored strategy, used to confuse his enemy while he casts a myriad of offensive spells. Some versions of his teleporting has him blending to black lights, others turns him into many bats, but the function and strategy is one and the same. Demonic wings: Dracula can turn his cape into wings that can allow flight in a one-on-one battle against an agile vampire hunter. His wings allow fast flight and can be used as a melee attack by swiping the cape in its wing form. Dracula rarely does this, however. Simon Belmont (Chronicles version), Richter Belmont (third form in The Dracula X Chronicles), Hector (first form and transition between the two battles) and Shanoa are humans that have witnessed Dracula's wings.   Dominance Power of Dominance: Dracula's primary ability allows him to absorb defeated monster's souls and enslave them. This power was the one that Soma Cruz, Dracula's incarnation, inherited along with Dracula's soul. While Soma can only summon monsters for a short amount of time due to his low magical power, Dracula can fully utilize this ability with infinite power from the stream of Chaos he commands. Obedient animals: Creatures of the night are sensitive to the flow of darkness and are attracted to its source. Those attracted will not hesitate to serve the commander of darkness. Some of these creatures are bats, wolves, owls, slimes, ravens, crows, black panthers, worms, caterpillars, toads, frogs, and many other smaller but numerous creatures that have entered and lived at some point under the Dark Lord's presence. Power over humans: Dracula's power has been shown to have an effect on human behavior. Dracula's Curse, in fact, drove many humans insane, and sent them into a murderous rage. Dracula has also shown abilities to control humans without possessing them, for example, in Harmony of Despair, his charm spell, when making contact with a female, would temporarily strip them of their will and put them under his control. Possession: Aside from influencing the evil in humans, he also at times was capable of outright possessing them and act as extensions of his will. Such was demonstrated with Albus in Order of Ecclesia after he attempted to access Dominus Agony, and was also implied to be how he got Barlowe to revive him from his seal in the same game. This was also demonstrated to a lesser extent by Dracula Wraith on Maxim Kischine, resulting in the creation of the latter's Evil half. He also possessed Isaac shortly after the latter was defeated by Hector in order to revive himself (largely because Hector, Dracula's intended host, relented on exacting vengeance against Isaac at the last moment).   In battle Blood draining: Dracula, being a vampire, can bite and drink the blood of his victims. His spell Dark Metamorphosis can enhance his blood draining ability. He can also drain his victims' blood by merely touching them with his hands. Magic mastery: Dracula is a powerful magic user, easily capable of summoning fireballs, flaming meteors, beam attacks, and swarms of vampire bats and wolves to name a few. Even his extremely powerful "Demonic Megiddo" attack requires little effort on his part to perform. Although most of these seem to draw on his own innate power, there was at least one instance where Dracula had some aid in casting magic via a magical scepter. Added with the fact that he commands Chaos, no demons can match Dracula for his throne. No vampire hunters beyond the Belmonts can match his powers either. Some notable spells are: Hellfire: Fires a wall of fireballs from his cape. Another version causes flames to erupt from the floor. Dark Inferno: Fires magma fireballs from his cape. Unlike Hellfire, the meteors produced by this spell cannot be destroyed. Dark Metamorphosis: Boosts Dracula's Blood draining ability. He can bite an enemy or grasp them and drain their life. He rarely does the latter though. Soul Steal: A spell that many fear. Soul Steal is used by Dracula and to kill and absorb their energy for Dracula's use. The one version of the spell has an area of effect around the caster. It can effect multiple victims multiple times in one cast. Another version drains the life out of Dracula's victims by a mere touch, which is why many fear this spell. It is also referred to as Life Steal. True form(s): When facing a strong and dangerous opponent, Dracula can transform into his more powerful true form to try and even the odds. He uses this strategy whenever he's pushed to the limit. He has used a huge variety of true forms over the centuries, that typically follow a "monster vampire" theme. Most forms of Dracula make him bigger and more frightening to taunt his opponents. Dracula sometimes collects enough power to transform a third time, as when Dracula battled Trevor Belmont or Richter Belmont. In some cases, Dracula ends up warping reality when transforming into his true form, as evidenced with his fight against Richter Belmont and Hector. Blood Storm: Perhaps as a way of mocking of the Belmonts' powers, Dracula, when facing Richter Belmont, could make it rain blood, and being caught in it causes heavy damage. Meteor Shower: During the events in Circle of The Moon, Dracula displayed various powerful magic spells, one of which summons a barrage of flaming meteors to rain down from the sky onto his enemy. Demonic Megiddo: Dracula's ultimate dark spell. Two version of this attack are in existence. The first, and more common version has a shorter charging time and allows Dracula to charge demonic runes that become a giant black fireball. Dracula can throw it to his victim and will incinerate his victims with demonic fire. The second version is a gigantic explosion, with Dracula as its nucleus. The explosion radiates from him, dealing heavy damage with high likelihood of killing his opponent. However, the second version requires a longer time to charge, giving enough time to either escape or defeat him before he can use it while draining Dracula's health. On Order of Ecclesia it is shown that Dracula can sustain it for as long as desires, while in Harmony of Despair its effect is shown to cease. Dominus Hatred / Fatal Ray: Dracula summons seven green rays of dark energy that fly upward from his body. After a moment, the rays fall, covering the entire area although leaving some spaces between where the player can dodge them. He uses this attack in various games, including Castlevania Chronicles and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and is commonly used by his true form, although its most prominent appearance is in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Destruction Ray: A dire version of the Fatal Ray. Dracula summons seven purple rays of dark energy that fly upward from his body, but this time they fall following the player's movement.  Power over Death: By gaining possession of the Crimson Stone, Dracula gained Death's complete allegiance, who in turn will seek all means necessary to resurrect his master. He is very loyal to Dracula and is said to be Dracula's confidant and close friend. In Portrait of Ruin, Dracula had several combination attacks with Death. Flame sickle: Death summons many sickles, which Dracula turns into many meteors like the ones produces by Dark Inferno. Demonic Megiddo: Dracula can have Death turn a scythe, where he can slam the scythe and create a smaller, faster version of Demonic Megiddo. True Dracula's scythes: When Death or Dracula are defeated, Death offered his power to be absorbed by Dracula so he could complete his transformation. Dracula used Soul Steal and absorbed Death to become True Dracula. In his demon form, one of True Dracula's attacks was to summon Death's Scythe and toss it at the player.

Sweet but Psycho

03/18/2021 11:05 PM 

Quirk Info

      Sweet but Psycho Quirk: Regenative/Healing Bodily Fluids;; User possesses bodily flusids (blood, sweat, saliva, tears) with healing/regenative properties. For Reila she can heal others wounds bur cannot heal herself in anyway.   Drawbacks: Because her quirk uses her fluids she can become anemic and dehydrated if overused.   Side note: Because most people don't like the idea of drinking any fluids from her she usually injects it into their system directly through needles or pills. Fresh fluids heal quicker and is stronger compared to what she has stored away.   — I'm afraid I don't know who I am anymore. —  

♀Spell Breaker♀

03/18/2021 08:23 PM 

Bio (Under Construction)

Name: Merrick McbribeRace: aasimarAge: NASex: MaleOrientation: StraightStatus: Single Height: 6'3"Weight: 250Bio: Merrick is a very old soul born duriny the 3rd century of humanity. His father was non other then the norse god Odin but due to Loki being the trickster god he spearded Merrick from the pantheon. He was sent to a clan of vikings that raised him to be a Drenger (courageous warrior). By the time he was 5 he was fighting and pillaging other rivalry clans. Of course as time went on he also started to learn magic from different sorces he took to primordial magic very well due to him being the son of odin but does not learn this until late in his life.   When his clan was killed off and finally defeated by a clan known for their berserker fighters he found out about how he wasnt killable earning him the title of enteral warrior. But he manges to escape from the Berserker clan he chose to live in solidarity for the next 6 centry. He soon became know as the Nordic Mage. He was also named the Close one to the Gods. By this time England was just starting to blossom and grow. So he choose to head there and he was then betrayed by a clan he had blessed for sage travel. They found a ruin that eleminated his magic and strength. Then was sold off to Rome who traded him into slavery were he starded to help build the pyramids.    He spent many years working as a slave until someone found out about his experience with magic then took him to the pharaoh. Merrick showed his magic to the king as he was the tokd to teach magic or work to the end of his days. He choose to teach magic but what they didnt know the magic he taught devoured them from the inside. Osiris took note of this and brought it to Ra's attention the god king was about to smight Merrick on the spot but then chose to use him as a priest for the gods.  From then on he worked for the Egyptian Gods with such strong loyalty he gained the respect of the gods as if he was one of their children. Ra then chose ro bless him with a wife of the same astrength Merrick had. Her name was Avalon a woman just as beautiful as Freyja who was the one norse god who found him and also blessed the woman who was created for Merrick with unconditional love for life and for him.  Many 200 years go by Merrick and Avalon his wife lived great lives until Egypt was attack by a raging Behemoth that destroyed everything and killed Avalon. Merrick quickly slayed the beast down out of rage and pain. Then cused the same gods that blessed him with her not knowing who really had sent that beast to him.    With the Pharaohs blood line dead and such destruction had happened to him he swore off magic and became the spell breaker but still has mastery over the magic. Soon he traveled north back to his home in Norway and live his life. Then one day he was found by Munnin who was one of the All Fathers ravens. Odin came to Merrick in a vision about a forest where the beast the took his wife from him. Told him that he needed to find the Gates of Oberon The king of the Fairies. He was choosen to protect the forest from all intruders only the worthy where allowed to learn the magic of the forest. He asked Why he was chosen. Odin only simply said you already have the magic.    And through out his adventures everything he has done he has taken care of the forest where behemoths lived where all gods come to visit in peace a relam that he is in charge of taking care of.

𝘌𝘳𝘰-𝘚𝘦𝘯𝘯π˜ͺ𝘯 Hokage

03/18/2021 01:16 PM 

AU Headcanons

Ero-Sennin Hokage "NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT ME, I'LL STEP FORWARD TOWARD MY DREAMS ONE STEP AT A TIME. LIKE MY MOTHER, MY FATHER, AND ERO-OJISAN--BECAUSE I'M UZUMAKI NARUTO, THE SAGE WHO'LL BECOME HOKAGE...DATTEBAYO!" Hello there and thanks for taking a moment to come and look over my Headcanons for my AU portrayal of Uzumaki Naruto! Please note the information here is provided as a supplement for understanding my writing for the muse, alterations in his character and backstory, and to collect my own thoughts as they come. Some may be altered by role-plays while others are from what I imagine. The information here is likely to be updated more over time.H e a d c a n o n s   for  A U   1. Naruto was raised outside of the village by his godfather, Jiraiya, as a means to protect him from the political machination of the village and the hatred which would assail him. This was not without some conflict as both Danzo and Sarutobi tried to convince the Sannin to leave Naruto in the village. It is said the conflict reminded everyone why the Gama-Sennin could have become Hokage if he desired; thus he ended up getting his way.2. During the earliest part of his life, Naruto was mostly under the care of Ma and Pa Toads since Jiraiya had little to no experience about raising children. Thus he has a few eccentric behaviors when it comes to eating or finding the natural world something he connects to. He considers Ma and Pa his 'grandparents' and Jiraiya more like a father figure.3. Naruto's shinobi training started earlier and was guided properly since he had one of the most legenadry ninjas and his mentors guiding him since birth. Because he did not have the sabatoge of the village educational system, Naruto is a much more competent and well-rounded shinobi and sage. His specialty comes in ninjutsu, tracking, and espionage. At the age of 12 he was trained in the secret of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu for training purposes.4. Naruto began learning the concepts of Senjutsu from a young age; being shown to have even greater talent than Jiraiya did at his age. Because of this he was able to achieve a psuedo-sage mode at the age of 7; by the age of 13 he was able to create the methodology of using clones to gather senjutsu chakra for his attacks. This was taught to him knowing that Akatsuki was coming after him by Jiraiya, who wanted to prepare his godson for all that he would face from each update from their Spy (Itachi). Naruto would create a 'complete' sage mode during rp.5. Naruto was told about his parents when he was 6, and has decided to honor their memory by striving to become Hokage and help their dreams and goals live on...while looking for the peace and hope that Jiraiya had always told him he believed people to could find together. 6.The first time Naruto summoned Gamabunta was by accident while Jiraiya was peeping at some girls in a spring...needless to say it ended up with the Sannin getting beaten up, Naruto being blamed, but a proud godfather. 7.He met Tsunade at age 10 in a similar situation to canon while traveling with Jiraiya. After she disrespected the Hokages--especially knowing his father and mother's sacrifice--he stood up to the Busty Sannin where they had a similar arrangement about learning the Rasengan. During this moment they were attacked by Akatsuki for the first time--which was really Itachi's way of giving Jiraiya some information--where he unleashed the rasengan as Kisame was about to finish the Hokage off...and got shaved by the blade horrifically afterward. The rest is history--when the Sannin came to save his life and acknowledge him as the future Hokage. Naruto's been like a little brother and Son to her...but...he's always perving on her and Shizune like Jiraiya. She came back to the leaf after this point where she took Sakura (Spring Blossom) as a Disciple.8. Naruto has traveled the world during his travels with Jiraiya once he became eight in order to see the world and learn more. During this time Naruto was introduced to Jiraiya's agents since he would inherit the spy network; thus he is privy to some secrets others might not be aware of. 9.Naruto inherited Jiraiya's perversion. Part of it came from proof-reading the books he originally thought were boring, but being happy to spend time with his godfather. Overtime he began to really take a genuine interest in women, but also applied it as a means for people to underestimate him so they wouldn't take him seriously. He is pervy but a gallant and chivalrous spirit like Jiraiya. Those who only see him as an idiot or perve...will regret that they fell for what he wants them to see.10.Because of his circumstances, he would only the visit the village periodically over those years until it was time for his genin exam (at 15-16). Naruto had his first thing of Ichiraku ramen there as a treat from Jiraiya where he met the old man and his daughter Ayame. It became a place of great warmth; especially when those who recognized him saw him with such dark eyes.11.When Naruto was 12 he came along and found Iruka battling a fellow shinobi whom had stolen the Forbidden Scroll, and intervened when he was about to be killed. The ninja tried to rattle him about the Kyuubi but Naruto already knew and gave a speech that had opened Iruka's eyes about the child he saw, hated, and now...was saved by. After that encounter, Iruka would buy him ramen whenever he came to town...and tried desperately to correct his perverted behavior to no avail. Iruka's Big-Head no Jutsu scares Naruto though.12. During his visits periodically, he would come across Hinata Hyuga in moments of her depression and treat the girl to a bright smile and ramen. He would try to cheer her up. Encourage her and even spar with her helping her with her studies before having to leave again. The last time she saw him before he returned was when he was 12.13.Naruto writes a very successful book series called Passion Blossom Tales, that comically has outsold Jiraiya's books. And co-authors with his godfather from time to time.14.Jiraiya made sure Minato and Kushina's inheritance would be set aside for Naruto when he came back to the village, much to the annoyance of Danzo and the elders whom sought to use those properties and funds for their own ends. Thus Naruto is pretty financially stable and has his own home.15.Naruto has a habit of asking women to model for his books, trying to get them on a date, or complimenting their body. Part of him does it legitimately. Another part to keep up appearances; however, what throws him off are women who can RARELY see the real and kind person behind the perversion. Usually those are the type that can make him truly flustered.16.Because he knows the truth of Itachi's circumstances, he wants to find a way to clear his name and bring him back to the village. This leads to him trying to be more friendly to Sasuke when they meet...but the Duck-Butt just rubs him the wrong way. Still, later the two become close rivals, brothers, and enemies all at the same time.17.Naruto has a three-section staff he got after watching Sarutobi fight once, and has since taken very well to the weapon when not uses toad-taijutsu or his ninjutsu. 18. Naruto has been communicating with the Kyuubi since a young age. At this point he calls him his freeloading Furball, but has...always wondered why such pained hatred always floods from him. They have a mutual agreement to assist each other for their survival, but Naruto has always been interested in learning more about him much to Kurama's surprise. There is animosity but a bedgrudging respect between the two that will grow over time.19. Naruto peeks on Pyrrha Nikos periodically when she changes or bathes like he does other friends, but cannot find it in his heart to write her as a reference in his adult novels. Instead he uses her references in a personal book series he keeps to himself about their friendship. Never intends to show that to the cinnabun or ANYONE for that matter.MORE TO BE ADDED

π•™π•–π•π•π•žπ•’π•žπ•š. [hiatus]

03/18/2021 01:51 PM 


I'm aware I am very hit or miss on this site.I do enjoy writing and editing but I do know my sudden disappearances and reappearing is a bit of a mood killer with a lot of storylines and friendships. I do take a lot of breaks for my mentality whether it is from an incident that occurs on here or ooc completely. I know this has caused a bit of questions and I feel bad about it.So, I just want to throw that to the wind for anyone, new or even those who are currently in storylines with me. I do require a lot of breaks. I do accept friends to still chat with me on discord during these breaks. Because small talk is a lot easier when I am having these breaks for what I cant handle.I also understand if any of my friends (new/old/soon-to-be) cannot continue with me. I appreciate those who have come into my life in an IC and/or OOC manner. And whether ya'll stick around or not, I appreciate the time I have had with you.I currently am existing in the roleplay realm. I do feel mentally okay right now. So, for those who would like to get to know me more and get stories going, here is the upfront disclaimer.


03/18/2021 01:50 PM 

One Piece Characters Wanted

This is a list of other One Piece i would like to see and chance to rp with.Portgas D. AceRob LucciMonkey D. DragonShanksSmokerTrafalger LawDonquixote Rosinante{Corazon}Donquixote DoflamingoKoala & Nico Robin


03/18/2021 01:49 PM 


One Piece AU's{Yes she will still have the burn on her face.} Whitebeard/Red Hair Pirates AU: Sabo survived & never lost her memory and was rescued and raised by the Whitebeard/Red Hair Pirates / Straw Hat Pirates AU: Sabo survived & never lost her memory instead was rescused after the celestial dragon blew her small boat up, she was still saved by Dragon but instead he brought her back to Dadan where she continued to live in the moutines with the bandits and Foosha Village later joining Luffy on his journey / Donquixote Pirates: In this AU she still loses her memory from the attack by the celestial dragon instead of Dragon raising. Donquixote Rosinante{Corazon} is the one who rescued while on a mission for Sengoku. She he brought home by Corazon back to Dressrosa and the Donquixote Family raised along side Law, she does take on the Donquixote name for Corazon. / Marine AU: Pretty much in a way the same as the Donquixote Pirate AU. But instead Corazon brought her back to the Marine Headquarers and raised her there to be a marine like him. / Alpha & Omega: {Alpha & Omega AU Info} Name: SaboAge: 22Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: BlueRace: HumanUnique Trait: Burn Mark On The Left Side of Her Face & Eye, somewhat smaller fangs & clawsRank: OmegaMate/Alpha: N/AHer Scent: Black Cherry with Hibiscus (Can mostly only be picked up by the Alpha)Crossover AU'sJJBA: Japanese/Italian Stand UserName: Sabo IbiscoAge: 22Gender: FemaleRace: Human/Stand UserUnique Trait: Has a burn mark on the left side of her face and eye when she had gotten her stand as a child.Stand: Deep Indigo{Volcaloid Song}Stand Ability: Fire/Flames. Deep Indigo is a long rang stand that allows the user to turn their body, clothing and items into flames. The users is able to morph their body into different shapes or forms with the flames making close and rang attacks & fight more easier and in the favor of the user, while at the same time the user is able to set things on fire with a single touchStand Type: Long & Close RangStand Apearance: Deep Indigo takes on the appreance of a blue eyed mostly white colored deer having large black horns with smaller blue horns. Black markings around the lower part of it's legs, belly, tail and inside the ears. While having a blue diamond shape on it's forehead what looks to be a necklace like choker and with two different large blue rings around it neck as with as two circular rings in between it's black horns, despite it's elegant appearance the stand can still be dangerous with it's fire.BNHA: Has a Flame QuirkName: Sabo IbiscoAge: 22Gender: FemaleRace: Human/Quirk UserHero/Villain: Neither she is on the nutural side neither fully working with the hero's & neither working with villains, she is from a group known as the Revolutionary Army that does things their own way to help protect those who can't. A group that believe fame and money is not the way things should be.Unique Trait: Has a burn mark on the left side of her face and eye when quirk awakend when she was a childQuirk: Dragon's BlitzQurik Type: Fire/Flames. Qurik Abilities: Flame's Hybrid: Allows Sabo to turn her body, clothing and items into flames. She is able to morph her body into different shapes or forms with the flames making both close and rang attacks & fight more easier and in her favor.Dragon's Claw: Sabo is able to turn her hands into fiery dragon like claws.Overheat Blow: Sabo has a long steal pipe that was specialy made to work along side her quirk, she is able to set the steal pipe on fire for certain attacks. Beside her clothing the pipe is the only weapon on hand that will not melt from her flames.HighLife: This attack allows Sabo to shot out a fire blast that will create a fiery cage to catch someone.Small Bit Of History:  Sabo came off from a pretty well off family her mother being quirkless while her father had a a weak fire quirk, at a young age Sabo quirk had manifested unlike how it was for her father instead of a fire quirk she had gained a flame quirk that was stronger then his.With being as young as she was and not being quite in control of her quirk just yet Sabo had ended up burning herself on the left side of her face and eye, after getting into a fight with her adopted brother it was also on the same day when both of her parents had abandon their daughter in the shady part of town instead of taking her to the hospital. On night she was found and recued by a man known as Dragon who made sure she had got the help that she needed even with the doctors they had she still ended up with a burn over the left side of her face and eye.Thus unlike how it would of been for other young people growing up with a quirk. Dragon raised her to choose the path that she would want, teaching her that being a hero wasn't as cracked up to be as they tried to pass it off to be on tv or in the news.Other AU'sAlpha & Omega{Yes there are Beta's in this AU}Soumates {Has either a matching mark or the other person name some where on their body}WerewolfVampreWerewolf & Vampire


03/18/2021 03:56 AM 

Will The Good Die Young? [Writing Sample.]

This will eventually be edited into a much longer entry.E v e n t u a l l y .      No rest for the wicked. And so the good must comply. The latter, this young warrior, is stripped of the great strength he once had. Snarling whispers from aching lungs. A knee on the ground giving lift to the weakened knight without armor. The fang lightly shudders from hands that lost the steadiness they bore during the young hour of this enduring conflict.The wicked thing before the frail fellow is a cheat. With a blood-soaked grin, he is taunted. The wounds he inflicted were lies. The sword dance he gracefully displayed was in vain. The true victim of the flaunted fang was the flesh of another, not this black behemoth towering over him even from tens of yards away. The crimson stain on it belongs to a few poor souls used as shields while the fangs of the creature with piercing yellow eyes are smeared from him after an eager lick of those claws the size of his own hand.“Where is the pride and the smile you had when we brought life to our... disagreement, lad?”It grunts its harnessed humor away, amused by this fellow predator gradually behaving like a prey. His spent ferocity now turned into hardship to even lift both his knees up and stand well makes him quite tasty.This puzzle of a battle, the languished lad has yet to figure out which pieces to turn and in doing so the tides in his favor. Breath lessens in desperation. His pair of peerless peridots do not leave the sight of the hunched monstrosity capable of issuing a decisive strike at anytime. Weakened as he may be, there is still some spirit in him. Enough to spill a short-lived snide.“Oh, expect them back, biggun. They’re just... taking five.”  Will the good die young? Rise, aching limbs that give credence to a lightly-lofty stature of this valiant biped. Fight the pain embedded in those nerves, nuzzled on the bruises, licking those wounds. Fight it well, for there is evil to slay. In silence, he gives such harrowing question no one asked a rebuttal.  ‘Hell no.’ No rest for the wicked. And so the good must comply. 


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Boys Will Be Boys. [Writing Sample.]

This is a starter I whipped up for a specific awesome friend I’m role-playing with on Discord. It’s quite fun to make, frankly. x3      Murky emeralds are glimmering as they stride upon the glowing screen. The reflection of sunlight also adds to the mellow radiance. Two fingers are pinching together the end of a silverware. Its oval single-concave opposite is making laps in an off-white cup filled with milquetoast brown beverage served hot. To the left of the cup is a round white salad plate with an eighth slice from a 12-inch rhubarb pie. Its triangular prism tip has been two fork-slices gone within the span of four minutes since it was placed on the square semi-gloss wooden table.One of the two seats is occupied by a fellow who celebrated his 22nd birthday shy of nine weeks ago. Short brown locks seem straight out of a salon with their stylists aware of the dazzling do’s from Square Enix games. In truth, he’s been in dressing rooms being permed enough to know how his stylists groom him ready to be the public heartthrob that he is. And so he’s been applying what he learned just for everyday preparation to not look awful before leaving his flat less than nine blocks southwest of this respective café in the city. Much like anything in life, practice makes perfect.The other hand is busy on the glass page of his smartphone at 52% of its total brightness. What sound it emits is transferred into a pair of black Bluetooth earphones currently occupying each ear. Reassurance is brought upon this fellow’s way by means of a text-based gratitude for cancelling the latest tour. His bandmate and a long-time friend, their drummer since the group’s inception, won’t simply abandon her mother alone who took ill less than three weeks ago while the band is in an ongoing quest for fame and glory.His disappointment will die off as days go by. His own fame produced its own cost of being often away from his family. Money and recognition are transient and shallow in satisfaction compared to having his solitude kept well at bay by those who dearly care for him. His dad, his stepmother and his stepsisters. As he pauses the stir of the hot brew, while raising the cup for the nearest part of the curved rim to be close to his slightly parted lips, Hanzo does ponder on how they all are doing lately. The sting of being distant with those who raise him better is there, though he doesn’t show it often. A nigh-unbreakable confidence is his mask.Frankly, he should also visit his friend’s mother in the hospital. Show further support. While finishing up reading the message, he makes a mental note to put a reminder on this device for a visitation tomorrow around 2:30 PM at the hospital. He replies with appreciation towards the person who is thanking him for his full support of the tour cancellation. Not his bandmate with an ill mother, no, but someone in the music business he and his friends have collaborated with several times now; perhaps he even made passionate love with, though wine fueling each steamy session between the man and the woman.Hanzo smirks after a hearty sip or two and then brings down the cup. He conjures a different message to the same person. The smooth jazz from the earphones adds aid in nurturing his lonesome spirit. He proofreads the outgoing message.  When are you in town, Di?I kind of miss us. . . He sends it but soon follows it with a row of four emojis.A finger pointing to the right.An ‘Ok’ sign.A red heart.A smirking face.He sends this sequence too, this fellow who let his silly hormones do the talking.Up with the fork next to the pie. A chunk of the baked wonder is severed away, bringing less integrity on the solid eighth of a slice it once was. Part away lips and the delicious piece vanishes with a fleshly clamp upon the silver prongs. It’s just in time for him to give this café a fair gander from farthest left to the farthest right. The newcomer who made the two tiny brass bells on the door chime catches his attention.‘Hello, cutie,’ gleefully growled in his inside voice.He averts his eyes away back to his phone just in case they clash gaze and make things feel rather awkward. Hanzo lowers the volume of his device, enough to hear a bit of the melody playing on it and what noise and chatter are going on around him. Part of the fellow wants to look at that young beauty which his meadow-locked pearls are eager to do. And he soon does it again, puzzled in a pleasant way that the lady looks like a certain gorgeous actress from a certain television series which he isn’t too well-versed but is aware nevertheless. The resemblance is uncanny. Hanzo may not realize himself that his stare is becoming too long if the other does take notice. Boys will be boys. 


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Just a few simple rules1: I am over 18 so sorry but i will not engag in any 18+ rp's with underage characters or people who are underage. This is pretty easy to figure out why and i would like very much not having to go to jail.2: Please keep any drama to yourself. This is rp.3: I am here to have fun, edit, form new bonds & friendship and rp4: You don't have to match my legth of reply. But please do not reply back with just a one-liner.5: Please do not ask me to play the male version of Sabo, i prefer to rp the female version{Yes i'm a chick outside of the character.}6: I don't mind jumping into a rp while at the same time discussing & ploting one can be fun to.7: I like AU's so if that is something more you want to do feel free to let me know8: I can either do a crossover or throw Sabo into the other verse the rp, depending on what verse it is9: Most of my info will be my own headcanon while only a little canon added to it10: I do have a real life so there are times i do get busy and not able to get on.11: But i feel like i have to put this here to get it out of the way, but here are times when i end up with really bad back pain thanks to 3 disk in my back that did not heal right from a car accident i was in. This back can last either half a day, a whole day and night or even close to two and half days this is one reason why i might not be on.Now onto the rule for 18+, if you are only interested in SFW stuff that is fine to.  1: Sabo is a switch. If you might be wondering what that means, well she could either be a top or bottom.2: Sabo doesn't mind getting rough.  Lets face it look at the the type of work and stuff she does and goes through3: Please understand and respect my choices, but there is some things i might be ok with trying and not trying/doing. Curious as to what do not be afraid to ask me.4: Yes i have a Alpha & Omega info for my Sabo on my profile, it's a AU i have for her.5: Not all my rps have to be NSFW they can also be SFW6: I don't mind NSFW but if possible i would at least like to try and for the story to work out well, i don't always want to jump right into it.

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Rikku Hara; BASICS

Name: Rikku HaraName Meaning: Dominant Ruler|| To seizeAge: 16-25Race: HumanGender: YesSexuality: PansexualAlignment: Neutral GoodBlood Type: AB-Mental Condition: About as scarred as the rest of the Jujutsu sorcerersBirth Place: KyotoOccupation(s): Jujutsu Sorcerer/ Student/ painterRank: Grade 1 to Special Grade 1Relationship Status: SingleHeight: 5'5Weight: 112 lbsPosture: lazyHair: Wine colored to her shouldersEyes: Mix of mint and shamrock greensJujutsu style: BlessingWeapons: NoneAbility description: Rikku's abilities are based upon the American understanding of angels and thier living of heaven. This often confuses others who use Cursed energy as she calls hers Blessed Energy. Using this energy she can exorcise a curse by a single touch though it can take a lot of Cursed energy for just one hit to go through. She'd learned to gather much by stealing it from lower rank curses that she fights.Techniques include: Divine Judgment, Heavens Gate, Domaine Expansion; Purgatory, Michael's destruction, Flaming sword 


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1: No one liners preferred. I like a story2: Replies might drag a bit, but I'll try to get around to em.3: Mature themes are available, but need more than just snu snu4: No one under +18 for mature roleplays.5: I hope to hear from people at some point, otherwise I clear the clutter.6: I'm on mobile a lot so I might not be able to read certain special texts. I might refuse adds based on this. I'm sorry. 


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Crixus The Indominable

Name: Crixus The IndominableGender: Male Half OrcAge: 27Height: 6'9"Weight: 250 lbsHair: Dark BlackEyes: YellowOccupation: GladiatorBackground: A bastard mix of half elf slave and the orc champion Ghaul the Berserker, Crixus was taken early in his life to a Ludus (a gladiator school) and trained in combat. Due to his fathers blood Crixus endured a harsher training regiment from his Ludus (teacher) in the hopes of making a gladiator greater than his father. Knowing only of combat and the glory it brought, Crixus made his debut by being cunning and quick rather than show off in combat. His good looks and growing popularity has made him many admirers, making additional coin on the side as a breeding bull or rough lover.Talks of his ranking have made it clear Crixus would face Ghaul should he continue his victories. In his heart of hearts Crixus fancies the idea of retiring and seeing the world. But that is just a dream.**Updates**Crixus can fit a variety of roleplays. Chat with me OOC and we can get something rolling. I also don't bite, so say hello.

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Karina Avery Taylor
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Name: Karina Avery TaylorNick Name(s):Age: 32Birthday: March 22ndRace: HumanParents: Derek & Naomi (†) TaylorSiblings: Sylvie Taylor (Sister), Dylan Taylor (Brother)Sexual Orientation: BisexualStatus: SingleKids: NoneRelationships: NoneHair: BrownEyes: GreenComplexion: FairHeight: 5'3Build: Slim and CurvyOccupation: Supernatural HunterCurrent Residence: TravelerLikes: Photography, Beautiful Landscapes, Guns, Martial Arts, Flowers,Dislikes: Dresses, Flying, Being Controlled, Manipulation, HeightsRP Status: Open(Modern)Personality: Karina is known for her fun loving attitude. She enjoys people who can make her laugh and challenge her feisty personality. However she will reveal her flippant attitude if she believes she's being treated unfairly. She is very adventurous and fearless. Karina loves to explore new lands and if something enchanting or beautiful catches her eye, she can be seen snapping a photo of it. She excels at marksmanship and rarely ever misses her target.

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