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The Lascivious

03/15/2021 04:40 PM 

Personally speaking.

I am going to be a bitch. If this bothers you, please make your exit now, there will be no hard feelings.  This is the only warning, there is no such thing as playing nice or breaking character. I will respond to everyone as received, patience is necessary because I believe in giving quality responses. Do not mistake this "being short" for anger, more like annoyance if it must be categorized. As a rule, an attempt shall be made on your life at any given moment, out of sheer boredom if nothing else. While continuing with this theme of boredom, one lines and illiteracy get limited to no responses.No, I do not want your random premade starter.Yes, I want to role play.Of course we may discuss.No, I will not choose from you MCRP options.No, I will not satisfy your personal needs to write smut after you say "hi".Have we covered just about everything? Having to explain this out loud has caused fatigue out of frustration.


03/14/2021 04:44 AM 

new oc!! ((TW:intense gore mentioned))

azika shizuku. a psychotic demon murderer. with her mid length jet black hair, and her dull droopy grey eyes. her posture making her seem short, (5"6ft) to be exact. she stands proudly, with all the murders she's done. over thousands of people, in her living years. she isn't very normal persay, well besides the killings shes not,,,human... she's a complete demon. not metaphorically. physically. when she's in her form, her spiky ragged wings spiral out of her back, matt black with a tint of dark red as the interior. her dull grey eyes glowing white, and her mouth filled with jaggedy sharp teeth, her height expands and her nails grow longer. with a slight charm in her voice. she used to enjoy killing. slaughtering each and everyone of her victims, each victim killed in a complete unique way. her big wide grin on her face and her eyes wide as she killed her victims. cut. burned. hung. tortured. drowned. everything you could think of, she probably did. But now, for a few decades, killing has become almost like a chore. with each kill she'd get more and more bored. she's lonely at times. she find no more excitment in killing people. she's tried everything, getting a pet. finding a boyfriend. finding a GIRLfriend. all ended up boring her and they ended up dead. what a shame. no one gets her. no one understands how she feels. this demon like creature is only looking for a companion. someone she could trust. this dull murder life is getting boring. not even some intense torturing would work. azika had a dull childhood. mostly trauma, and pain. both her parents dead now, both of them were twisted alcoholics. At a young age, azika transformed, teaching herself how to maintain herself while both her parents laid drunk in the sitting room. they never understood azika, she was a strange kid. had no friends, never went out. and would always sit in her room. alone. she used to have a pet cat, but once azika figured out how to hold cutlery, it wasn't long before her cat was disected on her bedroom floor. a few years would pass and her parents only got worse and worse. azikas first murder was at the age of 8, both of her parents were arguing downstairs, azika sat in her room once again. alone. with nothing but a pair of scissors and her cats collar, she wasn't upset her cat was gone, she just missed its presence. as the arguing grew louder and louder her dad stormed upstairs into his room. as she rocked from side to side she decided to get up and go downstairs. she crept, her dad passed out in his bed, wreaking of alcohol and ciggerettes. as she enterd the kitchen she saw her mom draped over the kicthen counter barely conscious, she walked over, her small hands gripping the large scissors, she grinned as her eyes widened. She began to slice her moms neck with the scissors, cutting off the flesh off the bones, her mom aching and screamind in pain, she finishes her off by digging the scissors into her neck. She laughed. and walked away, blood covering her night dress. a night she would remember. a few years passed and at the age of 10 she slaughters her dad. decapitation. soon she got moved to an orphan home, and from then  on her passion for murder only grew stronger.

#gore #oc

A̷n̷t̷i̷ ~ Ꭺꭱꭺꮐꭺꮇꮖ

03/14/2021 02:50 PM 

Opening Can of Worms

So I have been uploading this image on my other profile as evidence in case something happens and I need something to show and get my point across,but oddly enough this image keeps geting deleted as shown on my bulletin here.. neither because someone reported it or there is something on the picture is potentially harming this site already tarnished reputation.. I dont know and I dont care actually, I am just sharing out the fact. I can only assume that the thing who manage this site is probably not human



03/14/2021 03:06 PM 


Ping~ The digital melodic chirp of a message notification. White light punctuated the pitch black, the dim glow of a computer monitor. 'Hey there Aiko just wanted to check up on you. Everything okay?' The door swung open, creaking as the lone resident returned home. It had been her parent's house, although recent events had led her to be the sole occupant. The heavy rain seemed to almost follow Aiko inside, and the wind pushed back as she closed the door behind her. The plastic bag she had been carrying was set down, the wrapped handle of a hammer peeking out from the top. Each step squished. She could not remove her waterlogged shoes fast enough, shaking them off haphazardly as she beelined for the kitchen. This was going to be a long evening, she would need to eat something before getting started with the ritual. A splattering of old photographs hung from the refrigerator door. She found herself lost in one taken a couple months ago. It was a group photo, of her and the rest of her university's swim team. Aiko's past smile beamed, naive to how far her life would have changed in such a short period. A stranger to her present self. Opening the fridge, Aiko had a few choices for dinner. Cold takeout, half of an old sandwich, or beer. Selecting her pick of the leftovers and a beverage, she peered at the other contents of the fridge. A jar made of thick glass, at first glance containing what could appear to be a sort of exotic sea urchin. Upon closer inspection, one would notice how the spherical creature's hairy gray tendrils were more similar to the segmented body of a arthropod - like a tangled cluster of centipedes. At its center, a ring shaped 'mouth' lined with needle-like fangs, loosely comparable to that of a lamprey. The cold and darkness had seemingly dulled the abomination into a slumber, although it did reflexively convulse as the light briefly touched its flesh. Aiko shut the door, wary of waking the thing. Trapping it in the first place was difficult enough, she couldn't have it getting loose again. With one hand, Aiko dined on cold soba noodles and dark beer. With the other hand, she clicked through a profane amount of tabs on her laptop's browser. A roulette of images, painted sigils and runes, reflected in Aiko's dark eyes. Ritual magic had proven to be finicky, but she was certain to have narrowed down her search to what fit her needs. She had gotten close the last time, this evening she was determined to succeed. To communicate with something. Something greater. Ping~ Aiko's friend had sent another message. 'I know you probably just want some space after the accident, but don't hesitate to reach out for anything. btw, don't forget our exams coming up soon.' Aiko's pupils darted to the flashing bubble of text at the bottom of her screen. The most recent addition to a slew of unreads. This sudden absence, her friends were clearly growing concerned with her shift in behavior. 'Hey, sorry I've been such a flake lately. My head started hurting again, I needed to take some time away. I'll be back next week.' Her response had not been a total lie. Did it sound natural enough though? Aiko hit reply and closed her laptop in one swift motion, she didn't want to see what they had begun to write in response. ۞۞۞ Chalk squeaked against cement. Countless thoughtful strokes had joined into a series of connected geometrical shapes, forming a large abstract pattern - all contained within a large circle. In the basement, Aiko finished the last touches, the stone floor now portraying a copy of the sigil chosen earlier. To her side, she had set out essential supplies upon a white tarp. A pile of homemade looking black candles. The hammer she had purchased earlier, in case she invited in something more akin to the thing sleeping in her fridge. The final item being a razor, for blood was often the best catalyst for such rituals. Seven candles had been arranged within the circle, sputtering plumes of ruby colored smoke as Aiko lit each one. The scent was heady and slightly spiced, similar to strong incense. Incantation at the tip of her tongue, she reached for the blade. The pain was always the hardest part. template by (c)sweetener tldr; there's an abomination in the fridge guys.


03/13/2021 01:04 PM 


• no mutes and no erotica.• information is provided on profile. Certain things have been left out or vague and will only be revealed through roleplay. If you are unable to access the drop down box, do let me know so I can send you what's provided should you require it.• this is not mcrp account. However, I will occasionally use npc's in my roleplays to help flesh out or progress the story.• para and up. Nothing less. The only exception is if we're partaking in banter in stream.• discord is only available to those who show me they're actually here to write. Serious roleplays are to happen on here, so kindly do not ask for my discord with the sole intention on roleplaying there instead.• any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact me via messages or comments.


03/13/2021 01:16 PM 

Kumari Yukimari's Bio

Name: Kumari YukimariGender: Female Clan: Yukamari (Descendent's of the Yuki clan that Haku was from)Organization: Anbu Black Ops (Temporarily)Current Residence: Next to Kakashi's ApartmentOccupation: SenseiBirth Village: KirigakureCurrent Village: Konohagakure Nindo: I've lost too much; I won't allow you to take what I have left Parents: Kenta Yukimari, Yuma Yukimari Sibling: Makoto YukimariBest Friend: Baku Hotogiwa, Tenaki RenshuruSensei: Mekaiyo UbaharaWeight: 164 lbs Height: 5'6" Skill Level: Anbu Special Jutsu: Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice MirrorsTrademark Jutsu: Mystic Ice Release: Frozen Mist BindingOther Jutsu's: Shattering Ice Spear, Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness, Secret Jutsu: A Thousand Needles of Death, Ice Release: Shattering Avalanche, Ice Release: Furry Blizzard, Ice Prison, Ice Release: Snow Storm, Info: After the incident that left the Yuki clan as one of the most fear clans for having a Kekkei Genkai, Kumari's parents left with her at a young age, lengthening their last name to hide. They chose to stay in the leaf village, who welcomed them with little issues. Over the years, Kumari grew up as a happy child, & a very helpful one when her brother Makoto arrived. Though as the life of a shinobi goes, her parents died on an S-ranked mission, leaving her the guardian of her brother while also juggling her own life as a shinobi. Though when her brother took the path of a shinobi, he too, was killed by an A-ranked ambush on a D-ranked mission. With no family left, Kumari looked to her own team as a family. Though on one of their missions to recover injured shinobi from a collapsing mine several miles out, Kumari lost the last of her family. During the tunnel collapse, Baku & Tenaki chose to use their jutsu's to hold the tunnel long enough for Mekaiyo and Kumari to escape. Just as they reached the exit, the tunnel was crumbling quicker. Mekaiyo, knowing that he & his student couldn't both make it out alive, pushed her out of the tunnel before getting crushed, his arm torn from his body by a rock, & the only thing to see outside of the mine. With no team left, she was assigned as a substitute for Obito on Kakashi's team, only for the team to disband when Rin died. Sometime later, for reasons she keeps to herself, she joined the Anbu Black Ops & was sometimes partnered with Komachi or Kakashi. She eventually retired from the Anbu life & choose to become a Sensei, much like Kakashi, the two becoming close friends, though they kept it secret for fear that enemies would use it to harm the other.


03/13/2021 01:11 PM 

Kimiko Akashi's Bio

Name: Kimiko AkashiGender: FemaleAge: 16Clan: AkashiSeal: Iron Cloud Curse Mark on her stomachCurrent Residence: Kazekage TowerOccupation: Shinobi/Gaara's Secretary & MaidBirth Village: KusagakureCurrent Village: SunagakureNindo: I'll live for my friends, & protect them with all I have.Parents: Tekani Akashi, Sorashu AkashiSibling: Yuu AkashiCrush: Sabaku no GaaraPet: Yuuri (A little tankui she met while roaming around the village)Weight: 100 lbsHeight: 5'0"Skill Level: ChuninSpecial Jutsu: Sound Style: Shrill Echo ShriekTrademark Jutsu: Sound Style: Sound Wave BlastOther Jutsu's: Sound Style: Notes of Melody Manipulation, Phantom Sound Chains of Destruction. Sound Style: Musical Illusion, Sound Style: Instrumental Assault, Demonic Lullaby, Sound Style: Tornado of A Thousand Songs, Wind Staff, Wind Staff Hurricane, Cyclone Staff Jutsu, Summoning: Kanayama Hiko & Hime (Iron Tanuki’s)Info: Like most ninja who had no where to go, she & her family believed there could be a new start for them in Otogakure. They were only accepted because of the Akashi Clan's legendary jutsu that allowed them to combine their hand made weapons to their body as a sort of added weapon & form. Because of his experiments with the curse mark, Kimi's little brother, Yuu, was chosen to be a candidate, despite his infancy. But he stayed his hand when Kimi promised she'd be the newest experiment for him. After the village was discovered to be a hoax by the ninja world, he sent Kabuto to kill her parents & her infant brother. Kimi caught word of this & rushed home, but arrived too late. Her parents’ bloody corpses were on the floor and Kabuto held her baby brother by the head. As Kimi cried for him not to do it, Kabuto only smiled & sliced Yuu's head off, letting the body fall on the ground while he threw the head to her. In a fit of rage, she fought Kabuto. Unable to defeat him, she distracted him long enough to provide herself an escape. With no place to ho, she simply roamed the world as a mercenary, always looking for a new home. She searched for years, constantly being banished when they found out she was a Sound Ninja. It was only when she unknowingly saved the life of the Kazekage, that Gaara allowed her to stay in the village. Forever grateful for what he had given her (a home & a new life) She promised to serve him as his maid & secretary


03/13/2021 01:01 PM 

Haru Fujimo's Bio

Name: Haru FujimoGender: FemaleAge: 16 Clan: FujimoCurrent Residence: Fujimo householdOccupation: Shinobi/Medic NinNindo: No matter what I do from now on, I won't let anyone down, I'll fight for them until my last breathParent: Daichi Fujimo, Mioyu FujimoSibling: Hana Fujimo (Deceased twin sister)Crush: Shino Aburame (Can be changed in rp)Summoned Creature: Dragon (Horse sized dragonfly) Scars: many littered on her body, but the main one is on her right eye, hidden by her bangsSkill Level: ChuninSpecial Jutsu: Forbidden Mode: Crimson Butterfly, Forbidden Art: Crimson Butterfly Bomb, Forbidden Art: Thousand Crimson Butterfly SwarmTrademark Jutsu: Wooden Arachnid SwarmOther Jutsu's: Summoning Jutsu (Dragon), Wooden Arachnid Jutsu, Dragon Spider Combo, Double Dragon Strike, Healing Jutsu, Arachnid Armor Jutsu, Rain of Wooden Arachnids, Wooden Arachnid Chakra Web, Wooden Arachnid Body Cocoon, Arachnid Chakra Spit, Wooden arachnid Chakra Arena, Arachnid Chakra Web Flower, Ninja Art: Spiral Arachnid Chakra WebInfo: Haru Fujimo was a young girl with nearly a perfect life. She had a mother who loved her and taught her how to control chakra strings and a father who would spoil her rotten. Sadly life couldn't last that way. When the Cloud ninja invaded the village to steal the secrets of the Byakugan, Haru was walking home from helping Iruka clean the classroom from Naruto's latest prank. Of course she was young and defenseless, & thus an easy target for those Cloud Shinobi who seemed a bit sexually frustrated. As she was about to be ganged up on, her mother appeared from seemingly nowhere, taking a ninja or two out with her bare fists. Since she didn't expect an attack, she didn't bring any of her attack puppets with her, & thus suffered a huge disadvantage that she knew would get her killed. Though in her last moments, she put her daughter before herself, telling her to run away as fast as she could. Haru did run home to get help from her father, only for the both of them to come back & see the bloody raped corpse of Mioyu on the ground. Daichi cried out in pain of losing his academy sweetheart & when Haru tried to comfort him, she received a harsh backhand to the face. Daichi then blamed the whole incident on her, saying that if she didn't stay late to help Iruka, none of this would've happened. Ever since then, the father who had once spoiled Haru now had turned on her & abused her every single day of her life with beatings. If she tried to speak out against it, he'd only beat her more. One day Haru said that it wasn't her fault & he should be blaming the Cloud Ninja like a good father. Enraged by her backtalk, he grabbed a whip and hit her across the face, hit her eye & blinded it in the process. The scar was so badly damaged, especially after repeated cuts to that one spot, that it was eventually sealed shut. Ever since that incident, which only occurred after a week of beatings & not being able to leave the house, she had become a self inflicted mute. She never spoke again for fear of a worse punishment. She continues to suffer in silence while also begin a shinobi, so no one questions her scars.


03/13/2021 12:52 PM 

Miyuki Mesume's Bio

Name: Miyuki MesumeGender: FemaleAge: 16Clans: Mesume, InuzukaCurrent Residence: Inuzuka CompoundBirth Village: IwagakureCurrent Village: KonohagakureNindo: I don't care how strong you think you are, I'll take you down with all I got, that's a promiseParent: Mukto Mesume, Taya Inuzuka,Siblings: Little Brothers (Adopted & Blood): Akahiro Mesume, Hideko Mesume, Daisuke Mesume, Hisao Mesume, Hiroyuki Mesume, Hotaka Mesume, Isao Mesume, Rogetsu Mesume, Katsuro Mesume, Kenji Mesume,Taidao Mesume, Toshi Mesume, Yori Mesume, Yasouhiro Mesume, Kei MesumeLittle Sisters (Adopted & Blood): Kanade Mesume, Utsuwa Mesume, Madoka Mesume, Ruka Mesume, Tomoe Mesume, Misaki Mesume, Rei Mesume, Mio Mesume, Mayu Mesume, Miku Mesume, Chou Mesume, Koe MesumeRelatives: Bakushi Inuzuka (Grandmother)Crush: Kiba Inuzuka (Can be changed in rp)Pet: Izumi Inuzuka (Akamaru sized Dog)Weight: 116 lbsHeight: 5'0"Markings: Inuzuka Fang Marks on her cheeks (when & if she marries Kiba)Skill Level: ChuninSpecial Jutsu: Lava Release: Burning Hounds of HellTrademark Jutsu: Canine Runner's BiteOther Jutsu's: Man Beast Clone, Combined Transformation, Fang over Fang, Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu, Inuzuka Style: Man Beast Transformation Combo: Two-Headed Wolf, Tunneling FangInfo: Miyuki was born to Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan member Taya & Iwagakure's Mesume clan leader (& sole adult survivor) Mukto. She was first child of her family & the only one to inherit Taya's Inuzuka talent as well as her father's lava/magma release, while her younger siblings, both adopted (children in the Mesume clan who lost their families) & blood, inherited the Mesume Clan talents of Lava/Magma control. Taya knew that Miyuki could never truly learn the Inuzuka talents without proper training, so she sent her daughter away to Konohagakure to live with Taya's mother, Bakushi. Though Miyuki found it hard to leave her family, she knew they only wanted to see her get the best training meant for her & to become a strong shinobi. Though it took her a while to adjust, she eventually settled in to the clan quite nicely. She just couldn't stand her fellow clan mate, Kiba Inuzuka. You couldn't even get the two to be in the same room together; the two fought like cat & dog. And to this day no one knows what started it; even Miyuki & Kiba can't remember. Their hatred of each other ended the day after both had received their canine companions, Miyuki being picked on by some of the older academy boys while they held Izumi, her Golden retriever pup, hostage. Seeing her so hurt and vulnerable, Kiba & Akamaru stepped in as the hero's only to be the new targets. After the boys had left, Kiba walked over just to make sure she was alright. She thanked him for saving her & Izumi, & soon the two, along with their canine companions, became close friends. Now it was almost impossible to split them up. Miyuki then went on to be a kunoichi of an all-female squad, & aims to prove to herself & to the world that her parent's belief wasn't wrong; that she was the strongest kunoichi, with her faithful canine by her side. 


03/13/2021 12:34 PM 

Sabaku no Sayaka's Bio

Name: Sabaku no SandstormGender: FemaleAge: 16 Species: Pseudo JinchurikiSummonings: BatsDemon: Bat DemonSeal: Vampire SealCurrent Residence: Naruto's ApartmentOccupation: Shinobi/Medic NinBirth Village: SunagakureCurrent Village: KonohagakureNindo: My friend are family, and family sticks together, no matter what.Parents: Rasa (4th Kazekage), Kunomori Ihiro(Half) Siblings: Sabaku no Gaara, Sabaku no Kankuro, Sabaku no TemariRelative: Yuno Ihiro (Uncle)Sensei: Kumari YukimariCrush: Neji Hyuga (Can be changed for rp purposes)Scars: On her right leg from a katana that went through her legSkill Level: JouninSpecial Jutsu: Forbidden Jutsu: Vamperic Blood LustTrademark Jutsu: Wind Style: Sand Snake JutsuOther Jutsu's: Sand Coffin, Sand Burial, Healing Jutsu, Copycat Jutsu, Giant Sand Shield, Sand Armor, Desert Layered Sand Burial, Sand Suspension, Sand Tsunami, Sand Binding Prison, Giant Sand Burial, Sand Shield, Barrage Sand ShowerKekkei Genkai: Pulsations (Alt. version of Byakugan)Info: Pre Series: Sayaka was born to the late 4th Kazekage, Rasa, & his late second wife, Kunomori Ihiro. When she was within her mother's womb, her uncle wanted his younger sister to get rid of the child, knowing that it'd be the next host of the vampire bat demon; Maiyori (A demon created from the chakra and essence of the other tailed beasts, given life from the first Jinchuriki). In a lethal fight between brother & sister, Kunomori tearfully emerged the victor. When Sayaka was finally born, another fight broke out between Kunomori & a Kanesho clan member, who were born & raised to kill the demon sealed in the first born daughter of the Ihiro family. Though she put in a valiant effort to fight to protect her daughter, Kunomori, still weak from childbirth, was killed. Rasa, witnessing his second wife die, killed the man who had taken Kunomori from him. He became very cold afterwards, unable to look at his new daughter. He gave the job of raising Sayaka to Temari when the infant was only 2. As the years passed, Sayaka grew to have the same sand manipulation jutsus that Gaara, possessed, thanks to her mother. Sadly, Sayaka asked Gaara to teach her years after the Yashimaru incident, making the young boy a cold & cruel mentor. After years of abuse from Gaara & lack of love from her father, she ran away from the Sand village by sneaking onto a caravan of traveling merchants, heading from Sand to Leaf. When she arrived, she snuck out around the village, only to be caught and taken to the 3rd Hokage. She explained her situation & begged him not to send her back. He grudgingly agreed & provided her living accommodations with Naruto in his apartment.Pre Shippuden: After nearly losing her life in the chunin exams (& after Naruto smacked some sense into Gaara) the two half sand siblings made up. Though Sandstorm had a squad, & thus couldn't leave for the Sand Village at that time. It was only a month after Sasuke's betrayal that she told Lady Tsunade that she was leaving for Suna, to try & really patch things up with her family. It was agreed and she left in secrecy that night.Shippuden: 2 1/2 years later, Sayaka patched things up with her family, her & Gaara becoming as close as siblings could be. She grew to be the second in command to the head medic in the Sand Village, a role she carried with honor. But after an incident in the Sand Village, she was banished. Though this didn't mean that she couldn't go home to the leaf, & so Gaara sent his baby sister back to the Leaf Village for hopeful safety.


03/12/2021 11:04 PM 

this is a title

midway upon the journey of our life I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost. Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say What was this forest savage, rough, and stern, Which in the very thought renews the fear. So bitter is it, death is little more; But of the good to treat, which there I found, Speak will I of the other things I saw there. I cannot well repeat how there I entered, So full was I of slumber at the moment In which I had abandoned the true way.But after I had reached a mountain's foot, At that point where the valley terminated, Which had with consternation pierced my heart, Upward I looked, and I beheld its shoulders Vested already with that planet's rays Which leadeth others right by every road. Then was the fear a little quieted That in my heart's lake had endured throughout The night, which I had passed so piteously And even as he, who, with distressful breath, Forth issued from the sea upon the shore, Turns to the water perilous and gazes;So did my soul, that still was fleeing onward, Turn itself back to re-behold the pass Which never yet a living person left.After my weary body I had rested, The way resumed I on the desert slope, So that the firm foot ever was the lower. And lo! almost where the ascent began, A panther light and swift exceedingly, Which with a spotted skin was covered o'er! And never moved she from before my face, Nay, rather did impede so much my way, That many times I to return had turned.this is bold --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.this is italics --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is underline --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.This is TELETYPE --- lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elitlorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing.  header 1 with span header 2 with span header 3 with span header 4 with span regular linka.linkuno a.linkdos a.linktres 


03/12/2021 12:17 PM 

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01/09/2021 03:37 PM 

Writing sample 3

     Muffled sounds. Fog. Emptiness that threated to swallow his mind. A bottomless void right before his feet. Bright blue eyes remained unfocused as they stared into the mouth of a creature with no name, the dance of mako casting a green tint to his irises as the call of an alien lifeform slipped between his ears and drowned out all other sounds.       A vision played before him like a corrupted video file. Was it the future? Ancient past? He wasn’t sure, and a part of him was unsettled by the thought of what could possibly happen if he allowed his curiosity to take hold and seek out the answer. Even without actively reaching for the source, it continued to beckon him.       Reu n io n… B lac k… mat e r ia… C o me…      The warmth of a mother’s embrace and the chill of Destruction’s envoy circled around him. The pat of his mind that remained rooted to reality warned him not to listen to the voice, but like a lone leaf that barely held onto the branch in face of a gust of wind, his resolve trembled violently.       As though time had suddenly slowed down, Cloud started to lift his foot in direction of the void beyond the images. There was nothing there but pitch darkness, but somewhere at its center a hand was reaching for him. It promised him something, something he could never hope to attain on his own. All he had to do was go there.       C lo ud… Pit if u l… p up pet…       Something abruptly crashed into his back. The movement jarred his thoughts, breaking his focus. As if someone had yanked him back by the collar and pulled his head out of water, Cloud startled and looked down at the arms wrapped around his midsection. His wits were slow to gather before he realized there was a weight against his back that didn’t match the heaviness of the Buster Sword. Slowly turning his head to look over his shoulder, Cloud was surprised to see the top of Tifa’s head. Was she burying her face in his back? Why was she holding him like she was afraid of him walking away?      He didn’t understand. An uncomfortable knot twisted in Cloud’s chest and he shoved down the questions that had no answer. He carefully laid his hand over hers and gave a reassuring smile. “I’m not going anywhere.”


Not Interested

03/13/2017 11:42 PM 

Writing sample 1

     with a bowed back, elbows resting atop his knees, and fingers gripping the curve of the glass, cloud stared at the ground without taking in any of its detail. faintly, he could hear the activity beyond: the merry chatter of men and women who flocked to the bar as a means of escaping the dreariness that still hung over the city of edge. normally he would be out there with them, chatting with the neighbors or helping tifa behind the bar, but tonight wasn’t a good night for him.       she had all but pushed him out of the room so he wouldn’t spoil the mood — he knew she was a bit frustrated at his unsocial behavior; he hadn’t put any effort in talking with the others or even acknowledging them. he couldn’t blame her. in fact, he was kinda glad she had shooed him away. he needed the quiet of solitude to settle his emotions.       it wasn’t elmyra’s fault for wanting to offer a gift at her daughter’s grave. it might not have been a traditional grave, but it was still her resting place.       aerith.       how could he forget? he could never forget the warmth of her body as he held it close, praying she would open her eyes; or the weight of her slender frame as he carried her to the lake and gently let her go. her death had struck a harsh emotional blow for him. he hadn’t thought he could feel so distraught over someone’s death, and yet as he watched her sink into the lake’s waters, a hole — an emptiness — had formed in his chest. pushing himself toward a goal of vengeance and saving the world was the only way he could get himself to move on.       except he hadn’t.      straightening up, cloud tipped back the rest of his drink before setting the glass down on his desk. staying here suddenly felt stifling. he grabbed his keys and strapped on his gear, and made his way down to the first floor. a back passage led him to the garage where his bike was parked, which he hopped on and rode out as soon as he could get the door open.       the night air was crisp; wind kissed his bare skin with cold lips, and somehow the sensation was comforting. it reminded him he still had a beating heart, and that he wasn’t fully dead on the inside, no matter how exhausted and despondent he was.      he hadn’t wanted to take those flowers to aerith’s grave. he had a strong desire to decline elmyra’s request. and yet, he did it anyway. he never should’ve answered her call to come over…         cloud drove until he reached the outer parts of the city, then even further until he was out in the open. the wasteland that rimmed midgar was large and offered more than enough space for him to wander. he wasn’t going to go far; as it stood, the driving helped him calm down. it distracted him enough to pay more attention to his surroundings than the wasteland that encircled his own heart.       easing his foot off the gas pedal, cloud rolled to a stop and brought his feet down to balance on fenrir’s back. he looked toward the cliff and frowned at the sight of the sword stuck in the ground. he wanted advice even though he knew he couldn’t get it — not from a dead man.       a heavy sigh pushed from his lungs. he tilted his head back to stare up at the starlit sky. this close to the city, the stars weren’t as vibrant as they would be out in the country. still, they were a beautiful sight. he dared to imagine what it would’ve been like to share a night like this with her. they had spent many nights before enjoying each other’s company and staying warm by the campfire after a hard day’s worth of travel. sometimes they would talk, and sometimes they would just sit in silence and be grateful they were both alive.       that was over a year ago.      cloud grit his teeth and lowered his head. he knew he was going to have trouble sleeping tonight. the image of her face was burned in his mind, both from the time he first met her, and the time when she smiled just before she died. such light and life brightened the green of her eyes…      he leaned forward and braced an arm across fenrir’s dashboard. his hand came up to his face and he pressed at his eyelids. he hated these feelings… he hated being reminded of his failures… he hated himself.      how could anyone call him a hero when he couldn’t save someone he loved…?


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Writing sample 2

     Large, gnarled hands held the gouge with sure grip, carefully stripping away shaves of wood. Behind thick glasses, a focus unlike any he had ever seen was rooted on the carving upon the table.      Blue eyes stare intently at the wood in front of him. The chisel braced in his hand slowly chips at oak, tracing along the penciled lines of the figure of his imagination. He only remembers it in pieces, his memory fragmented by years and trauma.      He was just a boy, sitting on the bench as the old man worked. His hair was dusted with white, his back bent over the table, and not once did the man look his way. He didn’t send him off either, merely let him remain as he shaped the wood into an image Cloud didn’t yet understand.       He doesn’t remember the man’s name, even his face is a blur, but he does recall the smell of his workshop. He remembers the way dust would tickle his nose and he would have to cover his face with his hands to keep from sneezing. He feared any sound would distract the man.       It’s not the same here in his own private workshop tucked in the corner of the house, the tools aren’t as vast, and the age of experience is lacking, but the pure scent of the earth touched by stain calls him to a time in his childhood removed from the challenges of belonging and winning the heart of a girl he liked. In this quiet place, he doesn’t think of work, doesn’t think about worldly troubles, doesn’t think even of himself. It’s just his hands and the wood, and the quiet anticipation to see its finished product.       Curls of wood fell to the floor when the man blew away the dust from his project. Cloud watched the petals swirl from table to the man’s feet, fascinated by the delicate manner which it drifted. They were like leaves of a tree, plucked from its branches by an autumn breeze. How sad it was to see them fall, yet how beautiful all the same.       Turning the carving over, Cloud studies the shape that is slowly taking form. Before, he’s made small figurines for his family and friends — the latter have all given him mixed responses about his offering, but he still sees them in their homes or workplaces — but this one is for himself. This is a page of his innocence in physical form.      He sets down the chisel and looks to the spread of tools on the table. He debates which next to use, then picks up one of the smaller chisels. Studying the lines of the wood he’s selected for his project, he brushes a rough curve with the pad of his thumb. It’s nowhere near finished, but once he’s shaved away some of the meatier pieces, he’ll add the details.       The man lifted his work and turned it over in the light. Only one light hung overhead; he didn’t believe in illuminating the room with multiple lights. Something about how it distorted the wood. Cloud didn’t understand, but he didn’t ask again; he just watched in quiet as the elegant figure of the goddess Shiva came to life. She was intimidating despite her modest figure, flows of fabric wrapped around her chest and hips as if carried by wind. He could almost feel the frigid kiss of her breath on the back of his neck as he looked at the wood figurine.      Cloud sets his work on the table and studies it again. His hands ache from gripping his tools for so long. He doesn’t remember when he started, but maybe several hours have already passed. No one has come to interrupt him, and he has a feeling its more out of consideration than a lack of need for his assistance.       He knows he should check on them, but he can’t bring himself to step away from his workbench. He can’t take his eyes off the unfinished work before him. There’s too much for him to do. Flexing his fingers, he absently rubs at the muscles of his palms and wrists before taking up his carving tool again. He bends over the wood, surrendering to the drive to continue. His eyes focus on it with renewed fervor, finding peace within himself as he enfolds himself in the silent embrace of carving.      A smile was hidden by the man’s mustache, but Cloud could see it in his eyes. There glowed a look of pride. The hours — days — spent shaping this terribly beautiful goddess finally paid off, and even in his child’s mind, Cloud felt a weight he didn’t know existed dissipate with one final puff of the old man’s breath to cast away the last of the wood dust. Happiness spread along his limbs and warmed his chest, and when the old man finally looked his way, he couldn’t help but grin.       He wanted this. He wanted to feel this body-filling satisfaction. This simple and pure happiness.


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