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Louisville Slugger

07/07/2020 02:06 PM 

· billy the retarded goat.

 · om nom nom nom Goat nomming on a fence . . . . like a retard Taken in vets park.

Louisville Slugger

07/07/2020 02:04 PM 

#negan x you

It’s getting ridiculous again as Negan follows you through Alexandria like a lost puppy, or more like a predator showing openly interest in his prey. It’s annoying and it disgusts you how openly he shows his sick interest in you. Even in twenty years, if you should be still alive, you would remember the intense glares you shared that night. And now this.   Surrounding the corner you just want to hide in one of your friend’s houses as long fingers sneaking around your wrist. Before you can even consider to get free Negan pulls you all the way back behind the house where no one can see you. It doesn’t scare you, but still making you shudder as his deep voice rumbles so close to your ear.   "You want me. Don’t deny it princess."   Not a single syllable leaving your mouth about the accusations, and about how cocky he is. But he is far from being done as he inches a little closer and shows you how much he wants you. Rough salt and pepper, paired with his warm breathing spreading along your shoulder. But what’s worse is the pleasant shudder rolling down your spine like an unknown hug.   "I can’t stop thinking about screwing your brains out. And then back in."   A nearly inaudible gasp slipping from your mouth as hot blood jolts through your veins and collects in your middle. Clawing on his wrists you try wiggling free, but only get the opposite effect. The round cheeks of your ass only rubbing rougher against Negan’s shaft, making him growl so animalistic that you can only whimper in response.   "I‘m also thinking about your lil cunt, if it’s clean shaven or not. Not that it f***ing matters anyway when I drink from you like from a damn fine wine." He whispers throatily. "I bet you taste like cinnamon, apples and something so f***ing unique."   "Negan please." You mumble as your head fills with sinful images. Silky wetness builds between your p**sy lips, ruining your panties on the spot. To make the situation worse for you, you spot Rick and Carl walking along the opposite street. Thankfully they don’t spot you both as they discuss something.   "Yeah you like that, don’tcha? This sweet movie running through your mind of me mounting you like a damn animal."   Another pathetic noise slipping from your mouth as your strong facade collapses. Pressing your thighs together you try to put some pressure against your sweetest spot as he wraps an arm around you. Looking up his lust blown hazel eyes meet yours as he cups your crotch.   "I want to cream your lil hole. Or would you prefer a big load in your pretty mouth?" He purrs deeply and nudges his nose along your cheek.   "M-my hole." Biting back a moan your head rolls back in shame. Still your hips don’t stop from rolling against his hand, your legs opening a bit to give him better access. His long fingers pressing into the soft denim of your pants to give you the pressure where you need it the most. More and more juices dripping down your underwear as the air fills with your little sounds of pleasure.   "You’re about to come, don’tcha? Thinking about how I pound you into the mattress." Nipping on your lobe he groans hoarsely. "Don’t worry princess, I‘m feeling the same."   It brings you right over the edge where you don’t care if he takes you right on the dirty ground here. So many pictures running through your mind, Negan on top of you, Negan behind you and pulling your hair. And all ending up with him filling you so good and hot. But nothing fills you with so much excitement than wanting to find out if his mouth doing so much sinful things like he speaks. You hear him cussing as his other hand shooting up to your mouth as you come with a cry of pleasure.   "Mhm f*** princess, you made a mess in daddy’s pants."   A dark chuckle fills your ears while your hips arching from the aftermath of your orgasm. It isn’t enough as a long forgotten hunger awakening in you. Turning around you want to drag him to your house, any house, like he dragged Rick into the RV and make your fantasies true. Or more his. Not that you care as long as your begging hole gets filled. But then he pulls back and the sinful grimace turns into the cold facade he’s carrying. Like nothing happened he walks away and even dares to whistle a happy melody, while you stand there, shaking in lust and disgust.

Louisville Slugger

07/07/2020 01:54 PM 

Bitches Be Crazy

Some bitches be crazy,vindictive and mean.If they think they own you,their skin will turn greenas jealousy grows likea poisonous mold.Some bitches be crazy.It needs to be told.Just speak to a girl, andthen watch her horns grow.Your girlfriend will quicklymorph into your foe.They're quite insecure, andthey show it too well.Some bitches be crazyand make your life hell.

Louisville Slugger

07/07/2020 01:42 PM 

"f*** bitches, get money"

F*** 'em all! I ain't never like bitches no way, always teasin' and f***in' with my mind, tryin' to get in my pockets and take my money .


07/07/2020 01:15 PM 

Simple, to the point. It's not that hard.

You guessed it; The Rules. 1) Be patient, nothing is ever that urgent, and if it is I'll give you my discord or something, but honestly if you're clingy or impationt it will simply make me put you on the very end of the list for responces. 2) Be kind; do I really need to explain this one?3) You add you talk, I add I talk unless you end up beating me to it, as a lot of other people have in the past. 4) Not the first time I've been Aizawa but I wasn't him for long due to bullying, I'm just trying to get back into the character. 5) Jealousy won't be tolerated, this is my only disclaimer to the fact that I'm a multi-shipper so if you don't like don't ship. 6) Kids? Sure if your OC is a kid of Aizawa's let me know but that doesn't make me YOUR dad, we have to discuss that. 7) I don't discriminate, if you do, get out. 8) If you are going to start drama then just go right out the door you came in. 9) I've got over a decade of experiance so I'm not quite leniant on length. I get not having inspiration and shorter replies but I don't like to do anything under three paragraphs. If you can't do that, then so be it, we won't RP but we can banter in stream. 

𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓗𝓾𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻

07/06/2020 03:20 PM 


1. Be a decent and respectful human being and we won't have an problem, what does this rule underline?  Be patient with replies/greetings and starters. Take your time.  Be respectful to me and you will recieve the same. If you have an issue with me, say it to me.  If you don't  have  anything  nice to say, do not say anything  at all. 


07/05/2020 01:56 PM 


Ooooo, big question time! Are you here because you happened to be that amazing human actually read rules to see what kind of f***ery you are about to get into? Did you see me post a link because I actually finally finished these and came to check it out?  Well, regardless of how you got here, welcome to this insanity that you may read. Keep in mind I am a bit sassy, this character brings it out in me...Okay, listen here my pretty little bitches! I hate having rules and having to actually enforce them, so please just play nice and I won't have to bring down the hammer.Keep in mind these are subject for change.1. Greetings~ Okay I am a simple bitch to please so this shouldn't hopefully be an issue. When I request you no matter what you will get a greeting, just how I am. If you add me and want to roleplay go ahead and greet me, if you are too shy, well guess what buttercup... I will eventually post something asking if anyone wishes to rp and if you were too shy in the past to greet me to like the status and I'll come to you. :3 ~ Now... The greetings themselves, do NOT send me a "hey" or a "how are you?" Can we skip the small talk and get into the actual conversation.2. Out Of Character aka OOC & In Character aka IC~Now while I am in character most the time, there are those times when I am not. I will put those double slashes // or just state OOC before I type whatever I am going to say.~Please know the difference between roleplay and ooc... Just because our characters could be together or dating doesn't mean we are in real life.3. Romance~ I am a sucker for a good love story, but I am not going to just have him fall for you right off. He is an exotic dancer and a huge ass flirt. So you need to really wiggle your way into his heart. ~There has to be chemistry, they have to naturally really have to get along.4. Ero or Erotic~ Ahhhh.... This is gonna be fun... Okay, so just because he is an exotic dancer doesn't mean he is going to f*** you. Again... he is a DANCER, he dances. Yes it is suggestive and he will tease you, but he isn't a prostitute.~ Ero will only occur with a story, it will not happen right off. Give me good story or no sex for you! XD5. Limits~ I don't have any really, originally I had him as gay but changed my mind making him Bisexual. He loves being with men but he does have an interest in women as well. ~ I really try to keep this account limits free.6. Drama starters~ If you are unfriended, that is because I had a nasty run-in with you in the past and you destroyed your chance for friendship. I don't want your toxic ass on my profile. ~ You will be blocked if you do a read add, if I get a nasty message from you, you start drama, attacking me, or whatever the case may be, I will not respond. You will be reported and blocked. Simple, I have a low tolerance for dumbf***'s like you... 


07/05/2020 02:39 PM 

Trust Patches.. Go check out his info from: Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1 and 3, and Bloodborne.


07/05/2020 02:28 PM 

The Warrior of Light. A wiki link. Get f***ed, nerds. I am lazy about profiles now.


07/05/2020 01:42 PM 

Rhysander's Biography

At the bottom of the ocean was the city of Atlantis, capital of the merfolk. Hallmar was the royal physician, assisted by his wife Assana. Together they cared for all the members of the royal court and the guard. The couple not only saw and diagnosed patients but they also were the crafters and distributors of their remedies. When the couple began having children, they naturally began teaching them the craft from the beginning.  Rhysander took to the craft early on unlike his younger sister Vyra. He always enjoyed quietly studying alone or carefully crafting. It was a job he found both relaxing and rewarding. Though he never had any intention of taking his father's place as a court physician. It was far too busy and living in the inner city was far too loud and noisy. Instead he dreamed of opening a small shop either on the outskirts or in a small village elsewhere in the ocean.  Vyra was his polar opposite. She was always running around the city with her friends causing mischief. She wasn't a bad child however she was scolded often for misbehaving. Wild and lively often described her. She didn't have a mean bone in her body and cared deeply for everyone around her. She always acted without thinking and was easily swayed by her emotions rather than by any fact or logic.  Despite the differences between the siblings, they were incredibly close. Rhys was the keeper of all her secrets, and she made his days interesting. They shared their dreams and treasures. Without his sister Rhysander probably wouldn't have bothered making any friends. Besides his sister, he found himself close to another boy by the name of Fjord. Fjord was a sharkman and his father was the head of the guard. He enjoyed the other's company as the young boy was mild mannered, easy going and genuine.  Rhysander was thirteen when he first learned he had the ability to use magic like his father. For the first few months after this discovery he worked closely with his father on learning to control that power. They exercised his magic daily until he was able to attend the Atlantis' Collage of Sorcery. Luckily he was still able to live at home and see his family everyday while attending the school. Merfolk from across the ocean attended the school to hone their magical abilities in a safe environment.  Rhysander attended the college for four years dabbling in a bit of everything though his primary focus was on potions and regenerative magic. Growing up helping his parents in their roles of physicians did play a major part in this decision. For a couple of years after leaving school he continued to work under his parents until he was able to secure his own shop on the outskirts of Atlantis.  He ran the small shop himself for the first two years till he was able to hire an assistant to handle the shop front when he couldn't. Rhys saw a few patients every now and again, however his main goods were to the farmers of the outskirts. Most sought out protection or growth spells for their field. Occasionally a guard would stop by his shop instead of traveling all the way back to the inner city for some things. One guard in particular went to rhysander for tonics of strength regularly. Already one of the best fighters, he was often sent out on the most dangerous tasks. He always kept a few tonics on him for that additional edge in a fight.  This guard on occasion would bring items he found on his quests back with him. On one particular trip he came across a sorcerer’s shell. These shells are cultivated in nature by slugs over hundreds of years and often don’t get to reach full maturity. A mature shell is capable of aiding a magic user in some way. Each shell can only have one owner and one purpose. It’s usually used by merfolk with magical abilities to give them a human form.  The guard thought it would be best to give the shell to Rhysander. In exchange, Rhysander would provide a lifetime supply of tonics to the man. Naturally he agreed. The ability to explore the surface ment he was able to better access supplies and knowledge relating to his interests.

Rhysander, History, Biography, Rhys, OC, Original Character, Merman, Octoman, Fantasy,


07/05/2020 11:50 PM 

writing sample 01

”reanimator; ”TAGS:Sample, open, horror, supernatural NOTES:N/A While resurrection was her forte, the ritual she used was quite different from Kabuto’s. Kabuto’s methods made resurrection look easy, her methods were several degrees more tedious in preparation - but had the potential to produce near perfect results. Among forbidden techniques, reanimation jutsus were notoriously finicky, unpredictable things. If the ritual were to fail, which she somewhat expected given the poor quality of what she had to work with, at least she’d been given a lump sum up front. Such a strange patron, she pondered what they had wanted from a dead man (woman?), but decided against inquiring further the reason behind her task. If she were to succeed, her patron would double what she’d already been given. For that kind of cash, Koue could set aside her curiosity for a few hours. She lowered herself to a squat, sitting at the foot of the what appeared to be an unmarked grave. “Grave” was a gracious descriptor, unceremonious burial mound seemed a bit more appropriate. This person must have not been well-liked, Koue guessed, judging by the absence of any sort of memorial. She could not help but steal a moment to admire the night sky, the moon taking on a pleasant amber color. It was nearly time to begin, at this point she was bordering on procrastination. This is going to be a pain. She sighed, wishing she’d eaten prior to starting this whole debacle. Her stomach growled loudly in agreement. Carefully, she removed the moss colored wax seal from the scroll she had prepared for this occasion. The dry parchment slowly unfurled, eventually reaching a length taller than the kunoichi who’d written it. Several different seals marked the parchment, forming a fanciful pattern of interlocking circular shapes. These seals would assist in exerting her will over the subject, a necessity for tethering a soul to the world of the living. In its current state, the scroll still only needed a sort of “natural catalyst” to activate. Blood. Running a finger across the edge of her kunai, red ribbons of fluid dripped from the tip of her finger. Koue made several calculated strokes upon the parchment. Strange symbols, written in blood, seemed to release tendrils of smoke with each stroke. The haze billowed unnaturally, undulating inches above the grave with an almost life-like rhythm. Originally white in color, the smoke seemed to be growing ever darker, now black as pitch and thick enough to blur one’s vision. Her palms began to carry a faint blue glow, the chakra coursing throughout her body focusing on her digits. As she traced the scroll’s symbols, energy seemed to pour forth from her own body into the surrounding environment. The warm summer air grew heavy and crackled with static electricity. The buzzing sound of static grew more intense, testing the kunoichi’s concentration. The racket held on for a minute or so before abruptly stopping. She gasped, the sudden silence had taken her by surprise. The temperature seemed to drop rapidly. A warm summer night soon felt like bitter winter. Goosebumps dotted the kunoichi’s olive skin, her breath turning to whisps of cold fog. The ritual had begun. The ground beneath her shifted strangely, releasing an ominous groan as it churned back and forth. The kunoichi clenched a fist tightly, grasping what appeared to be air, and pulled sharply back towards herself. Th-thump, th-thump, th-thump. in her grasp, another being’s life force writhed and pulsed madly. Such simple movements should be effortless, but the amount of chakra control required in this ritual made her slender hands feel like they were wading through honey. In labored rhythmic motions, she continued pulling upon the invisible tether, beads of cold sweat pooled upon her brow. Strands of bluish chakra ebbed wildly, dancing madly as the kunoichi fought to pull someone from beyond the veil. Surrounding vegetation began to rapidly wither and die, as if something was siphoning the life from them. What energy the kunoichi needed for this dark ritual, she would take. *** With a few final flourishing hand motions, the ritual was coming to a close. Koue found herself exhausted from this lengthy resurrection, and was eager to see it finished. This job took much longer than she had expected, dawn was creeping over the horizon. Whoever was buried here put up quite the fight, meeting resistance during revival was not uncommon - but this person was especially feisty. The surroundings looked quite different from when she had started. The majority of flowers and trees had withered into brown husks, sparkling beneath a layer of otherworldly frost. What life had been sucked from them was poured into the ritual. She flexed her fists, the muscles of her hands ached and cramped. What a pain, she regretted not charging more for such trouble. With weary hands, she collected the scroll; now covered in feverish, illegible scrawling. The ground below let out one final low growl. Once more the air grew silent, punctuated by the kunoichi’s ragged breaths. Minutes passed, feeling like hours as she awaited the results. Yet, for all that show, no corpse rose just yet. Feeling impatient, she pressed an ear against the soil and listened for anything below, eager to hear the faintest rustling. Silence. She let out a disappointed groan, cursing under her breath. Was she losing her touch? Missing a critical part of her ritual? Something had to be up... The kunoichi’s eyes darted over the mound curiously, thoughts racing as to what had gone wrong. Chewing her bottom lip, her mind went over the ritual steps. She’d done as she’d always done previously, now why was it not working? All of that struggle, for what? Disappointed, she picked herself up and tried brushing off some of the copious amounts of dirt that seemed to have accumulated on her robe. In a sudden jolt, the earth beneath her moved once more. Koue let out a raspy yelp before losing her balance, falling face first into the soil. Maybe the ritual worked after all. // Writing sample! Also serves as a starter.

War? This is pest control!

07/05/2020 10:27 PM 


Little brother, little brother, where is my little brother?  He hides out in his room, he plays with his many dolls and have them run interference.  They obey without question, the mysteriously crafted items are, but a small hindrance.  His myriad of dolls do not stop what comes his way when I come.  His own defenses, used against him as I deliver unto him the inevitable or steal his food.  The way he struggles when I sneak up on him is cute.  Soon we shal fill the secret box.


07/05/2020 07:29 PM 

Yoko Himura (MHA)

Name Yoko Himura Age 16-19 (Depends on RP) Gender Female Sexuality Heterosexual Status Single Quirk Electricity Manipulation Hero Name Striker Occupation UA Student {Class 1-A} Species Human   Yoko has often been described as Confident and Straightforward. She is often also referred to as a cheerful, energetic and bright young lady. Yoko has a knack for fooling around and being a silly person, often cracking jokes and horrific puns. Despite this, she is deceptively mature. Under pressure, she is good at being tactical and making decisions. However, when it comes to her relationships, Yoko is notably weak. She tends to care more for people than she will let on, often to the point of disregarding her own safety and wellbeing. Her social personality can often be written off as a 'mild tsundere' personality. Where she can act extremely hardheaded, but be caring and nice underneath. Yoko will happily butt heads with those who oblige her, her temper being one of her downfalls.    Brief History  Yoko was born to a pair of low-level heroes, who retired early to raise a family. Yoko is the youngest, under her brother, but has come out as the strongest. At the age of five, Yoko discovered her quirk by being struck by a bolt of lightning. Rather than the lightning killing her, she was able to absorb some of it, while redirecting the rest into the ground under her feet. Five-year-old Yoko has no clue how she did this, so thus began her quirk training.   At fifteen years old, during the entrance exams, Yoko introduced herself in an explosive way. Yoko left the arena with a staggering 70 attack points and 40 rescue points, shocking even herself. Then she was later placed into Class 1-A with most of the passing examees. Under UA's roof, Yoko hasn't been able to stop growing, with hard work of course.    Type: Speed-Offense • Status: Temporary License Equipment • Yoko's most important asset is her Lightning Gauntlets, that have three usages. The first function of the gauntlets is to act as a lightning rod, making it easier for her to absorb stray bolts of electricity/lightning to power her quirk. The second function is a natural arm reinforcer. It supports her hand and arm bones from breaking in prolonged hand-to-hand battles. The third function of the gauntlets is to reroute absorbed lightning into working projectiles. This makes her gauntlets react like shotguns, with powerful blasts that amplify the power of her punches, it can also be used as less accurate long-range shots. Ultimate Moves • Lightning Strike: Absorbed/Generated Electricity into the fist or foot, amplifying speed and damage of the attack on impact(was used once to headbutt),    Quirk Electricity/Lightning Manipulation This quirk allows the user to generate, channel and absorb electricity. The side effects of this can be as listed but not limited to: Stamina drain, muscular and nervous system damage, damage to organs. Severity begins from simple stamina drain up to permanent organ damage.    Redirect • Fairly self-explanatory, Yoko can redirect electric/lightning attacks through her body into another direction/enemy. While this appears extremely powerful, it actually can harm Yoko deeply if the concentration of electricity is too strong(Though she naturally has a mid-level resistance to Lightning). She can be 'over-charged' which will ultimately burn her out and knock her unconscious. [Level: Amateur ]  Absorb • Much like Redirect, this ability allows Yoko to take reduced damage from electric attacks while absorbing it into her body. This area of her quirk turns the electricity absorbed into pure energy that is spread into her muscles to increase damage, agility or speed. When Yoko has fully charged up, her eyes turn a bright red and her hair will often glow like fire. Though, it's rare for her to be multiple at once since using this increased power tears up her body if used for an extended period of time or multiple times consecutively.[Level: Mastered ]  Generate • The newest of Yoko's abilities is to generate her own electricity through her own energy. This tends to be one of her more draining abilities because it draws a lot of her energy to produce bolts of lightning. Recently, Yoko has learned to produce smaller amounts to use as ammunition in her gauntlets, as well as to power her ultimate moves. While this may not take as much energy as a full blast, it can still make her exhausted and sluggish. [Level: Novice ]** Yoko is planned to go through change during the attack at the training camp - losing her left arm to a villain with half of her upper arm to her fingertips completely being severed. Is later replaced by robotic arm created specially by Hatsume.   (Yoko is intended for shipping with Bakugou)

Character_details, character bio

𝓹𝓸𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓷 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓻

07/05/2020 07:16 PM 

✘ // guidelines .

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look over my guidelines for this profile.  I will update this at a later time with better coding to make it look nicer and more organized.  For now, I hope this will suffice.  I am well over the age of twenty-five and have been role playing for many, many years.  It is a hobby that I truly enjoy but that's all it is:  a hobby.  As such, I ask not to be rushed for replies as my real life takes priority.  If that is not something you can understand then you should not add me.The best methods of contact is messaging.  I do not mind comments, but may not be as quick to respond if at all.  I always start out speaking ooc in messages unless I'm sent a starter to break the ice between our characters.  I have a preference for long term role playing and keep my length around para to multi para but depending on the medium will keep things short and to the point.  I don't require you to have perfect grammar or spelling but it would be important for me to at least understand what you're typing.Knowledge of Collar X Malice is not necessary to write with me.  This profile is crossover heavy but I am willing to answer any questions that my writing partners may have.  The only thing that I feel is necessary to point out before interaction is this: In any plots or settings where Ichika has her collar, no one should know about it unless it's been agreed upon or it is canon.  She keeps it hidden from view as it can end up killing her if anyone were to find out about it.How I choose to approach my portrayal of Ichika is my own choice.  I write her being heavily influenced by Aiji Yanagi's route as it's the one that sheds the most light on her past among other things.  As time goes on, I will develop headcanons to better fit her into other verses and worlds.Romance is cool but I don't do auto - shipping.  I don't know how I'll yet approach romance on this profile as it will heavily depend on Ichika's romantic partner(s).  Should the first romantic partner have a profile that only ships with one character, this profile will be the same.  All the same, if their profile is multi - ship among different verses, then Ichika will be multi ship across different verses so she's not cheating.I don't know what more to address here.  Common sense things should be known: don't godmode, don't powerplay, or be disrespectful.  I don't write fighting or sparring interactions, but am open to other things.  I am always open to listen to AU ideas and write them or adapt Ichika to them with a bit of help.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Thank you for taking the time to read these and I hope we get to write soon!


07/05/2020 02:34 PM 


1. First thing I need to get out: I am not familiar with any of the books from the PKMN manga series! I know there are darker themes in the manga series but I never sat down and read any of them. I'm more familiar with the show and the games, but I'm willing to follow along though if the manga is something you rather write around.2. I do not write one liners unless there happens to be a short or silly little roleplay going on in my status comments. I do para to multi para, and that's what I mostly prefer, but I can write a bit of novella.3. I can write Zidane as him in either his Rampardos form or his Gijinka form. If he's in his PKMN form, you can go battle and catch him if you RP as a trainer, but he will be stubborn about it as modern day humans make him anxious.4. If I'm not on here, then I'm probably on my other account; I'm also on a site called RPRepository. If you'd like to add me on that other account or on RPR if you're on there too, you can ask me in a message and I'll give you the link to either of them.5. I’ll do any genre besides gore (I made several exceptions though, like Mortal Kombat & Drifters). I really enjoy or would like to do are action, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, slice of life, horror/suspense, and historical. I’m very willing to try to roleplay something else. I’ll try fighting, but if I suck at it, I’m very sorry. Blood and violence is definitely okay.6. On the topic of romance, Zidane has the right to say no to a relationship. Also, chemistry is key! No matter who it is, there always has to be chemistry to reach a romantic point. I'm also over 18 (twenty five to be exact); Zidane is over 18, so mature content is also allowed, meaning I don't mind rping smut as long as you're not a minor. I'm not here just to write only romance and smut though, so if that's your one and only intention, then please delete me.7. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it. Also, drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s happening in roleplay.8. AUs are especially encouraged, like storylines outside of the PKMN verse. 9. I accept crossovers as long as I’m familiar with it. I don’t think I can keep up with most of the things that others are interested in.10. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, especially alone so help with that would be the best thing on Earth.11. I have Discord, so if you want to add me on either one, you can ask for it, but a fair warning: I really don’t talk much out of character. It’s not that I hate you; I don’t talk much OOC in general. So, don’t take this the wrong way. I’d love to be your friend C: So don’t feel threatened, or scared, or put off by this. 12. I constantly get worried about people who may not take kindly to me either because I’m just normally rping with someone, or because of no reason at all. If you have a problem with me, PLEASE come talk to me.


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