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♦Delusions Of Grandeur♦

12/05/2020 01:11 PM 

Voice Demo


Addison age 8 ( seeking Family)

12/04/2020 08:28 PM 


  NO one liners allowed on this site alright please add more details thank you   family role plays are fine with me i love them and i hope to find a mommy and family in due time  NO abuse or pet slave sh*t nasty   NO gaming characters i wont know who they are since i do not game   if your married or taken its okay to role play maybe ? depending on who you are.  if your have other children then no i will not role play with you i always get abandon or left out all the time or ignored..   do not rush me to do role plays i do have a life alright  please note i do not have discord i wont give you it as well 

Addison age 8 ( seeking Family)

12/04/2020 08:21 PM 


Name Addison age 8 sex female Hair long brown wavy haireyes brown and goldblood type AB+ height 4''2''weight 50 LB Mother Father Big brother Older sisterUncle AuntGrandpa GrandmaCousins Pet Nanny Baby sitterPersonality happy playful kind cute scared crybaby well behaved kind pure soul dislikes darkness monsters under her bed water and Dogs Favorite animal Bunny kitten or cat aka Kitty Food likes sweet candy mean green beans veggies and loves fries milk dislikes food cabbage carrots apples and sour things oranges favorite drink Milk juice favorite games hide and go seek tea party  Hates nap time and bath time,loves to cuddle and snuggle and sucking her thumb Still wears pull ups   


12/03/2020 07:30 PM 

Tsukiyo Shinsou

WELCOME TO THE REGISTRY FOR UA HERO COURSE PLEASE FILL OUT THE INFORMATION BELLOW:STUDENT NAME: Shinsou Tsukiyo Name Meaning (Optional): Mind Control, Shining Moon AGE: 16 (Usually aged up when roleplaying with older characters) SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Bisexual OCCUPATION: Student/ Part Time HeroHEIGHT:5'4WEIGHT: 145lbs HAIR COLOR: Purple, lilac almost EYE COLOR: White (Has been blinded) NATIONALITY: Japanese YEAR: Year 2 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Eyes QUIRK: Pupetteer QUIRK DESCRIPTION: Puppeteer allows the Quirk user to move any inanimate object within reason. Many smaller objects may be picked up at a time but the larger the object the more consentration it takes to lift or move about. QUIRK DOWN SIDE: If used too much or for too long cripling migraines take over and she will be sick for the coming hours to days depending on how long she used it and if she's knocked out by the migraine. 


12/03/2020 06:41 PM 


I'll keep it simple: failure to follow these is just gonna get ya deleted.  I ain't got time for yall's bullsh*t anymore.o1. Do. Not. Greet. Me. With. This. Sh*t: "Hey", "Hello", "Hello there, care to rp?", "Thanks for the add, wanna rp?", I'll delete you instantly if I get ANYTHING like this.  Be original, ffs, even if bein' original means choking me, slamming me against the wall and callin' me a stank ass hoe... a bitch gonna appreciate the effort.o2. IC greetings/starters are a thousand times better than some generic as sh*t wall of text describing your character in f***ing excrutiating detail that I definitely ain't gonna read.  Just be fun, creative, approach me with something cool!  I promise I'll 100% of the time respond to creative IC sh*t, and if I don't, feel free to unsub.o3. I ain't got time for generic pervs... dealt with the sh*t enough on rptavern.  If I get some boring ass "hey sexy" or anything immediately involving the word 'daddy', yo ass gettin' yeeted.  Earn the right to hear me call you daddy.o4. Don't be aggro... I don't care about your fragile ass man ego.  If you ain't into me or we don't vibe then just f***in' delete me.  You use any f***in' slurs with me in a non-sexual way and I'll delete you.o5. I'm 100% about my hoes, I'll take friends over disposable f***buddies any day... for the record, I f*** all my friends who ain't girls so-o6. You have one week to send me something, anything, or respond to what I send you.  It's so f***ing obvious you don't wanna talk to me if you don't respond but don't delete me.  Have some f***ing balls and just delete me if I don't interest you.o7. I'm active af, I'll be on most every day unless my depression got a bitch feelin' like a trashbag.  Have patience with me, regardless... 's all I'm askin'.o8. Shipping?  I mean, I guess... gotta be a damn good story, with amazing chemistry, and some godly d*ck to get me to settle down.  Do not ask me to ship literally a day after we met... I'm here to have fun, not to deal with your jealous ass.o9. I have preferences, believe it or not... I don't f*** anything with a d*ck.  If you ain't my type, I'ma let you know, and we're either gonna be friends or you're gonna be okay with it and head out.

Darkness To Light

12/03/2020 12:17 PM 

Hate Profiles
Current mood:  aggravated

Hate Profiles— It really makes me lose my motivation and I really despise being those that can't act their age, because I don't think I've done anything to deserved to be called the N Word or get told to go kill myself. You don't know me and I don't know but you have the audacity to to make a hate page about me. if you don't like me to come to me like a GROWN MAN. ADD ME. MESSAGE ME. I will even give them my real life cell phone number because guess what Sweetie pie. I'm f***ing security officer in the real world and that means I have connections with my local police departments because some of the men and women I work with are part time or Reserve officers that are involved in law enforcement, military veterans, individuals from the private sector,and f*** with me if you want to. I dare you low lives to make another hate profile.

Darkness To Light

12/03/2020 12:16 PM 


1. Do not ask or directly for sex, incest, explicit roleplays, flirting, or smut because they will blocked.2. I will not roleplay with one liners or text speakers unless it is discussing a plot or introduction I need a challenge. My limit is para. Also must be half decent in grammar. I am not a grammar nazi. If not this don't waste my breath or time.3. I almost or will always be AU Alternate Universe with my character and don't stray from it. Do my own storylines. I do my character and write them how I want. I do mostly AU storylines not show stuff. And I will not change for anyone. No one is to push me around, tell me how they should be done, written, or shipped I have respect for anyone how they do their characters I expect the same in return. Anyone pushes me around or tells me how things should be will be removed or blocked.4. I will not tolerate bullying, drama, God modding or don't force my character into a storyline, ship, or try to kill them they are immortal so that won't happen but discuss first. If anyone gets caught trying to doing this will be removed.5. I am patient and lenient on replies. We got a busy life outside of here. I work as a part time security officer.Take your time and I am a very avid gamer; I spend up to 4 hours a day engaged in some sort of game. If those that hassle me if it hasn't been a hour, ask me to redo a starter, stop replying to discussions, or stop replying to roleplays without telling me first will be removed.  6. No single and looking because this is a roleplay and writing site not a dating site. They are a waste of time, energy, and only here for that want that go to eharmony. I am here to write and not look for mates or relationships. No celebrities or wrestling either don't see how they can be in storylines and waste of time.7.  I will not tolerate picky, petty writers that knock, push others around, judge others with hate about how they ship, write their characters, based on religion, orientation, gender, have cliques of friends they write only with them ignore everyone else, popularity contest, who has been here the longest. I will terminate them off my list.

劾休 恫氣唐

12/02/2020 09:33 PM 

General Abilities for Meta-World Beings

As taken from the When They Cry Cosmology Blog, these are the general abilities granted to an inhabitant of the Meta-World. This does not mean that those who are brought to the Meta-World can inherently use all of these immediately however. In fact, one must be recognized and given the right first.   Plot Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches can control the plot of the Lower Worlds. Choosing to write as they see fit the narrative and all of its causality, inescapable by beings who can’t transcend to the authority of the initial plane it was written. Even non-Witch Meta-World beings have some level of control over the plot of Lower Layers, cutting entire scenes out from the plot of a lower world and preventing the story from progressing past that point.   Fate Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches are capable of altering and controlling the Fate of all within the Gameboard and Lower Worlds. Either as an irreversible ending or leaving their fate up to complete chance.   Causality Manipulation and Resistance: Game Masters and Witches have already transcended the cause and effect of the first layer, making them immune to its logic errors (unless incurred by themselves.) This allows them to also control cause and effect in Fragments as well.   Mind and Soul Manipulation: A Witch is able to control and ascend the soul of those they meet, Voyager Witches in particular can even bring lower layer beings to higher layers without needing to ascend their souls. A Game Master can bring the soul from a Lower World and embed them in created husks. A Game Master can also manipulate the mind of pieces on their board, making them do things they normally wouldn’t do.   Conceptual Manipulation: On top of the Truths, Meta-World inhabitants can create concepts by thinking. Battler created his own concept of gravity in the Sea of Fragments. Because concepts of the First Layer are visualized in the Meta-World, higher layer beings also have total control over those concepts.   Nonexistent Physiology: Meta-World beings exist as an entity with nothingness at the core of their being, with their physical form being constructed and defined solely by their thoughts.  Acausality: Meta-World Beings exist completely outside of the First Layer and are unrestrained by the limitations of the Human Domain, including fate, time and causality. Such concepts can only be imposed on them from even higher beings.    Law Manipulation: A Game Master creates and manipulates the laws of their Gameboard, such as Beatrice creating the Anti Magic Toxin rule on her gameboards. This includes being able to control the laws within a Fragment or within the First Layer.   Power Nullification: Even a higher layer being who enters a Game Board is forced to obey the rules of the Game Master or Territory Lord. A Territory Lord, and Game Masters of their Gameboard, can nullify powers if they go against the rules of the board. A Game Master reserves the right to forcefully eject even qualitatively superior entities from their Game at will. Permission to attack the Game Master, granted by that same Game Master, is needed for it to even happen. Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, for example, were forced to obey Battler’s rules while participating in his game under threat of being ejected from the Board. Likewise, beings like Dlanor A. Knox (whose true form exists in the realm of Heaven above the Golden Land) still needed permission from Beatrice before she could be allowed to enter the Golden Land.   Reality Warping: Even a human in a higher layer can manipulate Fragments as they please. Territory Lords can shape their Gameboard in whatever manner they see fit, and change whatever narrative or things exist in their Gameboard at will. Battler for example removed duct tape from his Gameboard entirely, before placing it back in mid-game. Lambdadelta, as a Game Master, could rewrite the entirety of the Rokkenjima Massacre into just a dream.   Possibility Manipulation: Meta-World Beings are capable of collapsing possible outcomes and different outcomes in a Fragment into a single result through power of observation. This process also includes manipulating the possibilities and probability. This process is comparable to the ‘Schrödinger's cat’ thought experiment: Meta-World Beings are capable of decisively deciding whether or not the cat is alive, dead, or even a completely different third option without necessarily needing to open the box to determine it with certainty.   Immortality: Characters in Umineko have several different layers and types of immortality, but all Meta-World beings share the same regenerative immortality: As beings who define and construct their physical forms solely by the size and type of their thoughts, they assure their existence through a will to live and ability to think. Even if they are conceptually erased from existence, it’s possible for them to redefine themselves through a will to live and return. It is impossible to conventionally touch let alone kill a Meta-World resident unless their true forms exist on the same layer. However, one can kill a lower layer (or ‘avatar’) manifestation of a Meta-World entity in their reality. But as long as the true selves exist, they can always return. In that sense, it is impossible to truly ‘kill’ a Meta-World resident, but it is still possible to permanently incapacitate them by forcing them to stop thinking, such as by introducing them into a situation that they can never mentally recover from.Dimensional Travel: Voyager Witches can travel up and down the infinite ladder, and The Game Master/Territory Lords can travel freely anywhere on their Gameboard, from its highest layers to the Lower Layer.    Reactive Evolution: Meta-World beings, Voyager Witches especially, spiritually and metaphysically adapt to higher and lower layers of existence. They can adapt themselves even when moved from the lowest to the highest point of any given layer.   Irrelevant Physical Characteristics: Meta-World beings exist outside the concept of speed, distance, weight and mass. It is unwarranted to measure their speed on a mathematical scale: Since they do not require physical dimensions to move or manipulate objects, applying a measurement (which is inherently based on the idea of physical constraints) is impossible.   As a more mathematical and perhaps easier to understand model of their speed; Speed equals Distance, divided by Time, or D/T=S.   Suppose a dog runs from one side of a park to the other. The Distance (D) of the park is 80 meters across The Time (T) the dog takes to cross is 16 seconds. By the above, we know that the Speed (S) of the dog is 5 meters per second, because 80/16=5.   Now, suppose that the dog takes 0 seconds to cross the park. (He used ZA WARUDO or something, use your imagination.) Since the dog's Distance moved is greater than 1, and Time elapsed is still 0, we conclude that the dog can travel anywhere instantly - that is what we consider infinite speed.   Now, suppose that Time is less than zero or otherwise undefined. That is, that the dog moves at such a transcendental speed that he crosses the park in, say, -1 seconds. Then the dog’s speed is considered Immeasurable because he proves he does not need to move in linear time; the speed formula cannot be applied to the dog the same way we apply it to ourselves, so we cannot measure his speed. The easiest way to define the differences between this level of speed compared to infinite speed is that infinite speed means the dog can move anywhere instantly, whereas with immeasurable speed the dog can also move anywhen. That’s one heckin fast doggo.   As you already know, the concepts of time and distance do not exist in the Higher Layers. So with the speed formula, how can we define a Meta-World being’s Speed? We can’t. In the case of the Meta-World, the variables we’re trying to assign do not exist in the first place. Thus, Meta-World beings have irrelevant speed. The difference between immeasurable and irrelevant speed is that while an immeasurably fast thing simply moves in a non-linear (and thus immeasurable) method, it still does move within the limitations of its spatio-temporal dimensions - just not in a linear fashion. Something with irrelevant speed does not even need speed, distance, or time to move - let alone do so within the constraints of such concepts. Though these examples have only been describing speed, the above logic also applies to a Meta-World being’s other physical characteristics. Full Control over Lower Layer Concepts: Time, life, and death are inclusive to a being’s transcendence over another. Featherine wrote Lambdadelta’s death. The Game Master is capable of stopping, fast-forwarding or rewinding time in their boards. The same can be done with Fragments.Conceptual Regeneration, Resistance, Evasion, Resurrection & Immortality Negation: With the Truths, a Meta-World resident is capable of turning these into conceptual weapons. The Red Truth cuts down anyone and denies their existence, right down to the last concept. Regardless of whether the opponent is physical, spiritual, or conceptual, evasion is impossible. This includes means by teleportation, time reversal, revivals, inheritance, physical barriers, mental quarantine, conceptual inheritance, and all concepts of evasion or endurance. The Blue Truth works similarly, they only take more time to deny a target and can be cut down by the Red. The Golden Truth embodies the traits of both and can use both at any time, as well as even negate the Red Truth entirely.

Abilities, When They Cry, Powers

休劾劾 -

12/02/2020 03:22 PM 

Why couldnt you let me love you in silence?

At first, these words meant nothing to me. But now they echo in my head, burning my heart. We were once close but now we are nothing but strangers. I hate you for walking away, just as you hate me for doing the same. Yet we continue down the paths we choose. Away from each other. I’m sure your guard is higher than ever while my hate burns brighter. We abandoned each other. Breaking the promise and the bond we made. I’m sure you don’t think of me, and if you, it’s out of rage. While mine are filled with sorrow. I wish it ended differently. I wish you would have just let me cool off and then come back. I wish you didn’t run! But.. that’s what you’re good at. That’s all you’ve ever been good at. Running. Finding someone to hide behind, for them to fix you. But how could I? I’m just as broken. My heart may be on the mend but my soul is just as fractured, just as torn. My mind just as cloudy and dark. I lost a piece of me when you turned your back. You were my brother, my closest friend. You could read me better than most. You helped me in so many ways, you never let me fall. A part of my light left when you went away. And I can only blame myself.   What’s the saddest part of this all? Is the fact that you’ll never know. You’ll never see this. You’ll never care.


12/01/2020 11:22 PM 


潦: Sachi Harada潦嫘: January 1st具嫘瑯: Japanese具潦: 27擃: 172 cm ( ~5ft 8in)U怒押 (hair color): Rose GoldU扎怒押: (eye color) Citrine銵瘨脣: O-准芥: Chief Inspector1993. Hiro Harada and Masuyo Harada welcome their first child into the world, a baby girl.2001. Sachi Harada helps her parents stock the shelves at their newly owned, local convenient store.2002. A family photograph is taken: Masuyo is holding a newborn, Hiro is smiling (but his eyes are closed), and Sachi is clearly upset because she wanted a little sister, not brother.2005. She comes home from school with bruises and cuts on her legs and face. Her father enrolls her in judo classes shortly after.2007. Another photograph is taken: a third addition to the Harada family.2008. Sachi joins the track team in high school and attends nationals two years in a row. She wins 2nd and 1st place, respectively.2010. The same year she is elected class president, her parents are murdered in a petty robbery. Her classmates and neighbors are very supportive, assisting with the vigil and funeral arrangements. Her brother is devastated, her little sister is too young to understand, and she can’t bring herself to cry.2011. Sachi and her close friends go out for drinks to celebrate ‘the end of their youth’. On her way home, something happened. She reported the incident to the authorities, but nearby security cameras malfunctioned that night.2012. Enters the Metropolitan Police Department Academy with exemplary exam scores.2014. Asks to be transferred to the Homicide Unit after witnessing her first cold-blooded killing on patrol.2016. 7 murder investigations, 3 resolved cold-cases, and 1 drug bust are completed in the span of three years.2017. Serial Killer Takahiro Shirashi is apprehended by law enforcement. She is apart of the team that received high praise.2018. Sachi Harada is relocated to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department where she is promoted as one of its youngest Chief Inspectors.2020. Yakuza activity is at its peak and she finds herself busier than ever..  


12/01/2020 10:53 PM 

terms of engagement & beyond.

I am not a very serious person. I like comedy'n sh*t. That said, however, I'm open to serious stories. Just don't expect anything novella in length from me unless I'm extreeeeemely invested! I'm a lazy bitch! I won't write even disgustingly sappy romance fluff with minors. I'm an adult. That would be creepy. I really doubt romance will crop up between Robo Dweeb and anyone though, however--but if it does/is going to: I ship chemistry and I love foe yay. Related to the above: RK is a robot. He isn't beyond-romantically compatible with anyone, be they also robotic or organic or otherwise. Do you really think Robotnik would include those functionalities on a robot he built for a race-- Don't godmode or puppeteer my character. There are exceptions, such as for hacking or re-programming and the like, but those will be discussed before they happen or made very clear in narrative. The former is preferable. Patience is a virtue! I can be slow! I'm fine with waiting until you want to reply, too. I'm also fine with hiatuses and picking things up weeks, months, even years later if we bother to keep in touch that long, or scrapping something that isn't working or is getting stale and trying over again. It's all gucci. I'm fine with a wide range of topics, subjects, and genres, from super grimdark to horrendously cutesy and everything inbetween. Bluh bluh, words words.



12/01/2020 04:41 PM 

The Akali Survival Guide.

This is meant to be a guideline for how to get my attention for a roleplay. It's really just broken into two sections - the Do's, and the Don'ts.DO. Be energetic, and excited to roleplay. Come with an idea of something you want to do in the scene. Feel free to banter with me until something clicks. Be open to discussing the scene. Be willing to take no for an answer. DON'T Send me a message solely comprised of a single word as your greeting. Ask me if I want to roleplay. Yes, I do. What a concept - I'm on aniroleplay. Ask me if I want to discuss. Just discuss. Send me an in character greeting. I don't care if it's you, or your character just saying hello. Send me an in character approach consisting of a starter where you make assumptions about our characters relationship. Really, I'ma be totally straight here. Your best bet is to approach with a positive attitude, shoot the sh*t with me and come with a tangible idea. Approaching me IC is always risky, sometimes I get really good starters that I like or amuse me. Most of the time people just put me in these ass backwards scenarios that make no sense to anyone.Really your best bet is to approach out of character and discuss your ideas. If you don't have an idea - the don't waste my time. I don't expect someone to do the planning for me, but have something you want to do.  

Rentherian Marus Cyraze

12/01/2020 03:08 PM 

Power/Abilities and Useful Treasures.

      -Immortality:  Unfair?  Not really.  Even though death evades the bald collector he can still be beaten, captured, tortured and toyed with.  He is not above pain nor any other mortal weakness.  This power is simply a gimmick, as I have no way to revive myself if my untimely end does come by the hands of another.     -Stats to the MAX!:  His human body is at its peak performance.  Without any outside help he is able to compete with the likes of the Earth's strongest champions and then some.  While falling short to those of alien genetics and power ups like Saiyans or whatever the hell Freiza's race is.     -Ki Interests:  Has the ability to manipulate his own Ki/Chi.  Flight, Blasts, Beams, and Sense is all attuned and mastered for his benefit.  Often hiding his own energy to hide from those after the aged male.     Egginggourd Ring:  An other realm-ly off brand of Megingjoro, or Thor’s belt of Strength.  A simple enchanted ring that gives Rentherian the power to endure beyond his Earthly limits.  Though he has yet to test its true capabilities.     (More might be added when the brain wants to work.)  

休氣痰樹 賅賅 .

12/01/2020 02:26 PM 

Announcement .

I will  not  be active  on any  of  my  accounts  on the 10th or sometime after; I  will  be more  active  in the  Cyberpunk2077  verse than  I  will  be in others. I have  been  waiting  for  this  game  since  the  first  Trailer and  having  it announced  that  Keanu  Reeves  has played  the  game  and  absolutely  loved it just  makes  me  want  to  toss everything  else  aside  and  play  the  game.  I have  put a lot on hold,  such  as work (I  am my own boss), time  with  family  and  pretty  much  a lot  online. I have  prepared  myself  for  this  game, I expect  it  to  be as Amazing  and Engrossing as the Witcher Game  Series.  I get  to  literally  sit on my butt watching  random  s h i t with my closest friends and wait for  Cyberpunk2077  to start downloading  on the 9th and  playing it  on the 10th. Unfortunately, this  means  that  I  will  probably  ignore  everything  and  everyone  else on here.  


12/01/2020 01:28 PM 

﹚ 0/3 slots taken ~

Name - Rose pine Nicknames - Rosie, Rosebud, Flower, Pinky, etc. ((Add some more)) - Appearance - Rose has light, somewhat curly, soft pastel pink hair, seemingly untamable ((can’t be put up easily)) and fluffy yet rather beautiful and long; reaching her mid back. She has shining dark candy pink eyes and always has a rosy hued nose and cheeks, just coming naturally as they’re also peppered with such cute, light freckles. She has two peircings in each ear. Body type is an hourglass, meaning tiny waist but, well, big assets. Rose can commonly be seen wearing oversized sweater shirts with long sleeves and high waisted shorts that she tucks the shirt into, usually with some pair of flats or low cut vans types of shoes. Otherwise! She’s wearing dresses or sweater shirt as said before, yet accompanied by a skirts instead of shorts or jeans.  •• Sexuality - Bisexual Age - She’s 350 yet appears around the age of 22, age appearance can differ based upon plot.  - Abilities -  ((Discover as you move along))  - Hobbies - Rose is a musical person, she enjoys singing and listening to music whenever she has free time and wants to just simply, well, relax after a long day of work. Since the crowding in her flower shop, sure gets her all over the place. But sometimes, when in the right mood, she maybe whip out a few pencils; a sketch pad even, and draw. Rather artistic and expressive of herself in many ways, more than one. Otherwise she is out and about! Hanging out with her friends and having a good time, distracted by some flowers, maybe even taking a nightly walk. Or, is by herself, having some peace and quiet at a cafe whilst sipping on some tea and reading a book.  - Dislikes - Rose dislikes all of the cliche bad things really, insults, fake people, etc. she isn’t one to tamper around with gossip nor huge lies that actually affect someone in a hurtful way. Otherwise she’s hating getting ignored by people, she is somewhat quiet and maybe a little shy; but she loves attention. So being ignored or being left alone makes her upset. And of course, crowded places; fears and hates them entirely, for a good reason too. Rose is just like anyone else and really, mostly, hates the normal, cliche things everyone else hates. Like being used, yelled at, and being told about other girls if in a relationship. - Likes - Rose is a big animal person, having only a cat yet she would be happy to take in any animal she rescues or wins over her heart! She’s also a rather creative person, as said before, living to sing, draw, and listen to music. Rose is a big extrovert with those she’s already close to, loving to spend time with them and go to cafes; sweets being a big thing for her as well. Yet. The biggest thing, what she adores, if cuddling and shown affection. She can never get enough of it! But when she can’t spend fine with her friends or get such affections? She enjoys drinking tree and reading some books. Maybe some start gazing or planning to travel, liking adventures. •• Drink(s) - 儭/ ((From time to time, yet, rather rare)) Smoke(s) -  Vape(s) -  Cuss(es) - 儭/ ((Tries to refrain!)) •• Occupation - Florist Species - Humanoid ((Witch)) Status - Single Zodiac - Leo ((Aug, 4th)) Sibling(s) - Deceased  Parent(s) - Deceased  Pet(s) - A furball, cat, named Ezra.  ••• Mental Health: 9/10 Physical Health: 10/10 ‘Disability(s)’ - Ochlophobia ((Fear of crowds)) ~~ Persona - Rose is seemingly the shyest person anyone could meet if it’s under certain circumstances, otherwise she’ll just bound herself right up to you if she truly has a good reason to; usually if someone needs help. She’s rather caring and makes such mistakes by putting her trust and love into basically everyone, no matter how well or how long she knows them for. Just a rather reckless gal. She’s sweet and kind, caring and playful, creative and outgoing. Yet she has a small switch, a switch that can be flipped at any time and she can change like its as simple as turning a light on and off; That sweet, emotional and reckless gal can become one feisty thing, wanting to adventure around. Yet. Will also stand up and probably attack someone if she really needed to, being strong willed, overprotective over who she loved and cares about and a bit... temperamental. She won’t hold back. Piss her off and she’ll make sure to bring some flowers from her shop to your funeral. On the other hand, when in her feelings, she’ll crumble and shut everyone out... It’s not a side of her that’s seen a lot but it exists of course. The Rose just seems to wilt at times. Otherwise and finally! Rose is a flirt, I mean, if she really likes you and doesn’t become a shy mess; she’s a h u g e flirt! She’ll tease and become a bit touchy, always doing something. Anything. To keep her interests attention! If you catch her eye, you better be ready for a ride!


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