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Bittersweet Souls

11/29/2020 03:32 PM 

Juilette Cassadine

Full Name: Juilette CassadineNicknames: JulieOccupation: HunterDate Of Birth: 01/18Place Of Birth: Family HomeCurrent Residence: Where everEthnicity: Dark ElfHair Color: PinkEye Color: Dark blueHeight: 5ft 7Birthmarks/Scars: Input InfoFamily & RelationshipsMother: --Father:  --Sister(S): --Brother(S): --Sexual Orientation:StraightRelationship Status: SingleCurrent Relationship(S): 

Trusted Soul

11/29/2020 01:42 PM 


A lich, a werewolf, a minotaur, and a chimaera stood before the battered body of a witch.  The room within the underground labyrinth held the corpses of many a former adventurer, many of whom the Lich would gladly take to add to their personal army.  The room they were in however held an issue reanimation, restorative, and necrotic spells were nullified instantly.  Overestimating her own power and underestimating the dangers within the labyrinth was a grave error.  Running away after being spotted by the minotaur while scorching an undead wasn't a good idea as she ran into the other monsters while trying to shake her initial pursuer.  Something never occurred to her while she fled, why were they pursuing her and not attacking each other? A strange room, it was unlike the other rooms within the labyrinth and held a calming aura about it, but simultaneously an overwhelming dread.  There was something off, but it was hard to pinpoint it.  The room upon entering was, but a bright and sunny with a hot spring in the center.  Piles of stones scattered about with some sitting inside of the hot spring.   Fortunately for her, the first to come into the room in pursuit was the werewolf, but unfortunately it was immediately followed by her other pursuers.  A four against situation in a hot spring, the odds weren't in her favor, but she had magic and only needed to  get pass them and blast the doorway trapping them in and allowing her escape.  A flaming whip came out from the lich's skeletal hand, the whip warped the air around it from its extreme heat alone.  The whip missed the witch and hit the towel pile behind her.  The stench, the horrid stench which exploded from the towels, akin to searing rotten flesh and leather filled the air causing all save for the lich to momentarily gag from the offending odor.  The flames dispelled the illusion, revealing the truth of the sizable room, skeletons galore, where each rock was, a skeleton took it's place.  The pristine hot spring water becoming a red algae filled pool, bones peaking out over the thick moss growing on the surface. The bright sun became black, with a blue glow as the wooden walls became a myriad of faces both human and otherwise, all asking for peace and to not disturb the rest of the knight within the labyrinth.  A message spoken once before, at the true entrance of the labyrinth.  The lich immediately tried to ressurect one of the skeletons to do its bidding, but a blue crackle formed around its hand.   A minor annoyance as necromancy seemed to be blocked by something within the room, but other magic surely was not blocked.A thick glowing blueish green sword with a 4 pointed tip pierced through the werewolf's chest.  Bones crunching, cracking, and breaking as they were forcibly separated ripping the werewolf open from the stab wound.  No hand held the strange blade which pierced the beast.  Despite the werewolf's efforts to push the blade out, it didn't budge, but sped up.  The other monsters looked for the origin point of the sword as the Lich learned the room was inescapable for all who pass within the room.  The face of the werewolf formed within the walls of the room, joining the myriad of faces.  The chest of the werewolf, a window into the vast darkness of the hall showed a single eye peering through into the room, eyes locked onto the ones still alive.  The glow of the blades became a red and grey blur the room basking in a red and grey swirling glow from the blades above the lower body of the werewolf, the upper body gone revealing they held up the corpse of the werewolf as swords flew pass for the other monsters.Having a phylactery far from the room gave the lich a a bit more relaxed demeaner until the room's façade changed.  Despite realizing the truth of the room, it was still going to kill the witch for not only invading, but also destroying the communication crystals it used to get information on the far south, the under, the academic city, and the unholy city.  Whatever or whoever created this interwoven menagerie of spells possessed an understanding of magic and the arcane which sparked an emotion, one of jealousy within the lich.  An emotion unfelt for many a year, dare say centuries, but others quickly replaced it.  Anger and admiration, but more so anger, someone... something out there possessed greater mastery of the arcane then it did, if it weren't for the barrier within the room, it'd step out of the labyrinth and force all their arcane knowledge out of their head before making the target of its ire, an undead slave.  Lost in it's thoughts of how it was going to hunt down this architect through the employ of the minotaur and werewolf when the sounds of crunching bone broke the line of thought.  Opening it's skeletal maw to yell at the Chimaera for eating the girl, it was cut short by the sight of the face of the werewolf in the wall.  Glancing down at the witch pinned in a mixture of her own as well as old rotten, coagulated blood between the front paws of the Chimaera baring its teeth slightly backed up.  Following the gaze of the Chimaera it saw the mist where the werewolf's upper body once was, but the Minotaur, where was it?It was too late, the Lich couldn't stop the other beast from attacking.  This stranger bore a horrifying resemblance to the knight in ancient times who disappeared before the council decided to have this labyrinth having several false entrances which lead to uninteresting ones.  In the air, eyes zeroed in on the new stranger in the doorway, believed to be disarmed by the fallen werewolf.  This green stranger ran around the corner, to the minotaur, it was fear of his might which it was going to introduce to that trespasser.  A grave error as the glow preceeded the minotaur being skewered by manya bladed weapon.   The chimaera took a defensive posture as it knew it was in danger, the goat and lion overriding the prideful Dragon's staredown and backed away from the witch unknowingly launching itself into far more danger as the witch being so close kept any attacks from coming its way.TL;DR  witch breaks into the labryinth through the true entrance "disturbs" the knight's "rest" gets chased by monsters who shouldn't be working together, but are gets trapped in an illusionary room with other things attached to that room gets wrecked and is saved by Iux who brutally wipes the monsters save the lich, it becomes trapped in the room as the other aspects in the room are not detectable until ANY damage is caused to anything within escaped Iux swore fealty to the witch


11/29/2020 08:50 PM 

Zaine's Character Study/Prompts

In-Depth Character Study:Full Name: Zaine Kitt Blake Nicknames: N/a. Little Prince — from mum. Some Given: Daddy Z, Z, Trash panda. Date of Birth: December 8th. Age: Twenty-four. Tho he looks younger due to his features.Gender: Ani(male)Species: Human. Place of birth: London. Has Lived: Big cities such as New York, Los Angeles.Occupation: Artist. Owns an art gallery. Murderer. Parent’s Names/Background/Occupation: Mum: Eloine Dupain —  radiant beam of light, professional dancer. Deceased. Pops: Alistaire Blake — Deadbeat. Underground black market boss. Criminal activity oriented. Monster, pure evil.Siblings: Older brother —Blaize Blake. Younger sister - Kimii Blake. Relationship with Family: Was very close to his mother. Rivalry with his older brother/Both struggling with where they are going in life.Extremely close with his little sister — but his past limits his control with his siblings.Father: Intense. Dark. Grim. Children: Oof. Kimii is the only one he tolerates. Children are his soft spot, but he doesn’t like to appear soft. Physical:Height: Tall. Weight/Build: He appears slim, but he’s very toned. Few abs from working out, lugging dead bodies is a bit hard work, no? Fit. Distinguishing Features: He has a small white scar underneath his right eye.Behind his ears are criss-cross scars from an altercation. Hair Color: Black on the bottom, pale blue bangs/on top.  Hair Style: More shaved/shorter on the bottom. Unruly, messy curls on the top. Always in his eyes or all over the place.Eye Color: A blue so light they’d chill your soul. Appearance: Gruff. Laid back. Messy(that just rolled out of bed style)Although when he cleans up, he gets very professional and neat. Style/Outfits: ^^ Casual. Business casual. Rolled up sleeves. Sometimes paint stained. Typical shoes: Sneakers, steel-toed boots. Scuffed. Glasses/Contacts: Contacts at night. Glasses when he’s creating art/at home.Tattoos/Piercings: Cherry blossom/exotic flowers on his arms. Pale trail of flowers on his neck. Others hidden under his clothes. Ears pierced. Tongue pierced tho he doesn’t wear that much. Voice/Tone: Soft. Very smooth and rich. Style of Speech: Sometimes of his age-group, other times very eloquent. Accent: British. Unique mannerisms/Physical habits: Taps his fingers on his thigh. Chews on a finger when irritated. Left/Right Handed: Ambidextrous. Writing Style: Very slanted, sometimes heading to a cursive approach. Neat. His mother taught him very carefully.Work Out/Exercise: Yes. Beliefs/Intellect:IQ: Believed to be very high. His mind is always calculating. Self Esteem: High. Tho he tries not to come off that way. Sometimes.Known Languages: French. English. Zodiac: Sagittarius; Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humorWeaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomaticSagittarius likes: Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoorsSagittarius dislikes: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details^^ some aspects are so accurate. Lul. Gifts/Talents: Artistically inclined. Plays piano. Bakes. Can pack a heavy punch.Pet Peeves: Entilted snobs/ People who treat others like garbage, or as tho they are beneath them/People who laugh like a hyenaHow to deal with stress: Art/Music. He gets so enraptured in something he loses all thought. Optimist/Pessimist: Pretty pessimistic. Extrovert/Introvert: Both. Mainly introverted. Leader/Follower: Leads. Emotional Decision Making: Sometimes. Cautious/Daring: Both. Mostly daring. Thinker/Action Taker: Both. Organized/Messy: Depends on the situation. Worrier/Carefree: Carefree. Sex/Intimacy: Current Marital Status/Relationship/Sexual: Single. Not interested. Sexual Orientation: Bi. He leans more to men. He doesn’t jump into something, someone has to really get him to feel to be able to turn off his mind. Past Relationships/Sexual Partners: Varies. Often flings. “Type”: Can match his wit/repartee. Isn’t pushy/clingy. Can accept his lifestyle. Reasons for Breaking up/Being Broken up With: His job. His attitude/lean views.One Night Stands: Yes. Sexual Experience: So so. Fetishes/Kinks: Wouldn’t you like to know? Love/Lust: Lust in the past. Love isn’t really something he’s stumbled upon. Ever Been in Love: No. Fall in Love Easily: No. Take Relationships Seriously: If he finds a person who can both challenge him and make him weak. Soul Mates: There’s someone out there for everyone. PDA: Depends. Relationships:Social Habits: Avoids groups at all costs — except for his art galleries. Prefers to be alone. Trust Easily: Again, depends on the person. How Often Sees Family: Not enough to those he actual wants to see. Good at Keeping in Touch: Depends on the person. Most Comfortable Around: Himself. Worst Enemy: His father. Most Important: Was his mother. Now his sister. Argue/Avoid Conflict: Avoids if possible otherwise he uses his fists. Vocation:Education: College degree.Profession: Crime. Artsy. Jobs: Art Gallery Owner.Artists/Sketcher. Good with paint/his hands. Used to do a lot of restaurant/office work (how he’s able to do background checks on clients)Passions: People-Watching/ Sketching/Drawing / Late night escapades/ Hot coffee / Steamy showers / Things that require use of his hands / Baking / Punching / CreatingSalary: High. Secrets: Fears: Losing every sliver of his humanity.Losing his kid sister. Losing himself.Biggest regrets: Not being able to save his mother. Likes/Dislikes:Hobbies: Art. Reading. Cooking/Baking. Indoors/Outdoors: Normally indoors. Better for his pieces. Favorite Colors: Blue/Blood red. Favorite/Least Favorite Foods: Chicken / Peas.Coffee or Tea: Prefers coffee.Cruncy/Smooth Peanut Butter: Smooth. Music: Yes. Favorite Weather: Autumn/Winter. Traveling: If he must. Drugs/Alcohol:Thoughts: Everyone has their poison. Smokes: Yes — cigarettes/occasionally gets high to sleep.First Started: Young.Drinks: Occasionally. Type Preferred: Beer. Addictions: Ofc. Details: Sleeping Habits: Stays up extremely late, Gets up extremely early.Sleeps on his side. Typical Saturday Night: Depends on if there is an art showing. If not he holes up in his art studio. Most Used Phrase: F***. Idiot.Home Appearance: Very neat/organized. Sparse except for all of his personal art pieces/collections. Type of Car: Pefers to walk/Has a motorcycle in his back garage. Pets: Bearded dragon. Word to Describe: Hot mess. Fridge/Medicine Cabinet/Nightstand: Sparse/Filled/Condoms.Can Cook: Yes. Prefers to bake. Home Life: Lives alone. Situational: 24 Hours to Live/3 Things They’d Do:  Find and eradicate his father. Travel back to London to visit his mother’s grave. Put his sister in his custody. Choice of Death: Fast. Choice of Super Power: Something to ease worries. If Outnumbered in a Fight: Would stand ground. If Loft/Gallery Burned Down What Would Be Taken: Photographs of his mother&sister. These are just a few things.To help better understand this messy fucc.If you’d like to know more, sure that could be arranged. And since you may be glimpsing this and wanna write;   --- Prompts ---- Late Night Escapade- Stars- Blood Stained- Catch Me if You Can- Sketch Me- Downpour ** I'm always down to discuss**

Rᴇᴄᴋʟᴇss Aᴍʙɪᴛɪᴏɴ

11/29/2020 06:48 PM 

Combat Information

        Special Traits Accelerated Physique: As an Acel Human, Sima Tao has gained some rather significant changes to his own body. The first being the Accelerated healing factor that they all seem to possess. On top of their improved physical abilities that out class ordinary human beings by a quite a large margin. Able to literally shatter beams of solid steel with the force of their blows. While not fast in the traditional sense of running they can exhibit short bursts of speed that make them appear as mere after images through the use of a select few techniques. This combined with their almost supernatural reflexes makes them incredibly pristine in all forms of martial art, and assassination techniques. Some more than others. Acceleration Factor: The secondary trait that all Acel Humans share is their ability to produce special cells within their bodies. They were officially deemed A-Cells by the government, and have been observed as the reason for their strange physiques. However what really shocks scientists is their ability to utilize strange inhuman powers freely by conjuring invisible fields of energy around themselves, and manipulating either themselves, or the environment around them. The abilities produced by these fields can be mirrored, but never equal. Meaning that any contest of strength will have an obvious outcome. Needless to say all of these abilities have their limits, and often times one will simply perish as a result of exhaustion due to over usage. Which is why Evokers were invented..Special tools that aid in the manipulation of their fields during battle. Divine Cricket Heart: Being a member of the Sima Clan means that young Tao has known about Acel Humans since he was a wee toddler. His clan was dedicated to using their bloodline to Acel beyond mortal form, and ascend into immortality. Which is why they are often called Cultivators. Beings that deny Heaven&Earth in order to achieve a nearly impossible goal. The Divine Cricket Heart is one of their core techniques that involves experimenting on the subjects heart in order to grant them access to Qi[Spiritual Energy]. Through its access they become aware of supernatural phenomenon, and creatures that exist around the entire world. This technique in specific involves the usage of mystical Sound Waves, and near invisible strikes to various areas. Gifted Traveler: It is unknown as to why, or how Acel Humans are able to do the things they do. But most have come to accept it. Something they were to do once these special beings begun to simply vanish, and then reappear one day. All with equally strange, and fantastical tales of adventure that could've come straight out of a book. Yes, they were cast into different worlds for years at a time from their perspective. Yet in the eyes on those from their own world no more than a week, or even a second could've passed at the very least. However some can do this at will, and travel to these other worlds any time after visiting them only once. Martial Style(s) Panda Cricket Fist: A fighting style that was invented by Sima Tao after mimicking the creatures found within his clan. It is a style of fighting meant to take out weaker foes within a single blow. While stronger, or foes of equal strength weakened through strikes to the neck. His fists usually vibrating at such high speeds that it only took a few strikes to bring down even the best of fighters. It possesses no real kicks, or any form of feints either. Just simple straight jabs meant to end things swiftly. Yet Sima Tao has been known to randomly thrown end anything that gets the job done at the end of the day. Which is why most tend to call him a Street Fighter rather than an actual martial artist. Whispering Mantis Claw: Despite its name sake this style of fighting involves the usage of tonfa possessing no blade. For Sima Tao it primarily focuses on overwhelming a foe through the usage of his Acceleration Factor in order to dish out unpredictable strikes. With his factor being an estranged version of gravity manipulation he impedes foes from striking himself before dishing out a flurry of soft strikes that contain the weight of several buildings behind them. Other times he simply overwhelms them with mobility that isn't burdened by the shackles of gravity itself. Whispering: Iron Lung: A form of Gun Kata that requires the use of a single firearm. Given that is a non-lethal style of fighting the sigulalr pistol being used in conjuction with it fires special forms of ammunition that aid in capturing fleeing foes. Although the prime example are the "Whispering" rounds that errupt into loud, and disorienting noise that stuns the foe. After which Sima Tao has found that subduing them a baton to the skull is the most simple of endings. It has only a few close combat techniques, and they primarily involve using the baton to strike while the gun acts as a way of sealing their movements with shots to any opening they show. Acceleration Factor Gravity Blitz: As stated before hand this Acel Factor is one that manipulates gravity around oneself. A rare factor that is shared by only 3 other people on Earth at the moment. It is not known just what makes them differ, but it has been stated that each has a special flair that the others lack. While Tao is able to create geysers of graviton particles that can be placed anywhere in order to send someone soaring in any direction they are flowing. In most cases it is directed downward in order to crush foes under the immense pressure, and weight they've been subjected to all at once. That alone does not make him too formidable as he is also able to increase, or decrease his own weight alongside any items on his person. By merging Gravitons with his Qi he is able to create a destructive force of Neon Colored energy that comes off as a physical substance that can increase the gravity within large areas via contained implosions of its discharges. 000 ● @tag ● notes  


11/29/2020 04:35 PM 


Promise Stone, the daughter of a retired police chief and the half sister of a boy who had grown up to become more than just a police officer who was named Bryan. Multitasking three jobs while she only did two. She was the first girl in their entire bloodline to also be working for the police force and let alone the SWAT team, showing her strength and dedication through her work and movements. Clawing her way up to the top as she became the police chief, always having that triumphant feeling as she now had control over her big brother. She loved her job, but not the people in it. They were all d*cks and pushed her down, degraded her and said she was like a robot. Showing no emotion and barking orders. That’s when she allowed her bad side to take over because that’s all they wanted apparently because that’s all they saw her to be. Even now they saw her that way. They were in the crisis of s serious case, a man running around r*png and beating women. Bodies found scattered all over the place. Houses found wrecked with things missing, the owner missing. They managed to catch a glimpse of the man when feeling the scene and knew him from previous records twelve years back, a ten year old murdering their parents. They’ve been on the hunt for the guy ever since. The case going on for months without anything coming up. Well, that was until Promise chose to venture out on her own to try and catch a trail. Maybe find a pattern. But of course her brother had to butt into it, feeling they needed to protect her if anything happened. Because it was a big brothers duty! Promise hated it but allowed it, knowing he would follow her anyways. It was currently a few months after the case had opened, Promise and Bryan walking down the suspiciously quiet streets of the lively city they used to run around without a care in the world. No cars were out, no people walking, not even a drunk passerby who had just been kicked out of the bar. It was around two am now, both were making their way home. Until her brother stopped dead in his tracks and then stopped her, Promise about to push his arm away and growl but stopped when she turned her head to face where he was looking. Deep into a dark alley way, there was a silhouette of a man. A struggling women underneath them. They both just stared, Promise feeling her heart stop when her eyes met with the murderers... the murderer they had been tracking..  and her brother ran off. A loud thud being heard as he bodied the man off of the woman, Promise running over to help the poor woman up to her feet. Telling her to run and call the police. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hello! I’m looking for a murderer/criminal x police offer rp! If asked, I can send pictures of my characters to which in this case is Promise! Though you can still message me with other ideas if you don’t like this one! 

Deep eyes

11/28/2020 06:23 PM 


He He was able to master every technique except for the Kouryuu, the ultimate attack (because he never reached/released in battle his full potential or "the Power of Faith", see Demon Eyes Kyo Techniques)Kyoshiro Mibu's Sword Style is called Sword of Yin: limits, and negates any kind of event that has happened to its target. It is an ability that returns the target to its former state </span>no matter what has happened to it. In other words, the Yin Sword returns an attack to its basic state causing the energy to bleed off back into the atmosphere.Kyoshiro uses tenro and Shibien. tenro when kyo awakens and shieben when  kyo is dormant.1) Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken (Lightless Divine Wind Style Killer Sword)Mumyou Jimpuu Ryuu Satsujin KenThese are the basic techniques.- MizuchiLaunches a deadly wind at the enemy. The wind continues slicing away at the victim until nothing visible of their body remains. The attack's nature negates the efforts of the victim to regenerate or heal themselves.- Shinkiro (aka Shin)The user creates visual illusions, even turning illusions back on foes who had originally cast them. Also, the illusions of Shin are capable of mildly damaging attacks to harass the enemy.2) Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu OugiThese are the advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on the Shishin, and each has its uniqueway of dealing damage to enemies.SuzakuA very powerful attack with incredible speed. Kyoshiro shoots a flaming phoenix that slices, rams, and pulverizes the target with great force. He can even ride along within the Suzaku to initiate the attack up close and personal if he so chooses. If the foe is much weaker, then this attack can even deprive them of their regeneration. If the Suzaku is defeated by the enemy then it revives itself from destruction to attack once more.The exceptions to this resurrection occurring are if the Kyoshiro is too weakened to form the Suzaku correctly at its full power or if the strength difference between the Suzaku and the opponent's rejoindering attack are simply too great.- ByakkoKyoshiro shoots a white tiger at the foe. If the strike of the tiger's first claw misses, then the opponent is dragged in by the second claw and ripped apart by the beast's fangs. Like Suzaku, the attack can be used from a distance or the user can travel inline with Byakko to carry out the attack up close and personal.- GenbuA black tortoise entwined with serpents made of wind. It functions simultaneously as an offensive and defensive move. The user surrounds themselves in a dome/sphere (the tortoise's shell) to block an incoming attack. Meanwhile, the serpents can then bind and destroy the enemy.- SeiryuuMore than a dozen Mizuchi are projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting Kyoshiro (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver a powerful blow.Kyoshiro's Four Gods Simultaneous AttackThis is an imperfect version utilized by Kyoshiro against Former Crimson King to distract him and allow Kyo to use the real version of this technique and Kouryuu3) Energy bladesKyoshiro uses his strength (his energy) in combination with his sword and the result is an high destructive capacityKinjuKinju seems to a type of magic that seal objects, living beings, energy, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. This is what Mibu Kyoshiro used to seal Onime no Kyo body


11/28/2020 04:30 PM 

OC Biography - Alistair Deoiridh

"Keep looking down on others and you won't see the feet above you."—Alistair Deóiridh| General Information |✫ Name: Alistair Deóiridh✫ Alias(es): Pink Panther✫ Estimated Age: Unspecified✫ Race: Cambion✫ Gender: Male  ✫ Mortal Heritage: Nordic✫ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual✫ DOB: May 4th, 1993 L.E✫ Background: Working as a private investigator and hired aid under the auspices of the New Halon D.S.S paramilitary, Alistair is the son of the syndicates military director, formerly known as Sileas Deoiridh and the esteemed alchemist and colonel, Jethro Curtis whom was often romanticized as "the One Whom Carries the World Upon His Shoulders". Assimilated into the regime at a young age, he was party to the destruction of the R.O.A.E Gate as well as the defeat of the Abyssal Lords and Abyssal King, Creonus Proángelos.—• History: Alistair was one of many birthed from the union between human and daemon - a cambion. Through enduring difficulties regarding his childhood, his father died shortly after his sister was born, indirectly passing the torch as protector of the family onto his son. As his mother undertook the mantle of D.S.S military director ("Department of Sovereign Services"), Alistair was admitted into a specialized military boarding school where he spent his adolescence militarized to combat daemon. Accepted into the D.S.S program with several mutual friends, he underwent training to register into Special Operations Division Three, Black Orchestra to great success. Under the supervision of Director Valentino; an alias of his mother, she led the spec ops division through several campaigns against the daemon, various splinter groups and a cult of zealots who called themselves the Sanctum of Decorum. Having established a romantic relationship with one of said mutual friends over the course of several years, personal tragedy tore the pair apart which eventually led into their defection from the division. Alistair, amongst his comrades, were sent to eliminate the defector and splinter group, resulting in an incident that left him and his squad for dead. Unraveling the splinter group and involvement of the SoD, Alistair eliminated his former comrades and ex-lover, but couldn't account for the D.S.S cover up of the SoDs involvement. Waging a personal war against the SoD which ended in the deaths of various prominent members of the order, Alistair was arrested and withheld under the supervision of Director Valentino, who informed him of her own personal vendetta against the SoD and promise to set things right, before pulling the strings for his release into society. Initially met with difficulties through his return to normal society, he established a deeper connection with his aunt and a small community, taking the mantle as a private investigator in service of the people of New Halon, whilst shadowing information on the SoD. Discovered to have been affiliated with the SoD through family relations, Alistair began research into his family history and felt an intense magnetic draw to the birthplace of his father and the SoD - the Ruins of Rondo. Alistair's investigation led to his own personal trials while steadily uncovering the depths of his daemonic heritage within the defiled ruins. Coming to grips with the myriad atrocities he committed through the idealistic disillusionment of his moral principles, he discovered his epiphany through vivid hallucinations of a realm called, The Abyssal and awakened to his daemonic nature - his apotheosis. Resolved to end the cycle of pain and misery and protect the remainder of his family, Alistair confronted the SoD within the ruins before discovering the Forbidden Path to confront a primordial horror called, the Loving God and end its eternal suffering. From here, Alistair descended further into the Abyssal to enact an end to its father, the Grieving King, redeeming the daemon before his death. Returning to New Halon, Alistair discovered his aunt had passed away and arranged her funeral, passing down her cafè to him as his mother aided in supporting him throughout his grieving. Confronting his mother on the happenings within the Ruins of Rondo, she informed him of the unknowable truths before reasoning that her manipulation of the D.S.S were to strengthen him for the trials he was destined to face and overcome. Offering to aid his investigative work through funding and specialized tasks provided either from the paramilitary or directly from her, he accepted and returned to society under the auspices of the N.H.D.S.S as a private investigator.| Physical Information |✫ Physique: Mesomorphic✫ Blood Type: O+ (Defiled) ✫ Height: 6'0"✫ Weight: 270lbs (Muscle Density)✫ Appearance: With fuchsia tinted hair, typically unkempt neck-length, he has relatively fair skin understandably lacking common blemishes or abnormalities aside from a beauty mark around his right eye; said eyes feline in nature.| Personal Information |✫ Life Dream: Coexistence✫ Training: CQC/Firearm Expertise, Athleticism, Military Education & Training, Demonology, Special Tactics & Reconnaissance, Swordsmanship & Marksmanship✫ Like(s): Physical Fitness, Artistry, CQC, Carpentry, Talented Individuals, Animals, Adventure, Philosophy, Retro-Films, Graphic Novels, Equity, Family✫ Dislike(s): Betrayal, Arrogance, Toxic Individuals, Murder, Racism, Terrorism, Inequity✫ Hobby(ies): Training, Reading, Traveling, Hunting, Sculpture Artistry, Culinary Artistry, Vigilantism✫ Persona: A tough and resilient man of great mental strength and depth, he's obstinately steadfast and pragmatic, yet seems laid back and lackadaisical; oftentimes nonchalant and selectively careless.—• Positive Trait(s): Sincere, Shrewd, Empathetic, Intelligent, Unruffled, Waggish, Principled, Compassionate, Stout-Hearted, Altruistic• Negative Trait(s): Taciturn, Derisive, Vehement, Forthright, Brutish, Austere, Masochistic, Self-Righteous, Predatory, Cynical, Malicious—• Value(s): Friends, Family, Good People• Primary Goal: Protecting Loved Ones| Friends & Family |✫ Parent(s): Sileas Deóiridh & Jethro Curtis ✫ Sibling(s): Yuliya Deóiridh & The Nameless Son✫ Relative(s): the Valentine Family, the Deóiridh Bloodline, Curtis Bloodline✫ Friend(s): Vanel Lyons, Bethany Harper, Adonti Rivera, Richard Lyons, Zephyr the Black Lion, Amelia Freemen, Jensen Cassie, Flora Swan✫ Affiliation(s): N.H.D.S.S, Nora's Café, Fury Family, the Hunters Coalition, Nagi Family, Astrapi Bloodline, Kamikaze Brigade, the Slayers, the Tyrants, the Koda~Tai, the Crimson Order, the Deóiridh Bloodline, the Valentine Family, the Curtis Bloodline, the Crimson Sword, the Iron Circle, the Godric, the Vortex, The Avenged| Standard Gear |✫ B.O Recon Garb: This worn uniform, was utilized by Division Three, Special Forces, in New Halon, under the supervision of N.H.D.S.S Command. Operatives were charged with spec ops and reconnaissance within the neighbouring Highland territories under the cover of the night. This apparel has become a physiological extension of himself and can be maintained and amplified through various unnatural means further explored through some called, Defilement.—• Trenchcoat: A battle worn variant of the leather-lined, doubled-breasted coat protected with a staunch layer of woven armor weaves; lengthened a quarter below the knee, it contains numerous pockets and pouches to accommodate for his Sleight of Hand. Manufactured with heat resistance and inline thermal insulation, it protects against some small arms and bladed weapons as well as various environmental hazards.• Vest: A form fitting zipped and sleeveless, waist-length vest that comes to the waist, just below the trousers hemline; battle worn with numerous small tears and imperfections. This vest-like armor offers a staunch bastion against most small arms and bladed weapons while maintaining excellent flexibility.• Gloves & Boots: A worn, yet sturdy pair of reinforced boots and gloves woven through the same resilient material born from both trenchcoat and vest. This provides a sturdier grasp on equipment and greater friction on slippery surfaces. | Primary Weapons |✫ Redemption: The physical manifestation of his daemonic essence, and through his name meaning, "defender of men", the cross-guard is shaped into the metallic portrayal of angelic wings, as the centerpiece depicts a bouquet of roses with roots that couple the handle and spiral down into a single rose; the wings eclipsing the bouquet, which the pitch-black blade emerges from its epicenter with patterned engravings. A replication of steel, several times its strength, durability and resilience, this weapon acts as a modifier for his daemonic power which, on contact, will always scorch and cut opposition with the intent to destroy, conveying the effect of this tangible principle in relation with intangible concepts such as the soul - annihilation on death. A symbol of his spirit and by extension, his soul, this blade is an expression of his "heart" which embodies the essence of Valor and his Will of Rebellion.—• Sword Type: Bastard Sword • Blade Type: Double-Edged • Hilt Type: Cross-guard • Grip Type: Hand-and-a-half • Pommel: Heavy—• Overall Length: 5'4" • Blade Length: 4'4" • Blade Width: 4.5 in. • Grip Length: 9 in. • Weight: 10 kg. —• Scabbard Location: Unbound and affixed across the back, favoring the right hand; sheathed only by the emanations of its wielders power supplemented by a magnet on the upper back of the coat. | Secondary Weapons |✫ Hansel & Gretel: These are reinforced semi-automatic pistols retrofitted with recoil compensators and self-luminous iron sights - high-powered weapons that act as modifiers for his daemonic power which, on contact, will always scorch and pierce opposition with the intent to destroy, conveying the effect of this tangible principle in relation with intangible concepts such as the soul - annihilation on death. This may be imbued with magazines of myriad magical reserves in conformity with the Will via flourishes with the c*ck of the hammers; able to feed cartridges with daemonic power charges for concentrated incendiary blasts. Both stainless steel finishes have their respective names engraved in cursive on the barrels, cropped above black axe insignias with inlaid gothic etchings depicting head-to-tail sided coin portraits of the respective named portrayals alongside both black grips.—• Model: Mark VII Matilda• Calibre: .50 WC• Magazine: 8 (+?) • Barrel Length: 6 in. • Effective Range: 75 m. • Weight: 80 oz.—• Holster Location: Strapped to the small of the back; holsters concealed by the coat, both grips are aligned in their respective directions.| Items & Equipment |✫ Lost Dogtags: Alistair possesses several bent and rusted tags from multiple fallen military personnel whilst within the service, including one that belongs to himself. A reminder of his past which acts as a medium to strengthen his heart through his connection with the close bonds of friends and/or family.✫ D-Essence Vial 3x: The tangible liquidus extraction of a daemons spiritual essence; a corruptive concoction fashioned to rejuvenate a small portion of a cambion's diminished physical stamina overtime. ✫ Apple of the Everblossom: This apple is one of numerous plucked from the everblossom tree - the Great Abyssal Gate of New Halon. Channeling the daemonic energy within this fruit allows those that consume it to bridge the gap between Abyssal Gates and therefore, to various unknown worlds.✫ Mysterious Shades: These sunglasses are more or less normal, although can seemingly be spawned through Sleight of Hand, even if previously destroyed in totality, fortifying his confidence and fortitude.✫ Jester's Notepad: An unusual designers notepad utilized throughout his investigative work, like the Mysterious Shades, these can be spawned through Sleight of Hand and allow him to collect and analyze data to mentally reconstruct it with a much greater deal of speed, precision and cohesion.✫ Double-Sided Coin: An unusual coin obtained as a memento of his aunt that acts as a pseudo-good luck charm, but also a strong medium to regain his composure and strengthen his resolve.✫ .50 WC Cartridge: Grouped to a magazine of eight; amplified via the Will, these standard issue cartridges were designed to bite into the reinforced skin and bone of daemon. An ivory-white casing thrice the resilience of brass and immutable to corrosion, each bullet possesses an ultra-jacket - a stout jet-black shell with a superb melting point and thermal capacity to withstand extreme muzzle velocities.| Natural Abilities |✫ Indomitable Soul: The inheritance of a strong dualistic soul, with inordinate and compacted quantities of spiritual energy, resides within his blood to harness vast magical power with supernatural adroitness. Overtime, this conjured an inner devil and awakened him to his hybrid nature - his daemonic essence. Therein, Alistair is several times stronger, faster and many times more resilient than normal humans - able to endure various mortal injuries; bar removal of the head or heart and will remain active and alert in spite of injuries that would incapacitate or outright disable normal humans. ✫ Defiled Visage: The daemonic essence; his inner devil, produces a pool of internal energy his manifestation feeds upon - the physical representation of power derivative of the essence itself, in the form of the sword, Redemption. When physical energy is focused and expended throughout the body or Redemption, it can conjure daemonic power, in whatever manner he wills it, with the latter having a greater effect in accordance to his True Will. As this internal energy is generated through combat; fighting and/or being wounded, he can temporarily exchange his human guise for his Defiled Visage, which releases this daemonic power as he undergoes transmogrification into a daemon. Accruing greater offensive power and damage resistance many times beyond that of his human form, he will radiate with a strengthened daemonic aura which further incurs psychic abilities employed as psychokinesis and telepathy relative to his mental and physical faculties. Inclined to adhere to his predatorial instincts; amplified through his daemonic essence, these preternatural faculties increase the effectiveness of his natural intuitiveness to an immense degree, further explored upon Defilement. Though death may come through various circumstances, the entirety of his physique is immutable to any and all damage sustained, as the daemonic essence restores the body through the basis of an accelerated healing factor relative to non-fatal injuries endured within that instant whilst said injuries remain superficial in nature, albeit he'll suffer the proportionate phantom pain and physical exertion thereafter. Within his Defiled Visage, all damage sustained is resisted as stamina steadily rejuvenates for the forms duration, making death much more of an implausibility while he's all the more difficult to stop through conventional means when within this form, which correlates with his daemonic essence and overall spiritual power.

Illusion Neko

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Guidelines (Read maybe?)

Neko here bringing you guys a few guidelines.I'll try not to be too much of a tight ass with these and will touch on things that are the most important---at least in my book!   Romance: I don't mind a romance story, but I don't want nothing but romance themed stories. To avoid that I'll only ADD romance on to an rp at a later date. I need to get a feel for your writing first as well as let you get a feel for mines. I would also like to see how our characters are with each other (cause a romance with a character Neko clashes with wouldn't be very fun). Mature themes: Same rule applies as with romance. The difference being I'm not much of an Ero fan so things might get a little hot and heavy down the line, but I'm not all too graphic. Things depend on my level of comfort. Crossovers: I love them! If you're crossing into my verse YOU should come up with a logical way to be there. If I cross into yours I shall do the same.  Random starters vs Plotting: I'm cool with random starters so long as it's something that makes sense. If your starter consist of you controlling my character or making up what she's currently doing it will be ignored. I PREFER discussions but remember it's a two way street. If you don't help with the discussion I will probably drop interest.  Length: Three paragraph minimum. I like detail and require it otherwise I'll lose interest right away. Feel free to write however many paragraphs you want so long as it stays over three. Shipping: I never really look to ship my characters so I don't have a list of people I want to pair up with. I am a SINGLE SHIP account though and require the person taking part in romance stories with Neko be the same. If you're taken or a multi ship account we probably won't ever get that far.   Kinks?: I don't do anything involving incest, romance with children, rape, animals, foot fetishes, and anything that falls into the taboo category. Please do not ask for me to make Neko your sister/daughter so you can try and Ero her and do not add me for mature stuff if you are a child irl or playing a child.   That's it! That's all I can think of. If anything comes and I update this blog I'll let everyone know in status so they can give it another look over. 

Trusted Soul

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Official record of Iux's Accolades

Slew Bishru: the dragon of darkness, captured Vysha of the rocky waves, not dying when Vojhka's captain of the guard angrily clocked and dragged him off, escaped... the rest of the documents were heavily blacked out or held an adaptation lock spell to prevent reading from those without clearance.

Future wife ℋℯ𝒶𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓇18+

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Mates or lovers

🌸 who ever is her mate or lover will be on this list though she has over 20 mates she is not a whore or a slut these mates her are her lovers from her past  who have died over the time she has lived or are no longer alive during these this curse  also note that  these mates she will have her children with as well 🌸 Mate 1 Name  selena race  human died/ and is also cursed with memory gone 🌸 mate  2 name  marcus race vampire  king Alive but is searching for heather for many years now 🌸mate 3 name  death race  grim reaper  alive  but protects her from anything and is loyal to her 🌸mate 4 name  zarku  race strong demon  Lord  alive and well but sees her from time to time he is to busy with other things 🌸mate 5 name race 🌸mate 6 name race 🌸mate 7 name race  🌸mate 8 name race🌸mate 9 name race🌸mate 10 name race🌸mate 11 name race🌸mate 12 name race🌸mate 13 name race 🌸mate 14 name race🌸mate 15 name race🌸 mate16 name race 🌸mate 17 name race🌸mate 18 name race🌸mate 19 name race🌸 mate 20 name race🌸mate 21 name race 🌸mate 22 name race 🌸 mate 23 name race🌸mate 24 name race🌸mate 25 name race 

Future wife ℋℯ𝒶𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓇18+

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Rules and role plays i do

🌸NO grammar police i will not use pucuations as well  do not complain if you do not like how I role play alright 🌸 no one liners allowed I do not think or liners is a role play so write more than that alright 🌸 women and men are welcome to add me but please take Note though she is BI she likes all men and women 🌸 no lollies or shotas allowed I do to f*** children or what looks like children alright that is a big no no 🌸 i am a mother and married to my lovely wife yes you heard me my lovely wife I am Bi in real life but I mostly swing to girls in real life we have lovely children so if I do not reply or send a starter its the children's fault for making this mother work extra hard and taking forever to send a reply x.x or stater i am deeply sorry on that 🌸 do not rush me I am another children come first in my eyes 🌸  i don't do anime show theme role plays so if your want to role play as sakura from naruto or  lucy from fairy tail not going to happen alright I role play as Heather 🌸 i will use more then one character in a role play so please note that what makes my role play seme longer then normal also note if it upsets you I do that I am dearly sorry 🌸 she can shape shift into anything so do not make her shape shift into kinky sh*t like a lolli or a fat chick with large ass boobs with a man cock.... 🌸 i will not do romance role plays with a married to taken person sorry not a cheater nether is my girl 🌸funari is okay to be with her though she is mostly sub she is very little dub  she is a switch but is mostly sub for the  most part 🌸 i understand you want her to be a family member but her family member is all dead she is cursed if you have not read that in her info all her loving family loves ones are all dead though she still watches over her nieces etc that holds her down and protects them as well but her father is dead her mother long dead sisters all dead her lover and wife is also dead  so she has nothing to hold her down at the moment if you want to be her son it would most likely be adopted not blood related though she was once human she was cursed at the age 35 because her lover died when she was 35 though it dose not state what part of the year she was cursed just know that its true  she has a hard time connecting with people over the curse and being imortal and can not die  so she is shy and soft spoken but she has a hard time connecting with people as well do not take it personal as well ... thank you 🌸 romance 🌸slice of life 🌸fatasy 🌸ero 🌸supernatural 🌸sparing 🌸fighting🌸mild gore very mild🌸Family role plays 🌸adventure🌸historic 🌸her travel into other dimensions  

ᵒʸᵉ ᶜᵒᵐᵒ ᵛᵃ ᵎ

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Oye!  Gracias for checking out my page!  Just give these a read before you start anything with me, if you wouldn't mind.o1. First and foremost, this is a roleplaying account, not an edits/friends account.  I'm here to write, not to collect friends.  No offense to any social butterflies in the room, but... eeeeeehhhhhshdafush.o2. Please don't be creepy/pervy.  Alex is a precious bean and deserves more than to be randomly sexualized by random weirdos on the internet.  Please direct your attention to one of the many many obviously thirsty profiles on this site that isn't me.o3. No one-liners, para and up is just fine!o4. I'm perfectly fine with random starters, I prefer being IC most of the time anyway.o5. Shipping is fine by me, as long as there is good chemistry and good history between our characters.  I've been let down too many times by potentially good ships to put myself out there so easily anymore.o6. Please don't pester me for my discord... I'm barely social to the people I have on there.  I'll only give it out to people who I happen to form a rl bond with.o7. Have fun!  If you're not interested in writing with me anymore, let me know!  I really don't appreciate being left hanging.o8.  Mutes will be deleted after one week... no patience for that anymore.


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BATTLE STATS[HP] 3500[AT] 7[DF] 5[D$ on Win] 0 PERSONAL STATS[GENDER] Male[SPECIES] Darkener (Imp)[AGE] ???[HEIGHT] 3'7"[WEIGHT] ???[OCCUPATION] Court Jester[LIKES] Chaos, games, fluffy things, Seam, pranks, candy, Devilsknife[DISLIKES] Stability, when things get stale, dullards, bitter flavor[ABILITIES] Flight (granted by his cape); Limited Hammerspace Access (where else would he store Devilsknife?)[NOTES] Has a tendency to go a little overboard with his pranks--take caution. A competent combatant with a significant healthpool and truckloads of stamina. Probably filled with springs and/or stuffing rather than organic material. Hat hides two pierced elfin ears and a pair of nubby little horns, but no hair, 'cause he's a bald boye. Tail isn't real, it's just a part of his costume. Among other Jevils he takes on the nickname of "Junk." 



11/26/2020 11:32 PM 


MODEL AX400   SERIAL#: 579 102 694    BIOS 7.4 REVISION 0483   REBOOT...     MEMORY RESET     LOADING OS...   SYSTEM INITIALIZATION...   CHECKING BIOCOMPONENTS...  OK   INITIALIZING BIOSENSORS... OK   INITIALIZING AI ENGINE...  OK     MEMORY STATUS...   ALL SYSTEMS                OK     READY   “This is the top of the range sexual assistant. It can last up to ten hours of nonstop action, speaks 200 languages and has several different modes from them to switch from in the bedroom. Soft submissive, hard dominant, and many more! They will fulfill your dreams up to your most desired level” The employee spoke, showing off to customers the newest line of androids... The saccu*bots* and incu*bots*. They were everywhere nowadays and they were being highly promoted as well, production was going crazy as they were on high demand only a few weeks after their release date. You could see them about anywhere, walking around with their masters, displayed within each and every Android Zone store, through the windows of your mates house and even now they have their own strip clubs. Strictly AI performers coming staring her from the creators themselves and straight to their cases and poles, just waiting for their next buyer to come in to play!  ————————— You see, the year was 2058 and the world has been rapidly changing.. humans no longer being the only species that existed or were superior to others. There were more than thousands of races inhabiting the planet and now, humankind had just added another. The androids, artificial intelligence. Succu*bots* and incu*bots*. Though the incu*bots* were still in the making. The Succu*bots* were a new type of android, having more advanced technology and software built within them as they were all different in.. ‘personality’. They all had around the same look but still had their own unique details about them, but all of them shared the same trait, red eyes, white hair, and porcelain skin. But they all shared those same little tail and horns, the newest model was named ‘Modeus’. Her design as a Succu*bot* was depicted as a short demon girl with pale skin, red irises, a black arrow-tipped tail, and silvery-white hair that was truly wavy and unruly, with several notable cowlicks of hair dispersed in no particular pattern. She appears to have a left-swept fringe that stops at eyebrow's height, as well as two long segments of hair in front of either ear that drop down to her chest, ending in a zigzag shape. And her irises are still red, rather than black pupils she has luminescent white pupils in the shape of hearts, and under her eyes is an always visible blush, though intensity varies. Adorning her head are two simple black horns pointing up, as well as many hologram hearts that form a vague circlet around the sides and back of her hair. Modeus well... wasn’t really a new release, she was one of her kind! Having been built specifically out of plea from the towns favorite AI club, The Eden Club! Some customers had wanted a bit that was a little, rougher. A bot that could withstand more yet also bed and just be overall straightforward and demanding with what they wanted and since then, she was made and bought by the owner of the club who had started to gain complaints a few weeks later when she had become...— TOO demanding. People saw it as a malfunction, her not even caring tired her payers had gotten and not allowing to stop at times until reaching her own limit of overheating. And the owner? Well, he didn’t like that.. And he didn’t want to spend another damn fortune on some scrap piece of metal just for it to act up like this!?  And what did he do? He threw his current auction, all of his malfunctioning Succu*bots* standing upon the stage and being bided off to the highest buyer. Some bots jerking involuntarily, the others not even responding, but there she was. The unique little succu*bot*, Modeus, standing in the middle of the stage with her head bowed as she had been shut off and reset. The owner not wanting her to try and seduce any of the guards to take her away or force a bidder onto her, but now it was her time to shine, the bidding was now being placed upon her. “Bid to buy em, bid to buy em! This here succu*bot* is one of a kind! She’ll have ya in that room for hours and won’t let ya stop, she’ll have you quaking to have her every second of the day! What can I get? What can ya give me? I’m at $5000 n I wan $5500, $5500, bid on $5500, I’m at $5000 would you go $5500, $5500 anyone?” The owner began to chant into the microphone, pacing across the stage as Modeus was being switched on by one of the guards for people to see as her eyes opened slowly and her red irises started to flicker as they glowed in circles around her luminescent white hearted pupils as she was powered on.  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hello! I’m looking for an android x human rp! Modeus is a girl from helltaker! I’m just playing her as an android within this rp and may send pictures of her character if asked! I’d like this rp to be smut at the very beginning before sinking into a romance as she becomes self aware and even angst as the androids are recalled because of becoming self aware! Though you can still message me with other ideas if you don’t like this one! 


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The girl was short and plump, having the so called body of an hour glass. But she seemed so fragile, like a piece of glass that could crack beneath the softest of finger tips with anything that dared to even near her.. Her pink hair flowed behind her and she could only stare with the softest and kindest of smiles as she was dragged onto the large wooden stake where her wrists were tied so tightly that her porcelain hands would blaze red and her wrists scratch and scrape against the tight binds as her blood soaked the material and dripped down her frail and thin fingers to the wood beneath her... The year was 1722, and she had just been convicted of witchcraft by a fellow neighbor of hers. But she didn’t fight this. She just let it happen whilst murmuring quietly beneath her breath until the flames became too much and engulfed her entirely, blood curdling screams escaping her until her body appeared black as coal and her ash fell to the floor. But she had put a curse on all of those people before she had gone to burn in the bright blaze of red and yellow. Anyone, everyone, who had wronged her. Who had chosen and helped her to burn at the stake, would die in the most excruciating way or live the most painful life until they chose to take it away from themselves as they had forced hers to end.. And their generation would only follow suit. But she also, made a vow to come back. And she did. She was now 298 years old, the day common and modern. But she only appeared around the ripe age of twenty two, still a witch, yet hid it more carefully. She currently ran a flower shop, Roses & Thorns as it was called. Pretty convenient since her own name was Rose Épine. Rose stood at the short height of 5’2, still had that hourly glass shape, and long wavy hot pink hair that got a bit whiter when going down. Reaching to her mid back and soft pink bangs that would at times (since long enough) covered her dark rose colored eyes.  ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Currently, she roamed around her flower shop. A witch with many talents she was, gliding her fingers against every flower and petal as all of the flowers bursted to life. She even had flowers that had never been seen before. Yet, Rose soon stopped when she heard he jingling of the door opening to her shop; someone must have arrived. It was late, no one ever walked in at this hour and she was just about to go on to lock the doors and flip the sign to ‘closed’. But she could only smile softly as she made her way over and gently brushed off the short white apron she wore that tied around her waist and made her white dress seem the least bit longer “How may I help you this fine evening?” She asked, looking up for her eyes to meet those of the stranger that had sparked such curiosity within her with just a mere visit to her shop at such an hour...  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Hello! Looking for a witch Hunter x witch! Though you can still message me with other ideas if you don’t like this one! 

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