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☬Elain☬God of Retribution

11/23/2020 03:47 PM 



Prince of Midenhall

11/23/2020 11:39 PM 

Stats and Gear

The Prince of Midenhall statsHP bonus: AMP bonus: ESTR: BAGI: BRES: CThe Prince of Midenhall's gearThunderbolt Blade: The thunderbolt blade has an attack bonus of +95 and it was found in the Cave to Rendarak and served as the Prince of Midenhall's most powerful weapon. In addition to melee attacks, the sword could be used during combat as an item which would have the effect of casting Woosh, but with a visual effect of lightning.Windbreaker: Although the cloak has no protection benefits, equipping it enables the wearer to benefit from its special capability to jump long distances, which is needed to traverse a massive river dividing two continents.Echo Flute: Basically an ocarina.Erdrick Set: Armor and Shield used by the legendar hero, Erdrick. Donning it grants +70 defence, along with 33% reduction to breath and magic and harsh terrain immunity.


11/23/2020 11:51 PM 

more info, I guess?

━ roleplay status: open ━ preferred genres: crime, thriller, action, adventure, drama, slice of life━ lengths: para to multi-para (sorry, one brain cell energy)━ random starters and banters > discussions━ OOC on discord 99% of the time━ not a big fan of romance, shipping / pairing but there is always a possibility depending on the character and story━ replies on here can be pretty (read: really) slow, pretty active on stream though

Hermione Granger

11/23/2020 01:03 PM 

Hermione Granger

Sure I might be a bookworm but I'm smarter than most if you care to rp with this witch please feel free. Mains and crossovers are welcomed 


11/23/2020 12:42 PM 


Having been raised in isolation all her life, Corrin can be a bit naive and ignorant, but she is a kind and loving person, seeking peace above all else. Corrin is also very family-oriented and has a desire to bring her two families together one day. She tries to avert conflict and needless death at all costs, but she can have an aggressive side when provoked, as evident with her dragon form. She's very sociable to the point of persuading the enemy to join her side and loves conversation. Her charismatic personality and fiery attitude often gravitate others towards her. Corrin also has a way with animals. She has always been curious about the outside world (though this has diminished over time) and once she's made up her mind, it's no use persuading her as Corrin will go through with her choice, even if it isn't in her best interest.


11/22/2020 11:52 PM 

Things to know

INTERACTIONS - I'm usually in-character because I prefer to keep very private about my real life, but I will tell you I am 18+. That said, I do not write smut. Period. However, I am open to other dark themes as long as they are not rooted in sexual abuse.ROLEPLAYS - I'm pretty selective about story-lines simply because I don't have very much time to roleplay nowadays.  When I do want to write with someone, I prefer a brief discussion about where the story will lead. I very rarely respond to random starters, but that isn't to say that I'll be upset if you send one. You can go ahead and send them, and if I'm interested I'll either (1) reply, or (2) message you asking to discuss where the roleplay should go based on your starter. LENGTH - My roleplay responses are typically in the 300-500 word range. However, I promise I am able to craft compelling stories in such a limited amount of words; quality over quantity! This does not mean I expect the same of my writing partners. Feel free to write to your heart's content--or even go shorter than me. I don't mind.GRAPHICS & CODES - All content on my profile, gallery, and blog was made by me. This includes codes, gifs, edits, and all written content. Please do not take anything. If you like something of mine, I'll be happy to try explaining how I made it. SHIPPING - I don't really get too into shipping, but if you ship your character with Kitsui, we can work out some sort of storyline. I do not, however, do exclusive roleplay relationships. Romantic content will be on a case by case basis and will depend on the chemistry between our two characters.  


11/22/2020 06:01 PM 


1. I write novella, I also avoid copy pastas.2. I don't write with OC's unless they are part of the verse and their abilities etc all fit into the world. 3. I multiship, I also do other verses like Norse Mythology with Dazzler.4. I have a life so this is for  people who like  pushing for me to write with them- It's not going to make me get to you any faster. 5. have fun and follow my rules. What will get you blocked is if you try to dis.respect people on my list and try to stir drama where there is none. 


11/22/2020 02:33 PM 

Flashbacks of the past -

  A young girl kneels on the floor of some damp and musty dungeon. Hands bound by restraints, and a tattered gown soaked with splatters of her own blood clung to her form. She's barely conscious as a dim yellow washes over her. It barely illuminates the pale, dirt dusted foliage of her skin, and she's in so much anguish she can't speak.A fresh surgery done today. A doctor hired to scramble her up even more. She's gone through several modifications, one would think she would be used to the procedures. Bound to the throes of slavery for so long, she's almost lost touch with who she is entirely. Still, anger bubbles in the pit of her stomach, and she can vaguely recall foul play.As it does...A searing burn crawls up the back of her skull. It feels something like a parasitic infection, and all she can do in response is hiss in pain. She feels like she is on fire and the rewiring begins to take over, making the anger quickly dissipate."CLACK.CLACK.CLACK."The sound of footsteps against cold concrete echoes somewhere outside the door, and she knows that he's coming to see her again.When the creak of the door opening is heard, it sends a chill down her spine. She can hear his voice. It's filled with such sick and demented perversion, and her stomach turns. His grotesque form enters the room and that same yellow wash brings to light the monster that has made her darkest nightmares reality. Swallowing hard she tries to keep down the gags that are starting to become uncontrollable. She can smell him as he closes in, and she wishes to be anywhere else.As she realizes that wish will not be granted, her anger resurfaces. Murderous intent sets in, and she wants nothing more than to kill him in the most horrid ways imaginable, but she can't...He's her father, and he's a good father right?A clogged hand reaches down to scoop up a fistful of her hair. He yanks her up to her feet, then pulls her against him. Forced to look up into his cold dead eyes, he laughs that depraved and perverted laugh that has become all to familiar to her.Burrowing his face against the crook of her neck he inhales her scent, and groans in delight. The feeling of his slick tongue trailing saliva over her skin as he laps up the side of her neck, makes her blood boil once again. He stops just below her ear, and she's now enraged."Get -- the --f***..."She growls and her demonic aura rises. All she can focus on is attacking him, but fate is cruel and the effects of the newest modification take over. Her growl turns into a pained whimper and she submits, unable to finish her sentence. It feels like her head is being split in two."How do you like your birthday gift? I had it implanted this morning. I'm such a generous father aren't I? I even have something a little better for you on the way. Say thank you and remember what a good father I am."His hot breath tickles her skin as he speaks. She cringes and her heart sinks deep into her chest. Defeat takes over and all she can do is try to dissociate from and endure what happens next. He seems to not notice at all.In fact, he continues his brutal assault. Every touch, every penetration breaking her in new ways. Only once he has satisfied his every carnal need, does he toss her back to the ground. Her raggedy gown torn almost completely off her bruised and branded body. A forceful cough from the back of her throat and that vomit threatening to take over throughout the whole ordeal, finally escapes. She raises her hands to cover her mouth and tries to keep herself from getting sick all over the floor she will have to sleep on.The stinging, warm sensation of tears fill up, and spill past the rims of her eyes. Several blinks later and her cheeks are soaked with salty pearls. They don't stop, and in that moment...She wishes she were dead.


11/22/2020 06:34 PM 

Disney OC’s
Current mood:  anxious

Name: Issarranickname: Isaage: 17gender: female sexuality: straight appearance: long black hair pale grey eyes. About 5'4"style: black sweaters, ripped jeans, and red biker bootsparent: Shan yu theme song: friends: her twin brother Vossellikes: big cats, cold places, and chocolate.dislikes: dogs, overly warm places, spicy she is the younger twin and always follows her brother around. Most people stay away from her because they are afraid of her pet snow leopard. She is very observant and like her father can have a short temper.Name: Vossel nickname: Voss age: 17gender: male sexuality: straight appearance: shoulder length black hair, pale grey eyes, a scar that goes from the top of his right eye to his right cheek bone( ),about 5'9" style: black tees, dark brown leather jacket, jeans, black biker boots parent: Shan yutheme song: friends: has none yet other than his twin sister Issa likes: motorcycles, the forest, knife throwing.dislikes: selfish people, and crowded places. bio: he got his scar saving the girl he loved but even though he saved her she took one look at his scar and left him. He has vowed never to fall in love again. He is very protective of those he cares about. And is a talented knife thrower   Name:  KintaraNicknames: TaraAge: 17Gender: female Sexuality: straight Appearance: shoulder length flaming blue hair(turns red when mad), golden eyes, slightly blue skin.Style: jeans and black tanksParents: hades Theme song(s):  fateLikes: sweets, reading, musicDislikes: her uncle, water, spicy foodBio: her mother had died in child birth and Kintara was raised by her father. Her whole life she has been told stories of her cruel uncle. She had no friends and wasn't aloud outside of the underworld but after sneaking out at the age of 15 she met eon and became friends. Now she is too face high school.Extra: unlike her father if her hair goes out she dies but it can only be put out by waterName: EonNicknames:doesn't have one Age: 17Gender: male Sexuality: biAppearance: short white hair usually spiked, green eyes and pale skinStyle: v neck black long sleeve shirts and jeansParents: Ursula Theme song(s) fateLikes: rain, the ocean, reading, salty foodDislikes: spicy food, judgmental people Bio: Eon always loved his family but his mother would always pressure him to learn her magic but would get mad at him when he couldn't make it work. After swimming to the surface one day he met Kintara and she excepted him for who he was since then they have been friends ever sinceExtra: tentacles appear when in a body of water

Sᴜᴘᴇʀ ❖ Psʏᴄʜᴏ

11/22/2020 02:42 PM 

New Rulez

1. I multiship, with  who  I  want, when I want.  2. I write  what I want,  when  I  want.3. I write  a b a d a s s Broad who  has flaws and  knows  she does, She's  also  got a PHD in Psychology  and  knows  how  to  use  it  against  her  foes, she's  brains and brawns. 4. I  am  always  in character, unless  expressed  otherwise. 5. If you're  depresso, here's  some Expresso- as in if you can't  differentiate  between  the character and  the  writer, see ya! 


11/22/2020 02:03 PM 


I'll try to keep things simple, because my entire deal is doing all sorts of different stuff.-----------No.1: So, first things first, no smut, for obvious reasons. As I am the age my profile says I am!No.2: Please have patience, as english is not my first language, but I am doing my best to learn it.No.3: I can take a while to respond, so if that's the case, whenever you want, ask for my discord! As I am there almost 24/7

Rules, Dio, Jojo, SBR

🌹Pᴜɴᴋ BIT.ᴄʜ

11/21/2020 11:15 PM 


1. I already  have  a ship partner, don't  ask  to  ship  with  my Judy as there's  obviously  going  to  be  others  after December  10th. 2. I do Novella  and  Novella  only.3. Only  my  closest  friends that have gained my trust  have  my  Discord, don't  ask  for  it.4. I don't  tolerate  bullies, gossip, or people  who  are invested  in  another's personal  life so if you're here for  that,  guess who isn't? Me. 5. I  will only  write  with  people  who  are  in my age ranger range and  a bit older as I am over the age of eighteen.6. I refuse  to  write  with  OC'S. V is canon and  actually  any character  who  is  part  of  the  Cyberpunk RPG world  I am  willing  to  write  with as I will consider them canon and no, I will not write with anyone who just reads the Wikipedia for Cyberpunk or Cyberpunk2077. If you  haven't  played the  table  top, played the  game or watch the Let's plays- Do  not  bother  me.  7. Don't  invest  yourself  in  my  personal  life, it's  kinda  messed  up and  I get  that  it's  part  of  the  internet culture  that  nothing  is  ever  really  going  to  dissappear when  it comes  to  personal  data and  nothing  anyone  has said online  about  others is really  hidden  ya know? It'll  eventually  bite everyone  on the  a s s so if you're  here  to  attack  me  etc, don't  waste  your time I pretty much keep my personal information to myself.8. I  am  extremely  selective. I will  read up on people's  characters who add me  to  decide  if I  want  to  add you  and  if I  am  not  interested  I  will  deny or remove  you,  nothing  personal, kid as I must  go  all out. 9. I am  brutally  honest so I don't  take  s h i t from  anyone, if your only  purpose  in adding  me  is  for numbers or  some  petty reason, do not waste your time  with  attempting to bother me.  I also  refuse  to  respond  to copypastas, People  who  bombard me  for  responses, people  who  are impatient  as my real  life  takes  priority or people  who  seek  attention.  10. Treat everyone  on my list  with  respect, be civil,  and if my rp posts do not  involve  you then don't  respond  and if you  cannot be  respectful  or civil  to  those  on my list  I will  simply  block you. 11.Have  fun, I'll follow  your  rules as long as you  adhere  to  mine; if you  can't  follow  my  rules  then I'll just   block  you.  

Mare Bello Fiore

11/21/2020 01:58 PM 


Sorry but these are the rules set down by the great one. 1) No yaoi. 2) No feet/tickle rp. 3) No vore. 4) No killing the dark elf. 5) No mind control. 6) No body swap. 7) No toilet or musk rp of any kind. (cold shudder.) 8) Discussion is a must before rp. 9) Please no ic greetings that jumps into rp. 

The Empress

11/21/2020 01:25 PM 

My mains

 NormalsWorick Arcangelo - Alex Benedetto - Barry Abbott - Chad Adkins - Cody Balfour- Constance Raveau - Diego Montes - Emillio Benedetto - Gaston Brown - Georgiana - Ivan Glaziev - Joel Raveau - Loretta Cristiano Amodio - Miles Mayer - Nina - Dr. Theo - Corsica - Yang -  Twilights Nicolas Brown - Arnold - Arthur - Bors - Delico - Doug - Erica - Galahad Woehor - Gawain - Ginger - Hausen - Heather - Lancelot - Mikhail - Tristan - Veronica -  Superhuman Normals: Daniel Monroe - Marco Adriano - Beretta - Colt - Sig - Striker - 

☬Elain☬God of Retribution

11/21/2020 12:32 PM 

Match Ups First Round

Yigg-ZypherSipher- Vex HossMadara-Jess HossMorgana-KeikeiHades-TrinityBlue Knight-InoadiLoki-SifeJenova-Xil'usZeus-FlareaElain-Ra

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