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๐’๐‚๐€๐‘๐‘๐„๐ƒ; saiyan.

11/08/2020 08:45 PM 


  - Portrayal of Bardock is roughly based off on 'Super Broly; Movie && the Father of Goku.'  I love how he is portrayed in both movies, so he'll be roughly based on that. Do not dictate me on how to portray my muse. You will be ignored && probably deleted from my list if you micromanage what I can do and cannot do.- Most importantly, please do not mistake role play for real life. If Bardock is mean to your character, that does not mean that I'm mean to you. Bardock is not a friendly character. He isn't Goku, he is the FATHER OF GOKU. If he is kind to anyone, it would be Gine, so if you cannot handle his personality, you may not want to interact because I will not censor my creativity. Not everything is puppies and rainbows. DEAL WITH IT. If you worked under Frieza for so long, only to be betrayed, you wouldn't be so friendly either.- Zero tolerance for drama. If you're known for starting drama, please do not interact with me or even send a request. I do not tolerate bullying, slander, racism, etc. If you do not have basic human decency, do not add me. We have no business interacting.- The writer is 25 + and will not interact with minors. If you're a minor, DO NOT INTERACT.- Will not join tournaments, group SLs, or chats. I'm not comfortable and I've had not had a good experience within them. If I do join, it will not be without close friends. Please respect that && do not pressure me.- Do not harass me for replies. If you harass me, blow me up, or cuss me out. You will be deleted or blocked, depending on the harassment. I have enough on my IRL plate; I did not come here to be stressed out. Rushing me for a reply will not get you anywhere but left pending. I lose interest fast, so don't test my patience.- NO GODMODDING. This has been a rule since the good ol' myspace era. Particularly, I do not care for role play fights without a good SL behind it. "Then why do you play a character from DBZ, which is fighting orientated? You know what you're getting yourself into." It's simple. I do what I want && when I want. If I do not want to engage in a role-play fight with you, then that is my choice alone.- Romance. I'm not a big fan of romance, shipping has NEVER been my priority nor will it ever be my priority. Please do not auto-ship with my muse even if they are canon in the series. I do not like to ship with people that I barely know. Autoship is boring and serves no development. If you wish to be in a relationship with my muse: WORK FOR IT. Make my muse feel that you want them. If my muse is genuinely connected to yours, we can possibly work something out if we vibe enough. Otherwise, I do not like forced shipping or auto shipping. Do not ask, the answer will be a no. If you do not like my answer, then do not add or delete me. This isn't a dating site.

Wicked Anime(MCRP)

11/08/2020 04:52 PM 

Roleplay rules(please read and sign) raping or forcing any of my characters what so ever or a automatic block multiple paragraph or novella roleplays what so ever mutes or numbers when talking about a roleplay or doing a roleplay 4.i do romance/mature/slice of life/adventure/modern/fantasy/action/horror/bl(boylove)/yuri/yaoi/straight/anime/Pokรฉmon/furry godmodding controlling any of my characters sexual stuff right away in a roleplay gets boring to quickly need a story first before sex 8.i am a multiple character roleplaying account with both male and female characters from human to furry characters and they are all bisexual or two of my characters at a time in a roleplay 10.Automatic delete after 1 week of not replying back to messages a single mother of two kids and one on the way i also suffer from bipolar depression,anxiety,anger issues,mood swings,a learning disability so sometimes i dont understand some things and will ask questions Please read rules and sign


11/08/2020 01:40 PM 

Geo overdirve

Chapter one: Princess?   (Geo)I sigh feeling bored as I had a mission to find an item that will help out the doctor in his experiments to find out if there is a new world through a weird portal that was found. I nodded and after a week I and the doctor went inside the portal on a plane but the portal blew up stopping us from returning home. On our latest mission using the plane I'm going to try to find out if there are any items we can use to rebuild the portal. I got out of my seat and jumped from the plane and took out my parachute ready to begin my mission. I now notice how high up I was and I started to freak out from height I was and I looked at the watch on my arm and noticed my heartbeat rushing and my hp was going down from me panicking I calmed down and landed on the ground. My mask sparkled and I started to run towards the target as it didn’t seem that far away until I saw a broken-down castle in the distance. I think about how this couldn’t be hard  I just needed to watch out for traps and other stuff.  I jumped in a bush and looked around to see guards walking around. they seem to like golems but they were only being held up by a core in the middle. Their Hp seems not to be that high, only 50 so I looked into my weapons to only seem to have brought my sword called Zenith. Damage is 30 but if I can hit with a critical it would be 80+. I summon it and run at them and try to take them out as quickly as possible or else I might sound the alarm. I jump over one and hit the core blowing it up. my hp drop from 100 to 85 cause of its magic damage ability of thorns abilities which is if you hit them you will take damage depending on the magic damage of the opponents and since they’re weak so I didn’t take much damage. I looked around not very worried about anything that would be around. Scan everywhere and find the target but I also see the hp of another person and who seems to be weak and hp dropping by one each second. I sigh and a run-in with my sword aiming to attack anything in my way quickly. Her Hp was 20 out of 200 which made me wonder how long she was here. I reached the main room to see a Demon sitting in the chair with a smirk and she stood up. I hold the sword with both hands and know this won’t be easy. (Miku) I woke up feeling weak and unable to move much but I felt the ground shaking as a battle seemed to have been going one for a while. I got up slowly and checked my hp seeing it was 10. I whine thinking I wouldn’t last much longer until I hear the door to the room open slowly and a boy walks in with his right arm missing. He seems to be badly hurt as if he was in a battle. He started to get close. I growled at him as I didn’t know what he was planning to do to me.he took out the Neko headband and placed it on my head. I was able to move the ears around and my hp started to go up slowly.  “You found my headband, how did you know why ?” I started to say but stopped. I  looked at him wondering why a human will help. He smiles but collapses as his hp is draining. He had 4 hp left and I knew he couldn't hold on much longer. I held him in my arms and I healed him slowly. I lost 1- but gained back 10+ each moment as he gained 10+ but lost 2-. It was going to take a while before he could wake up and how much hp it was going to take but I knew he risked his life for mine so I might as well try to help. I open my items and use my beacon to let my kingdom know where I was to help. After about an hour soldiers ran in and pointed their weapons around until it reached the boy and my eyes widened and held him closer. "He's no danger, he 's the one that saved me and got me back to full hp but he's dying cause the bleeding won't stop and his right arm has been taken off," I say quickly trying to protect him. We were taken back to our kingdom to where I was to heal and wash up, but the boy seems to have taken us to a place to heal where he soon woke up in chains. I sigh as I try to talk to my knights about how he is not harmful even though he is a human.  (end of chapter one)(I'm writing this book pls tell me what you think so far  


11/08/2020 07:48 PM 

Account introduction

Hello all that may be reading this. If you saw my account you'd notice there is nothing on it. Well because two simple things really. I don't remember how to create layouts as it's been that long since I was last here. I was rping on another site, but sadly those friends eventually became more intersted trying to force themselves into my rl than rping. The second thing is that because of the layout situation and the amount of things I've posted, if I put it in the about me, it would of been a wall of text pretty much. I didn't want to intimendate anyone by having character info, backstory, rp ideas all in just one spot. So I compressed it and put it all to blogs. Viewable only if you add me as a friend. This  way I don't take up too much blog space when I start coming up with more ideas/plots.About the account:Well this character is Kurai, though he is a femboy he's this way to hide who he truly is from those he used to know including his family. His past has turned him into a cold and somewhat hostile character that can dip from being mean, to a bit of a tsundere to pretty hostile enough that he may inflict injury just to see another in pain for his own amusement. Though the last part isn't too often or word will get out and ruin his music career.I also have an expirmental character and setting that's a bit more dark and revolves around action and extends beyond the good guy, bad guy thing. Humans against humans, elves against elves, demons against demons. No matter the race, there is a side of them that see things differently enough to fight for. This will revolve around a kingdom that tries it's hardest to keep it's people and surronding villages safe. But there are no super heroes, and there is no plot armor. Many villages including the main's own has already been destroyed, rebuit for it to happen again. First by humans, then again by demons. This expirmental story will be filled with tragedies and death with only breif moments of true peace.This setting is setup from understandment that characters may have a different reason for fighting, to allow expansion and give a bit more freedom as there'd be a few things for another character to check out or do and for the rp partner to dive deeper and find out more lore on. This expirmental rp with for certain be for the long term as it's not meant to be a short thing finished quickly.about me:I'm not crazy about romance or smut. I'll allow romance if you do really well at building it up. But if you are the type that wants it as soon as possible and throws hints every other reply about how cute/sexy your character looks, yeah I won't be interested. Nothing against it as I understand why it would be sought after to start quickly. But I'm craving the long term so I'd want a story to it rather than just two cute people meeting destined to fall in love.Smut is in the same situation. Not something I want to pursue since there is mostly no story happening during it. But I am more open towards it from nice rpers who treat me well.So if anyone wants to expirment an rp with a near hostile femboy, or want to give the expirmental setting a try give me an add. :3I'm not super selective. I'll accept anyone I get good vibes from.

๐Ÿฎ winnie the ๐•ž๐• ๐• 

11/08/2020 06:49 PM 


              roleplay discussion template,            fill in what you think is important.    (healthy reminder that I only do consentual roleplay and of age. I also don't do incest. Thank you.) CHARACTER INFORMATION—Name:  Nickname(s):Race:Age:Sex:Gender:Birthday:  Birthplace:  Current Residence:Sexual Orientation:Marital Status (Single, Married, etc.):Language(s):Goal(s):Like(s):Dislike(s):Bad Habit(s):Hobbies:Fear(s):Personality:• • •FAVORITES—Food(s):  Color(s):Season(s):Time of Day:Type of clothing:• • •APPEARANCE—Clothing:Height:Weight:Hairstyle:Hair Color:Eye Color:Skin Tone:Body Shape/Build:Birth Marks:Scar(s):Jewelry/Piercings/Tattoos:• • •HEALTH—Memory Problems:Sight:Mental:  Physical:Sleep patterns:• • •RELATIONSHIPS—Family:Best Friend(s):Friend(s):Crush/Love Interest:Rival(s):• • •HISTORY/BACKGROUND/LIFE:—( Character's backstory here )• • •UNDERSTANDING YOU—Roleplay Style:[] Adv. Lit/Multi-Para RPs[] Lit/Para RPs[] Speed RPs (1-2 sentences)I usually write:[] One to Two Sentences[] One to Two Paragraphs[] Two to Five Paragraphs[] More Than Five Paragraphs[] Novella[] All of the AboveI am comfortable roleplaying with someone who writes:[] One to Two Sentences[] One to Two Paragraphs[] Two to Five Paragraphs[] More Than Five Paragraphs[] Novella[] All of the AboveGENRES, I like writing in:(keep in mind, I dont write heavy scifi or fantasy unless is casual stuff)THEMES:[] Android/Cyborg[] Animal[] Apocalypse/Survival[] Aristocrat/Ballroom[] Barnyard/Farm/Countryside[] Bayside/Beach/Island[] City/Urban[] Circus[] College[] Cooking/Food[] Desert[] Light Fantasy[] Modern Fantasy[] Light Sci Fantasy[] Japanese Fantasy[] Elf/Fairy/Pixie[] Fairytale[] Forest/Garden[] Futuristic[] Historical[] Hospital/Medical[] Theft[] WANTED and Hiding[] Insanity[] Journey/Adventure[] Kingdom[] Law/Attorney[] Mafia[] Magic/Sorcery[] Modern[] Day/Casual[] Mythology/Gods/Goddesses[] Nocturnal/Nightlife[] Old Western[] Paradise/Utopia[] Pirate[] Reincarnation/Time Loop[] Show Business[] Space/Galaxy[] Steampunk[] Text/Chat/Internet[] Time Travel[] Underworld/Life After Death[] Virtual[] World War[] Other:GENRES:[] Adventure/Action[] Angst/Hurt[] Comedy/Humour/Crack[] Drama[] Erotica[] Family[] Fantasy[] Friendship[] Historical[] Horror[] Musical[] Mystery/Crime[] Parody/Crossover[] Poetry/Prose[] Romance[] Science Fiction[] Slice of Life[] Supernatural[] Suspense/Thriller[] Tragedy[] Tragicomedy[] Other:DYNAMIC TYPE:[] Farmer x Animals[] MY CHARACTER x YOUR CHARACTER HUMAN[] Antagonist x Protagonist (Enemies)[] Friends[] Blunt x Shy[] Bully x Victim[] Childhood friends[] Clueless x Frustrated[] Coincidental Relationship[] Damaged x Optimistic[] Doctor/Nurse (Cooking Staff ) x Patient[] Dominant x Submissive[] Dork x Dork[] Foreign x Local[] Flirty x Shy[] Flirty x Uptight[] Bratty x Uptight[] Bratty x Bratty[] Bratty x Tamer[] God x Not A God[] Happy x Sad[] High School Sweethearts[] Human x Food[] Famous x Childhood Friend[] Incapable x Capable[] Indifferent x Affectionate[] Indifferent x Quirky[] Innocent x Experienced[] Innocent x Innocent[] Jealous x Friend[] King/Queen x Common folk[] Matchmade/Forced Relationship Master x Pet/Slave[] Mutual Crushes[] Popular x Unpopular[] Prince/Princess x Staff[] Strangers[] Teacher x Student[] Unrequited Love[] Work Relationship[] Other:TOUCHING, I'm Okay With:[] It's not romantic/sexual (hugs)[] It's Not Violent[] It's something customary (hand-shaking)[] Yeah, ask first please (consent)[] It depends on the character[] I don't care, so long as it works within the storyERP, When it comes to intimacy, I prefer:[] To skip the act entirely[] To write the build-up, but skip the act[] To Write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise  skip it[] To write the act all the way throughWhen it comes to romance and/or ERP:[] Swift as Lighting, Gimme some cupcakes![] Fast, but not super fast[] I like to take my time[] If it happens naturally, then it can be quick or slow[] I prefer slow burns, teasing and etc.Are you okay with detail:[] I F***ING LOVE DETAIL, F***IN' YES.[] I like learning new styles of writing, hit me.[] I can't give the same cus insecure, but I appreciate it.[] uuuh...details intimidate me, Im okay with simplicity     FURTHER IDEAS?:  IMAGERY:       Please send this in dms so we can further discuss

๐”พ๐•’๐•ช๐”น๐• ๐•ช๐•ค (MCRP)

11/08/2020 06:42 PM 

RP Ideas!

Idea 1: Genre- Post Apocalypse, Romance, Sci-fi The world has advanced so far technology wise, but it is being destroyed by some kind of disease. This disease has wiped out every single living thing whether it be plant life, animal life or some other type of life. The world is dying and the last bit of human life was spread out across the world separated from each other, they were all cryogenically frozen to preserve the last bits of human life underground. The world above was killed by bombs but it stopped the disease and now life is back on the world. So the idea takes place a couple months before the disease breaks out, where our characters could meet and get to know each other. But one of the characters move somewhere else. When the outbreak happened they were separated from each other and sealed into their cryogenic pods. Years later, the humans who were sealed started to wake but some were still trapped in their pods. I was thinking that one of our characters had been out for a year or so already and then the other person’s character finally comes out. But is confused and scared, since everything they knew was gone, not knowing that the other person’s character was alive just yet. Maybe the character stumbles into town after that and runs into the character who had been out for a few years already. Idea 2- Genre- Post Apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Romance. Another idea I had is basically the same premise as the one above. The world is destroyed by a disease that ransacked the world, so the advanced technology of humans is sent underground and buried by nature. Years later, humans still live in this world and search for ancient tech and bunkers that held useful things. I was thinking that your character could be part of a scavenging group and eventually finds an untouched bunker. They get it open and go inside, they try to find something useful and activate something that sets off an alarm. The electrical system tries to boot up but can’t access primary power, so it uses the last bit of the generator’s energy and turns on a AI System. It starts to create an AI in a tube which was covered in dust, but glowing green, a person being inside of the tube (My character.)  The system manages to revive my character but it couldn’t revive my character properly because of the limited power so my character is in an infant like state. They don’t know anything at the beginning or why they were made. ***They are the cure to the virus that is still running rampant around the world. Idea 3: Genres: Romance, Medieval and Modern. In the past like the old past, our characters knew each other and maybe even loved each other. I was thinking that one of our characters die in that old past because of a war that had broke out. Before the character dies though, the one who is still alive vows to look for the dying character’s reincarnation in the future and protect them.  In the future, the character who had vowed to protect the reincarnation is currently either attending high school or is a teacher depending on which you’d prefer and eventually our character’s get closer. Idea 4: Subnautica Like Idea- It is the year 3048, mankind have advanced very far in technology they have even started exploring space properly, having advanced spaceships instead of rockets. As mankind has advanced they’ve also learned how to do interstellar travel, making traveling through space easier. Thanks to expanding space industry, a ship was currently heading to a planet to colonize and start life on another planet. But as they were heading there they get to close to another planet and the space ship gets shot down into an ocean covered planet.  A few survivors managed to escape on lifepods and now are trying to find a way off the planet. Dangerous animals being around every corner and alien devices that seemed to be protecting the planet for some reason. Idea 5- Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Adventure. Setting: Modern and Medieval. My idea is that one of our characters, is a normal high school student but one day, they get sucked into their bath tub and gets transported to another world. In this world, they get approached by a man, who tells one of our characters that they are suppose to be the new demon king/queen or mazoku king/queen. A different race from humans since they have powers. There would be a lot of adventures as whoever becomes king/queen tries to learn how to do things. Humans and the Mazoku (Demons) are fighting and don’t really get along, so whoever becomes king will try to either reconcile the situation between Demons and humans or destroy the humans depending on the situation.  To be honest, I have this idea that it will lead to some big event I just don’t know what yet. Idea 6: Genre: Fantasy, Vampire, Supernatural, Romance. Setting: Modern. Basically it’s about a noble vampire who wakes up from a very long sleep, he had gone to sleep because his past lover died. But your character eventually finds him and awakes him, the vampire is cold and distant at first but eventually warms up to your character since your character seemed similar to his past lover.  There will be adjustment period for the vampire and your character will most likely need to help him with modern day things. Unfortunately there will be some dangerous scenes with vampire hunters and other vampires who will try to get at your character but the vampire will protect your character at all costs.  Idea 7: Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural. Setting: Modern. It’s about a ghost who is stuck in the confines of a school. They are lonely and can’t remember how they died. Your character runs into them and is the only one who can see them at first, more people who are after their soul come in later.  Later on, they would find out that the ghost isn’t actually dead. They were in an accident at the school and are currently in a coma and has been for 3 years now.  Then the idea would follow them on an adventure to get them back into their body. It would lead through the supernatural world and dangers, they would fall in love and hopefully they get their soul back into their body at some point. Idea 8: Genre: Romance, Action, Mature Themes, Dark Themes. Setting: Modern. Your character has been having financial issues because of your sickly mother and your father who seemed to be gambling away all your money. One day, your father borrowed money from the wrong people and these people were not happy about it. Your father left you and your mother to fend for yourselves and the men broke into the house. Just as all seemed dim, someone had come into the house. It was my character.  He had heard about everything and just wanted to make sure that everything was alright. He got rid of the men and then he asked you if you wanted to work for him.  He was part of the mafia and he could easily make the money problems disappear. Could this man be trusted? Who knows. What kind of life can be led with him? Idea 9: Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Dark Themes. Setting: Modern usually, but may have a trace of flashbacks of older times. It’s about a vampire who is woken up by your character, my character is not very talkative at first. But as they are woken up, a guardian over their tomb is awakened and goes to attack your character, trying to kill your character. My character kills the stone guardian before passing out from using their powers right after awakening.  The story will be pretty much where your character takes in my character and starts to learn about them. They are an incredibly strong vampire who had not been seen for thousands of years and everyone thought they were dead.  My characters doesn’t really remember who they are, except for their name. Being asleep for so long causing their memory to disappear. Vampires and other supernatural creatures, will be looking for them and either want to convert them to their side or kill them. There will be fighting scenes, blood and sort of sexual scenes in this rp.  Idea 10: Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Sci-fi The world’s weather had gotten a whole lot worse and now there are barely any places, humans can stay. So the government decides to send some people into space, though unfortunately only a small amount of the worlds population would be able to escape Earth.  The rp will take place 500 years after humans left Earth, the space station that humans are currently inhabiting seems to be breaking apart. It is unknown if it is a terrorist attack or not. So, I was thinking that maybe the station breaks apart and our characters fall down to Earth or maybe one of our characters is already and Earth-faring person and helps the person who came from the space station. That would of course cause tension at first but slowly the characters would develop feelings for each other.  Idea 11: Genre: Romance, Post Apocalypse, Ice Age. The world has been plunged into the second Ice Age, humanity is currently having a hard time surviving the cold temperatures that this world now had. The oceans were frozen over and everything seemed bleak. But there is still some hope, if humans could survive this freeze then everything would be alright and everything would warm up. So our characters would be survivors, whether or not they’d be living in the same village or city is up to you. I’m fine either way to be honest.  The rp will basically focus around our two characters scavenging around the derelict world, it could even be 20 years afterwards and they have never been in the city and explore it with awe even though they’ve been forbidden to thanks to the danger. Anyways, our characters would get closer slowly over time.

๐Ÿฎ winnie the ๐•ž๐• ๐• 

11/08/2020 06:25 PM 

โ€ข๐Ÿฎ SAMPLES ๐Ÿฎโ€ข

๐“ช ๐“ผ๐“ฒ๐“ถ๐“น๐“ต๐“ฎ ๐“š๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ผ banter reply/poetry   By L.     her eyes explored her lush and lavish countenance. she was but a wistful beguile upon desolate anxious eyes.  and heart?    as she leaned in, her very own palms began to sweat.  She impugned her face ubiquitously, in search of some kind of certainty until the gap between them fastened.    the hairs on the back of her neck stood hopefully and the anxiety in her stomach frenzied.    as she placed a solemn sensuous kiss upon her lips, her anxiousness molted and evolved  into monarch butterflies.  a new sensation ?    the apples of her cheeks cherried in color and she returned the kiss in favor.   although it had been brief, she was ravished by her. her once somber emotion brightened...considerably so.    her eyes remained closed even after, she wasn’t sure if she were still mesmerized or simply too embarrassed to open them.   slowly, she opened her eyes and smiled into a giggle.    “wow....everything feels better already”#poetry #writingsamples  


11/07/2020 08:06 PM 


๐Ÿ‘‰ I will not do ero roleplay on here.๐Ÿ‘‰ I will not do romantic roleplay with minors. Not even if it's the fluffiest, most wholesome sh*t you can think of.๐Ÿ‘‰ I'd rather avoid minors, really.๐Ÿ‘‰ Quality over quantity.๐Ÿ‘‰ I'm lazy. Don't expect long, sprawling novella replies from me.๐Ÿ‘‰ Too many actions in one post confuses the hell out of me. Let's try to avoid that.๐Ÿ‘‰ I'mma big meme pissbaby ๐Ÿ‘‰ I can take a long time to reply. If you don't like waiting, I'm not for you.๐Ÿ‘‰ No. Really. Sometimes delays can span months.๐Ÿ‘‰ On that note, I'm fine picking things up no matter how long its been if both parties show renewed interest.๐Ÿ‘‰ I'm also fine abandoning one idea to try another.๐Ÿ‘‰ In terms of crossovers, I'm only willing to crossover with other videogame settings.๐Ÿ‘‰ I probably don't know your UT AU, but I'll play with you anyway. My Gaster is trying to destroy all the timelines, after all, except for maybe his own. ๐Ÿ‘‰ I've made the art featured on this profile for my interpretation of this character. I'd appreciate if you didn't use it for your own purposes. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Blah blah words words.



11/07/2020 03:33 PM 

RP Story Ideas
Current mood:  adventurous

WARNING: These are a mixture of fluff and more f***ed up ideas. But I think they could all be interesting. If you wanna try one with me, let me know!Kidnap:Self explanatory. Your character somehow kidnaps Kenma and he's gotta figure out how to get free. Or maybe your character has intention of keeping him for some reason? There are many ways to make this interesting. Could go the easy route and say your character has ill intentions and intends to harm Kenma and/or his career. Or maybe they kidnapped him to try and keep him from something worse that may be apparently set to happen in the near future?Childhood Friends Fall In Love:This is one of those "cliche" ones. But honestly, it sounds like something I could use in my life. I've been roleplaying for over ten years now and I don't recall ever having something sweet and "fluffy" like that. I'd be a nice change of pace and my heart might actually defrost a little in the process. Bonus in my book. Fall In Love:This is more general. Our characters can randomly meet and spend a lot of time together. Feeling each other out [not physically, you perv!] and then they slowly fall. Kenma is a tad more on the oblivious side in that area of life but he notices he's starting to feel different around your character. Which in turn makes him act differently around the person. This upsets your character and they end up starting a fight with Kenma which somehow dissolves into confession and we go from there.Stalker:Okay this one is weird. But he's pro gamer Youtuber and a CEO. AND HE'S ATTRACTIVE AF, in my humble opinion. There's gotta be at least a handful of weirdos out there ready to stalk him. Major Injury:Kenma gets himself into a bad accident! And your character is stuck babysitting him so he doesn't strain himself or something while healing?Mental Trauma:Perhaps something crazy happened in Kenma's childhood that he doesn't even recall until a recent event occurs, therefore triggering the memory to the forefront of his mind. This puts him way out of sorts to the point it's noticeable to his subscribers on Youtube AND the folks that work most closely with him in his business. Your character is there to try and force him to talk about it, get it out of his system and move on with his life!Music AU:Kenma is a motherfreakin'...RAPPER! BOOM. 'Nough said, right? Though something in me sees him in a chair with an acoustic guitar. Singing some soft vocals by channeling his inner peace? Hell. Why not both!?General Fantasy AU:I can tweak Kenma to be whatever, really. Angel, demon, some kind of thing with whatever animal ears I like on any given day, shapesh*ter, avatar type thing with various elemental powers. Alien? You wanna see Kenma with fox ears, nine tails and some kind of weird fire power thing? DONE. You want a vampire Kenma that's not about the actual blood life? Or maybe a vampire that has zero f***s to give and will bite the sh*t out of you? DONE. You want uh...I don't know. Plain Kenma randomly sprouts wings and goes "missing" [intohiding] because he's a freak and definitely doesn't know how to un-wing so can't be seen in public? DONE. I could go on but you're probably done with my sh*t by now. So I'll stop.I have too many ideas. Somebody help me. orz

Sweet Seduction (MCRP)

11/07/2020 02:08 PM 

Elyse (lost Memory)

Full Name: ElyseDate Of Birth:Place Of Birth: EarthCurrent Residence:Ethnicity: Hair Color:Eye Color:Height:Birthmarks/Scars: Mother:Father:Sister(S):Brother(S):Sexual Orientation:Relationship Status: SingleChildren: Son(s):noneDaughter(s): None

Sweet Seduction (MCRP)

11/07/2020 02:05 PM 

Lilly Cassadine

Full Name: Lilly (Leilatha) CassadineDate Of Birth:Place Of Birth: EarthCurrent Residence:Ethnicity: Hair Color:Eye Color:Height:Birthmarks/Scars: Mother:Father:Sister(S):Brother(S):Sexual Orientation:Relationship Status: SingleChildren: Son(s):noneDaughter(s): None

Sweet Seduction (MCRP)

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Raina Babeson

Full Name: Raina BabesonDate Of Birth:Place Of Birth: EarthCurrent Residence:Ethnicity: Hair Color:Eye Color:Height:Birthmarks/Scars: Mother:Father:Sister(S):Brother(S):Sexual Orientation:Relationship Status: SingleChildren: Son(s):noneDaughter(s): None


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                                       โœŒ A returning Gaster looking for stories, I suppose. What else should I say?   โœ‹ Don't expect anything romantic. He's gay but focused on destroying (game) worlds, not hearts.        ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm up for videogame crossovers only. It just makes more sense to me than sticking him in an anime.              โœŠ Patience is a virtue. I'm slow. If slow replies bug you, I'm not a good match.                   ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘



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Time to go to work (Rules)

1. I am a Literate and rather busy woman to the point that I am picky in who I add; if you cannot accept that I am busy and have a life, don't bother adding me.2. I have been writing Lady since 2005 during the Myspace Era. I know what I am doing is what I am saying so I don't tolerate idiots or entitled little brats. 3. I multiship with Nero, Dante and Vergil- I am NOT going to ship with any other characters and I do not do crossovers.4.Do not mix rp and RL as in- if you take a negative rp interaction personally- you may want to reevaluate what roleplay means to you.5. If you talk down to or disrespect people on my friends list then I will block you because if you treat my friends with disrespect I wouldn't be surprised if you would treat me the same way in private.6. If you only read the wikipedia and I know this has been said by other writers in the verse- if you haven't actually played the games then I am not interested in writing with you. 


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Let's get to business, chop chop!

1. I am a multi Paragraph to Novella writer.2. I am selective when it comes to people and exclusive, more so for my personal comfort than anything else.3. I only write with people who are 25 years of age; It's more due to maturity.4. My time is a privilage. not a right I will respond when I am damn good and ready to.5. I only write with people who actually know the Devil May Cry series in debth than who have just merely read the wikipedia.6. I only write with people I get along with, and who are patient with me because I am a busy woman. 7. I ship with Nero,V and Dante; no other character from the series and I do not do crossovers. 

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