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mayleen vampire goddess S.L

11/14/2020 07:26 PM 


Name Mayleen Fangston age 100 sex female nick name Mommy or mother  to children she takes in Orentation Bi status single Race vampire/ goddess children None Father dead mother dead sisters dead brothers None Knight 26 queen of USA Human name Heather vampire Name Mayleen Goddess Name Helena  Powers strong strong strong Hair long and pink and wavy or dark brown almost black eyes purple or dark brown height 5''5''Powers Healing max forgiveness max wishes max moon blademoon spear moon dust moon shield moon counter moon fly floating seeing with in the future foresightspot lies mental healness empath powersstealing powers moon dance water on water breathing under water elemente powers death kiss soul drainage posion damage creation worlds and plates starscreation souls shield magic strong eye sight stregnth aglity speedstrength walking on buildings transformation changing appearance stealing memories changing memories changing one into a vampire giving powers granting immortality Immortal speaking with animals gainging animals or creatures ability and powers hilussinations brain washing mind control compell to do what ever she desires Making crash in thin air rises dead from the grave aka zombies mure more on the way  

mayleen vampire goddess S.L

11/14/2020 07:10 PM 


 NO one liners allowed on this account if you send me one liners I will ignore you and not reply back to you if you complain that's your own fault for giving me one liner bull crap of a reply  NO grammar police  allowed I will not use pucuations alright thank you  NO shota or Lollies allowed to add me or children this is a mature account I will not allow any children or kids add me for your own pleasure and game because I might kill you in the role play she has no Control over herself  If your married or taken do not add me less drama that way I don't care if your in a open relationship or not  if your not single do not add me  I do have a life outside I will be online and offline when I can I am a busy person indeed  NO rushing me if I am online clearly I am not do not spam me or I  will block you  NO trolls allowed if your a troll do not bother adding me kay  if you do not reply back to me with in 3 days I will block and delete you  if your packing extra let me know in advance so I can get my cringe out of me XD with your not so normal size cocks that's clearly out ragius  Do not control her or abuse her clearly none of that  if you wish to join her knights let me know so I can put that in her info as well  if you wish to join her family let me know in advance as well  I will not change her age for you alright not going to happen alright  I open to any ero role plays just ask before hand  NO anime theme shows like naruto worst anime ever or dragon ball z or fairy  tail etc etc or some I  might of never heard of do not ask me to role play as someone you might want me to role play as not going to happen I role pay as mayleen ad only mayleen got a problem suck it up  furries are more than welcome to add me  more rules will come in the time of need when I most likely forget about the choice so bare with me alright more rules will be posted in time 

Money Hungry

11/14/2020 04:11 PM 

Laws of the Sea

    Money Hungry   "What good is the treasure if I'm alone?"   To be read and to be followed. Failure to do so will result in us not writing together, me ignoring you, and eventually you getting removed.1. Ships: I’m not here to ship with anyone. If it happens naturally then it happens but it’s not a goal of mines. I’m not a cross shipper. Do not try to force your desire for a ship on me. It's annoying.1A.. This is a single ship account. That means if the character is taken that cuts all off romance stories. If you still proceed to try writing romance scenes or treating her like she's single you will be deleted.1B. If I have multiple accounts added of the character she is with this doesn't mean the realtionship carries to the. They will only remain friends.2. RP and RL are seperate. Nothing done ic should be taken ooc. This isn't the real world. 3. Be respectful to me and those on my list. IC arguing is okay but if a status is made OOC and I see you causing drama or being rude to my associates and friends I will delete you. Not here for it.4. No trolls. Again I'm too old. Except the fun kind. But like those "go kill yourself" & "so and so is a whore" & "insert racist stuff here" accounts and people add me you will not be accepted. 5. DO NOT RUSH ME. I won't rush anyone and I expect the same. People who rush me are gonna wait the longest. Punishment sucks, doesn't it?6. No ero/smut. At all. Not interested.7. I'm crossover friendly, but also kind of selective. By this I mean if I can't see a logical way to cross our characters over to each other verses I won't add/accept.8. I like to discuss. I enjoy tossing ideas around between more than one mind. So if you wanna write get your brain juices flowing. I also understand not everyone is into heavy discussion so that's okay to. If you don't want to discuss than you send the random starter cause I find those hard to write up randomly. Just don't leave me to do all the work, yeah?9. I write as much as possible when given the chance. The least amount I take is three paragraphs so that means no one liners or paragraphs for serious roleplaying. I have a short attention span and get bored easy. Never have I ever had a roleplay with such little written that was able to entertain me and keep me coming back for more.10. Don't send me double messages. If it's been awhile you are free to remind me about a reply I owe, but don't keep resending your message. I only need you to send it once unless I ask.  

Rules, Guidelines, Code of Conduct

Bαпɢ Bαпɢ

11/14/2020 02:24 PM 

Sci-fi stats
Current mood:  accomplished

Sci-fi Based Story-lines Loosely based lore from The Expanse and Cowboy Bebop   Light rabble -     Bounty for hire, or something like that.   Everything was cold again, the sheer vastness of space a void blanket that would wrap around and crush the mindless. Solitude was normal, long travel times inevitable. Luckily enough her last job upon Ganymede gave her enough credits to repair her spaceship and improve upon a holo drive that certainly seen better days. She didn’t like when she went there, it was too perfect, the people commingling as if there were not some vast foreshadowing event about to break-free and cause chaos in the solar system. She felt it, just as much as she felt her left arm that was no longer there, shadow pains or something. Sympathy? Some neurons in her brain firing poorly and slowly. She would find her fingertips tingling even though it they weren’t real. A make up of fake muscle and tissue that she would have to have replaced ever so often. A chore, really. Though it had it’s uses, she practically had the strength of a robot in that air and it could tolerate heat a lot better than her flesh. No more oven mitts, not that she had an oven. Everything was re-hydrated these days. Within the cold confides of a ship deep within the endless black night.   Where was she going again? Ah… Back to Earth, back to the land of the Rising Sun. ------ Although there was no longer any sun. Somehow Japan, Australia, and New Zealand had been the only nation to survive the cataclysmic event. Nuclear winter had taken over the rest of the world. Maybe they were working together? No one really knew, when the bombs dropped it was as if they came from the Heavens anyway. Perhaps it was fate, she was an American after all, the faint memories of Thanksgiving as child could still be accessed in the nano-tech memory storage she now had implanted into her head. Funny, one would start to assume she was more droid than human. Eventually, perhaps when her human flesh began to sag she trade the shell in for another. Because haven’t you heard – You’re going to live forever, kid. If ---- You’ve got the money.   Bounty for hire, fund my immortality.       Locations:   Tokyo – Based of operations for the Guild. Essara is a senior member and the leader of the highest kill count rather than capture. (Whoops)         Eros – Space station in which she owns property. She might have been born upon earth but she finds herself too adapted to artificial gravity to go back for long periods of time. (She’s taller in space)       Body modifications:   Space Ship:   Weapons: This is a work in progress, be gentle.      

♡ arkham.

11/14/2020 04:23 PM 


SITE RULES.   You must sign these with our special quote so we know you paid attention. We hope you enjoy the site!     Respect. Respect is something I expect highly from everyone; including our editors and staff members. The way it works is, give respect and you shall receive it in return. That's all there is to it. Respect everyone and everything; that includes our edits and our efforts to help all of your roleplay needs...and respect will be given to you wholeheartedly. Patience is a virtue, I'm only one person currently and I actually do roleplay also.    Jockers. Please don't be one of those people who adds us just to take our stuff then leave. That's direspectful. If you're going to be of those people, don't use our things. Simple. I'm not about to go around checking who's using our stuff and who's not but again, keep credit when credit is due. Nor will I add you to some blacklist. Respect is a two way street. Don't take stuff for friends, simply have them add is instead. You must add us from all profiles you intend to use our content on.    Custom Work / Premium Work. Here at Arkham, whilst we don't force anyone to pay for our content or custom work, for those looking for more unique and individual items, we offer affordable bundles. Bundles are a great way to get a package of multiple items that are uniquely yours and an awesome way to get a new character off the ground. Sign these rules with 'we're all mad here'. You can read prices and what's available either in a bulletin or in the staff menu on the main profile.   Premades. No need to tell us who you're using but credit us in the caption of the photo please. Keep all premades / custom work public. We don't take credit for the original images, just the work we've done to them. You can suggest premades if you wish but don't    Affiliates / Siblings. Always looking for people to join our affiliates / siblings. We share all our affiliates out once a week. If you wish to join our list, please fill out our form which you can find in our blog menu.    Promoters. Promoters are something we will be implimenting in the next few weeks once our content has been added. This is not only a great way to get people to know the site but you will be rewarded in return. You'll get a choice of one bundle a month for free or whatever you'd like us to make you (minus layouts).    we hope you enjoy the site!   VIEW CONTENT

𝕯𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧

11/14/2020 08:01 PM 

Hotlinking to Google Drive Files

Create google/gmail account Sign in to your google/gmail account Click on the dots account on the top right corner(usually next to your email avatar) and then select drive It will bring you to your driver window to upload a file click on '+New' (Red box on the picture) It will reveal more drag down menu, to upload select 'file upload' (Red box on the picture) Wait until the file finishes uploading, the file will appear on your drive list, right click on the file to open more action and select 'get link' (Red box on the picture) It will show pop up box, first click on 'restricted' to reveal more option and then click on 'anyone with the link' After its done, copy the entire shared link by clicking the icon 'copy' You only need certain part of the link you copy from google drive and combine it with the code in the textbox below, it will become the hotlink version of your file that you can use for other html formula such as displaying image, playing background music, sharing stylesheet, etc (See picture below) Need music? Check the link to website down below, consider to show them love or donate if you find the site helpful, but dont feel obliged

shiolia, editing, tutorial, trick, layout


11/14/2020 03:02 AM 

My Kenma Headcanons
Current mood:  creative

I MAY ADD ONTO THIS. WILL LET YOU FOLKS KNOW IF I DO THO.IN CHARACTER* Soft voice, will raise if provoked* Has a pet calico cat named Kuronata* Has multiple piercings in both of his ears* 25; which is 2 years older than the canon manga timeskip* Has some confidence and is somewhat better at talking to people* Make bold statements that sometimes offend people, though it's not meant to* Playful with those he's close to; which means teasing and dark humour - prepare yourselves* Mental exuastion occurs every so often; no food, no phone, no games for 1 - 3 days; will just stay in bed* Hypervigilant; keenly aware of his surroundings, very observant, kinda jumpy, reads people/areas quickly and effortlessly


11/14/2020 02:50 AM 

Read This Good Sh*t
Current mood:  chill

I MAY UPDATE THESE AT ANY GIVEN TIME; WILL INFORM YOU GUYS IF/WHEN I DOOUT OF CHARACTERHAIKYU!! STATUSManga: I'm behind Anime: Almost done watching S4!* Mild OCD* Lover of puns and dad jokes* Kenma mindset with some depression* Prefers OoC in Comments & RP in Messages29 {12/12 } * They/Them * PST {- 8 UTC} * Discord user* Very quiet voice so prefers not to participate in Discord calls with large groups or loud peopleYAASSS~!* Men* Women* LGBTQ+* Fur/Scale* Discord RP* Random starters* Picture comment rps* Yaoi/BL/Shounen-ai ships* Fun lil banter on Discord and Ani timeline/statuses* ERP/Smut; not without developed bonds & only on Discord* Wholesome/fluffy rps. Look. These are kinda my favorite. I'm a whole entire SUCKER for 'em. GIMME GIMME.HELL TO THE F*** NO!* Hetero ships* Sexual assault* Smut based rps* Fight/spar based rps* Erp/Smut with minors* Absolutely NO. ONE. LINERS.* Mpreg; no offense, just not into it* Serious/heavy abuse of ANY kind* Exclusive dating/Marriage/Babies* Rushing. That's how you get blocked tf up.* I write with who I want, when I want. Don't @ me.* Do not involve me in your drama. Any of it. I don't care if it pertains to rl or rp.You ever heard of Haikyu!! or Kenma before adding me?Answer that in comments if you read this whole thing~


11/13/2020 11:41 PM 

Current mood:  angry

aghhhh aghhh hi ,,....

Dark Kobayashi (Multi)

11/13/2020 11:31 PM 

Kent Theobald

Name: Kent Theobald (age):18 Place of Birth: America Gender: MaleRacial: Caucasian Origin: Califorina  Height:5,5 Weight:120lbs Hair:light brown Eyes: muddy brownSexual: Bi, switch,  Dom/SubLike: games, anime, comics, junk food, isolation, inventing, building, big boobs, huge d*cks, muscle, dumbassesDislikes: Bullys, jerks, dumbasses, working out, sunny days, showing his body,A huge nerd, not the best looking, short, a bit pudgy and akward. Enjoys all things nerdy, playing games, reading books, programing. Sort of sad and bitter after years of bullying he reached the end of his rope. Kent doesn't have the best gentics or the best luck at all, however that is about change. Being an inventor and genius at that he's created a a number inventions to improve his apperance, even his personality he has a number method he can make.Swap Ray: Allows to a one for one trade of phyical or personality traits. Uses a type-in screen to target will make approximations with miss spelling. Tends to miss fire. Has 5 shots before it needs to recharge for 12 hours. Growth/Shirnk Remote: A simple looking Remote point and click 100 Up/Down only works on phyical traits. Doesn't do porportions well. Dial Setting for targeting.Body swap Chambers: Simple as it sounds full body swap. The hard part it getting someone in it.Distiller: A chair that allows him to steal and distill trait in to colored vials. Take the best and leave the rest.A few of the simple more balanced one but he's always trying to make something better. The Gender Light, TF APP, age changing necklace, able to make 'potions' that temporarly alter his or other peoples mind and bodies.

Aᴘᴀᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ Aɴɢᴇʟ

11/12/2020 05:08 PM 

OC Trivia

- May's IQ is 480. While this does not reflect her social or emotional intelligence, she is extremely gifted mentally, particuarly in calculations relevant to her ability. Her intelligence was granted to her as subset of her power so she could properly make all relevant calculations quickly and efficiently. She's extremely smart with mathematics, chemistry and other scientific knowledge, but is only average with general/street knowledge and social ability. - May doesn't have any fears. Without aging and death only from getting killed, she doesn't even fear death as she feels she will be alive forever. This hasn't made her arrogant as she knows she could possibly be bested so she knows when she should shy away from a fight. Survival is most important.- She hates children and finds them to be a nuisance. She does like the idea of having her own children though. She could at least control her own kids.- Without her ability, she is still many times stronger than the average person, capable of flight with her wings, and completely resistant to the cold. She is markedly resistant to heat, but not as much as the cold due to the environment of her birth. - She's the second smallest member of her entire family at only 160 cm {5'3} with her older cousin only being around a few centimeters shorter than her.- She has been told her snarky, apathetic and sometimes sadistic tone doesn't match her appearance.- Many people aren't actually disturbed by her wings. They are extremely rare, but they aren't unheard of. Some normal humans can even attain wings through means of an ability.- She makes it a point to read at least five different novels per night if she can. She loves adventure-fantasy stories.  

Aᴘᴀᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ Aɴɢᴇʟ

11/12/2020 05:07 PM 

Out of Character Trivia

My name is Bethany and I've been a roleplayer since I was pretty much a little kid on some old forums. I jumped from different sites for years until almost a year ago when I found this website. I made an account but didn't stick around for long since everybody was so inactive, but I wanted to give it another go as I'm itching to write! I like to write paragraphs and want other people that can keep up with me so I won't add people that can't write more than a single paragraph. Nothing against you if that is your preferred method of story-telling, I just happen to prefer lengthier posts.  ♥

𝖔𝖋 𝕰𝖑𝖔𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊

11/11/2020 06:43 PM 

Rules and Guidelines .

These should  be  simple  and  fair; if you  don't  think  of  them  as fair  that's  fine; it's  your  opinion and I am not forcing you to write with me,  let alone add me.  Rules 1. Keep  Roleplay  and  real life  separate; I despise  when  people  think  that  just  because  one is taken  in real  life  that  they  should  not  roleplay  etc. I will  write  with  you,  taken, single  or otherwise  just  keep  it  separate. 2. I am  Selective  when it comes to crossovers; I prefer  writing  partners  that  understand  the  entire  plot  and  lore of the reboot while  keeping  it and  the original  concept  separate. DmC:   Demons running businesses, blackmailing  politicians  etc. To rule  the  world; pretty  basic  stuff  that  one  would  get  into  if they bothered  even  keeping  the original  story  line and reboot storyline  separate  without  comparison.  3. I purely  write  Novella, 6-10 paragraphs,  sometimes  longer on a good day (a book as some compare my writing  to) I  don't  write  anything  less as I prefer  detailed  descriptions and  interactions. 4. I  refuse  to  write  with  anyone  younger than twenty  five years of age and  refuse  to  write  with  people  who  act  their  shoe size. (If you  don't  get the reference  to  'kiss' by Prince  then I am  out  of  your  silly competition and far too serious a writer for your little games.) 5. I  do not join tournaments, it's  more  so  because I  don't  believe  in groups,  mains or even tournaments- I have  done  them  all in one  year and  got bored afterwards. 6. I have  over  thirteen  years  of experience  when it comes  to  roleplaying, I know  exactly  what  it is that I  am  doing  and  I  do not  tolerate cringe worthy  writers who harass, use copy pastas when triggered,  let alone belittle those on my friends list for simply not wanting to interact with them as they attempt to show boat and ruin ones enjoyment with their petty jabs that in truth are irrelevant to their behavior. 7. Keep  it  civil, if you  do not and  you  instigate without  reason  I will block you  without  a bat of an eyelash.   Guidelines  Be civil  and  respectful.  Do not Harass, bully or belittle  those  on my friends  list  or myself  as this writer will  instantly  block you I do  not  tolerate  such childish  and  petty behavior.  I enjoy character  drama,  real life drama  will get you  blocked. If you  take  something  in rp seriously  and  get triggered  over an interaction  this  will  also  give  me  reason  to  block you. I am  over  the  age  of  eighteen.   I write  Novella  and  nothing less. I have  a college  degree  in writing (I  will  not  tell  you  which  one)  I have  a job thus this is a hobby, if you  think/believe  that real life  is less important  than  writing  with  you,  then you  can just  go after  reading  this  guideline.  I will  block  you  if you  use  any egotistical  or Narcissistic  trick in the book that  usually  gets your  way  with  me. (I  don't  tolerate psychotic  behaviors unless in character)  I write  Vergil  with  Traumatic  experiences in  his  youth; some that are triggering So , if you  are  triggered  by absent  parental  figures, abuse etc. Please  don't  add me. It's  more  for  your  personal  safety  as I would  hate to trigger  people who are sensitive to Domestic Abuse of any kind.    


11/11/2020 04:55 PM 

interests/what i would like to RP!

here is a list of anime/manga/video games i have watched/played (not all of them but at least the ones most suitable for an RP).if anything on the list has a question mark, asterisk, or an exclamation point it is as followed:? = low interest/will have to be in the mood to RP it/need to catch up on it* = somewhat interested/maybe if we have a GOOD plot or storyline going! = high priority/what are you waiting for? message me now! >^<ANIME/MANGA LIST:Naruto Shippuden [*]Bleach [?]Cowboy Bebop [?]Inuyasha [?]Ouran High School Host Club [*]Fruits Basket [?]One Piece [*]Death Note [*]Soul Eater [*]REBORN! [?]Blue Exorcist [*]Durarara!! [?]Hunter x Hunter [*]Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood [*]JoJo's Bizzare Adventure [!]Black Clover [*]My Hero Academia [!]Demon Slayer [!]Dr. STONE [*]One Punch Man [*]That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime [*]Fire Force [!]Jujutsu Kaisen [!]The God of High School [?]VIDEO GAMES:PersonaDanganronpaFire Emblem: Three HousesMystic MessengerGenshin ImpactMonster Prom 

anime, manga, roleplay


11/11/2020 04:53 PM 

some rules!

here's a simple list of rules i've compiled before starting an RP!1. i want to make this a safe-space for everyone to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable with. please notify me of any triggers or stuff you may want to include/exclude from our RP! i also would like to say that i do not tolerate a lot of things such as racism, h*mophobia, transphobia, p*dophila, etc. and if you feel as though you are associated with any of that do not even contact me or i will block you. (:2. i'm not big on hassling or begging for replies but if you feel as though an RP is getting boring or you want out, just say that! i'm very friendly and won't hold it against you. but if you also decide to stop replying all of a sudden, i will respect that and move on with life.3. i'll try to be on here as much as i can and keep everyone updated in case i go offline for a while! i also understand that people have lives outside of this site so don't worry about me bothering you about it, go live your life!4. i'm fine with semis, paragraphs, and multi-paragraphs. as much fun as i think a novella may be, i'd rather not go overboard ^^' i also would like more than one sentence to be sent, i can't really do much with just one when trying to reply back.5. mostly RP in third person POV, i feel a bit weird attaching myself to my character in terms of role playing so let's keep it in third person.6. a rundown on how i USUALLY role play. basically if we're role playing something i will use an OC (original character) and i assume the person roleplaying with me will use an OC as well. our original characters will have a love interest/love interests. i will control my character and also the other person's OC's love interest and vice versa + any side characters that will help the story progress. or if our OC's are their own love interests (like in an original plot/storyline) then we just control them + any possible side characters.FOR EXAMPLE, if we're role playing Naruto and my OC's love interest is Kakashi and your OC's love interest is Shikamaru then i will play as my OC as well as Shikamaru (and some side characters).hopefully that makes sense LOL! message me if you have any questions. ❤


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