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Croft AU

11/27/2022 03:12 PM 


Guidelines.  * I want everyone to know that what I consider AU is not her personality, or how she will be. I have been clear I prefer Angelina in the movies, but that is more for later Lara as for the early version the game is pretty good. However, the recent movies as of late don't work for me so don't compare it to them please. Also, I will NOT replace improtant characters with yours. No if or buts!* There is one exception to the whole AU rule, for her ship I can see her replacing Elena in Uncharted but that is just me. She can also be the second companion female after Elena. Once more this choice is yours and completely up for discussion. Beyond this I don't have much idea for the story, I could even see going through the games just to build the story or something after the games? Up for discussion again.* I will be semi-active. I will also be here in MY time and not yours so either like it or take a hike. Life is bad enough with everything going on, so don't try and force people to be here and give them space. If you don't hear from me and I'm online, just give me a day or two and then speak to me. I'll be sure to reply to everyone either way.* Be respectful. If I find out you're being a bully on here to anyone I know I won't deal with you. There is no need for it, so either you need a break to breath or you need to leave.* No one-liner or semi-para unless it has a good excuse! I can write up to para to multi-para and novella but the last one is rare and only used if the other is giving back. I will end up writing more usually anyway.* Random starters welcomed if they're personally for this type of character. I do not want old fashioned premade starters, also can we not just have them meet in the starter? It can be terribly dull, besides you shouldn't be able to mention where mine is yet. The whole point is for the starter to be about you and whatever you are doing - at least that is my idea of a good starter.* || - This will be used when I go out of character. If you haven't started a story with me yet in messages this will be all I do. I just don't see the point on bantering in messages, save it for comments or stream. To be updated.


11/27/2022 01:13 PM 

anime rp cannon oc
Current mood:  bored

there is a certain character i want someone to rp as its a cannon though but i would have a oc 


11/27/2022 12:12 PM 

anime roleplay
Current mood:  inspired

i have an slight idea for an rp where my character ill pick a name later is a vampire goddess and your a human who falls in love with her and etc we can create it from there if anyone is up for this idea

โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฎ ๐™„๐™ฃ๐™›๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™ž๐™ฉ๐™ฎ

11/27/2022 09:40 PM 

basic rules.

1. I won't write romance with male muses. You can get cute with Senri, but not too cute. Stories and interactions are fully welcomed for everyone; greet me ic or ooc, both is perfectly fine with me.2.  This is fully sfw. I enjoy fluff/ships and casual writing, but am open to darker themes if desired. HOWEVER, no smut period.3. Have fun. Oh, and Diluc / Yae are best Genshin characters; don't @ me.


11/26/2022 04:59 PM 


(WIP)Name: Hunter HeartAge: 18 - 20DOB: August 15thOccupation: Student/photographerGender: MaleTattoos/Marks: noneJewelry: noneHair/Length: black / shortEye Color: purpleFamily: N/APersonality: kind, aloofLikes: photographyDislikes: liesGuilty Pleasures: pastriesHobbies: phtographyOrientation: straightWeaknesses: beautyBio:

{S.S}ShadowSociety{S.S}(Open Roles)

11/26/2022 03:03 PM 

Werecat's lineage
Current mood:  amused

I am in need of werecat's, not the werewolves counterpart of the Twilight kind(though all are accepted) I am looking for more so Teen Wolf based/Lycans based. The character must be a woman, and have a chatty/flirty personality, preferably flirty in the sense of chatty and casual flirtation not sexual like a succubus, and a background in secretary work/assistant work. Thanks. Also, she would come from a royal lineage, not preferred, but she must also know how to turn into a werecat; last name would be "Chatgarou". 

VฮฃGฮ› โ˜…

11/26/2022 12:46 PM 

lets keep it fkin simple

Don't rush me. No minors. You get 2 strikes, 3 is an automatic fk off (I have one dislike and it's on the profile.  

Eldritch God

11/25/2022 08:48 PM 

This Fffire - An Atsuma Story
Current mood:  amorous

"Do you know how it feels, to fall from so high up...? At first, it feels very direct. But the longer it goes, the more it feels like you're flying before you hit the ground. But you know what hurt worst? The words they said before you threw me out of that plane."Atsuma had a new obsession today, a nonbinary influencer on social media. He had taken the liberty of reacting, commenting, directly messaging this person at a near constant. Nothing vulgar, just kind words in hopes of being accepted into their circle. It would've been a start for him, were it so easy. Though, one day, it paid off. He got a response back from them, an invitation to go on a vacation with them somewhere exotic. He couldn't remember where, nor did he care where it was. He just wanted to be close to them. All that effort finally paid off, in his eyes. So, he readied himself up and made his way to the private airport, where he saw the one he had pined for so long. Though when he got closer, he was blocked by a larger male, a bodyguard."Keep your distance, man." The bodyguard said. Atsuma begrudgingly nodded before being ushered into the plane, assigned a seat across from the influencer known as 'Umber'. That was the name they went by. He was overjoyed to be this close, and hoped this was the start of something wonderful. Umber decided to spark up conversation."Atsuma, right? You've been...Pretty up to date in my DM's, and activity on my profiles for a while, now." They said."Of course! I'm really your biggest fan. I buy each bit of merch you put out, and have donated generously on occasion. I sincerely love what you do, Umber." He replies, rather eagerly."Yeah, yeah, I know you do. Enjoy the flight." They said, looking over at the bodyguard before glancing out the window.They were waiting for something, until they picked up something on their headset. Gesturing to the bodyguard, Atsuma watching expectantly before the bodyguard approached him and grabbed him."Hey, what are you doing?" He called."It's your stop, bud." The Bodyguard said, pulling Atsuma, who began to struggle nervously, looked over to Umber and called when he heard the hatch open. Already aware of what was happening next for him."Umber, what's happening?! I thought we were going on vacation together, this isn't what you told me! Why would you lie to me?"Umber chuckled at his pleading. "Yeah, a trip to Japan for me, and cold, hard, japanese concrete for you. This is what I want. Rory, throw this f***ing freak out already, would you?"The Bodyguard nodded, despite Atsuma's thrashing, he was finally thrown out of the plane, the bodyguard shutting the hatch and walking off. Umber laughing at the display. "If only I could've recorded that."Of course, it wasn't the end of Atsuma, far from it.He crashed, every bone of his was broken, his head smashed, only for a moment after, his broken body reassembled, the excess blood burning away as he regained mobility and sluggishly stood back up. Tears streamed down his face, though his sobs were abnormal, instead, they were pained fits of laughter as he walked, much to the horror of bystanders that witnessed the display. But their attempts to report the incident were futile, as Atsuma picked up momentum and was nowhere to be found.In a hotel room, sat two bodyguards, Umber's Bodyguards, idly chatting in a room on their phones."Why'd they tell us to hang back?""Man, it's just a talk show, chill out. We got rid of the one freak, they're safe, now.""Alright, I'm going to grab a snack, want anything?""You know what-- Get me one of those breads."The bodyguard nodded and left the hotel room, taking the elevator down to the bottom floor and visited the vending machines. Noticing the concierge didn't greet him when he made his way down and noticing they were nowhere to be seen. Taking out his wallet, making the selections and paying for them, noticing a figure behind him, motionlessly standing."I'll be outta your way, just grabbin' a treat." He said, taking the snacks and looking back.It was the concierge, the sockets where his eyes used to be were gouged out, black liquid oozed from his ears, eye sockets, and mouth."What the f--"  His speech was cut short when black, serrated tendril shot out from the standing corpse and went for him, immediately leaping away and beginning to run to the elevator, rapidly pressing the button for it to open. "F***ing, come on, come on, open!" He said in a panic. His wish was granted, the doors open, only for mangled bodies of policemen to be hanging by tendrils coiling around it, the gaping eyes of ones head were tracking the bodyguard. "" Was all that gurgled out from its severed head, black fluid pouring out of its mouth, it's eyes rolling back."F***--" The bodyguard immediately bolted for the stairs, a cold sweat drenching him, the sensation of goosebumps could not even be expressed properly, he retreated up the stairs in attempt to find the door that lead to the halls of his room. Relief washing over him when he saw the door, and immediately burst through it, only to find himself in the bloodied elevator, the mechanism moving as he tried to stop the elevator, grabbing his phone to call the other bodyguard in the room. When the elevator doors opened, there stood Atsuma, grinning.In the hotel room, the doorknob was being fiddled with before it opened."Bout time you got back, what took--" The bodyguard looked over, only for his eyes to widen in shock at Atsuma walking in, covered in black fluid and blood. "--I-I threw you out the f***ing plane, how?!""Do you know how it feels, to fall from so high up...? At first, it feels very direct. But the longer it goes, the more it feels like you're flying before you hit the ground. But you know what hurt worst? The words they said before you threw me out of that plane." He said, slowly, methodically approaching the bodyguard, holding out his hand, serrated tentacles bursting from the wall, binding the bodyguard with one tendril paying particular attention to winding itself up around his neck in preparation for decapitation."I'm feeling nice, Rory, was it? I'm willing to spare your life if you just tell me one thing."The bodyguard, now being asphyxiated, struggled to speak, barely even straining to nod in agreement to what Atsuma was offering. Atsuma smiling and leaning closer to the bodyguard, his green eyes burning like a passionate flame."Where. Is. Umber?" 

Atsuma, Yandere, Story, Writing, Sample, Writing Sample


11/25/2022 11:37 AM 


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11/25/2022 06:51 PM 

Blog Directory

Here's a way to access all my blog posts :)As far as fandom plots I will not have plots for every fandom I am in as some I don't have plots for though I will add those we make up together to it.A) Information 1)Verses I Role Play2)Rules (Please Read)3)Characters I role play as from various fandoms and versesB)Plots1)Original Plot Ideas2)Little Nightmares Plots3)Danganronpa Plots4)Disney and Fairy Tale PlotsC)Maps1)Into The Fantasy World Map


11/25/2022 06:50 PM 

Into The Fantasy World Map

We don't need to use this map. It's optional but I thought I'd make it. I'll add to it as time goes on but feel free to make suggestions.A)Calidum Solem - A desert-like area which people survive by fighting. They have been given several decades of drought. A king lives here who looks for his bride to be.A1)Sol Altus - The City made of stone which the king and several people live in.A2)Temple of Fire - A temple in which the fire god causing the drought has been at. Those that worship him have been living at.A3)Cavern of The Undeserved - A cavern in which people have been killed constantly by what lies within.A4)Palgathan - A city for people whose relatives that worship the fire god have been forced to live at. They don’t worship the fire god and have been researching a way for its destruction.A5)Horizon’s Fall - A town for merchants that is by the ocean. They have boats to and from Aqua Alta. An old lady who works at the lighthouse is there.A6)The Coliseum - A place where people fight each other to earn moneyA7)The Searcher’s Guild - A place for people who search for people of interest. They have been looking for the ‘God Slayer’.A8)The Praetorium - An enemy nation that wishes to take over the world has set up camp here. It is said to hold an ancient evil.—-B)Aqua Alta - A seaside area which people survive through fishing and fighting.B1)Piratae Portus - A seaside city which is mostly known for fishing and pirates. There are pirates which have become good and there are pirates which are evil.B2)Satasha - A place where the evil pirates stay and where the water god is worshiped.B3)The Last Stand - A place where a person once killed the earth god. A town has recently been put over the area with a statue of the person responsible for its defeat.B4)The Lost Souls - A place where those deemed unable to be saved stay. They worship the earth god due to them being abandoned by society. They have been altered physically by the god.B5)The Summoner’s Guild - A guild used for summoning creatures but makes them able to be controlled.B6)The City of Toria - A city where beings of darkness reside. They are shunned by society due to misunderstanding.—-C)Silva Silvarum - A forest area which is home to many species. Fairies, Creatures of Darkness, and people live in peace.C1)Silva Urbs - A city made from pieces of the forest. They do not allow technology or anyone who uses fire in the area.C2)Fairy Fields - A field where fairies have been working to overthrow the leader of Silva Silvarum. Their Queen, Titania, is leading the charge to take over it.C3)The Thunder Plains - A place where the god of thunder resides. He judges all who go near to see if they are fit. He only wants his people to not be killed.C4)The Coil - A place where an ancient evil resides. One which was frozen 4 years ago.—D)Glacialis Agri - A icy area where all live in fear of creatures and the gods. Yet they worship their own god. One which is unknown to all for now. Outsiders are not allowed in certain portions of it.D1)Camp Ice - A place where the ice goddess is worshiped. Many of Glacialis Agri are against her.D2)Camp Falcon - A place where outsiders are not allowed unless given permission. They do work for the king of Hiems MaliD3)Hiems Mali - A city made of stone which the king rules all. Many people are thrown in jail for being ‘Heretics’ by underlings. Many he doesn’t talk to.—E)Lost Wasteland - A place where not many stay as it is rather difficult to survive there. However many people have made it work somehow.E1)Hawken Nest - A place where many adventurers stay and live. They work with each other and survive.E2)Fields of Crystal - A field made of crystals which is tough to get through yet adventurers made it work.E3)Crystal Tower - A tower where an ancient evil resides.


11/25/2022 06:50 PM 

Disney/Fairy Tale Plots

A) Aladdin1)Jafar Wins - What if Aladdin gets killed and Jafar takes over agrabah. What would you do?2)Role Swap: Hero/Villain - What if Jafar was a misunderstood hero and Aladdin was the villain? What would happen?–B) Alice In Wonderland1)Into Wonderland - What if you were forced into Wonderland? What would you do?2)Alice is Evil - What if Alice was evil and actually harmed Wonderland by being there? How could you stop her?3)Queen of Hearts Backstory - What if the queen of hearts was actually once good but became evil because of some unknown events? Go through these events and the aftermath!–C) Beauty and The Beast1)Beast Loses - What if Gaston actually won and became a tyrant of the city? Who would rise up to stop him?—D) Cinderella1)Stolen Wand - What if the evil stepmother got the wand. What chaos would unfold?2)Taking Her Place - What if our characters are forced to take Cinderella’s place at the ball and stay with them? Could we save Cinderella? Could we try to reason with the stepsisters?—E) Incredibles1)Syndrome Wins - What if Syndrome actually won? What would happen?2)New Heroes - What would happen if new heroes arose and stopped Syndrome? How would that affect things?—F) Monster’s Inc1)Human Turned Monster - What if our characters ended up in Monstropolis and became monsters upon appearing in there? What would happen?—G) Mulan—H) Peter Pan1)Hook Backstory - What if Hook was once a good person? Go through his backstory and how he becomes evil…2)Peter is Evil - What if Peter tries to kidnap people and make them live there? How would things happen?—I) Pinocchio1)The Consequences of Pleasure Island - What if you learned what happened on pleasure island and wanted to stop them and free the kids?—-J) Pirates of The Caribbean1)Davy Jones Wins - What if Davy Jones won at the end of ‘At World's End’? How would that change things?—-K) Rapunzel/Tangled1)Gothel is the Evil Queen From Snow White - What if as our characters try to rescue Rapunzel we learn of Mother Gothel’s past as the Evil Queen of a nation that mysteriously disappeared?—-L) Sleeping Beauty1)Maleficent Backstory - Learn Maleficent’s backstory and how she became evil2)Maleficent Won - Maleficent won. New people try to stop her now. What will happen?—M) Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs1)The Apple - What if she didn’t bite the apple? How would things work out differently?—-N) The Hunchback of Notre Dame1)Frollo Won - What if Frollo won? New heroes rise up to stop his tyranny…2)Frollo Backstory - What if Frollo was once a good person who didn’t hate gypsies? Learn what happened to cause his corruption and hatred towards Gypsies…—O) The Little Mermaid1)Ursula Backstory - What if Ursula was once good? What would happen to make her evil?—P) The Nightmare Before Christmas1)More Kidnappings? - What if Oogie Boogie kidnapped more than Santa. What if he kidnapped every holiday mascot? How would that change things?—Q) Toy Story1)Human to Toy - What if a human got turned into a toy and learned that they were alive? How would that change things?


11/25/2022 06:49 PM 

Little Nightmares Plots

A)Little Nightmares 21)The Wilderness: In The World - You’ve landed on the island. What will you do?2)The Wilderness: Trapped - You’ve been captured by the hunter. How will you escape? Do you want to escape?3)The School: Bullied - You’re heading through the school and get bullied. What will you do? Will you fight back? Will you escape? How will you deal with the teacher?4)The School: Controlled - You learn the kids are being controlled. What will you do?5)Hospital: Escape - You’ve entered the hospital after getting wounded. What will you do?6)The City: Escape - Can you escape the thin man?7)The Cycle - Can you break the cycle? Can you save Mono?8)Into The Game - You’re trapped in the game. Can you escape it?—B)Little Nightmares1)Stuck on the Ship - You have been trapped on the ship. What will you do? Can you escape without being killed?


11/25/2022 06:49 PM 

Danganronpa Plot Ideas

A)All1)Not original plot idea - Go through the games/anime with an oc2)Executed and Victim Hell - Where do those who get executed after they get executed? Where do the victims go? It would be a twisted purgatory. Will you escape it?3)Into Danganronpa - People from the real world are forced into the danganronpa series as characters from it. Soon everything changes as their actions affect the killings and plot.B)Death of Hopes Peak Academy1)Survival - What if Chiaki Survived? What would happen?C)Trigger Happy HavocC1)Before Danganronpa1)Before the killing games - What were their lives like before the killing games? How did they deal with the downfall of society?C2)Prologue/Chapter 1 onward1)Sayaka Survives - What if Sayaka had actually killed Leon? What would happen?C3)Chapter 2 Onward1)Chihiro’s secret - What if Chihiro wasn’t killed and actually came out to tell people what his secret was? What would happen?2)Their Secrets Revealed - A killing didn’t happen and everyone’s secrets were revealed. What would happen…C4)Chapter 3 Onward1)Hifumi Survived - What if Hifumi survived and betrayed everyone? What would happen?C5)Chapter 4 Onward1)The traitor is revealed - What if the traitor wasn’t killed and revealed themselves voluntarily. What would happen?C6)Chapter 5 Onward1)Bad Ending - What if Kyoko got killed and life continued on. What would happen?2)Bad Ending with Clones - A couple weeks after Kyoko’s death and the end of the killing games Makoto and Aoi sees who they think is Kyoko. It turns out to be a copy. They soon learn of the experiments the mastermind has been doing with cloning and many other more darker experiments. They end up working together to stop the experiments and escape the academy. Several other clones are hostile towards the real ones believing they are forced to stay locked away because of them due to lies and despair.C7)Chapter 6 Onward1)Despair Wins - What if Makoto got killed instead of Junko. How would everyone survive?D)Ultimate Despair Girls1)Survival - Can our characters survive in a city with Monokuma all aroundE)Goodbye DespairE1)Prologue/Chapter 1 Onward1)No Killing Game Island Edition - What if they actually had to work together to get themselves back to normal. What would happen?2)The Imposter Fails - What if the ultimate imposter succeeds in stopping Teruteru and Nagito is killed instead?E2)Chapter 2 Onward1)Peko Stopped - What if Peko is stopped before she kills the victim. What would change?E3)Chapter 3 Onward1)Hiyoko killed Only - What if Hiyoko was only killed? What would happen?2)Ibuki killed only - What if Ibuki was only killed? What would happen?E4)Chapter 4 Onward1)The Fun House - What if nobody decided to kill in the fun house? How would they survive?E5)Chapter 5 Onward1)Nagito Fails - What if Nagito actually failed in getting the traitor to reveal theirselves and someone else killed him? What would happen?E6)Chapter 6 Onward1)Post Goodbye Despair - How will they survive on the island now? What will happen?2)Chiaki Clone - Hajime and some of the dr2 cast finds a clone of Chiaki on the island. They end up becoming friends and having to deal with the future foundationF)Future Arc/Hope Arc1)Makoto gets Killed - What if Makoto did die before the fourth sleep? What would happen..2)School Life - Hopes Peak is back. What would happen now that school is back in session.3)Hope Wins - What if the video actually got released and the whole world started to become brainwashed. What would everyone do?G)Killing HarmonyG1)Before Danganronpa1)Ultimate Hunt - Will our characters survive the ultimate hunt?2)The Lives Before - What happened to our characters before being chosen for Danganronpa?3)The Past:Suichi - My character , and your character too if you don’t want to be Suichi, meet Shuichi and work with him on his first detective case4)The Past:Ryoma - My character , and your character too if you don’t want to be Ryoma, meet Ryoma and work with him to stop the mafia.5)The Past:Korekiyo - My character and your character work to figure out a series of homicides that are caused by a certain person.6)The Past:Kirumi - My character , and your character too if you don’t want to be Kirumi, work with Kirumi as her fellow servants to help her. We rise through the ranks with her.7)The Past:Maki - My character , and your character too if you don’t want to be Maki, meet Maki in the past and work with her as a fellow assassin. What will happen?G2)Prologue/Chapter 1 Onward1)Rantaro Survives? - What if the first victim was Shuichi instead of Rantaro. How would the story play out differently?2)Kaede and Suichi swap roles - What if Suichi got killed instead of Kaede? What would happen?3)No Killing Game - What if the ship actually landed on a planet as intended. Monokuma wasn’t there. What would happen?4)Returning Fictional Character(s) - What if one or more characters from the previous games appeared in Danganronpa V3. How would it change things? They could be people playing as them, made to look like them through surgery and such, and thinking they are really them or it could be brought to v3 through another reason.5)Remembering - What if some of the cast remember their times before joining danganronpa’s killing games while in the game through flashbacks? How would it change things?G3)Chapter 2 Onward1)Maid to help - My character, an oc, ends up having to disguise as Kirumi at her request to help her out. Unknowingly it also incriminates my character in the murder. What will happen?G4)Chapter 3 Onward1)The Cult of Atua - Our characters end up having to stop Angie and her cult of Atua. What will happen now that Monokuma no longer has control over the school? Which is the greater evil?2)The Monokubs Reign - Our characters end up having to stop the Monokubs. What will happen now that Monokuma no longer has control over the school? Which is the greater evil?3)Revival 1 - What if Angie revived everyone killed prior? How would things play out? How would they feel after being killed or having been executed? What would happen?4)Revival 2 - What if Angie revived someone but it was a person in the body of the person they revived who wasn’t them. What would happen?G5)Chapter 4 Onward1)Stuck in the Virtual World - Our characters get stuck in the virtual world. What would happen? How would we survive?G6)Chapter 5 Onward1)Stopping Kokichi - Our characters team up to stop Kokichi. Will we succeed or fail?G7)Chapter 6 Onward1)The New World - We survived the killing game and now have to survive the real world.H)Danganronpa S Ultimate Summer CampH1)Presummer camp1)School Life - How would our characters deal with school life? What would our characters do?H2)The Summer Camp1)Enjoying The Camp - How would our characters enjoy the camp? What would our characters do?


11/25/2022 06:48 PM 

Original Plot Ideas

I made a few plots. I hope you like them. More will be added in the future :)---A) Fantasy1)Unlikely Allies - Your character learns of someone using darkness to stop creatures of darkness. They later become allies upon learning of an enemy they must defeat as it will destroy the world if it succeeds.2)Into The Fantasy World - My character sacrifices theirself to keep your character from getting pulled into a void. Five years later your character gets pulled into the void. We reunite in the fantasy world and must work together to stop various threats and find a way back.3)Prince - My character, a prince, had been cursed with a new form permanently and abandoned to be left for dead after being attacked. He-now-she is found by your character and they become allies. They learn the king was slain and someone very evil has taken the throne. They decide to work together to stop a major threat as well as stop the new king.4)Dying World Light Side - The road that we walk is lost in the flood. Here proud angels bathe in. They wageth in blood. At this, the worlds end, do we cast off tomorrow? We Fall.This world was corrupted by the light. Creatures called Angels corrupt the people and turn them into fellow angels whom are controlled by the angels. The transformation is permanent and only death can see their souls rest. The world has limited time left. Only darkness can stop the light. What will you do to stop the light and save your world?5)Warrior of Light - Legends of the warrior of light have been around for centuries. They’ve said the warrior of light goes around in different forms and aids people. Your character is out helping people when they meet the actual warrior of light. You learn of their tragic existence and their lack of purpose now that things are calm. However, soon a large being of darkness kills people and the warrior of light enlists your character to aid them in their journey after your village is destroyed and your family killed and your friends taken hostage. What will you do?---B) Modern with Sci Fi/Fantasy1)Sacrifice - My character signs a contract to pay for their sibling/friend, your character, to get treatment for a mysterious rare disease. My character’s soul and mind are put into a famous singing robot, and they work for five years as the contract said they had to work for. Upon returning to their hometown and your character has recovered it is unknown how people would react….2)The City and The Realm - Our characters had appeared in a large city surrounded by a large dome barrier. We must explore the city, find a way out, and figure out who forced people here while also exploring the realm to solve mysteries/crimes to change the city for the better or worse.3)Secret Heroes - Two siblings/friends have gained special abilities. They must work together to stop various threats while keeping their abilities a secret.4)Cold Mountain - My character is cursed to live on a mountain in a cold abandoned area. Your character is stranded on the mountain due to an accident. We become friends and help each other.5)Into The Modern World - My character sacrifices theirself to keep your character from getting pulled into a void. Five years later your character gets pulled into the void. We reunite in the modern world and must work together to stop various threats and find a way back.6)The Coven - Two students get cursed by a coven of witches and must deal with the consequences and try to find a cure for the curses they have.7)Realms: Traveler’s Mistake - Two people are forced to work together upon being able to access the forbidden realm that leads to various enemies that want to destroy the world. Soon things get out of hand and the world is in trouble…8)Battle Royal - In a battle royal like situation several people are forced into a world unlike their own and the last person standing gets one wish. The wish of anything they could ever want. However, those that get killed are resurrected and forced to serve in the next competition as well are forced to serve those that killed them. Betrayals will happen. Who will be your friend? Who is your enemy? When the line between friends and enemies is so paper thin can you trust anyone?9)Realms: Altered Identities - Two Friends are able to enter a Fantasy Realm where they have different identities and must work to defeat various antagonists. However some other people can soon gain access. Will they and you use it for good or evil?10)Realms: The Contract - Two people are forced to sign a contract for a new job which gives them abilities but forces them into a realm at times which is hostile and full of antagonists. Soon the antagonists end up in the modern realm. What do they do then?11)Resurrected: Saving A Life - My character dies protecting your character. Five months later your character ends up gaining the ability to summon a warrior to aid them in endless battles due to a coven forcing your character to after the world starts to change because of the coven’s spells. Unfortunately my character ends up in the form of the warrior and we are forced to live in secret while fighting in battles against those that want to kill everyone.12)Secret Legends - Two people gain abilities as versions of legends from fiction and history. They must take part in a competition to see who will choose the world’s fate.13)Abandoned - We played several games and watched media long ago and soon after not playing and watching them for so long and not realizing the characters in it were sentient, we get forced to deal with the consequences of abandoning them once they get released into the world. We become merged with heroes we played/seen currently as a way of fighting off those we abandoned. We soon make allies and enemies. We must come to terms with what we have caused and learn how to stop them.14)Students Arise! - Several high school students are kidnapped, given abilities, and forms as they are chosen to fight in a war against the enemy nation. Soon however they learn things aren’t as black and white as they were told. Both sides aren’t good. What do they do?15)TV Time - Two people are forced into the television and given forms. They are forced into various shows from various genres. They have to find out who forced them there and stop them.16)Resurrection: History’s Woes - An event happened where several people from history and some unknown ones have reappeared and wish to kill everyone. My character, your character’s friend who passed years ago, returns and asks for your help stopping the world from falling into chaos.17)Resurrection: The Killing Game - Our characters perish and are resurrected in a city in new forms. They are forced into a killing game. Those that die’s life span is added to the killer. Only by finding out who is starting this killing game and stopping them. People can spend their new life span for benefits such as allowing them to gain access to certain perks which will aid them in gaining information on clues on the killing, gaining weapons for killing, and being allowed certain information about others excluding life span information. Each case must be solved because if not everyone, but the killer will perish.---C) Historical with Fantasy1)Forced Back in Time: Feudal Japan - Our characters had been forced back in time to feudal japan. We must figure out who forced them there and find a way back while stopping creatures of mass destruction that had appeared.2)Time Travelers - Our characters have to go through the timeline and stop whoever is altering the timeline so everyone will be safe. However, we also have personal stakes in saving it….---D) Modern with Horror1)Resurrected: Back to Kill - Your character’s friend/sibling has been resurrected inside a life-size animatronic. However, the resurrected sibling has now had murderous tendencies and has been killing those who hurt/killed them before their first death2)Death City - Two people are forced in a city and are forced to survive in various death games while fending off people that want to kill them.—-E)CyberPunk1)Into The CyberPunk World - My character sacrifices theirself to keep your character from getting pulled into a void. Five years later your character gets pulled into the void. We reunite in the cyberpunk and must work together to stop various threats and find a way back.——F)Post Apocalyptic with Fantasy/Sci Fi1)Into The Dying World - My character sacrifices theirself to keep your character from getting pulled into a void. Five years later your character gets pulled into the void. We reunite in the future version of the world and must work together to stop various threats.

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