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11/25/2022 06:47 PM 

Character From Various Fandoms/Verses I RP

**Characters with appearances under multiple names will have both names written. If they appear in a different game/expansion from the same series they will be written separately to avoid spoilers. Fandoms I role play no characters from will not be on here.**- Part 1 Video Games -1)Final Fantasy XIVA)Introduced in 1.0/A Realm Reborn - Warrior of Light, Minfilia, Alphinaud, Alisaie, Y’shtola, Tataru, Urianger, Yda, Cid, Biggs, Wedge, Nanamo, Raubahn, Kan-E-Senna, Harchefaunt, Yugiri, Ysayle, Estinien, Nero, Gaius, Any Primals, G’raha, Amon, Cloud of Darkness, Hildibrand, Godbert, Julyan, Typhon, Ultros, Midgardsormr, Illberd, Lahabrea, Elidibus, Gilgamesh, HydaelynB)Introduced in Heavensward - Thordan, The Heavensward, Igeyorhm, Moglin, Other Moogles, Ser Aymeric, Nidhogg, Hraesvelgr, Matoya, Any Primals, Unukalhai, Gigi, M’naago, Gosetsu, The Griffin, OmegaC)Introduced in Stormblood - Lyse, Zenos, Conrad, Hien, Soroban, Yotsuyu/Tsuyu, Sadu, Cirina, Exdeath, Kefka, Alpha, Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryu, Yojimbo, Any PrimalsD)Introduced In Shadowbringers - Emet Selch/Hades, Hythlodaeus, Master Matoya, Ryne, Vaulthry, The Crystal Exarch, Lyna, 2P, 2B, 9S, Titania, Gaia, FandanielE)Introduced In Endwalker - Zero, Hermes, Vrtra, Meteion, Themis, Erichthonios, Hesperos, Venat, Hephaistos, Athena, Azem, Golbez, Zodiark–2)Kingdom Hearts Series - Sora, Kairi, Xion, Aqua, Namine, Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Eraqus, Young Eraqus, Yen Sid, Xigbar/Braig/Luxu, Ava, Vanitas3)Final Fantasy XIII Series - Lightning, Serah, Vanille, Bathandelus, Caius, Noel, Omega, Yuel, Bhunivelze4)Final Fantasy Type-0 - Sice, Seven5)Final Fantasy VII Remake - Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Rufus, Yuffie, Hojo, Sephiroth6)Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII - Zack, Genesis, Aerith, Angeal, Sephiroth7)Nier Series - Kaine, 2B, 9S, 2A8)Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Neon, Jack9)Tales of Berseria - Velvet10)Gravity Rush Series - Kat—11)Danganronpa SeriesA)Trigger Happy Havoc - Kyoko, Makoto, Chihiro, Aoi, Alter Ego, Monokuma, JunkoB)Ultra Despair Girls - KomaruC)Goodbye Despair - Chiaki, Izuru, Nagito, Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, Sonia, Ultimate Imposter, Monokuma, Alter Ego JunkoD)Danganronpa V3 - Kaede, Shuichi, Kaito, Maki, Monokuma—12)Little Nightmares Series - Six13)Ratchet & Clank - Rivet—-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 Movies/Anime/TV Shows/Others -1)Marvel Cinematic Universe - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Thanos, Spider-Man, Mysterio2)Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy) - Mary Jane, Venom, Harry Osborne/The New Goblin, Sandman/Flint Marko, Green Goblin/Norman Osborne, Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus3)Into The Spider Verse - King Pin, Spider Gwen—4)DanganronpaA)Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc - Chisa, Chiaki, Izuru, Nagito, Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, Sonia, Ultimate Imposter, Monokuma, JunkoB)Danganronpa 3 Future Arc - Kyoko, Makoto, Aoi, Monokuma, ChisaC)Danganronpa 3 Hope Arc - Kyoko, Makoto, Aoi, Chiaki, Izuru, Nagito, Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, Sonia, Ultimate Imposter–5)RWBY - Ruby, Pyrrha, Nora, Taiyang, Cinder, Ozpin, Roman, Salem, Hazel6)RWBY Chibi - Ruby, Pyrrha, Nora, Taiyang, Cinder, Ozpin, Roman


11/25/2022 06:46 PM 

Rules (Please Read)

A)Rules1.No Godmodding2.Do not post pics that include gory images.3.I don't care about race, sexual orientation, or any of that crap. We're all humans and should be equal. Treat people as you would like to be treated and they will do the same. This is not a reference to characters. It is to real life4.A role play is not real life. Do not take it as real life.5.No jokes, in a cruel or negative manner unless, about Cancer, Abuse, Suicide, Rape, ADHD, Down Syndrome, other disorders, and/or other illnesses. This is real life not role play.6.No spamming in any chat7.No one hit kills8.Have Fun9.If you send me a friend request you make the first post10.Please understand I have a life outside of this site. I can not answer posts constantly. If I have not answered you in over 48 hours then you can message me to remind me.11.I will message you after 6-7 days, if you have replied to the first message, if you haven’t responded. It’s just something I do to check on people.12.Don’t act as your character outside of role play. We at least have to set up a plot first…13.I do not role play romance by itself13.5 I don’t role play romance with minors13.8 I don’t role play romance with people whose age is unrealistically high on their profileB)What I don’t Allow1.Er*t*ca in ANY form2.P0rn (Includes Child p0rn)3.Incest. Do I really need to explain this one?4.Extreme weight gain and [email protected] and Molestation. Do I really need to explain this one?6.Butt/Fart Fetishes7.Poop and Pee. Saying you used the bathroom in a rp is okay. Just don’t go into detail with it.8.Vore and Giant people being fetish like in role plays.9.Pregnancy and giving birth10.Minor x Adult Romance11.Person x Animal Romance12.Foot Fetishes. It just creeps me out.13.No ABDL stuff. ADBL stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover***More will be added if it is needed***


11/25/2022 06:45 PM 

Fandoms/Verses I Role Play

    A)Video Games   A1)Games I have beaten   1)Final Fantasy XIV (and it’s expansions) 2)Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 3)Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories  4)Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix 5)Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix 6)Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 7)Kingdom Hearts 3 & Re:Mind 8)Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memories  9)Final Fantasy XIII  10)Final Fantasy XIII-2 & DLC 11)Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII  12)Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy 13)Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 14)Final Fantasy Type-0 15)Final Fantasy VII Remake 16)Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII  17)Nier Replicant 18)Nier Automata 19)Final Fantasy X 20)World of Final Fantasy 21)Final Fantasy XV 22)Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins 23)Horizon Zero Dawn  24)Dragon Age Origins 25)Dragon Age 2 26)Dragon Age Inquisition  27)Tales of Berseria 28)Gravity Rush  29)Gravity Rush 2 30)Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 31)Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls 32)Danganronpa Goodbye Despair  33)Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony  34)Bendy and the Ink Machine 35)God Eater Resurrection  36)God Eater 3 37)Little Nightmares 38)Little Nightmares 2 39)The Quarry40)Sonic Adventure  41)Sonic Adventure 2 42)Sonic Heroes  43)Shadow The Hedgehog  44)Sonic Unleashed  45)Sonic Generations 46)Super Mario 64 47)Super Mario Sunshine  48)Ratchet & Clank 49)Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart   A2)Games I have played 1)Final Fantasy XII  2)Until Dawn 3)God Eater 2   A3)Games I have seen cutscenes of 1)Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 2)Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded 3)Poppys PlaytimeA4)Games I am Interested In and Know About1)Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild2)Five Nights At Freddys   ——   B)Movies/Anime/Shows   1)Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2)Cinderella 3)The Little Mermaid 4)Beauty and the Beast 5)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6)Pinocchio 7)Alice in Wonderland 8)Peter Pan 9)Sleeping Beauty 10)Aladdin 11)Toy Story Series 12)The Nightmare Before Christmas 13)Monster’s Inc 14)The Hunchback of Norte Dame 15)Tangled 16)Wreck it Ralph 17)Marvel Cinematic Universe 18)Mulan 19)Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy)  20)Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse 21)Danganronpa (All Anime) 22)RWBY (Volumes 1 - 8) 23)RWBY Chibi 24)Code Lyoko 25)The Parent Trap   ———-   C)Fairytales and Others   1)Vocaloid 2)Cinderella 3)The Little Mermaid 4)Beauty and the Beast 5)Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6)Pinocchio 7)Alice in Wonderland 8)Peter Pan 9)Sleeping Beauty 10)Aladdin 11)Rapunzel    

Goddess Arya

11/24/2022 10:51 PM 

Goddess Arya

The names Arya and I'm the goddess of animals/creatures I'm a Greek god and unlike most of the gods I refused to seek out war and chose to have a simple life. My character is based off the god of war trilogy but I'm open to crossovers, if you wish to roleplay please read my bio to learn about my character. Hope to chat soon!!

(Flashback S.S) Pokemon Vex

11/24/2022 10:10 PM 




11/24/2022 11:55 PM 

Warrior of Light.

RaceHyurGenderMaleHair colorBrownEye colorGreyHeight:  5'8Weight: Unkown, but has an incredibly lean build.DisciplineArcherWarriorDragoon Monk Samurai Dark Knight PaladinAn adventurer:The life of an adventurer is the pursuit of fortune and fame and devoting oneself to seeking out danger and glory. It is an endless quest taken up by the most intrepid and dauntless of souls.The term came into popular use among Eorzeans little more than a decade ago. Left idle by the onset of the Age of Calm, a leading mercenary officer gathered a number of trusted companions to form a guild dedicated to the common cause of aiding the realm. Outside the modest station of their humble beginnings, a simple sign hung for all to see―Adventurers' Guild.The Adventurers' Guild has since spread, and is now found in each of the realm's great nations. Eorzeans come with their myriad pleas and requests and adventurers heed the call, whether it be slaying of foul beast plaguing the countryside, or the crafting of wares demanding a master's touch.The Warrior of Light was once an adventurer  blessed by Light. The Warrior of Light, also known as Hydaelyn's Chosen, the Hero of Eorzea, the Champion of Eorzea, the warrior of warriors, the Slayer of Gods, the eikon-slayer, the Liberator, Khagan of the Azim Steppe, the Bringer of Light, the Warrior of Darkness (while in the First), or simply as the adventurer.  The Warrior of Light is uncertain of the future once his mission is complete. When asked by Ser Aymeric during a private social gathering on what he wanted for himself, not as a Scion, the Warrior of Light is surprised as if having never considered it and is unable to answer.It is also shown that the Warrior is attuned to the personalities of his friends.He is always willing to help those in need.Woe betide he who stands against the Warrior of Light, for death will be his reward. Death for his him and his kin and all that he holds dear. Woe betide he who stands with the Warrior of Light, for death will be his reward. Death for him and his kin and all that he holds dear

Laughing Stock

11/23/2022 09:59 PM 


Nanba Kimori. the name belonging to one of the biggest jokes to ever poke their head into the world of scientific study. Absolutely mad theories and inventions. How he even got funding was a mystery. He was and still is a total laughing stock. Though isn’t it only right that humankind make light of what it’s unable to understand?Nanba was born with a mind that seemed to soak up information at an alarming rate. His first words coming out at only 7 months old. Becoming fully articulate at speaking at 4 years of age. Reading high school textbooks at 5, acing a college entrance exam at 11. His mind just couldn’t stop. There lies the problem though. His mind just kept going and going, seeing beyond the veils of the contemporary and accepted. Researching well beyond what was commonly set in stone as possible or impossible. His mind advancing more and more.So far advanced from the current state of the world he was simply labeled insane from the moment he was able to speak about his discoveries to the public. Talk about geniuses being unappreciated in their time. Though most would call ideas such as these insane.“Within each particle of existence lies an abundant source of energy dating back to its very conception! It’s the reason matter can’t simply be destroyed, only changed”!“The means of interstellar travel is well within our grasp! We don’t need engines with more power or stronger fuel, we simply need to fold space itself and physically shorten the distance we need to travel”!Or the one that made this particular scientific mind infamous.“The magical creatures we’ve seen documented in fairy tale and folk lore are most certainly real! Their origins lie in a case by case basis of integration of interdimensional species on earth, prehistoric uses of genetic modification and spontaneous introduction of cosmic radiation to known species”!Needless to say he was laughed out of mainstream scientific groups. Essentially forced into isolation aside from the company he chose to keep. Working away in his research compound. Very slowly letting his inventions and discoveries loose into the world to see how they would effect society.These days it’s very rare for him to even go by any titles despite his multiple doctorates. He feels he’s just a little known madman trying to make the world better a little bit at a time. Even if that very world has no idea he’s doing it.The only hurdle his mind seemingly has yet to overcome…would be the very body it’s housed in. Nanba‘s physical attributes seemed to have been left to the wayside in order to make way for his intelligence. Frail and easily bruised. Barely enough stamina to run for more then a couple minutes and most elderly people can lift more weight the he can. He’s often embarrassed about having such limitations and often walks around his compound in an enhancing exo-suit in order to operate more efficiently, as well as to try and cut a more intimidating figure then his normal short skinny self ever could.

(Flashback S.S) Pokemon Vex

11/23/2022 06:51 PM 

My Pokemon

​​​​​​Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Fight&Steel Speed: 3Agility: 4Luck: 1Strength: 3Endurance: 3Heart: 3Will: 3 12 stamina Please leave a list of abilities your character has.   Sunsteel Strikeメテオドライブ Meteor Drive Battles Type  Steel Category  Physical PP  5 (max. 8) Power  100 Accuracy  100% Makes contact Affected by Protect Not affected by Magic Coat Not affected by Snatch Affected by Mirror Move Affected by King's Rock Target Foe Foe Foe Self Ally Ally May affect anyone adjacent to the user Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Psychic&Fighter Speed: 2Agility: 3Luck: 3Strength: 2Endurance: 3Heart: 4Will: 4 Please leave a list of abilities your character has.   Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Fight&Steel Speed: 3Agility: 4Luck: 1Strength: 3Endurance: 3Heart: 3Will: 3 12 stamina Please leave a list of abilities your character has.   Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Fight&Steel Speed: 3Agility: 4Luck: 1Strength: 3Endurance: 3Heart: 3Will: 3 12 stamina Please leave a list of abilities your character has.   Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Fight&Steel Speed: 3Agility: 4Luck: 1Strength: 3Endurance: 3Heart: 3Will: 3 12 stamina Please leave a list of abilities your character has.   Name: TBD Age: TBD Type: Fight&Steel Speed: 3Agility: 4Luck: 1Strength: 3Endurance: 3Heart: 3Will: 3 12 stamina Please leave a list of abilities your character has.  


11/23/2022 01:39 PM 


Rather than rules, I went for guidelines, but the effect is the same.1 - Please don't God Mod. I know Sesshomaru is a popular character, and a lot of people have a strong idea of how he 'should' be written. Allow me to do this my way.2 - I write multi ship. I enjoy writing romance but it needs to be within a story.3 - I do like random starters, so long as they are a para+, nothing bores me more than a one line story.4 - I am busy in real life. Please, please, please do not send me multiple messages to see what I am doing. I work hard and I am here as often as this allows. Sometimes, I just get tired and want to sleep, not be pestered. That said, if I have not logged in for a few days, please feel free to check in - just not every hour!5 - RP =/= RL. Please do not confuse the two. 

Book Worm

11/23/2022 01:30 PM 


I'll get my rules out of the way18 plus please, even if it’s SFW it makes me uncomfortable to write with minorsI can write anything from a few lines to multiple paragraphs, but I prefer 1-2 paragraphs and ask for you to at least do half a paragraph when I write oneI’m an understanding person! I’ll wait about a week to remind you, unless you inform me if you’re busy (and I can see that you’re actively online) and I don’t have a reply in 2-3 weeks I’ll delete you when I clean out my friends listEnglish isn’t my first language, mistakes happen and sometimes things are worded weird. I get it. Please have some basic grammar thoughI have a few years of experience when it comes to roleplaying and I consider myself a decent writer. I like to have fun, and I enjoy all sorts of roleplays but romance must be a part of it. I find myself getting bored when romance isn’t involved. I can definitely work with dark themes and personally love them, and I work very well with them! I hope to write with you ❤


11/23/2022 01:24 PM 

Plot Ideas!

To make things easy to reference, here are some ideas that I would like to write:1 - Modern Day AU. This could involve: time travel. Sesshomaru waking up in the modern era. Gang related wars. Demons announcing themselves to the world and taking over. Demons announcing themselves to the world and being treated like 3rd class citizens - anything in the modern world.2 - Arranged Marriage AU - for some reason, we have to get married. It might not be a willing partnership at first, but it would be fun to write them working through that.3 - Stick together - Our characters are unable to move more then ten foot away from one another. Whoops!4 - Pirate Setting - because that would be hilarious.5 - Naraku won - Oh No. The world is a wasteland and now we have to survive and maybe, just maybe, fight him off. 6 - Historical AU - THe story is set in a certain time period of history - this one clearly would need work!!

Scott "Snow"

11/23/2022 11:24 PM 

Please read my rules, if you'd be so kind.

1. Please do not reply with anything less than a paragraph? At least try and put some effort into our lovely story yes? Anything less than a paragraph will result in some words, nothing to harsh of course and well if that doesn't work I'll take my leave from your friend's list and wish you a nice day.2. My character is mine to control, no one elses. No other character or creator will control him. Simple as that, any attempts will be met with a warning and further attempts will result in being removed.3. I will not have mutes or collectors running about on my list, please understand it's nothing personal I just don't like having people on my list that never plan on talking let alone creating a story with me. Again this is nothing personal, just isn't really my thing.4. Life is...odd lately so please understand I will not be on all day everyday, I work overnights from 10 pm to 7 am then I get home and don't head to sleep till around 12. My online presence here will be odd to say the least, I'm often on discord so if you'd like to add me there feel free however be warned I'm not sure I'll accept all requests. My discord is on my profile, even there I'm not on 24/7 365.5. Let's discuss replies shall we? We all get to replies at different paces, I unfortunately get around to them when I can and if I feel I'm in the right mood to offer a good reply. If I'm in a mood where I believe I won't offer the best reply then I won't be replying, simple as that. I hope you can understand that and for that you have my apologies, therefore I will never rush for a reply nor do I expect to be rushed for one. There are a few other things that people must understand that I wish more would bring up. Everyone despite what they may say have favorite stories that they're creating with others, this is very understandable because if you're enjoying something so much of course you wish to carry on further and faster (for the most part).Not everyone lives in the same timezone as well, life can come out of left field like a truck and things can get out of hand. There are more than a few reasons that replies aren't coming, one might just not feel like replying at all but maybe be active in stream/status' and that's understandable and acceptable. So please, don't rush as I will not rush you for replies.6. I've been role playing for some time now, probably longer than I'd like to admit however it's only be recently in the last year or so I recently picked it back up so I'm still a tad rusty. Please bare with me and forgive me, I'm sure I'll be back to doing well in the near future with a fair amount of practice and relpies (when they do go out).7. I'm fairly open to new things so please never be afraid to ask if you'd like me to try something out just please refrain from doing so further should I decline alright? I like most others do not like being placed in uncomfortable situations, if I should ever cause one of these please make me aware as I do suffer from Severe ADHD and my focuse most of the time is rather..not all there? To say the least.Should I ever need to add more in the future whenever that may be I will do so, anyhow thank you for reading this far and have a lovely day, afternoon, evening or night!


11/22/2022 09:31 PM 

Fox's Laws

1. Grammar and spelling is a must. We all make mistakes but NO TEXT TALK at all. You'll be blocked. Only warning. 2. DARK THEMES!! I specialize in dark themes. Sex, drugs, alcohol, non-con, and so on.3. My character is pansexual and poly. Having one mate is boring. Having many is fun and having them take her is even more fun.4. Even though she is pan and poly, rps MUST be story driven. Period!!5.NO DRAMA!! Drama in rp is fine but no ooc drama!! You will be blocked!!That's it for now. More to come if needed.


11/22/2022 08:42 PM 

muse playlist.

margo - the other side{ They say I'm the devilSo I painted my heart blackI kinda like the danger (I kinda like the danger)So I'm never turning back }kyle stibbs - die for me{ Die for meYou would do it slowlyDo it painfully and drawn out over yearsVanish your potential, I'm not feeling sentimentalYou died for meHold the tears }nick lutsko - sometimes{ Sometimes you gotta finish what you shouldn't have startedSometimes you gotta shoot before you see the targetSometimes Daddy's gonna say, "You're not worth the price to pay"Sometimes the tunnel only leads to darkness }wintersleep - orca{ I'll be a tidal wave when I grow upCrashing on harboursI'll be a temperamental elementA raging waterI'll be a perfect storm swallowing overI'll be a killer whale when I grow upI'll be a monster }jharia - bad luck{ And I would do it againI'm not sorry but thank youFor enduring meAs long as you didThat's more than I'd ever ask of you }blue kid - the dismemberment song{ So don't you squirmDon't you fretI'm not going to hurt you, yet!I just feel the need to be gettin' a little of youA lot of blood lettingI know the sensation you're probably dreadingFor cutting you up will be so refreshing for me! }whitey - let's fake love { Yeah, you can own meKnock me to my kneesBut don't fake love with me, unless you mean itDon't fake love with me, unless you mean it }whitfield fahrenheit - this old house { this old house has been around for yearsseen its share of grief and tearsthe backs of dead men make a poor foundationand there's plenty of the dead around here }skittish - love lies bleeding { You haunt this little heartTear my world apartLove lies bleeding, not too late to make that season,Not too late to keep that feelingThe days are gone, they’re gone }



11/21/2022 05:35 PM 

Stood and puffed your chest out like you never lost a war.There were no gaps to grasp or cracks to claw. _Set sail from sense, bring all her youngSet sail from where we once begunWhile we wait, while we wait_I got a great idea,I'm gonna wait right here I got a great idea.I'm gonna wait right herewhile everything is happening_Everyone I know is sad_And if the world don't break, I'll be shaken.  

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