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✨༺ ✨ Celestial Priestess Lucy ✨༺ ✨

11/20/2022 09:09 PM 

Roleplay Rules
Current mood:  calm

1: I have a real life apart from aniroleplay.I am currently going back to school and doing chores that need to get done. My replies might be slow or take longer than normal. I have to finish my schoolwork.There will be days when we all have good and bad days and don't feel like responding to roleplay; we simply need a day to relax. 2: Lucy is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone. Yes, I will ship someone if they both agree, consent, and bond with me.Multi-ship is possibly what I'm thinking of here. 3: I like romance and marriage, but a good storyline should build up to it rather than jump right into it. 4: When roleplaying, inject some levity into your writing and creative ideas to keep it interesting and avoid boredom for both parties. 5: Please be respectful of me, and if you have any issues or problems, please let me know so that we can work it out. 6: I am not just a number that can be added and hung up on the shelf. 7: I'm thinking about starting a Discord server, but I'm not sure if I've informed you yet.. 8:Just add—don't just vanish and vanish from the face of the earth. 9:If we started a friendship and you find a muse, please be respectful of the friendship that has begun to form and do not ghost them because you have found someone you like better and are pushing what you can do. I've had bad experiences with people doing this to me; it's not fun and can ruin friendships. I'm here to roleplay and enjoy the creator's fantastic story. 10:I am not a sex toy you think you can just meet, have fun with a one-night stand, and throw away. You want anything to happen between us, and it has to be earned and built into the plot.1: I have a real life apart from aniroleplay.I am currently going back to school and doing chores that need to get done. My replies might be slow or take longer than normal. I have to finish my schoolwork.There will be days when we all have good and bad days and don't feel like responding to roleplay; we simply need a day to relax. 2: Lucy is currently single and not in a relationship with anyone. Yes, I will ship someone if they both agree, consent, and bond with me.Multi-ship is possibly what I'm thinking of here. 3: I like romance and marriage, but a good storyline should build up to it rather than jump right into it. 4: When roleplaying, inject some levity into your writing and creative ideas to keep it interesting and avoid boredom for both parties. 5: Please be respectful of me, and if you have any issues or problems, please let me know so that we can work it out. 6: I am not just a number that can be added and hung up on the shelf. 7: I'm thinking about starting a Discord server, but I'm not sure if I've informed you yet.. 8:Just add—don't just vanish and vanish from the face of the earth. 9:If we started a friendship and you find a muse, please be respectful of the friendship that has begun to form and do not ghost them because you have found someone you like better and are pushing what you can do. I've had bad experiences with people doing this to me; it's not fun and can ruin friendships. I'm here to roleplay and enjoy the creator's fantastic story. 10:I am not a sex toy you think you can just meet, have fun with a one-night stand, and throw away. You want anything to happen between us, and it has to be earned and built into the plot.

☆Shinigami ☆

11/20/2022 07:02 PM 

sample introduction post { open to reply }
Current mood:  adored

At the end of the street, a young female in her mid-twenties stood waiting for a friend to go out to eat in town. It had been a long time since she had seen this friend and wanted to have a good time hanging out with her for a long time. The village was good to her once she had migrated from Hanabiragakure no Satou to Konohagakure no Satou. She was transferring because her family was attacked by enemy shinobi and she was put with Konohagakure where she has protection around the clock where her father's enemies were coming after her now that she was gone. In the middle of the week, Akira was happy to get out of the house and spend time with normal people and not doctors and therapists about what happened to her that night. She hadn't spoken for over two months after her alleged attack. She was silent for being so paranoid about the situation  - she was born into, however, it didn't mean that she had to bring others into it and not have real horror in her life like the boogie man or something. She was trying not to think of it as she always did with having therapy and taking medication. She was somewhat irritated with thinking about it and somewhat hated that she had to do it to stay mellow and sane enough to think straight.She waited for a few moments more and in the distance of the gates of Konohagakure for her friend to return from her mission to welcome her back from where she had been for her mission. She wanted to know how it went and to help her document the mission with the Hokage. She was somewhat hungry as well; maybe they could go get something to eat after they got the paperwork done and sometime soon they could do something within the village. She was looking forward to her friend coming home and was excited that today was the day that she was home at last. "Welcome home!" she said and waved to her. "It's a nice day why don't we take a walk along the river!"


11/20/2022 06:38 PM 

Female only and Male only accounts

 This is just an opinion blog. My own opinion.On a site for crafting stories, it makes zero sense to favor a gender unless you plan on going all sexual predator on them. Be careful out there ladies and gents.


11/20/2022 12:28 PM 

Partly About Me!

There is some Batman's out there in the Roleplaying World that would use foul language, auto murder, and harassing others for no replying within 5 to 10 minutes! I'm not that individual he pops up on Roleplayer a lot but not sure if he does on here. So a Veteran Roleplayer like myself I would not do anything childish. Bruce Wayne supposed to be mature, and smart. Not reckless unless something happened in a storyline. Gotham is Gotham.

☆ 𝓞𝓾𝓽𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 ☆

11/20/2022 03:17 PM 

Guidelines ☆

☆  Writing - I prefer spontaneous interactions over plotted ones. I find plotting stories to be boring often times. Spontaneous interactions allow for organic interactions, bond building and story building.☆  Shipping - I have decided to do multi shipping on this account. There is no particular reason for this other than it seems to be the norm for this verse. I will do single ship if the right partner  comes along. Please note that I am heterosexual so I will only accept male ship partners for this reason. I ship with chemistry with my character.  Communication is key. No one likes to feel lonely.☆  Drama - Please keep drama to in character writing I will tolerate no OOC drama. I am far too old to deal with it anymore. I do appreciate being given the heada up about problematic people and will do the same for others as well.☆  OOC - I am always open to out of character chatter. Either on status, in messages, comments and even on discord. I am happy to give my discord out to those who want it. I will banter and write on discord as well with little issue.☆  Patience - I have 2 other profiles that I write on. I am also a single mother of a toddler so please understand tjat I try to reply as fast as I can but that doesn't always happen. Please do not rush me I will always get to everyone!I will add more if I think of anything!


11/19/2022 06:49 PM 

Sexy mature profiles be like...



11/19/2022 12:22 AM 

Mellori: The Sun Cursed

Mellori: The Sun CursedName: Mellori Velkas Age: Unknown. Possibly beyond 100.Species: Snow Elf. Personality: Mellori is quiet and prefers to keep to herself, though she is kind. She spends much time in temples or sacred places, feeling the energy which resides within them. She has access to basically any type of magick you can imagine, and has had many years to become an expert at them all. However, her people are known among locals as reclusive, and spend no time among the outside world unless it is to forage or buy supplies. They are called the sun cursed, due to an extreme sensitivity to the sun. It is unknown if this is the result of an actual curse, or just an extreme sensitivity. In any case, any snow elf who has been exposed to the sun has become blind, though some are lucky and avoid this fate, leading to blind snow elves being much more common than non blind snow elves. Mellori is the perfect traveling companion, as she will never interrupt you with a useless fact. And you need not guide her. She knows these lands like the back of her hand. Backstory: Mellori was born hundreds of years ago. Her people were once a thriving, rich people. But their often peaceful nature meant that those who sought to gain had nothing to fight against. They were sent underground, where they lived for centuries. When they emerged, they were blinded. Believing themselves to have been forsaken by the sun, they retreated back underground. Normal magick would not heal their blindness. Not even the most experienced mages could break the curse that had befallen them. The truth? A mixture of genetic albinism and a magick curse. Their distinctive appearance is due to their genetics, from which a snow elf will always have white hair, and lighter eyes. Their skin almost unnnaturally pale, and if they are lucky, they will not have to deal with the Curse of the Sun. Mellori has mastered several forms of magick, and despite that, cannot heal the blindness that befalls her people. It is unknown if the curse can be broken at all. She wanders from town to town, the most noteworthy the white robes covering all of her skin, and the blindfold over her eyes. Despite this, she can fight as well as a seeing warrior, though she prefers to avoid such combat. However, don't expect her to sit by and do nothing while you fight. There are other ways to see.  

☆Shinigami ☆

11/18/2022 06:45 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

+ No drama about anything and everything on this page - period, I won't deal with high school bullsh*t on the internet as I am a 33-year-old in real life and that stuff is a waste of time. + No minors - I do not tolerate pedophiles being here on my list and if I find you on here you will be: Blocked, Reported, and Deleted { not necessarily in that order }+ Put some effort into writing with me; I don't want to become the only one writing back and forth coming up with all the ideas and responses.+ I will not have all the time in the world to be online as sometimes I'm offline doing grown-up things like taking care of the house and taking care of myself, which includes working out, cleaning, and taking showers. I am someone who is disabled but that doesn't mean you can talk down to me either.+ This brings me to my following rule; no harassment, discrimination, bullying, or humiliation of anyone on my list, including myself. + Please show some respect and do NOT steal from my page the information or the images! + I prefer using messages but if you're into using messages for roleplaying and comments for discussing roleplays and storylines then that's fine with me too.+ Literacy is almost always expected but not mandatory and if you have problems with certain phrases or how to write something don't be shy and do not respond. Simply message me on my discord or send a message OOC and we will discuss the situation. I do use complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation as I write in third person format and 3-5 sentence paragraphs. I will also say that I can top 5 paragraphs in less than 100 seconds after being tested at school in typing and accuracy when we type. { this is all for now. More will be added when the time comes. }

Albino Shinigami

11/18/2022 10:31 PM 

Zanpakuto and Abilities

Omniyouji AbilitiesSouunkatsu carries a set of prayer beads.  Which activated has the potential of changing his opponent's power level to equal to his.  If the opponent is weaker than him, then they will get a power boost.  If they are stronger, then they will get weaker.  Basically evens out the playing field with them.  As Souunkatsu's persona is about balance.  It plays a key role in this ability.  It can play a significant role during his fights as he can exploit his opponent's reaction to the change.  Stronger foes who have a habit in using their power to dominate their weaker opponent will struggle against someone their level while weaker ones may become overconfident and lose control of their sense of their new power level.  It is what he used to defeat a powerful demon named Hirokaru Tsukeru in the first place.  Though with those who are used to fighting opponents who are equal to their strengths have no impact on whatsoever.To activate this power, he just ties his beads to his zanpakuto before he releases it.  The beads would begin to bless the zanpakuto.  Once released, it will purify any demon around him and clense any miasma.Souunkatsu Wataku's ZanpakutoNinbasutaiga - Nimbus TigerAttract and RepelShikai Ability - MagnetismIn sealed state, it is a katana with a slight wide blade.  The blade steel is slightly denser and heavier then normal.  It also has the tendency to cling to metal objects as it is slightly magnetic.  But no more stronger then a regular magnet.  Which maybe useful to disarm his opponent's attack.  The scabbard is white, hilt is royal purple and the pummel, tsuka and tsuba are brass.  The tsuba takes a slight swirl shape with the pattern of yin and yang.In released state the sword turns into a nagamaki with the tsuba taking a slight U shape with the ends pointing at the blade tip.  It only covers the base of the blade and tsuka.  The hilt or pole of the nagamaki has a royal purple weave.  With Souunkatsu about 6'2 in height.  The Nagamaki length stands up to his shoulders.  The blade is sligtly dense and heavy as the katana form is.The main ability of the shikai is magnetism.  It is strong enough to pull the weapons of normal shinigami out of their hands and cling onto the blade of the nagamaki.  As a former captain of squad 10, he often used this shikai to disarm criminal shinigami to be apprehended.Jikidenka - Magnetic Charge - A projectile attack where he gathers energy within the nagamaki and slings it.  The projectile once it hits will feel quite heavy and dense.  Capable of going through whatever it hits like a bullet.  The attack happens very quickly and often leaves very little room to evade.Bankai - Shiroi Ninbasutaiga, Kuroi Chikyudoragon - White Nimbus Tiger, Black Earth DragonBankai metaphor - Equilibrium of Yin and Yang.The nagamaki becomes slightly larger and gains a second blade at the other end.  It appears identical to the first blade.  Except the U on the other points inward.  Both blades are highly magnetic.  The magnetic field on the weapon is connected as one blade is north and the other south poles.  He gains a third blade which is shaped as a chakram that is disconnected from the nagamaki and it is also magnetic.  He uses the push and pull mechanism to control the third blade.  Launching it at his opponents and having it return to him.  Another part of the bankai is that a huge magnetic field surrounds Souunkatsu.  Which he can pull anything made of metal torwards him.  Make it magnetic and sling it back.  He also has the ability to repel most kido or cero based attacks with the nagamaki's magnetic field.  Ninbasutaigasutomu - Nimbus Tiger StormHe can spin his nagamaki in high velocity which soon to generate electricity.  He uses this and the magnetic push to sling the electric bolt.  He can repeat this to send out a rain of electric bolts.  The pulses are only strong enough to cause some debilitation.  Enough for them to sit still for him to launch the chakram at them.Ororasutoraiki - Aurora Borealis StrikeAnother powerful attack from the bankai.  To initiate it requires some build up overtime.  The amount of energy stored within the magnetic field gather within the tips of the blades of the zanpakuto or the pummel if they are pulled apart.  All the electricity he absorbs, the sunlight, radiation, lightning and even some spiritual pressure from kido or ceros all channel and store into the zanpakuto.  Before he sends it out it starts to charge at the tip of the blade he is going to launch it from.  This would take the color of pink or green or sometimes both.  Then he launches it at his opponent.  The energy sprays outward what looks like a colorful lightshow.  The attack can be much more powerful then a cero upon impact.  If it hits his opponent or objects.  It will explode or cause significant damage.Tetsuame - Iron Rain - When in effect he can transform any metal objects that are attracted to the magnetic storm.  The metal is magnetized and transformed into sharp shards which can be rained upon his opponent.  Due to the force of the magnetic repelling.  The metal shards drop quite rapidly.Visored AbilitiesMaskHe often charges his cero on his finger tip or on his sword tip.  He also swings his sword while launching his cero to spread it's range in a wider setting.  It sacrifices the distance for coverage.While he is in his masked state, his eyes are unaffected by sunlight or any light.

Albino Shinigami

11/18/2022 10:14 PM 

Bleach Souunkatsu Wataku

Name: Souunkatsu WatakuNickname: SouunTitle/Rank/: Former CaptainSpecies (Soul, Human, etc): VisoredSquad (if one): Formerly 10Clan/Family: WatakuAge:  Similar age as Kaien.Date of Birth: October 10thGender: MalePersonality: Calm and often quiet.  However when he was a Captain he was a respected leader and took his position seriously.  He is also very loyal to his family as he planned on having his twin sister Suisei and his younger brother transfer to his squad.  As a visored, he often wants to keep to himself, but will only answer a favor from Urahara Kisuke.  Despite him being an exile, he holds no ill will against the Soul Society and thus remain loyal to them.  His loyalty and deep understanding of why he is exiled made him untrustworthy to some of the other visoreds.He likes the color of indigo and deep purple.  He also likes peaches and his favorite animal is the white tiger.  He dislikes pumpkin and any dairy product.Physical Traits: Primary trait is his Albinism.  Long white straight hair and pale blue eyes that will sometimes appear red in light angles.  Milky pale skin.Height: 6'2Body Type: Average and slightly muscular.Appearance: Often in soul form, he wears his shihakusho and his shaw over it.  He only uses his gigai to get food and other necessities for his home.  However he is seen as a tall somewhat muscular albino man with long white hair and pale blue eyes.History- He was born in the 4th District of Rukongai.  The first born of his family.  When he was young his reiatsu grew quick.  At age of thirteen he was able to join the Shino Academy where he met Kaien Shiba whom he often trained with.  Because that they both were at the top of their class. They were often used as prime examples for other students to mirror.  This brought a lot of attention to many captains to him.  He would immediately be placed in Squad 6 after his graduation as 3rd Seat and a bodyguard for the Kuchiki Clan.  He used any free time he had to hone in his skills.  Like the tiger which was a symbol of power and strength which represents him well, his power levels grew within a short time.  He was able to achieve Bankai.  Eventually he was recommended by Ginrei Kuchiki to become captain.  As a Captain he was given a mission to bring a select few shinigami and head to the World of the Living.  He would arrive in the city of Nagasaki.  There he would witness the destruction human kind could do to another.  He would use his bankai to protect his party from the radiation that came with the destruction.  He spent many days cleansing souls and killing hollows.He would also defeat a powerful demon named Hirokaru.  But not without injuries.  The demon manage to use his chaotic energy to destroy the seal of his soul chain.  When he returned to the Soul Society.  He mysteriously felt ill and he undergone hollowfication.  A few shinigami who cared about him had helped him escape to the World of the Living.In the World of the Living, he was discovered by Urahara Kisuke who would try to help him to take control of his visored abilities.  After Urahara's help, he would wander off in the outskirts of Karakura Town into a bamboo forest where he finds an old Omniyouji Temple which he makes as his new home.


11/17/2022 09:57 PM 

Noctora Character
Current mood:  stressed

Noctora (OC)SUGGESTED VERSES: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Modern/Fantasy, Supernatural, Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill, Elden Ring, Zelda, Pokémon, Final FantasyONE WORD: BalanceNOTICEABLE FEATURES: Normal: blonde haired and blue eyes with glassesWhen transitioned: Platinum hair with amber eyes, jagged and sharp black and red armor, face mask-esque maskABILITIES: Can conjure light and dark powers under the correct mood and conditionsCHARACTER: What is my purpose in life, you ask? Well, that varies from time to time but there's only one thing that is consistent; I am what I need to be. This time, I need to be the necessary Darkness that binds the Light together. For all of our sakes. (WIP)

ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴀᴍᴏɴɢꜱᴛ ꜱᴇɴᴊᴜ

11/17/2022 12:49 PM 


Never thought I'd have to make rules on the site we are:Rule #1: This is by far my most important rule and I wish for it to be respected. I am taken by Madara (Occular Emperor). All intimate, romance, 18+ writing in any intimate form is reserved for him and him alone. I am not a multi shipper. Also please do not ask me if I am taken in rl because that will not make a difference. I am in fact taken by the writer behind Occular Emperor. So please refrain from continuously asking. I tell you no it's that simple. This also includes people who roleplay underage characters. That is a no no for me. I will warn you now. If you cannot respect boundaries then I will block you. I hand out warnings and give chances for you to straighten out. You wish to keep going you will be blocked. Thank you.Rule #2: I do not mind discussing out of character problems. If you need someone to talk to I will listen. However please do not drag me into the drama. I try to keep my page drama free unless it's in character. I do mostly spar roleplay and drama with mostly everyone else. However I can adjust my character to roleplay in various worlds. Rule #3: I am an OC yes and I love roleplaying with other OCs as well as canon characters. If you feel the need to make fun of the way someone else writes please remove yourself from my page. I support all writers. Nobody is perfect and if you're new to roleplay then I will do my best to help you out.Rule #4: This is my last rule but it's also important: Please for the love of the sage of the six paths please just write and have fun. We're all here to escape real life issues. All I ask is you try. Effort means more then anything to me. So please don't stress about everything being perfect. Just have fun with what you write and have fun expressing yourself as well as your character. these rules are not many but I value these and please ask you to respect them. I have respect for everyone on my page but I also have respect for those who I have bonded with outside of the roleplaying universe and I have respect for myself as well as boundaries. So please. And thank you. Have a wonderful day everyone.~Sincerely, The Writer behind Moriko Senju (Demon Amongst Senju)


11/17/2022 01:14 PM 

Packing extra profiles be like...


pretty bird (Taken by my Hero)

11/16/2022 09:20 PM 

Interracial Love

Interracial LoveI found love, not within my racebut in another ethnic placewho put a shine of love upon my face.The love we share does not define the color of our skinit‘s an emotional love that was created from within.Our hearts have been filled with lasting emotions fromthe Creator above this allows us to see unconditionallove.I would not have found a matelike you being exceptionally great.I am glad we did not allow the racist hateto separate our mindsfor we have created a special bind.We are an idol that exemplifies a love that has nolimitations or stagnation.Whenever we hold each other closeour hearts exchange warm affection.That gives us a strong love connectionwe have for one another which is a wonderful treasureof lasting pleasure.I am pleased that we are togetherand our love will be forever.Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

pretty bird (Taken by my Hero)

11/16/2022 09:11 PM 

You Make Me a Believer (Pain)

Maria squinted a little as she overheard a knock at her door. Maria turned toward it, wondering who could be coming to her house this late. The only person that she could imagine that it even could be was Carol. Maria got up from her seat on the couch, standing up as she headed around to answer the door.    “Who’s there?” Maria called out just in case, not wanting to give an entryway to someone that she did not want coming into her house.    “It’s the pizzaman,” Carol’s voice rang out, and Maria relaxed immediately at the sound. However, she could not help but feel just a little concern as she overheard the strange pain in Carol’s tone. She immediately wondered if Carol’s father had hit her again. It was pretty much the obvious explanation for why Carol was coming over this late.    Maria unlocked the deadbolt and the doorknob, opening it, and Carol was standing there in the doorway, her hand grasping the frame. Carol glanced at the doorknob before offering Maria a slight smirk.    “You worried about the bogeyman coming to get you?” Carol quipped, raising an eyebrow and only really succeeding in looking bedraggled rather than sassy as she looked at the taller woman. Maria offered her a onceover, concern in her eyes as she waved her in.    “Hey, what are you doing here so late?” she asked, and Carol moved her head in a noncommittal gesture as she stepped in the doorway. Maria closed it behind her, and Carol stopped there as she turned around to look at her.    “Dad,” Carol explained simply, only needing one word to tell Maria everything. Her voice was strained but Maria attributed that to wherever Carol’s father had hit her this time.    Maria felt her heart aching at the sight of the poor woman that she considered a younger sister, and she moved in, wrapping her arms around her as she pulled her against her. That man made Maria’s blood boil and it made her want to do horrible things to him. Or at least things that were in equal measure to what he had done to Carol in the past.    “Carol… I’m sorry,” Maria whispered as she hugged her, her hands resting on Carol’s back. To her surprise, she realized that Carol’s back was strangely moist.    Furrowing her brow, Maria patted Carol’s back gently mid-hug, trying to understand the dampness that she was feeling just underneath her grasp. After only a moment, she swiftly realized that it was more than just dampness and that it was actually a full-fledged wetness. Carol’s back was drenched, and while Maria knew that Carol had more of a tendency to sweat than Maria, she also knew that this was a little much for her usual sweating.    And with that thought, something possessed Maria to check and make sure it was sweat in the first place. Maria carefully raised her hand up behind Carol to look at it from where she had Carol in her arms.    To her absolute shock, she quickly realized that her palm was stained a dark, rich red color. Her eyes widened in horror, and she jumped back and away from the blonde, gaping at her in utter terror.    Carol had a rather intense wince on her face from where Maria had been so unknowingly touching the injury. As soon as Maria pulled away, however, she forced a bit of a smile, a very much strained easiness written in her face as she looked at the older woman. Maria looked at her in horror, trying to angle her head to get a better look at Carol’s back.    “Carol—”    “It’s fine, I’m okay… Just needs a little cleaning,” Carol assured her as she forced her voice to come out in some semblance of casualness, smiling weakly as she started to try to make her way to the couch. Maria turned quickly to grab her around her stomach, but as soon as she faced the blonde, Carol collapsed to the floor heavily.    “Carol!” Maria yelped helplessly, and Carol was lying there limply on the ground before her.    Terror ran through Maria like ice in her veins, and she scrambled to Carol’s side, feeling for a pulse in an attempt to soothe the sheer panic coursing through her. She quickly found one, but she knew she only had a little time. It was not a strong one, and there was no telling how much blood that Carol had lost coming over to her place.    Carol’s shirt was ripped in different places, but one jagged line was cut in part of it. Maria swallowed hard as she raised the back of Carol’s shirt to examine what was underneath and to her horror, Carol’s light skin was riddled with an awful, jagged cut, and there was even some glass sticking out of it.    Maria swallowed hard before rising up and hurrying over to the telephone on the wall, swiftly starting to call 911.    She looked over at the blonde lying on the floor, fear running through her.    All she could do was hope that they got there fast.         ………………………………………………………………………………………………………            Carol opened her eyes slowly, quickly realizing that she was lying on her side. She blinked, wincing a little as she took in the hospital lighting surrounding her.    “Carol,” a familiar voice rang out, and Carol blearily looked up, trying to catch sight of the owner of the voice. She soon spotted Maria coming over to her bedside quickly, and Carol tried to smile at least a little. She struggled to try to move and lift herself into a sitting position, but there was a stress on the skin of her back and pain ran through her back in a dulled sensation.    “No, no, don’t do that. Just lay down,” Maria chastised in that manner that was so typical of her.    Carol simply swallowed as she chose not to fight the older woman. Maria sat down in a chair next to the bed, reaching out as she softly took Carol’s hand. Carol looked at her carefully, seeing the worry etched into Maria’s features.    “I’m okay,” Carol whispered to her, squeezing her hand as she looked at her.    Maria shook her head, and Carol could see the slight beginnings of anger forming in her gaze. Carol resisted the urge to wince, knowing that she was in the wrong. However, she also knew that underneath the nice mask of anger, there was also intense fear and panic just underneath Maria’s irritation with her.    “Just barely,” Maria shot back, and Carol huffed a little, trying to muster a smile despite her pain.    “Y’know, you sound almost like I’m in the wrong for being okay?” Carol pointed out carefully. Maria narrowed her eyes immediately, setting her jaw a little, and Carol knew that she had pushed them directly over the line and into dangerous territory.    “You are absolutely incredible,” Maria incredulously mused aloud, and Carol smirked just barely.    “So I’ve been told,” Carol risked, knowing that she was pushing her luck at this point but figuring that she would go ahead and go for it anyway. Maria shook her head, a humorless chuckle passing between her lips.    “Oh, that was not meant as a compliment,” Maria clarified, and Carol chuckled under her breath, grimacing slightly as she readied herself for the tongue-lashing that she was doubtlessly about to receive.    “What is wrong with you?! You come up on my doorstep, are bleeding out, and somehow it never occurs to you to go to the hospital first and foremost?!” Maria cried. She did not bother giving Carol a chance to respond, and she got up, pulling her hand out of Carol’s as she stood up and started pacing.    “And then when you get to my place, you’re cutting up and carrying on like everything’s hunky-dory. Well, of course, until you pass out flat on my floor!” Maria declared, gaping at Carol as she tried to get across her point. Carol just watched her carefully, knowing that Maria was just venting her fears at this point.    “I’m sorry, Maria. I should’ve said something as soon as I got there. I just didn’t go to the hospital because I trust you more than doctors anyway,” Carol confessed, and Maria sighed deeply, her features softening as she silently accepted the words.    However, after just a few moments, Maria looked away, seeming to lose herself in thought. As she did, she suddenly shook her head as something venomous entered her gaze and her jaw clenched.    “Your father… He did this to you?” she questioned, finally addressing Carol more directly than she had during the totality of this rant so far. Carol sighed tiredly, figuring that it was not worth even trying to deny it. She nodded finally, and Maria shook her head slowly, pure rage coming onto her face.    “This… This has gotten out of hand,” Maria declared, and Carol nodded tiredly, knowing that she was right and finding herself strangely tired. She was ready to accept the fact that her father was not going to change and that he had hurt her to the point of almost killing her this time.    “I know,” she replied calmly, and Maria let out a deep exhale.    “And, Carol, I know that you hate for me to rant and rage about him, but this is the last straw!” Maria warned, sounding very close to yelling about it as she grew increasingly agitated.    “I know,” Carol peaceably responded, not about to fight her on this.    “He could’ve killed you!” Maria cried, and Carol tiredly nodded.    “I know, I know,” Carol agreed as she tried to offer Maria some manner of reassurance in her own solidarity with Maria’s anger.    It was the first time that Carol had actually fully verbally agreed with Maria about her father, and it was primarily because she knew that she could not live there with her father any longer. She was honestly extremely glad that she had finally managed to get confirmation of her place on base.    Maria let out a long breath, walking back over to Carol’s bedside as she plopped back down in the chair. She was visibly trying to calm down, and Carol thanked the heavens above that she had such an incredible older sister figure that was so willing to go to bat for her.    Carol extended her hand once more, her fingers touching Maria’s knee. Maria took Carol’s hand without hesitation, soft affection in her touch.    “So… Are you going to tell me what set him off this time? And what exactly happened?” Maria finally asked, exhaustion in her voice as Carol picked up on the forced calmness in her tone. Carol swallowed hard as she remembered the start of the argument.    “Well, I told him the news,” Carol softly started, and Maria furrowed her brow, her gaze snapping to Carol’s quizzically as she tried to decipher Carol’s meaning.    “About what?” Maria finally asked, a trepidation in her voice as she voiced the question. Carol took in a breath, attempting to steady herself as she shifted where she was lying on her side.    “About getting into the Airforce,” Carol explained herself, and Maria’s eyes went somewhat wide as she stared at her.    While Carol’s father had known that Carol did not have plans to be a housewife and he regularly took it upon himself to hit her and fight with her about that, when she had let out the news that she had gotten into the Airforce, he had completely gone off the grid. That is when he threw the bottle and hit her in the back with it as she was trying to walk away and out the door to Maria’s.    She had been putting off telling him for this very reason. She had waited until she had managed to finally get a place on base, and she figured that right before she started the move, she would break the news to him. She knew he was not going to take it well no matter when she told him, so she figured that the shorter time that she had to live with him after him finding out, the better.    “What did he do?” Maria asked at last, her voice weak and soft as she forced the words out of her mouth. Her eyes were locked onto Carol, refusing to look away despite the pain within them on Carol’s behalf.    Carol huffed, closing her eyes as she swallowed carefully.    “He was screaming and had tried to hit me. So I was walking out the door, planning to come over to your place for the nigh. That was when he threw the beer bottle, and it hit me in the back,” Carol whispered, keeping her voice as quiet as possible as she recounted what had happened to her that night.    She did not want any of the nurses or doctors happening to come in and overhearing her story. While she did not want to live with her father any longer, and some part of her hated him, she did not want to necessarily have him arrested.    Maria was completely shocked, and she shook her head slowly, looking utterly stricken on Carol’s behalf. Carol squeezed her hand a little, trying to muster a shrug despite how awkward the motion was considering the fact that she was lying on her side.    “Carol…”    “I knew he wasn’t going to react well, but I didn’t really expect to get a whole new acquaintance with Budweiser,” Carol confessed with a wry chuckle, and Maria just looked at her carefully, pausing as she took in the entire thought. Any semblances of humor slowly fell away from Carol’s face as she looked at the woman that she considered to be an older sister.    After a while of eyeing her, Maria’s eyes suddenly narrowed a little in determination.    “You’re coming to stay at my house until we can get you moved out,” Maria informed her, and Carol raised an eyebrow at her, gazing at her skeptically. Honestly, the last thing that Carol wanted was for Maria to help her move out. Especially with the volatile mood that her father was in and would be in for the foreseeable future.    “We? I didn’t realize you’d gone French,” Carol acknowledged, and Maria looked at her, not a hint of joking in her eyes as she eyed Carol. Carol’s smile fell a little, and as much as she hated it, she knew that Maria was not about to change her mind.    “We’re going to move you out. And you aren’t fighting me on this. You’re going to shut up and let me help you whether you like it or not,” Maria informed her, and Carol just huffed, shaking her head with a deep sigh.    “Whether I like it or not?” Carol asked, and Maria raised her eyebrows, moving her head in confirmation.    “Whether you like it or not,” Maria declared in reply, and Carol eyed her softly, offering her a onceover from her current position sideways.    “Okay,” Carol finally agreed with her. Maria eyed her quizzically with some surprise.    “Okay? Just as easy as that?” Maria questioned, and Carol raised an eyebrow with a small grin.    “Oh, I learned a long time ago not to fight you on crap when you get that look in your eyes,” Carol teased, and Maria chuckled under her breath, tightening her grip on Carol’s hand. They met eyes, and Carol felt her heart swelling with affection.    Maria was truly her family, and for that, she was eternally grateful. Notes: So I finally wrote this one! It’s been a long time coming, and it was an event that I’ve referenced in multiple fics, so hopefully for those of you that have been with me a while and are interested in Carol, maybe it was something that y’all were interested in 💖 I hope y’all enjoyed! 💖

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