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pretty bird (Taken by my Hero)

11/16/2022 09:03 PM 

Comfort is A Two-Way Street

 “Hey, Nat… What’re you doing?” Carol questioned uncertainly as she entered the gym, pausing as she took in the sight of the redhead.    Carol happened to be coming in late from a mission when she saw that the lights were on in the gym. She normally would not have questioned it, but it was in the neighborhood of two or three in the morning, so she had a few questions. Especially since she knew that no one would be there that early. Not even Steve, who religiously woke up at five every morning.    So she had come in to check, and that was when she found Natasha.    At the moment, the woman in question was very gracefully, effortlessly, and beautifully performing a very intricate ballet routine. It completely took Carol by surprise since she had never seen Natasha do ballet before, and she actually had no idea that Natasha knew anything about it. Carol definitely did not know much about the subject.    “I didn’t know you knew ballet. That’s really cool,” Carol complimented, speaking up again as she grinned at Natasha. However, her smile soon slowly fell away from her face as she realized that Natasha was remaining completely unresponsive.    “Hey… You okay?” Carol questioned as she came a little closer.    As she approached the woman carefully, she quickly realized that Natasha had a glazed sheen to her eyes, and she did not seem to be overly aware of anything happening around her. Carol immediately felt her guard coming up a bit. Something was not right at all with the redhead, and Carol was not sure what was about to happen.    “Hey, Nat…?” Carol questioned, moving nearer as she risked waving her hand near Natasha to try to get her attention. Natasha stayed quiet, not offering Carol any manner of reaction. Carol swallowed, eyeing her wordlessly.    Natasha seemed almost as if she were having some manner of breakdown. Carol was not at all experienced with dealing with this level of emotional situation unless it was she herself having the episode, but she was quick enough to realize that this must be the signs. And she was not about to let Natasha suffer through this alone. Not after everything she had helped Carol herself through.    Carol braced herself, calling upon her enhanced strength as she prepared to handle this situation the best she could.    “Natasha, hey… I’m going to put my hand on you. I know you probably can’t hear me or at least can’t respond, but I thought I’d warn you anyway, okay?” Carol told her, and Natasha remained still performing some outlandish pose.    Carol let out a breath before reaching out and closing the distance between them.    Almost immediately, Natasha’s gaze snapped to Carol’s, her entire demeanor changing as she almost bared her teeth. Carol’s eyes widened slightly, and Natasha immediately started attempting to pull her signature move on her as she pounced upward, wrapping her legs around Carol’s head as she started trying to pull her down.    If Carol had not been braced already with her strength, the move would have doubtlessly brought her to the ground. Instead, she simply grabbed Natasha, prying her legs off of her as she threw her into the floor accidentally with the force of her grip.    Natasha quickly was back on her feet again, but as soon as she made a move to attack, Carol shot her hands out, grabbing Natasha’s shoulders in her hands firmly as she met her eyes. Natasha started trying to jerk herself out from Carol’s grip, but Carol remained steadfast, fighting for a strong grip. She grabbed the back of Natasha’s neck with a hand, searching for purchase as she grappled with her.    There was a reason that Natasha was considered the slipperiest and most agile person on the team, and Carol was quickly figuring that out as she fought to keep ahold of her without hurting her with her super strength.    “Natasha, stop,” Carol breathed out between them. Natasha just glared daggers at her, obviously nowhere near back to normal as she seemed almost feral.    “It’s me. It’s Carol,” Carol tried to break through to her, and Natasha surged toward her a little, trying to push through her hands. Carol simply kept ahold of her.    “C’mon, Nat,” Carol pleaded with her, but there was absolutely no response. Instead, Natasha just lunged once again. Carol tightened her hands around her again, her mind racing as she tried to think of some way to break through.    “Gosh, I don’t know how to get through to you,” Carol uttered her thoughts aloud, her voice soft as she never removed her gaze from Natasha’s. She was aware that on one hand, it might appear like a challenge to the woman before her, but she was also hoping that maybe she could reach through to her if she looked into her eyes long enough.    She had no idea how Yelena usually pulled Natasha out of these episodes. She did not ever know the details of Natasha’s trauma-related issues, but she knew enough to know Yelena was always able to do so. She knew that even Kate was able to coax Natasha out of them usually.    She just had to find something that would pull her out of this fit and this animalistic rage. She knew that putting her hands on Natasha was definitely not helping things, but she literally had to keep ahold of her to keep her from trying to attack. She also knew that saying things to her was not going too well either. However, it seemed like her only option at the moment, unfortunately.    Carol swallowed, trying to think of some phrase or words that meant something to the both of them. Something that would bring her out of whatever memories she was locked into now.    In the midst of her thoughts, she must have loosened her grip just a little. Natasha quickly took advantage of the opening and brutally crushed her elbow into Carol’s chin. Carol’s teeth clacked painfully in her mouth, and she let out a cry, having not been braced for the hit.    Natasha immediately made a move to jump at her again and entwine herself around her, but Carol swiftly surged forward, grabbing Natasha as she got the tightest grip she had so far upon her. She grasped her wrists firmly, and she moved forward to slam the redhead into the wall. Natasha gasped hard, the breath knocked out of her, and Carol felt guilt surging through her.    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Carol tried to soothe, but Natasha quickly got that wild look in her eyes again and started fighting once again to get out of her grip, grunting as she struggled to get away.    It was then that the perfect words to say just happened to hit her as she fought the woman.    “Where’s Fury?” Carol attempted, using the playful voice that she usually had when she made a point to try to sneak up on Natasha when Carol had not seen her in a while. Natasha immediately froze in her efforts to fight her.    After a long pause with no belligerence on the redhead’s part, Carol slowly started loosening her grip. Natasha took in a sharp breath, fully taking in the fact that Carol was standing there holding onto her. Natasha remained silent for a while, her eyes a bit glassy as she slowly took in the sight of Carol. Carol slipped her hands away from Natasha’s wrists in favor of moving one to her shoulder and the other just barely touching her waist in case she needed to grab her again.    “Carol,” Natasha breathed finally, recognition in her stare, and Carol almost sighed with relief.    “It’s me. It’s okay,” Carol whispered in acknowledgement, preparing to take her hands away from Natasha so that she did not overwhelm her.    However, just before she did, Natasha suddenly just collapsed into her, and Carol had to swiftly grab her to keep her from falling. Carol’s eyes widened a bit as she returned the embrace and encircled Natasha in her arms. She rested her head tentatively on Natasha’s as she hugged her back.    Natasha let out a long, shaky sigh as she gripped Carol tightly, her fingers trying to gain purchase in the fabric of Carol’s suit. Carol took in a deep breath as she remained steady and held Natasha’s slightly trembling body. The entire thing felt slightly awkward given the fact that the hard, metal star in the center of her chest-piece of her suit was pressing into Natasha unforgivingly, but Natasha did not seem to mind too much.    There was a long while of silence where Carol just alternated between rubbing her back and squeezing her a little more tightly. Natasha kept getting closer even though there was realistically no way to do so, seeking some manner of comfort that Carol had no idea how to begin giving.    “How long?” the redhead finally asked, her voice soft.    Carol was quiet for a moment, trying to understand Natasha’s question. After a moment, it quickly occurred to her that she was asking how long she had been performing ballet routines.    “I don’t know. I walked in on it about twenty, twenty-five minutes ago,” Carol answered, giving an estimate of the time. She made sure to keep her voice at the same volume as Natasha was speaking to avoid being too abrasive in the face of Natasha’s vulnerability. Natasha swallowed hard, retreating within herself as she presumably remained absorbed in her own thoughts.    “Where’s Yelena?” Natasha questioned, and Carol shrugged, starting to loosen her hold just barely.    “I guess still sleeping. I can go get her if you—”    “No,” Natasha abruptly interrupted her, and Carol quieted, waiting for Natasha to speak. Natasha’s full body weight leaned harder into Carol, but she did not budge, the weight feeling like nothing compared to the amount of power coursing through her veins.    “I don’t want her to worry,” Natasha admitted. Carol nodded in understanding. It was a sentiment that she could completely respect since she had often done the same thing with Maria. Even though it never ended up working too effectively since Maria knew her far too well. She suspected that Yelena would likely figure out about Natasha’s incident tonight, too.    Carol allowed her to remain there against her, and she stayed still, uncertain of what to do to make things better. She was more of a doer and when it came to comforting people, she wanted to fix things. She wanted to get up and go take care of whatever was hurting someone.    But when the problem was within their own mind or within themselves, however, she felt entirely powerless.    “What can I do?” Carol finally asked her, hoping that if she had a clear vision of what to do that she could help somehow.    “Just… Just be here. Please,” Natasha whispered, and Carol immediately felt her heart hurting for the other woman, the pulsating pain growing stronger as she remained there as Natasha’s rock. She squeezed her more firmly, moving her head to the side as she pressed her cheek to the top of Natasha’s head.    “Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere,” Carol replied gently, and Natasha let out a long, deep breath, closing her eyes.    And she would definitely be there for her as long as she needed her. Notes: Gosh, guys, I’ve been really lacking in the way of motivation for writing lately, and idk why 😅

pretty bird (Taken by my Hero)

11/16/2022 09:03 PM 

2:14 PM

“What happened to you? It’s been…years since I last saw you. Since you last sent a letter. Dispatched a message. Sent a text. Something?” Monica grimaces, turning from her glass to Carol sitting beside her at the bar. It’s a small establishment within her Louisiana hometown, Monica returning after the disaster of the Maximoff anomaly was resolved, still adjusting to her new abilities, and seeing Carol for the first time in too long.She’s dressed in simple worn, comfortable jeans and a casual top, much like Carol, and drinking a clear carbonated drink. The bartender added a sprig of mint as pizazz. It’s tactless and tasteless, like him; Monica has only taken two sips from it in the half hour they’ve been sitting here.“Where were you?” Monica continues. “I—I tried to contact you. Tried with Uncle Fury, with the Skrulls. No one could get a hold of you.” Her grip around the glass tightens as she hangs her head, the locks of kicky-curls purposely styled to hang from her updo screen her eyes.“There was… There was a lot of places, a lot of planets and its inhabitants that were displaced after—”“Don’t!” Monica hisses, her finger pointing accusatory, still holding her round, fat glass. “Don’t you say it’s because of The Blip! That ended five years ago. Even Talos and Skrulls far in the galaxy found time for a simple hello.”Carol’s tight-lipped expression colors with guilt, allowing Monica the space to vent while also knowing she’s in the wrong. She has difficulty looking Monica in the eyes when she turns to face her again.“I know that saving the universe is important and a heavy weight to carry—and believe me, I would do the same if I was in your position. But at the same time…you’re supposed to be my mom. Don’t I deserve some kind of recognition?”Carol studies the bar’s scratched, wooden surface underneath her folded arms, her face twisting further into a repentant frown. In the time she’s been gone, Earth has changed, new legislations have been written up worldwide, the love of her life passed away and Carol didn’t even know, and their little girl has grown up and is rightfully angry with her.She’s missed so much.How much more time will she lose, the lives of her loved ones passing her by?“I’m done, by the way,” Monica informs, vitriol thickly coating her words.Carol’s eyes close. When they open again, she’s captured by Monica’s awaiting glare. Monica, who’s her adopted daughter yet they appear so close in physical age they’re mistaken to be from the same generation—it happened when they entered this establishment. Her extended youth no longer humorous or flattering to Carol; it’s now an annoyance.Her hair is still cropped short and she still feels the energy of the Tesseract flowing through her veins—Carol feels frozen in time while the rest of her home world progresses.It feels like she’s blinked and her little girl has grown and excelled her expectations. She’s left to only imagine what Maria would say.Monica waits expectantly. Carol wishes she could rewind time to fill the years missed.“You’re right,” she begins, slowly. “You’re right. Ever since the mess with Thanos, I… I became so preoccupied with The Vanishing,” Carol uses the name coined by other alien civilizations. “The Blip,” she corrects, “That—”“That time just got away from you?” Monica fills, repeating the excuse her mother’s famous for using.“That I wanted to prevent something like that happening again, therefore endangering you,” Carol calmly corrects.


11/16/2022 05:38 PM 

notes and reminders
Current mood:  accomplished

>> have patience with replies as sometimes I won't be available to answer them.>> Don't steal anything from my page or images.>> Don't rush me for comments/messages.>> No minors.>> No drama - do not send me drama with another group you're with just to start trouble if you're bored with your own life. Get something else to focus your time with.>> Put some effort into your replies and comment back with literacy, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.>> Use complete sentences and proper spelling when writing with me and if English is not your original language please do your best to make what you're writing understandable to me and other people on my list.>> This should be a rule regardless; respect me and others on my list. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. >> However angry you might be that someone has hurt you or hurt someone you care about; let it go. It does not do to dwell on anger, hatred, jealousy, or grudges. It more than less harms you rather than the person.>> Keep the credit on the layouts that I edit for you to keep them separated from other layout sites. I also might edit pictures - I only use Paint Tool Sai and know only a fraction of Photoshop, however.>> Have a sense of pride. Do not push yourself onto Nathan as he was raped by his former boyfriend and it has held him back from a lot of things and he can't relax with physical touch and other intimacy issues about sex.>> My character is an original creation that I made in a south park group back in 07 at a time when there was a large number of roleplayers in the south park verse so I guess his origins would have to be from that verse but I can adapt him from any verse within reason.>> Please remember that I am human and won't have time to be here all the time. Please keep in mind that reality comes first and if that means I have to be away from here ; so be it.{ I think that is everything I have to say for now ; if I have anything else to add I will write it here. }


11/16/2022 11:10 PM 

~My Female Oc~

“Hello, I'm Sakura Akamine. It's very nice to meet you!"   ☆BASIC INFO☆   Full Name: Sakura Violet Akamine   Nicknames: Suki or Blossom   Age: 18   Gender: Female   Sexuality: Straight   Birthday: February 14th   Zodiac: Aquarius   Species: Human   Powers: Healing   Ethnicity: White   Languages Spoken: Greek, English, France, and etc. But mostly spoke English.   ¤PHYSICAL APPEARANCE¤   Height: 5'4   Weight: 120   Hair Color: Cherry blossom Pink   Eye Color: bright Sky Blue   Skin Color: Pale   Battle Marks(Scars, missing body parts, etc.): Just have a few scars on her stomach   Clothing Style: Colorful clothing, dresses to shirts and shorts with cute ankle boots or flip-flops   ~PERSONALITY~   Brief Description: Sakura is very sweet and caring but can be shy and clumsy   First Impression: She is sweet when meeting new people   Once you get to know them: Is loving and caring.   Default Expression: Smiley face   Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?: Introvert   Habits: Self doubt, helping others before herself   Fears: Blood, Thunderstorms, death, and seeing others hurt, including Zero.   》BELIEFS《   Religion: Pagan   Thoughts on government: Unknown   Thoughts on people in general: Loves anyone   Do they believe in: Ghosts? Yes Gods and Goddesses? Yes Angles? Yes Conspiracy theories? No   •°SPEECH°•   Voice Description: light and soft tune   Slang the use: None   Swearing?: None   Do they think before they speak?: Sometimes   Do they worry about accidentally offending someone with their words?: Yes   Humor: Unknown   ♡LIFE♡   Occupation: A white witch or a helping hand for her friends   Thoughts on occupation: unknown   Dream Job: Caring for Children   Education: Fully educated from given teachers   Past Relationships: Mostly with Family   Current Relationships: None, but she crushing on Zero   Family:Mother: Elena Rose AkamineFather: Sebastian Artemus Akamine   Hometown: Greece   Current Residence: Athens   Room/Housemates: Yuki, Sky, Beatrix, and Ventus (Side Characters)   Financial Status: Good   Source of Money: Unknown   Health: She has a rare disease that makes her body weak. She can pass out of the blue or her legs goes numb. She can easily get sick from rain, the cold, or being exposed to diseases or viruses.   History:   Birth/Childhood:  Sakura was born on Valentine's Day to her parents, Elena and Sebastian; both to whom were king and queen of a kingdom. After she was born, Sakura and her mother was visit by a goddess of light. Sakura given little abilities from her and that Sakura will be the moral maiden for light. Her mother soon fell ill right before the birth and that after Sakura was born, she gain a rare disease. The goddess however couldn't heal the disease or her mother illness. Her body was weak and could make her have bruises or etc. After Sakura turned four, her mother and father were brutality murdered by a demon, he thought that her mother was the new light but he was wrong. It was clear that the the demon was the grandfather of Zero but he was unknown about it. Sakura did see it happen that due to it, she now fears blood. Afterwards, She was cared by the maids that were still alive. Sakura soon met Yuki and they we're very close since Sakura didn't have any friends. They both soon met Sky, who was a year older. To Sakura's knowing, Sky then started to have a crush on her but wasn't fully sure since they we're little.   Pre-teen/Teenage: All three soon grew up past 5 years and meet Beatrix and Ventus. After they all got into the young adult years between thirteen to fifteen, her friends soon would move into with her. Sakura lived alone in her parents castle, so it was very much needed. Sakura would soon end up falling ill and she was bed redden for a week or more, this was due to the disease she gained. Then soon they met five others; Zero's gang. They were all a bit iffy at first but they soon became friends. However, Sky and Zero weren't on good terms and Sky would start fights with Zero all the time. Sakura did notice Zero wasn't much for it and that he was getting pretty frustrated with him.  Young Adult: 18 year old Sakura lives with her best friends or her family, to which she calls them that. Her close relationship is with Yuki, that she basically needs Yuki's help or etc. She does get a little annoyed about Sky being overprotective of her when she talks to other guys, but that's only because Sky has crush on her. For about a little while, it was just her and them. They soon then met Zero and his gang, to which they all soon were friends at first. But not Sky, he wasn't really liking Zero and that he never talks to him. But if he did, it was nothing but start remarks that would piss Zero off. Sakura would noticed it and that she tried to keep Sky from being rude. She soon became close with Zero, noticing his overly medieval life style, to which she found very assuming. She would try her best to ask him about himself and would talk to him everyday to get him to open up. She soon was told not tell fall for him and that he would never commit back to her. She took it badly and felt sorry that she would apologize to him. She soon got in a fight with Sky, whom then told her he loved her. She replies to him with "You are my friend and see you as a brother". It torn Sky apart. Sakura then tries Zero again but slowly. To upon noticed he had feelings for her but hid it away. Soon enough, their love blossomed.    •â—INTERESTS●•   Likes: Sweets, Her friends, music, cute items or things.   Dislikes: Rude people, fighting or wars, demons   Favorite Food: Anything   Favorite Animal: She loves all   Favorite Color: Pink, light Blue, and White   Hobbies: Tending to the children, healing wounds or the sick, horse riding, studying, and reading   °â– MISCELLANEOUS■°   Song that fits character's personality: The Sea and Pearl - JUNNA   Song that fits character's story: Homura (炎, Flame) - LiSA   Social Media Account they would have and what type it would be: Instagram: Photos of animals, flowers, or herself Facebook: Anything   Typical Hours of Sleep: Four to five hours.   Worst nightmare they've had: About her mothers death or her rape   Best Dream they've had: Alone in a field of Flowers   Other    Weapons: Sakura doesn't use any weapons that may come to draw blood in close combat, but she'll most likely use a Bow and Arrows or a staff   Stats (10 of 10)   Strength: 4/10   Dexterity: 6/10   Constitution: 5/10   Intelligence: 5/10   Wisdom: 5/10   Charisma: 10/10   Abilities:   Healing: The users can restore optimal health, curing damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. Though the user may potentially heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed; once the patient has died, it would transcend healing and would require resurrection instead.   Basic Level: User can do anything that normal healing would do, simply accelerated.   Can heal minor wounds such as cuts, bruises, and light burns. Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss. Critical wounds such as loss of limbs or damaged nerves and internal organs cannot be healed, but wounds can be closed. Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be healed, resulting in permanent scarring.   Advanced Level: User can do anything that normal healing and modern medical knowledge could achieve.   Can heal external wounds, including fractured bones and deeper burns, disregarding of severity.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Limitations:   Healing may not be permanent. May have a limited range, including touch only. May need direct body-to-body contact


11/16/2022 09:46 AM 

~My Male Oc~

“Zero, Zero Uzumoto.. Don’t forget it."   ☆BASIC INFO☆   Full Name: Zero Aries Uzumoto   Nicknames: Z   Age: Human: Looks 20. Demon: Unknown   Gender: Male   Sexuality: Straight   Birthday: March 23   Zodiac: Aries   Species: Full Blooded Demon   Powers: Demon Abilities   Ethnicity: White   Languages Spoken: Greek, English, and Latin   ¤PHYSICAL APPEARANCE¤   Height: 6’0   Weight: 140   Hair Color: Black   Eye Color: Black but changes to red   Skin Color: Pale or Tan   Battle Marks(Scars, missing body parts, etc.): Battle scars all over his body.   Clothing Style: Dark themes, shirts, pants to boots.   ~PERSONALITY~   Brief Description: Zero as dark and cold personality. He can be violent at times and has anger management issues towards anyone. Will be rude at times and shows no emotions while doing so. But he can lighten up afterwards around others or have a good side. He does show love and happiness later on in his life.   First Impression: It’s Eh, He can be really bad for a first impression   Once you get to know them: Chilled but still shows his rude side   Default Expression: Angry look   Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?: Ambivert   Habits: When Angry, He’ll fight anyone or hurt anyone in his way. Doesn't think before fighting nor speaking.   Fears: Not able to kill the person who killed his mother   Pet Peeves: Unknown   》BELIEFS《   Religion: Pegan   Thoughts on government: Hates governments   Thoughts on people in general: Hates them at first   Do they believe in: Ghosts? Yes Gods and Goddesses? Yes Angles? Yes Conspiracy theories? No   •°SPEECH°•   Voice Description: Dark and somewhat deep tune   Most used phrases/words: Swear words mostly   Slang the use: None   Swearing?: Yes   Do they think before they speak?: No   Do they worry about accidentally offending someone with their words?: Nope   Humor: No   ♡LIFE♡   Occupation: Moving assassin/avenger   Thoughts on occupation: None   Dream Job: None   Education: Fully educated from his father and mother   Past Relationships: Only relationship was with his parents.   Current Relationships: None, but soon has a strong love relationship with Sakura.   Family:His father, Damien Cerberus UzumotoMother: Ava Helena Uzumoto.Grandfather: Kratos Lucian Uzumoto   Hometown: Greece   Current Residence: His remodeled family home   Room/Housemates: Akara, Jace, Zash, and Riza. (Side Characters)   Financial Status: None   Source of Money: Jobs for hire   Health: Good, but tends to get badly hurt.   Mental Health Issues: PTSD, Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety.   History:Birth/Childhood:Zero was born in the year of 1293, On Marth 23rd; three years after the holy war that covered the world in darkness and death. His parents were Damien and Ava Uzumoto. Ava gave birth to him at their family home somewhere hidden in Greece, the only known other that knew about him was Lilith Melaina. But too much of their shock, Zero’s grandfather; Kratos known of Zero. After the birth of his grandchild, Kratos took the book of the dark and placed a curse on Zero. Since the curse was known to be an uncontrollable one, it was sealed. Zero would be Ava’s only child due to the risk of herself. After he had fully grown up after the age of three, he started to be trained by his father. He also would soon meet Akara whenever her or her mother would come over. Zero saw himself in her but as a female counterpart. Ava was very upset since he was too young for knowing his true self. Damien, however; made it his choice to make sure that Zero was fully ready in case Kratos came. When Zero was little, he was very much outgoing and bright, he was a child afterall. At the age of six, Zero was very curious of his hand that he removed the seals. When he did so, the curse immediately became active. Young Zero lost himself in the darkness from the curse and lead himself out of control. However, since he was at home; his parents immediately came to stop it. Zero never ever take the seals off after that. Two years later, life soon went down hill. His grandfather; Kratos came to end his parents and himself. Kratos soon faced off with Damien while Ava ran with Zero to hide him away. While she hid him, by the time; Kratos was on his way to her. He had banish Damien to the underworld for life. Ava then left Zero and headed out to find Damien, to which she meet Kratos in the hallway. Zero however, didn’t want to hide. But instead soon chased after his mother. He soon appears behind her as he then witness her death. While Ava dead though, she placed his soul on the balance and sent to Zero’s heart. Afterwards, it became a blur. After he had awoken, Kratos was gone and his home was burning. He was able to stop that. He then was able to get together his mothers ashes, placing them in something; soon burying her. Afterwards he went into a deep depression and quietly hid away for five years.Pre-teen/Teenage/Young Adult:Zero, whom is now thirteen; came out of hiding and started to train himself. His father had left behind his weapons, Demon weapons that were made by demons. Even for him as a young age, he was able to control the weapons easily. The weapons were known to be demons themself, Chaos and Oblivion; twins. Zero let them choose any animal that they wished to be. Chaos took up a black wolf with red eyes and Oblivion, an hawk. Chaos could speak and Oblivion was muted. All three would be close as he continued to train with them. Zero trained to use his telepathic skills to teleportation. By the time he was at the age of sixteen, he knew every ability he had. Zero not only worked on his powers, he also worked on his body. He worked out with exercise to build up his strength, that within six months his body was fit. After his training, he started to find leads on his grandfather, But he didn’t leave his family home until he was eighteen. When he got that old, he stopped growing and aging. By that time, Zero had built up his rage and anger inside, cutting every other emotion out.Adult/Current life:Since Zero was older then everyone, he still hidden away from them. He would move through the shadows as a way to keep himself hidden from anyone. He was now twenty years old in human years, but in demon; much higher in numbers. That's only because he stopped aging at the age of 18. Zero thought he would stay hidden for a long time but soon was found by four others. He was shocked since they could find him but then again, they were demons themselves. He became shock when he saw Akara, whom he had forgotten about. Zero wasn’t a save from before though, so he was different then he was as a child. He wasn’t much for the team up, but they wouldn’t take a no for answer. Zero was in fact stuck with them. At this point, He didn’t care if they all joined him for job-for-hires. The more demons together, more power they are together. Zero was with them for about few years or more, its’ unknown since he doesn’t count how long nor they don’t. All five then soon found leads on Kratos and follows it to where their new-soon-to-be friends are. As it turns out, Kratos was looking to start a war or anything to get rid of the humans. Zero, long with his group, Sakura, and her group teamed up to end Kratos raging. During that, Zero would start showing feels for Sakura and she does too.   •â—INTERESTS●•   Likes: Swords, wolves, darkness, fighting.   Dislikes: Rude humans, demons, his grandfather   Favorite Food: None   Favorite Animal: Wolf and Hawks   Favorite Color: Black, Red, and dark blue   Hobbies: Fighting and killing demons   °â– MISCELLANEOUS■°   Song that fits character's personality: Unstable - Chaotica   Song that fits character's story: Bury the Light - Casey Edwards ft Victor Borbo: Virgil's battle theme from Dmc5   Social Media Account they would have and what type it would be: Instagram - Photography of himself and dark aesthetics   Typical Hours of Sleep: Barely sleeps.   Worst nightmare they've had: Tends to get nightmares but doesn't always remembers them   Best Dream they've had: None   Other:   Tattoos: Has Hades symbol on his right forearm.   Weapons: Twin despairs: Chaos and Oblivion   Chaos: Demon of Chaos, form of a wolf or sword. Blade is black and handle red with black leather wrap. Wolf emblem under wrapping.   Oblivion: Demon of Oblivion, Form of a Hawk. Blade is dark blue and handle is same blue with white wrapping. Hawk emblem under the wrapping.   Other weapons: Few Daggers, bow and arrows, and hell chains.   Stats (10 of 10)   Strength: 10/10   Dexterity: 9/10   Constitution: 7/10   Intelligence: 5/10   Wisdom: 5/10   Charisma: 4/10   Abilities:   Telepathy: Zero can telepathically talk to his demon swords aka Chaos and Oblivion. But there is a disadvantage when oblivion is in animal form. Oblivion takes up a hawk form, meaning it's in the sky and thus can only telepathically talk when right above Zero. Oblivion also is muted, so thus telepathy is he way of talking.   Chaos on the other hand, since he is on ground level. Chaos can telepathically talk to Zero at a good length close to a mile, about three miles. Chaos can however telepathically talk to oblivion since their connected to each other.   Teleportation: Zero can teleport through darkness, meaning he can simply walk through the shadows. As well as make portals of darkness and go through them to get to a place. But he barely uses this since he prefers the shadow moving.   Dream Walking: Zero can appear into dreams, but he can not do it by teaming with other to dream hop. When he sleeps, he just gets sent to dreams of someone that is connected with his or similar of his dreams.   Healing: Zero's body can heal on it own, but the healing can do so much. After a wound is healed, it'll become a scar. Also, if a weapon is still in him like knifes or etc, the wound will not be healed and will bleed out. In same cases, if a wound looks deep that humans tend to dead from. Those wounds will take a long healing process for Zero, so he is unable to fight or etc in that time.   Magic: Zero barely uses magic but when he does, he uses the dark arts or mainly the flames of underworld. Since his blood is of his father's, he is able to use the fires that burns sinners in the underworld. Zero can only use about 40% of those flames, so he mainly used it to cover his swords or throw the flames at his opponent to distract for a chance to hit them with his swords.   Strengths:   Zero's body can self heal after being wounded but will leave scars. He has good reflexes and can sense danger is coming. His battle skills are good, combat is pretty greatly useful. Weapon combat is strong.   Weaknesses:   His body may heal, but only after the weapon is removed from him. If it's still in him, he'll bleed out. His curse that rests on his right hand is useful but it can kill him. Since it was given to him after birth, its core purpose is to hurt him. The curse is mainly a demon curse that is strong for anyone to have, including Zero himself. There is a way to control it but it has not been found. Another way Zero can be killed is if the sword of sealing is found and used in battles against him. But due to it being the full sealer for his grandfather, it is hidden away until it's ready to be found.


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~My Rules and Plots~

╔══════✮❁•°â™›°•ââœ® ═════╗   ~Rules~   1~ The plots are a one-time creative ideas. I have ADD, so when I get a idea of a plot; I write it down. It's normal for me. I do sometimes forgot that said idea.   2~ Semi-lit to maybe fully paragraphs. I will write a little less, but will continue writing more to semi-lit. My plots are mainly bxg. As well as 18+. I can be whatever role on the roleplay, female or male. Don't control my character! It's a must not to do.   3~ The genres of my rps that I do are: Romance, Drama, Gore, Fantasy, Supernatural, historical fiction, and a bit of modern. I will not do plain modern rps, it's just not really interesting to me.   4~ I mostly do 1v1 then group rps. If I even joins group, I rather know the plot or theme before hand, I will be confused if I join in the middle of the already started to. I also don't talk straight a way, I don't normally join up with strangers and that I'll most likely be very anti-social.   5~ I prefer females to rp with! Sorry! I have to respect my bf and he doesn't want me to rp with other males. The romance must be pg-13 if I do rp with males! I will not make a exception to any males that request an 18+ sexual romance plot! I literally will state this rule to you if you do not read my rules. If you completely let that pass your head and you continue trying or get petty because I turn you down, you will be blocked! That's final!   6~ I do not do any plots on incest, pedophile, or rape. To me it's just not right to do rps on. But I will accept a plots that a character to which as a dark past with rape, but not in the process of our rp.   7~ I do take breaks from roleplaying. That's only if my mental well being is not good or etc. It tends to every week or month, I don't really control it. Same with my sleeping issues too. Health is so important to take time to get better!   8~ Please note that there is two different demon x human plots. One is more normal based without the gore then the other one.   ╚══════✮❁•°â€°•ââœ®â•â•â•â•â•â•â•    ╭──────༺♡༻──────╮   ~Plot 1~  (Medieval, Romance, Spicy, Supernatural, Drama, and gore)Demon x Human   Muse A is a mere demon who is rudely ruthless. But when it came down to taking over his fathers place, it was gonna be difficult. After his father and mother was murdered when he was eight, Muse A was at ends to find the demon that did it, killing those who were close to or knew the one. The humans hated him and some loved him, it was mix of love and hate due to him mostly attack demons then any other species. Sometimes it was mostly at night to keep humans from seeing him from killing or fighting demons. Muse A didn’t care much if they did or not but it was best in case the demons go after that said human. Until one night, he encountered the demon that murdered his parents, long with few of his followers.   Muse B is a woman who lived rarely alone and tends to be to self type. That meant they were easily a victim to anything. Muse B’s parents were killed through sickness that came around when she was four years of age, but it never touched Muse B. After that, they shut themselves from anyone for years but opened up a little to only a few others when needed. Muse B life would be soon turned upside down when she witnessed Muse A murder demons one night and now Muse B would be in a pickle. Not realizing that it was demon that was wanted for millions of death, that same demon was out for Muse B afterwards.   Now that a human seen what had happened and that the demon leader now what’s Muse B killed, it was up to Muse A to keep them alive.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 2~   (Modern, Supernatural, Romance, Spicy and Drama)   Demon x human   Immortal life was unknown to the humans, to them it was impossible or passed as witchcraft crime. It was a best kept secret that demons held onto in order to live their life. Sometimes demons would be found out or that a human girl would fall for a demon male; sometimes the other way around. It would be impossible to fall through, so the demons must ran and hide again to to find a new home to live that no one knew them. That was until a new forbidden love had fallen on two unlikely to be together.   In a small town that sat outside of the big city of Boston in the 19th century. In a small town of Salem, Massachusetts, lived two beings, one a human and the other, a demon. The family of demons lived in the big woods just outside of the town, in a mansion that's been there since the 1800s. The home was used by the so called witch's that were murdered in the Salem Witch trials. But the home was slightly left be and the humans stayed away from it.   Now that demons live in it, it was given that rumors started around town and into other towns or cities; but the humans didn't believe it at all.That's when a human made the choice to have adventure to see if it was false or true...   As the sunshine was high in the sky, that shined down through the trees. The human made their way through the woods, not knowing what will lying around. Soon enough, the human stops in their tracks as they spotted a male figure not far from them. What they didn't know that it was a demon whom lived in the home. The human stared straight for the male figure, only soon to be stared right back. The demon was mysterious and kept their distance but the human soon walked towards them, making this situation difficult now...   Demon has a choice to make, either ran and disappear or stay and meet the human that now will know who they are?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 3~   (Medieval, Romance, Spicy, drama, and Gore)   Dark Prince of Aetos x Light Princess of Thera   There were two kingdoms, the kingdom of Aetos and The Kingdom of Thera. Both that had the view of each other. Both strong and powerful side to side. But yet both had secrets to hold, both had deep hate for the other kingdom due to their long past Royal Family feud. But after both kings and queens were murdered, the heirs now sit in their place. A princess who light shines bright from her heart and a prince who's heart is cold and dark. Will both be able to break the long rivalry or make it much more worse. The most possible thing for truth for both kingdoms would be married or war.   Both their Royal rulers are slightly different from other, The prince is darkened by his father's past and slightly cold hearted to anyone that he comes by to meet. Wars were possible to start by him at anytime since he wasn't so good with others. He thought to be to unwed forever and that he wouldn't "change his mood" in order to be wed. The prince have killed those who were against him and had fights. The body scars are the proof of those who fell under him. He was out for blood and fear of those around him, so he was called the dark prince or prince of blood lust. He viewed the other kingdom as a weaker kingdom, including the princess. He thought about war with Thera before due to the fact he wanted to take it over.   The princess was opposite, she was light hearted and kind to everyone, even if you hated her. She would try to over see darkness and shine her light on those who was clouded by it. Yet she was slightly weak side of her. Sakura was born with a rare illness when her mother delivered her. She had to hid it away so the enemies wouldn't use it against her. She tends to have Night Terrors and tends to hid it. Her people love her to death and show love everyday. She showed pease to her kingdom that she hated the thought of war. The princess wasn't minded by Aetas nor it's prince but she was reminded by everyone about the family issues that placed on both kingdoms that she shouldn't be peaceful with him, yet she nevertheless wanted war.   But the time has come for the two to meet face to face in order for that choice to be made, war or peace. The princess is in hope for peace but will the prince sight out war?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 4~   (Modern, Drama, Romance, Spicy and Gore)   Ex-assassin x Mayor's Daughter   Muse A is the only daughter of powerful business man, who in close to those in politics. Muse A's father owns about anything from Hotels to fancy restaurants that you could name. As long well as nice huge homes. However due to him being know for anything, sometimes those in high richness have enemies. Which makes Muse A in a dangerous situation and could end in bloodshed. Muse A however, unlike her father. She is more like her mother. Sweet, caring and can be stubborn at times. Sometimes she tries to do everything on her own and told her father that she didn't want someone to babysit her, but she had to agree to let someone watch her.   After the passed weeks, her father became mayor of the city. Because of this, his enemies became more and more ruthless. His enemies? A gang of those who used to work under him and to which they've saw him as nothing but a mistake and should be put down. But due to him being heavily guard around, the only option to get to him, his daughter.   After months and months of threats from them to both the mayor and his daughter, The mayor decided to hire someone who could watch and project his daughter. He soon was told that there was someone who could be that role and that they were greatly appreciated from the military. An Ex-Assassin.   Muse B was a assassin for the military for years, he was trained from the young age just about 10 to now. He chose that work in order to gain leads of a group that murdered his parents, but found nothing but cut shorted clues. Now, he is 20 years old and made the choice to leave and disappeared from his work. The bloodshed of his work gave him a long PTSD and nightmares, but he lived with it. In order to keep him at peace was to go to the country side and stay away from high power people. Soon that all change when he started to get calls from the Mayor's office.   Soon enough, after weeks long of endless calls; they sent for him. Upon that, the Mayor himself came with too, to beg for him to work for him in order for the enemies to not get his daughter. Muse B couldn't then soon agreed, but on he's terms. That he only is watching the Mayor's daughter and that he stays away from the fight. He also promised to not fall in love with her, since he didn't have time for that.   But his terms would be displaced soon after starting his job.. A love grew between them both and that When learning that the gang to which was the same people that killed his parents.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 5~   (Modern, Romance, Spicy, Drama, and Gore)   Rich Mafia boss x Soft girlfriend(Soon will be rewritten)   Muse A has a girlfriend, Muse B. They've started to date through a friend since they've sent them both on a blind date. Neither of them knew each other, but soon after they both fell for each other. After a week or two of dating, Muse B started to worried about Muse A, not because they are sick or something, it's because they disappeared at random and doesn't come home until late on some days. One night, Muse A came home all bloody like they've murder someone and Muse B saw. As it turns out, Muse A has a big secret that Muse B doesn't know about. Muse A is secretly hiding his occupation, he is a Mafia boss.   Muse A was secretly hiding it due to the fact he wants to keep Muse B out of danger or to keep her safe from what he does. But those who love a Mafia boss will face danger either way. Muse A different at home then out for his work, which Muse B soon catches on. On another night, Muse B decided to stay up the night to wait for Muse A to come home, to which he does and he's more bloody then other nights. To much of Muse A's surprise, Muse B was waiting for him.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 6~   (War torn 1945, romance, spicy, and Historical Fiction)Soldier x Nurse   For six years and one day, a war raged all over the world. The war felt like it was longer then how it went, but it was now the end of a long battle. As soldiers, from different militaries head home to their love ones or lovers, millions celebrate for peace. But most soldiers don’t find peace after.. It became clear that some don’t fully return home. Some of them started to struggle with mental issues after the war. The war was deadly, millions never come home or go missing; including normal living citizens. This certain mental health wasn’t even known until years later..   After finally making it home, a soldier whom was on the front lines as a general; had skipped the celebrations. Before coming home, Muse A had tried to sleep on the endless ride from trains but failed. He no longer could sleep due to endless nightmares of the war.. making him unable to do anything. Even if his buddies insist him to go out that day, he turned it down. But his buddies were not going to let it go! But due to his most respect to them, the trouble soldier agreed to go out. Him and his buddies headed out to a bar, that was filled with men and women, celebrating. They soon were met with some young women to dance and drink together, but Muse A wasn’t for it. He ended up getting a drink and heading to the back for a quiet spot from the crowd. Muse A watched from the far a his friends or brothers from war, but soon his quiet place would be joined by a young women..   Muse B was a beautiful young lady, whom was a nurse for the wounded in the war. At first, women were not aloud to be a part of the wars. But due to the men leaving, women from around the world would join up to be nurses, factory workers or anything that would be helped. She had joined the medical field in order to help considering she felt helpless or weak. She had seen so much in the field that it somewhat almost made her leave her duty. After the war ended, Muse B felt the sight of peace but not fully. She lives with nightmares of those who came in dead like and the blood of every soldier that went everywhere.   Muse B was at the bar with her friends as well, but she wasn’t much for parties or celebrations. She mostly hated big crowds and would feel very nervous around others. Muse B then noticed that her friends had ran towards these young men who just showed up, but soon noticed Muse A. She clearly could tell he wasn’t up for this. Muse B watched as Muse A moved far from the crowd to get away due to his less distaste for what was happening. Muse B soon came to her courage and slowly moved towards him after he sat down.   Muse B soon was standing near him, asking if the seat was taken. Will both of these war torn youngsters be able to see past the sorrow and nightmares?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 7~   In this modern life, it was unknown what the world held for any living beings. That was about before everything happen...   There lived a goddess, whom set out to keep the light and peace at bay. But in the human world, she was known as Angle. The goddess fell in love with a human man, to which was hidden from other supernatural beings. On the day of the child's birth, her father disappeared. The daughter was born and she gained some of her mother's goddess powers. Afterwards, the goddess took her new born baby and ran to the forest to live alone and out of danger. But as it turns out, the goddess would be found out and now she had to make a choice to either save herself or her daughter. She chooses to save the child. Both were in big danger. The goddess soon was met by a demon, a demon who was sent to worn the goddess. To his much shock, she knew about. The goddess soon asked the demon to kill her, to which the demon protest. It was fight they both fought out in order to figure out what to so. The demon soon agrees to her request. But they were soon interrupted by the child, who was four years old. The demon slightly shocked as the child came to him, handing him a newly-made bracelet. The goddess in fact got him to take it...The demon then gave her the rest of the day to spend with her child.   At midnight, both the demon and goddess met in the forest. To which the goddess soon gave one last request. “Watch over her, my child. Please.”. the demon would of disagree but he didn’t. That was their final moments together...   Fourteen years had passed and now that child is eighteen years old. She lived in peace with a new family and parents. Fully went through schools and now living calmly. But she did had nightmares and would draw of the past she had saw. But couldn’t fully remember. Her mind was a bit fogged but she did remember seeing this male figure showing up on her birthday, every year... She had question about her past to her step-parents, but they didn't know how to answer. Now she was older, she begins her new life out in the world, but soon that would end. The past emeries that were out for the goddess soon found the child, to which they then attacked. But they couldn’t. Someone was watching out for her. The Demon. He showed up, the same male figure she saw every year on one day. And to the surprise of her, she saw a thin black and red bracelet that she knew she made on him.   After saving the child, the demon took her to the same forest to which the cabin still stood. He was living there since the night, the night he got requested to kill the goddess, by the goddess herself. Will she remember her past by seeing him or will the demon speak about it?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 8~   (Romance, Drama, Historical fiction, and Ancient time's.)Arranged Marriage   Ancient Greece, Known for the beauty of their buildings and their people. But their mostly known for how they long love the gods and goddesses that stood up on Mount Olympus. But this story is about the humans on the Earth that gods look over.   An arranged marriage was set between the prince of Argos and the princess of Athens, it was agreed upon on by the princess and the king of Argos.   It's very unlikely for a princess to make decisions like that, but her mother died after her birth and her father died due to war; she had to make the decision. Upon which, both do not know what each other look like, she did fear that the prince was older than herself. She was eighteen and that she would’ve gotten married around sixteen, but she slightly waited it out. But as it turns out, the princess was in fear of men due to a recent attack.   The princess was raped in her own bed chambers…   When the decision was made, the princess made it clear that she didn’t want them knowing, including the prince himself. But she knew that she would have to since she’ll be slightly jumpy if he touched her.   The prince however wasn’t for the decision, considering that he wasn’t up for marriage or it being arrange by others. The prince thought that the princess and her kingdom was out for their protection since Argos is known for their strongest armies. But to much of his shocked, it wasn’t for that. The princess needed to be married or her place would be replaced with another man. So, the prince made the choice or an decision that if he married her, he’ll do it on his own terms and meet her first. Both his parents and the princess agreed.   To much of this, the prince headed for Athens and the kingdoms princess; where a shock of surprise he’ll faced when seeing a young and beautiful princess then what he thought… with a dark secret that could make them not married or will they?   .•*•.•*•.•*•.•*•.•*•.•*•.   Brief Character Bios:   Prince: The prince personality is a bit rudely. He faces the true reality of the world and seeks the truth of everything. He isn’t one for jokes or games and can be harsh towards others. He isn’t one for others planning his life, that he rather plan it himself. He is judgmental, can and will try to start a fight in order to win it.   Princess: The princess personality is sweet and kind, but she has shyness that covers it. She tends to everyone needs then herself due to her nature of caring. She is a victim and faces hard set backs with nightmares, lack of sleep, and making sure no man touch her. She is mostly around women during her duties and if men are involved, they must stay at least a feet from her.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~Plot 9~   (Modern, Romance, Gore, spicy, and drama)   Contracted Murder x Witness Victim   It isn’t always so great having jobs. You have to work a day or night shift, depending on what you prefer. But at least you get the money for it.. Sometimes sleep isn’t great or that you hate the people you work with. It could be anything! But this job isn’t that case… This job is a serious service to work for, a job that you murder enemies. A person isn’t a loud to take relationships nor have any contact with family members or even friends. The task of this is for the person to be mysterious and secret. Like a 007? No, it’s much worse then that; especially if you’re a man.   Muse A is a top world secret murderer, gets hired by anyone. No matter their status quo. It was their job to keep themselves hidden, as well as kept anyone from seeing the murders. But this job that he takes changes the whole game.  Muse A was on a job to hunt down a known murder, but it was a bit personal since this same murder killed his parents. As leads and leads were high, he was able to locate him without trouble. But what Muse A didn’t know that his target is after someone. As he heading for the target, Muse A soon was bumped into by Muse B, to whom was running away from someone… Both then were soon met with the enemy afterwards. Gun shots soon ranged the hallways. Muse A must now highly make a choice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Plot 10~(Modern, Romance, Spicy, and Collage)Jock Footballer x Quiet IntrovertHigh school would’ve been pretty bad, but collage was much worse then high school. The lack of knowing how to fit in to either one was difficult. Muse A is a very to self introvert, but very highly for learning; the arts or history. The other subjects are just overly stressful. They never really get out or join clubs, but then her friends were really pushing them to do all the fun homecoming themes. Muse A wasn’t much for the “School spirit” but they were up for it. But what Muse A didn’t expect is that she would end up meeting Muse B.Muse B is a highly known sport player at the collage, The University of Central Florida. They enter through a scholarship with football, gain it after leaving high school. Even if Muse B is known to be very popular, they see themselves as a loner and an outcast due to their lack for the “Party life”. Though their teammates will high try for their team captain to join them. Of course, the girls would fall over their heels for Muse B and if they saw them around non-popular girls, they would freak out.Homecoming week is here and it’s spirit week! So many themes, but the most important moment would be game night Friday. Everyone was fully hype up and cheering for a win. That Friday would soon be the change for both. That year, the boys of the football team had to give their jersey to someone. But Muse B couldn’t since they wasn’t in a relationship. Muse B saw Muse A, something about Muse A pulled them closer to Muse A, the day before Friday.Muse B was very openly when they came towards Muse A, making Muse A themselves seemly shy. Upon this, the other girls would noticed right away. But that didn’t stop Muse B, because they would then talk to Muse A all day that Thursday. When it was the end of classes and time to leave, Muse B would soon ask the big question “Will you wear my jersey Friday?” Which shocked Muse A.  ╰──────༺♡༻──────╯


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Hate profiles be like..


Eldritch God

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Current mood:  amorous

Full Name: Atsuma [REDACTED]Aliases/Nicknames (if any): TsumiAge: 21Sex: MaleSexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Pansexual, MaleRace/Ethnicity:Chinese-Roman-Egyptian.Species: Primordial EntitySkin Tone: PaleBuild: SlenderEyes: GreenHair: Messy hairTattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: 666 Symbol on his right hand.Weapons (if any): ???Occupation(s): ???Special Abilities/Skills: Stalking, Kidnapping, fawning over the person he's in love with.Hobbies: Stalking, Kidnapping.Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: He will stop at nothing until nothing is left in the world but him and the one he loves and will go to extreme lengths to make it happen.Place of Birth: Japan?Current Relationship Status: SingleFamily:-Parents-Shen/ShayTaliAnima  

Yandere, Male

Chloe Blake

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Name: Chloe Blake   Age: 23Birthday: February 13th, 1999Gender: Transwoman/Packing HeatPronouns: She/HerComplexion: Fair    Height: 5'9   Weight: 108   Body type: Slim, hourglass   Physical Condition: Fit   Eye color: Ocean blue, bright   Hair color and style: Black, twenty four inches long   Skills, Abilities, and Talents:   Areas of Expertise : Witchcraft    Occupation: Waitress/Witch   Past Occupation (s): High School Cheerleader and captain of the swim team.   Short Term goals: Making it through the day   Long Term goals: New experiences, romantic pursuits and becoming a model   General Personality: Shy, silly, nerdy, honest, needy, loyal, ditzy and polite   Introvert or Extrovert?: Both   Method of Handling Anger: Screaming in a pillow   Sense of Humor: Ridiculous    Fears: Dying   Interests: Swimming, dancing, video games, star gazing, modeling and window shopping   Backstory: Almost done :)


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Nathan's Biography
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Nathaniel or "Nate" is a 200-year-old werewolf who lived in a small town in Essex a small county in England where he got his language, humor, and tastes in both herbal tea and sweets. He enjoyed the finer things since he was raised by a wealthy family at the time.Nate's mother was a seamstress while his father was the mayor of the small town who had multiple wives and several children none of which Nathan liked very much. He tended to keep to himself and the other children picked on him for being so quiet and shy. He never smiled and never seemed to be in a happy mood. He was raised mostly by his handmaidens and cooks that lived in the mansion that he grew up in and did most of the house cleaning. On days that Nathan would get bored, he would go find friends in the forest and play with them. He had a health defect as a child and it still affects him to this day with coughing a lot, heart problems, and getting sick easily. Sometimes he also gets ammonia and is in the hospital a lot more than a normal patient since he goes there a lot. They actually know him at the hospital as a regular who has physical, emotional, and psychological. This could have been brought on by his early experiences with death and jealousy of his mother who seemed to get more attention from his dad than he did. His mother soon passed away and he had no one to care for him other than the handmaidens and cooks that were at his home; his father was never in the picture taking care of other matters in religion and politics. Nathan went to school in England and learned how to read, speak, and understand the English language both in England and the United States. Sometimes he thought about his family but would make sure to keep himself busy to keep his mind off of them. He wanted to become a writer or perhaps a doctor since he was kind-hearted but not without complications with his health problems and sickness as a small child. Nathan's poor health impacted them as he got to go to school and got picked on as a small body and had a hard time growing up. After middle school and pre k however, he grew up pretty big and held himself proud with both presence and muscles as he worked out and ate nutritious food, and drank milk and juice to keep his health up and going. Nathan was considering going to college but he was not sure what direction he wanted to go in.For the most part, however, he wanted to spend the rest of his teen and adult years in the gay and bisexual community where he would hopefully find a lover for himself, but for now, he is enjoying and enjoying the highlights of the lifestyle not ready to settle down by any means. 


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Silly boys be like...


The Last Raven

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Drama is a no, I will delete you. Im here to have fun not to deal with more problems. Since its been over ten years of Roleplaying ive slowly begun to have less time to reply, please understand that i have a real life. Respect me and I will respect you. Its that easy. Contribute to the discussion of the Roleplay. If you are going to ask me what i prefer i would also appreciate for you to suggest something. No God mode, use it and you're out. (Only Canon characters that are indeed Godlike.) Length of my Starters are usually two to three Paragraphs, i then reply up to two.

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~ Questions / M a t u r e C o n t e n t~

I am still very much working on this profile, but I know f-list better in terms of profile managing, so most information and pictures (NOT SAFE IN PUBLIC!) can be viewed at the link below.Again, pictures and such are sensitive for public viewing, proceed with caution!After the www. simply put f-list . net (no spaces!) If it still isn't working, ask me directly.♡or you can add me at Discord too!f-list:https://www./c/aya%20kyushudiscord:ℬℴ𝓉𝓉ℴ𝓂#2358


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Rules and such.

#1. Ero will only happen if the story leads there and I will only do FxF. Please respect that as well as my comfort.#2. Never rush me for replies, or remind me. I'm well aware of what it is I owe, and what I do not. By bugging me about it, I'll merely lose any desire I might have had to respond. So, be mindful of this. You'll never see me pressing you for them.#3. This one should come as commonplace. If I deny your request, do not send another. That'll lead to a block faster than Barry Allen gets jerked by Reverse Flash. #4. For the love of Makima; MAKE IT CLEAR WHETHER YOU'RE IC or OOC, and please, please, please! Do not mix them. I hate that so much as it leaves me highly confused. I'm not trying to decipher sh*t. Be clear and concise. That goes for writing too. Not trying to have a stroke over here.#5. Discord; I have one, but I will not be giving it out. Nothing against anyone here. I've gotten burned one too many times and am not taking chances. Maybe if we somehow grow closer, but no sooner.That's about everything I can think of. Should more things need to be added, I'll edit this. I'd say sign something below to show you've read these, however, I doubt anyone will. I would appreciate it if you did. Hope we can write together in due course. 

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Extra Class Servants

-Registry of all Extra classes servants-50%76%88%Loaded...-----Name:  Oberon VortigernClass: PretenderSpecies: Servant, Fairy, Dragon, KingGender: MaleHeight:  174 cmWeight: 56 kgLikes: UnknownDislikes: UnknownAlignment: Lawful Good (Oberon), Chaotic Evil (Vortigern)Personality:  A gentle, engaged, and kind-hearted pacifist. Because of his thoughtful nature, he is cautious when it comes to carrying out his plans and strategies, but he never misses a chance to make his move. He can dominate any situation with strong aggression (or savagery, depending on how you look at it). A perfect prince of light, as if he were a character straight from a fairytale. At any rate, he is a sly story protagonist. He has the smile of an adult but still retains his boyish mannerisms; the power and executive function of an adult despite being a boyish dreamer. He is well-educated but doesn't boast about it, carries lofty ideals but doesn't force them on other people, is weak but does not submit to violence. "I like being happy. Just as insects need clean water to live, fairies can't live without being happy." Artoria Caster describes Oberon as very Merlin-esque. He has a reputation in Faerie Britain for borrowing money and not returning it. He brought millions in counterfeit money to an auction. Similar to Shakespeare, Oberon will do things because he thinks it fits the narrative. For example, he waited before finding Protagonist and Artoria Caster because he thought it would increase their Relationship Values. Unlike Shakespeare he's not doing it because it amuses him but because that's how he thinks stories work. Even though Titania is a fictional character who Shakespeare invented, Oberon is searching for her. Even if it's a pipedream, he wants to meet Titania, the only person who could love the eccentric King Oberon. Oberon the Great Liar. His existence, even his name, is a lie. When he revealed his true nature, he declared boldly, "I have nothing I like," the edges of his mouth curling upwards. Of course, this is also a lie. There isn't a single thing that he says that is true. A beautiful man with hair dark as a shadow, sunken blue eyes, and sharp bony limbs. A perfect blight, as if he were a villain straight from a fairytale. A prince of darkness. Since everything he says and does is a lie, there is no need for him to tell the truth. He says his purpose in life is to watch people fall to ruins, but there is no way to tell whether he is speaking the truth or not. The reason why he looks down on others and causes misfortune isn't because he loves only himself and wants only himself to be happy. It is because he thinks everyone is simply disgusting. He has no love for others, nor for himself as well. Because Fairy Eyes can see the truth, he looks down on everything he sets his eyes on, and smiles sweetly to hide the discomfort constantly rising in his chest. His public persona is entirely an act, but Oberon's lies are so perfect that they are not considered "fiction." If he is so inclined, he can live like that and have that be his "true persona." However, since he is cursed and anything he does is considered a lie, it being true holds no meaning to it. He will never harbor love for any living thing, any human. To Oberon, humans and fairies alike are targets of exclusion that are "unimportant but unpleasant, disgusting but appear happy." Since Oberon can never feel "happiness" all his life, he considers other lifeforms that can achieve happiness just by being alive without any effort or intelligence, to be an eyesore and incomprehensible to him. "Damn bastards. I'll destroy everything one of these days." Oberon's aggressiveness was not born out of jealousy or hatred, but rather out of his love for Titania. But that is something Oberon will never admit. Oberon-Vortigern's desire to destroy Proper Human History actually comes from his Oberon side. As Oberon is a fictional existence, he is repulsed by how Chaldea culls away the Lostbelts, since they are fabricated existences as well. He spites humanity and the Proper Human History system for "rejecting" them, and while Vortigern wants to destroy the Lostbelt, Oberon wants to destroy Proper Human History for the stance they take towards "stories". Despite this, he comes to take a liking to Ritsuka. As he dies he says that the sky they wish to protect really is beautiful, and admits he was doing it for Titania, a being that could only exist in "stories". Class Skills: Anti-Human Order (D Rank): An ability that puts a stop to everything created by Humanity, as well as the laws that work in humanity's favor. It is a skill originally possessed by the Beast Class. Oberon has acquired the same skill possessed by the Evils of Humanity after deceiving and remaining in hiding for so long. He bears no hatred or resentment toward humanity. He merely wants to eradicate them, an action as instinctive as breathing. To put it simply, it is a form of malice that subtly directs people's hearts (the general atmosphere) to evil, low and cheap tendencies.  Territory Creation (E- Rank): The ability to create one's own workshop and base as a Mage. He used to be the king of the Fairy Forest, but his territory was lost over time and he has now become nothing more than a wanderer in stories. As a result, his Territory Creation skill is the lowest rank possible. Paradoxically, this skill shows that Oberon is now "all but a king in name only." Oberon keeps this a secret, and does his best to hide the fact that his Territory Creation rank is low. Item Construction (A+ Rank): The ability to create items. He is the highest-ranking craftsman when it comes to items that deceive the mind such as the Tricolor Field Dew, which has even managed to curse the Fairy Queen Titania. Riding (A Rank): History regarding British Fairies states that fairies ride on insects when they travel. Oberon is a king so he travels gracefully using his own wings, but when he is out of people's sight, he rides a hawk moth (at 130 km/h), speeding through the land and leading people's hearts. A Midsummer Night's Dream (EX Rank): A curse that Oberon has carried since he came into existence. "Everything is a dream illusion. The events that transpired here is not worthy of truth―" That is how the world's most famous play about Fairies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, closed the curtains, but on the other hand it represents Oberon's nature. In Human History, his words and actions were labelled as lies no matter what he did, so as a result, a curse where nothing about him is true and nothing he says is true has been engraved into him. Divinity (— Rank): Oberon's consort, Titania, is a Fairy created as a composite of various fairies and goddesses (Mab, Diana, and Titan) and has divinity as a result. But since Oberon is purely the "King of the Fairies" and not a composite being, he has not acquired any divinity. Fairy Eyes (— Rank): These are not Mystic Eyes that humans possess, but are rather a type of vision that Fairies are born with that allows them to "alter worlds." These eyes, which see through all lies and reflect the truth, allow Oberon to clearly see the malice, shortcomings, and nature of intelligent beings. Personal Skills:  Veil of Night (EX Rank): Night falls, bringing great success to the party, and increasing the will to fight by escaping reality. Almost identical to Merlin's Dreamlike Charisma.[1] Morning Lark (EX Rank): Morning breaks, greatly uplifting the party's mental state and increasing self-esteem. One-time forced doping. It increases the target's magical output, but only for a short amount of time. This power-up will be lost over time, so plan how you will use it for your Noble Phantasm accordingly.[1] End of a Dream (EX Rank): A dream of the end times. An enhancement skill applied to a single ally. The affected Servant will gain an unparalleled rise in strength, but at the end of the turn they will lose all of its effects and sleep for eternity. ―Those who have lost their dreams, will never, hold the power to wake up back into reality again. Noble Phantasm(s): Wry Rhyme Goodfellow: Story of a Dream Held Aloft in the Distance (彼方にかざす夢の噺ライ・ライム・グッドフェロー, Kanata ni Kazasu Yume no HanashiRai Raimu Guddoferō) is the Noble Phantasm of Oberon Vortigern while pretending to be "Oberon".   A counting song of an unfulfilled paradise that Oberon speaks of. The wings on his back unfurl and scatter scales everywhere, forcibly transforming the target's body (Spirit Origin) into a spiritual body in the Dream World, stopping the target from being able to function in the real world. A Greater Magic that is not unlike a Reality Marble. At least that's how it seems. Those who fall trap into this dream become invincible, but are unable to intervene in the real world.Lie Like Vortigern: Eye of Dreams that Falls to the Distance (彼方とおちる夢の瞳ライ・ライク・ヴォーティガーン, Kanata to Ochiru Yume no HitomiRai Raiku Vōtigān) is the Noble Phantasm of Oberon Vortigern.  This Noble Phantasm is the true form of Oberon, who was brought into existence by the Fairy Country. He transforms into the evil dragon Vortigern, a "hollow insect" meant to destroy Britain. With his giant blender-like mouth and esophagus (hollow), he swallows the entire world and causes it to fall. Rather than killing the opponent, it is a "path to the underworld" that drops them into an abyss without a single ray of light. Oberon can exist separately from his "Insect of the Abyss" form. He is unsure, though, which one of them is the real one and which is the shadow. The body of the "Insect of the Abyss" is infinite, and anything it swallows falls for all eternity. Once something is swallowed, "entrance" and "exit" cease to exist. Nothing can escape, no matter how great of an existence it is, as long as Oberon isn't killed. But in the Abyss, everyone is in a "sinking dream", and while they're asleep, they have no form. Also, because it is a "space that can never be observed by Proper Human History", there isn't the slightest record of Heroic Spirits, so summoning them is an impossibility. Artoria Avalon, however, was able to revert these effects with her mere presence. When Oberon is defeated, the "Insect of the Abyss" starts to collapse and lose all connection to the outside world, so Chaldea tries to escape before that happens. However, because the hole is infinite, escape is impossible regardless of their speed. Sherlock Holmes described it as worse than a black hole. Black holes are pits of gravitational attraction that even light can’t escape, but an exit still exists, so with a navigational leap, escape is still technically possible. The Abyss is the opposite, however, so no matter how extraordinary the means of transport that humanity possesses are, it cannot be escaped from. Chaldea was only able to escape thanks to Albion's Remnant hitting the "Insect of the Abyss" with a heat ray, opening an exit to the outside. It was the true source of the Collapse that threatened total extinction and prompted Chaldea to launch an immediate and previously unnecessary mission to the British Lostbelt.  Oberon's NPVortigern NP -----Name:  Jeanne D'Arc AlterClass: AvengerSpecies: Human, Saint, AlterGender: FemaleHeight: 159 cmWeight: 44 kgLikes: Denying God in front of a true believer, World dominationDislikes: BeliefAlignment: Chaotic EvilPersonality:  A black Jeanne d’Arc dyed in a desire for vengeance. Her personality is extremely cruel and stern, and probably a few people would notice the vestiges of her sainthood in there. She has no kindness towards others, and she will become an object of revenge towards all of mankind. She always harbors distrust towards her comrades and her surroundings. She believes in God and yet, there is no faith in that belief. She likes to deny God in front of a believer, thinking that there is no better entertainment than that. She dislikes the act of "having faith", for it is evil as far as she is concerned. She will wage war with her companions against God, and she will simply take pleasure in the slaughter for her "cause". The being within her has a liking for complete and utter devastation, and that would even include the destruction of mankind—the purpose of her life is to keep on killing whatever comes her way, until she uses up all her strength. With several circumstances accumulating, despite being a fictional existence, it became possible for Jeanne Alter to answer the summons as a black holy woman. The particulars of her summoning may be extremely unclear, but she will not rebel immediately after her summoning. However, seeing that it is a human Master, she will constantly harbor distrust. Also, when she becomes highly tense, she will start to fanatically laugh. Jeanne Alter is fundamentally bitter towards the Master, but maybe due to how the holy woman Jeanne, who became her basis, was quite the softhearted one, one can perceive respect and affection for her Master at her core. She has no girlish hobbies, but it seems that there were some maiden-like wishes. "To think that, in the depths of her consciousness, she wants to perform a strained avenge business while being surrounded by handsome men of her own liking!" - such is the comment from a Servant of the same Avenger Class. Class Skills:  Avenger (B Rank): A skill representing the state of an Avenger as one that gathers people's hatreds and grudges onto oneself. It is easier for one to accumulate hatred and resentment. The rate of mana generation becomes higher when receiving damage. After the result of the Orleans Singularity correction, her resentment has become a little lighter. Oblivion Correction (A Rank): Her hatred will never be cleared away, no matter how much time has passed. Even if, she is aware of the things more wonderful than her hatred. Self-Replenishment (Mana) (A+ Rank): One's Magical Energy endlessly surges until their revenge is accomplished. Recovers a minuscule amount of magical energy every turn. Because she was created by a wish upon the Holy Grail, the quantity of her mana recovery is of a higher grade. Personal Skills:  Self-Modification (EX Rank): A special grade remodeling done by the Holy Grail. It has completely inverted the Saint and has made her fall into the Chaotic Evil alignment. Dragon Witch (EX Rank): Having been produced by Gilles' wishes, she possesses from birth the power of the Dragon kind. Believed to be an inverse phenomenon from saints possessing anecdotes of dispersing the dragon kind, such as Martha or maybe Georgios. Possesses a unique Charisma that makes dragons obey her and a power that raises the attack power of the party. Ephemeral Dream (A Rank): A Skill that represents a lifeform born from illusions because of an individual’s desire. Because she was born from one’s desire, she possesses a powerful force, but at the same time, she is not permanently approved as a lifeform allowed for existence. After everything is finished, she will quietly start her slumber. Noble Phantasm(s):  La Grondement Du Haine: Roar, Rage of Mine (吼え立てよ、我が憤怒ラ・グロンドメント・デュ・ヘイン, Hoetate yo, Wa ga FundoRa Gurondomento Du Hein) is the Noble Phantasm of Jeanne d'Arc (Alter). "Roar of Hatred." The cursed flag possessed by the Jeanne who descended as the Dragon Witch. It stops the enemy’s attack in the same way as Jeanne d'Arc’s Noble Phantasm, but this Noble Phantasm also swells up that attack, before it reflects it back. Also, its power will increase even more if her allies and the likes die. Then, whether it is a slashing attack, a striking attack, or on top of that, a hit by means of a curse, all of it will in the same way be converted into her physical attack power when they are halted by the Noble Phantasm. The flag can release flames with performance resembling a first-rate Dragon’s breath. Under the name of an avenger, Jeanne Alter kindles the flames and transforms the grudges from herself and the surroundings into magical energy, burning the opponents' injustice, corruption and self-righteousness up to the marrow of their bones to ashes. Furthermore, the stake was stuck into her image. Personally for her, “I was attached to… uh, something jagged… and made of steel, and a harsh impression of it remains with me!”, and this impression allows her to create these stakes in her image for her own use.Jeanne Alter NP -----Name:  Edmond DantèsClass: AvengerSpecies: Servant, HumanGender: MaleHeight: 185 cmWeight: 75 kgLikes: NothingDislikes: EverythingAlignment: Chaotic EvilPersonality:  While his True Name is Edmond Dantès, Avenger perceives himself to be a different person from the seaman from Marseille. While in life he had abandoned his dark nature at the end of his gruesome and tragic revenge in Paris, his powerful and vengeful Monte Cristo persona has manifested as a Servant and is still acting as the "image of a nemesis", so he claims, "In that case, I am not Edmond." Therefore, he will never introduce himself as Edmond Dantès. His catchphrase is "Wait and Hope" (in French, "Attendre, Esperer"), which is a direct quotation from the ending of The Count of Monte Cristo in his farewell letter to his friend Maximilien Morrel. « One of my names is enough to strike terror into your heart, but I don't have to tell you what it is, do I? You've already guessed it, haven't you? Or rather, you remember it, for despite all my years of sorrow and torment, the joy of vengeance has made my face young again! » (Monte Cristo to Fernand de Morcerf, from Chapter 54 of "The Count of Monte Cristo") An avenger to fate and reality. Avenger always hates the irrationality and malice that is all over the world. At a first glance, it appears that his hatred is projected towards the whole world except on himself, but he is never a demon that hates innocent people. He hates and continues to deny reality itself that continues to reign while it is still full of atrocities and immoralities. Avenger defines himself as a “demon of eternal vengeance”. He is full of roughness and violence, hurting every person who approaches him, but...[1] To the Master who do battle to rescue human history from incineration, Avenger has two forms to select from. Namely, the form as “himself that trifles with reality and a vicious fate (Edmond Dantès)“ representing his current self, and the form as “a person that is close to who he was before (King of the Cavern) as the materialized idol of hatred.”[1] Particularly regarding the latter form, before long, Avenger will surely recognize the profile of his Master who continues to struggle, seemingly at first remembering Haydée, the princess of a ruined country, or Abbe Faria, who was his benefactor. "They are not Abbe Faria." "They are not Haydée." Of course, Avenger himself in this form does not represent his current self. The Master who walks together with him is just one person in his past, present and future. Even though, the others should not be here. If that is the case, the feelings embraced then is also the sole thing that must be there in the past, and not here in the present. According to Shiki Ryougi, Edmond Dantès is the kind of person who one victory against him is enough for him to become an unexpectedly trustworthy ally, as only someone with great love and care would turn into such an Avenger after being betrayed by someone they love. That also means that Edmond loves humanity on a very fundamental level. If Angra Mainyu, born of hatred, is an avenger that speaks about love, the King of the Cavern, born of love, is an avenger that speaks about hatred. Where one forgives and accepts evil as a inherent part of humanity, the other rages and strikes at it with vengeance. Class Skills:  Avenger (A Rank): One’s state of being as an avenger that gathers people’s hatred and resentment onto themselves; a way of being that became a Skill. Although it is easy for the hostility from his surroundings to be directed towards him, negative emotions directed towards Avenger will automatically be converted into his power. Oblivion Correction (B Rank): Although people, who are living beings, will be forgetful of many things, an avenger never forgets. An avenger’s attacks, which strike from beyond the people’s lapses of memory, will have their critical hit effects strengthened. Self-Replenishment (Mana) (D Rank): One’s magical energy endlessly surges until their revenge is accomplished. Recovers a minuscule amount of magical energy every turn. Personal Skills:  Determination of Steel (EX Rank): The dynamism and mind of steel of the man who walked on the path of revenge throughout his entire life after breaking out of the Château d’If (Tower of If) prison, which was even called the Hell on this Earth, becoming a Skill. A complete blockade of his sense of pain, resulting in effects such as the acquisition of a superhuman mind and body that is even able to endure ultrahigh-speed actions. It is a composite Skill that also primarily contains the effects of the Valor Skill and the Calm and Collected Skill. Golden Rule (A Rank): The Count of Monte Cristo attained everlasting wealth and political power by obtaining the “hidden treasure” told of by Abbe Faria in the Château d’If, so money is hardly a matter for him to be troubled with. Wisdom of Predicament (A Rank): The ability to call upon Luck with a precedence in critical situations. The wisdom brought about by the abundant knowledge he received from Abbe Faria and his own natural intelligence. By combining this with the special characteristics of his Extra Class, it becomes possible for him to use the Item Construction Skill, which is primarily a Caster’s Class Skill, at Rank B. Noble Phantasm(s): Attendre, Espérer: Wait, and Hope (待て、しかして希望せよアトンドラ・エスペリエ, Mate, Shikash*te Kibō SeyoAtondora, Esuperie?) is the unbelievable recovery Noble Phantasm of Edmond Dantès. Not only can he bring himself or an ally back from the verge of death, they are resuscitated with a temporary rank up in all Parameters.   The streak of brilliant, shining hope in the darkness of the one who has fallen into atrocity, despair and regret. All human knowledge can be agglomerated into these three words: "Wait, and Hope."  Enfer Château d'If: Tyger, Burning BrightWP (虎よ、煌々と燃え盛れアンフェル・シャトー・ディフ, Tora yo, Kōkō to MoesakareAnferu Shatō Difu?) is the mental power of steel of Edmond Dantès, cultivated while imprisoned within the Château d'IfWP, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. Not even mentioning his body, Avenger is able to escape from even "abstract prisons such as time and space." Through performing super high-speed thinking, he is able to forcibly reflect that on his body and "subjectively realize a super high-speed action that makes something that seems like a 'time halt' is being employed."[1] The rate of such high-speed movement makes the attacks take the form of a "simultaneous multi-attack" from many different "afterimages" of Avenger.[1] Afterwards, the flames of grudge materialized by mana are released from multiple afterimages, dealing damage to the targetEdmond's NP

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