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11/14/2022 08:25 PM 

General Information - Rules
Current mood:  awake

Please refer to these basic guidelines for information regarding myself, this page, and how I roleplay. If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to me.  First and foremost, I am over the age of 25 and have no desire to write with anyone under 18. If you want to write anything with me that has to do with relationships or smut, I may require proof of age. I would normally not be so strict, but a bad experience left me in that position.  - That being said, I have been writing for a very long time and I know what I like. I'm here to actually wrote out story lines and build ideas. I am not here for comments and one liners. If you can't give me a solid paragraph at the bare minimum, please don't waste my time or yours.  - Literacy is an absolute must. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Please make your best effort to apply these things properly to your posts. If I have to decipher your replies, I simply will not answer them. I do this for fun, not to grade the papers of children still learning to write. - Mistakes happen, so don't think you need to be perfect. I'm not a perfectionist. I just ask for a bit of effort. - I write story lines in messages, via Instagram, or on Discord. I do not write in comments. Chat can happen anywhere. - I write Erwin as bisexual, but he is a hard man to break when it comes to emotions. He will use men or women to get what he wants. In my personal opinion, the only person he would give his heart to would be Levi. I cannot see him pairing with anyone else unless he was using the relationship to his own benefit or the benefit of the Scouts. If you want a relationship, keep this in mind. - I do include the use of alcohol/tobacco/drugs, harsh language, violence, and sexual situations in my writing. That is why I put 21+ on my headline and why I do not wish to write with anyone under the age of 18.  - Real life always comes first. If I have to take a week off this site for work, I will. You're welcome to check in with me if I haven't replied, but please do not harass me with messages. I will do my best to always inform my writing partners of what I am doing. - AUs and original story lines are welcome. I do not do cross overs unless the other character comes to my verse.  - If you have an idea, please share. I'm always happy to hear what other writers are thinking. No idea is bad, even if it isn't my cup of tea. I'll hear you out. I think that's it for now. Thank you for reading.


11/14/2022 12:34 PM 


#1. No romance/erotica/smut. Romance is not the same as erotica for one, however romance has to come before erotica which no one ever pays attention to so that’s a rule everyone breaks-because I am well aware that no one has common sense, at least no one with a d*ck. If you ask to include romance or anything like that in the future of the RP I am still going to think that’s all you want and I won’t want to RP with you***Only acceptions go to longterm RP friends and of course James**#2. Your replies must be coherent. I can’t deal with constant dyslexia— I did not enjoy struggling to read, I’m good at reading and I don’t want to be stumbling over words that should be simple#3. Discussion before RP -don’t send me a random starters, I will not reply to you… I don’t care how good it is. Before we start role-playing I want you to tell me the very basics about your character, I want to know who they are why they want to interact with my character what the setting is and when. It would be nice to know but it’s not necessary what the character looks like what they’re wearing and how tall they are so I can interact properly but I don’t need to know the backstory.***I don’t care that their mother had to give birth to them in a cave somewhere because something was happening… some sh*t is totally irrelevant, unless it’s an event or something that can tie into the reason my character is interacting with yours I don’t give a f***


11/13/2022 10:14 PM 

Yashahime Questionaire♥

Answer these questions honestly if you do,  please.Did you enjoy Yashahime?Did you like the characters?Have you rewatched it?Do you ship canon only ships in anime?Did you dislike Princess Aiya (me)?Did you already know Sesshomaru and Rin were going to be made Canon♥?Did you see any point bringing Shippo back? 

Red Sonja, the She Devil

11/13/2022 02:20 PM 

Rules and Guidelines

1.  Sex is a part of life, but is not the only part.  The side effect of Sonja getting her strength and combat ability is that she cannot sleep with any man (or woman in my case) unless they can defeat her in fair combat.  I'll be somewhat flexible but in almost all cases, expect to have a story before any sex.  And sex is never guaranteed.2.  I like to roleplay, but am typically between a para and multi-para for most replies.  I try to put out what I get from you.  But if there is not much to say for my part, there won't be much to say from my part.3.  Whatever kind of roleplay we do, let's both try and make it fun?  Be it a conversation, fight, or romance, fun is everything.  Let's try and both enjoy what we are doing.4.  I'm going to play Sonja my way.  I may slip up here and there on certain details of hers, but I am at least going to keep the spirit there, and will try to be consistent enough and true to the character.  But be warned, I have certainly not read every bit of Sonja lore there is.  So if I get a detail wrong, please forgive me in advance.5.  Real life is important.  I have a full time job.  I have to make a living.  This is a hobby.  Not a job.  Not real life.  That being said, please don't annoy me begging for replies.  A ping every now and then is ok...I am human and let things slip.  But keep it within reason.  Even if it says I'm online, I might be on my cell phone, and thus not able to make lengthy replies.To Be Continued as needed.

ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ɢᴏʟᴅ

11/12/2022 05:43 PM 

More info

Appearance: 6'3 ❖ early - mid 20'sGold Eyes ❖ Small mole under the right oneSlender ❖ TonedBlack HairAlignment: Chaotic NeutralSkills:Resistance to [Freeze ❖ Poison ❖ Charms ❖ Disease Sickness]Shape shifting [Wolf ❖ Crow ❖ Owl ❖ Mist ]Physical Enhancement [Increased Mobility ❖ Night vision]Day-walking [no more than 8 hours, will begin to lose health]Draining Touch [a cold touch that drains health and stamina per sceond]Draining Bite [a bite that drains victims of their blood]Regeneration [When health is no less than 45%]Minor Illusion Magic [untrained]Weaknesses: Sunlight ❖ Silver

💕 princess Eva 💕

11/11/2022 11:27 PM 


Name Edda or eeva Age 10 thousand years old Race light elf Status widow Hair brown white Eyes brown gold gold Height 5"6" Weight 110powers illusions mind control time control portals time  warp healing speaking to nature animals Good with archery Wisdome wise nature Mother figure Children 60 Human age 15 Personality gulable kind caring sweet gentle over protective scared easily blunt honest will lie to protect her family love ones Spirit guardian large cat or wolf large white buck More powers that's hidden Planet name nuro  large planet like planet  where animals speak like them in mind or telepathic powers She is a grown up in her race humans not so since their race are immortal only breed if their kind gets killed in war protecting humans Their race has been protecting humans for centuries hiding among human race some don't know they are elves  1. Loves animals 2 loves nature 3. Empathetic to others 4. Sensitive to emotionemotion 5. Vissions or hears nature's voices some call it witch crafts She is a youngest princess Humans tortured her harmed her living among humans as a slave to the government from her powers she fears hates humans but will protect them she hates the government of the human race will kill them to keep the human race save government enslaves their own human race for centuries 

Mira Uchiha

11/11/2022 07:42 PM 


CHAKRA NATURES:FIRE RELEASE: One of the basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by heating up chakra inside the stomach and releasing it,via the lungs and mouth. MIRA'S SIGNATURE FIRE JUTSU: DRAGON-FIRE BLAZE JUTSU- a fire jutsu that cast blue flames that burns hotter and quicker than regular orange flamesWATER RELEASE:  One of the most basic elemental nature transformations. They are the most easily performed using an existing water source,like lakes or rivers. Users can also create water within their bodies with Chakra,expelling it from their mouths.  MIRA'S SIGNATURE WATER JUTSU: WATER DRAGON WHIP JUTSU- this jutsu creats an meduim-sized orb of water from which sharp whips of water emerge and can impale any or multliple targets.MIST RELEASE(FIRE+WATER): A Nature combination of Water and Fire that allows the user heat up water molecules to create a mist that blind and confuses a target. MIRA'S SIGNATURE MIST JUTSU: CRIMSON MIST BARRIER JUTSU- by summoning a thick wall of red fog, the user can impair sight for anyone trapped inside. The user can also mask any sound from being heard outside the fog barrier.MIRA'S ABILITIES:TAIJUSTU (9/10): Since a young age, Mira has tranined in martial arts. In fact,her preferred fighting style is close-combat. Her hand-to-hand fighting style relies on speed and agility. Mira is only able to open only 2 of the 8 Inner Gates.GENJUTSU (6/10): Despite her Uchiha heritage, Mira isn't very talented or powerful where Genjutsu isn concerned. However,given her close combat style,she doesn't really care. She knows some Genjutsu,but only uses when she needs to escape a foe. MIRA'S SIGNATURE GENJUTSU: BLUE BUTTERFLIES JUTSU: an illusion that makes the target see Blue Butterflies that will turn into clones of Mira at Mira's command. The clones can be sliced,but will disappate into butterflies,confusing the target as to which is the real Mira. This Jutsu is cleverly disguised an Ninjutsu,therefor tricking an opponent as well. NINJUTSU(9/10): Mira's style of fighting relies heavy on her sword skills and her ninjutsu. Mira has an affinity for Fire and Water and thus relies on those jutsus in combat. She can also mix the two natures to make Mist Release, which allows her to fill the air full of mist that she controls and makes it hard for the target to see and hear. KENJUSTU: As already stated, Mira relies heavily on her sword skills and Ninjutsu in combat. She mostly learned the art of the sword thru her mother and many other masters after her mother's death. Mira is a elite swordwoman.MANGEKYO SHARINGAN: Mira was able to activate the Mangekyo Sharingan after the death of her friend Yui. Mira's eyes are in the shape of windmills when activated. She attained her "Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan" by transplating her father's eyes into hers.  MIRA'S MANGEKYO ABILITY: KAGEOKURI- this ability allows Mira to teleport using the shadows of her enviroment, allowing her to use the shadows of objects,animals,and even people. SUSANOO: Like all Mangekyo Sharingan Users, Mira is able to use Susanoo. Mira's Susanoo is yellow and weilds a Katana. SERIOUS CHARACTER NOTE: Due to the huge physical strain it puts on Mira's body, Mira only uses her Susanoo as an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT to save her own life.  

Mira Uchiha

11/11/2022 07:33 PM 


Mira Uchiha  is a surviving member of the Uchiha-Clan Massacre and is the cousin of the infamous Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.  Mira Uchiha lived together with her mother and father, Yuriko and Takeru, on the Uchiha compound.  Her father was an important figure in the clan and attended the clan meetings. He was one of the clan members that strongly agreed with the Coup D’etat. When her mother,Yuriko, found out about this decision, she decided to desert the village with her 7 year-old daughter, since she doesn't want to be involved in the violence. She was a very peaceful woman. They escaped to the border of the Land Of Fire and settled down to live a quiet life in a small town for a short time. Yuriko continued to train Mira in swordsmanship and ninjutsu, so she'd be able to defend herself. When Danzo noticed that two Uchiha were missing from the slaughter, he sent many of his subordinates from the ANBU Roots to assassinate them.    Mira and her mother lived peacefully for many months until the Anbu Roots members finally tracked them down. Yuriko tried to fight them off while Mira was in hiding, but eventually got overpowered. Mira left her hiding place due to an uneasy feeling and worried for her mother, equipped with her sword. As she stepped outside, she witnessed her mother getting stabbed by the last Anbu Root member left standing. Recalling her training, she charged at the enemy in panic, thus awakening her Sharingan. Mira managed to kill the stranger from behind, but it was too late for her mother. She was able to exchange a few last words with her, as Yuriko told her to always live carefully and to be strong, to never let anybody take advantage of her. Her mother also wishes for her to hide her true identity in order to not attract attention,as Danzo wanted Mira dead. She quickly gave her mother a proper burial and left the small town.  Now at the age of 8, Mira wandered from small town to another as she eventually ended up in Village Hidden in the Grass. Mira stole from bakeries and shops in order to eat and pick-pocketed in order to have some money. She was good,but was caught rather often due to her inexperience. After getting beaten by a store owner for stealing, a girl about Mira’s age introduced herself as Yui Akino. Yui led Mira to her little group of orphans and taught her how to survive and fight. Skip to 10 years later, Mira and Yui’s little band of orphans have turned themselves into a bounty hunting group of tremendous reputation,due to Mira’s and Yui’s training as ninjas. Sadly,the group success eventually came to an end as a member of a regional criminal organization plotted their revenge on their group for turning one of their own in.  Mira's group received a fake job offer with an impressive payment which included breaking a person out of prison. They accepted the job, not thinking about a possible fraud. At the location, they were surprised and taken out with Mira and Yui being the only survivors. The criminal organization then sold them to a contact of Orichimarus and were taken to one of his compounds. Mira and Yui were imprisoned with other strong ninjas and even Curse-Mark Users,to be eventually used as test subjects. In this prison, Sasuke has strong suspicions of Mira being from the Uchiha,after witnessing her in several fights while imprisoned. Eventually, scientists came to pick up test subjects for the ongoing experiment, which hadn't been survived by any of them before. As they came to take Mira away, Yui tried to protect her and was taken in her stead. The experiment failed on her as well and resulted in her early death.  After seeing Yui's corpse being transported out of the facility, Mira awakens the Mangekyou Sharingan and manages to escape the prison cell as scientists came to pick her up next,using her unique Mangekyou Sharingan ability Kageokuri, which allows Mira to teleport anywhere by using the shadows of her immediate environment.  In the process, she slaughters the prison guards. She then leaves the hideout, killing all the guards in her way and wanders aimlessly through the nearby land. not knowing what to do. A few days later, Mira was tracked down by Sasuke, who was in the process of forming Team Hebi,wanting to confirm his suspicions of Mira being an Uchiha. After confirming his suspicions, Sasuke offered Mira a spot on Team Hebi.  Mira turned Sasuke down cold as, while she had nothing but hatred for the Hidden Leaf Village,she knew revenge wouldn’t bring her loved ones back and wouldn’t fill her with any kind of peace.  Skip to another 10 years, the 27 year-old Mira Uchiha is a wandering bounty hunter with no allegiance to any village. While she still harbors hatred for the Leaf Village, Hokage Naruto Uzumaki allows her to enter the village to visit Sarada Uchiha (Sasuke’s Daughter) from time to time,under the promise that Mira will hunt any rogue Leaf Ninjas she happens to come across.     



11/11/2022 05:49 PM 

And that was the First day

I wasn't born from your womb Nobelee! You're not my mother. I came out of the dirt in the chicken coop behind the red brick house Coco had built. That wasn't even there on my first day of life. Nothing but brown brittle leaves everywhere. I lived without anyone for 3days the equivalent of 3 years for me. That's why I'm older than everyone. A day is a year for me. I had time to prepare for the invasion. Everything you know about history was a dream for you made up by me before you were here. I was the first life. Fear, Alone, Sorrow and pain when there's nothing there but you. It was light the first day. Then dark, " what is this?" My first words. I felt the carpet and made my way to the vent in the floor. The pain at first was the chill of cold away from the blanket of dirt. The wormpth came out and I felt the wind for the first time. Oh my god! Dad! Where are you?!" I spun around without the feeling of my body to see a giant man standing in the doorway. I burst into tears seeing my protector again. Like this had happened before. His face glowing and familiar. And his voice broke the air like a blade. Calm and powerful. "It's okay Buddy." He flipped the light on. My eyes ajusted an he laid toys all over my room. I learned about guns because Megatron's first form was a pistol with a scope. Walkie talkies to stay in touch with a friend and a bag of dinosaurs. I'll be in the living room if you need me." Dad said and walked away. Trying to use this stuff. What is it for? Nobody else is out there. I felt my heart for the first time. Maybe because dad walked away an I worried I lost him. I grabbed the screw driver and took one of the walki talkies apart. I wired the speaker to the batteries to amplify the signal. And I sent out the first signal into the void around the house. I told them who I was. I told them something bad was going to happen in my future and I won't be able t handle it alone. SOS, please help me.


11/11/2022 10:47 PM 

Four Armor
Current mood:  accomplished

I went over to talk to my mom. Johnny did not answer the door. I could sense him through the wall on the other side of the door. I heard his mind, and knew he was trying to hide something from me. I checked the mail box, and sure enough I had a credit card offers with my name on it. He was setting me up for a fight. I left, angry because my brother stopped me from talking to my mom when I needed her. I didn't care after about twenty minutes of walking to meet Missie. I told her what just happened, and her response sparked a furry rage in me against Johnny that I couldn't avoid. I walked her to work at the theater, and went straight back to my mom's house. My outfit was tactical. All black like ninja guiden. Up and over the back fence in the corner for best footing. I ducked under the wash line stepping into the back porch. I could see the kitchen door was open. Just the screen door in my way. I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen. There was a yellow lighter in my left hand with a black octopus 🐙 on it. "I came for my mail, and I need to talk to mom please." "You don't have mail here. And mom doesn't want to talk to you." He replied. "Okay either you don't know what you are talking about, or your lying because I checked and had a letter in the box when you didn't answer the door. If Mom doesn't want to talk to me I think she should tell me herself." When I finished what I was saying 😃 grabbed my diploma holder from my belt with my right hand and went to hand it to him. I was about to ask him if he knew who stole my diploma and replaced it with a fake when he lunged around me and grabbed me from behind around my waist. As he lifted me I reached back to grab his head. With my backpack between us I couldn't get my hands around the back of his head to flip him over me. Before he got me to the front door I was able to throw him off against the living room wall. He hit my mouth on the way down and bloodied my lip. I bore down with the Sterling silver diploma tube. It hit the top of his head leaving three bloody crescent 🌘 shaped indentations. I stepped back to the entrance of the dening room. When I looked down at him he wasn't moving. If I hadn't hit him he'd be coming at me again. I thought. Grabbing the phone I dialed 911 for an ambulance. I thought I really hurt him. Holding the phone to my left ear with my hands as I explained to the operator about him attacking me I looked down and saw my left hand holding the yellow octopus lighter. "What the freak!" I freaked out. He got back up. I stepped back as he came towards me telling the operator he was coming at me again. I drew back my right arm still holding the diploma tube straight through my right hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another right arm below the one I had back. It was holding the camouflage tortch lighter I had on my backpack a few seconds ago. Johnny was charging at me yelling like Goku powering up. I just lunged forward. My body weight when straight into my right hand and the other right hand below followed. I didn't feel the impact. I hit my target right between his eyes just above his eyebrows. Super fast blunt force impact with all four bare knuckles. I couldn't see in front of my fist for a split second due to a shock wave of air traveling outward from the impact. He was on the floor between the living room and dining room. A jar of tools was knocked overon his way through the house. They were laying all around him. I was standing over him looking down at him so fast I didn't feel my legs move, like flash step, or short range teleportation. "Where's the phone Johnny? 911 is on the line and they just heard you attack me again. He just kept kicking me in the legs . I don't think he could hear me. He laid there screaming. I picked up the phone from the floor in my left hand again and the octopus lighter was still in the other left hand. I told the operator what happened and my mom and her boyfriend Mike were down the stairs in the kitchen by now. That whole situation took about thirty seconds to a minute. The cops steped in the door. I had laid everything I was holding on the stove and stepped out back with one of the cops. The other cop staid in with Johnny. I described what happened to the best of my ability. He asked if I wanted to press charges. I said "No. He is my brother. I won't put him in jail over this. We used to roughhouse as kids. But he wouldn't survive jail." Johnny pressed charges on me. I was put in the cop Suv and driven to jail. The X-Files wewe called. Apparently the camera on mom's home computer caught something so weird they couldn't explain it. Theres missing time in these events.

Queen MaggieDarkness

11/11/2022 10:52 PM 

about queen maggie character

Name: MaggieDarkness UnderWorld nickname:queen maggiedarkness Sexuality: straight Personality: Friendly and protective of her family and friends and those who she cares and loves for age: 27 (doesnt grow up stays 27 forever ) Birthday: 18/06/1995 power skills Hybrid As a Werewolf: Wolf transformation Superhuman strength As a Hybrid: Mind compulsion Superhuman strength superhuman speed Manipulation I am still half human but full wizard so I do have magic and powers together What’s the role of the character : Queen Karla role is a queen of hogwarts school , kingdom underworld academy as well she is a queen to Kingdom of Dilhade and Demon King Castle Delsgade. Physical Characteristics Color of Eyes: hazel The color of Hair: black Does the character smoke: no Hobbies: cooking , swimming , shopping , gaming , listening to music , watching TV show or movies , being a mother to my kids , being a partner , being a submissive , making friends , hanging out to the shops with family or friends , sleeping and hoildays my other hobbies i like is fighting for my family , for my friends , for my partner and those people i care and love Mental Characteristics Fears: i fear that I am going to lose my husband , my kids or my connections to those people I love or who is my dominants and I fear that people leaves or blocks me and moves on I also fear being left alone or not wanted and welcome life Goals: continue being a queen who is a sub to my dominants and being a queen to my kingdoms and being a good mother I love kids Rational Or Emotional: emotional How could you upset this character? Cheating on me , lie to me , hide things behind my back , using me , blocking me , leaving me for others or just leaving me, left out , unwanted, not accepting who I am , focused me to choose... , telling me what to do not unless your my dominants , talking about me , being rude to me , betraying me.... and not understanding me or listen to me. i do not like people do not listen to my side of story and just make me that i am bad person without giving me a chance i am a queen I am bad girl I am also a slutty submissive who is a troublemarker, smartass , cheeky silly crazy ,stubborn , a teaser , loves roughly , desire with passionately and lust I am a innocent type but mostly I love males being Dominant to me likes: -friendly ( friends , family and lovers ) - respectful - honest - patient - supporter - cats - family - games - dominate lovers - male - anything dislikes: - i hate people lying - i do not like people make choices for me - i hate dishonest - i hate people talking behind my back - i do not like people hurt me or not trust me - i dont like people dont belive me or give me a chance - i hate people not be patient with me and give me time - i hate spiders , snakes , sharks - i hate people remvoing me or blocking me - one thing i truly HATE is drama , haters cheaters, being disrepectful to me or others and i hate Manipulated , DO NOT BETRAYED ME AND DO NOT ADVANTAGE ME! I cant say much about karla story since she was MaggieDarkness but just changed of name everything this still the same Queen maggiedarkness was just normal she was a submissive type that she looks for friendship and dominants it was hard to be in a relationship to find a good one. With maggie being a Hybrid, wizard she used her powers to be half human so she can have baby's maggie was always the shy person when it comes to meeting people she took her time to get to know them first before anything maggie had so many trust issues and any issues that she took slow being around males even she wasn't looking to settle down with anyone at the moment maggie was focus who she cares and loves around her she mainly focus on her kingdom underworld even it was hard after separation kingdom Lykos but kingdom underworld got stronger again queen maggie was most amazing person who has a amazing heart to care and love for people but she was a type queen that she wanted to settle down even she was a bratty person and stubborn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE KINKS/LIMTS I AM NOT INTO this is the kinks and limts i will not do in a roleplay this is a warning: -Foot Fetish -Nylon Fetish -Switch -Golden showers and piss play -Age play -not into girls -not into threesome or gangbang with girls -Incest (family ) (Parental) (Siblings) (related) (Parent and Child Play) -Strap-ons - i do not like a**hole i do not like licking or sucking any a**hole -i do not like males sucking , finger , licking my a**hole -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE KINKS/LIMTS that i will do is: -Sex Toys -Teasing -Multiple Orgasms -ice -food play -Drug / Alcohol Use -Condoms to be safe -males only because i am straight!!!!! -threesome or gangbang with males only!!! -finger , suck , lick , bite my p**sy , my clit teasing my clit and my p**sy -f***ing my p**sy roughly , deeper and harder -rougher and hardcore -anal f*** only with d*ck inside -deepthroat -face f***ing -sucking d*ck -face sitting -kissing -licking -Oral Sex -Fingers in Mouth -Double Penetration -Private Roleplay -Roleplay Perspective - Third Person -Multiple Characters -Instant Hookups or one night stand - friends with benefits or f*** buddy's -Fantasy -drama -Dating -Consensual -Bad Ends -Kidnapping -Nightclubs / Bars -Multiple Partners -Military Themes -Polyamory -Romance -Role Reversal -Scenes - Shower / Bath -Scenes - Dungeon -Sci-fi -Slice of Life -males being dominant character and i will only be submissive character -Dom / Sub & Psyche Play -BDSM -Roughness / Pain (NO RAPE) -pregnancy depends who am i with. there is more but i am not going to write all it down --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i will only roleplay with girls as just friends and family just hanging out and talking and etc no sexual at all I am more available and active on discord MaggieDarkness UnderWorld#3460 I CAN HAVE MORE CONNECTIONS AS WELL -daddy -friends with benefits -master -dominates -secret lovers -partners -lovers -husbands -divorced partners. -best friends -drunk friends -enemies to friends -secret friends -friends over holiday -soulmates -mates -sirebond -desire bond -mutual jealousy -couple jealousy -roommates -neighbours on bad terms -neighbours on good terms. -co-workers -have mutual friends but don't get along. -professional relations, e.g. a boss, professor, or other work relations. -drug dealer. - Try and remember that I might not be online all the time, There's a thing called Time Zones too. Please keep that in mind. Also please you grammar so I can understand you, either that or something so I know when your character talks. Contact Discord: MaggieDarkness UnderWorld#3460 is my discord add me my facebook account is i am also on aniroleplay as well i do live stream i will try be online on here but if i cant i am always on discord , facebook , snapchat , whatapp , textnow, etc i am also a gamer so i play switch , xbox one and pc if i am not online its because i live in australia brisbane that i have support workers with me doing home or outside stuff as well i got gym , appointments and few other things How could you upset me as in the real life version and roleplay version -Cheating on me -lie to me -hide things behind my back -using me -blocking me -leaving me for others or just leaving me -left out -unwanted -not accepting who I am -focused me to choose -telling me what to do -talking about me -being rude to me -betraying me -not understanding me -listen to me -putting drama in my life or getting me involved -disrespectful to me -manipulated me -taking advantage of me -being hateful at me -control me -i do not like people do not listen to my side of story and just make me that i am bad person without giving me a chance i have disability i have autism spectrum disorder level 2 stage , fully deaf but half deaf due to wearing hearing aids so hearing lost with speak problems as well and with that i have learning disability problem with stress disorder and high anxiety with level 1 stage adhd now with autism spectrum disorder it effects my learning , my depression with stress and high anxiety point that I don't always like to be crowded or targeted I do paranoid due to my reasons and my past........and that I have trouble believing and trusting people as well I am not jealous type but when I am closer to someone or connections with strong deeply feeling I do get fearful , scared or paranoid I don't do long paragraphs or any paragraphs due to my disability's and take it easy with me as well because I can easily give up or walk away and push people away ( things about my real life I will write it later but mostly I need to add whats more important for people to understand who I am i am disability since i was born i was born early so 14 weeks early there is past and history about me i will not say anything about it now with my disability i have autism spectrum disorder , half deaf so hearing lost with speak problems as well and with that i have learning disabilty problem now with autism spectrum disorder it effects my learning , my depession with stress and high anxiety point that I don't always like to be crowded or targeted I do paranoid due to my reasons and my past........and that I have trouble believing and trusting people as well I am not jealous type but when I am closer to someone or connections with strong deeply feeling I do get fearful , scared or paranoid I don't do long paragraphs or any paragraphs due to my disabilitys and take it easy with me as well because I can easily give up or walk away and push people away ) Hello there are you looking for a safe and friendly place to roleplay and chat? Are you also looking to meet some awesome people? Well come to the Kingdom UnderWorld Academy!! Yes it also provides some 18+ content, so you'll need to verify if you want to roleplay in those areas!! The Kingdom UnderWorld Academy Provides: - A judgmental free zone where you can be yourself, make new friends, relationships, and amazing roleplays! We are constantly growing, friendly to everyone, just makes sure to read the rules, and select your roles! As long as you follow the rules, all is well. We also have: - Active and Friendly Staff - Active Server members / Rpers - Many personal self roles - we have many roleplay channels - we have NSFW channels for those who is over 18+ - we also accept Server partnerships Looking for: - Staff - more active members ❤️ Everyone is welcome to join and have fun THIS IS A ROLEPLAY SERVER! We simply can't wait for your arrival!~ So come on down to the kingdom underworld academy server!! Dont be shy! We do not bite we are friendly. Well most of us. 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Character Backstory

Austin Payne was just your averge kid living in the 2000s. Although, he was more quiet than the other kids, he still managed to make his own group of friends. He lived with his parents until they split up. His father, a high ranking officer in the military ended up remarrying a woman by the name of Samara, a CEO and owner of a company called Emerald Inc. His mother who was a local baker began dating another man. Even with his parents divorced and seeing other people, they were still happy. Austin being able to see them both when they can. However, his father would be deployed overseas and in a few years he would be killed in action. His mother became sick suddenly and fall into a coma. With no one else to take care of him, Austin began living with his step mom along with his two step sisters. Living under the same roof as them was hell for the boy, for years his sisters would bully and tease him. His step mother allowed this to happen, even encouraged it in some cases. Austin had to endure this treatment all the way until middle school when he decided to fight back. Injuring the eldest sister and knocking out the middle child. Furious, his step mother sent him away to the Hunting Grounds. A supposed military school for troubled youth.The truth about this academy became apparent right off the bat. This wasn't just any military school where they correct the student's behavior. They were actually training kids to become soliders. Austin was picked on a lot by the other kids, he was far weaker and slower than most of the top students there. But it was also here where he met his two best friends: George and Kelly. The three of them became fast friends and supported eachother whenever they could. About a year in, Austin became skilled in combat, however the head of the school wanted to push him even further. Forcing not just him, but other students into dangerous experiments. Austin was enlisted in a psychic program where he began developing psychokinesis abilites. His very first power being electrokinesis. George had to endure a similiar experiment but with cybernatics. The three trained and trained for years. At the age of 17, the academy suffered a power outage. Most of the student body took this chance to riot and escape. Austin and his friends were among the ones that got away.Once free, the three decided to lay low for a while. Staying at an abandoned building. With no home to go back to, eventually they made a home in the building they were hiding at. They survived by stealing from anywhere they could. One night while exploring the city they found themselves in, they realised the various factions that were fighting for control. Instead of being fearful, they saw this as an oppotunity. Any money they can make can be stolen from any gangs that roam the city. It was then that Austin formed his own street gang: The Perfect Murder. In reference to how they were to be the perfect killers. Because of their skills and abilities they were able to fight against the gangs that terrorized the city. Eventually routing them out completely. But they made so much money from it, not wanting his skills to go to waste. Austin decided to become a hitman, willingly taking on most contracts presented to him.After some years, their gang wasn't so small anymore. Their home that was once a dusty, broken down building became fixed up with working heat, water and electricity. They had enough weapons to supply an army. So why not become somthing bigger? Austin then created Regicide, the mercenary group willing to take on jobs no matter the size.

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✨Classy Quotes✨

"If that is a polite way of calling him a goat, I'm inclined to agree.""Is that so? You'll have to tell me about it sometime when I'm not walking away...""Flayn? No I haven't seen her she's been abducted"Ferdinand: “I didnt know you could run that fast”Linhardt: “The fear of having to exert myself really helped.”“I’m just going to agree with you so I can stop talking.”“It’s like thinking you’ve landed the big one, then reel it in and it’s Seteth.” "Politely tell her that my research is more important than... whatever it is she wants to talk about""What use is pride? It doesn't feed you or clothe you, or keep you warm at night.""I'd rather not fight, yet avoiding it is more frustrating and fruitless than engaging in the battle itself."“Ever since returning to the Empire, I knew this day would arrive. I just hoped it might take a bit longer. Ugh...”“I hope someday there will be no fighting and we can all just... nap the afternoon away...”"I'm an only child. Because of this, I'm worried that my parents will have to adopt a child or do their best to have another of their own if I don't carry on the family title.""In the past, I would nearly pass out if I got splattered by an enemy's blood. Nowadays I remain entirely conscious, even if my face is drenched in blood. It's disgusting.""Do develop table manners. Begin by chewing with your mouth closed, especially when I'm around.""My skin is pale and very smooth. I've had more than one girl get jealous.""What's wrong? You look sleepy. Are you sleepy by any chance? Well, I am.""This hair band? Someone gave it to me, I think. Yet if that's the case, I've forgotten who.""Dying would defeat the purpose.""I was asked to come here and had no opportunity to decline. So, here I am.""I don't sleep all the time like everyone thinks I do. I actually study more than anything, if you ask me. I don't enjoy speaking with others, so I like nighttime, when no one else is around. It suits me the best. And then, since I'm up all night, I end up sleeping during the day. You're aware, are you? Well, while we're on the subject, you're rather active at night too, are you not? I ought to ask when exactly you sleep. Do you have a Crest that causes insomnia, perhaps? Mind removing that hood and cloak so I can check? You may have a Crest hidden somewhere on your body... Oh, not here? All right... Well, let's go to my room then, shall we? Truthfully, I've been interested in you for quite some time now. Wait, why are you leaving? It's just for research!"

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Berserker Class Servants

-Registry of all berserker class servants-50%76%88%Loaded...-----Name: HeraclesSpecies: Servant, Heroic Spirit, HumanGender: MaleHeight: 253 cmWeight:  311 kgLikes: Nothing since he is mad enhancedDislikes: Nothing since he is mad enhancedAlignment: Chaotic MadPersonality:  Due to his Mad Enhancement, Berserker is completely void of thought for most of the story. His emotions have been sealed off, making it impossible to perform any actions with personal motivation, and the only thing not lost is the reason within the core of his being that not even the bondage of the Command Spells can overwhelm. This side is shown in the occasions when he is shown feeling something like the will to protect Illya. He faces even hopeless fights with his iron will, advancing to keep Illya from facing death. He can display general thoughts based on his instincts that Illya can interpret, and she responds as if having a normal conversation. Archer notes that he is one of the Servants completely satisfied with their Master. He enjoys battle, and he would have grieved that his match with Archer "deserved better" had he been a normal Servant. He displays a brief sense of rationality while thinking this, wishing to have matched sword techniques with Archer to his heart's content and passed a satisfying time. He speaks briefly, free of Mad Enhancement, before his death during the Fate route, asking about Caliburn and commenting on its surprising strength. He puts no emotion into his dying words, and simply crumbles away like sand. For Heracles, who had gone berserk numerous times in legend, having beat his harp instructor to death when he was a child and many other episodes killing people in rage without even hearing them speak, the Berserker Class is quite familiar and easy in which to adapt. After being Blackened by the Holy Grail in Heaven's Feel, he was able to halt the last strike of his Axe Sword before he died. He was able to do so due to the strength of his heart; a heart which suffered the pain of going berserk since his early days as a hero. He is identified as the most manly character in the story of Fate. Class Skills: Mad Enhancement (B Rank): The Class Skill that characterizes Berserker, it reinforces ability at the cost of reason. As Heracles' possesses the skill at Rank B, in compensation for losing most of his sanity, the levels of all his abilities rise. Heracles beat his harp instructor to death when he was a child, and had many episodes when he killed people in his rage without even hearing them speak. It seems that for Heracles, Berserker that receives "Mad Enhancement" was an easy class to adapt to. Focusing on controllability when out of combat, the rank of "Mad Enhancement" is suppressed by Illya.Personal Skills:  Battle Continuation (A Rank): A skill that allows for the continuation of combat after sustaining mortal wounds. It will also reduce the mortality rate from injury. Cú Chulainn’s Battle Continuation represents “never give up no matter what”, while Hercules’ represents the ability to survive. The best result is achieved when a resilient body is combined with this skill. Valor (A+ Rank): With his brave and daring spirit, Heracles is able to neutralize mental interference such as suppression, confusion, and charm. However, under the influence of Mad Enhancement, this skill is unable to take effect. While operating correctly, Valor also increases the damage inflicted upon the opponent during melee combat. This skill allowed Herakles to defeat several monsters empty-handed. Divinity (A Rank): Being a mixed-race child of the King of Gods Zeus and a human, and becoming a god after death thanks to his great deeds, Heracles naturally possessed the highest level of the Divinity skill. It is theorized that due to Heracles having the blood of the gods, one would need a divine mystery of the same level to even affect him. This skill ultimately proves to be fatal when faced with the complete entrapment of the Chains of Heaven, Enkidu, more dangerous to him even than the powerful Excalibur, but his strength and determination allow him to overcome even those binds. Mind's Eye (Fake) (B Rank): A danger avoidance ability based on Intuition/Sixth Sense, gained through many ordeals and adventures. Even though Berserker’ sanity was lost due to Mad Enhancement, this skill remained effective due to it being nearly an instinct. When crossing swords with a seasoned swordsman like Artoria, he would not fall for half-hearted feints. It is such a troublesome ability for his opponents. Noble Phantasm(s): Heracles' Noble Phantasm is God Hand, which represents the immortality he received after death thanks to completing the Twelve Labours. With this ability, God Hand turns one’s body into a tough suit of armour and nullifies all attacks Ranked B or lower, regardless of the type or power of the attack. It also has the effect of automatic resurrection after death. Because the resurrection effect has 11 uses, Heracles cannot perish unless killed 12 times.As a Heroic Spirit, Heracles' most trusted Noble Phantasm is Nine Lives, however, it cannot be used in the Berserker class under normal circumstances due to a lack of motor skills.Heracles NP-----Name: KiyohimeSpecies: Heroic SpiritGender: FemaleHeight: 158 cmWeight: 41 kgLikes: HonestyDislikes: LiesAlignment: Chaotic EvilPersonality: She is a self-styled girl that lives for love. Since she seems to believe her Master is the reincarnation of Anchin, special care is required in managing her. If you lie to her even after being reminded that she does not want to be lied to, there is a chance she might come to take away your Command Spells. That aside, she is a fine bride with a good disposition and skillful in cooking. She is in love with her Master and will eliminate any rivals for his love. Her love for her Master is so strong that she has tried to sneak into their bed to sleep with them on at least one occasion.Class Skills: Mad Enhancement (EX Rank): Mutual understanding is perfectly established. However, she sees the Master as 「the person she loves」, and forbids them to tell lies. In the case of lying, she’ll certainly see through it no matter what kind of lie it is, and will automatically consume one Command Spell.「———— You are lying, right?」Personal Skills:   Shapeshift (C Rank): Borrowing bodies and molding them. She was reduced to a venomous snake by a woman’s determination, and crossed a large river. Can transform into a low grade Oriental Dragon. She’ll run with all her heart as long as she has legs, but when her legs disappear, she’ll start crawling around on the ground. She will also exhale flames. What’s going on?[1] Shapeshift (Fire Dragon) (C+ Rank): Upgrade from Shapeshift (Fate/Grand Order). Stalking (B Rank): A skill to continue pursuing the beloved target. With something that includes the five senses and mana, and that should rather be called a wild instinct, she chases after Anchin everywhere.[1] Flame-Colored Kiss (A Rank): What Kiyohime seeks from her Master. If their lips lock once, she’ll get rid of any hindrance, and will be willing to turn into Super Kiyohime-chan. As a compensation, the definition of the Master’s future (groom) will be seized, but it’s a trivial risk. Noble Phantasm(s):   Samadhi Through Transforming Flames (転身火生三昧てんしんかしょうざんまい, Tenshin Kashō Zanmai?, localized as "Transforming, Flame-Emitting Meditation") is the act of Kiyohime changing into a dragon like in her legend. Transforming into a great fire-breathing serpent, a constricting or fiery attack is performed every turn. The strength of a dragon's breath is extremely potent, with its fire being a ranged, mass attack with a maximum range of 10. Meanwhile, its constriction attack is a direct single target attack. However, this does not mean she has inherited the blood of a dragon. Kiyohime cannot recall having ever mixed with the blood of dragons, so such an event could only have been a "wild delusion born of deep yearning for her beloved." The transformation was the result of pure obsession that "can be considered a representation of her sheer tenacity" and a "relentless, mistakenly-held obsession towards the man who lied to her." Kiyohime NP-----Name:  Hijikata ToshizoSpecies: Servant, humanGender: MaleHeight: 187 cmWeight: 75 kgLikes: picklesDislikes: Satsuma, Choushu, Cowardly shogunate retainerAlignment: Lawful EvilPersonality:  Although a Berserker, normal conversations are possible. Contrary to his demon-like fighting style, in the battlefield he is a pragmatist who also has the flexibility to employ any means necessary to win. That being said, he doesn't endorse the ruthlessless of characters such as Nobunaga. When the Master that summoned him has given up to fight, he will instantly become a target for purging. In battle he rages wildly like a devil yet retains his rational aspect as a tactician, a rare type of Berserker. The demonic vice-captain bearing the brand of loyalty ---Shinsengumi, advance! Many of Hijikata's lines, particularly during his Noble Phantasm, indicate that the Shinsengumi will not or cannot perish so long as he keeps fighting, and indeed he initially refused to acknowledge his condition as a Heroic Spirit because doing so would have meant admitting that he had been defeated. Although his identity marks the defeat of the Shinsengumi as a whole, he claims to also be forward thinking and does not dwell on the past or future. Class Skills: Mad Enhancement (D+ Rank): He is Shinsengumi itself; as long as he is here, even alone, then Shinsengumi shall never die. Such was the intense self-confidence which drives insane of his mind. Alone at the beginning, alone at the end; the lone ShinsengumiPersonal Skills:  Demon of the Battlefield (B Rank): A Skill which rouses his allies through his personal prowess and valor. Strengthen himself as well as the troops he leads beyond their original abilities. The way he fights, just like that of a demon, sometimes strikes fear even towards his allies. Disengage (C Rank): The ability to withdraw from battle, or to reset the state of affairs. It also returns disadvantageous battle to its initial state and skill condition to its starting value. Simultaneously, several bad statuses are compulsorily cancelled. When he was alive, every time he thought of losing he would always rise again and continue to fight. Fierce Journey (B+ Rank): Upgrade from Disengage (Fate/Grand Order) Laws of the Shinsengumi (EX Rank): A Skill that places compulsory restraints upon oneself. He would receive damage should he breach those prohibitions; however, his statuses would rise in exchange. Breaching all prohibitions would render him immobile. Normally, breaching the prohibitions that which a Shinsengumi regimental soldier would have never been allowed to breach would gradually render one insane. It is the embodiment of his resolution and madness; of one who still aspires to be Shinsengumi, even after he threw away his pride as a warrior. Deviating from Bushido. (一、士道ニ背キ間敷事) Leaving the Shinsengumi. (一、局ヲ脱スルコトヲ不許) Raising money privately. (一、勝手ニ金策致不可) Taking part in litigations. (一、勝手ニ訴訟取扱不可) Engaging in personal fights. (一、私ノ闘争ノ不許) Tactics (D Rank): A tactical, instinctive ability in regards not of one-on-one battle, but of battle involving large numbers. It grants advantageous correction in the case of using one’s own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, or when dealing against the enemy’s anti-army Noble Phantasm. (In Fate/Grand Order, it is fundamentally not utilized) Noble Phantasm(s):  Shinsengumi: Immortal Sincerity (不滅の誠しんせんぐみ, Fumetsu no MakotoShinsengumi?) is the Noble Phantasm of Hijikata Toshizou. « As long as I, just I, exist for sure, the Flag of Sincerity will never die. » (Hijikata Toshizou) A Noble Phantasm that interweaves such intense conceit and madness. When invoked, temporarily rendering ineffective the degradation of physical ability caused by the damages on the body, it makes it possible to continuing on fighting and use every measure to completely slaughter the enemy. However, it is a double-edged sword that burst out at once all the damage accumulated by the time the effect is over. The sword of carnage of Hijikata Toshizou - the war-demon that made all the soldiers of the master swordsmen-filled Shinsengumi say “I may not lose, but I don’t think I can win against Hijikata either.” Those circumstances are truly a reproduction of his lifetime of continuous battle; while invoked, his surroundings turn into a battlefield where bullets fly and signal guns roar. While this may appear to be similar to an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that summons a large number of people, its true nature is completely different. Everything is a manifestation of his madness about how “the Shinsengumi is here, even now.” Hijikata NP

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100 Contestant List (Final)

1: Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr2: Dark Teen Asriel Dreemirr3: Aeriel Dreemurr/GenderBent Asriel Dreemurr4: LI-Quid/LI-Quid The Aquian Initiate5: Second In Command SquireSword 1.# Nevete TiamatSworn6: Lady Captain Hefessa True Blade7: Tekkheshi of The Wind8: SwapFell Alphys The Bloody9: Lord SroaNort11: Little Red Slicing Hood/Rude Baby Red12: Hiita The Fire Charmer13: General Blue14: Dharc The Dark Charmer15: Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Geoncide Form) (First Form)16: Elite Time Patrol Captain Puddin'17: Tabatha Destroyer of Worlds/Beancia's Asisstant18: Edward The TrueBlade Swordsmaster19: Skye20: Queen Underfell Toriel21: King Sans/StorySwap Sans22: King Alador23: Commander "Myke" Airdawg Jhones24: AbyssFang Kobold SquireScout25: Nightmare Klnoua26: Omni-Stay (Materiel Form)27:Dog-E (General's Attire)28:Paladin Woman29: Nexus Prime (Evil Form)30: Swordsman From A Distant Land31: Zitarika Volkofka (Soldier V I Version)32: Noko Kiben Troshiro33: Rico Kiben Troshiro34: Eli The Second (Eli II))35:President Freeman Plumage36:Ninja Joe37:Karl/Arma38: Haze Shadowstar39: Yagi-Soggoth (LustTale Asriel Dreemurr)40: Captain Mailman41: Bronze Arm Tribe (Lakaota Swamp Warrrior "The Undefeated")42: Wethra The Rain Monk43: Aknem LightMage (First Form)44:The BusinessMan45: Professor Von Keble/Code C.H.I.M.P Base Lab Tech P. Von Keeble46: Ukki Jen/Red The Pipo Monkey Monk47: Lord Specter48: Shade Netkarem49: Red The Fallen Dragon Elder50: Host (Earth 1,000,00,0 Version)51: Mr. Ruby/Noir Spike52: Emproer Spike53: Dark/Negative Spike54: W.D Gaster Asriel Dreemurr/Altertale Asriel Dreemurr/Dr. Albert Sanchez55: Commander Yellow/SARU 1.#/The Yellow Lighting56: Shadow Leon SquallHart57: Apprintice Mage of Red Dalaran58:Flicka The Fencing Fox of France59:The Pikeman of The Rising Sun60:Lord Shen (Revived)61:King of Sorrows62: Leutenaunt Fox Vixen63:Captain Crow64:Heart Uzebek Umaso65: The Gentaleman66:Missing No.Abra67:Anti Black Coat Nightmare (Red Eyes)68: Giovanni Garavinchi69: Plagus The Plauge Knight/Bat Dap-Dap-Dap70:Elekem/Akakkoa WindWalker71:Dark MegaWoman.EXE72:Time Man73: Snake Man74: Ageless Deity J.U.B.E/Just Your Basic Entitie75: EXO Suit Anubus (First Form)76: Host Ponie (Shaman Form)77: Master Future Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr78: Maxrria The Faded Light Weight/XIIII79: Monarch Glade80: Meniphensto81: Mox82:Rexquim83:Dr. Misaki84:Chu-Ske The Mouse Fighter85: Nemo White-Dusk86: Eclipse Half-Shadow87: Professor Starfury-Starflare88:Vadeos/Vampire-Tale Sans89: Team RocketChu (Emma BlackBolt)90: The Red Coat91: The White Coat92: Sally-Bone Assassin Female Sans/GenderBent Sans93: Red Eyes Black Dragon (Avatar Form)94: Rettia Stone The Rattta Thief95: Shidae96: Elven Ranger Alora HopeHeart97: Mung Fang The Bat of Longswordsmanship98: When And "The Menu"99: ???: Fighter of Mystery100: King Universa of The Cosmos And Galaxys Prima

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