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||Broken Betrayal||

11/11/2023 11:53 PM 


Name: Nishi Yoshiki Nickname: Witch, Demon, Fox, Fox Spirit Age: 27 (102) Height: 5'3 Race: Demonic witch Region: N/A Powers: Curse embodiment, curse removal, curse negation, curse magic, enhanced condition, decelerated aging, claw retraction, enhanced bite, human disguise     There was a village hidden in the depths of the north eastern region before it was attacked. It was home to a group of peculiar demons. For many years it was believed that these demons were nothing but humans who practiced the forbidden dark magic. Perhaps at one time they were. Then the magic changed them, turning them into the demons they are known for today.   The humans never liked this special breed of demons. Their magic was dark and destructive in nature and easily caused havoc whenever it was used. The village was attacked one day but they were not successful in wiling out these demons who now spread across the land.   Nishi was one of them. She took on a more human form and did her best to keep who she was a secret. But at times that proved impossible. She still wanted revenge for what the humans did to her home and her people. Eventually, she started using her powers. Nishi cursed many people in her life but this never satisfied her.   One day, someone sought her out and approached her. They heard about the demon and her curses. This person begged for her help. From then on, Nishi hired herself out to anyone willing to pay the steep price for her powers. To her, it didnt matter who was hiring her or for what purpose. She was finally feeling satisfaction and enjoying her life while watching others turn to ruin.

||Broken Betrayal||

11/11/2023 11:47 PM 


Name: Willow True Name: Harmony Age: Over 200 Race: Shapeshifter Height: 5 feet Ability: Illusion manipulation   For longer than she can remember, Harmony has been changing forms and living different lives. The trauma of her past was long forgotten but she lived every day as if she was fighting for her survival.   Perhaps she was. Shapeshifters were not well liked nor accepted in society. They were considered deceitful creatures by nature. How could anyone trust them? With Harmony’s gift of summoning illusions it only made it more difficult for her to get close to anyone. Though, she would be very useful if caught by the wrong people.

||Broken Betrayal||

11/11/2023 08:28 PM 

Roselyn Barrow

Name: Roselyn Isla BarlowAge: 24Height: 5'4Race: HumanA plan to assassinate the young crown prince was discovered. The prince was whisked away for his own safety. War broke out across the land with neither side seeming to win. The prince adopted a new identity and lived with distant relatives that could be trusted. With the royal bloodline depending on his survival, the prince stayed hidden. He grew up and found love, luckily with another girl of noble birth, and Roselyn was soon born, named after her grandmother. The war became more dangerous as the years passed. Roselyn was an adult when her home was finally invaded. Survivors, like herself, were captured and brought to the rival kingdom. Roselyn's beauty and noble blood helped to keep her alive. She was held captive in the kingdom, unable to leave yet still able to roam the grounds. This allowed her to overhear and find out secrets. All while keeping a secret of her own. She wasn't just a beautiful, helpless damsel. She was plenty capable of defending herself and keeping up with the boys, like her father taught her. However, not even she is knew that her father was a prince, thus making her a princess.

||Broken Betrayal||

11/11/2023 08:23 PM 


(Setting: Medieval/Feudal Fantasy)Name: Tsunami River Kuchiku Nickname: Tsu Age: 21 Height: 5 feet Weight: 100 pounds Eye color: Blue grey Bust: 38DD Scars/Markings: Many small ones over her body/Gold SS tattoo on right shoulder blade Skills: Sewing, bow and arrow, daggers, sword, dancing, singing, theft Weapons: Bow and arrow, throwing daggers, short sword, katana, twin sais Items: Portal amulet, disguising wand Abilities: Siren song (only applies to human and weak minded men), water manipulation, ice manipulation Interesting Facts: Vegetarian Hobbies: Drinking, sewing, stealing Fears: Demons Occupation: Thief, seamstress     There is no beginning to her life that she can remember. She was sixteen when she woke with a head injury and no memory of who she is or where she comes from. Men found her and took her in. She learned quickly they were slavers who focused on training people before selling them at a higher price.   They named her River, where she was found, and gave her their infamous slave brand, the golden SS, on her shoulder blade. She became one of few people who were difficult to train. It was one day when everything would end that she would discover two spirits had been sleeping inside of her. One had awakened and destroyed the village by summoning a powerful tsunami, thus giving her a new name and a bounty on her head.   As the years passed, Tsunami would be freed from the spirits and suffer a great deal of heartache and loneliness. Without remembering her family she often searched for love and to start her own family. Men had lied to her, used her, even abused her until she became too broken to continue searching for her own happiness. Now she is just a young woman who is angry at the world and everyone in it. Those that are unfortunate enough to cross her on a bad day are often left as frozen statues.   ​​​​UPDATE She has heard of the Forged Artifacts and their many great powers. She is now in search of every one of them to obtain their power and become the most powerful woman in the world. Men will finally bow to her and become her slaves... if they are lucky enough to live another day.

||Broken Betrayal||

11/11/2023 07:33 PM 

Skye Ryder

  (Setting: Medieval/Feudal-Fantasy, Modern-Fantasy)Name: Skye Gale RyderAge: ?Height: 5'1Race: HumanOrientation: BisexualPowers: Lunar manipulation, crystal manipulation   Long ago, when the world was still small and new, Skye was part of a family that everyone feared. Their numbers were great but their powers were greater. They were known as Ryders for their ability to tame and ride dragons. These giant creatures were used in their gain to world domination.   The world burned and people suffered. Many lives were lost at the hands of the Ryders. But one day a group of people rose up against them. These people had their own unique abilities.   After many years of battling, the Ryder's numbers dwindled to almost nothing. However, that wouldn't be the end of Skye. Like some of her fellow comrades, a curse was placed upon her. She would no longer age or be able to die until she atoned for her sins.   To help encourage her to right the wrongs she committed, Skye was cursed to see into the spirit world. Every soul she murdered and that of others she could see and hear. Most were grotesque beings that would give her nightmares. Hence why she chose to wear the blindfold. 

Brooks Meadowlark

11/11/2023 03:56 PM 

Pokémon team

Sandslash Dex Entry: The drier the area Sandslash lives in, the harder and smoother the Pokémon’s spikes will feel when touched. Ability: Sand Rush(Hidden Ability)-Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a sandstorm. Gender: Male Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Super Fang, X-Scissor   Donphan Dex Entry: If Donphan were to tackle with its hard body, even a house could be destroyed. Using its massive strength, the Pokémon helps clear rock and mud slides that block mountain trails. Ability: Sturdy-It cannot be knocked out with one hit. One-hit KO moves cannot knock it out, either. Gender: Male Moves: Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Thunder Fang   Mamoswine Dex Entry: It looks strong, and that’s exactly what it is. As the weather grows colder, its ice tusks grow longer, thicker, and more impressive. Ability: Thick Fat(Hidden Ability)-The Pokémon is protected by a layer of thick fat, which halves the damage taken from Fire- and Ice-type moves. Gender: Male Moves: Ancient Power, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Rest   Rhyperior Dex Entry: It relies on its carapace to deflect incoming attacks and throw its enemy off balance. As soon as that happens, it drives its drill into the foe. Ability: Solid Rock-Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken Gender: Male Moves: Rock Wrecker, Earthquake, Megahorn, Thunder Punch   Hippowdon Dex Entry: When roused to violence by its rage, it spews out the quantities of sand it has swallowed and whips up a sandstorm. Ability: Sand Force(Hidden Ability)-Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm. Gender: Male Moves: Earthquake, Crunch, Stealth Rock, Sandstorm

The Hidden Hero

11/10/2023 10:53 PM 

Full Backstory
Current mood:  accomplished

In a world plagued by conflict and war, Haldir Armanie was born into a bleak and dangerous existence. His hybrid nature, a forbidden fruit that symbolized the ultimate taboo, made him an outcast from birth. His crimson red hair, a visual reminder of his mixed heritage, served as a constant target for ridicule and disdain.Forced to live in secrecy, Haldir's childhood was marred by isolation and fear. Hidden away in the depths of a forgotten forest, he was raised by a solitary sorceress who grudgingly agreed to shelter him. The sorceress, a master of dark arts, recognized the potential within Haldir's unique bloodline and decided to hone his skills for her own selfish desires.Under her tutelage, Haldir was subjected to grueling and merciless training. His days were filled with dark rituals, forbidden spells, and the relentless pursuit of power. The sorceress' influence tainted his soul, leading him down a path of darkness and despair.As the years passed, Haldir's resentment and anger grew with each passing day. The cruelty of his existence had hardened his heart, and he started to use his growing powers for his own twisted agenda. Stepping out from the shadows, he became known as the Hidden Hero, a figure both feared and respected for his unmatched combat skills and unyielding determination.However, fate had other plans for Haldir. During one of his darkest moments, when he thought all hope was lost, he encountered a group of unlikely allies - a band of rebels fighting against the injustices of the world. Drawn to their cause, Haldir found himself torn between his thirst for power and the glimmer of redemption they offered.Guided by their unwavering belief in the potential for goodness within him, Haldir slowly began to question the path he had chosen. Despite his internal struggle, his crimson red hair remained a stark reminder of the darkness that had consumed him for so long.With the rebels' support, Haldir embarked on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. He faced insurmountable challenges, battling inner demons and confronting the dark forces that had corrupted his soul. Along the way, he discovered his true purpose - to use his unique abilities for the betterment of the world, rather than for personal gain.In a climactic final battle, Haldir faced off against the sorceress who had shaped his twisted destiny. Through sheer determination and the power of his newfound allies, he emerged victorious, banishing the darkness that had plagued him for years.With the sorceress defeated, Haldir finally found the inner peace he had long sought. His crimson red hair, once a symbol of his tortured past, transformed into a vibrant hue of hope and resilience. The Hidden Hero, once feared and shunned, became a symbol of redemption and forgiveness, using his powers to protect the innocent and to inspire others to rise above the darkness.In the end, Haldir Armanie's journey from darkness to light served as a powerful reminder that even in the bleakest of circumstances, there is always a glimmer of hope for a happy ending.Haldir Armanie's unique abilities extend beyond his hybrid lineage. Alongside his physical appearances, he possesses the power to transform between three distinct forms, each with its own strengths and characteristics.In his normal form, Haldir appears as a 23-year-old male with a well-built 6-foot frame and weighing around 160 pounds. In this state, he is at the peak of his agility and martial prowess. His combat skills, honed through years of training, allow him to move with impressive speed and precision. While his fire magic remains accessible, it is in his battle and child forms that Haldir's true transformation abilities manifest.When tapping into his inner child form, Haldir undergoes a significant physical transformation. His body shrinks to a height of roughly 4 feet, weighing only around 60 pounds. Despite his diminutive size, his child form retains his advanced combat training and magical abilities. This form grants him unparalleled agility, allowing him to swiftly dodge attacks and navigate through even the tightest of spaces. His child form also possesses a pure-hearted innocence that can disarm his enemies and evoke sympathy from allies, effectively manipulating his surroundings to his advantage.The most awe-inspiring transformation Haldir possesses is his battle form. In this state, he becomes a towering 6-foot-5 barbarian-like elf, weighing an imposing 260 pounds. The strength and brute force behind this form are legendary, empowering him to unleash devastating strikes and overpower opponents with ease. His towering presence instills fear in the hearts of those who dare cross him. Though he sacrifices some agility in his battle form, his amplified physical capabilities make him an unstoppable force on the battlefield.Haldir's mastery of fire magic further enhances his already formidable combat skills. He can conjure scorching flames to engulf his enemies or manifest fiery projectiles to hurl from a distance, causing both physical and magical damage. In addition to his offensive capabilities, his command of healing spells allows him to tend to his own wounds and mend the injuries of his allies during combat, making him not just a fearsome warrior but also a reliable protector.As Haldir embraces his unique transformations and hones his magical abilities, he becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of adapting to any situation on the battlefield. The interplay between his varying forms and his mastery of fire magic sets him apart as a truly extraordinary and versatile hero, earning him the moniker of the Hidden Hero.As an elf, Haldir Armanie possesses distinctive elven traits, such as his iconic pointed ears, which often give away his true nature. However, Haldir has honed his innate magical abilities to merge seamlessly into different environments, including those inhabited by humans or other non-elven beings.Through his mastery of illusion magic, Haldir has acquired the skill of altering his appearance to blend in more effectively. This extends not only to his physical attributes but also to his elven ears. Using his magical prowess, Haldir is capable of temporarily manipulating the size and shape of his ears, making them appear more rounded or elongated, similar to those of humans or other races.By employing this mesmerizing illusion, Haldir can effectively conceal his elven heritage and avoid arousing suspicion or curiosity from those unfamiliar with his true nature. This ability allows him to move with ease through various societies and communities, effectively disguising himself while still maintaining his internal elven power and abilities.When Haldir decides to change the size of his ears, the process involves tapping into his innate magical energy, channeling it through his body and specifically focusing on the target area. With a concentrated effort, Haldir envisions the desired changes, mentally shaping and resizing his ears until they match the appearance he desires. This illusion is sustained through his concentration and will, allowing him to maintain the altered appearance for as long as he deems necessary.By skillfully manipulating his elven ears through illusion magic, Haldir ensures his integration into various communities without arousing undue attention. This ability, coupled with his other transformations and magical skills, grants him the flexibility and adaptability needed to navigate the diverse realms he encounters on his quests and adventures.

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐞

11/10/2023 05:58 PM 

Powers & Abilities

WEAPON: The Book of Totality -  A forbidden book of primordial magic that grants the user the ability to bend reality, physics, and concepts to their will. The Totality book is an evolving item. The more experience the user gains, the more access they gain to unlock and learn new spells. Potentially, the Book of Totality can produce an infinite number of pages if given enough time.WEAKNESSES OF CALIBAN: Producing spells can and will little by little drain Caliban's stamina and magical energy.============Spells and Abilities:​​​​TOTALITY SPELLS( All Spells Have Primordial Magic Properties. )Restoration Plea: A spell that enables Caliban to heal and regenerate almost any injury done to him. The only thing he can't regenerate is his head.Ejection Drive: A spell that enables Caliban to teleport someone across various dimensions and universes. This spell can only be used twice.Tome of Replenishment: A spell that enables Caliban to recharge his magical power to enable him to perform more spells. This spell is reckless because it can make him open to attacks.Father Nature: A spell the enables Caliban to control Primordial elements. As opposed to regular Elemental Manipulation, users of this ability are mostly deities, avatars, or living embodiment of the elements themselves but there can be exceptions. Being more powerful than ordinary element manipulation, one can use this power for a variety of powerful and catastrophic effects. Such as altering the very concept of the elements, change how the elements interact with the world, and perform planetary or even cosmic level feats with ease. In many cases, users of this power will be able to override any other forms of Elemental Manipulation as the elements themselves comprise the domain of the user. Due to the raw potency and primeval nature of this power, it enables the user to easily overpower immunities to elemental abilities.Nail of Penance: A spell that summons a giant nail of primordial properties from the sky to come down and pierce the enemy to a conceptual level.Piercing Prejudice: A spell that enables Caliban to summon multiple swords forged and constructed out of Primordial energy. It can be used for melee or long range attacks. The exact number of swords is 10. However, the number can increase when Caliban gains more experience and unlock more of spells from the Book of Totality.Rejector of Worlds: A spells that enables Caliban to banish his foes. This teleports them into a pocket dimension called the Realm of Isolation. The realm is made of 10 dimensional layers. Breaking out of the realm is possible if the prisoner is a skilled magic user or someone that can break through dimensions. However, the further the person breaks through the layers, the more difficult it can get.Observation Detection: Caliban can detect/be aware they’re being watched/observed through physical, extrasensory, conceptual, etc, means. They may be aware of how they are being observed, where their observer is, and possibly who their observer is.Ideal Defense: A spell that enables a protective barrier against physical, magical, metaphysical, existential ,and conceptual attacks. The spell only lasts for 10 minutes and recharges 5 minutes after usage. Reaper of The Under : A spell that enables Caliban to create, shape and manipulate Nether, the "chthonian element" and the substance that makes up the Underworld, a subterranean dimension where all souls go when they pass on. Defiant Truth: A spell that enables Caliban to warp reality, defy the laws of physics, and defy logic. It is limited solely on his imagination.Outcome Viewer: A spell that enables Caliban to gain a version of Clairvoyance and predict what his opponents will do next. This spell however doesn't enable him to see into the future. Excel Mode: A spell that increases and enhances Calibans physical capabilities, granting him strength, speed, and greater physical condition to be able to fight in close quarters combat.Redirection Shift: A spell that enables Caliban to redirect attacks of physical, magical, conceptual, cosmical, and primordial means. It can even redirect physics.Spatial Shift: A spell that enables Caliban to move at unnatural speeds that distorts space. Spatial Shift comes in 3 Levels. The higher the level, the faster Caliban becomes, exceeding light speeds.Peception of Truth: A spell that enables Caliban to see 'Truth' itself, very useful against illusions and gather intel on the fly on people.Eye of Genisis: A spell that enables Caliban to summon a crest of Primordial magic that resembles a giant eye to open a rift through space and fire an beam of Primordial energy to incinerate the target down to a physical, spiritual, and conceptual level.Grandfather Chrono: A spell that enables Caliban to manipulate time itself to universal degree. This spell however doesn't work on beings that don't abide to the laws of time itself. Third World Effect: A spell that enables Caliban to manipulate  control, distort, and bend space, the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move. Most commonly, users can use this ability to teleport by depleting the space from point A to point B, simply choosing to occupy a different space, creating portals, or by teleporting by creating a loophole made in space.  Idea Design: A spell that enables him to create magical constructs of pure Primordial energy. He can turn magic into different forms and objects of varying detail and permanence, ranging from simple shapes and images, to individual elements, substances and materials, to functional items such as tools and weapons, to more complex creations such as living or non-living entities, entire structures and even environments in certain cases. Depending on their control over the source of their constructs, those who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.Forecast Application: A spell that enables Caliban to manipulate Primordial / cosmic storms.  As opposed to regular Storm Manipulation, users of this power are deities, avatars, or living embodiments of the storms themselves. As such, they can cause natural storm-related phenomena to manifest, such as disasterous rain, lightining, wind and snow/ice storms. In many cases users of this power will be able to override other forms of Storm Manipulation as storms represents the domain of the user.Motion of Mind: A spell that enables Caliban to use telekinesis. This spell requires a ton of focus to pull off, otherwise...any diractions will render it useless. Dismantle Decree: A spell that enables him to destroy matter. Any type of artificial, organic and inorganic matter. Requires a ton of magical energy to really pull off.

O𝖋 𝓥𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊 (Hiatus

11/10/2023 12:53 PM 

Lore Compendium Vol.I

*This will act as a guide, giving you a little insight into some of the characters, events, locations, etc that could be mentioned in any given storyline. Some information may come off a little vague or be outright omitted for the sake of having twists and turns. Who doesn't like a good twist after all? By reading, things may start to slowly fall into place for you or even perhaps raise more questions that will be answered as I add to it.*  C h a r a c t e r s Vanator Arginthardt - In the haunting land of Intunericia, the name Vanator Arginthardt evokes fear and retribution, born from a tragic childhood marred by the merciless slaughter of his parents and the abduction of his sister by a powerful vampire named, Balaur. Taken under the wing of The Sterling Order, an enigmatic organization dedicated to destroying Strigoi, the scarred boy was trained in the art of combat, forging an unrelenting desire for vengeance. Armed with the Nightbane and guided by the memory of his beloved sister, Vanator transformed into a formidable force. However, as he relentlessly hunts for his nemesis, a mission went awry, revealing the bitter irony of fate, and casting him as an outcast among the people. Vanator's journey is one of redemption, with each step leading him closer to confronting Balaur, as he grapples with dark adversaries and embarks on harrowing adventures across Intunericia's foreboding landscapes, weaving an epic tale of personal salvation and the revelations of horrifying truths. Dorinta Arginthardt - She is the elder sister of Vanator and has always possessed a burning curiosity about the world that existed beyond the boundaries of their small secluded village. Despite her obligations at home, she often slipped away into the surrounding forest, yearning to catch a glimpse of the spirits that were believed to protect their village. However, as she grew older, her health began to inexplicably decline, rendering her largely bedridden and viewed by many as a blemish on the village. Even her own parents treated her as a burden, paying her little attention unless it was absolutely necessary. It was in the face of this adversity that Vanator became fiercely protective of his sister and often looked to her for guidance. However, on the fateful night when both her and Vanator’s village fell under a vicious vampire attack, she was inexplicably abducted by the vampire Balaur and his ruthless cohorts, casting her fate into uncertainty.Lord Balaur - A mysterious vampire warlord with rumored ties to Tenebris, supposedly one of five "Dragons" who once fought alongside Tenebris. After Tenebris's fall, Balaur disappeared only to reemerge centuries later as the feared "Obsidian Terror." He instills terror, scorching villages and abducting women, driven by a belief that Tenebris's reincarnation resides within his captives. His power encompasses combat prowess, strategic brilliance, and mastery of dark magic, along with forbidden knowledge and communion with dark spirits who inhabit his body. Balaur's actions have far-reaching consequences, notably an assault on Leagan, and his connections to formidable lieutenants make him a target for Vanator, his relentless adversary. Kamillius Zmeu - Balaur's first lieutenant and a trusted right-hand figure, shrouds himself in an air of mystery. Donning the attire of a jester and concealing his identity behind a Venetian mask, he is a far cry from a mere jokester. Zmeu is a master of manipulation, wielding control over the shadows, and possesses the unsettling ability to vanish as swiftly as he materializes. It is said he is responsible for the disappearances of young women, mostly children varying from the ages of five and eighteen. His duties often involve orchestrating nocturnal raids on villages and abducting young maidens under the cover of darkness at the behest of his master, Balaur. His motivations for serving Balaur so fervently remain a mystery.Zaburator - His true name forgotten by time, Zaburator has fully embraced his dark essence, ascending to a self-proclaimed godlike status that instills dread, especially among those dwelling in the harsh terrain of the Carpathorian Peaks. A bearer of a piece of Tenebris’s heart, this monstrous vampire lord exercises ruthless dominion over the snow-covered expanse of the Carpathorian Peaks, serving as the brutal enforcer of Balaur’s “Dragons”. His icy kingdom is perched atop the colossal Jidovi’s Summit, a name bestowed by the local populace. Zaburator's unrelenting thirst for blood and insatiable appetite for violence has rendered him a grotesque creature more akin to a beast than a man. He soars through the Carpathorian Peaks with relentless malevolence, hunting amidst the snow-clad forests and mountains of his realm.The Duke - The Duke, as he is known, is a disgraced former duke who represents the crime syndicate in the region and carries with him the weight of a mysterious and painful past. He is the owner and proprietor of The Duchess’ Diamond, where he conducts the majority of his business dealings with various scoundrels and criminals. He seeks to maintain a semblance of order in his realm and ensure his organization's rule persists, even if it means bending the rules, but he knows that the vampires' power is beyond his ability to handle it alone. The Duke and Vanator share a complex relationship filled with moments of intrigue, where the Duke’s political maneuvering occasionally places Vanator in precarious situations, testing the warrior's trust and loyalty. Initially, the duo had a professional arrangement, with The Duke hiring Vanator for his skills, but over the course of their journey, they’ve developed a deeper bond built on trust and mutual respect. The Duke's political prowess complements Vanator's combat skills, and they’ve reluctantly become a formidable team, facing not only vampires but other horrors lurking in the darkness.Valeriu Inimamunte - Originally hailing from the Carpathorian Peaks, Valeriu's commanding presence emerged as a steadfast guardian and guide, particularly for Vanator. His formidable physique, sculpted by years of navigating treacherous terrains and confronting the enigmatic forces dwelling in the darkness, earned him the moniker "Mountainheart." Valeriu's first encounter with Vanator took place shortly after the fall of Leagan, and it was his empathetic heart that led him to the boy. He recognized the depths of Vanator's suffering, as he himself had once weathered a similar storm of sorrow. With unwavering compassion, Valeriu vowed to nurture and mentor the young lad, sculpting him into the capable warrior he has become today.Frumusete Dragoste - She is the princess of Intunercia and stands as a resolute and proactive leader, unwavering in her determination to accomplish her goals. One evening, witnessed her father's secret meeting with one of Balaur’s Dragons, leading to her brother Maledor's vampiric transformation. Stricken with the painful realization of her brother's lost soul, she sought the aid of Vanator through The Duke to end his curse. Despite Vanator’s response, it is Frumusete who, driven by love and sacrifice, delivers the fatal blow, turning her into a resolute ruler of Intunericia, committed to a just rule, unlike her father. As a result, her allegiance to Vanator is rocky, though she does bear occasional warmth that hints at their enduring bond forged through shared mission and profound sacrifices for the kingdom.† Maledor Dragoste (The Laughing King) - Maledor Dragoste, the younger sibling of Frumusete, once confined to a fragile existence marked by unwavering laughter, took a dark turn when their father, King Ludovic, made a sinister pact with Lord Balaur. Infused with cursed blood to save his life, Maledor's very essence became consumed by malevolence, transforming him into a sadistic vampire who seized the throne through patricide. He imposed a reign of terror upon Intunericia, mercilessly tormenting his sister and subjecting her and the castle’s staff to unspeakable horrors. Ultimately, it was Frumusete who delivered the decisive blow to end her brother's torment, a heart-wrenching act that shaped her destiny forever.† King Ludovic Dragoste - The late ruler of Intunericia, met a grisly end when his own son, Maledor, mercilessly drained him of his lifeblood. Throughout his controversial reign, he formed alliances with unsavory characters to maintain power. Desperation plagued him as he sought a worthy heir while watching his beloved son's health deteriorate. In a last-ditch effort for a miracle, he turned to healers and practitioners to no avail. With no options left, he made a fateful pact with Lord Balaur, who, in a dark act, used the cursed blood of tenebris to save the prince's life, but at a harrowing price.† The Great Voivode - A formidable warrior who answered the call of The Angel of Purity to lead a group of valiant warriors against the encroaching darkness of Tenebris, driven by the loss of his wife and unborn child during a malevolent raid. He founded The Sterling Order, aided by legendary warriors, and triumphed over Tenebris by cleaving her heart from her body, though he met his own fate as her tower crumbled. It is said that his soul was seen ascending to the heavens, cradled in the very arms of Puritas, himself. It is a widely held belief that he now stands as a formidable angel, a staunch guardian and confidant of Dumnezeu, the Supreme Deity. His enduring legacy lives on in the countless knights who continue the order's mission, and he is revered through celebrations and observances, his exemplary life an inspiration to many.Viciu Voal - The indomitable leader of the Sterling Order, hails from a storied lineage that has shouldered the sacred mantle of Voivode for generations. His family's unwavering dedication to the Order's mission is a legacy unbroken, a torchbearer of devotion passed through the ages. Behind his stern countenance and clad in the shimmering Seraphic Aegis, Viciu harbors profound secrets and hidden depths that defy comprehension. His purity, so pristine, stands as a paradox, for his resplendent armor gleams brighter with every trial, a stark defiance of the natural order. It is a living testament to his unwavering commitment to the cause. Under the piercing azure gaze that marks his striking visage resides a quick temper, forged in the crucible of responsibility that comes with safeguarding the world from malevolence. Viciu's unwavering faith in his own prowess is a byproduct of shouldering the colossal burden of upholding the sacred teachings of The Pure One.Regina Sulita - An enigmatic woman graced with porcelain-like features and fiery red hair, often trying to blend discreetly within the motley clientele of The Duchess' Diamond. Her fair countenance hints at wisdom well beyond her years, concealed by a cool and collected demeanor. Amidst the often chaotic ambiance of the tavern, she stands out, bearing an ornate spear with a rich family lineage, passed down through generations. Her mastery of the weapon is unmistakable, evoking the moniker "Sulita" due to her unmatched finesse, which implies years of devoted training. Yet, what sets her apart is her peculiar fascination with Vanator. Regina frequently engages him with seemingly trivial questions and conveniently surfaces during opportune moments, leaving an air of intrigue surrounding her presence.† Radu and Alina Arginthardt - Vanator's father was a skilled hunter and provided food and warm pelts for the village, while his mother was a skilled weaver and seamstress, creating clothing and textiles for their family and others in the community. They were respected members of the village, and their opinions carried weight in matters of importance. Radu was a tall and imposing figure with a stern countenance that rarely showed any emotion, while Alina was a quiet and cold woman whose devotion to the Prophet’s gospel often took priority over anything else. Tragically, both Radu and Alina were brutally murdered at the hands of ravenous vampires on the same night that Leagan was attacked. Vanator witnessed the horrific scene, forever haunting him with grief and a desire for vengeance.† The Prophet - The origins of The Prophet remain shrouded in mystery, but legend has it that he arrived in the nascent village of Leagan as a herald of the spirits who inhabited the forest. His otherworldly wisdom and power quickly won the trust of the people, and he soon became the revered leader of the community. Despite the occasional skepticism and dissent, The Prophet led the village through prosperous times and dark days alike, his ageless presence and divine gifts inspiring both fear and devotion among his followers. The people of Leagan followed The Prophet's teachings without question, enshrining him as a figurehead of their new way of life. However, when disaster finally struck and the village fell to ruin, The Prophet's fate was sealed along with the others.Ferit (The Phantom Marquee) - Also known as "The Phantom Marquee," is an opportunistic vampire who has sought sanctuary in the old manor overlooking Somnoros for an indefinite period. He is an imposing figure, tall and gaunt, devoid of any hair, and shrouded in long, tattered, flowing black garments that accentuate his piercing red eyes. His remarkable mastery over the Moroi within his veins empowers him to manipulate shadows with great finesse, often assuming the form of an inky black mist for swift mobility throughout the manor. Ferit sustains his unholy existence by abducting young girls and imprisoning them in a labyrinthine cellar, siphoning their blood to satiate his insatiable thirst. To safeguard the manor's grounds, he commands a monstrous hound from the abyss, serving as an insurmountable obstacle for anyone daring to escape his malevolent grasp.Bucurie - Bucurie, a young girl from the ill-fated village of Radiant Deschidere, who shares a tragic bond with Vanator. She is the sole survivor of her village, having witnessed the slaughter of her friends and family, although by Vanator's hands instead of vampires. In a dire moment when her village had succumbed to vampirism, Vanator's intervention diverted the attention of Ezechiel, allowing Bucurie to hide. Despite his efforts, Vanator was forced to battle the vampirized villagers, and salvation arrived when sunlight bathed the area, incinerating all the vampires. However, Bucurie couldn't forget the sight of Vanator slaying her friends and family. Even after being taken in by the order, she harbored an unrelenting grudge. She ran away from the safety of the order and made her way to the Carpathorian Peaks, where she was taken in by The People of The Mountains, training not to hunt vampires but to pursue Vanator, driven by her burning desire for vengeance.† Ezechiel - The leader of Radiant Deschidere was a man of unwavering optimism, and determination, and a paternal figure to Bucurie. Despite the hardships of life in their remote village, this leader inspired hope and held the belief that their settlement could thrive. While not endowed with great wisdom or leadership experience, the leader's charisma and enthusiasm rallied the villagers, instilling in them a sense of purpose and the conviction to overcome their challenges. They worked tirelessly to foster a sense of community and maintain the connection to The Heavens, guiding the village with a vision of prosperity. However, their optimism would prove to be their downfall, as the unrelenting forces of darkness and Vanator's return would tragically bring their dream to an end.  D i v i n e  B e i n g s  † Tenebris (Angel of Darkness) - The mother of all Strigoi. Pursuing forbidden knowledge, she unknowingly unearthed malevolent spirits known as Moroi, which consumed her soul and replaced it with darkness and bloodlust. She unleashed chaos upon her angelic brethren, corrupting some and offering them newfound power which led to her being cast out of the heavens. Tenebris fell to Mundus Inter, vowing to corrupt Dumnezeu’s mortal children with her tainted blood, disrupting the balance between light and darkness and weakening the Astroforga's hold on Tenebrion. She built a colossal tower among red lilies, corrupting the world of men until the Great Voivoda and the Sterling Order confronted her. He carved out her heart, destroying her and causing her citadel to collapse. The whereabouts of her crystallized remains remain a mystery, with many speculating that Balaur may possess them. Puritas (Angel of Purity) - Puritas, also known as the Angel of Purity, is the first celestial being to emerge from Dumnezeu's purifying light, a figure of unwavering virtue and divine significance within the Sterling Order. Entrusted by Dumnezeu himself, Puritas embodies the essence of purity and serves as a guiding light for the order's knights in their unrelenting battle against the darkness personified by Tenebris, the Fallen Angel of Darkness. His ethereal presence exudes tranquility and a radiant aura, and his wisdom directs the knights' unwavering commitment to righteousness and their tireless fight against malevolent forces. The legends surrounding Puritas suggest that his divine influence has sanctified the knights' Seraphic Aegis armor, endowing it with the power to discern the purity of its wearer's heart. Puritas's legacy is an indelible part of the Sterling Order's identity, symbolizing their timeless struggle against the forces of darkness and their resolute dedication to upholding purity and combating evil.Dumnezeu The Radiant Ember - Formerly known as Lumarion, he emerged from the Divintree as the deity of Light, alongside his brother Tenebrion. Disheartened by Tenebrion's dark creations and malevolent rule over humanity in Intunericia, Lumarion chose to descend upon the realm. A cataclysmic clash ensued, reshaping Mundus Inter into a crescent and resulting in Lumarion's victory. He extracted Tenebrion's power, pinning him to a dead star with the Astroforga and transforming it into a blazing sun. From thenceforth, the malevolent were condemned to burn alongside Tenebrion in the sun's fervent embrace, marking the culmination of their celestial conflict and the dawn of Lumarion's reign as Dumnezeu.Tenebrion The Umbrafather - Tenebrion, often referred to as the Umbrafather, stands as an enigmatic deity whose essence is intricately intertwined with shadows and darkness. Born from the very fabric of obscurity, he created monsters and grotesque beings who terrorized humanity for their own pleasure. In the grand expanse of existence, Tenebrion's enigmatic nature sets him apart as a counterforce to his cosmic sibling, Dumnezeu. This dichotomy ignited a celestial clash between the two, ultimately resulting in the shattering of the realm of Intunericia. During their cosmic clash, Dumnezeu's divine javelin, Astraforga, pierced through the heart of a dormant star, igniting it into a blazing sun, and with its radiant flames, Tenebrion was bound and anchored, forever illuminating the world he once sought to shape.Bellarius - An enigmatic and eloquent angel renowned for his role as an artisan of war, Bellarius stands as the maker of many formidable creations, including The Shiftblade, Seraphic Aegis, and the famed Astroforga, the very weapon that currently restrains Tenebrion within the realm of Solarael. Despite his penchant for crafting instruments of war, Bellarius openly expressed his disdain for Dumnezeu's descent upon Mundus Inter. In the aftermath of the cosmic conflict, he chose to forsake the heavens, opting for a life among mortals, leaving behind an air of mystery shrouding his fate. Some claim that he roams the diverse landscapes of Mundus Inter, continuing to forge divine artifacts and placing them where only the most deserving warriors may discover them. The Great Divinoak - The Divinoak is a celestial oak tree of immense cosmic significance in the mythology of Intunericia. It emerged from the cosmic sea known as Apa Sambetei, symbolizing profound wisdom and power. The tree's presence and its fruits, imbued with the essence of creation, guided the divine beings Lumarion and Tenebrion in shaping the world and creating various life forms. The Divinoak represents the balance of cosmic forces, including light and shadow, and its withering over time serves as a poignant element in the mythos, leaving a lasting legacy in the world it helped bring into existence. However, the tree and its fruits both withered and spoiled upon Lumarion's departure, giving rise to a host of corrupt divine entities.Moroi - Malevolent entities of great malificence and obscurity, initially dormant until inadvertently awakened by the archangel Tenebris's ill-fated quest for balance. Once unleashed, these insidious spirits seek to consume the souls of those they inhabit, taking control of the afflicted's physical body and transforming them into vampires. Their influence is overpowering, and only individuals with exceptional willpower can resist their possession, retaining control over their body and soul. Moroi inhabit the tainted blood of Tenebris, which they utilize as a conduit to exert their desire to free Tenebrion, perpetuating a reign of terror and plunging humanity into a perpetual state of cataclysm. However, their origins and motives for doing so still remain a mystery.Muma Padurii - A divine being born from the tainted fruits of The Divinoak, holds a mysterious and potent presence in the heart of the wilds. Revered as a guardian of the wilderness, forests, and the natural world, she embodies the essence of the untamed, nurturing the land she inhabits. Her portrayal varies from a benevolent, protective spirit to a stern and vengeful force, ready to unleash retribution upon those who dare to harm the sacred realms she oversees. Within the beliefs of rural communities, Muma Pădurii symbolizes the deep connection to the land and the intricate balance of nature. As a venerated entity, she wields the power to discipline those who disrupt the harmony of the environment or show disrespect to the sacred forests. Her legacy endures in the hearts and traditions of those who follow her teachings, offering both guidance and a warning against trespassing the delicate equilibrium of the natural world.† Varcolac - It was a divine being ensnared by the cosmic affliction of lycanthropy, born from the corrupted fruits of the ancient Divinoak, and his sanity eroded by the moon's baleful rays. Varcolac emerged as an embodiment of humanity's inherent duality, possessing the extraordinary capacity to oscillate between human and beastial forms. Its name became synonymous with both intrigue and terror, an integral part of legends concerning shape-shifters, lunar forces, and the eternal conflict between light and shadow. As the ages passed, the delicate equilibrium between its human and bestial nature began to crumble. Varcolac's mind and body could no longer maintain this precarious balance and this gave way to mindless and savage assaults on anything in its path. Somehow, the creature came into contact with Tenebris’s cursed blood and ultimately the power of the moroi was far too much for the creature to bear, resulting in its demise. The Varcolac’s remains decomposed and merged with the earth, its cursed blood sowing the seeds for the tainted Lupinia to grow in its place.Solomonar - Solomonar, a revered divine spirit, stands as the object of fervent devotion for The Solomonari, a mysterious faction of wizards bound to his teachings. It is whispered through the mists of legend that Solomonar once rode upon a fearsome dragon, wielding the power to summon tempests and storms at his command. This enigmatic figure introduced the mystical arts of elemental magic to Mundus Inter, which ultimately laid the foundation for the establishment of The Solomonari, but in a manner as cryptic as his nature, Solomonar vanished without a trace, leaving his faithful disciples in a perpetual state of bewilderment over his sudden disappearance. Nonetheless, the devoted Solomonari persist in carrying out their sacred duties, as mandated by their revered patron, perpetuating his teachings through generations. It is widely believed that Solomonar yet roams the mortal realm, often shrouded in the humble guise of a beggar swathed in tattered rags. A cautionary tale tells that those who unwittingly wrong this beggar may incur a dire curse: their offspring bearing the indelible mark of the Solomonari, and their land subjected to irrevocable torment by unrelenting rain, thunderstorms, and hail.† Saint Beaumonte - Saint Beaumonte, also known as "The Father of Vampire Hunting," stands as a revered figure in the annals of history. A renowned warrior hailing from distant lands, he was sought out by The Sterling Order during the dark reign of Tenebris. Saint Beaumonte earned his title by taking the famous Shiftblade of Bellarius and modifying it to his own exacting standards, a weapon tailored for the most effective slaying of Tenebris and her Strigoi. Legend has it that in his final moments on the battlefield, he expressed a unique wish: to have his very bones integrated into the hilt of the blade, an eternal commitment to the relentless fight against the Strigoi, even beyond his own demise. His legacy is held in high esteem by vampire hunters across the realm, yet no one reveres him quite like The People of The Mountains. They continue to wield whips reminiscent of the one he carried in days of old, paying homage to his indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to the battle against the Strigoi.Saint Vladislava - Hushed tones refer to him as "The Skewerer", celebrated for his unyielding commitment to protecting the land and its people. Legends recount that he was a formidable warlord who emerged during a tumultuous era when external threats loomed large over the province. He is said to have wielded a great spear gifted to him from the heavens, a symbol of his might, and to have been unrelenting in his defense of his homeland. His actions to deter would-be invaders were severe but effective. The people remember him not only for his merciless tactics but also for his profound sense of justice in safeguarding their way of life. His people stood as unwavering sentinels, shielding his resting place from any would-be defilers, ensuring his undisturbed repose for eternity. It is believed by some that this sacred sanctuary also cradles his legendary spear, a cherished relic of his mighty deeds, though this remains mere speculation.R a c e sHumanity - The mortal inhabitants of this realm. These individuals are the sons and daughters of the land, born into a world shrouded in darkness and strife. They are marked by their resilience and determination in the face of ceaseless challenges, as they eke out a meager existence amidst the shadows and cataclysms that define their world. Humanity in Intunericia has a rich cultural and societal tapestry, where legends, myths, and a deep connection to the celestial struggles of their deities shape their lives. They are often characterized by their unwavering hope, their capacity for survival in the most dire of circumstances, and their unyielding spirit in the face of the ever-present cosmic conflict that surrounds them.Strigoi - "Strigoi" serves as the overarching term for any malevolent creature that has returned from the grave with sinister intentions, first conceived when Tenebris started her war on humanity. These entities encompass a wide range of beings, including the undead, vampires, Moroi, Liches, and other similar entities. Vampires - Vampires are cursed humans who fall under strigoi, driven by an unquenchable thirst for human blood. They possess a formidable array of superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, agility, heightened senses, and a potent healing factor. Vampires are sterile, unable to reproduce naturally, and their creation usually involves sharing the tainted blood of Tenebris, a process fraught with the peril of dark spirits seeking to consume the host's soul. An alternative method known as the "dark gift" allows for a more controlled transformation, resulting in vampires who maintain some semblance of humanity.  These creatures are a constant menace to mankind, their existence marred by a bleak history of terror.Varcolaci - "Varcolaci" serves as the all-encompassing term for individuals afflicted by lycanthropy, a curse transmitted through spores from the Lupinia flower or by being bitten by an already infected Varcolaci. This accursed condition compels its victims to undergo monstrous transformations during the full moon, turning them into grotesque wolf-like creatures. Much like their progenitor, The Varcolac, these tormented souls succumb to lunar madness, bound to the moon's influence. They are driven to indiscriminate acts of violence and bloodshed, and a prevailing belief suggests that the longer an individual bears this curse, the more their sanity erodes, ultimately leading to a grotesque and indiscernible amalgamation of flesh and fur. Celestials - In the world of Mundus Inter, Celestials are ethereal beings of profound cosmic significance, revered for their role in shaping the realm and creating the Great Divinoak, a celestial oak tree emerging from the cosmic sea, Apa Sambetei. These transcendent entities, which include radiant angels, umbral angels, and fallen angels-turned-demons, act as intermediaries between the celestial and mortal realms, guiding divine beings in shaping the world and its myriad life forms. The Celestials embody cosmic wisdom and serve as beacons of cosmic balance, epitomizing the intricate duality between light and darkness in Intunericia's mythology. Their influence extends beyond the ongoing cosmic struggle, as theycontributed to the very essence of the world they inhabit, underlining their profound role in the world's creation and destiny.Gods - Gods are supernatural and often divine entities that hold immense power and influence over the cosmos and the lives of mortals. They are typically seen as creators or rulers of the universe, responsible for shaping its fundamental aspects, including natural forces, morality, and the destiny of living beings. Gods are revered and worshipped by their followers, with religious traditions, rituals, and scriptures dedicated to understanding and connecting with them. Gods have served as sources of guidance, morality, and purpose for many cultures and have played central roles in shaping religious, cultural, and societal values. Their attributes and characteristics vary widely across different belief systems, reflecting the diverse ways in which humanity has sought to make sense of the world and its mysteries.Radiant Angels - Radiant Angels are divine beings that personify the enduring cosmic conflict between light and darkness. Radiant angels, serving Dumnezeu, exude purity and grace, wielding divine power to protect humanity from the oppressive rule of Tenebrion and his children. They are beacons of righteousness, clad in Seraphic Aegis armor, on a relentless quest to vanquish evil. Umbral Angels (Demons) - In the world of Mundus Inter, Tenebrion's corrupted angels were once radiant and virtuous celestial beings, serving a noble purpose, yet they fell under his dark influence. Now, these fallen angels bear twisted, grotesque forms, shrouded in shadows, and marked by the scars of their fall from grace. They have become willing agents of darkness, executing Tenebrion's sinister will and sowing chaos and suffering throughout the realm. Endowed with malevolent powers rooted in their celestial origins, they relentlessly spread discord and darkness. Their transformation epitomizes a cosmic betrayal, as they were once aligned with the forces of light but now serve the very darkness they were created to oppose. The presence of these fallen angels-turned-demons adds to the ongoing cosmic conflict in Mundus Inter, representing a direct opposition to the radiant angels and embodying the eternal struggle between light and darkness in the realm.Divine Spirits - In the mythology of Intunericia, Divine Spirits are ethereal entities of cosmic significance, emanating from the wisdom and power of the Great Divinoak, a celestial oak tree that emerged from the cosmic sea, Apa Sambetei. These spirits serve as intermediaries between the mortal world and celestial forces, guiding the actions of divine beings like angels and demons in shaping the realm and its various life forms. Symbolizing the balance of cosmic forces, including light and shadow, these spirits play a vital role in upholding the world's profound, enigmatic will, leaving a lasting legacy in the mythos. However, their significance is underscored by the withering of the Divinoak and its fruits upon the departure of Lumarion, which led to the emergence of corrupt divine entities.Uriasi - The Uriasi are an obscure race of legendary giants, Tenebrion's earliest and most favored creations, who have endured through the ages, though their numbers have dwindled over time. For reasons unknown, these formidable beings have embraced a sacred duty, serving as the protectors of the fabled Golden Apples. These mystical fruits are believed to bestow cosmic knowledge and heal any wound or ailment, rendering them highly coveted. The Uriasi dwell in a hidden sanctuary nestled deep within the Carpathorian Peaks, guarding the precious groves where the golden apples thrive. They are both the formidable protectors of these precious treasures and the enigmatic gatekeepers to those who seek the profound wisdom held within. They may seem as though they’re gentle giants but one would be wise not to underestimate their temper.

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Lore Compendium Vol.II

Lore Compendium Vol. II L o c a t i o n s Mundus Inter - Mundus Inter, the realm of the living, is a central dimension where the lives and destinies of mortals unfold according to the grand design of the divine ones. It encompasses the physical and metaphysical aspects of existence, representing the intricate tapestry of life, from the simplest interactions to the most profound events. This realm hosts a diverse array of beings, each with their own stories and roles in the cosmic drama. Subject to the influences of divine entities and cosmic forces, Mundus Inter is not merely a backdrop for mortal lives but a fundamental part of the cosmic order. Here, the eternal battle between light and darkness, exemplified by Dumnezeu and Tenebrion, shapes the destinies of its inhabitants, with mortal choices holding significance that extends beyond the material realm, making it a world of both wonder and peril.Mundus Lumea - Dumnezeu's kingdom is a celestial realm of radiant splendor and divine perfection. It is the heavenly domain presided over by Dumnezeu himself. Dumnezeu's kingdom is characterized by its luminous brilliance, bathed in an eternal and pure light, where celestial beings, such as radiant angels, find their sanctuary. In this realm, purity, righteousness, and the forces of light reign supreme, serving as a stark contrast to the darkness and malevolence that plague Mundus Inter. Dumnezeu's kingdom stands as a symbol of divine order, offering hope, guidance, and protection to those who seek solace in its radiant embrace. It represents a sanctuary of resplendent serenity amid the desolation of Mundus Inter. Mundus Infra - In the world of Intunericia, Mundus Infra serves as the shattered, nightmarish counterpart to Mundus Inter, the surface realm. It is a desolate and sinister underbelly, characterized by a fractured and bleak landscape. This inverted realm is where demons and malevolent entities are imprisoned in eternal torment, mirroring the cosmic struggle between light and darkness. The fractured nature of Mundus Infra further underscores its role as a prison for the wicked and those tainted by malevolence, a place of unending suffering and darkness beneath the surface of Intunericia. It is said that once the souls of the damned fall from Solarael they are sent here. The Sun (Solarael) - The sun or "Solarael" was a dead star ignited by Dumnezeu’s Astroforga when he permanently pinned Tenebrion to its surface with the very same weapon. Its mass is comprised of souls deemed too wicked for the light, condemned to writhe in its purifying flames until their light has been extinguished. The never-ending flow of souls serves two purposes: it enkindles the sun, illuminating the ever-creeping darkness, and it powers the halo gate to Mundus Lumea. Keeping the sun from going dark is significant, for if the flames were to fade, the remnants of Tenebrion’s dark forces would prevail over mankind. Intunericia - The continent of Intunericia is a desolate and unforgiving realm within the world of Mundus Inter, where humanity endures a bleak existence amidst a landscape marked by perpetual darkness and unending cataclysms. The realm is characterized by its towering mountains that cast long, oppressive shadows across the land, punctuated by deep chasms and valleys that seem to plunge into an abyss. Storm clouds perpetually shroud the skies, with lightning occasionally illuminating the gloom, creating an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. The people of Intunericia reside in isolated communities nestled within the misty mountains, their homes shielded from the malevolent creatures that roam the plains. It is a place where hope is a rare and fragile commodity, where survival is a daily battle against both the relentless elements and the shadowy forces that haunt the realm, serving as a stark reminder of the cosmic conflict that has shaped Mundus Inter's tragic fate. Vladislavia - The largest province in Intunericia, it is a land steeped in rich history and enigmatic legends. Its central region, Valea Umbrelor, boasts an abundance of ore deposits, providing a source of the mystical Umbrosidian metal. The province was once fiercely protected by the Matron Saint Vladislava, known for halting external invasions by impaling her enemies on towering pikes that lined the mountain ranges. This grisly deterrent became part of local lore, reinforcing the land's perilous reputation. Vladislavia is also associated with the Matron Saint of Protection, Vladislava, a fearsome warlady who safeguarded her land through just but harsh rule. Her remains are hidden to prevent desecration, and some believe her mighty spear rests with her. With its striking landscapes, dense forests, and the ever-present Strigoi, Vladislavia remains an enigmatic and treacherous province in Intunericia, entwined with legends and untamed beauty. Valea Umbrelor - Known as "The Valley of Shadows," it is a mysterious and haunting location within the land of Intunericia. Nestled between the Carpathorian Peaks and Vladislavian Mountains, this secluded valley is perpetually cloaked in twilight, with dense, ancient forests and gnarled trees casting eerie shadows. Steeped in myth and legend, Valea Umbrelor is said to be a place where the boundaries between the physical and spirit worlds blur, making it a hub for supernatural occurrences and encounters with otherworldly entities. Inhabitants of this place include mythical creatures, shape-shifters, and restless spirits, serving as manifestations of the shadowy forces that dominate Intunericia.  Leagan Village - It was a small woodland village steeped in mystery and situated in the province of Valea Umbrelor, The Valley of Shadows. They called it The Cradle due to the dense forest that surrounded and protected it from outsiders who could potentially meddle in their ways. The Leagans were originally devout practitioners of Padurianism before converting to a much more mysterious religion, and they took extra care to keep many of their beliefs secret from prying eyes. Being so removed from the outside world, they had little to no knowledge regarding many facets of life and believed common practices such as sorcery and magic to be blasphemous. However, what the Leagan people lacked, they made up for with their unprecedented proficiency in hunting and craftsmanship. Alas, the village is now nothing more than a pile of ruins after vampires razed it to the ground, leaving the mystery of their ways behind with only one survivor. Forest of The Emerald Mist - A vast and haunting forest, serves as the final resting place of the once-thriving Leagan Village. The dense canopy of trees cast an unyielding darkness upon the forest floor, creating an eerie and perpetual gloom. Misty tendrils, carrying a spectral green hue, wind their way through the sea of endless trees, giving the forest its evocative name. The forest remains largely untouched by those who dare not intrude, for the remnants of the Leagan traps, and deterrents, act as silent guardians of the village's tragic past. The forest has become the stuff of ghost stories, whispered among the inhabitants of Intunericia, who are haunted by the mysteries and misfortunes of Leagan's history. Vladislavian Mountains - Situated to the west overlooking Valea Umbrelor, these Mountains derive their name from Saint Vladislava and cradles The Inmunti Monastery, the revered sanctuary of The Sterling Order. It is a beautiful mountain range teeming with an abundance of the region’s natural creatures, both perilous and gentle. Thanks to the unwavering vigilance of the Order, sightings of strigoi and other supernatural beings are scarce, leaving the nesting harpies perched high among the peaks and the rambunctious orcs that occasionally disrupt the winding mountain trails as the primary concerns. In spite of these natural challenges, the Vladislavian Mountains offer a serene respite for those weary of the relentless presence of creatures like the Strigoi and Varcolaci. Carpathorian Peaks - The Carpathorian Peaks, shrouded in eternal mist, form a realm of both beauty and lurking terrors where daring adventurers and fortune hunters test their mettle against formidable natural forces and enigmatic denizens. These rugged peaks conceal vast reserves of a precious obsidian-like ore beneath their craggy surfaces, a closely guarded secret that has lured many. Among these towering giants reside the Urias, a tribe of imposing giants, while trolls, legendary creatures, traverse the highlands. The enigmatic People of the Mountains have also made these peaks their sanctuary. However, the obsidian is a treacherous prize, fiercely protected by the mountain's inhabitants, who brook no challengers. Alongside this, the jagged and snow-covered terrain, whipped by freezing winds, presents its own dangers to those who venture into this magnificent yet perilous realm. The Lost Village - The Lost Village is a secluded and awe-inspiring settlement hidden amidst the snow-covered landscape of the Carathorian Peaks. Nestled along the rugged mountainsides, it is a place of remarkable beauty and mystery. The inhabitants of this village, known simply as The People of The Mountains, are known for their reclusive nature, making outsiders rarely welcome within their unique community. The village itself is a spectacle, featuring rudimentary wooden structures that resemble houses, suspended between the peaks of the mountains using ropes, ladders, and bridges. The precarious and ethereal architecture of The Lost Village forms a mesmerizing and otherworldly sight, reflecting the resilience and resourcefulness of its enigmatic residents. Jidovi’s Summit - Jidovi's Summit, a colossal mountain standing at the heart of the Carpathorian Peaks, takes its name from the first and most venerated of the Uriasi giants. Legend has it that during Dumnezeu's descent to Mundus Inter in his mission to cleanse the world of Tenebrion's offspring, Jidovi utilized powerful Gauntlets to hollow out the mountain, a desperate effort to protect his people. The mountain is believed to harbor the spirit of Jidovi, along with the remaining gauntlet he employed to shield his kin from Dumnezeu's divine wrath. Once a thriving Uriasi stronghold, it fell to Zburator and his clan, forcing the Uriasi to abandon their ancestral home and seek refuge elsewhere in the mountains. Nowadays, the summit serves as the lair for Zburator and his winged followers. Solurile Insetate - Also known as "The Thirsty Soils," it is an arid plain that undergoes a dramatic transformation with the changing seasons. During the dry season, it lives up to its name, featuring parched and dusty earth under the relentless sun. Water is scarce, and the region seems inhospitable. However, during the rainy season, sudden downpours transform Solurile Însetate into a muddy expanse, creating a temporary but treacherous landscape. This region presents both challenges and opportunities for travelers, testing their endurance and resourcefulness. In the culture of Intunericia, Solurile Însetate symbolizes resilience and adaptability, with its ever-changing nature reflecting the struggles and persistence of its people. Stramtoare Village - Concealed in a remote and forsaken corner of The Thirsty Soils, stands as the haunting embodiment of desolation and degradation. Its origins are shrouded in the mists of time, possibly a refuge for those fleeing persecution or poverty, yet the passage of years has led to its dire decline. The inhabitants are society's outcasts, a motley assembly of beggars, thieves, and individuals ensnared in criminality. Incestuous families perpetuate cycles of suffering, while even society's pariahs find a haven here. The village's appearance mirrors its grim reality, characterized by dilapidated structures, unpaved, filth-ridden streets, and a suffocating stench of decay. The atmosphere is one of hopelessness, where survival eclipses all else. Leadership emerges through dominance, and breeding cycles of exploitation, while social dynamics are marked by distrust and necessity. Stramtoare Village, a testament to systemic failures, is a nightmarish reminder of the depths of human suffering and moral decay. Radiant Deschidere - A remote and burgeoning village nestled outside Valea Umbrelor was led by the determined and resolute village chief, Ezechiel. The village's inhabitants, who shared their leader's unyielding spirit, had high hopes of establishing a thriving community in their somewhat challenging environment. However, misfortune struck when an unknown vampire or vampires, during Vanator's absence, turned the villagers into bloodthirsty creatures of the night. When Vanator returned to the village, he was faced with a grim scene – the once-vibrant and hopeful community had been transformed into a horde of vampires. Ezechiel's optimism and resilience couldn't protect his people from this cruel fate, and Vanator had no choice but to deal with the monstrous situation that awaited him upon his return. Caverna Însetată - Also known as The Thirsting Caverns, it is an intricate and shadowy subterranean world within Intunericia. These ancient underground passages, shaped over countless centuries by water and minerals, are a labyrinthine network of winding tunnels and chambers. They have earned their evocative name due to the legends of longing and mystery associated with their depths, which are said to house forgotten artifacts, lost civilizations, and cryptic secrets. The Thirsting Caverns are also known for their treacherous terrain, marked by jagged limestone formations, precipitous drops, and lurking predators, including vampires. Despite their dangers, they hold valuable resources, such as underground springs and mineral deposits, making them both a source of peril and allure for those who dare to explore their enigmatic recesses. Inmunti Monastery - Nestled within the Vladislavian Mountains, it serves as the sacred heart of the Sterling Order. Originally an emergency refuge for the Vladislavian people, this ancient sanctuary was created to be a haven of faith and martial training. It was here, that the first knights of the order were personally chosen and trained by The Great Voivode to confront the rising darkness that threatened Mundus Inter. The monastery's walls are adorned with murals depicting the heroic battles and sacrifices of these early knights, immortalizing their legacy. The Scriptorium of Light, the monastery's extensive library, houses invaluable texts, including lost prophecies and divine revelations guiding the order. Within its walls, divine artifacts are stored, each bearing a touch of divine essence to empower knights in their battle against the forces of darkness.  Duchess’ Diamond - Deep within the treacherous terrain of the Forsaken Passage, The Duchess' Diamond, emerges as an unexpected oasis. This tavern, weathered and timeworn, defies the rugged elements, drawing travelers along a winding path filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and clandestine camaraderie. Inside its dimly lit interior, rustic comfort reigns with weathered tables and stools, flickering lanterns, and an array of mismatched mugs. The clientele is a motley mix of low-lifes, bounty hunters, and contract killers, and the atmosphere is charged with an aura of secrecy. The Duke, navigates the volatile dynamics, preserving order amidst an assortment of criminals. The tavern's gritty charm, diverse clientele, and concealed dealings weave a tapestry of hidden motives and concealed intentions, offering a refuge for those walking the fine line between light and shadow. The Forsaken Passage - A treacherous and uneven road surrounded by perilous cliffs and spindly dead trees, winds its way through the cliffs at the base of The Carpatorian Mountains. The pass is notorious for harboring bandits and highwaymen who lurk among the trees and cliffs, waiting to ambush unsuspecting travelers. With its narrow and winding course, the passage poses a constant threat to those on their way to The Duchess' Diamond, where every twist and turn can lead to encounters with ruthless opportunists who plunder, threaten, and waylay, turning the journey into a perilous test of wits and survival if one doesn’t have a Duke Coin. Somnoros - Nestled along the rugged coast, the town of Somnoros is a place steeped in mystery and maritime beauty. Its cobblestone streets wind through the heart of the settlement, leading toward the shore where fishing boats sway gently in the embrace of the azure sea. Somnoros is a town defined by its folklore, where tales of sea monsters and ghostly apparitions fill the air. Locals, both superstitious and proud, harbor a deep respect for their coastal heritage, with generations of fishermen casting their nets into the briny depths. However, a looming shadow lingers in the form of the old manor that overlooks the town, for the legend of the Phantom Marquee has haunted the inhabitants for centuries.  The Phantom Manor - High atop the coastal cliffs of Somnoros stands the old manor, once the residence of a wealthy fish magnate who had amassed his fortune by absorbing local fishing enterprises, leaving a trail of discontent among the townsfolk. Legend spoke of the day when the infuriated populace, their pockets emptied and their patience drained, chose to take justice into their own hands. They sealed the manor's doors and ignited it with the greedy owner still trapped inside, expecting their vengeance to consume the mansion entirely. To their astonishment, the manor stood defiantly the next morning, bearing only minor fire damage and soot on its walls. None dared to cross its threshold, for fear of becoming the next victim of the Phantom Marquee, leaving the manor abandoned and shrouded in an eerie veil. This mysterious incident birthed the centuries-old tale of the Phantom Marquee, a chilling ghost story that would later collide with a horrifying reality as young women mysteriously vanished in the dead of night.  Balaur’s Castle - Balaur's Castle is a mystery of Intunericia, shrouded in a veil of obscurity. This formidable fortress, shrouded in legends, emerges from the shadows only once in every few centuries, and its elusive presence has confounded scholars and adventurers alike. Yet, those who claim to have witnessed the castle's eerie silhouette cannot agree on its precise location, adding to its mystique. It is widely believed that this enigmatic structure exists neither in the realms of the living nor the dead, with no discernible point of entry or exit, leaving its purpose and the secrets it holds cloaked in the unknown.  O r d e r s  a n d  F a c t i o n s  The Sterling Order - A revered and enigmatic order, emerged from the depths of history in response to the dire threat posed by Tenebris, the Fallen Angel of Darkness. Guided by the divine wisdom of the Angel of Purity, and under the watchful gaze of Dumnezeu, the order was founded to combat the malevolent influence of Tenebris and protect the world from her shadowy grasp. Nevertheless, veiled by whispers and misconceptions, the order's reputation has become tainted, portraying them as zealous heretics who wield forbidden knowledge. Despite their reputation as formidable warriors, societal skepticism has relegated them to last-resort status, and their hiring is often shrouded in secrecy. The Heads of Balaur - Also referred to as "The Dragons," this ruling council operates as a tetrarchy established by Balaur, who serves as the sovereign leader of the group. The Tetrarchy is comprised of five of Intunericia's most formidable lords, each with their own unique quality. Each member is entrusted with safeguarding and controlling a fragment of Tenebris's heart, which is said to bestow exceptional dark powers upon them at a price. Every one of these formidable dragons governs a distinct territory within Intunericia, although the exact location of Balaur's domain still remains shrouded in mystery. It is believed that this collective and their coincidental emergence has something to do with the sun going dim. The Mountain People - The Mountain People are a formidable barbarian culture dwelling amidst the rugged Carpathorian Peaks, organized into distinct clans and tribes each with unique customs and affiliations. Renowned for their unparalleled hunting techniques, they craft whips from durable hides interwoven with steel wires and studded with razor-sharp Umbrosidian shards, a practice handed down from Saint Beumonte. These enigmatic people, whose sustainable lifestyle is attuned to the harsh environment, possess mystical traditions that revere local spirits and deities. Their life is punctuated by unique festivals and celebrations, and they engage in trading relationships with lowland communities for resources they cannot produce in the mountains. Territorial guardians protect sacred sites, and leadership within the tribes is determined by chieftains or respected figures. These resilient mountain inhabitants are known to unite against external threats, and it was they who plucked Burcurie from the brink of despair, adopting the resilient orphan into their ranks. Solomonari - The Solomonari are legendary figures in the world of Intunericia. They are often depicted as skilled wizards, healers, and herbalists who possess extensive knowledge of the natural world and the secrets of magic. The Solomonari are believed to have the ability to control the elements, heal the frail, predict the future, and communicate with animals and spirits. They are often portrayed as solitary individuals who live in remote areas, such as deep forests or mountains, where they practice their magical arts in seclusion. The Solomonari are respected and sometimes feared for their supernatural powers, and they are known for their distinctive attire, which includes long robes and wide-brimmed hats. However, after witches began to adopt the wide-brimmed hats the Solomonari wore in order to practice their magic freely, the Solomonari were relentlessly persecuted by those who were of The Radiant Faith.  R e l i g i o n s  Followers of The Radiant Faith - Followers of The Radiant Faith harbor a deep aversion to darkness, both as a symbolic representation and a tangible force. They see darkness as antithetical to their core values of purity, enlightenment, and divine connection to Dumnezeu. This aversion is rooted in their belief that light symbolizes spiritual clarity and balance, whereas darkness represents ignorance and malevolence. The faith's teachings emphasize the pursuit of light in actions and in spiritual development, viewing darkness as a hindrance to these goals. Furthermore, there is a palpable fear that an excess of darkness could upset the cosmic equilibrium, potentially leading to the release of Tenebrion and an era of endless darkness, a prospect they vehemently oppose.  Padurianism - It is an uncommon form of spiristry that involves the worship of a divine spirit called Muma Pădurii. The religion is widely outlawed and often practiced by small rural communities, where the connection to land and nature is strong. It is widely believed that The People of The Mountains practice her teachings. Unknown Leagan Faith - The shroud of mystery enveloping Leagan village's religion remains impenetrable, a somber enigma lost to the voracious flames that consumed both its texts and practitioners. Of all the souls once bound to its faith, only Vanator survives, though his allegiance has long since shifted towards The Sterling Order. Whispers and conjectures persist, painting a fragmented portrait of this lost religion. Some posit that its adherents were fervent disciples of a Seraphian creed, staunchly opposed to the practice of sorcery. Instead, they placed their trust in ancient forest spirits for protection and guidance. The terrible fate that befell Leagan is often interpreted as divine retribution, a chilling reminder of the perils that await those who stray from the luminous path of Dumnezeu, a lesson etched in the annals of history. Purity Doctrine - The religion exclusively practiced by the members of The Sterling Order. This faith is deeply rooted in their fanatical devotion to The Angel of Purity and their commitment to upholding the teachings and ideals propagated by him. The central tenets of the Purity Doctrine revolve around the concepts of light, purity, and the eternal struggle against darkness. It emphasizes the dichotomy between the celestial light of Purity and the corrupting influence of malevolence, symbolized by Tenebris. In adhering to the Purity Doctrine, followers believe that they can be pardoned by Dumnezeu himself for the use of dark magics, as long as such powers are employed to uphold his divine law and maintain the cosmic balance between light and darkness. However, their unwavering commitment to this belief has led the practitioners of the Purity Doctrine to be ostracized by those who follow The Radiant Faith, who perceive them as tainted by darkness. Followers of The Sanguine Star - It is a highly secretive and fanatical religion in which vampires practice their faith and devotion to the fallen angel Tenebris, often through mass or gradual sacrifice involving mostly human children. Vampires will take control of a (usually small) downtrodden community of humans and convince them to join the religion either through manipulation or intimidation. In return, the vampires will protect those who practice the faith, so long as sacrifices are plentiful. The belief is that they are carrying on Tenebris’s will to free Tenebrion from his imprisonment so that they may bring about an age of endless darkness. To this end, they fervently search for each piece of Tenebris’s heart in the hopes of resurrecting her so she may free Tenebrion from his sun prison.  A r t i f a c t s   Witch's Compass - The Witch's Compass, a mysterious stone slate often wielded by witches, serves as a means to locate members of their coven. When held, an irresistible compulsion drives the bearer to unwittingly cut their finger on the fragment's edge. After this initial cut, the fragment is passed to another person, who, too, succumbs to the compulsion, mingling their blood with the stone. This simple act of cutting binds the two individuals by blood, establishing a mystical connection. The true power of the Witch's Compass lies in its capacity to guide one person to another by harnessing the bond formed through their shared blood, acting as a metaphysical beacon. The one who initiated the ritual is instinctively drawn to the other, as the compass, imbued with a mystical sense of direction, guides them unerringly to their blood-bound counterpart, thus serving as a conduit for their mystical link, and a guide that transcends physical limitations. Shiftblade - The revered weapons of The Sterling Order, stand as divine masterpieces meticulously created by the skilled angelic artisan, Bellarius. Forged with celestial precision, these blessed arms are forged from precious argent silver and quenched in the waters of Apa Sambetei. Their most distinctive attribute is their remarkable shape-shifting ability, allowing them to adapt to the desires of their wielders, seamlessly transforming between forms such as longswords, rapiers, greatswords, and more. This extraordinary versatility makes them indispensable tools in the eternal battle against the Strigoi. While the enigmatic mechanism governing their form-shifting prowess remains a subject of fascination and debate among human scholars and artisans, the true craftsmanship behind these divine weapons transcends human comprehension, bearing testament to the ethereal artistry of Bellarius. Nightbane - This remarkable Shiftblade, celebrated for its unparalleled craftsmanship, once belonged to Saint Beaumonte, a warrior from a distant land. Forged from the rarest argint silver and infused with the sacred ashes of saints, it began as a prototype designed to vanquish Tenebris's progeny. What set it apart was its mysterious ability to transform into a whip-like weapon, a trait that remained an enigma until Vanator, captivated by its allure, embarked on an unwavering quest to master its unpredictable form. Thus, Nightbane became his constant companion, signifying both his unparalleled skill and the countless drops of vampire blood it absorbed. A legend surrounds the blade, claiming that after Saint Beaumonte's fall in battle, he wished to have his bones integrated into the hilt, allowing his spirit to continue the fight. This belief has rendered the weapon a feared and revered artifact, with many hesitant to wield it, attributing it to the spirit of the saint himself. Seraphic Aegis - The Seraphic Aegis, a sacred masterpiece meticulously crafted by the celestial artisan Bellarius and blessed by the Angel of Purity, stands as the revered plate armor of The Sterling Order. Primarily forged from iron and adorned with argint silver flakes from the heart of the dormant star Stella Luminis, this resplendent armor reflects the wearer's inner purity in its signature shimmer. Covering Vanator from head to toe, the Seraphic Aegis boasts an ornate animal themed helmets, sometimes with a decorative mane of white horsehair, symbolizing both purity and esteemed status. Beyond its physical protection, the armor possesses a divine enchantment that mirrors the wearer's personality; tarnishing with misguided actions, it becomes an unbearable weight, a constant reminder of the consequences of straying from the righteous path. For members of The Sterling Order, the Seraphic Aegis is not just armor but a companion reflecting the complex narrative of a knight torn between purity and the pursuit of justice against the forces of darkness. Jidovi’s Gauntlet - Jidovi’s Gauntlet, a remarkable creation forged from the mysterious Umbrosidian ore hidden within the Corpathorian Peaks. Its clawed fingertips possess the extraordinary capability to effortlessly carve through rock that would be impenetrable otherwise, rendering it an invaluable tool for navigating the rugged landscapes of Intunericia. Legends surrounding this gauntlet suggest it played a vital role in excavating a sanctuary deep within the colossal mountain, later known as Jidovi's Summit. What sets this gauntlet apart is its apparent ability to absorb light and employ it as a weapon against those who tread the radiant path. However, questions persist about its untapped potential, including speculation regarding its possible use in countering the abilities of those aligned with the path of darkness. The mystery deepens as some suspect the gauntlet's origins, with storied claims that it may have been supplied to Jidovi by a mysterious benefactor. Tenebris Heart Fragments - Following the vanquishing of Tenebris, the remnants of her crystalized heart were retrieved and shattered into numerous fragments, a strategy devised to ensure the containment of her dark power. These shattered remnants, each infused with her sinister essence, were entrusted to capable warriors who safeguarded them in utmost secrecy, transporting them to concealed locations throughout the realm. In a solemn pact, those entrusted with this heavy burden vowed to take the secret of the fragments' hiding places with them to the grave. The enigmatic whereabouts of these fragments have endured as an unsolved mystery, although not for lack of trying. Creatures of darkness and the offspring of Tenebris relentlessly seek the fragments, for they possess the potential to bestow those who harness their inconceivable power. However, this boon is also a bane, as wielding a fragment can trigger horrific and grotesque transformations in order to compensate for the influx of darkness coursing through one's veins. Consequently, the possession of a fragment leaves individuals both eager and apprehensive to invoke its power, a desperate measure recommended only by the most prudent of bearers.  M y t h s,  L e g e n d s,  and L o r e Heart of Tenebris - The complete Heart of Tenebris is a malevolent artifact that once resided within the chest cavity of Tenebris, the Angel of Darkness who wrought chaos and corruption upon Mundus Inter. During her reign of terror, the heart symbolized her source of power and malevolence, a harbinger of corruption and destruction. However, Tenebris's malevolent influence extended too far, and she was confronted by the valiant Great Voivoda and the Sterling Order, a group of noble warriors. In a climactic battle, the Voivoda cleaved Tenebris's heart from her body, defeating her and causing her citadel to crumble. As the legend goes, the Heart of Tenebris was shattered into fragments, scattered across the world to prevent their dark power from falling into the wrong hands for combining them together and placing the heart within Tenebris’s cadaver would resurrect her. Artifacts - Often divine, artifacts are fervently sought-after items that can grant those who wield them, extraordinary abilities and powers. Some artifacts can serve as utility items, aiding those who use them in exploration, such as walking on water, phasing through walls, or even locating items of immense importance. They are rare and often hidden in places that would require one of immense courage to track and obtain, guarded by spirits, puzzling obstacles or even monsters specifically charged with keeping them out of the wrong hands. If one would be so lucky, they’ve even been found on the shelves of oblivious shopkeepers and the huts of frugal witches. Be warned though, they aren’t cheap and will cost an interested buyer a fortune. † Jidovi - Jidovi holds a remarkable distinction as not only a revered legend but also Tenebrion's inaugural creation, a fact that distinguishes him prominently in the chronicles of the Mundus Inter. In the face of Dumnezeu's descent upon Mundus Inter, Jidovi displayed unparalleled valor by carving the heart of Jidovi's Summit with the claws of a pair of mystical gauntlets gifted to him by a mysterious benefactor, a selfless act aimed at shielding his brethren from Dumnezeu's impending wrath. His ethereal spirit is believed to linger within the mountain's cavernous recesses, diligently safeguarding his tomb and the very gauntlets that facilitated his heroic deed. However, only ancient stories from ages long past lay claim to his existence, leading many to speculate he was merely a legend of folklore crafted by The Uriasi. The Astraforga - A colossal celestial javelin, forged by the reluctant efforts Bellarius at the behest of Dumnezeu, serves as the ultimate weapon against Tenebrion's dominion over Mundus Inter. This divine artifact transcends mere physicality, symbolizing Dumnezeu's cosmic power and purpose, crafted from the essence of a billion stars. Its radiance mirrors its divine creator, holding the extraordinary ability to awaken dormant stars throughout the cosmos with but a touch, breathing vibrant life into the celestial realm. During the epic confrontation between Lumarion and Tenebrion, the Astraforga played a pivotal role, anchoring Tenebrion to a dormant star and transforming it into a radiant sun, now a portal to Dumnezeu's sacred domain. Yet, Dumnezeu remained unaware of the Astraforga's caveat—it drew power directly from the scales of balance, relying on the faith and goodness residing within the hearts of humankind. Stella Luminis - The brilliance of Stella Luminis outshone all other stars in the cosmos, its radiant purity a beacon of unparalleled luminance. Its natural inclination to repel darkness made it a celestial marvel that attracted Dumnezeu's attention. He harnessed the essence of this extraordinary star, extracting its purity to fashion the first of his Radiant Angels. However, when the war against Tenebrion occurred, the star was stripped of its precious metals in order to produce arms for the invasion of Mundus Inter. What remnants were left of this once-lustrous star were used as the final weapon against Tenebrion, sent crashing into the planet and causing a mass extinction event that bathed the realm in purifying light. The remnants of the star bled into the now crescent-shaped earth, solidifying and becoming silver ore veins bereft of the star’s celestial qualities. Argint Silver - A mysterious and invaluable substance that was tirelessly extracted from the very heart of a dormant star. The rare celestial metal was meticulously forged into weapons and equipment of great significance, including the legendary Shiftblades and the iconic Seraphic Aegis, which would become the stalwart tools of The Sterling Order in their ceaseless battle against Tenebris and her Strigoi. This ethereal alloy represents the purest form of silver, untouched by darkness, and brimming with the divine purity that mirrors the essence of Puritas. As a result, it becomes an exceedingly coveted substance, especially among those who yearn for a shield against the malevolent Strigoi. The remnants of this star could be found in ore veins deep beneath the rock, primarily where Stella Luminis collided with the planet. Umbrosidian - The origin of this unique material traces back to the very creation of The Carpatorian Peaks. When Tenebrion, was hard at work shaping the mountains, he accidentally cut his palm on the peak that would later become Jidovi’s summit, his divine blood flowing down the mountain's many cliffs and crags. Over eons, this otherworldly blood congealed and solidified into the substance known as Umbrosidian, hidden beneath the ice-covered surface of the mountain. This nearly indestructible material is beholden only to Jidovi's domain and carries with it the power to nullify dark forces and harness light as an energy source, making it a coveted prize for mystics and alchemists alike. Its enigmatic nature allows it to self-repair over time, a phenomenon that defies explanation. The Uriasi people, who zealously guarded Umbrosidian, harnessed its divine properties, crafting ever-luminous lanterns and the formidable gauntlets wielded by Jidovi. Vampirism - Vampirism, also referred to as Sanguine Fever, is a transformative process initiated when one becomes infected by the Moroi, malevolent entities originating from the divine blood of Tenebris. This affliction gives rise to vampires, individuals driven by an insatiable thirst for human blood. Upon infection, a fierce struggle for the victim's soul unfolds, often leading to one of two outcomes: the Moroi either consume the soul, seizing control of the host's body or discard it to the void, taking command of the body themselves. However, individuals with the resilience and willpower to preserve their souls retain the upper hand, maintaining control over the Moroi inhabiting their bodies. Those afflicted by vampirism acquire superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, agility, heightened senses, and a potent healing factor. This transformation is accompanied by what is known as a "dark gift," bestowing the individual with unique powers or attributes, making them formidable beings in their own right.  Lupinia Moroi - It is a flower that grew from the decomposing remains of The Varcolac, which had been infected with the blood of Tenebris. The blood mixed with the soil, tainting the seeds that sprouted the accursed flower. It has an alluring deep crimson hue that hides the flower’s more sinister secret waiting just beyond its furled petals. If bathed in the moonlight, the flower’s petals unfurl to reveal a captivating display of deep purple coloration right before dispersing spores that carry the dreaded affliction known as Lycanthropy. Once inhaled, the infected spores will begin to release this more volatile variant of the Moroi into the host’s body, and by the next full moon, the host will become Varcolaci. This malevolent flower is famously known for growing on battlefields, having no need for water but for blood in order to thrive. Lycanthropy - Also known as Lunar Madness, originally it was an affliction thought only to infect those born from the fruits of The Divinoak, but somehow the Moroi altered the affliction to also infect humanity. The affliction is caused by either inhaling spores from Lupinia or being bitten by another who has already been infected. When infected, a volatile variant of the Moroi is introduced into the host's body. Over the course of the lunar cycle, the infected individual undergoes a horrific transformation, turning into either a werewolf or lycan driven by a compulsion for indiscriminate violence and bloodshed. The curse erodes the individual's sanity with each transformation, ultimately leading to a grotesque fusion of flesh and fur. However, this terrible fate can be halted so long as the afflicted feed only on wildlife and not human flesh, a compulsion that will be nearly impossible to break.

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Sarah's Bio

Name: Sarah MaddenGender: Cisfemale (She/Her)Birthday: March 16th, 1938Age: 18 y/o to 22 y/o (depending on verse)  Mental Health: Autism   Birthplace: Sacramento, California    Current Place: -   Diet: Eats meat and vegetables   Languages: English (Fluent) and Spanish (Fluent)    Religion: Baptist   Note: Sarah is non-verbal. She uses emotions to express and carries a notebook to communicate.   Habits: Smokes cigarettes Sexual Orientation: Biromantic | Demisexual   Species: Human | Time Traveller    Ethnicity: American   Occupation: Unemployed    Abilities: Is able to travel either the past or future with a time travelling wrist device.   Interests: Roller skating, watching I Love Lucy, board games, reading (her favourite book series are Nancy Drew and Lord of The Rings), listening to rock and jazz music, and painting.   Family: Ricky Madden (Father - Deceased), Cindy Madden (Mother - Deceased), Margaret-Rose Madden (Grandmother - Deceased), Alec Madden (Grandfather - Deceased)     Bio:    Sarah was the first child to Ricky and Cindy Madden - an accidental pregnancy that led to a marriage. Her father worked at a local liquor store and her mother was a dispatcher for the telephone company. They lived in a small house that they could barely afford - but they were a happy family.    When Sarah was two years old - the second world war had begun, and her father volunteered to serve. Two years later, her mother received a letter that her father was killed in action. It devastated her mother, and had no other choice but to sell their family home and move in with Sarah’s grandparents until she was able to afford her own place.    As Sarah grew, her mother noticed something odd about her daughter - Sarah never spoke a word. No words ever came out of the young girl’s mouth - yet always shown signs that she was a happy child with laughter and smiling. Concern, Cindy took Sarah to see a doctor and was diagnosed with autism. Although Cindy found it strange that one could be non-verbal - Cindy still loved Sarah.   Shortly after Sarah graduated from high school in 1956, Sarah was struggling to find work. One day, she came across an ad in the newspaper of a research company looking for volunteers for an upcoming project. Curious, Sarah went to the company and found out their project was based on time travelling. Originally, Sarah did not think it would be possible to travel through time - but thought it would be fun to participate in it.    The first step was very simple - use the time travelling device they wrapped on her arm and travel to last year. As Sarah did that - she did not realize that there was a glitch in the device, which ended up having her travel twenty years back. Scared, Sarah typed in the year 1956 - but ended up sending her to a time period set in the future. As she tried again - she was sent back to the 1500’s.    At this point, Sarah does not realize how long she has been travelling; both her grandparents and her mother are now dead, and does not know how to get back to her proper time period. She does enjoy travelling through time, but misses her family and friends.   

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Do's & Don't's - Important

This is a list of things I am willing and unwilling to do. Willing To Do: Wholesome Stories Sad Stories Dark Stories (Within Reason) Slice of Life Adventure Psychological Unwilling To Do: Sexual Assault Abuse Death Torture Vore Gore Age Play Things I'm willing to do WITH DISCUSSION: Erotica Torture Kidnapping Fetish Play - For the writers who just want to get their rocks off. I am very stern on my Do's and Don't's. If I say No then that's what it means, if I have to tell you No more than Twice it is an Automatic Block. I will write with Children but it stays at a PG Rating. If your Muse/Character is a Child, it will be a Firm No if you're looking to romance. I write strictly on the site, no Discord or Third Party Platforms. Patience is a VIRTUE. 

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Aunya's Information

Name: Aunya Marie Hart<br>Age: 23<br>Height: 5'4"<br>Weight: 102 lbs<br>Birth Marks: A small mark above her left hip bone that looks like a strawberry<br>Tattoos: Three small birds above her birth mark<br><br><Br>Bio~<br>Aunya grew up in a small town with her father and her mother, hard-working parents that did their best to give their daughter the life they always wanted. As soon as she grew of age, she was destined to see the world. Everything in her was screaming to explore the world she lived in, and explore it she did. With the help of her parents, Aunya is able to travel across the world, filling in stories and experiences for a book she has been writing. Throughout her journey, she's crossed paths with so many different people. and creatures alike. <br><br>She isn't done, she still has pages upon pages she plans to fill with stories of those she meets, the adventures she goes on, and the experiences she has. <br><br><b> The world is her Oyster<b>

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1. No minors.2. Please put some effort into the writing we do. I do not want to be the only one writing out ideas for our stories.3. No stealing from my page. I hate that.4. Do not rush me during our roleplays and replies. I have a structured and scheduled life outside of this site. I ask for patience during the time I am away from the computer.5. Please attempt to be literate as I write in english and use third person format. I am also a paragraph/multiple paragraph roleplayer. I use complete sentences, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.6. Do not start drama with me on my page. I am 34 and much too old to be messing with children on the internet who like to bully people as a past-time and use their stupid superiority complex as an excuse to stroke your ego.7. I reserve the right to change these rules as I see fit and to manipulate them as time changes and things happen in the roleplaying world and in the real world.8. I only like messages, but if you're going to post something and ignore me for the rest of the time, just block me instead. Don't waste my time if you're going to ignore me anyway.9. I can do edits for people in the Naruto verse and some other verses as well. I can also make layouts if you're close friends with me as well.10. I do not mind talking out of character, bantering, or even making friends out of character. Just know this: I will not meet anyone online, give out personal information, phone numbers, credit cards, email addresses, or home addresses unless it's a business transaction like an adoptable, layout, or other online services.11. Do not confuse roleplaying with reality. This is completely different, and do not treat me as though I am inferior I have been here since around 2004 and am a veteran though I don't boast about it as much as others. I just don't even really think about it to be honest It was never important to me as it is to others.12. I am not a noob, I have been roleplaying and writing for many years before that. I was taught to write by my gradeschool teacher and still use the skills I learned there here online today. I have her to thank for that and remember her fondly.13. About my personality: I do not get angry often. I have come from an abusive childhood. Although I know the concequences of my anger, sometimes I let it slip and I feel bad afterwords. I also don't cry easily. I feel bad when I've done wrong and have been taught right from wrong being raised in a Christian household without much thought to how bad things could get. 14. Do not bring up things like politics or religion. I am Wiccan in real life and am constantly judged because of my preference in religion. I don't care for politics or government stuff so please don't bring it up. 15. Be kind to one another and treat those how you want to be treated. 16. No liars, cheaters, hypocrites, furries, anthro, lion king, disney, biblical, mythology, hard gore, or extreme eroitca. 17. Keep your hands to yourself. If my character isn't interested ; do not advance, and force your character onto her unless previously discussed before the roleplay. 18. I don't care if I have someone on my list that you hate. I'm usually friends with anyone as long as there's no trouble. I don't like favoritism and it's none of my business what kind of situation it is.19. Don't assume that I am going to know what you're thinking. I am not a mind reader and if I've upset you or something, tell me so we can work it out or something and move forward.20. Have fun. This is not meant to be an obligation, chore or responsibility. 

Witch of Aether

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Ashley Stark: The Aether Witch

During the Salem Witch Trails in 1692, Ash was a young teenage boy living in the small town. Him and his family living in a cottage at the edge of the town. While out exploring the surrounding forest, he comes across what could only be described as a 'tear'. It was a like the very air was cut open and from what could be seen inside was the night sky. Curious, he stepped closer and gently touched it. Unknowing this would change his life forever. His body being pulled apart, vanishing and reappearing again. Ash had no idea what was happening but the next thing he knew, his body was thinner, and he just felt different. It wasn't until he arrived home that he knew what changed. He was now a teenage girl. His hair was lighter instead of his dark mane, his muscles were now nonexistent, hands and feet were now much smaller. Inside...he felt some kind of energy. Coming forward with the townspeople did not yield favorable results. The masses were convinced Ash was now a witch and needed to be hung least everyone be changed like he was. The town argued for a bit before concluding Ash be exiled and never return. This was the only way for him to live and not bring any harm to his family. Ash left with nothing but the clothes on his back, not even allowing him back to his room to gather his belongings. With a heavy heart, he walked away. Directionless and heading to nowhere fast. Ash had pretty much accepted his fate. Dying out in the middle of the woods to be food for some wild animal. But death would not be the end of Ash, his childhood friend had followed him. Wanting to see his best friend in another town safe from harm. For days the two traveled. They would hunt for food when they needed and set up camp under the star lit night sky. During this time, Ash discovered he had indeed become a witch. Able to control some kind of unknown element. With this power, he could manipulate everything around them. Fires could easily be snuffed out, animals can be tamed, and threats could be terminated. Ash made sure to keep this magic a secret and only use it when needed. Eventually, they found another village to settle. Ash would assume the identity of Ashley Stark, taking the last name of her friend. They claimed they had no relation; it was better than the alternative. Giving the name of someone who was just exiled didn't seem like a good move. From then on, Ashley and her friend lived in the small village miles away from their original home. Ashley decided it was best to play into her new identity more and grew her hair out as well as dressing more feminine. The two of them would live there for a few years and eventually began running an orphanage for children who had lost their parents. Not long after the two-childhood friends realized they had feelings for each other. It took some soul searching but the two eventually both of them decided to marry. Years would pass by, the two lived a happy life together. Even having a child of their own. Around Ashley's 40th birthday however, she noticed that she wasn't ageing. Meanwhile her husband was getting older and older. The realization creeping up on her year after year: Will she outlive everyone she loved? Around her husband's 50th birthday, she questioned him. What should she do if she never follows him to the next life? When faced with the question, her husband just smiled and replied that she should live her life to the fullest. Even if she lives for hundreds of years, she has been given such a lifespan for an important purpose and she should see it through until the end. Ashley was still uncertain but if that was his wish then she would not deny him that. Eventually, Ashley's husband passed away. Her child now grown up and living on his own in a town far away. Years would pass by, and Ashley was not getting any older. Almost 100 years would pass before she decided to move away from civilization. She didn't need the townspeople out on a witch hunt. In a humble home deep in the forest, she patiently waited for whatever her purpose would be. She watched people live and die, cities expand, and technology develop. In all that time, it was still unclear what she needed to do. So instead of waiting around, she would explore the world in search of it.

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