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Magnum Force.

07/09/2020 05:02 PM 

Starter for Chris.

The sound of fresh blowing air sounded from the parted window in the corner. The white drapes flicking gently upon the breeze and tickled the exposed face of the male nestled on the flat of the mattress. The sound of traffic getting heavier by the hour had suggested that it was time for work - there was no sun to be seen either. The usual UV rays warm and welcoming to those waking up had been shrouded by an ashen overcast creating more of a gloomy morning as it just so happened to be that exactly for the one who had sought refuge in the crummy motel - a halfway point for his final destination. He was to meet with one other on an assignment that required his immediate attention. Leon was always eager to aid those in need, and over the years his ambition had taken him far and wide across the world to be on the front lines of bio attacks. This time he had been on the road for a total of 12 hours; an eyelid parted slowly to unveil a green orb that peered out into the window partially closed by the curtains. Slowly he motioned himself across the mattress so that his legs hung over the edge of the bed. The soles of his bare feet touched the carpet hairs bringing an instant soothing sensation to the balls of his feet. Leon lifted a hand up through his dirty blond hair, each one cast to the side of his visage to conceal a single side of his complexion. Leon tensed his thighs before lifting himself up from the mattress, the sounds of early morning Cicada's sounded from the opening of his window separated only by a screen from the outside world. Sadly the spot that he had chosen was just a few miles outside of the Boston International airport. The soles of his feet patted upon the floor on his way over toward the sofa, and he lowered his posture down into the foamy cushion of the motel sofa. He reached a hand over to grip his socks and tugged each one over his foot and halfway up his shin. Next had come a pair of all purpose terrain shoes, feet filling the interiors of his shoes. He made sure the laces were nice and firm before applying a secured knot over each of his boots to lock them properly over his feet. Suddenly his focus had upturned to the sound of loud engine pistons that sped by the view of his window. He didn't catch the vehicle in the act, but he knew that it was likely too early for that kinda nonsense. That was the cop in him; He fit his arms through the sleeves of his jacket and patted each polyester sleeve down to make sure that the coat nestled properly over his form. Once he was dressed for the journey ahead, he reached a hand down to the carrying handle of his rolling suitcase. An extra change of clothes, as well as some necessities, were tucked inside. The agent grabbed the room keys, and made his way over toward the door he used to get in. He took a final glance at the room interior and was about halfway down the sidewalk taking in the sounds around him in full circle - everything hitting him at once. Leon felt his phone vibrate against his hip, and he reached in to bring up the screen which displayed "I miss you.." The words had brought a small grunt from his lips, followed by a soothing smile. He tapped his thumbs against the screen to type back. "I miss you too." Leon knew that this was what he was good at, but he would've resulted to drinking a long time ago if it wasn't for the supportive people that he had in his life. He inserted the phone into the slit of his denim pants pocket and continued to drag the wheels of his suitcase down the path on his way toward his jeep. The soles of his boots clacking softly upon the concrete pavement, as he passed partially into the parking lot on the passenger back seat. A light chime sounded from the jeep, and the back door lock had popped. A hand reached into the handle to pull it open and the bag was tossed into the back seat. Once he had secured his luggage, he shut the door and pressed his thumb on the 'lock' function of the key. The front yellow headlights flashing once to indicate that the vehicle was secured. Leon rounded the front from the right side of his new jeep and started down the path toward the managers' office. He jiggled the handle of the door and walked inside with a knock. "Hey, checking out.." Leon announced with the key coming to rest on the polished front counter desk. Moments later an elderly man walked out from the back, and Leon presented the man with a smile before he reached into his black wallet to retrieve a set of 20's. The bills fanned out into his palm and then handed to the man. "have a good day, sir. Thank you for choosing the Boston motel." Leon inserted his palm into the males hand. "Take care.." Leon said before he folded his wallet back, and fit it into his rear denim pocket. The agent walked back out of the front lobby, and started back toward his vehicle. The hairs on the side of his complexion drifted gently along the breeze that greeted him, and back over toward his jeep. His thumb reaching into his pocket to press the unlock button his key, and the jeep chimed once to indicate that the jeep was unlocked. Leon didn't know what he would expect exactly, just that he would be provided with a special airline toward his destination. The agents would greet him just beyond the security gate at the runway; He was also told to bring a change of clothes for his stay over seas, and that his mission would involve a partner which they had chosen to keep anonymous until they were to meet face to face; Leon stepped up into his jeep, and fit the key in the ignition. His fingers twisting the key until the engine roared to life. His leg vibrated once more, and he reached in to glance down at his brightly lit screen. "Take care of yourself out there. x" Leon felt a warm pulse from his torso, and another smile formed on his hairless tiers. He slid the phone back into his pocket, and knew that he had a reason to make it back alive. He reached his hand up to the shifter and pulled it into the R function. The jeep rolled back crackling upon the pebbles of the pavement. He set the gear shift to the D function and the jeep pulled forward; The sounds of Linkin Park had filled the interior of the car, one of his favorite bands with the song "Numb". He felt the need to say and turned the dial to increase the volume. He pulled out into a vacant lane in between the cars, and passed through intersecting vehicles on his way to the airport. They all had a similar destination he suspected, and very likely one other.Leon had finally made it to the airport and pulled into the security side gate. Stopping just short of the steel fence that halted him from going any further. "Can I help you, sir?" Leon reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a black leather identification wallet. He popped it open to unveil his necessary clearance of a DSO agent, and the guard gestured his head within a nod before the gate slowly parted to let him through. The tires of his jeep were met with free road ahead, nothing blocking his path for miles - just wide open street that was his to travel on - he was even tempted to put on a poison song and speed down the runway while obnoxiously singing out the lyrics. as he did so. But he was here on business and matters that required his immediate attention. So he followed the path of the airport until he had arrived in front of a custom Boeing 727-30 aircraft. That was it, no real brand on it either - federal transport; He parked his jeep right next to the neatly lined up black suv's, and pushed his shoulder on the frame of the driver side door. Once opened he was greeted with the nourishing tingle of that cold northern breeze. He stepped out onto the runway and reached into the backseat to retrieve his carry on luggage. The bag small enough to hold exactly what he needed, and when he spotted the two agents waiting for him at the tops of the stairs. Leon had stopped short of the stairs and pushed the handle of his bag back down into the luggage. He curled his fingers into the handle of the bag and ascended up until he heard "Agent Kennedy, welcome aboard." He latched his fingers into he senior agents appendage and shook it firmly. Leon was greeted with several things, the wide-open interior of the plane, several gun racks fitted with the latest in American military firepower, and Chris Redfield. The S.T.A.R.S survivor from the spencer estate. 


07/09/2020 03:56 PM 

Currently doing. (Right Now)

Currently Doing-------------------------------------Studying Human Anatomy

—𝓟etite ℰtrangére

07/08/2020 11:17 PM 

Myspace FF/KH Group

I think it's time to do the right thing finally. When Myspace was still a big place to role play, I was involved in a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts group. And those are some of the happiest memories I've ever made in role play. Upon first meeting an Aerith, it didn't take long for us to get along. And I wanted to show her just how much I liked having her as a friend. So I decided to make Akiko into Aerith's reincarnation with the sole purpose of role playing with her. I remember within the first weeks of us talking that she loved talking to me, and thought I was popular. Honestly, that's the impression I got from her too. And over time, that group... I can't believe how much I cherish everyone in it. Even Tifa. She had some good moments, not all of them involved her and I butting heads.After recent circumstances, I thought it was best to finally come clean. In that group, there was a "No more than four profiles" rule, which is perfectly enough. And I broke that rule. Here I am, saying that I hate when people lie to their friends, but back then, that's exactly what I was doing. So now, over a decade later, I thought it was time to admit exactly which characters I had portrayed, or at least attempted to. You all deserve the truth, and if I'm going to sit here and say that you're precious to me, then those are going to be empty words unless I prove it. Back then, having too many pages was frowned upon, and I thought I'd lose you all if it came out how many pages I had. So let's cut to the chase and get right to what you came here for.Final Fantasy: Warrior of Light [Didn't last long.]Final Fantasy II: Firion. [Didn't last long.]Final Fantasy III: Cloud of Darkness.Final Fantasy IV: Rosa Joanna Farrell [Not in the group, just had the page], Rydia [Not in the group, just had the page.]Final Fantasy V: Faris Scherwiz.Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford, Celes Chere, Relm Arrowny. Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie Kisaragi, Rosso the Crimson [Briefly]Final Fantasy VIII: Rinoa Heartilly, Selphie Tilmitt [Managed her profile for her while she was away], Edea Kramer.Final Fantasy IX: Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII [Attempted].Final Fantasy X and X-2: Lenne, Dona [for like, ten minutes].Final Fantasy XII: Penelo [Briefly], Jote [Briefly]Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning [before I gave the profile to someone more suitable for the position], Serah Farron [Attempted]Final Fantasy Versus XIII before it was turned into XV: Stella Nox Fleuret.Kingdom Hearts/Disney: Kairi, Riku [Managed the profile for him while he was away.], Cinderella, Pocahontas, Kida, Arista, Ansem the Heartless.The Legend of Zelda: Midna, Link.Avatar: The Last Airbender: Azula.I realize my error, and while saying I'm sorry doesn't fix anything that happened, from the bottom of my heart, I truly regret everything I put you all through. I've hurt a lot of people, and annoyed some as well. A lot of the time, especially recently, I felt like I bothered many of you just by being there. A lot of folks will say "It's just role play", and while that's true, the emotions are real. I didn't realize just how much I cherished you all until I lost you. I hope to one day be someone you're happy to acknowledge. I remember nearly everything that happened back then, and while we went through some really tough times, I also remember we had more good times than bad. And if it wasn't for those bad times, then we wouldn't appreciate the good times. I don't want to be part of the group anymore. I just wanted my friends back.


07/08/2020 11:10 PM 

drabble 01

// wrote this as a little IC greeting, but I'm kinda feeling it. Like everything else in my blog, feel free to use this as a jumping off point for discuss or just go ahead and reply however you like.  ♥  Smooth white stones dotted the lake’s surface, like the scales of a great serpent just beneath the surface. Chirping crickets hid unseen in the reeds, singing away as sundown crept along. The breeze carried the sweet scent of wild blackberries and cedar. A peaceful summer evening, ripe for interruption.She emerged from the lake suddenly, splashing loudly as her waterlogged robes sloshed from side to side with each step towards the nearby shoreline. Spooked waterfowl scattered, squawking loudly as they fled this strange ‘lady of the lake’.“Ah, pardon me-” The soaked kunoichi began, dislodging a few snails as she tried to untangle the seaweed from her silver hair. She’d certainly been underwater some time. “What is the current day? And of what month?” She spoke casually, apparently unconcerned by the state of herself.


07/08/2020 09:37 PM 

Important! Please Read ~

Hiya! I'm new to the website, so please bear with me.About Me:I'm a writer, storyteller, and a roleplayer.I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but I've been roleplaying since I was thirteen, so it's been a good 12 years of roleplaying! (Which means I am an ADULT)As of right now, I'm only putting original characters on this profile, but I will possibly add some canon characters as I progress. Canon characters are hard for me to roleplay, and I've attempted them before, but I recently decided to try again.What I DO Roleplay:I'll roleplay pretty much anything, but I do have things I will say no to.Kinks are welcomed, but please discuss those beforehand.Smut is welcomed; detailed, timeskip/fade-to-black.Storyline based roleplays that contain chemistry between characters and various ranges of emotions, adventures, etc.What I DON'T Roleplay:Smut only roleplays.Angst only roleplays.Drama only roleplays.Rape (I will tolerate it if my partner wants rape to happen to their characters, but do not expect it to be roleplayed by me.)Pedophilia (This is a HARD NO!)Requirements:Multiple paragraphsMultiple charactersEven though these are requirements, I WILL accept people who only do paragraph and one character as long as I'm giving something to roleplay with.Please be 18+ because I am an ADULT roleplayer who has adult themes in their roleplay. Do not lie about your age because you could get adult roleplayers in trouble. What is Welcomed:Shipping is welcomed, but my partners much be okay with multiple ships.Plotting is preferred, but winging is accepted too. (By plotting I mean we plot the major point then wing it up to that point)What is not welcomed;Mary Sue / Gary SueControlling my charactersGodmoddingImportant: IC =/= OOC (Writer =/= Character)My characters and I are separate, so please understand that whatever relationship they have with other characters does not define our relationship. Just like whatever my character's beliefs, opinions, etc are, it doesn't define mine.

rules, roleplaying, important


07/08/2020 01:06 PM 

RULES(read and sign before adding) multi paragraphs or novella roleplayers what so ever 2. Respect Me and I’ll respect you mutes or numbers allowed either talk or dont add I don’t like people ignoring me add you talk first I add I’ll talk first simple as that 5.if I don’t hear from anyone within a week or two I will delete without warning so please let me know if your busy and I won’t delete you not rape or forcing my character and also don’t touch my character without asking first or automatically block 7.sometimes I get busy in real life and I will tell you in a status so please dont rush me or send me multiple messages or I’ll block single in real life and on here but not looking I’m real life or role play also I’m a single mother in real life so I do disappear sometimes but I will come back on when I’m not so busy I have three kids that I raise and watch 24/7 365 days so I’m a busy momma bear Also I have disabilities as well I have a learning disability I have bipolar depression anxiety anger issues mood swings so I do get moody a lot and I will get stressed out sometimes so don’t take it to heart 9.i mainly do one liners but I will write more when I don’t have writers block so I don’t make everyone bored of me and lose interest of me or the role play I do apologize in advance role play genes are romance/mature/teen titans verse/crossovers/action/adventure/thriller/suspense/open/anime/cartoon/dark themes 11.NO EROTIC OR ROMANCE RIGHT AWAY I NEED A STORY FIRST BEFORE SEX AND ROMANCE random starters please I like to discuss a role play before starting one Please read and sign before adding or starting a role play with me


07/08/2020 11:54 PM 

Lil Reminders

Hello hello - Firella's admin here! I'm making a little blog post for reminders/rules/what have you! No need to sign anything though, this is just stuff to keep in mind! I am very shy when it comes to/with roleplaying on here. I am not new to Ani at all whatsoever (though I am new to this verse) and roleplaying here always made me a bit nervous! With that being said, please be patient with me! I have a bit of a bad attention span! I tend to do a lot of things at once and get hyper-focused on certain tasks. Please keep this in mind as well when waiting for a reply! I do not mind where we roleplay! It can be through statuses, comments, or messages! I have no preference for where! However, if you do have one, let me know and we can go from there! I get tired fairly quickly, but I assure you that it's not because of you! As mentioned before, I get hyper-focused on certain tasks, and sometimes once the focus wears down, I get a little drowsy. I also work and when I'm not working I take care of my grandparents who are ill. This also doubles back to me doing multiple tasks at once: I do a lot to keep my mind from thinking too long on/about negative stuff! So again, please be patient with me. I don't mind faint traces of ecchi, but do know that ecchi roleplays are not high on the type that I do. If your starter, for whatever reason, starts off with your character touching mines inappropriately - especially if they have never met a day in their lives, Firella will respond according to how she seems fit. You have been warned. Crossovers are welcome! There's a lot of verses/fandoms out there and it's exciting to see what sort of possibilities we can come up with story-wise! If you have an idea (because odds are I'll be too nervous to suggest anything) do not hesitate to let me know! I'd love to hear about them! I'm usually late with watching/reading things haha! So, that being said, if possible, I would like to avoid any spoilers through roleplay! I'll, of course, let you know if I'm behind or not cause sometimes I'm lame haha! If it can't be helped, then let me know and I'll roll with everything anyway! If you have ocs I'm roleplaying with or any in general.. FEEL FREE TO TELL ME ABOUT THEM! I love hearing about people's ocs and stuff! It's like super fun! Anyhoo! That's all for now! I'll probably post this as a bulletin a little later? Who knows! Thanks for making it to the bottom! Stay safe everyone!

Tʜᴇ Dʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ

07/08/2020 04:15 PM 

*~* My Hero Academia *~*

Name: Himori TanakiHero Name: She hasn't figured it out yetAge: 16School: UA HighQuirk: Chain SummonAbilities:  Creates chains from her hands and can manipulate them freely Chains appear and reappear on her command Chains can be summoned from anywhere on her hands As long as the chains are still attached to her, they can not harm her Drawbacks:She can feel whatever happens to the chains, breaking, burning, crushing in whatever arm summoned the chainSpecial Ability: Can summon chains with sharp edges/blades Sustaining the chains for a max of 20 seconds When chains are summoned, they are unbreakable Brief Bio: Losing her parents in an accident when she was younger, she was raised by her grandfather. As she grew up, she worked in his small grocery store until she was finally accepted into UA. As a second-year student, Himori tries her hardest to work hard and make her grandfather proud, wanting to become a hero to be able to protect people from much more than villains. As a child, she always looked up to Heroes like Fatgum who worked their way to the top, wanting to be just as hardworking and successful as he was.She can be a bit airheaded at times and may seem weak for the most part but when she really needs to get her head in the game, she surprises even herself! Achieving things she'd never thought possible and only adding to the achievement that she's one step closer to being just like her favorite Hero.

Tʜᴇ Dʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ

07/08/2020 03:33 PM 

*~* Digimon *~*

Name: Himori TanakiNicknames: Momo Partner: LalamonCrest: DreamAge: 16(Varies on series)Weight: 124lbsHeight: 5'4"Hair: Light brownEyes: GreenLikes: Music, Volleyball, Smoothies, DaydreamingDislikes: Arguments, Wasabi, LemonsPersonality Traits: Cheerful, Kind, Daydreamer, DeterminedFlaws: People pleaser, Pushes self too far, somewhat naiveBrief Bio: Himori is a Digidestined from Britain where she grew up with her mother and two older brothers. Growing up, she always seemed to be the girl who had her head in the clouds, more worried about her imagination than reality. She believed it was what sucked her into the Digital World in the first place. Arriving in the Digital World, she was greeted by four other children before they were finally united with their own Digimon, Himori being destined to be with Lalamon and the crest of Dream.The five children grew close and learned to work together in their own battles before returning home without their Digimon. At the age of 16, Lalamon and Himori were reunited to help other Digidestined save the world. Digivice: 

Tʜᴇ Dʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ

07/08/2020 03:10 PM 

*~*My Rules*~*

Hello there! Here are some guidelines and pointers for meeting me!   Open Verse Writer - I'm an open verse writer and I'm very well versed in various verses. I have many shows, mangas, games, etc that I enjoy very much and can't pick just one, so instead, I picked one character and changed her background depending on the verse. Reasonable Timing - I'm not a slow person but I'm not the quickest person when it comes to replies. You will wait no more than 24 hours on a reply/greeting. I try to reply promptly so please no rushing. Mature Writing - I don't necessarily mind mature writing but do keep in mind that my character ranges from 15 to 19. So, serious discussions are needed prior to things like that. Quality Over Quantity - I know a lot of writers enjoy a story with many paragraphs and then there are some who appreciate the shorter replies. I never have an issue with length as long as it isn't just a couple of lines. Give me something to work with and I can give you something back. I prefer a quality story over a long one. Be Kind - I will greet you and treat you with respect, all I ask is that you show me the same courtesy. Please don't be unintentionally rude or nasty in OOC, I can handle mean characters but not mean people. I am a squish. Discord - Yes, it's popular, yes I have it and yes it is possible to obtain it from me if you aren't being all weird and creepy about it.  Creepers - Hi there, this is for the ones who want to just automatically jump into the inbox and be super gross and pervy! You will get blocked. I'm not even kidding, one message is all it takes. I want no ticket to your rape train, I don't want a table in the middle of the forest, and I don't want to give you offsprings. I just want you to go. Sorry I got long on this one. IC/OOC - Most of the time I am In-Character unless I've specified otherwise. I try to stay in character as much as I possibly can but please don't feel that you should do the same. Dark Themes - I'm a little iffy on this, I don't mind fighting and violence. Blood doesn't bother me but the whole gore aspect of it just doesn't sit well with me. Again, I am a squish. Have Fun - We're all here to just write and have a good time. That's all I'm wanting to do! Make some friends, write some stories, and have a good ole time!   Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! You're super awesome!

Mayleen goddess of Heaven MRC

07/07/2020 06:45 PM 

details of the family

here is the family tree of the family below rank by how strong they are to the weak understand the blood rank as well as info of them blood rank white  these bloods are pure bloods pure kindness like gods angels ect holly blood Pink  High rank of all these mixed blood she is part goddess or gods and something else very rare blood type so rare they are well protected only one of the blood type ever 10 million years sill a pink blood be made so rare they are highly powerful made by the universe itself red  red bloods are type of blood type who have no remorse on anything they are slightly evil and blunt in a way strick and kind as well and sweet but also lust for things they are loyal and also stubborn as well they will die to protect what they love no mater what also they are ruthless and have a weakness to Tomatos sadly but also they are loyal and will hear what others has to stay they also tend to be verbal at times not afraid to speak their mind they are not afraid of dying for the ones they love always tend to do good they are easily gullable as well purple more harsh should i say they would not dare kill a person man women who dares steals what is theirs their tempor is their downfall they are also loving in  a way and care for their family first hand  they will defend all but also will care for others over themselves they have a hard time with depression like the red bloods but also tends to suck peoples energy as well as their life force with out knowing of it they tend to also drain peoples like force they are well known for their beauty as well as their kind nature always showing the path of light to others they tend to help people as well as suppor them green these blood types are known as the assissain blood type they do not care what happens or cares that someome died or dies they only care about is killing the ones they are given order to kill they do not care about when their family dies they only care about themselves as well as being selfish as well and tend to care about nothing else when a love one dies they move on with out showing any emotion not caring about their death or do they wish to seek sympathy from others in truth they do not care they are ruthless and only do what their master or their owner ask of them mostly the pink and red bloods are the ones in control over them they are stronger to tamed them but also if their master dies do they show tears and weakness and feel unhappy and sad they are emotionless like a doll when they see people cry they find them cute for crying blue mixed bloods types these blood types are mixed between black blood white blood blue blood it do not matter or does it matter what mixed blood they are they are under control over people and tend to care about others as well they do what they have to do as well as do what they seek is right they are good people with a kind heart they care about huamns and other life that matters they care and show respect and have manners they are mature and kind and gentle yet sweet they do not judge anothers soul for their past or their blood types black demon blood or evil blood these blood types are ruthelss and evil and pure darkness they have no good in their life at all they have no respect for others beg if you will but they will kill you none the less they seek illness and darkness on the world and also seek death to human life  some can be tamed they are known as the rainbow blood rainbow blood are demons who are tamed and controled and are doing their masters demands they are pure and good its why they are rainbow blood they have all the blood types in them and black making them have feelings emotions and feeling things other cannot explain orange  weak blood type these are what blood types are known as magic dealers they use magic such as witches wizards and other things they heal and are well known as healers kind and nature they can not lie or never lie at all they can not be tamed but also are not evil they are nutural Yellow these are people who can forseen the future they can see things that not others can see they are warriors and kngihts and also people who protect human life and nomal blood type aka human blood they are kind gentle and with empathy as well they tend to care for the ones who are in dire need of protection they are empathic and loving and caring they have a short life span like normal blood but also they can become any blood type after they die and they can choose willing of their choice Normal human blood type these blood types are nomal human beings with no magic powers nothing of the such they are normal pretty much can easily die like a human they aremixed race alien mixed race blood type pretty much says it all if you ask me these are mixed race blood types name Fya age unknown race goddess of Protection single hair white eyes red or silver depends on her moodBlood type white name shiro age unknown race god life creation blood type whitename emily age 17 sex female race goddess of animals blood type white name Marcus age 18 status single race demon god blood type blue Omega subName Hayley age 17 race goddess of Beauty stauts single Orination Bi blood type white Name Hiro age 15 sex male Omega race god/ demon GOd of love and infertality name Nate age 14 sex male raace god / demon god of protect children and gay couples he protects anyone who is gay or Bi pretty much if you are born gay or bi he will protect you in a heavens kingdom you will not go to hell for your sins of being born gay you will be well protected and find love and happyness like any child cannot be sinned name Heather age 35 sex female race goddess/ human blood type blue blood goddess of animals and nature and children she can not have kids sadly she was cursed to never have kids but also cares for humans as her own children or child same with animals alike she is caring gentle and sweet but also slightly disabled mentally and emotionly its why she protects all who are worthy of protection and  even the ones who are disabled Name Mayline age 1 billion years old sex female Bi goddess of the moon and illusions name lucifer age 6billion years old race angel / demon mixed blood Dom /sub name May age 23 sex female race goddess of sex and beauty name marco god of the sun status single dom  alpha blood type whiteName Nekochanage 13 sex male omega race god of forgiveness and protection half vampire name kuro race god / vampire blood type purple Omega Name mayleen sex female race vampire /goddess / demon / sucabus status single Orination Bi Queen of vampires gods and demons alike she controls all name kiba god of wolves and foxes status single omega name emma sex female goddess of lustage 15 name Kitty age unknown race god of  cats well known for his cuteness he is adorable omega Name valerie age uknown blood type red status single Orination Bi dom alpha name cursina age unknown race demon blood type black name suma age uknown race goddess of death and life daughter of helena and madaline age uknown name helena and madaline goddess o life and death as well as protection of the begging name kala blood type orange status single name Nina queen of vampires and darkness it self vampire pure blood name Midnight age unknown blood type purple king of the purple bloods dom name Huro age unknown looks 30s 40sgod of earth 


07/07/2020 02:47 PM 

Proper Code for hiding your Headline

When hiding your headline it is important to type out your style code correctly and be sure that you end them with either a double quote or ending tag.You will lose everything beneath the tag If you type it out like this, this is not the proper formatting and this tag will no longer work.<font style="display:none;Type it out this way instead.<font style="display:none;">


07/07/2020 01:15 PM 

Simple, to the point. It's not that hard.

You guessed it; The Rules. 1) Be patient, nothing is ever that urgent, and if it is I'll give you my discord or something, but honestly if you're clingy or impationt it will simply make me put you on the very end of the list for responses.2) Be kind; do I really need to explain this one?3) You add you talk, I add I talk unless you end up beating me to it, as a lot of other people have in the past. 4) Not the first time I've been Aizawa but I wasn't him for long due to bullying, I'm just trying to get back into the character. 5) Jealousy won't be tolerated, this is my only disclaimer to the fact that I'm a multi-shipper so if you don't like don't ship. 6) Kids? Sure if your OC is a kid of Aizawa's let me know but that doesn't make me YOUR dad, we have to discuss that. 7) I don't discriminate, if you do, get out. 8) If you are going to start drama then just go right out the door you came in. 9) I've got over a decade of experiance so I'm not quite leniant on length. I get not having inspiration and shorter replies but I don't like to do anything under three paragraphs. If you can't do that, then so be it, we won't RP but we can banter in stream. 

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Hello  how glad i am that you are here...   1. Be a decent and respectful human being and we won't have an problem, what does this rule underline?  Be patient with replies/greetings and starters. Take your time.  Be respectful to me and you will recieve the same. If you have an issue with me, say it to me.  If you don't  have  anything  nice to say, do not say anything  at all.  2. Age Limit, this account happens to be limited to: 18-20+ Mainly due to the content such as below. 3. Mature Content This Account happens to be Limited to: Blood, Gore, Violent and mature themes that are 18-20+ .  Decapitation, detailed gore and blood scenes. Death of Angelic and demonic entities. The occult. Not for the faint of heart. 4. If you send me or start with me via death threats, cruel comments/ messages/ out of context screenshots that are under the umbrella of bullying then you are a piece of s h i t.  Taking this one out of Angry Joe's book; don't act like a piece of s h i t because it makes everyone else within the RP communinity look bad.  5. The Writer VS The Muse: The writer is a Non Binary demisexual who goes by They/Them. The Muse is a Bisexual Female and goes be she/her. 6. Verses and genres: I am a flexible writer and know various anime, western cartoons and video games however I do have ones I  personally like over others. (I'm not a fan of bleach or Naruto).  I enjoy a good fluff every now and then, however I do a lot of dark/ mature roleplays that are not for the faint of heart.


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Ooooo, big question time! Are you here because you happened to be that amazing human actually read rules to see what kind of f***ery you are about to get into? Did you see me post a link because I actually finally finished these and came to check it out?  Well, regardless of how you got here, welcome to this insanity that you may read. Keep in mind I am a bit sassy, this character brings it out in me...Okay, listen here my pretty little bitches! I hate having rules and having to actually enforce them, so please just play nice and I won't have to bring down the hammer.Keep in mind these are subject for change.1. Greetings~ Okay I am a simple bitch to please so this shouldn't hopefully be an issue. When I request you no matter what you will get a greeting, just how I am. If you add me and want to roleplay go ahead and greet me, if you are too shy, well guess what buttercup... I will eventually post something asking if anyone wishes to rp and if you were too shy in the past to greet me to like the status and I'll come to you. :3 ~ Now... The greetings themselves, do NOT send me a "hey" or a "how are you?" Can we skip the small talk and get into the actual conversation.2. Out Of Character aka OOC & In Character aka IC~Now while I am in character most the time, there are those times when I am not. I will put those double slashes // or just state OOC before I type whatever I am going to say.~Please know the difference between roleplay and ooc... Just because our characters could be together or dating doesn't mean we are in real life.3. Romance~ I am a sucker for a good love story, but I am not going to just have him fall for you right off. He is an exotic dancer and a huge ass flirt. So you need to really wiggle your way into his heart. ~There has to be chemistry, they have to naturally really have to get along.4. Ero or Erotic~ Ahhhh.... This is gonna be fun... Okay, so just because he is an exotic dancer doesn't mean he is going to f*** you. Again... he is a DANCER, he dances. Yes it is suggestive and he will tease you, but he isn't a prostitute.~ Ero will only occur with a story, it will not happen right off. Give me good story or no sex for you! XD5. Limits~ I don't have any really, originally I had him as gay but changed my mind making him Bisexual. He loves being with men but he does have an interest in women as well. ~ I really try to keep this account limits free.6. Drama starters~ If you are unfriended, that is because I had a nasty run-in with you in the past and you destroyed your chance for friendship. I don't want your toxic ass on my profile. ~ You will be blocked if you do a read add, if I get a nasty message from you, you start drama, attacking me, or whatever the case may be, I will not respond. You will be reported and blocked. Simple, I have a low tolerance for dumbf***'s like you... 


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