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08/09/2022 05:23 PM 


Overall Abilities: Katsuki has proven to be one of the strongest students in Class 1-A, earning third place in the Quirk Apprehension Test, while placing first in both the U.A. Entrance Exam, having the most villain points, and the U.A. Sports Festival. Katsuki's fighting style is an all-out offense, using his Quirk's propulsive abilities to close the distance between him and his opponents, followed by a bombardment of close-range attacks that often start with a powerful right hook. Katsuki is able to use his Explosion to propel himself through mid-air, blind opponents, and release long-range blasts, among other applications. Explosion is a versatile Quirk, especially for battle situations, as the recoil caused by the blasts can be exploited by Katsuki for mobility purposes. During the U.S.J. Incident, Katsuki was able to single-handedly overpower and immobilize Kurogiri, a highly capable villain. At the U.A. Sports Festival, he was able to defeat Fumikage Tokoyami and Shoto Todoroki, who were considered the two other strongest students in Class 1-A at that point. Many notable Pro Heroes, such as Shota Aizawa and All Might, have praised Katsuki's prowess, noting the sheer amount of potential he carries. The League of Villains also took notice of Katsuki's strength and went as far as trying to kidnap him so he could be converted to their cause, even if it meant sacrificing members of the Vanguard Action Squad as his potential membership would have far exceeded the risk. Katsuki is strong enough to fight toe-to-toe and even overpower Izuku when he's using 5% of One For All, though was pushed back and nearly defeated once Izuku began using 8%. During the Joint Training Arc, Katsuki displayed that, despite the cold weather conditions of the winter season weakening his Quirk, he can still fight efficiently. Katsuki has also become slightly less insubordinate when paired with people and has developed a degree of camaraderie, as he utilizes his abilities to repel opponents that overpower his comrades. Not willing to let Izuku get ahead of him and never taking his intended goal of surpassing All Might lightly, Katsuki is always building up his power, improving his technique and looking forward to knowing what he is not able to do right now, with the intent of being able to do so in the future. Katsuki's unstoppable drive to win is perhaps his biggest strength, with all of his classmates, including Izuku, having faith in his ability to earn victories. By the time of the Paranormal Liberation Raid, Katsuki's overall abilities and proficiency have significantly increased, and he's even able to match the speed of Izuku using One For All at 30%. Just like Izuku, he's also grown to the point he can fight side by side with world class pros, such as Endeavor and Gran Torino. Enhanced Strength: Katsuki possesses a high-caliber physical strength, confirmed by his ability to use his Grenade Bracers without sustaining effects from recoil, whereas Izuku nearly dislocated his arm trying to do so. He's also strong enough to casually pick up and throw people of Izuku's size considerable distance with one arm. His physical power is even enough to draw blood from Izuku at 5% of One For All with a kick. Enhanced Reflexes: Perhaps Katsuki's greatest physical trait is his fantastic reflexes and reaction time. He's shown on several occasions overwhelming his foes with his speed or completely evading all their attacks while striking back such as in his battles with Ochaco, Cider House and Izuku (even when the latter was at 5% of One For All). Once Izuku began utilzing 8% of his true power, Katsuku was quickly pushed back and nearly unable to keep up at all. His superb reflexes even allow him to evade a jet of carbonated water strong enough to cleave a street lamp in two. Typically jets of water that can cut through metal travel at 760 m/s (1700 mph) which is over twice the speed of sound. Even when suffering from multiple stab wounds he could temporarily hold his own against the Near High Ends with help from other heroes. Enhanced Durability: Katsuki is shown to possess above average endurance and durability. He's tough enough to withstand the blowback of his explosions regularly with only moderate pain. He blocked an 8% kick from Izuku without his arm breaking as well, though received a major scratch because of it. He was even proven to withstand attacks from All Might (while restraining himself), though not with extreme amounts of pain. Keen Intellect: Katsuki has proven to be extremely intelligent and strategic. While he occasionally doesn't have preemptive strategies like most people, he does analyze his opponent's weaknesses such as when he realized Fumikage's weakness to light during the U.A. Sports Festival in the midst of battle and can anticipate worst-case scenarios. Even when fighting the weaker villains during the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, Katsuki quickly assessed which of the attacking villains were the most dangerous threat in the long term and eventually figured out a way to incapacitate Kurogiri, one of the invasion's leaders. He also knew that Kurogiri had a weakness and bound his body to hinder his escape. By doing this, he effectively trapped the League of Villains in the U.S.J. until Nomu attacked. When being warned of a monster attack by Katsuma Shimano, he was quickly able to deduce that it was merely an illusion cast by Mahoro Shimano because it lacked a shadow. Even outside of battle, Katsuki is incredibly perceptive, having deducted the truth about One For All by just piecing together comments and interactions surrounding Izuku, All Might, and even All For One. Katsuki can seemingly detect when people are lying to him by just reading into their behaviors and expressions. Still, Katsuki's short temper gets the best on him often, causing him to overlook crucial details and commit mistakes. Leadership Skills: Katsuki has always been criticized for his lack of cooperativeness, usually as a result of his overwhelming ego that prevents him from following the lead of others. However, thanks to Katsuki's very own determination, perfectionism, and intelligence, he is a capable leader should others decide to follow him instead. Though he may not realize it, Katsuki is one of the main motivators of Class 1-A alongside Izuku, thanks to his power and indomitable drive to win.[5] During round four of the Joint Training Session, Setsuna Tokage admitted that even if her team had attacked him all at once, they stood no chance of victory. In the end, despite Class 1-B's exceptional teamwork and Setsuna's strategic planning, they failed to capture a single member of Class 1-A, mostly thanks to Katsuki's efforts, adaptability, and superior skills. Cooking Skill: Katsuki is surprisingly adept in culinary practice, being able to cut vegetables very quickly and with ease, as well as spotting how Shoto hadn't cut chives properly and scolding him for it. Musical Talent: Katsuki is highly skilled at playing the drums, having gone through classes in the past.


08/09/2022 01:06 PM 

Expectations n' Interests.
Current mood:  relaxed

[] P A T I E N C E, pool much of it in and practice lots of that as frequently as you can/should.[] TAKE  ALL  THE  TIME  YOU  NEED  TO   RESPOND  BACK. Don't let some schmuck or schmuckette cramp up your style and schedule as if you owe them time. Save your precious brain cells the grief.[] I'm here to write and occasionally sh-tpost. [] Discuss a plot or get right on with the RP, either is fine with me. But if you're going to plot, ACTUALLY PLOT, alright? I will slap you silly if you let me do all the discussion and your daft self is just nodding along.[] Outside stream RPs and banter-y things, I reply at multi-para to novella length.[] Messages and comments are open for both OOC and IC stuff.[] No means no. If the other says they don't want certain writing interests, elements, themes, etc. included, respect that. Cut your losses and move on.[] Getting freaky-deaky is alright, but it'd be for the best if we do more constructive and creative things to what we'll write together about.[] H A V E   F U N .   [ Writing Interests ] [] Genres:Action, adventure, crime, drama, fantasy, horror, mystery, sci-fi, supernatural, thriller.[] Settings:Medieval East/West, Steampunk, Wild West, Modern Day, Futuristic, Dystopian, Space Opera.[] MORE TO ADD. 


08/09/2022 03:56 PM 

Rules ❀

1. Please do not rush me, I won't rush you either. 2. Don't be rude. You can come a long way with respect. 3. If I deny you, do not keep adding me. I will block. 4. Let's have fun!


08/08/2022 10:32 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: AriLast Name: BrightGender: MaleAge: 25Species: FairySexual Orientation: GayBirthday: 12/05/00AppearanceEye Color(s): BlueHair Color: BlondHair length and style(s): His hair is curly and waist length, and he likes to put it up in ponytails and bunsSkin tone: AlmondBody type: His build is very feminine which is why everyone confuses him for a girlHeight: 7 in to 5"6 ftWeight: 95LBAbout himPersonality: Helpful, Clever, Logical, Sweet, Adventurous, Forgiving, Confident, Forgetful, RecklessLike(s): cold things on hot days and hot things on cold days, surreal and abstract stuff, lounging in a hammock, oversized sweaters/loose clothes, dresses and skirts, high heelsDislike(s): blood, werewolvesHobbies: Drawing in the sand, playing in rain, collecting thingsAllergies: NoneFear(s): Being crushedSpecial Powers/Abilities: magical knowledge, invisibility, enhanced strength, possibly immortality, telekinesis, the ability to grow and shrinkWeapon(s): Doesn’t have any, he hates fightingExtra: His wings are a bright blue, just like his eyes.ExtraScent: FlowersBlood type: A-Accessories: Flowers, a belt made out of beadsMakeup: NoneScars: Some on his legs and arms from fallsTattoo(es): A heart tattoo on his cheekJewelry: Belt made of beadsPiercing(s): NoneWardrobeEveryday wearEveryday backup wear(Any) Jewelry: Necklace, earringsUsual fancy wearUsual date-wearFavoritesTheme Song: The sound of the birds chirpingFavorite Food(s): Cranberry, kiwi, bread, strawberries, nuts, syrupFavorite Drink(s): WaterFavorite color(s): Violet, Green, Blue lilac, Curry, Black, Pink, Pearl gentian blueFavorite Animal(s): KittenFavorite Number: 4Favorite Season(s): Summer, SpringFavorite Holiday(s): NoneFavorite Time of Day: Early Morning, MidDayEither/OrBeauty/Personality: PersonalityFight/Flight: FlightHot/Cold: BothSweet/Sour: SweetConfident/Unsure: BothWork/Relax: A little bit of bothDisorderly/Organized: OrganizedLogical/Emotional: EmotionalIdealist/Realist: IdealistOptimist/Pessimist: Optimist

lovely Husband

08/08/2022 08:24 PM 

charaters infomation

Name Nathanial age 34 sex Male status married? children 5 height 6''3''weight 120 LB Job bussneisess man own bussness personality kind loving romantic father figure over protetive gentleman caring father figure 

lovely Husband

08/08/2022 08:16 PM 


here are some rules i wish you all to fallow 1. NO drama allowed that can stay away from me 2. NO packing extra with women 3. NO married or taken accounts less drama the better 4. Looking for a wife man wife or girl wife its all the same 5. children are welcome as long  as they dont have a role play family 6. i do not have discord so dont not ask me for it 7. i do have a life so i will be busy 8. i am Bi so i will date females and males not picky 9. you send random starters of their love and romance as well  NO fantasy starters or starters that dont have them together the random starters have to have them together in it if its made up one pree made that dont have them in it i will not reply to that message at all !!!!

γ€Κœα΄Ι΄α΄Κ€α΄€Κ€Κ α΄‹Ι΄ΙͺΙ’Κœα΄›γ€‘

08/08/2022 02:01 PM 


coming soon.


08/07/2022 09:01 PM 


InformationName: Vanilla FosterAlias: Dragon whisperer, VAge: 15 to 20Species: Part human and part dragonRace: Native HawaiianGender: Non-binarySex: FemalePronouns: They/Them/TheirSexual Orientation: Demiromantic, omnisexualRelationship Status: SingleReligion: NoneFaiths: NoneMorals: …Birthday: July 28Zodiac: LeoWriting Hand: RightOccupation: Pet sitter, zookeeperPast Occupation(s): BabysitterHome-country: HawaiiAccent: NoneLanguage(s): Hawaiian, Spanish—--------------------------------------------Physical TraitsSkin Tone: olive-brownHeight: 5’11FtWeight: 230LbOverall Body Type: EndomorphFace: Their face is kind of an oval shape with little acne, dimples, and frecklesJawline: roundNose: They have a straight nose with kind of a raised baseChest: Kind of a broad chest with small but medium-sized breasts.Arms: They have thin but long armsHands: Their hands are kind of smallStomach: Their stomach is kind of flat with slight absWaist: ThinHips: Not too wide but not too thin, somewhere in the middle—--------------------------------------------Distinguishing FeaturesEye colors: LimeHair Color(s): GreenHairstyle: She has long shaggy hair with long bangs that cover her eyesScars (and where?): One across her stomachTattoos (and where?): No tattoosBirthmarks: A large birthmark that sits on her shoulderSpecial Markings:  NonePhysical Disorders or Abnormalities: They have Horner's syndrome which gives her different-sized pupilsAny Physical Problems? (Walking? Running? Holding Hands? Etc): A slight limp after a leg injury—--------------------------------------------Character TraitsPersonality: Thorough, Adventurous, Exuberant, Warm, Cannot tolerate conflict, Enthusiastic, Versatile, Nervous, Romanticist,Committed, Carefree, and A leaderHabits: Fidgets when telling liesHobbies: Playing with her pet dragonsInterests: Animals, reading, art—--------------------------------------------PsychologicalPhobias: IatrophobiaAddictions: NonePeeves: Loud peopleSecrets: It would be devastating if anyone learned that vanilla had sex with a distraught supermodelDreams/Goals/Ambitions: None reallyDesires: Barely anyRegrets: Almost noneObsessions: Doubts that you've locked the door or turned off the stoveIntelligence (IQ): 100Strength(s): Fair, Good Listener, Peaceful, Caring, Cooperative, Trustworthy, Relaxed, playfulWeakness(es): Anxious, Neat FreakMental Illnesses: NoneNervous Habits: Playing with their hair—--------------------------------------------LikesLikes: Dragons, cleaning, shy people, Wednesday, floral arrangements, going outside, animal babiesColor: Grey, redFood: Chocolate Cake, CalzoneFlavor: ChocolateDrink: LimonadeOccasion: HalloweenHoliday: HalloweenDay of the week: WednesdaySeason: Fall, springPlace: ZooMusic: Indie, Hip HopMovie: How to train your dragonTV Show: The Dragon PrinceGame/Videogame: NoneGadget: …Subject in School (Past or Present): MathSound: The snores of her dragonsSmell: ChocolateFavorite Animal(s) (Sea, Land, Insect, etc): Ant, dragon--------------------------------------------------DislikesDislikes: tree shaping, headphones, incense, and postersColour: Brown, greenFood: TomatoesFlavor: BananaDrink: WaterOccasion: NoneHoliday: NoneDay of the week: MondaySeason: SummerPlace: NoneMusic: Heavy metalMovie: NoneTV Show: NoneGame/Videogame: NoneGadget: …Subject in School (Past or Present): EnglishSound: Ringing of a bellSmell: …Favorite Animal(s): Fish—--------------------------------------------WardrobeUsual everyday WearEveryday back-up wear(Any) Jewelry: Other than earrings they don’t were anyUsual fancy-wearUsual date-wear—--------------------------------------------ExtrasCollections: NoneAllergies: PollanImmunities: …Lucky Item: Her dragon Belindo since he is a type of dragon is extremely luckyMain item they can be seen with all the time: A notebook she carries around almost all the timeMost prized possession: A black dragon necklaceInspiration(s): …Guilty Pleasure(s): Being praisedBlood Type: A+Talents: Dancing, playing the flutePets: Two dragons named Belindo and Hydra—--------------------------------------------SpecificsConfidence: 10/10Wisdom: 6/10Sanity: 9/10Agility: 8/10Stamina: 8/10Cooperation: 10/10Smoker: NoDrinker: NoNail Biter: YesAthletic: YesBookworm: YesKleptomaniac: NoParty Animal: NoVegetarian: NoWorkaholic: MaybeGlasses: NoContacts: NoHomophobic: NoRacist: NoTransphobic: NoRebellious: MaybeImagination: 8Tolerance: 5Temper: 6Patience: 7Charisma: 7Discipline: 6Sense of Humor: 8Wit: 7Optimist or Pessimist: OptimistIntrovert or Extrovert: ExtrovertDaredevil or Cautious: BothLogical or Emotional: LogicalDisorderly or Neat: NeatWorking or Relaxing: BothConfident or Unsure: ConfidentOver-Dramatic or Under-Dramatic: Both  


08/07/2022 03:10 AM 


Omar is a pure-blooded saiyan, fully aware of the war between sand and succubus he knew the risks involved entering the demon realm but he entered anyway. He had to understand why his race would mate with these creatures. He would meet a beautiful young succubus named Sarisha the two of them would quickly fall in love and develop an affair which in turn would lead them to meet each other secretly every night. Allowing themselves to have wonderful nights of passion each and every night becoming a real Romeo and Juliet story. Their love grew stronger so I did the risks as they knew they could no longer see each other they were separate hoping that one day they could be together. Being a part from one another grew to be torturous as they both knew they could no longer live apart, a new experience felt by Omar as he never truly felt love for another being before now. Omar would return to the demon realm nearly after a year, being in love cause him to act stupid which in turn would lead him to getting captured by the succubus Queen and held in prison. The clean would demand to know why a Saiyan would enter the demon realm alone but he would refuse to answer which would then need the queen to make a Jurassic threat. Knowing fall well why this Saiyan would come to the demon realm alone she would threaten to start killing the succubus if you wouldn't tell her. Fearing for Sarisha's life he would tell of the affair. The queen would smirk and have her soldiers drag Sarisha to be chained and tortured forcing Omar to watch. Omar would then use all of his power to try to break free even using Super Saiyan God Blue combined with Kaioken X20 failing to even make a dent in his prison. Omar would refuse to quit however unlocking a new form. An evolved form of his God transformation which would be the ticket. Punching through a section of a cell who would use his Saiyan Rage to attack the demon army of succubus killing left and right. Now able to reach Sarisha he was able to remove her binds giving way to an escape. Now on the run Sarisha knew she could not return to the demon realm now that she was involved with a Saiyan but she knew that Omar would come up with a plan.. Omar, after finding a way to escape himself was able to reunite with his love. They would use a time machine to go to an alternate timeline to live out the remaining days together in peace.


κŠ―κ²κŒ… κ³κ²κ’’κ’’κ‘€κŒ…

08/06/2022 10:38 PM 

Fine Print

WRITER'S NOTEHello! This is a crossover starter that I had the pleasure of writing for Rook [visit] and Telani's storyline: Fine Print!Big thank you to him for letting me use one of his awesome monsters to feature in this post.Trigger warnings include mentions of blood, gore, and death.   It had been nothing short of horrific. Monstrous roars echoed across battered buildings, dirt paths once brimming with life reduced to a battlefield. Gory remnants of former inhabitants dotting the landscape like discarded leftovers. The only telltale signs that their assailant had passed by. Looking for the next victim to gorge on in a fruitless effort to sate it's vile hunger. It seemed almost impossible to stop it, yet some dared to try. "Run!" cried the hoarse tone of an armored guard as people fled. Two others at his side, a burly half orc lass in leathers and a thin elven woman sporting mostly cloth, standing at the ready. "I hope you've got a plan, Here it comes again!" With warning blurted through sharp tusks the trio's eyes narrowed. The very earth trembling at their feet as loud crashes boomed before them. Nearly foiling their footing with it's approach. What rose against them was a massive creature beyond comprehension, unlike anything they'd ever seen before. A pillar of writhing purple flesh covered in fanged salivating maws. Snarling and snapping at anything their form could latch onto. Living, inanimate, nothing was safe from it's gluttonous destruction. The only hope of respite from it's rampage standing firmly in it's way. A thunderous cry rang out as the guardsman and orc barrelled forward. Sword and axe tearing away at it's flesh only to be treated like a mere paper cut. Shrill vocalizations ringing out to smash the guard into a nearby wall with a foreboding crack. "Bimir!" A cry of concern left the elf before her staff illuminated. Mystic golden runes igniting across it's surface to pierce the ground. The runes spilling from the wood like water to form a circle beneath her feet. "Heed my call, old friend!" Magic seeped from the runes to crack the surface in careful tremors. The elf stepping back from the circle just as a fearsome fist breeched from below. A grey palm laying flat to push the earthen titan upward. Resonating thuds sounding before at last it's entirety was free. Similar runes dotting up the massive rock plated arms before it's visage became lit. A hardy yell shaking away the soil and dust from every crack of it's imposing figure. "Mahar, aid us with this fiend! We must silence it's frenzy!" With little else needed the stone golem bowed it's head in understanding. Heavy feet treading forward with growing speed until their clash sent a pulse of raw force in every direction. Nearly pushing those nearby off their feet. Growling and scrapes filling the air as the creature attempted to gnaw away at his new opposition. Yet mere fangs wouldn't chip away the golem so easily. With new opportunity the orc used the golem to scale higher amidst their grappling. Slamming her axe once more into it's flesh with berserking fervor. "YOU PLAY A LOSING GAME BASTARD!" she bellowed with prideful glee. Chopping as the golem managed to grip a hand into one of the larger mouths. Pulling away the imbedded jaw with gruesome enthusiasm. Onlookers clung to a single hope... A shame how quickly it would die. Without warning the snapping fiend would coil, wrapping the golem like a snake. Maw gnashing to finally bite into the stone of the golem and squeeze. Bringing the orc much too close. "DURA RUN!" the elf pleaded only to be much too late. By the time the orc realized what was happening a dripping grin was already hovering above. "Damn, Tela-!" her words were swiftly silenced by shrouding teeth, parting the torso clean from her waist. Simultaneously crushing the golem into a cloud of dispersed magic. It was in that moment that Telani let the fear claim her. Feet never urged to move so fast. Putting evacuated buildings between her and the slithering abomination that relentlessly chased behind. Mind desperate to grasp some semblance of a plan. Only for familiar whispers to invade her senses. 'Use me, girl.' Ducking down behind some rubble the caller wrapped hands over her mouth in desperation. The last summoning having taken too much strength to allow a lasting reserve. She just needed a moment. A moment to think. 'You lack anymore time, Telani. How many more will die for your failings?' "Stop it!" she begged clasping her head only to realize her error too late. That mass of mouths turning to gawk at her in ravenous delight. A hunter who had finally found it's prey. Gasping out she narrowly dived away from it's first tackle. Being tossed violently to the ground ahead. Vision blurred as she turned back to watch it's menacing prowl. 'I could end this. You know it to be true.' An ache lingered on the back of her neck, but not from the battle at hand. Hesitation only buying the creature more time to draw closer. A lower maw managing to bite into her leg to ensure no more escapes. Having had its fill of her games. Breaths grew harder to take with each rising moment of terror. Her struggling only making the fiend's grip rip further into her flesh. 'Last chance.' Telani couldn't delay the inevitable any more. If she didn't stop it now it would surely do this to the lands beyond with ease. Duty outweighed her dread. Shaken hands finally moved for the ritual blade in her pouch. Quickly bringing the tip to her arm as she carved against her own skin. Etching runes shown only to her while a scarcely known tongue muttered from her lips. An ominous hovering pool of pitch black slowly forming behind her. On its surface bubbles formed like a brewing cauldron. Promising only disaster in it's wake. Tendrils rose to lash out and pierce the creature, forcing it to flinch and release Telani. Those selfsame appendages wrapping the elven woman before she was pulled into the void abruptly. Leaving the fiend to combat the oozing whips in her stead. The contract must be fulfilled to the letter. Darkness surrounded the injured elf. The sounds of the battle beyond faint but present. 'I knew you would call on us again, girl. Such was always your path. Your destiny.' The words ensnared her mind in a cold embrace. She wouldn't allow it to trick her. "My destiny is mine alone.. you have no claim to it..." Harmonic laughter rumbled the space around her. Bringing Telani to fearfully glance around. 'What do you wish of us, Caller? Every plea has it's price.' Reality brought determination back into her, bringing her figure to stand more confidently. "Banish this creature. Do so and.. you'll have your due. On my honor as a Caller." Another deafening laugh forced Telani to shudder and clasp her ears for reprieve. 'And how many years do you offer now? For such a task double is a deal, girl. An equal trade.' A hand rose to clutch over her heart in contemplation. Such a price was.. 'The longer you wait the more die.' With a shaken breath Telani's visage rose with firm resolve. "I accept your bargain... A hundred years for the banishment of that monster." Without warning her entire body was crippled by agonizing pain. Falling over as she grasped her body in a foolish attempt to ease the venomous strain. Whimpering through gritted teeth for what felt like an eternity before the breath returned to her lungs. Weak and heavy. 'Our deal is complete. Until next time, little one.' Without another moment her body was flung back through the pool. Being thrown into still snapping jaws that then snagged her forearm. The pool dissipating in an instant only to resurface beneath the horrendous creature. The mass plunging at a rapid pace and taking Telani right along with it. "No! Wait! This wasn't apart of our deal! Help me!" That vile chittering danced through her mind in bemused indifference. 'I agreed to banish it. Nothing more.' Before Telani could think to argue she was pulled down into the portal. Thrashing in darkness only to barely free her arm in the fall. A blinding light invading her senses before sight returned. Widening upon realizing she was falling from the sky itself. The lands below looking... strange to say the least. With growing panic she realized time was of the essence, she needed a way to land! Unfortunately she hadn't accounted to lose so much blood. Making summoning an impossible option. Whipping winds and screeching roars we're her only friends as the blackness of exhaustion set in. Perhaps this was for the best. An honorable death saving others. There was hardly better ways to go.

Agent 666

08/06/2022 09:35 PM 

Agent 666

Assumed Name: Ken Tucky Age: Twenty nineHeight: Six feetWeight: Two Hundred PoundsAlias: Agent "666"Ethnicity: Italian-AmericanPOB: Hell, MichiganPersonality: Straight to the point, Lack of Patience, Crafty, Silver Tongue BackgroundKen was born to a Father that was into racing, and a mother that often designed the paint jobs his father's car wore. An Older sibling was next in line to carry on what his father had started. Unfortunately, his father passed away along with his mother when returning home from a race, killed by an oncomming semi-truck.At the age of twelve, and parentless, his older brother, Joe took up arms in raising Ken. Not wanting to go down the route of racing, he took up a career in criminal justice during Highschool. Graduating with honors, he soon became a pencil pusher for the local police department. He eventually got his "break" when he assisted the department's lead detective in bringing down a serial killer. A strong work ethic and the ability to discover holes in criminals motives and routine eventually earned him a shot to move up pass the local PD.Moving out towards the west coat, Ken eventually became a field agent for the CIA. At the age of twenty three, he spent four years tailing cults rather than extremists. Now twenty seven, his senior agent indoctrinated him about the various powers that be, that there's always someone or something out there pulling the strings. Two years later, he found himself within an organization known as "The Inner circle", a group of various agents from different governments forming a coalition to preserve humanity. Unfortunately, this "coalition" has been known to do bad in the eyes of the public. Removing biblical creatures as well as those of demonic origin. Their motto is quite simply"The world isn't ready to know"

β—ž π‘™π‘Žπ‘›π‘”π‘’π‘œπ‘Ÿ q

08/06/2022 07:44 PM 

π‘―π’‚π’‘π’‰π’†π’‘π’‰π’π’ƒπ’Šπ’‚ .

     why try to change me now ?   It was an evening just like any other; Chiwoo tailed after his troublemaker best friend and his group of friends as they all headed straight from school back to Jihyun’s vacant house. They sat in their usual order—panther curling around white rabbit, the rest dropping in whatever space was available—and, within minutes, drinks were flowing. Ever the mild-mannered boy, he refrained from touching all but the mug of tea he’d made for himself and his cell phone; this wasn’t his crowd, this wasn’t his scene, but it was because it was Jihyun’s, and so he sat pretty and waited for his chance to slip out with the rest of the bodies and fall into his own bed. So tired…It was a night like any other; Jihyun had poured himself glass after glass of soju, slamming them back as though amid a competition of iron guts and steel resolve. Amber flickered from screen to glass a few times throughout the three or so hours since they’d sat down and gotten comfortable, but he’d held his tongue up until that point. It wasn’t unusual for the man to treat himself with a heavier hand than the rest, considering his size, but something was… off. There was a thickness in the air that coated the back of Chiwoo’s tongue no matter how many times he swallowed it down, and he found himself staring, unseeing, at the novel on his phone longer than he genuinely read the words. He was listening intently to the tone of each voice that rang out in succession, however deaf to the conversation itself—there was something amiss, and his primal instinct was picking up on it before his rational mind could identify, evaluate, and plan accordingly. It wasn’t until he counted four bottles piled in his shadow’s corner of the table that he stiffened and decided to speak up. A hand lifted and encircled the top of that tilting glass, willing it to level out—silently pleading with Jihyun to abandon the alcohol and swap to the unopened bottle of water beside him. He hadn’t intended to, but he lifted the drink out of his hand and drew it closer to himself to emphasize his stance.“Hey, Jihyun. Stop drinking. You’ve had too much… and your face is really red. Aren’t you gonna go to school tomorrow?” Glass snatched right back, contents swallowed before the liquid even settled on his taste buds. A sharp inhale through his nostrils, startled by the unprovoked aggression—yet, still, he sat pretty and waited for his chance to slip out with the rest of the bodies and fall into his own bed. He was having one of his moody nights, he excused, likely due to their pop quiz earlier that day. Jihyun had never been academically inclined. “Do what you want, then; I tried to stop you.” He curled back around his phone, but every ounce of energy that remained inside of the listless was thrown into monitoring the beast from that point.“… Chiwoo.”“What? You don’t even listen to me.”“… y’know I like you, right?” Icy tendrils curling themselves around the base of his spine, freezing the blood in his veins and injecting his nervous system with paralyzers. He tore his gaze from the same page he’d been skimming for the better part of half an hour and regarded that sculpted face with a mild scowl. One, two, three seconds—then his eyes dropped back to the security blanket that was his novel.“… ugh, I know. How many times do I have to tell you?” Voice wavering, lithe frame trembling.“… oh yeah? You know, do you?”It was a night unlike any other; rather than accepting his attempts at brushing off his thousandth confession, rather than picking back up on the nonsensical conversation he’d previously held with the living props, rather than allowing Chiwoo escape from the suffocating reality of the impending expiration date of their friendship, he leaned right into it. The ‘friends’ were rounded up at once and kicked out without so much as a goodbye—and, the moment they left, the spark of Jihyun’s temper caught flame and incinerated all rational thought. Hand grasping slender wrist in a bruising grip, upper lip curling into a disgusted snarl, he demanded confrontation that time. He couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer; the time had come to pick a side, and he knew the side that he’d already inwardly chosen would ruin all they had built together.“… are you gonna pretend you don’t know?”“… what… are you talking about?”“You fuckin’ know what I’m talkin’ about. You know that I like you… but you keep ignorin’ it.”“… you’re drunk.”“Ha… think whatever you want.” For the first time since they’d established their bond, Jihyun had crossed the physical boundary of their friendship into the heart-stuttering realm of something more—and kissed Chiwoo. What he got as reward for his boldness was a rough shove, a nauseated wipe of mouth against sleeve, a panicked squeal in the slur of ‘what are you doing?’ Panther poised over rabbit, fangs bared and claws embedded into hind legs. Trapped.“You know. You know I like you. Why do you ignore my feelings every single day? How long are you gonna keep avoidin’ this? Forever?” Thick brows knitted together, stitching anxiety, confusion, discomfort into the delicate flesh between. He swallowed, but that thickened air had begun to wedge itself at the base of his throat and choke him.“… I’ve never done that.” The back of his hand pressed against his violated mouth to mask the lie, to no avail.“You’re doin’ it right now! … Don’t you like me?” Cold sweat began to bead at his forehead, and the tremors strengthened in intensity. He stared hard at his bent knees, hands folded in his lap and thumbs twiddling in self-soothing circles. Nothing was working.“What are you saying...? Why would I not like you..?”“What’s the fuckin’ problem, then!?” The rabbit flinched, and in doing so, exposed its fragile neck to the monstrosity looming overhead. The panther took the opportunity and pounced then and there, grasping and tugging and collapsing against him to break down those mental barriers and push through his affections. “Chiwoo… I like you, yeah? I really like you…” As he’d done so many countless times in their decade spent attached at the hip, a pale hand lifted to press into the small of his back and reassure him; there was no reassurance to be had, however, and it stopped just short before dropping uselessly back into his lap. How could he possibly worm his way out of losing their bond now?“You’re confused… we’re just so comfortable around each other. After all, we’re always together… maybe you’re mistaking our friendship for—!”“Don’t make me fuckin’ laugh! Stop treatin’ me like an idiot!” At once, Chiwoo was on his back on the couch, and that predator’s gaze was locked right on his jugular. “Does a friend turn you on? I can’t be friends with you anymore.” He leaned d o w n…It was a night unlike any he would want to remember; he pleaded for mercy without conviction, squirmed beneath his disobedient hands without confidence, half-submitted to his new role as object, when the brash drunk slipped up under his shirt with intent to carry himself well beyond the boundary of platonic affection. A searing panic arose within the younger’s chest, and he struck him across the cheek with his first assertive stance since the beginning of their shared night: “I said, stop!” The resounding slap of skin-on-skin echoed within his mind’s walls, and he shrunk beneath the stunned, guilty despite his position. “Uh—I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..!” The apology tapered and died off on his kiss-swollen lips as he met amber with ice and saw the humanity drain from angular features. He didn’t see the fist flying at his face until it made contact with his jaw in a sickening crack, jerking his head sideways and initiating an instinctive check to ensure that his neck hadn’t snapped from the force. The man that he had built sanctuary within, the friend he had confided in and placed trust in, had dissipated; in his stead knelt the man that insisted on ripping every last shred of peace and security from his pounding heart with bloody knuckles. He opened his mouth to cry out to him, to ask him what the fuck he thought he was doing, to remind him that he was wasted—and that’s when the second punch connected in the same spot. He thanked any and every higher being in that moment that his jaw hadn’t dislocated from the force, but that relief was short-lived; a left hook, then a right hook, then another left all made contact with his head, splitting flesh and coating themselves in a thin layer of spurting blood.“For so many fuckin’ years, I’ve tried to control myself! For you!” A punch into his side, knuckles twisting deep into the muscle and grating rib bone against lung—threatening to pop it. He pinned his palm against nose and mouth, then, and began smothering him, shoving his swollen and hemorrhaging head into the couch cushions to keep him from struggling successfully. “I did everything you asked me to! So why’re you bein’ such an a**hole, huh!? Why the fuck do you keep ignorin’ how I feel, you bastard!?” Something snapped within that rabbit, and he pounced, breathless, right into the panther’s maw. He grasped onto broad shoulders and dug blunt fingernails into the clothed skin, forcing a roll and landing on top of him on the floor. “You son of a bitch! Get ahold of yourself! What the fuck am I supposed to do!? Is me ignoring your feelings such a big deal? You didn’t fucking think beyond that, did you?” He was openly sobbing by that point, fists clenched as though he intended to return those blows—Jihyun had long since restrained him at the wrists. He couldn’t have done anything to begin with. “And you can’t understand what was going through my mind as I stayed by your side, right? I—!” He sucked in a violent gasp as he was once again tossed like a ragdoll. This time, his landing zone was straight on top of the glass coffee table all their drinks and snacks sat neglected. The shatter burst his eardrums, and the proverbial stab in the back manifested into a thick shard of glass piercing and penetrating several inches deep into his shoulder blade. He shrieked, rolling as much as his shellshocked body would permit onto his side to relieve the overwhelming pressure at his wound site, exhaling a shuddering wail—peering out at the man stooped in front of him and staring down with lifeless eyes. He squeezed his own shut and fell into a fit of stifled sobs, bloody teeth clenched and tears cleaning wide streaks down ruddy cheeks.Jihyun leaned forward, and Chiwoo could feel the animosity stuffing itself into his wounded mouth and cutting off his windpipe. Nostrils flared and elbow drove itself against the center of the other’s chest: useless. “… don’t do something you’ll regret,” he uttered his whimpering rejection. His response came in the form of an open-mouthed kiss at the nape of his neck, earning a wince from the smaller.“… me? Never.”It was a night that shattered illusions and crushed brittle bones beneath the weight of its reality; Chiwoo fit so snug beneath Jihyun, and Jihyun fit so snug inside of Chiwoo, it was as though their bodies were made for each other—or, that’s what the panther murmured into the rabbit’s torn ear over and over as he pinned and groped and ripped his former best friend in half. The viscous crimson of the unprepared begging acted as exceptional lubricant. No matter how rigid he remained beneath his touch, against his thrusts, Jihyun got his wicked way with relative ease. The screams were the worst of it, he’d convinced himself, tearing up his throat without his consent—revealing to the world around him of his agony and heartbreak as he was fucked into nothingness. It took mere minutes before even those died away, however; he’d lost too much blood by that point and fell limp against the shards of glass scraping noisily against the marble floor with every brutal rut, acting as some filthy baseline for the melody of skin slapping and primal snarls. He was halfway between dissociation and total blackout, but unconsciousness was winning out by the time his use as sleeve had come to a sticky end, denoted by a stuttering groan from the beast. Relief came in the form of Jihyun dropping onto the floor beside him and closing his eyes, fit for restful sleep among his carnage.Not a sound came from Chiwoo as he rolled onto his hands and knees and pushed himself to stand. Not a sound came from Chiwoo as he limped towards his discarded clothes and squirmed his way back into them despite the gore. Not a sound came from Chiwoo until he’d hobbled from Jihyun’s back to his in black as pitch night—having to stop at various points to vomit what little contents remained in his churning stomach—and barricaded himself behind a locked door and propped chair—then, and only then, did the boy collapse face first into his bed. Then, and only then, did he permit himself the first of countless chest-heaving sobs into his death-gripped pillow.


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Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to check this out and read it. I'll add more when I think of them. 1. DRAMA1. I love drama and I do not mind it being in our story, it's fun to see our characters have their little issues and somehow clear them up later.  THINGS I WILL NOT TOLERATE:  I do not like drama that isn't within our messages or storyline. I do not want to see it in my stream comments if it's not related to a character's personality, I do not want to hear about another writer that you're having troubles with outside of roleplay. Do not bring unnecessary drama into my list, if you have a problem with someone else that is on my list but I'm writing with them. You are not entitled to tell me what to do with this person. Thank you for the warning though, but I will make the decision whether or not to keep the said person. 2.  BLOOD, GORE, AND OTHER UNSPEAKABLE ACTS. I play Gluskin, most of us know that Gluskin has some sort of mental condition. He also is a criminal therefore, he disregards a lot of laws made in place. If you are easy to become squeamish, if you are sensitive to specific topics, have limitations. I would like to know these limitations so that I may prepare my mind on how to respond to your replies or our story. KEEP IN MIND: Anything that is described within the story,  'I' the writer DO NOT participate in these types of acts outside of writing. I simply am playing out my role and that is it.3.  SEXUALITY/  **x  SCENESSEXUALITY: Yes, in Eddie's details he is written as straight with several question marks. That's because Gluskin himself is blinded by his own mental illness, though he has taken women captive at the beginning and then men after, wanting to change them into women. It has never been clarified whether or not Gluskin was attracted to one gender or the other, perhaps both or all. Although he continues to refer to men he is interested in as their 'opposite counterpart'. Gluskin remains fascinated and romantically drawn to them the same way he does women, disregarding any questions about his sexuality or avoiding answering. ***e / **x  SCENES: Again, Eddie is a violent, delusional criminal. Therefore, there will be many things mentioned, again when writing with him.  This is why I would like limitations to be made known upfront before we hop into anything. Otherwise, when I get inspired, I dive deep into character and I will put in anything I see fit if it's not clarified ahead of time. I will not be responsible for you being triggered.DO NOT:  Send me messages, throwing **x  at Gluskin and me. It's bizarre and if it doesn't come with a story?I lose interest fast and become reaaaaally irritated.  Just a warning,4. REPLIES, STATUSES, AND DISCORDI have many people wanting to write to me and receive a response, and because of this, I do require patience. DO NOT  rush me, it's okay to check up on me if I haven't responded in a few days. Sometimes I do forget, but also remember that I not only have several messages here on the site but discord also needs to be responded to. On top of that, I'm a lot of times drawing, working, and doing other things behind the scene. I have a life just as many of you do, please remember that. OTHER TIMES: I proofread and overthink my replies too much which makes responding a little longer than intended.  REAL LIFE will always come first but I do appreciate those who are patient and always respond back with amazing replies that have kept me inspired after coming out of retirement.MY STATUS:  you all are welcome to join my status if you feel comfortable enough to do so.I want everyone to have fun and yes, sometimes I don't always know what to say but it is an enjoyment to me to see others feel comfortable enough to be involved.  5. NO DISCRIMINATION, NO OUTSIDE DRAMAMy account is supposed to be an enjoyable place where writers can come together and build a story with me. I don't want any bullsh*t happening around me. If you do not agree with me, the way someone's character looks? Such as skin color or whatever the stupid reason is  or can't wait for my response?  Then delete yourself, I'm not making you stay and have to deal with me.  Spare me the time and energy, please. If I delete you? It's probably because it's been a while since I've waited for you to respond. and I don't like looking in my list and having to scroll over people who don't even want to talk when I try my best to reach out to everyone. Again, no one is obligated to keep you and you aren't obligated to keep yourself on their list. I'll do my best to notify everyone if I plan on a break or if I'll be extremely slow. 6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST I am a writer who fluctuates depending on inspiration. I do not have a controlled length of writing but I'll do my best if it's questioned.  Novella won't be something I will be taking part in anymore, I used to in my younger days but now,   life needs more attention.  So try keeping it between semi to multiple for me, will yah? Thank you. I'm here for fun and creative stories. If you have another character that you would want to introduce? I'd be more than glad to hear it and talk about what we can come up with. I don't have too many rules, I try not to.  


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1. Multipara is a must, anywhere from 2 or more paragraphs is key for proper levels of rp.2. Dont force relationships, i rather it be a steady and healthy level of intereaction between characters but im not oppose to the idea of romance. Just keep in mind that she thinks Bardock is dead.3. If you wish to play any of her family members, make sure to ask before hand. Id rather get a good idea of who im working with.4. I play her in an Alternate Storyline, And have progressed her character to levels on par with her youngest son, if you dont like it dont start drama just leave.5. I am here to have fun, explore and try out new things, dont be a party pooper.6. If you add me, then you start, if i add you ill start.


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I'll Show you Low level!!

Gine mastered the arts of the teachings as did her son Kakarot/Goku She learned all that could be learned from Son Gohan as did Kakarot. She eventually traveled around the world and met somany new people, even rivals and enemies, The story unfolded as it would have if not slightly different.Fighting villians such as Piccolo, The fight with Frieza was intense forcing both Goku and Gine into the Legendary Super Saiyan, She dies during the Cell saga protecting her grandson Gohan but is resurrected after they find all the dragonballs,  right down to standing her ground besides goku against Majin Buu. She was pushed to her limits and eventually broke bounderies learning how to transform using Kaioken and Super Saiyan, She grows with each fight and aspires to become the next best Hero of Earth.

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