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08/01/2022 09:40 PM 

Kazuya Inoue (BNHA oc)

Name: Kazuya InoueHero Name: SynapseBirthplace: New York City, New YorkCurrent Residence: Musutafu, JapanHair Color: OnyxEye Color: AquamarineHeight: 5'6"Weight: 130lbsRace: HumanNationality: JapaneseCurrent Occupation: Student in U.A., Class 1-BQuirk: Cyberkinesis Sexuality: Pansexual Relationship Status: SingleTidbits: Nervous, Quiet, Calm, Reserved, Tries avoid Conflict, Loves to bake and burn things in the process, Will lie under pressure, Has random bouts of courage, Has a guilty conscience Abilities: Controlling most if not all cybernetics, control the flow of machinery, create, shape and manipulate technology, physical and psychic abilities that allows a mental interface with computer data. Any form of technology he can interfere with, and immerse himself inside.  


08/01/2022 09:37 PM 


Rules: 1. Please if I add you be the first to talk if you add me I will speak first              2. I will not add any mutes or counts if you haven't greeted me or given me any kind of notice and days pass you will be removed.       3. Please have some kind of idea of what kind of plot or what you would like to do for a a story I will not think it up for you we can discuss it together.               4. If we do any erotic rps it must be if it comes to that in the story, I will not just do erotic all the time it gets boring       Other than that have fun! :) 


08/01/2022 08:40 PM 

Fandoms and characters I roleplay.

Hey everyone, new to the community but not new to roleplay. I have been role-playing for 11 years. I am in many fandoms and have many muses, I'll list most of them here. I mainly do cc x cc. Ship preferences are always male x male. However I do female x male sometimes. Anything involving romance will not be done with anyone under 18. So if you're under 18 do not request that please. I am very literate and do one paragraph minimum. However sometimes I can do more. If there is a fandom you see and I don't have the character you want listed, feel free to ask or request a muse. I'll more than likely be able to roleplay as them. Other than that, happy role-playing!      ✨️Fairytail✨️   Natsu Dragneel Gajeel Redfox Bickslow Levy McGarden Gray Fullbuster Gildarts Laxus Dreyar Zeref Dragneel Mystogan   ✨️My Hero Academia✨️   Shotō Todorki Bakūgo Katsuki Izuku Midorya  Endeavor Tamaki Amajiki Eijirō Kirishima Hanta Sero Aizawa Shigaraki Ochaco Uraraka Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu  Neito Monoma Mina Ashido Shinsō Hitoshi Shihai Kuroiro     ✨️Bleach✨️   Ichigo Kurosaki  Yumichika Ayasegawa Bazz-B  Shinji Hirako Shuhei Hisagi Izuru Kira Mayuri Kurotsuchi Ulquiorra Schiffer Byakuya Kuchiki Sousuke Aizen Jushiro Ukitake Grimmjow Jaggerjack   ✨️Naruto Muses✨️   Kisame Hoshigaki Hidan  Kakuzu Itachi Uchiha Might Guy Obito Uchiha Tobirama Senju Hashirama Senju Yamato Zabuza Gaara Sasuke Uchiha Shikamaru Nara Neji Hyuga   ✨️Black Clover✨️   Asta Fuegoleon Vermillion  Noelle Silva Zora Ideale Yami Sukehiro   ✨️Demon Slayer✨️   Tanjiro Kamado Zenitsu Agatsuma  Inosuke Hashibara Yushiro Kyōjurō Rengoku  Akaza Genya Shinazugawa    ✨️Attack on Titan✨️   Levi Armin Arlert Jean Kirstein Mikasa Ackerman  Eren Yeager  Connie Springer Floch   ✨️Jujustu Kaisen✨️   Satoru Gojo Yuji Itadori Megumi Fushiguro Nobara Kugisaki Toge Inumaki   ✨️Miscellaneous muses✨️   Ryuji Seguro; Blue Exorcist   Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori; Psycho Pass   Ryuku Matoi; Kill la Kill   ✨️Other fandoms✨️   One-Punch Man Full Metal Alchemist Kuroko's Basketall Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Tokyo Ghoul Sword Art Online  Fate/Stay Night Black Butler  Yuri on Ice Death Note        


08/01/2022 12:39 PM 

Araede Fukushima (BNHA oc)

  Name: Araede Fukushima Height: 5'7" Weight: 155lbs Birthplace: Osaka, Japan Current Residence: U.A.  Hair color: Teal Eye Color: Ruby Quirk: Living Dead Sexuality: Pansexual Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Student, class 1-C   Abilities:    •Communicating with the dead •Allows others to see spirits (loved ones) •Helping the dead crossover peacefully to the other side.  •When in battle, he allows the most malevolent spirits to possess his body, which increases strength, agility, and endurance.   Quirk Drawback: If too many spirits are possessing his body, he will lose control of who he is, and it's possible he will attack anyone in it's path.   Hero name: The Ghost Whisperer   Likes:   •Drawing •Reading Manga •Cold temperatures •Helping strangers see and communicate with their deceased loved ones  •Pork Cutlet Bowls •Astronomy     Dislikes:   •Maleovlent spirits •Judgemental people •Cotton Candy •Pickles •Math   Wishes/Wants:   •More friends •Someome he can confide in •Unlimited Ramen •To have a family of his own one day   He is often depicted as gloomy, dark, but positive. Has a soft spot for children.    Biography coming soon!


07/31/2022 08:42 PM 

Emotional Escort Club ♡

A male teacher ushered a female student long ago into creating the rather secret "Emotional Escort" Club. It was designed to allow students (and more nefarious, teachers and staff) to rent a member of the club (consistently female, but males have rarely entered as well), to be used however they choose. At first, it was used as a means to promote students failing socially, to partner them up with someone and enable a better life in school, as well as outside. Rates would differ dependent on the "quality" of the member, with the President and Vice-Presidents having the pricier tags. Why?Because their bodies were chosen to be the best. Not only their body, but their personality couldn't be horrible either-- so, it was always dubbed to the girls that were the most obedient or meek, ones that were oblivious to the true nature of the club. The renters could do as they see fit with their products, and only when something... disastrous happens to a member, do they disappear from school, never to be seen again. Don't worry.. another takes their place! 


07/31/2022 08:38 PM 

Pre-made Starters

1. Belle was kicked out of a bar in the early morning/night and while stumbling around in a drunken stupor bumps into your character.2. While at a rave Belle gets too nto things and begins to happily strip down indwild scene.3. During one of her lazy/bored days where she can't get anything to drink, Belle decides to go to the gym just to be a tease for anyone there that can't keep their eyes off her.


07/31/2022 03:36 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: AngusLast Name: KnightNickname: Angie, the mad scientist, computer geekGender: Sexless/bigender(Can be almost any gender)Age: Over 2,000Age they appear: Somewhere in their 20'sSpecies: DemigodSexual Orientation: PansexualBirthday: June 5AppearanceEye Color(s): One green eye with one blue eyeHair Color: RedHighlights: NoneHair Style(s): Two pigtails with the rest left combed outSkin color: Light grayBody type: EctomorphHeight: 6'0Weight:  140LbAbout him/herPersonality: Calm, Focused, Responsive, Trustworthy, Cooperative, Socially Awkward, Confident, Tidy, Creative, Attentive, Childish, Aimless, slightly pervertedLike(s): fencing/sword fighting, dissecting animals, sex, decorating, engineering, chemistry, scienceDislike(s): falconry, petsitting, shrimps, bonfires, and lettuceHobbies: chemistry, fightingAllergies: NutsFear(s): NoneStrength(s): Dependable, Open-Minded,  Focused, CheerfulWeakness(es): Anxious, InsensitiveSpecial Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting, Detachable Limbs, Control Machines, they have so many more powersWeapon(s): Their clawsExtra: Horns, one clawed hand that is covered in feathers, a pair of large white wingsExtraScent: Random chemicalsBlood type: A-Outfit(s): CasualUsual: They usually wear a black button-up, a pair of black pants, and suspenders which are hidden under their lab coat.Accessories: A pair of gogglesMakeup: NoneScars: Some on their arm with the claw, one long scar on the side of their faceTattoo(es): One flower tattoo on their hipJewelry: NonePiercing(s): a nose piercing and an eyebrow piercingFavoritesTheme Song:  Mad professor - Insane Clown PosseFavorite Food(s): Brownies, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Rice, Nachos, Favorite Drink(s): Milkshakes, Iced CoffeeFavorite color(s): Jet Black, Blue Gray, Blue Green, Brass, pastel green, mango, purpleFavorite Animal(s):  Cats, dogsFavorite Number: noneFavorite Season(s): WinterFavorite Holiday(s): NoneFavorite Time of Day: Day


07/30/2022 02:55 PM 

RP Information
Current mood:  accomplished

  Read Please!   1. Obviously, I can't vet every writer I come across so I'm just gonna say that I only write with MATURE writers, meaning you are mature IRL and you understand that mature themes can and will occur during our storylines. If you don't know what "mature themes" entail, you do not need to be writing with me.   2. I write in 3rd person, past tense. My writing posts vary on a number of short, I will give or take, the same amount of effort as you give me. I am a quality > quantity writer.    3. My version of Cullen is post-Inquisition. I do write him mostly canon to the games and books, however, I will also give him a little more depth, enhance his abilities, and give the guy a little more personality as a character.   4. I am open to adult situations between our characters if it flows in the storyline and we complement each other's writing style. I won't force anything to happen if it isn't organic. With that said, my Cullen is also heterosexual as he is in the games.    5. Have patience with my replies. Sometimes my replies are quick, other times they can take a bit to come through. It just depends on what I have going on IRL.   6. I shouldn't have to say this, but keep RP and IRL -  S E P A R A T E! -  I am not Cullen. I only write as him. I don't want to know and I don't care about your IRL first-world struggles. Keep it out of RP.   7. I'm a pretty laid-back person and very easy to get along with. I don't do drama, and I don't play favorites. If there's an issue, I expect it to be handled like mature adults. Do not bring me into drama.   8. The storylines I have are completely separate from each other. Not one of them will bleed into another. They are separate and will remain that way.  


07/29/2022 10:06 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: EliLast Name: …Nickname: Red, freakGender: MaleAge: 29 (can vary between ages)Species: VampireSexual Orientation: GayNationality: AustralianBirthday: November 6, 1993AppearanceEye Color(s): GreenHair Color: OrangeHighlights: NoneHair Style(s): Messy, shortSkin tone: SandBody type: AthleticHeight: 6’0ftWeight: 180IbsAbout himPersonality: Charming, Confident, Daring, Protective, Responsible, Respectful, Bizarre, insane, crude, grim, ObsessiveLike(s): Murder, blood,  chopping things with his axe, laughing, hanging things from trees, art, singing, dancing, running, his axeDislike(s): Misplacing his axe, being stolen fromHobbies: Chopping wood/peopleAllergies: NutsFear(s): Losing his axe/breaking himSpecial Powers/Abilities: NoneWeapon(s): AxeExtra: NoneFamily and FriendsParent(s): DeadSibling(s): DeadRelative(s):  DeadBest Friend(s): His axeFriend(s):...Crush(es):...Pet(s): A pack of wolves he often feeds bodies to.Rival(s):...Enemy:...ExtraScent: kind of a metallic smellBlood type: A-Outfit(s): Often wearing a purple or black sweater, jeans, combat boots, a hoodie, and a face mask.Accessories: GlovesMakeup: NoneScars: Three large scares that are in the middle of his faceTattoo(es): NoneJewelry: NonePiercing(s): Snake bite piercingsFavoritesTheme Song: My Axe - Insane Clown PosseFavorite Food(s): Cherries, garlic bread, pastaFavorite Drink(s): Soba, water, milkFavorite color(s): blood red, Onyx, blue, purple, gray, violetFavorite Animal(s): Alligator, horse, bearFavorite Number: 6Favorite Season(s): AutumnFavorite Holiday(s): Boxing dayFavorite Time of Day: Night

𝓥𝓸𝓲𝓭 𝓓𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓷

07/29/2022 08:10 PM 


Ashruill is the daughter of a demon named Zero and an angel named Diana. Zero was once Lucifer's right hand, waging war against the angels at Lucifer's request. Creating a massive war between both worlds nearly driving humanity into extinction. As years passed, Zero grew tired of the never ending war and began showing signs of regret. Turning his back on Lucifer, Zero left hell and returned to the world of humanity. Once he arrived, he protected the remnants of humanity from the ongoing war. During this war, a young angel named Diana stepped into the human world. This young woman left behind her everything that she loved in order to seek a way to stop the war. Diana's objective lead her to Zero, hoping that he could help. The two fell in love while trying to achieve peace. The two eventually became four, as another demon and angel joined their group in order to achieve their goal.    During a moment of peace, Zero and Diana gave life to a child. Sealing the child into a sphere at the moment of its creation, in order to ensure that the child would grow in safety. Several years passed without incident until the attack on Ashruill's family. Lucifer and Michael attacked Ice Manor, both Zero and Diana held off the enemy. To protect their daughter, they released her, hoping it would quill the enemy. Upon Ashruill's release, however, she appeared as a full grown woman. After her awakening, Ashruill attacked everyone in sight. The only ones free of her wrath were her parents. It horrified zero and Diana. Causing them to regret their actions, as the Army of Angels and Demon were slaughtered. The two sealed Ashruill away once more, hoping for a change.    Two thousand years had passed when Ashruill finally awakened from her slumber. Ashruill faced a dilemma, having no memory of her parents or her past. Ashruill is left to wonder the Earth searching for the meaning of her existence while taking up the mantle of protecting humanity. 


07/29/2022 05:21 PM 

𝐄𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣: 𝐖𝕒𝕣 𝐀𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝. ~Writing Entry.~

    Enter: War Angel The Old Domains.Time left before The Fall: Unknown.     { For real, fam, this music track was what 100% deadass inspired me to write this. xD }   Drop down from the darkness beyond! A heavenly body pierces through the sea of clouds in the later morn of this world. Exceed the speed of sound thricefold! The plummeting piece comes with neither glee nor grievance. If it was not for this gleaming star-forged ensemble garbing well flesh and bone, pain of the grinding gales and the tormenting trauma from this freefall would be crushing. It, truly a lovely she, is peach-fleshed Venus with shadow silk tresses and curves befitting a captivating goddess. She has been sent in this faraway marble by dire demand to bring the will of Mars. And bring it, she will with celestial zest. Hers. May her advent be timely enough.Past the vast, hazy, white thicket, her dark blue pearls concealed in an opaque glass-like helm can make sense of the brown canvas below. It seems teeming with quite the ruckus down there. Little springing dots move about signify life. Each is acting out of valor, malice or simply the right to live. Voices growled and bellows come with fear or ferocity. Limbs sway to assert aggression or sustain self-defense. Steel and bone clash. There are thousands of them, these dots. Some already fell. Mangled corpses stomped or piled on without rhythm. This has gone for hours. A conflict long past warm words to resolve. In truth, this was inevitable.The shining spot falling down is seen by a warrior who successfully knocks a foe down. Confirm with a crunch of blade down slipping past an opening between bulks of iron. Gurgle away those last breath, fiend! Spill blood, a weak fountain bursting out of such disgusting pair of lips. Rattle away the futility of being defeated until through limbs that can no longer hold a once stab-happy spear.Free up now stained blade! His eyes are quick but keen upon the anomaly coming down rather fast from the cloudy heavens. The battle around the mindful winner of a brief one-on-one skirmish keeps on raging. Allies around him push back the tide of brutality wielding melon-sized hammers that can break bones with ease or scarlet-soaked swords and spears that can tear through flesh. Humble green eyes are as busy as the rest of this competent sowrdsman. Glee is brewing within. Hope too. The exhausted owner of those stargazers knows what this single glimmering strand still in its descent could mean.“R-Raido!” shouted an Elven woman with a stern voice towards the gawking fellow. She gives an Orc-like foe with bad teeth a sharp kiss of her boot, leading to its harsh downfall. Downward sword of her own makes love on the throat. Crunch!“Is that wha... who I think it is?!”It appears she is also seeing what he is seeing.A short bloke of Dwarfish stature and in heavy armor joins after smashing the head of a snarling combatant who failed to lunge with the intent to kill. Assure that it is down for the count and break that ugly mug with a follow-up smash. He quickly joins the man and the lady Elf in their sudden chat.“What the hell is that?!”Behind a cloth mask, gray as the rest of the rags he is wearing, concealing his vigorous body. Pruned lips etch away a confident smile.“C a v a l r y .”A few miles above the battle-busy earth, steel-clad Venus is ready to bring forth a gospel. In her nerves, it writhes. The itch to partake in this festivity for the fierce. But with what she brings with her, will there be any left?“We better keep our distance before she her descent finally ends,” advised the Grey One to his battle-friends within earshot.The She-Elf giggles.“I could not agree more, darling,” she retorted.Both the She-Elf and the He-Dwarf, also a few others, shout with gusto to alert nearby allies.“War-Mates! If you value what is left with your lives, fall back! Fall back! The Gospel cometh!”They hope that the message can be passed well enough. To their fortune, allies are paying attention even if busy with the vital task of keeping lethal limb-lashings at bay.Raido, the Grey One, turns around. He rushes to then use his right shoulder and what might he has in him to give grief towards a large thick-hide behemoth now before him. Never mind that: leap ahead and smash! It falls down hard and squashes a few dreglings behind it. This makes better passage for his war-mates to be more distant—hopefully so—before the Cavalry drops. Hearts are pounding. The thrill of what is to come invigorates them, these warriors!The three battle-bred bipeds are fending off what harm they can while quick on their feet themselves. Lungs are burning, but the sting of each draw to keep nerves and muscles committed to their hasty deed is worth it.“When was the last you had that darling do this?”“Shy of a decade, maybe. It was glorious though she needed so much work to refine her artistry of this ilk. I have highest hopes that her learning has been sharp.”The He-Dwarf heartily laughs, already drunk from excitement in the details given to him while preoccupied.“I love me some fireworks! Let Lady Kimiko garnish these putrid planes with glorious Star Fire!”“Agreed! But let us make sure all are within the bosom of safety first. Perhaps better, we should gather as much of our foes within a line where it will hurt them the most.”“Right!” Raido’s friends concurred.Roar, wild winds. Inside the immaculate steel, the silent lady ponders on a prayer. It is meant to awaken a well-earned gift from farthest stars. A few seconds after her wordless whisper began, a pearl blaze is surrounding her. Right hand opens. So soon, a red-fabric hilt takes form for her to firmly grasp on. Zoom forth to be revealed an oval crossguard and a moonlight-silver blade that come with the gripped tool. Three pairs of wide pale seraphic wings fashioned from stardusts make themselves known behind her back. They hover and dangle as if slaves to the troublesome tempest.Minutes had flown by. Raido and the rest are quite confident that much of their allies are away. Hopefully, all of them. The battlefield remains swarmed by many foes. They corral much of them around the massive perimeter of their war-mates. Weapons, limbs and concussive mysticism are used to make sure they stay inside. They are fodders to the Gospel.A long loud choir of whistles fill the air. The hasty Venus, now just hundreds of yards above the battlefield, fancies a forward twirl or two—maybe three. The feat is meant for the sake of flaunted grace than it is a practical deed. Let her have a bit of fun. She readies the enchanted blade now held with two hands by the handle. Sword pointed down on the earth below riddled with spilled blood and lifeless corpses. Her breath wafts a bit of her womanly voice.Dash down with the haste of Mercury! A mighty jolt makes the air crackle with a rich thunderous clap as the speed of sound is broken!Raido and the rest watch from the foe-fending distance a few miles away. The Grey One cannot help but feel... proud.“Hairu, Sensō no Tenshi.”( Enter, War Angel. )Kimiko kisses the battlefield floor—down on her right knee, sword driven down inches past the hard earth and pale radiant wings up spread wide. The ground beneath her collapses in a blink of an eye! Her fall fashions a deep crater in a flash with a stretch and depth of a small lake. Nearby foes are knocked away from this devastating drop!F L A S H ! Within a split second, the nearest star may have just been terrifyingly close for the sight of all to see. The very incandescent glow could gouge their eyes out! Under the first second since her descent, all within a given range succumbs to a hyper-violent pull! Even Raido and the rest gets tugged yards forward into this cosmic vortex.“Shiiiiiit!” exclaimed the He-Dwarf as he is pulled in for a bit. A few of their allies nearby lend enough of their strength to hold him down as they weigh themselves down as well.Raido stabs his long sword on the ground to bolt himself in place. Green eyes marvel at the power his prized student is about to unleash. War-mates do their very best not to be victims of this great devouring force. A wide waltz of blazing colors—blue, rosy pink, violet, white and yellow—explodes out in cyclonic chaos from the epicenter: Kimiko herself!Thousands lifted up in the air cry out in their helplessness. ROAR! A callous choir of a hundred proud dragons gives no room for silence in making the air quake from a thunderous symphony. Storm winds push outward and away to all directions. The effervescent exhibition brings with it... heavenly harm.Long zooming and spiraling sashes of lacerating lights spread out—fast-blooming roots they are, going around and through the lifted horde tugged and then expelled to rob them all of footing. Cries become screams of agony as their insides boil. Nerves feel corrosive acid and scorching rivers of the sun. They burn and turn to mere embers as their atoms are denied the right of integrity to make them what lump of a living thing they are. Not worthless. Simply unable to reject the unchallenged will of cosmic fury Kimiko brought with her.“I would not want to provoke her ire on a bad day,” complimented the She-Elf. Even she feels a bit of dread though the excitement of seeing divine power in action overshadows it.Raido simply nods.The allies keep the enclosing line firm as their foes are incinerated by this swirling storm of celestial scorch. A feat Kimiko can only do every now and then. It may take quite some time before she can perform this.“Truly divine.” snarled a fellow in a silver helm while slowly clapping.This single-party audience is on a mountain top further from the rest of the great battlefield. Only a fool would deny that such plains are not woefully under the influence of cosmic judgment let loose by a petite lady in star-forged armor. He is a foe of the War Angel and her allies, this spectator. But he is also a fan of her... pernicious proverbs.“To free a fearsome Beast out from such a fair Beauty once too feeble. Good form, Sir Raido. Good form. The Gospel is great. The War Angel herself graces us with her presence. May your strength and fury endure throughout this conflict. Do not disappoint me, Lady Kimiko. Or the nightmares from your past will descend and prey upon you again ever so dearly as they did long ago when you were just... a young tramp.”Perhaps, the spectator has a past with her. A former patron of a service, a sinful and personal one. One she herself took part plenty but with an ever-growing well of regret within.The winds calmed. Dirt and dust begin to settle. Kimiko is deserving of a deep breath or two. Her vitality feels plundered by this single deed to display such power. Glowing ash fills the ground for miles. The smell of hot iron and steel is everywhere. Weapons and armors were most of the survivors from the heavenly hurricane that only lasted a good minute. There is barely a corpse beyond roasted that can be seen. The fragrance of the fallen and the foul reeks on the plains gifted with a crater spawned from divine wrath.The battle also begins resumes again with whoever—whatever—is left to do battle on. As long as they can still squirm about, they will fight. The stakes are dire, especially for those who value the lives and freedom of others more than their own. The gents and lady-Elf rise to their feet. Duty is far from down. More foes still live to give grief to allies. Rise with grace, War Angel.Make scarce, radiant wings.Sword off the ground.Swing it swiftly to the right.The advent hath ended.Taking part... a must.“...Made it.” 

Trace On

07/29/2022 05:09 PM 

The power of servants

Artoria PendragonMagic Resistance (A Rank): The immense magical power from Artoria's dragon blood grants her a very strong Magic Resistance that is the highest amongst the Servants,[1] especially due to it having increased in magnitudes upon being summoned in the Saber class.[73] She is capable of completely neutralising grand sorceries involving magic arrays and instant contracts.[1] No matter what kind of large spell, magecraft ranked below A is nullified,[2][3] even those from the Age of Gods. As such, no modern magi of the highest level can wound her,[2] at least directly.[1] However, she notes that divine mysteries greater than herself, such as True Magic and members of the Phantasmal Species with Divinity, can overwhelm it. It is possible that it will not function to its fullest extent if she is targeted by "Dragon-slaying Sorceries." In the story, Artoria retained her Magic Resistance of A while having Shirou and Rin as Masters, regardless the two’s differences in power and characteristics. On the other hand, while having Sakura as her Master, her Magic Resistance decreased to B as a result of Blackening.Riding (B Rank): Since “knights” are soldiers who are proficient in mounted warfare, Saber’s rank in Riding is very high. Chariots and normal mounts can easily be ridden, but she is unable to control Pegasi, Griffons, Dragons, and other Magical Beast and Divine Beast ranked members of the Phantasmal Species. She can not handle such high-level beings because her class is not Rider, and due to the fact that she was a King in the Age of Man, she does not have the fortune of having "Legends of Riding Phantasmal Species." She is able to control modern machinery like motorcycles and automobiles in a similar fashion to mounts. The Riding skill is applicable because they are treated as "modern mounts", but it is unclear if it is applicable to aircrafts. While the rank is B under both Shirou and Rin, it is elevated to A while having Kiritsugu as her Master.[1]Mana Burst (A Rank): Saber's entire fighting style and strength are based around her Mana Burst skill. With it, she can infuse and accumulate Magical Energy into her weapon and body, momentarily injecting an arbitrary vector that allows for an exceptional boost of her abilities by instantaneously releasing the magical energy to reinforce herself.[1][2][3] In other words, it’s jet propulsion with mana. This Heroic Spirit applies it in sword fights for defense and movement, demonstrating high performance in every aspect.Instinct (A Rank): Artoria possesses the ability to always instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat.[1][2][3] It is an innate ability unlike something that can be gained by anyone through hard work like Mind's Eye (True). Due to having been strengthened by a degree from the specialty of the Saber class,[78] it is essentially a sixth sense in the realm of predicting the future.[1][2][3] Because this skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms,[1] and along with listening to the sound of cutting air, she can be said to have a protection against all projectile weapons.Artoria's first Noble Phantasm is always Invisible Air, with which she conceals her sword. It does not allow the enemy to determine its range. It is simple, but tremendously effective in hand-to-hand combat. The sword is surrounded by wind that reflects light making it virtually invisible. It is not a vacuum, but the wind whirring around the blade is like a weapon and it seems to increase the damage of the slash. Only when the compressed wind is released is a vacuum state created. When the target has "resistance to visual impediments", the accuracy correction of Invisible Air is ineffective.Artoria wields Excalibur, a Divine Construct forged by the planet.[2][3][4] The sword works by converting the mana of the wielder into light, that is unleashed from the tip of the blade like a laser beam that destroys everything in its path.[1] Although Artoria can exert energy on the level of a Divine Spirit,[3] she has never been able to fully unleash this Noble Phantasm due to its full power being limited by the Thirteen Restraints.[80] Even though Excalibur's true power can only be invoked with the appearance of a foreign enemy threatening the planet,[3] it remains as the strongest Holy Sword.[2][3][4] As shown in the Fourth Holy Grail War, even Gilles de Rais's Gigantic Horror, an extradimensional evil god that according to Tokiomi Tohsaka could have only been vanquished by Ea, was completely incinerated by Excalibur's destructive power.[1] In fact, to beat Saber in a one on one duel, her opponent would need to be a skilled user of a Noble Phantasm that equals hers. A contradiction, since very few Heroic Spirits may possess a Noble Phantasm surpassing hers.EMIYA (Archer)Magic Resistance (D Rank): Although EMIYA was a magus during his life and possesses unusual Projection sorcery, his affinity with “sorcery” is much worse compared to Heroic Spirits of ancient times who saw sorceries and True Magic as commonplace. The level of his Magic Resistance is a result of this. EMIYA’s Magic Resistance is weak.[1] Its rank is D, in other words,[1] spells more than one bar will annul this resistance. The benefit this skill provides him is just equivalent to an anti-magic amulet.[1][2] Thus, even spells greater than two steps can be lethal to him if hit. This level of resistance can be easily overcome by a relatively strong magus, and depending on the situation, EMIYA may even have to pay attention to the attack of Masters. This puts him at a disadvantage against Caster class servants such as Medea, who has powerful sorceries at her disposal.Independent Action (B Rank): Normally if a Servant loses his Master, he will disappear within hours if he cannot replenish the mana required to remain in this world.[1] The amount of time each Heroic Spirit has before disappearing varies,[1] however, those with this skill possess the ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed.[2] At B rank, even if EMIYA loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 2 days.[1][2] However, this is the ideal value achieved by maximally conserving mana and avoiding battle and Noble Phantasm usage.[1] Furthermore, even if EMIYA’s spiritual core sustained lethal damage, he would still be able to survive for a short period of time. As shown in the Unlimited Blade Works route, EMIYA's ability to survive is extremely great.[1] Archer is able to switch Masters, and after Medea’s death, he continued to operate independently.Clairvoyance (C Rank): The visual ability, also called Hawkeye,[1] that improves both static visual acuity and kinetic vision.[2] It affects the accuracy of bows, allows him to execute his "ultra long-range sniping" precisely even against targets moving at high speeds as long as they are within a four kilometer range. With accuracy transcending the realm of men, it is an ability often used for scouting that is able to fully survey the town simply upon looking down from a high location.Mind's Eye (True) (B Rank): A danger-avoidance ability that calmly grasps of the enemy’s strength as well as his own situation during predicament and deduces the available means of survival on that situation.[1][2][3] As long as there is even a 1% chance of comeback, it draws in the chance to put said strategy into motion.[2][3] Although closely similar to the Skill Instinct,[3] this is not a result of talent, but an overwhelming amount of combat experience.[1] A weapon wielded by none other than a mortal,[1] gained through tenacious training.[1][2][3]Magecraft (C- Rank): This skill represents the acquisition of orthodox magic. The category of its strong point is unknown.[2] The sorceries EMIYA learned during his lifetime are without a doubt unremarkable. Even before becoming a Heroic Spirit, he exercised “reinforcement”, a Magic Spell quite able to perform a “structural analysis”, to find the location of an item’s fault and proceed with repair. However, this was just the preliminary step of what he would later master over time, Projection.  Projection Magecraft (C -> conditionally A+): A magic that reproduces tools by his image for but several minutes. The pair of swords that Archer favored, Kanshou and Bakuya, was something created by means of projection magic as well. Its rank rapidly increases only when the projection subject is categorized as a “sword”. Due this special trait of "can prepare counterfeits many times over", EMIYA destroys the projected Noble Phantasms. By having them explode, the destructive power is momentarily raised.[2][3] he reason EMIYA can match other Servants or even exceed them despite not having a Noble Phantasm to call his own is his Reality Marble “Unlimited Blade Works”, which includes “all the elements necessary to shape swords”. This Bounded Field can copy weapons that are seen only once, and store them within. Most of these objects are Noble Phantasms of Heroic Spirits copied through Projection Magecraft, each possessing deadly powers. By the time he participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War, the weapons stored had exceeded thousands.[1] Emiya can freely take out and utilise the weapons according to the situation, however, they are all one rank lower than the originals.[2][3] He can also assault the enemy by firing many “arrows” at once like Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.[1] Although Gilgamesh has a great advantage over other Heroic Spirits due to being “war itself”, and even Artoria would likely lose against him since her attributes aren't fit to fight him,[31] this method of attack allowed Shirou to counter Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon by generating an equal amount of arrows.Variations of the Unlimited Blade Works ChantEMIYA's chant:  I am the bone of my sword Steel is my body and fire is my blood I have created over a thousand blades Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life. Have withstood pain to create many weapons Yet, those hands will never hold anything So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.Shirou's chant:  I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain. Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival. I have no regrets. This is the only path. My whole life was Unlimited Blade Works.Shirou's chant (Miyu universe):  I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unaware of beginning, Nor aware of the end. Withstood pain with inconsistent weapons, my hands will never hold anything. Yet, my flame never ends. My whole body was still Unlimited Blade Works.

Fate, Fate/Stay Night


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RP Starter - Hearing Voices

BY Earthen standards, it was 2:30 AM EST on a Friday. The young female named Ben was at one of her homes on Earth. She was at the one that resided in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the Eastern coast of Canada. Ben was no ordinary human, though when in vision of humans, she appeared to be so. Her biggest secret was that she was actually of a mixed race - a neko demon. She was currently in her own backyard of seven acres. Her nearest neighbor was a ten minute drive down the road, so she was in her natural form. She had a pair of feline ears, a long boney Scorpion like tail, that was currently aglow with an aqua hue, and was lightligh humming and bibrating on it's own. She was of thirty three years of age, standing at five feet, eight inches in height, with pale grey skin that had teal birth markings that could almost resemble blood splatter.. She has long charcoal grey hair, that was almost black, and fell down just past her ample bosom. Her aqua hues were currently closed, and she was in the tall grass, sitting crosslegged.She was meditating. her neko ears shrunk back and she started to grin. She was hearing voices. And these wer voices uttering words that they did not understand. Words that held deep powerful, old magic. words that only those with demon blood could hear."We're here! Release us! Listen!  "Ben would softly roll her head around on her shoulders, trying to keep the calm focus that she had started with. But the voices wer grower louder,and more insistent. There were male and female voices. "HEY! I know you hear us ! Listen ! We are here! This one is special. This one is fun. So different. So delicious. HEAR US! FREE US!"Those soft feline ears of Bens shrank bank, and she let out a loud mewl.The ears had completely dissappeare, in their place was something more suitable to what was calling her. She now had soething new at thetop of her forehead, along her hairline. There, was now an aqua glowing pair of black devil horns.Her nails dug a set of deep lines beside her legs, as the voices cried out louder, and her ears were throbbing along with the thudding of her undead heart. One voice called out stronger, as it was one that had found the relic of her family. One belonging to the great Bahomet. This she listened to."My dear, this is important. I know I am not around to help you. Please head me. Either take this important relic away from the being, We cannot afford to lose any more. Please take care. You've got this."A tear rolled  out of both eyes, and down her soft pale cheeks.The voice on the other end linked to so many other voices, and they grew stronger and started to pound in her head."HEAR US!!!"The cacophony was intense, and she could not undertsnad where it all came from. Her hands were gripping the thick tresses with furvor,as this was overwhelming. This being had their own power, and she was keen to investigate, as now her nose was starting to drp blood. This more than frustrated Ben. Ben had ony encountered regular humans that were in search of pety things like wealth. This felt much different. With a loud sigh, she focused hard and found the individual that had this relic. She appeared, with a loud snap o her tail to the floor. Something of a whip crack, that left a bit of an echo. Ben wiped ther nose with the back of her right arm, and faced the being in front of her. The relic would now glow withher blue, but remain in the possesion of the one that found it, and had either accidentally or purposefully summoned her bloodline. It was a pity she was the last to her the calls. Blue flames shot around her in a circle, then faded. She swould look around her surroundings, then to the one who she was there for. "You rang?"Was all she said, as she took one final step closer in the other's direction, making sure to be respectful and leave space, though she wanted to stalk and circle this one. She had never had a calling that hurt her, until now.


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Austin Payne was the son of Martha and Seth Payne. Seth was a military man that wasn't around often since his job demanded him to travel a lot. Martha was a store owner that sold heathly food items. Austin didn't really get to see either of them very much but when they were around they were a normal happy family. This would change around 2004 when Seth was killed in action while defending a military base. Martha at this point had to work a lot more to keep food on the table. Eventually though she had succumbed to an unknown illness. With both of his parents gone, Austin had to live with Clarissa Reinhardt. A former lover of his father's. There was no explaination as to why but he wasn't given any choice in the matter. From mid 2004 to 2006, Austin lived with Clarissa and her three daugthers. Where he faced many forms of abuse. It was around this time where Austin learned that Clarissa "manlipuated events" so he could live there. The reason for that was still unknown for the time. For years Austin suffered beatings, mental and verbal abuse from these woman. Until he snapped and drew a kitchen knife on one of the daugthers. Furious, Clarssia sent Austin to a facility known as "Fox Hunting Grounds". A secret government facility that trains youths into becoming the perfect soliders.During his time in Fox Hunting Grounds, he would meet Kelly and George who would be his closest friends. They always stuck by eachother when they could. It made dealing with the harsh instructors that much tolerable. Not only did students recieve training, a few unlucky souls would under go extreme experimentation. A few scientists took Austin under the esper program to create psychic super soliders. The project was a mild success. Austin could use "reflex" slowing down time in his mind but really moving faster from anyone else's point of view. He could even sense other people in 15 feet radius. However, he couldn't move objects or conjure flames. Late 2007, a power outage happened and all hell broke loose. The children being kept there rose up against the guards. Using this opprotunity, Austin, Kelly, and George escaped in the confusion.Once they were free, the three of them found an old building they could hide out in. After things were calm, they decided to see what has changed since they've been gone only to be shocked when they see their home become a warzone for gangbangers. For some time, they try to keep their heads down and lay low. But with each passing day it got tougher and tougher. Eventually, Austin had enough hiding and decided to take the streets back. Founding the street gang that will be known as Regicide. After years, Austin's esper abilities slowly grew. Currently he has electrokinesis, mind suggestion and cryokinesis.


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Regicide is a merc group founded in the year 2008. What started as a small team street gang turned into a private mercenary operation. The group was founded by Austin Payne in hopes of dismantling the various street gangs that took home of his hometown. Their main target was a gang called "The King's Men" or just Kings for short. It was run by someone that called themselves the ruler of the Rockies since they had controlled the many small towns and neighboring cities in the rocky mountain range. After half a year of effortless fighting. This small gang would finally rid the world of the Kings, and thus the name Regicide was made. After the fall of the Kings, crime slowed down and Regicide would take smaller targets to keep their home from being a crime ridden mess once again. After some time, Regicide branched out to take on bigger and badder criminal oraginaztions. It didn't take long before the group began traveling to other cities to challenge cartals, mafia and secret socities. Thanks to the members skills, hard work and careful planning, any enemy they faced were quickly cut down. By 2012, Regicide was officially a merc group for hire. They won't take on any job that comes their way however. They only target those they feel are corrupt enough to be taken down.

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