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07/28/2022 12:08 PM 

Character info.

The young woman is fully dressed when you find her but she has no memory of who she is. The only clue she has is the clothes she wears and the items or extra clothes she carries with her in her luggage(I didn’t come back with much of a plan for character but fully expecting certain things to take place) it won’t take long for her to tell you her name which is Evelyn Her ability is fortunetelling, she can read tarot cards and the palm of your hand, "in another life" she was a gypsy working in a sideshow traveling the world


07/28/2022 11:45 PM 


GeneralFull name: Xeno ‘X’ BrightHero/Villain Name: BoltGender: Trans (FTM)Pronouns: He/Him/His, They/Them/TheirSpecies: HumanAge: 18Birthday: June 4Sexuality: Gay/demisexualNationality: DutchReligion: NoneCity or town of birth: ArnhemCurrently lives: JapanLanguages spoken: EnglishNative language: DutchRelationship Status: Single  Appearance Height: 5’9Weight: 120LbsFigure/build: He’s quite muscularHair color: Ashy BlondHairstyle: Short and usually combed overEye color: Mostly white but he has two large thunderbolts as pupils when using his quirk, but his real eye color is blueSkin/fur/etc color: PaleTattoos: NonePiercings: Chain piercingsScars/distinguishing marks: Small thumber bold over his right eye, small scar on his forehead.Preferred style of clothing:  He usually wears baggy clothes and a binder to hide his breasts  Personality and other bitsPersonality: Active, Adaptable, Capable, Confident, Daring, Hardworking, Busy, Careless, TroublesomeLikes: Clouds, Rain, Gaming, baggy clothes, pranks, laughing, bugsDislikes: Homophobis, transphobis, a**holesFears/phobias: …Favorite colors: Gold, red, green, brown, black, dark blueFavorite food(s): spaghettiFavorite drink(s): LatteHobbies: PaintingSignificant/special belongings: None   CombatPeaceful or aggressive attitude?: Often aggressiveFighting skills/techniques: Boxing, Kung Fu, Kyokushin karate, Western boxing, and Muay ThaiWeapon of choice: Anything made of his lightningStrengths in combat: Long-range and mid-range are his specialties.Hero Group: …   Quirk InformationQuirk Name: Electrical dischargeQuirk Description: He generates electricity and he is capable of discharging it all at once like a capacitor.5]=Quirk Side Effects: Makes him slightly blindQuirk Range: Mid-range combat and long-range combat Stats Power//Attack: 5/5 Speed: 4/5 Technique: 4/5 Intelligence: 3/5 Cooperativeness: 5/5 Leadership: 5/5 Physical Strength: 3/5 Stamina: 4/5 Observation: 2/5 Mental Strength: 3/5 Will To Act//Bravery: 5/5 Confidence: 5/5 Sincerity: 4/5 Humor: 3/5 Social Skills: 5/5 Empathy: 3/5 Memory: 4/5 Tactical skills: 4/5 Patience: 1/5   School InformationSchool Before Hero Academy's / School: …Hero School: [Insert random name]Year: 3Uniform: No uniforms   RelationshipsParents' names: Can’t remember who they areSiblings: Don’t know if he has anyOther Important Relatives: NonePartner/Spouse: Still looking for the right oneCrack ships: …Children: NoneBest Friend: …Other Important Friends: …Acquaintances: …Pets: A Chinchilla named Chico


07/28/2022 11:26 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: LukaLast Name: Miller-LangeNickname: LukiGender: MaleAge: 106Accent(s): He has a german accent but it’s not as thick as Tobias’sPlace of Birth: Frankfurt, GermanySpecies: Demon/lion hybridSexual Orientation: Just as gay as TobiasBirthday: Birthday: December 4, ????Occupation: ChefAppearanceEye Color: YellowHair Color: Brown but it's just a little lighter than Tobias’s hairHighlights: NoneSkin tone: porcelainBody type: Tall, AthleticHeight: 7’7Weight: 250 About himPersonality: Charming, Caring, Clear-headed, Daring, Forgiving, Fun-loving, Objective, NeatLike(s): Rain, Cool breezes, Nature, Poems, cooking, Affection, fighting, riding his bikeDislike(s): Scorn, dirt, messHobbies: CookingAllergies: Lactose intolerantFear(s): MysophobiaSpecial Powers: Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Immortality, Superhuman strengthWeapon(s): Katana Family and FriendsParent(s):Mother: Monika Miller(Mother)(Alive)Father: Austin Lange(Father)(Alive)Sibling(s):Ursula Miller (Sister) (Alive)Susanne Lange (Sister) (Alive)Tobias Lange (Twin brother) (Alive)Best Friend(s): ...Friend(s): ...Crush(es): ...Pet(s): Tarantula named DaisyRival(s): ...ExtraScent: Freshly baked breadBlood type: A+Accessories: Black spiked chokerMakeup: EyelinerScars: one that comes up from his chin to his cheekTattoo(es): Large dragon tattoo on his backJewelry: BraceletsPiercing(s): eyebrow piercing FavoritesTheme Song: Stfu - Pink GuyFavorite Food(s): CupcakesFavorite Drink(s): TequilaFavorite Color(s): Steel Blue, Bronze, Platinum, Burnt Umber, WineFavorite Animal(s): Dog, spiders, geckosFavorite Season(s): SummerFavorite Holiday(s): ChristmasFavorite Time of Day: Day


07/28/2022 11:08 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: TobiasLast Name: LangeNicknames: TobiGender: MalePlace of Birth: Frankfurt, GermanyAccent(s): Has a thick German accent which makes it hard to understand him sometimesAge: 106Species: Demon/lion hybridSexual Orientation: Gay asfBirthday: December 4, ????Occupation: BakerAppearanceEye Color(s): Blue grayHair Color: BrownHighlight(s): NoneSkin tone: porcelainBody type: Tall, AthleticHeight: 7’7Weight: 250About himPersonality: Peaceful, Charming, Blunt, Fierce, Respectful, loveable, caring, protective, possessive, Like(s): Baking, arson, the stars, skateboarding, twinks, femboysDislike(s): Selfish people, Scorn, Pollution, JudgmentHobbies: BakingAllergies: Lactose intolerantFear(s): trypanophobiaSpecial Powers: Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Immortality, Superhuman speedWeapon(s): Scythe  Family and FriendsParent(s):Mother: Monika Miller(Mother)(Alive)Father: Austin Lange(Father)(Alive)Sibling(s):Ursula Miller (Sister) (Alive)Susanne Lange (Sister) (Alive)Luka Lange-Miller (brother) (Alive)Best Friend(s): ...Friend(s): ...Crush(es): ...Pet(s): Parakeet named SkittlesRival(s): ...Enemy: ...ExtraScent: Freshly baked goodsBlood type: A+Accessories: Black leather glovesMakeup: EyelinerScars: One that goes across his left eyeTattoo(es): Large tattoo of a dragon on his chestJewelry: RingsPiercing(s): lip piercingFavoritesTheme Song: Bruno is orange - Hop AlongFavorite Food(s): PastaFavorite Drink(s): milkshakeFavorite Color(s): Midnight blue, blue, gray, khaki Favorite Animal(s): Fish, bunny, shark, bearFavorite Season(s): SpringFavorite Holiday(s): EasterFavorite Time of Day: Night  

Alva Kurosawa

07/27/2022 09:09 PM 

Character Details

Name: Alva KurosawaAge: ???Species: DhampirRace: AsianNationality: Japanese AmericanHeight: 5'9Weight: 173Eyes: PinkComplexion: PaleOrientation: Gay/Submissive Occupation: Bartender, stripper and occasional adventurer.Personality: Impulsive, flirtatious, sarcastic, honest, apathetic, funny and loyalBackstory: Under construction 


07/27/2022 07:41 PM 


Replies - I will get to all messages/comments whenever I can. However, real life can leave me exhausted, so I have a difficult time replying. If I'm going to send you a response, I want to it to be the best possible answer. Since I'm on mobile all the time, don't expect me to be dishing out replies every few minutes when I do. It takes time. All I ask is for you to be patient and don't send me multiple messages asking for a response. As a warning, I will never do over three paragraphs.  Relationships - If my character enters a relationship with someone, all Erotica will stop. All roleplays can continue, but I will skip erotica. If you have any issues with this, let me know so we can discuss things. Roleplay or not, I'd never cheat in real so I won't cheat in roleplay. Erotica - Yes, I will do erotica, but it's a limited subject. I will only do Erotica if it's a part of an in-depth storyline we've already discussed and the characters have chemistry. This means I will decline any sexual advances without discussion and without chemistry. Also, my character may be Bisexual but she prefers women over men.  Kids - I will not accept any friend requests from children. That means nobody under the age of 16. I have no interest in children adding me, only to act like perverts. Make no mistake, like whatever you want, but don't add me and try to force it onto me. Fighting/Godmodding - It's been a while since I've been in a roleplay fight, so I will admit to being rusty. If I end up making any mistakes, let me know and I can correct myself. That being said, I will not tolerate any form of godmoding. That includes auto-hitting, not taking damage, or taking control of my character. In a fight I will give you 3 warnings, but if you persist in Godmoding I will end the Roleplay. Training is a completely different subject. I don't take it seriously, so I'm more lenient. 


07/27/2022 05:04 PM 

Yami Kuzunoha Clan History

The Yami is a lesser side branch of the Devil Summoner Kuzunoha clan and, just like every other branch, the position as main representative is earnt through meritocracy rather than birthright. Not being a main one, there have been occasional stretches of time with no Yami.  While the main Kuzunoha branches, such as Raidou and Genrin, protect areas of Japan (the Capital and Hokkaido), while fellow side branch Kyouji handles the dirty work of the ultra-nationalistic organization Yatagarasu (implicitly led by Amaterasu's messanger), the main job of the Yami branch is one of supervision of ‘foreign matters’: they have to oversee the flow of supernatural and spirits between realms, as well as deal with irregularities through any necessary means. They have had ties with the afterlife, the sun, horses serpents, and, of course, a relation to the Shinigamis, a mythological concept that has been spread in Japan after Western influences.The philosophy of the Yami branch is rather unpopular and dismissed by the other branches, due to its clear western influence: rather than consider the flow of death and rebirth as part of nature to live through and transcend only through abandon of attachments, Yami’s modus operandi comes to ‘conquering death’ within the respect of others. Being as unpopular as it is, only the biggest outcast among summoners or people who have nothing to lose usually become Yamis.As the travel between other realms isn’t easy, most Yamis require to obtain such power either through mythological instruments or specific familiars, usually unique between Yamis. As we speak, there are eleven generations of Yamis. From what we know, besides the original wielder of the name Yami, these are not the original names of the Summoners, merely titles bestowed by the Herald of Yatagarasu.    YAMI KUZUNOHA THE FIRST, WHO OVERTHREW DEATH (死を追い出した男) The original Kuzunoha Yami was half Japanese half American, living just at the cusp of the great War and struggling between reconciling both of his heritages. One day, his village was attacked, yet people dropped from both sides for unknown reasons. Eventually, in despair, he seemed to embrace death, and ended up laying down. As death would come for him, he meditated, through both Eastern and Western prayer. Through miracle, he was able to grasp a horse that had seemed to lunge at him… but that was no common animal: Mrtyu-Mara was its name, the ‘death god’ of Buddhist mythology that made humans seek to commit suicide. A fool, seeking either protection or revenge, had summoned it within the inhabited center… and everyone was going to pay for such foolishness. Yami fought against the horse, seeking to tame it, a duel of will that would last for an entire year. His fellow summoners dreaded he who rode Death in battle, for even gods could be slain by its powers. Further, Yami lacked little control over him, thus he would save as many people as endanger them, while seeking to stop anyone from giving in to suicide. Not always, he would suggest. Often he would fail… but these myth of possession and a man who seemed to drive death, while given unusual foreign face would give birth to the current mythology of the Japanese ‘Shinigami’, with others interpreting him as a figure of supernatural peacekeeping. As his life was being drained, eventually Yami would decide not to allow Mrtyu-mara to spread his evil by invoking a ritualistic purification of fire from Agni, the one god said to be immune to Mrtyu-Mara’s power, killing it, but burning through his own lifespan in the process. As he laid dying, the Herald of Yatagarasu, who oversaw the entire thing, would grant the half Japanese the full position of Kuzunoha and the honor to have been the founding member of his own branch. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE SECOND, WHO TRIED TO CONQUER DEATH The second Yami was the very summoner who had called forth Mrtyu-Mara in the first place: as a punishment he would be force fed the flesh of the slain deva, binding him forever to Yomi for all of his services, among his many mission was to halt the Yamadoots when aiming at Japanese royalties, and was forced to spend time with Izanami and keep an eye on her, as well as subdue and coerce the Daiyu guardians Gozu and Mezu to be his servants. He would, however, end up growing too ambitious, using a Kubire Oni as his familiar to drag souls in the underworld to unite them into Legions: with his new army, he would take on King Enma himself, assaulting him along with the other nine judges of hell at once with an army of dead. Izanami, realizing how far he had fallen, betrayed him in a moment of lucidity and he would be dragged in chains through hell. For such arrogance, his body was destroyed and his soul cast in Avicii. To the Herald of Yatagarasu, this was but a warning to those who deal with death and believed to have grown above it, and a sign to other Devil Summoners who’d take this position. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE THIRD, THE LONE HUNTER The Third Kuzunoha Yami, a hunter from Hokkaido, fascinated by the concept of death and revival among demons. Yet, despite such, he rarely hunted to kill unless required to: for his mercy had gotten into the sympathies of multiple hellhounds, including Cerberus, Barghest, Okuri-Inu and Mahākanha. Using them as sleight dogs across the snowy peaks of Hokkaido, he would either save people or ferry souls away, occasionally dealing with the Kamuys of the area. Occasionally getting on nearby fishing villages, he struck a friendship with a young fisherman who showed to be adept at seeing and talking to demons, and always found himself drawn away from people. He would be raised to become the Fourth. His main job was to also redeem his new clan from the action of his predecessor, something he thought to have found the opportunity when he fought the Kuraokami, seemingly having gone mad for many of his children’s death and having turned into a snowy storm that threatened to devour Japan. Unable to defeat the ice dragon, even despite the help of the snake god Kina-sut-Kamuy, the Third realized it had been possessed by the Egyptian Deity Apep and successfully exorcized him. Unfortunately, the Third would never be able to face Apep: having by now performed demon hunting for over eighty years, and unfamiliar with the life at sea, he was struck down by an aquatic Monster, forcing his apprentice to take the reins YAMI KUZUNOHA THE FOURTH, CAPTAIN AMONG FERRYMEN Considered the strongest of the Yami lineage, most of his tales are about him sailing the seven sails and even the rivers that connect to the afterlife, from the Styx to the Sanzu river, all in an attempt to become strong enough to be able to face Apep. You may imagine a life like this may have been daunting, and yet, the Fourth loved the sea and to travel, even being able to cross the corridors of time, which proved to be the the key to the victory, using it to summon a devil that had yet to exist in his own time: The Soulless God, a battleship capable of moving on land. Armed with an entire army of undead, Devils, aquatic creatures and Seth’s sickle, the only weapon capable to finish off Apep, he was able to the primordial sea serpent and destroy him, thus earning redemption for his clan and approval to the Herald of Yatagarasu , who allowed the Yamis to return to the main clan. The Fourth, unfortunately, was not fit for the life on land. After finding a potential apprentice, he would take once more his ship and travel away for one last journey, and he was never seen again afterwards. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE FIFTH, THE HUMBLE ONE Driving the Coiste Brodhar, a carriage belonging to a Dullahan, , the Fifth decided to never stand out: he was a good Devil Summoner, but not a great one, far too soft to be able to draw out his entire potential. If anything, it’s implied he was the man who inspired the mythology of the Korean chasa during a few travels in Korea. He was accused by the other clans to be corrupt and take bribes, but it was eventually proven untrue. Alas, his carriage would end up costing his life as he was called once he reached a considerably old age by Dullahan’s master, the fallen sun god Crom Dubh, the crooked one (also known as the worm god), who sought to devour Amaterasu. He planned to have the Fifth betray the Kuzunoha clans, but he decided to stand his ground and took on the deity. Alas, he was beheaded and turned into a Dullahan for his trouble.From this point on, the Dullahan would become the Yami clan's archenemy, with every main representative fighting him or his minions at least once. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE SIXTH, SHE WHO DRESSED RED A young girl that was found by the Fifth alone in a cave, crying her heart out, for she had a vision of her constant work in the future. As she was comforted by the Fifth by how death was not a purely destructive force but one necessary, she would be trained under his wing, and she was inspired by her kindness. She was, however, considerably more in spiritual tune than the Fifth, the heavenly steed at the shrine bowing down to her and offering her rides, and her tears could either give or take life. There was a dark nature to her self: she was the reincarnation of the Mrtyu Mara who the First had defeated and slain, seeking to get her powers back. Riding a Vimana, she ended up in a conflict with the former Fifth turned into a Dullahan, but she found herself unable to slay him due to remembering his old self. For a brief time emerging, the man told her not to pursue her revenge, and grow beyond a death bringer. Through prayer and meditation, she would ascend again to her former deva state, and train her successor before leaving the material plane. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE SEVENTH, THE CONDUCTOR Son of the Sixth and of an engineer, he was born in a family full of contradictions as they both viewed the world in the opposite way, the mother as a world of mysticism while the father as a world of technology. They thought they could make it work, but eventually they left each other on hostile terms. Their son, the Seventh, sought a compromise between the two, and became an intermediary between Yokai and humans, starting by helping tanukis that tried to stop stream trains from running down the railways (and inevitably ended up run over). Thanks to his mother, he was trained in the art of magical herbs and was even able to distillate them into medicines, although, as he was told, he could not overrule the decision of Death, and saved many people and supernatural entities alike. Thanks to his father’s influences, he would forge a ghost train, allowing the better passage of souls and spirits across the realm as well as punish them. Of course, this happened not without resistances from other realms, in particular being looked at with suspicion by the Kings of Hell, who had already had a bad meeting with the Kuzunoha, but he would prove worthy by successfully defeating the vengeful ghost of Yami the Second, who had turned into the demonic Kiiroi Kaibutsu (Monster in Yellow Robes). While this mission was seen as his greatest success as a Yami, it began making him more fearful of death: he also began growing more hypocritical, seeing that old steam trains were being replaced by more modern designs, which he abhorred, ironically becoming as close minded as he people he sought to show technology to. Far worse, he began to seek and help even those who were supposed to die, something even the Mrtyu would call him out on. Alas, when he would continue by saving a woman he fell in love with, he was summoned to a secret cave, revealing he had been giving away his lifespan to save those people and now he was at his last few minutes. The Seventh begged the deva for mercy, and she proposed to take someone’s lifespan. Seeing who she used to think as her own son falling so low, the Mrtyu deemed him beyond salvation and shed a tear, killing him on the spot. While the Seventh’s lineage would continue, as his beloved had a child already, they wouldn’t hold the Yami rank. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE EIGHTH, THE TRAITOR It is told the moon is where everything we lost goes. The Yami that hopped on the Hippogriff and reached the moon looked for lost truths and what was found there made him question his loyalties to the Kuzunoha clan. Rumors of him speaking far too often to a mysterious stranger, a charismatic blonde who kept challenging his beliefs until he would begin feeding him confidential information of the Kuzunoha clan and his superiors. He was stopped by the Kyouji of the era: while the Eight triumphed in combat, he naively forgot Kyoujis can take over other bodies, and was thus expelled and was almost banished as a wrathful ghost to Avicii. However, before the incarnation would work, the Eighth escaped the Corridors of Time. Is there any relation between the Eighth and the Fourth, as they both used Time Travel?. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE NINTH, WHO REACHED THE SKY It took a few years for a new Yami to arrive, although this one was considerably more prepared and experienced as a Devil Summoner, who had wanted to join the Kuzunoha already for his own reasons: a technology nut, he believed the final frontier was going to be the sky, and sought for one specific power to draw from the ancient spirits, one that could be heard only through faint whispers, which he sought to decoder through faint electromagnetic signals. Like Sun Wukong, the Ninth would rise out and use the clouds a ride to take down a Kaminari-sama seeking to establish dominion over the sky and crash airplanes. Besides this one, his most noticeable was another fight with Crom Cruach, seeking to weaken his dominion as a sun god by using the clouds and darkness to put an end to him. Alas, the Worm God had an army of night creatures: Banshees, the Dullahan and his second in command, the vampiric Abhartach. Crom Cruach was banished, but not slain, while his army laid waste to the Ninth’s demons and permanently crippled him. He would retire from the position in disgrace, but he remained within the Kuzunoha to work on a more important project. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE TENTH - 「X」 Every Yami had a cross dimensional Vessel. What if the Yami became the Vessel? 「X」 would be the experimentation of something bigger. At first it was just the flow of the Ninth’s MAG inside a mechanically controlled body, with a technique similar but not quite like the Kyouji’s capability of transferring their souls in between bodies… a technique that proved the undoing of his predecessor: the malevolent Iwa known as the Kalfu didn’t take kindly the use of such a doll, thus challenged him in battle out of amusement, least it wouldn’t make 「X」 ever move past the crossroad and perform its duties It was going to be a difficult battle as Kalfu had planned to use a special doll: the brass automaton Talos, a giant, and the Keres, an army of female Death Spirits. While holding his own pretty well, Kalfu used a voodoo incarnation to curse his MAG and kill 「X」... only to be the Ninth to drop dead. While it was supposed to be the end, 「X」moved on its own and took on Talos, successfully figuring out its weakness and defeating it. Somehow, Kalfu didn’t seem to mind: everything was part of his plan to awaken「X」, and from this point on, no Kuzunoha would have to struggle to get to the underworld. How was the automaton capable of thoughts of emotions? Outside 「X」, nobody knew the truth and he couldn't talk nor discern anything but its mission to protect, a silent champion against the supernatural and an informant. Surprisingly his AI never proved dangerous or harmful either. 「X」 had been also used for further addition to the concept of Devil Summoning, such as the Daemon Modding, a system to improve Devils with either physical appearances or powers of other beings of matching mythology of type. As a prototype, he was quite successful, and a step up for Devil Summoning in general, but never was considered more than a tool even after earning sentience. Eventually the dampness and humidity of the Japanese climate, and negligence from superiors, would worsen the rust of its inner components until it would stop working. The Devil Summoners around 「X」 claimed that, for an emotionless being, it seemed very peaceful when passing away. Alas, the rusted body would shortly after fall into the depths of the Sanzu River. YAMI KUZUNOHA THE ELEVENTH A.K.A. DEVIL HIJACKER ANKOKU YAMI   By this day, Management has been having trouble figuring out Ankoku Yami, as he is extremely expert regarding the supernatural, bringing as a peace offering incredibly rare boons, yet he is an utter novice at devil summoning, having currently only small imps and lesser mythological beings as his summons. Once he passed the test to prove himself worthy, he was given the rank of Yami (although in Japanese, Yami is written in Higarana while his last name is in Kanji) due to being a foreigner. By using the purified Midnight Bus 375, he currently patrols the street while under the watchful eyes of both Management and their superiors, Madame Ginko and the Herald of Yatagarasu.


07/27/2022 01:14 PM 


Guidelines were created on 9/008 back on myspace and have proven. I wanted to show my appreciation for taking the time to go through these guidelines. I. I was unprejudiced by drama being brought through the role-playing community. Please, I've asked nicely not to mix Role-play and Real. Can you keep them separated!Red Flag: Judgmental, cyberbullying, Arrogant, harassment, and not controlling my character. There will be removed without warning. Please don't judge the character I'm role-playing. I'm here for presentations, to make friends, and to be creative. Seriously don't have the psychic mind abilities to know you're topics. Please communicate with me for a better understanding.  II. Becoming friends? Sure. I can be vigilant when it comes to asking for information, all of a sudden without not knowing each other. As long I don't get involved with drama; because it's none of my business. Mind my own business and mainly focus on getting to replies, edits, and doing stuff. I couldn't care less if I have someone on my list or your list has a hate issue. Currently here to get along. I'm not here for favoritism or picking sides. So, don't test my acknowledgment. I'm not here to show off.III. About my Personality: Please do not take me personally! Nice, respectful, loyal, honest, friendly, caring, understanding, and laid back. Will not tolerate bullsh*t.  I'll do my best to avoid nonsense if possible. IV. My RP skills are exalted at best, and whether not show it off as I'm trying to be respectful. It can be slothful when my days come from being unmotivated. If you are strident at me. Currently careless and will ignore you. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years.: I do Paragraphs, Multiply through Novella in Organization & Message. Crossover is welcome.  Role-play through wall statues more often. Please keep Real drama out of it! Role-play drama is acceptable. If there is a story plot you are dissatisfied with, please let me know for a re-discussion.  Greeting & Chat welcome in comments & messages. I accept that Rper acts like an adult and doesn't start bullsh*t.  About my Discord. Rare giving out to anyone that's going to harass or start trouble. Be careful to who I give my discord out. Use Discord for Rp and Chat mainly. I don't mind joining a server<--just be careful who I join.V. About Edits & Layout: Yes, I do edit and layout for a close relative. VI. Here is some genre list that I'm here for: Adventure, Action, Thrilling/Suspense, Slice of Life, RP Drama, Horror, Creepypasta, Fantasy, Video Game, Spar/Fighting, Anime. Not Interest is Romance, Smut.  VII. I do have a LIFE! Being online 24/7 isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand I have responsibilities outside. Occasionally try to be online ASAP for your replies. Do not RUSH ME. I do respect everyone's absence delays, please do the same for me. VIII. My Where about: Retirement can occur if dealing with circumstances outside, etc. Return when life settles down. Going on a hiatus for the emergency, only give out a small brief notification when I return. IX. Thrilling presentation such as battle. If so, those performances are welcome through statues, messages, and organizations. Otherwise, there will not be any tolerated god mods, auto hits, etc. X. About the Relationship: Currently Taken in both statuses. If you try to confect me to do smut, Rp date, or flirtation will be removed. I'm laid back, here for friends and rp fun. No hitting and flirting.XI. Grammar is a Must: Insist you using grammar & literate. Understand when it comes down to making an error typo. Do your best. Don't accept perfectionism. You all are here to have fun. I'll do my best. I'm dissatisfied with unnecessary grammar. XII. Joining Organization: Concerned about whom I'm joining, exceptionally when it comes to those that expect you to know when there are no rules. For now, I will be asking, which is none of my concern but to avoid any situation. XIII. I've known by Role-play Code Conduct used to be in a group way back on Myspace. I know the valuable meaning of RP. I know the limits of what I'm allowed and can't do. Therefore, please don't treat me like I don't understand. 

Shiro Ren

07/26/2022 08:36 PM 

Things to note when interacting with this account

I won't deal with throwaway accounts, those constantly involved in drama, X only accounts, and certainly no mature only accounts. Rp shouldn't be only about whether or not you get to rock the bed.I also am iffy about adding private accounts because I don't have any idea what I'd be adding. I don't like to guess.This character won't care much of your character feelings so be warned she has a sharp tongue at times. If you take what happens in rp personally then this isn't the account for you.Third person only, semi is lowest I'll go. No need to ask me if I want to rp. The answer will always be yes. If I'm not feeling up to it, I'll let you know. But we can still discuss so when I am ready we can begin. I am also open to ooc as long as nothing personal is asked.If a battle comes, general fight rules apply. Speaking of rp I will not accept anything that wouldn't make sense for this character. For example, a maid, or a school kid.That's it for now, I rather not scare off too many people.


07/26/2022 04:56 PM 

Aolani Naia

This is a WIP until I can get time after work. She is of her own universe which I am worldbuilding. If you don't like it then leave. I could be flexible if needed.Name: Aolani Naia Age: Physically 24, actual age ~4.5 billionHeight: 6'2"Personality: Caring, even lovingBrief bio:    Aolani is a deity of earth. She is one of a set of triplets, all of which had their own role in the creation of earth itself. Aolani took on the task of creating not only the mantle, but also inner and outer core. She holds down the fort so to speak concerning the magnetic fields as well as the north and south poles by that degree.     Aolani is very friendly. She is pacifistic in nature, meaning she does not wish to fight but to live among the humans. Her physical characteristics consist of lavender hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and a build that of a boxer (highly athletic). Aolani is the owner of a small tattoo and piercing shop in the city; herself having 4 ear piercings, a tattoo of the moon phases down her spine, as well as a nose piercing.     Unfortunately, with being a deity, there is always more than one. Aolani ran into bad blood with a fellow goddess, and at the time a husband and two daughters. The feud went on for 4 years, even physically fighting at times. The other goddess in turn brutally murdered Aolanis family, leaving her not only widowed but childless. She doesn't enjoy mentioning it, and even prefers not to. 


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✶Roleplay info✶1) I will play men, women, and other gender identities(I will not play shemales, c*nt boys, or f*tas. Asking me to play those things are something that will get you blocked)2) I'm straight trash at playing canon characters, so don't ask for me to play one.3) I will do MxM, MxF, NbxM, NbxF, AxM, AxF4) I will play all the guys I have in my blog as doms, except for my trans character, Xeno. He is strictly a sub. The women I have listed will also be played at subs mostly because I hate putting strap-ons on my female characters if it's not in an FxF roleplay.5) Semi, para, and mulitpara are my go-tos. But don't ask me to do Novella or do one-liners than get mad when I don't reply. I lose motivation to write very fast, so the replies will be between a few minutes and a few days, depending on how much energy I have.6) Please be respectful7) Grammer is important, you don't have to have perfect grammar (especially if English is not your first language)8) I do mainly fandom roleplays. But I also do oc verses and original ideas.9) I will do FxF, but it is VERY rare for me to do so.10) No bestiality, p*dos, not a fan of furries but I am alright with them, not to the point where I will do a roleplay with them, but I'm fine with them. 11) I will give you three days to reply before I send a bump, and if you don't reply after a week I will unadd you. But I will make an exception if you said you would be leaving for a certain amount of time.12) N*fw isn't a must, if you aren't comfortable with it, we don't have to do it.✶Other info✶1) You add, you message first. I add, I message first. It's that simple2) Not much of a detailed writer, but I do try my best.3) I have a life, just like you. So if I don't get back to you in a few days tell me that I didn't reply and I will try to get a reply out to you as soon as possible.4) Do not spam me, just like my last rule; I will get a reply out to you as soon as I can, but that doesn't mean spam me until I reply, because that will just end in me deleting you.


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Fandoms and genres

٭Animes٭Mha/BnhaNarutoFairy TailBlack ButlerHunter x Hunter*Video games٭FnafYandere SimulatorFriday Night Funkin’ Sally faceScp FoundationUndertaleBATIMLittle NightmaresFran Bow *Shows/Movies/books٭Miraculous LadybugBig Hero 6 (maybe)DescendantsIT(2017)Total DramaTeen TitansThe loud houseHarry PotterHelluva bossMarvelDCSuicide Squad(2016)Adventure TimeGravity FallsCriminal MindsTMNTThe BoondocksFamily GuyRick And MortySlashers٭Other*Creepypasta---------------------------------------------------٭Genres٭ActionCrossoversDramaGoreHorrorRomanceCartoonComedyCrimeModernSchool LifeSupernaturalSuspenseSlice of lifeLGBTQIA+Urban Fantasy


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The boys

-Twin 1 General-Gender: MaleName: EthanPronunciation: AY-tahnLast Name: AdamsNickname: Tin-TinAge: 1,000 years or olderAge They Appear: Somewhere in their 20’s or 30’sMental Age: 24Birthday: UnknownBirthplace: AsiaRace/Species: Asian, hell catCurrent Home: ….Occupation: Butler —-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 Personality-Good Traits:- Respectful- Discreet- Clever- Faithful- Patient- Careful- RationalBad Traits:- Violent- Stubborn- Obsessive- Devious Likes:- seafood- planning and making lists- beading- Necromancy- Bird watching- Knife throwing- Dominating other men Dislikes:- Children- Astrology Strengths:- Daring- Logical- Observant- Strong- Loyal Weaknesses:- Jealous- Idiotic- Childish Habits:- Biting Fingernails Fears:- Atychiphobia- … —-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 physical-Weight: 240LbHeight: 6’3FtScars: His back, legs, and stomachCurrent Injuries: NoneMental Disorders: None —-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 Appearance-Natural Hair Color: BlackEye Color: PurpleSkin Tone: Sand —-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 Clothes-CasualWorkPajamas: A plain white shirt, and plain white pants—-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 Accessories-Casual: A pair of glassesFormal: Glasses, and white gloves—-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 relationships-Sexuality: Bisexual with more of a male leanFriends:- Ryan- …- ...- ... Romantically Involved Partner:- NomeSignificant Other(s):- None —-------------------------------------------------Twin 1 abilities/powers.-Power(s):- Enhanced punch. (Able to destroy most things with a single punch)-  Wall crawler. (Stick to almost any surface and crawl about like a gecko)- Demonic. (Harbour dark powers, arcane knowledge, and increased abilities and strength)  Weapon(s):- A Copper Flail.It was created for practice.The Array flail head is large and covered in long spikes connected to the haft with a rope 9 inches/23cm long.The 16 inches/41cm long cherry (moderately hard, easy to carve pale wood) haft is decorative and painted orange.The full flail is lightweight, perfectly balanced, and is not to be used by a beginner.—-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 general-Gender: MaleName: RyanLast Name: AdamsNick Name: RyderAge: 1,000 years or olderAge They Appear: Somewhere in their 20’s or 30’sMental Age: 24Birthday: UnknownBirthplace: AsiaRace/Species: Asian, hell catCurrent Home: ….Occupation: Butler—-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 personality-Good Traits- Agreeable- Faithful- Passionate- Capable- Intelligent- Trustworthy   Bad Traits:- Sadist- Weak-Willed- Violent- Lustful Likes:- cotton- orderliness- sincerity plays- jewelry- cupcakes- colors- flings- storm chasing Dislikes:- escapism- pizza- religions- asparagus  Strengths:- Humble- Clever-  Alert- ResponsibleWeaknesses:- Aimless-  Lustful- Possessive Habits:- Tilting head in thought- Grinding teeth Fears:- Dolls—-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 physical-Weight: 240LbHeight: 6’3FtScars: A few old bruisesCurrent Injuries: NoneMental Disorders: anxiety —-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 appearance-Natural Hair Color: WhiteCurrent Hair Color: …Eye Color: BlueSkin Tone: Sand —-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 clothing-Change the white to purple CasualFormal: The same as his casualPajamas: Plain black shirt and plain back pants —-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 accessories-Casual: Heart-shaped hair clip, a collar that keeps him connected with his brotherFormal: Same thing for formal—-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 relationships-Sexuality: Bisexual with no lean Friends:- …- …- …- …Romantically Involved Partner: None yet —-------------------------------------------------Twin 2 supernatural abilities/powers-Power(s):- An enhanced sense of taste. (Detect the faintest flavors and scents when tasting something)- Pitcher's arm. (Throw items super fast and super far)- Force field. (Produce a concentrated wall of energy that repels objects and energy)- Necromancer. (Raise the dead as a zombie)Weapon(s):- An Iron Sword. It was created as a decoration and was made by a legendary blacksmith.The blade is strong, currently has a very sharp edge, and has an insignia engraved on one side.It has a fancy guard, a grip inlaid with precious stones, and a square pommel.It is very heavy, is perfectly balanced, and can only be used effectively by a master.The scabbard is made of jade with bronze trimmings

A Fair Gent

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( Sample Entry. )
Current mood:  relaxed

  This fellow underneath a canopy of sturdy cloth does his best to not overly mind the monsoon. The morning hour feels dim by the sadness from the heavens still going on, hiding the sun away. At times, he wipes the tears from high above that led leaped or glided onto his face. The humming is loud like applause of a pleased crowd on loop. The endless descent of drops as the earth around him is being thoroughly soaked for miles. A stern footstep can break through the fair melody or even with words aired clearly and without shame. Near a tree on the side of a paved provincial road, Madara has been waiting shy of half an hour. He is doing his very best to ignore what discomfort of being drenched there is to be felt. To his better act of wisdom, he came to commit this outdoor waiting with a pair of leather footwear. Such tall leggings are without a single puncture to merely let the rain pester his socks and, more so, his toes. Just the thought of having them soaked in a manner he is not fond of stirs something sour and shudder-worthy in this black-haired fellow. The greater canopy of long branches behind him has its many leaves back that withered away for two seasons. It does much to shun away much of the downfall. The waiting fellow takes a deep breath, pleased by the chill in the mid-spring air. A smile soon curves a bit on his lips made somewhat wet by the rain. It isn’t just from the nice refreshment for the lungs, no. The arched pair made out of some semblance of delight also comes from the mellow pitter-patter of footsteps. They aren’t his, that’s for certain. Blue eyes swing together but without anything else from his rather pale-skinned face. “Couldn’t you have picked a better place to meet?” Madara asked the newcomer.“Somewhere, I don’t know... dry?”The other replies but after scoffing a short light wheeze, “Yeah, I could’ve.”Such bravado in tone is a hint manlier than this parasol-wielding fellow who has been waiting for a while now.“But where’s the fun in that? Besides, a little rain won’t kill you.”  


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𝐀 𝐫 𝐭 𝐢 𝐬 𝐭 . ~Writing Entry.~
Current mood:  gallant

      ~~ Mood music! d(^D^ )z ~~      Peace be with this artist soon to enrich a canvas. Breathe in the free air, fair with a touch of foul. In a steel house keeping harm at bay, let the maiden rest and awaken the warrior. Mask away Venus. Make way for Mars. Out with her trusted brush, a slender sharp fang. The often silver blade above the well-gripped hilt is changing into a luminous ink of red and black—moving like the surface of a clear lake stroked by a breeze.    Behind the steel mask, those deep blue eyes are gazing ahead at the large canvas she must paint. At the dawn of the coming hour, she must commit without falter to the artistry she has been bred to perform with near-perfection for many years. It has been ages since she last gave a rousing performance. And so, duty calls again. Her talent for a respective art is of the utmost need. To her undying gratitude, this deed is not only her burden but those alongside her, several hundreds strong.    “We are with you, dear Kimiko,” encouraged a disembodied voice of a nearby gentleman garbed in tattered gray. In his right hand is a longsword ready to bring into life beautiful brushtrokes of his own.   “As I am with you, til my last breath,” spilled the steel-clad lady. Within her helm comes a light smile. But she then replaces that brief moment of joy with listless focus.   Breathe in deeply; bring the inhibitions into slumber. The art requires no doubt from her, no hesitation. Confidence and conviction are better for her actions to be imbued with and accompanied by.    An armored fellow yards to her left loudly yells for their company to charge. Slim brows beneath the helm furrow. The single-edge blade is held with both hands, the tip slanted down before the artist. Her allies sprint ahead with nary a restrain from their body and spirit, boots, paws and hooves. The roar of advancement is paired with the nearing canvas. It is far from blank with rows of swords and spears held by malformed iron-clad creatures aching to tear them to shreds, even feast on their flesh.    The need to lessen the strain of the front row who will deal with the upcoming barrage prompts a mighty forward leap from the steel maiden. Up she goes, the armored artist! While aloft as a bird, she swings to the back of her neck that sharp brush. The red and black ink are stirring like a kindled bonfire, thoroughly coating the long blade. Her eyes are eagles upon the field of monstrosities below the likes she once cowered in fear and had been prey to. This time, they are her prey.    Heartbeat is running wild. Her legs coil in. Her chest twists. Between peace and wrath, her spirit floats still. Refine what rage will be soon unleashed. Ensure those brushstrokes will be sharp, steady and superb. Another deep breath is drawn, her skipping heart going mild and... R e l e a s e .    Kimiko performs a spiral dance in the air, sweeping her blade away twice with the lowest end of the curved path pointed at the charging foes. The red and black ink extends away into two giant strokes of thick smoke with the bludgeoning force of hurricane winds. Thunder crackles across the plains! Apart from carving well onto the earth, what wretches that were caught by the sudden wall of smoke were smashed out of their posture, many even losing their footing completely. Exposed hides have been blessed with deep wounds and surfaces are set ablaze—the flames black as shadows and red as blood. Shrieks of pain air out, joining war cries and hundreds in haste to make their mark on the battlefield.    The fellow in gray owes it to Kimiko to have the first blood on their side. Seeing the steel-clad lady indescent, he leaps ahead to aim himself beneath her in an attempt to offer a higher platform and break her long fall. Kimiko looks down to see this miraculous mass of gray that her feet can land sooner than the plains beneath. Alas, she misses by a foot! But fret not for her dear ashen ally extends a hand. She reaches for it with her free hand as she almost plummets past him.    T h u d ! Kimiko gasps at the triumph of being caught by him! The pace of her descent drops. The ground quickly approaches to which one from their company riding a large beast quickly takes notice while charging ahead. He has the four-legged creature leap up and, on its back, the blow of their fall is further softened. They land down, all safe and sound, still onward to engage in the conflict.    “Beautifully done, Lady Kimiko!” happily snarled the beast-rider after returning to gallop ahead. The creature is guided to swerve right and left, avoiding smashing through or stumbling upon their allies.    Kimiko does not say a thing but offers a nod. Both she and her friend in gray hop out of the beast to not burden their comrade any further. The rest of their company flood the plain around them. Their foes who had the pleasure of being painted by such a powerful and painful palette from Kimiko’s brush lie on the battlefield for easy picking. The merciless stomps upon their fallen bodies and the swords, spears and axes down on their limbs free of armor are crisp. Ghastly gurgling snarls and widening eyes are their response, those fiends.    The man in grey, her beloved mentor and the closest she has for a father, gives the steel-maiden a pat of gratitude on her left-side pauldron. He soon sprints ahead to be at the front of the line. Kimiko keeps her blade close before her and soon pursues him to partake. Duty is far from done. Her allies around her rush ahead to paint the canvas as well with their own brushes.    On the battlefield, all of them are artists in their own right. Together, they bring mural of the macabre alive. The art demands of them all, their dedication to decide who shall stand last and left to gaze well upon the aftermath of their work.  

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