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The Dark Shinigami

07/25/2022 10:57 PM 

His story

As a young boy, Bass lives an ostracized life in the Rukon district os the Soul Society. None caring wether he lived or died, even his very existence seemed to be shunned by all as he was simply ignored for reasons he did not know. It wasn't until he was found collapsed and practically dead on the road by Yoruichi Shihoin that life once again filled his young eyes. He was taken to the world of the living where he lived and trained to become a Soul Reaper under his savior and Kisuke Urahara as he showed great potential and possible asset to what to come.As the years went by and Bass matured. Curiosity about his parents and why he'd been left for dead at such a young age became more and more frequent. Before a piece to the puzzle would fall into his lap after overhearing a conversation between Yoruichi and Kissed about how much longer they should wait before talking to Bass about his past. The two agreed it wasn't yet time yet but Bass was hearing none of this and began his own investigation into the matter. Feeling particularly confident in his abilities as a Soul reapers having partially unlocked his shikai, Bass began his own investigation into the matter. Feeding solely off the Dark influence of his Dark spirit energy, he began attacking shinigami who came to the world of the living, never killing them but using their he'll butterflies to sneak into the Soul Society to find out information on his parents. It wasn't long before he found his answers and this only proved to feed into his darkness even more. After breaking into the archives, Bass found out his parents were executed for inhumane experiences on on people and even other Soul reapers, and he was left to die branded an outcast for his parents sins. This drove Bass to swear revenge on the Soul Society for what they'd done from the shadows, his fate would be influenced in more ways than one.Unknown to him, Yoruichi had caught wind of his travels to and from the Soul Siciety and began watching over him. She'd noticed the intensity in which he trained with now and an icy stare in his eyes.  She wasn't the only one who caught windbof his ventures as the Soul Society decided to act, Kaname Tousen and Sajin Komamura, captain class shinigami were sent to dispatch the Rouge Bass on one of his tours. A set up indeed meant to end his life as Kaname was specifically called on for this task by Sousuke Aizen. When the three met, a battle ensued with Tousen confronting Bass wounding him badly and nearly killing him. But before Yoruichi who'd been following Bass could step in, from the brink, Bass rose once more but this time a new glow in his eyes and spiritual energy that equalled that if a captain. No longer did the influence of malice pervade his being, but now a mix of power, force and intensity balanced out, his true shikai had unlocked through the researched he learned of his parents. Who they were and the desire to not avenge them but to set himself free from the shackles of their fates. The sudden surge of power was too much for the shinigami and he ended up passing out from the strain allowing Yoruichi to swoop in for the save. Back at Urahara's shop, Bass remained uncoous for a week before awakening. It was a self induced sleeped that allowed him to converse with his newly formed zanpakuto spirit who he came to call Fi because her real name, Tasokari didn't seem to fit her own demener. It was here where he learned about the true nature of his zanpakuto and his abilities, the Dark spirit energy and why it was only just now that he could hear her awakening voice. After awakening himself, it was time to learn the truth, the real truth of his parents. He was sat down by his two mentors told the story, the full story. Aizen set everything in motion and along with Kisuke's banishment, several others were set up for his own crimes, his parents being one of them. This changed Bass's perspective on everything and flipped his world upside down but in the process of this realiztization, his resolve never wavered. Impact, he seemed almost giddy to accept the new challenges laid before him. Though things had settled down between Bass and the Soul Society at this moment, tensions were still high. So it was recommended Bass stay in hiding in the world of the living like they and the vizards were. In the meantime he'd train to become a strong shinigami so when the time came and he was needed he could be there to aid and support in bringing Aizen down. It was here Bass had decided to not simply sit around and wait for things unfold. He could only get so strong training with his mentors after all so it was decided that he'd venture out on his own and return whenever he was needed. He had to forge his own path and create his own strength with what he'd learned, to allow his wings to spread and fly. It was then that Bass donned the alias "Dark Shinigami" and shed the traditional Soul Reaper shihakusho for his own style of clothing and set out to gained strength by his own hand. And how would one such as he go about doing this one might ask? By fighting the strongest beings in the universe, that's how!


07/25/2022 06:43 PM 


[ 1. ] It should go without saying that my reality off the computer will always trump whatever is going on online. This is not up for debate or discussion. (NOTE: I am currently on Mountain Standard Time.)[ 2. ] While I am not new to role-playing, I did retire after a near 12-year stint back in 2018. This is significant because I still consider myself semi-retired due to the fact my real life does not afford me many opportunities to freely sit in front of a computer. If patience is not your virtue, I may not be the writing partner for you.[ 3. ] I have zero tolerance for drama. Who and how I interact with people is no one's business but my own. I have no desire to get pulled into people's "he did this and she did that". I am far too old to be dealing with high school theatrics.[ 4. ] Be forewarned, I am a little bit of a Grammar Nazi; paragraphs full of mistakes tend to make my head pound.[ 5. ] I really cannot stress enough how much reality will always have priority. My full time job isn't 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week; I am on duty 24/7 (if you know, you know). I will do my best to get back to people in a timely fashion; at the end of the day, we're here to have fun through creating stories.[ 6. ] I come from the days of MSN, Aim, Yahoo, and Skype; thus, Discord is more or less arcane to me. As such, I currently do not have a Discord handle, but may be persuaded to obtain one for banter.[ 7. ] Thirsty people are turn offs; Gabriel and I are not interested in the least.[ 8. ] I take the craft of writing rather seriously (even when I don't intend to). My process of writing requires me to write ideas down, add details to those ideas, and continually edit the work before I deem it fitting to send out. In laments terms, it may take me a while to return literature; I don't want to send something half-assed your way if I can help it.--More quidelines will be added as the need arises.

Your New Neighbour~ <3

07/25/2022 01:40 PM 

Some Bonus Information

Cheating is a big theme here, and incest is a close second, but I'm a versatile man who's more or less down for anything. If you need a man to keep you busy, or several men, look no further~ Any scenario you want, I'll provide, no worries~ Sizes are negotiable, but at baseline for the undecided, this hunk of dark chocolate is around 6ft5, and a well rounded 10-14" average~If dark isn't quite your thing, we can go something brighter too. Don't go sayin' I don't take care of my toys~ 


07/25/2022 11:25 PM 


1. Story is a must.2. Dont be rude.3. My knowledge of Vampire Savoir is good but its not that good so dont quiz me on facts, what i got is what i got.4. I dont mind Romance but read rule number one.5. I'm on when I'm On, life is crazy for all of us so be patient. 6. No random starters or oneliners. 7. Have fun 

тнє gυαя∂ιαи яαиgєяѕ

07/24/2022 10:03 PM 

The Vampire Assassin

Full Name: Alessandra "Roxy" Demetria Maria GraysonAlias: The Vampire Assassin, The Sweet AngelNickname: Roxy, Give her someMeaning: Look it upTitle: Miss, ma'am, Ms, LtID Number: 500Signature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: 200+Age Appearance: Mid 20'sBirthday: May 13thBirthstone(s): EmeraldDeathday: --Birthplace: South AsiaAstrological Sign: EarthZodiac Sign: TaurusSpecies: VampireOccupation: Spy/AssassinEthnicity: JapaneseBlood Type: O+Preferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: HeartEye Color: Crystal BlueHair Color: Chesnut BrownHairstyle: VariesSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairBody Type: MesomorphBuild: Long LegsHeight: 5'4Weight: N/AMakeup: Light Blush, LipstickShoe Size: 6.5Birthmarks/scars: None/A FewTattoos: None yetPiercing: Ears, Nose, TongueDistinguishing Features: Eyes and lipsHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 60/100Memory: Sharper then mostSenses: Smell is betterAllergies: NoneHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: Losing SisterAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBio:=====Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Input infoFather: Input infoSister(s): Angel Ann (Adopted Older Sister)Brother(s): Input infoDaughter(s): Input infoSon(s): Input infoAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Input infoNephew(s): Input infoGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalities: Her SisterBest Friend(s): Input infoFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Gigi (Female Hellcat), Tana (Female Bombay Kitten)============Relationship Status: SingleWhom:Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): Kalahari Blaze

тнє gυαя∂ιαи яαиgєяѕ

07/24/2022 10:01 PM 

The Snow Reaper

Full Name: Elizabeth "Lizzie/Jinx" Antoinette MoranaAlias: The Seer Reaper, The Seer Ripper, The Snow Ripper, The Snow Reaper, Jinx Ripper,Nickname: Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz, Jinxy, Jinxie, Beth, Give her moreMeaning: Look it upTitle: Ma'am, Miss, Ms, SgtPet Name: Mom, Sissy, AuntieID Number: 808Signature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: 2495+Age Appearance: Mid 20'sBirthday: March 13, 520 ADBirthstone(s): Purple AmethystDeathday: 545 ADBirthplace: KuttoraAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: PiscesSpecies: Soul Reaper/GoddessOccupation: Military/ReaperEthnicity: WhiteBlood Type: A-Preferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: OvalEye Color: Emerald GreenHair Color: Light Black fade to PurpleHairstyle: VariesSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: Lip Gloss, Light BlushBody Type: MesomorphBuild: Long LegsHeight: 5'2Weight: N/ACup Size: 32 DDShoe Size: 7.5Birthmarks/scars: None/SomeTattoos: NonePiercing: Ears, Tongue, Belly buttonDistinguishing Features: Lips, Innocent Green EyesHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: Very wellSenses: Sharper then mostAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: SpidersAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBio: Under Works=======Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Amanda Morana (Deceased)Father: Lucian Morana (Deceased)Sister(s): Lovitar Morana (Older), Cassandra Morana (Younger Twin)Brother(s): Vladimir Morana (Elder)Daughter(s): Kala Ripper, Savannah (Adopted), Taima Ayita (Adopted)Son(s): Tala RipperAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Azreal MoranaNephew(s): Dorian MoranaGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: Nesushchiye Smert (Animal Clan), The Death Corps (Mafia/MC Gang), The Hunt (Nightclub)Best Friend(s): Adrien Kasdeya, Rah Hudhexzo, Kiki, Kurt Wagner, KohaFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Lex & Max (Twin Male Hellhounds), Nicki (Female Savannah Kitten), Severus (Male Basilisk)=======Relationship Status: SingleWhom:Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): Kade (Baby Daddy)

тнє gυαя∂ιαи яαиgєяѕ

07/24/2022 10:01 PM 

The Silent Reaper

Full Name: Cassandra Juliette MoranaAlias: The Silent Reaper, The Silent Ripper, The Silent BeeNickname: Give her someMeaning: Look it upTitle: Miss, Ma'am, Ms, CapID Number: 818Signature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: 2495+Age Appearance: Mid 20'sBirthday: March 13, 520 ADBirthstone(s): Purple AmethystDeathday: 545 ADBirthplace: KuttoraAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: PiscesSpecies: Soul Reaper/SuccubusOccupation: MilitaryEthnicity: WhiteBlood Type: A-Preferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: OvalEye Color: Emerald GreenHair Color: Light Black with Crystal Blue TipsHairstyle: LongSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: Light GlossBody Type: MesomorphBuild: Long LegsHeight: 5'3Weight: N/aCup Size: 32 DDShoe Size: 7.5Birthmarks/scars: None/SomeTattoos: NonePiercing: Ears, Tongue, Nose, Belly buttonDistinguishing Features: LipsHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: Very wellSenses: Sharper then mostAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: SpidersAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBio: Under Works=====Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Amanda Morana (Deceased) | Charlotta Wayne (Guardian)Father: Lucian Morana (Deceased)Sister(s): Lovitar Morana (Older), Elizabeth Morana (Older Twin)Brother(s): Vladimir Morana (Elder)Daughter(s): Input infoSon(s): Input infoAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Kala Ripper, Savannah, Taima Ayita, Azreal MoranaNephew(s): Dorian Morana, Tala RipperGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: Nesushchiye Smert (Animal Clan), The Death Corps (Mafia/MC Gang), The Hunt (Nightclub)Best Friend(s): Input infoFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Ryo & Kyo (Twin Male Hellhounds), Mimi (Female Bengal Cat)======Relationship Status: SingleWhom:Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): One night Stands

тнє gυαя∂ιαи яαиgєяѕ

07/24/2022 09:59 PM 

The Blue Angel

Full Name: Emilia "Emi" Marianne Blaze-VelocityAlias: The Blue Angel, The Silent Darkess DragonNickname: Emi, Give her someMeaning: Look it upTitle: Miss, Ms, Ma'am, CapID Number: 994Signature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: BisexualReal Age: 2300+Age Appearance: Early 20'sBirthday: October 31stBirthstone(s): Opal & TourmalineDeathday: --Birthplace: UnknownAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: ScorpioSpecies: DragonOccupation: DancerEthnicity: JapaneseBlood Type: O+Preferred Hand: Right handedFacial Type: OvalEye Color: Jade GreenHair Color: Crystal BlueHairstyle: VariesSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: Light GlossBody Type: MesomorphBuild: Long LegsHeight: 5'5Weight: N/ACup Size: 44DDShoe Size: 5.5Birthmarks/scars: None/noneTattoos: NonePiercing: Ears, Tongue, Belly buttonDistinguishing Features: Horns, SmileHealth: HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: WellSenses: Hearing is sharper along with smellAllergies: NoneHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: BugsAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: NoneBio: Under Works============Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Unknown Dragon mother/Kalahari Blaze (Adopted)Father: Unknown Dragon fatherSister(s): Apocalypse Velocity (Older Blood Dragon Sister)Brother(s): Input infoDaughter(s): Persphone BlazeSon(s): Kade Jr BlazeAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Input infoNephew(s): Input infoGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: The Guardian RangersBest Friend(s): Charlotta, Tenshi, Lizzie, Cassie,Friend(s): Celeste, Serenity, Mickey, Sapphira, Sammie, Alessie, BellePet(s): Mari (Female Hellcat), Blade (Male Boa), Rosie (Female Phoenix)=========Relationship Status: TakenWhom: KadeSince: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s):

Mel Resources.

07/24/2022 11:18 PM 

Rules for roles.

1. Do not come searching for just a face. It implies you only have one interest, and most people on here will judge you for being some kind of pervert or even a writer who might vanish within the week.2. You MUST have some sort of role set for a face, oc or canon. Make sure you know why you want this character or face first off and then write it out. I suggest some vague, and keep a detailed version to yourself for later on. That way, you can make the reader curious enough to try it out.3. If you're the type to force someone to be on everyday leave.If you plan on vanish after a week.. Leave.If you have no ideas for the role or face, leave.4. Do not answer a role just for a face, or character! 5. Samples make life easier! And then you know you how someone will write later.6. Make sure to inform the writer how you write and how active you might be. If there is a chance you have things coming up usually, tell them. Chances are we won't have any trouble if told in advance.7. Someone asked me if it's okay to have a role request with the same face. Yes, but if you're open to other faces and want to offer creative chances then tell them so. But I have some roles with the same face, so you can do that too.More coming soon.

God's Mistake.

07/24/2022 08:42 PM 


Name.Angie.Meaning.Angel.Age.Depends on the story, but close to six, could be younger or older.Song.Click here! Human.Angel.

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐻𝓊𝓃𝓉𝓇𝑒𝓈𝓈

07/23/2022 09:01 PM 

Bits and Pieces

Guidelines:Unless we've been writing for a while and have gotten to know each other, I won't give you my Discord. It's super distracting and, as much as I like chatting, every time I've given it out my RPs and discussions hit a brick wall. So, to avoid any distractions, I won't be prioritizing it.I'm fine with mature content, but not as a goal to reach or as an overall theme to my RPs. At the most, it can be supplementary. I'll let you know if I feel like things are getting out of hand, and I expect you to respect my boundaries if I feel the need to set them.I've created this character with conflict in mind and right off the bat she may not take well to your character if they're supernatural in nature. But don't worry! She'll most likely warm up over time. Having a friend's list full of mutes really bums me out and makes me lose motivation. If I don't hear from you in like, a month, I'm going to unfriend you out of the assumption that you're either inactive or a collector.Since fighting will most likely come up in our story please respect rules of RP combat such as no auto hitting, auto dodging, taking control of my character, or using god mode. __________________________________________________________________________________________________Scenarios I'm interested in:My character has been hunting yours or yours has been hunting her. My character is gravely wounded and has to begrudgingly accept help from yours. Or, your character has been wounded and my character helps them.Our characters recognize each other from distant dreams and/or memories and eventually learn they were destined to find one another.Our characters team up for mercenary work.Your character contracts my character to be their body guard.One of our characters takes the other under their wing to teach/train them. Ideas for settings: An inn, a tavern, a forest, ruins, an ancient castle, a barn (where my character usually sleeps if she decides to not stay at an inn for the night), a cave, a marketplace, on the road, by a riverbankIf you have any other ideas just let me know!__________________________________________________________________________________________________Misc: I'll mainly be writing in the fantasy verse, but by request I can fit my character into modern stories.My favorite genres are adventure and romance. I enjoy mature themes, but, as I've mentioned, not as the overall tone of my RPs.It's really hard for me to write a paragraph and under, but I'll try my best if you're mobile bound and unable to write more than a few scentences.  The maximum amount of time between my replies will really depend on the length of our writing. Discussions, greetings, banter, and out of character talks are very easy for me to keep up with. Once we get to our stories it may take me a couple of days to reply depending on the length of our replies and how busy I may be offline._________________________________________________________________________________________________Faceclaim: Kate Beckinsale as Anna Valerious from Van Helsing (2004)

Demon Or Human

07/23/2022 01:46 PM 

Sample. {for a story I will be writing.}

She wasn't look for a knight.She was looking for a sword.~~~~ The woman dressed in red, black, and silver rushed through the forest with her silver eyes narrowing at the shadows around her. As if the place would attack her alone, Her tall form stood off to face the people following her even though she looked slightly tired and out of breathing. Her red lips parting slightly, releasing a soft sigh. " ..Did I lose them?" She asked herself, returning to her full height from where she crouched down in a defensive stance. The female was not fooled though. Even though she seemed to ask herself this there was a tenseness to her shoulders which proved her wariness.  The woman herself stood in a rather fancy kimono - far from being a commoner like the people in the next village were. You could tell if one was something other than human, her movement and piercing silver orbs proved to be an oddity no matter where she went. Her skin was so pale she resembled the snow itself, the only thing making her normal was her long black hair tied into a long lengthy braid. swaying by her ankles, a pair of full lips pressed together while being painted in red.       She walked on from the forest and took refuge in the village known as 'Edo' from her knowledge the forest was known as Inuyasha forest as well. Her head cocked at the stares, their dull eyes staring and glaring at her - and so they should. Shifting her eyes away from them she turned her head and looked around, They must know demons well enough to be wary. That is good, at least I can relax while knowing they will strike me down if I lose it. Nodding her head with approval her sandals moved along the grass, no sound coming from the rich looking female.      The night was upon them and yet a lot of mortals came out this one night, a black brow rose in question her keen eyes searching for the thing keeping them out while she walked. A cursed, strong aura pulsed around the female to keep them away from her person. Two demons... Human? no, Reincarnation maybe? She pondered with a frown on her pretty face. The sound of her kimono swishing through the grass didn't bother her at all.  It was light, lighter than most of the kimono's people of her status enjoyed wearing in there life - yet she wore a one layered kimono with a white, and see-through grey covering the bottom of it. One of the arms slid off her shoulder to reveal her arm and a birthmark on her armor was it something else? She also showed some bandages covering her cleavage, still considering herself modest at the moment. The kimono was a little long, dragging behind her while she moved through the other side of the village. Watching a little girl with an odd uniform and an elderly Miko run with her, bow and arrows on her back and shoulder.        A fight? - great. I ran right into this one, didn't I? The demoness sighed heavily, her eyes closed but her feet continued on there her way to see what she could do to help. If they needed it, this was not her fight after all and certain people would not take kindly to her butting in. So instead she stood with the Miko who stood there calmly, there gazes meeting for a moment and with an incline of her head, she offered a greeting. "Miko."       The old woman blinked. " My lady, what do we owe the honor of a demon Lady?" She questioned, her brow furrowing with concern. Thinking someone attacked her people or something - but the red lip of the demon twitched into a warm smile. Shaking her head down at her, and turning to the fight. Kaede frowned at her, the grey hair she had left was tied into a low ponytail like most of the other Miko's around her did. Her hazel eyes widened when the girl reached for the arrow even as the demon wrapped them around the tree with her large body, "Kagome! no, Inuyasha must not be freed!"      "..That might be your only way," The demoness beside her muttered mostly to herself. Her arms crossing over her chest, watching the scene before she unfold. The old lady turned to her and frowned, " Currently none of you are in any position to do something. Yes? As stupid as it might sound. This Inuyasha will do it - and then you can have him controlled after it."       "But-!" Kaede frown deepened, "Just who are you? Why would you care about this fight?"      A ghost of a smile stretched along with her gentle features. "Why, indeed?" She offered a chuckle at her question and waved a sleeve over to her mouth while she did so. Hiding the smile which disappeared soon after - the female did not answer her first question but she did relay something else. "My name is  Yuri, family to the Hamasaki - or I was."  She whispered the final part to herself mostly while her eyes dulled with a deep sorrow that Miko could not place. The demon named Yuri moved her attention back to the fight and watched the small hand of the girl grip the arrow, startling those around her when she pulled it out. Miko is it?       Everyone watched as Inuyasha fell down on all fours, a wide grin plastered to his face. The rumors of the demon stuck to the tree spread far and wide, mostly because of the blood running through his veins made him rather perfect for demon gossip - human too if you're stupid enough to come and see him. As soon as the dog demon at his full height, you could tell he was a male with a lean, wiry frame that belies his massive strength. Rumors say he has a thick mane of waist-length silver-white hair, golden eyes with slit-like pupils, claws on his fingers, and short fangs in his mouth. His ears are furry and pointed like those of a dog and feel like "five uncooked Chinese dumpling shells atop one another." His nose, despite appearing normal, is always damp unless he caught a cold, in which case it dries out. Then he also took on a red garment named Robe of the Fire-Rat, which was made of Fire-rat fur, and also consists of the sashinuki hakama that most males wear when having this on.  Despite it being soft, it was a tough armor and had regenerative properties.       The reformed centipede screeched at Inuyasha and Kagome, but her glare was placed on the demon crouching; even if her words were for the other human girl. "You brat!"      "Come and get it, hag!" The dog demon taunted with a widening grin. Showing his sharp fangs inside of his mouth, the moonlight making his hair appear silver than grey while the moon was out tonight.  Flexing his hand up, his razor-sharp claws sharpened in preparation when the demon launched herself at him. With a snort, Inuyasha moved as well but quicker than the lower demon before bringing down his claws with a golden glow to them his sharp claws ripped through the bug demon before she had a chance to touch him or the human girl behind him.  "Eat this! Testusou! Sankon!" He yelled before landing on the same ground as the older female demon. Paying her no attention caused the humans near her to gasp, readying for another battle, and backing off slightly, Yuri blinked and shrugged.      She was going to Assume the Kagome girl was the one in odd clothing, silver eyes clashed with sky blue and stared for a long time. "If we don't remove the jewel mistress centipede will come back, Kagome." Kaede brought both girls out of there stare, rushing up to the young girl.       Kagome frowned her lip curling with disgust. "Eh..?" There was no way she was touching something so gross! Shaking her head, " You have to be joking.." As if she spoke too soon, the ripped body of the demon around her started to move again. Her eyes widened and gagged, "Ew! this is so gross!" She exclaimed before standing to her full height.  but something from the corner of her eyes caught her attention, it glowed. Just like her hand did when she came across the demon in the well.      'Is that it?' She thought her body crawling toward it before plucking the small ball from the body before it could reform like before she found the jewel pulsing in her hand. Calling to her even, the sound of the old Miko's voice echoed behind her - even if her ears didn't pick up her voice completely.       "So that was it? we're safe now." Yuri questioned the Miko, but stayed where she was so her own instincts wouldn't spike in front of them - she had no idea if her.. Circumstance would make her want it like a normal demon. Both the Miko and Kaede sat on the ground together but looked up when the dog demon moved toward them. Making her eyes narrow at him, one of her hands itching to her sword.      Inuyasha's face looked even cockier even now, after helping the girl who looked like his former lover and now enemy he figured she was just as weak. "Safe from her, maybe." He laughed, "Me? not so much. Now hand over the jewel," He said his claws outstretched and flexing. Ready to hurt them if he needed to - Kaede was one of the many he felt the need to kill at the moment. Honestly, he just felt like making people suffer as he did after so many years of living on that stupid bloody tree.       Kagome gaped at him, Really?! now he tries to take the jewel from me to? Her mouth opened to speak when Kaede cut her off.      "Whatever you do, don't give him the jewel Kagome! Now run!"      She didn't have to tell her twice, scrambling to her feet the human girl barely dodged Inuyasha's claws from cutting her open before she rolled to the side. The villagers murmuring to herself, "Freeing Inuyasha was a bad idea!" one of them yelled, the innocent demon with them ignoring them and watching the fight.      while Kaede pulled out her binding necklace, closing her eyes while she chanted something to herself -making the necklace vanish from her hold and appear around  Inuyasha's neck.  Her eyes opened back up, watching them with her one visible eye which wasn't covered with an eyepatch. "Now! Kagome, say the word!" She yelled at her when she fell on the ground near the jewel.       "Eh? You say that but my mind has gone blank!"      Yuri rolled her eyes at the fumbling girl, "Any word will do. Now, hurry or you WILL die by his claws girl."  She snapped at her in annoyance, her eyes narrowing at her from the place she was standing now. Which was close to the old Miko, Kagome looked over at her again and nodded her head dumbly.       The sound of bare feet caused the black-haired girl to look up, her eyes glaring at him before standing up again and moving out of the way of his claws once more. Sprinting into a full-on run, leaving the others behind her.       Inuyasha smirked, "Ha! as if," he taunted, " as if this weakling could ever subdue me!"      Blue eyes widened at the insult, her lip curling downwards for a second. Scowling at the nerve of this boy, Weak am I? With a gleam in her eye, she suddenly turned toward him and stopped him suddenly until she opened her mouth. "Sit boy!" Her command came out loud and clear, the beads glowing around the demon's neck forced the demon down to the ground where he stayed there for a second.       The older dog demon followed the Miko over when he finally sat up, her eyes softened slightly - poor thing. She had some pity for the half-breed, it wasn't really a good thing to have on you after all and she was a softy by nature. " That's.. Handy," she commented. Kaede nodding beside her with a grim look on her face while they stood beside a sitting Kagome.      Now that Yuri had seen the trouble dealt with her eyes moved to the young girl in an odd uniform. she was a small thing, barely sixteen maybe? with a petite frame, she had there was an issue of her being here in a world she didn't know. Her brow furrowed with concern, her long black hair with a strike of blue high lights going through it swayed near her back. The tip touching her butt, with big doe-eyed eyes with the color of blue, much like the sky in the morning - her uniform was a strange kimono in the color of white and green, with a red sash around her neck, or collar.  Her head tilted at her, reaching down her arms gently helped her by the elbow and patted her down like a good sister figure would do. Kagome's eyes looked up at her when she stood tall, offering a tiny smile in return. "Thank you," she mumbled, blushing at the mess she was in.      "What the hell is this!?" He scowled, his hands tugging at the necklace while he tried to snap it or pull it off his head - the necklace wouldn't budge though. Not without the help of a Miko that is - amber eyes glared at the cowering female who looked happy, her blue eyes glittering with laughter.      Kaede sighed quietly, these youngsters were so noisy. " It's no use Inuyasha. The Rosary subdues your power, hurting Kagome or me is now impossible and she is the only one who can take them off you."      Inuyasha's head snapped in her direction, glaring at her heatedly, "What!?" Standing up he launched himself at the old lady, "Go stuff it, Babaa!!"       The Miko sighed for the second time, "Kagome."      "Sit boy!"      After a few times, Inuyasha finally got the clue and gave up trying to attack them for now. The battle to get him to lay down and shut up was a hard one, however. The threat of having his ears cut off and shoved down his throat from Yuri did the trick. Kagome merely looked on in amusement. Until her wound was touched by the old Miko beside her. "Ouch!" She winced, flinching away from the old woman's prodding on her body. But a firm handheld her there so she didn't move too much. The wound could have been worse, had she not said a word, or any word Inuyasha would have won and killed them all.       " Let me see this wound. I will add some herbs to it," Kaede told her. "And stop moving or you will make it worse!" she scolded her. Turning to her fireplace where the pot was hanging over the fire. To the side, where she sprinkled some herbs into the mortar, before moving her hand to pick up a  pestle before proceeding on crushing and mashing them together. When it was mixed well, she turned back to Kagome and used her fingers to smudge on the paste before wrapping her up. The cold liquid caused her to jump but nothing that stopped the Miko from doing her work, when she was done the paste was set to the side.       " As you can see, the Shikon No Tama has become a problem in this day an age. It was supposed to be protected by this village -" Both girls listened to the old lady start her story, but the brief glance at the dog demon who had his back to them made the demoness curious. "However, the one who did has seen some trouble and is unable to." She admitted, "Demons as you saw, will swarm the jewel you have; evil hearts of all will be attracted to it. Turning into something even eviler."      Kagome tilted her head, her brow furrowing in confusion. " If that's the case.. " She said softly, her sky blue eyes looking toward the back of Inuyasha. "Then why do you want it? From what I've seen you are strong already, even without this jewel." Turning her eyes away from him she looked at the jewel in her hand. The warmth coming from it was comforting for her, but she could feel the evil pulsing inside of it like there was some kind of battle inside of it for some reason. What was it truly?       "..It's because of his half-blood, one part is a demon and another is human." The one known as Yuri said finally, slowly coming down to sit at the wall with her back to it. Silver hues unblinking when Inuyasha suddenly sat up and punched the wooden floor of the hut.      His golden orbs stared at them, the hostility in them making Kagome jump in her place. Yet, he ignored her. "You've been speaking of me for a while now, but just how do you know all of that?"      Yuri shook her head and bent down to pick up the tiny cup on the floor. Her clawed hand moving it to her lips, sipping it once or twice while ignoring the talking around her. "You don't remember do you?" Kaede asked, her one eye narrow in on him for a second. The wrinkles on her face seemed to have that effect. For a second she turned around and touched her face, her grey hair falling over her cheek for a moment. "Kikyo, the Shikon Miko was my sister and I am Kaede her sister." She told them proudly, her head tilting up slightly while her back straightened. This conversation is too personal for me. The demoness thought before sipping the rest of the tea. "Thank you for the Tea, I think I will go and see about settling in the hut you have provided for me," Yuri told her, rising to her feet slowly her back bowed slightly to show some respect. Her station commanded as such. Besides, the woman was admirable in a way and she knew when to bow to someone. The level of bow decided what respect she was going to give - not by much. But, it was enough to let her leave without an arrow to her back.

The Slayer

07/23/2022 12:13 PM 

Sample. {From a story I wrote.}

" Be the things, you loved most about the people who are gone. "  Himura-sama was doing her last around in the village one morning, some days were much busier than others. It was occasionally nice to take the time to relax here. The village she lived in was north of the forest – Which she had come to know as 'Inuyasha Forest.' Odd, but as the newest addition to the village she had little knowledge of what was going on around here. Rather than leave things to the last minute she came to the village that was near her hut from the outside of it.    Yes, you heard right. Outside.    Her welcome was honestly that. The last time she checked they were just rebuilding from the latest attack from demons, and she could hardly blame them for being wary of her back then. Granted, there are a few people who helped her built that hut or house.    The gentle breeze brushed her long brown hair behind her as she walked. The length was almost to the length of the gound. Like most, she had straight hair, minus the fact that she washed daily unlike them. She could have sworn some of them smelled like piss and vomit at one point.    It was around eight in the morning, the sun was just rising to the sky nearly an hour or two ago. Leaving her time to roam the village just when everyone was waking. The fewer people around the better.    Kaori shifted in the spot while checking out a few apples, you can never tell if some had something wrong with them. “How fresh are these?” She asked curiously, her amethyst hues glancing up. Daring the shop handler to ignore her while she was shopping here. She was their healer, losing her would be their downfall.    The old man pressed his lips in a thin line, gritting his teeth together. “We had them since yesterday, healer.”    She shrugged and picked out around five of them before paying the man. She could just see him sneering at her from her shoulder as she turned. “I can see you.” She uttered, the sneer instantly turning to shame and guilt. Kami, you would think the grown-ups were children. Turning her head away from him completely she went to a few more for the healthy stuff. Seeds, and any herbs she had no time to go and collect.    “W-Wait!” A voice stalled her before she could wander further, “Healer-sama!”    Her body turned to face the little boy calling her. Mainly because the child didn't deserve her bitterness as some villagers did. Her purple eyes watched him skid to a stop near her, hands on his knees, breathing heavily after chasing her down. Kaori rose an eyebrow at him, but her smile formed a little more for him. Warm, reassuring.    Did he chase her down after seeing her hut empty? She wondered about that. After all, she came here around the same time each day, maybe not every day, but still…    While he took the time to breathe she decided to look him over, shaggy brown hair unbrushed and washed. He is poor then, she thought. That wasn't such a big deal. She didn't do this for money unless she was giving out the herbs around the market or other things. When he finally stood straight his bright blue eyes stunned her into silence. Kaori eyes widened slightly, mouth opening slightly to greet but having nothing to say.    The boy did his best to brush the dirt off him. With just a dirty, short kimono fit enough for his body he had little choice, but to look dirty. “Healer, Thank the kami! I finally caught you.” He breathed with rushed relief and a bright smile overtook his dirty face.   This made her look at him with some seriousness, her face reverting back to normal with her lips pressing into a line. “Calm down boy, what happened?” She asked him calmly, her tone trying to soothe him.    “My sister… She had a cold overnight and it worsened. I-I don’t know much. Just that the sickness is making her sleep all day and she refuses to eat or drink water.”    Kaori titled her head slightly, her eyes flicking to the sky in a thoughtful way. “Could be a lot of things...” She suggested to him, well she would study the girl and take them to her hut for now. “Lead me to your home and we will pack. I can't leave you alone with this.”    The hope which formed on the child's face made her heartache. Poor thing, she wished to do more than this for them – But what? For now, the healer would just help them as much as she could. The boy lead from the front and took her hand to keep her moving with him. Kaori smile widened slightly, possibly he thought that she might run away or flinch away from his dirty touch. Sometimes these villagers could really get under my skin. She thought dryly, her smile slowly disappearing from her face as she scowled at the people around them.    The two of them went on a fast pace toward an old hut. How could someone live there? She wondered, the horror on her face comical. “...This is….”    “….I-I know it isn't much… But this is home.”    Kaori released a huff. This might be funny If it wasn't so dangerous. “...This is far too dangerous to even consider home!”    The boy known as Ren flinched slightly but grimaced in understanding for a second. He raised his sister from the looks of it, still being a child himself he couldn't possibly do anything for his hut. If he could give her mother he would and that alone left him working hard to care for her during these dire times. He just continued and allowed the woman to curl her lips at there home. The huts in the village were mostly made out of mud and clay plus hay for the roof. Kaori had to remind herself that her home had better ways of living because of the money her father shared with the people.    The entire hut had a couple of rooms thankfully, the pit centered in the middle of there hut surrounded by rocks, an entry leading to the bedroom where his sister was. “Pack what you need while I study your sister.”    Kaori gently ordered into the silence before padding silently into the other room quietly.    Once in her head looked up to see the little girl and as she thought. The flu is going around more often than not, the children she had at home were often like this. She gently settled down Zabuton; the green cushion mostly used by the brother provided some comfort for her at least. Right, now let's get to work. She thought to herself with her lips pressing into a grim line. The healer's eyes scanned her face and tried to avoid touching her with her hand. A simple handkerchief she had knitted took place of her skin. Fever, sweat a lot. From her guess, she might say the brother didn't clean her up while thinking of her modesty, foolish.    “...Ren, can you come here please?”    Tiny footsteps reached her hesitantly, peeking just from around the corner. “..Y-Yes?”    “Oh, don't be like that!” She smiled at him reassuringly, “I just want to know how long this has been going on?”    For a moment he blinked and frowned slightly, his brows knitting together while he tried to recall how long it has been. He was always taking care of his sister so this felt no different. “Two days, at the most. This would be the third.” He supplied.    Two days… She thought with a small smile. That wasn't too bad. Nodding her head she turned her head back to the girl went back to studying. “Do you have a scroll handy?” She then asked a second later, her eyes never leaving the poor girl on the futon. The only sign she heard him was when her eyes glanced at him without moving her head. The boy gave her a scroll to write on and set some more on the floor with ink and a feather.    Kaori dipped the feather tip into the ink and began noting the fever, runny nose while having two days to build up the sweat. Sore throat and joint paint would come with it if this was the flu, surely, but the healer could not be entirely sure of it. As the last of her notes, she started to write the headaches and possibly vomit and… Bathroom issues before she set down the feather into the ink bottle. Goodness. The child has some unlucky vibes around her to have this of all times. She thought to herself, roaming her eyes over the scroll before rolling it up and tucking it beneath her obi.    She rose to her feet and once more gently padded through the flap, her hands brushing it past her as she watches the boy finish the last of there things being packed. “Are the girl's things there?” She asked him, watching him nod quickly, “then grab your sister carefully, we will leave for the hut.”    “Right away!” The boy clad in dirt nodded his head and went to there room to collect her. Then came back with her sister bundled up in a blanket.    Kaori smiled at them and gathered their things, her fingers gently hoisting the basket of things on her shoulder and another in each arm before leading them outside. From there they would go back to the village entrance where a large hill with the sun beaming down upon it would lead them to a rather advanced hut. She often told them she did not end up poor because she wanted to be. Her knowledge became handy for those seeking information, which soothed their egos.    Unlike other huts, her own was still made out of hay above the roof. To which was the only thing she had as a normal thing, compared to the pit dwelling houses you can say she lived like a noble. However, she refused to be compared to such and worked hard for her own home. From the hill everyone could see her home was raised from the ground, keeping out the nasty critters running around. In the front she had a fence caving around her farm, Ren glanced at the many herbs and wondered if he could be helpful while he stayed. Unlike the rest, he wasn't going to let himself be judgemental while her sister was in his care. For a long time the villagers could use a slap in the face for there reactions.    The large hut set itself long ways, the wooden stairs leading up didn't face the entrance so when they climbed up she turned a right and ushered everyone through the sliding doors. Also known as Shoji doors, Kaori looked over her shoulder when a light gasp came from behind. Ren was staring at the ground with wide eyes, the tatami flooring different from the cold floor he was used to.    By the entrance was a wooden Getabako which was another cabinet for the outdoor shoes. Setting down each basket, she turned to face him. “Give me your sister and put your sandals into the cabinet.” She ordered gently, her hands carefully taking the lightweight from him to step through the living room and bedroom to step into a shoji door she slid open with her foot. Settling the girl into a futon she used for other people. Kaori made sure to remove the blankets first and roll the futon over the girl. Then place the blanket over for more warmth.    To be honest she could have done with more room. But why bring more when she could use the living room as the bedroom and study? It seemed stupid to do so, and she was no noble just for having knowledge of building a healthy home.    For the moment she took the time to look this little girl over, black hair was overgrown with long strands framing the front of her forehead. Obviously, they failed to take care of the hair from the years of being poor. She imagined her eyes were bright blue like her brother. What did he say her name was? She asked herself, her purple eyes twinkling with amusement. Aoi, that was it… Kaori thought with a bright smile. How fitting.    Kaori slowly stood and spread another futon for the brother. Luckily, this wasn't something his sister could pass on so sleeping beside her wasn't going to be dangerous for now. Which was good, having him worrying wasn't her intention here. With that in mind, she turned back into the room, leaving the door open to see Ren sitting by the cushions surrounding her make-shift table. For heat she had little so there was a heavy blanket over the table. Back home this was known as a Kotatsu.    His warily gaze moved to meet hers for a moment. “I-Is my sister okay?”    “She doesn’t have something threatening… However, your home state did not help her any either. “ Kaori said honestly, moving around the table to settle across him for the moment.    The issue was going to be about her strength and what she had left. There were things to do and give her, but everything would mostly depend on his sister. She chooses to not worry him but keeps him busy at this point. Kaori looked away and fixed the two cups upright on the table, her fingers gently grasping her teapot before pouring some rose herbal tea. “This is one of my remedies. Usually used for infections and personal problems.” She explained to him gently, pulling back to pour some for herself before setting the pot down.    It wasn't easy, he was restless without knowing more. His blue eyes glanced at the tea for a moment. Gently cupping the cup with his two small hands before bringing it to his lips for a quick inhale. The scent of roses eased the worry in his head and allowed him to close his eyes. “...Are those from your home, Healer?” He asked his eyes opened to look at her, but not before taking a small sip of his tea.    The question caused her to pause in sipping her tea for a second time. Startled Amethyst staring at the child, well he was a child wasn't he? They tend to be curious. “...I did bring what I was taught, yes. I do not know if this isn't known around these parts...” Her thoughtful expression looked almost childlike, by the wildness her eyes did they shine like the night sky reflecting the stars.    Ren nodded his head and formed an 'O' with his lips before going back to his tea with a small smile. Unfortunately, Kaori did not just come here just chat. Really, she failed to see why he was nervous around a healer but there you have it. The lack of trust in this place was most annoying.    “Now -” The sound of her voice rose him from his enjoyment. With a gentle smile from her, she set the cup down after finishing her own. “I really must get to work. However, you can tend to my herb garden. I have yet to do so this morning.” As if giving the hint her eyes glanced outside the window behind the boy, it wasn't in dire need. But it would help him stay busy for the day, then she could deal with the girl and tend to her own chores.    I have so much to do and so little time today, this problem has me falling behind. Thought Kaori her face wrinkling in displeasure, prettily did her nose scrunch up from the thought.    Without thinking he would even deny the job she stood and began going to a small corner of the main room where another cabinet awaited. The wide section of the bottom and top gave much room to the storage, but she has another one with more spaces beside this one. It was, however, in her other shed for cooking and making tea as well as garden supplies and so on. “Uh… Healer-sama? I am a farmer, or used to be...” The tiny voice spoke from behind, almost hesitantly. “Mm?”    Ren took that sound as a sign to go on. Though he waited for the things she collected in front of him, tiptoeing close behind her as she kneeled near the cabinet. His blue eyes not quite hiding the curious interest he had on her things as he looked. “I haven't done this in forever, I may not be good at this job...” He admitted, a small smile coming to his face. “I can only do my best.”    “I know this! Ye did not think the herb garden was big did you?”    “Is it not? It might require some work.” Ren reason with wide eyes, thinking she had a lot to do on this farm.    Kaori raised her brows at him and shook her head. Taking the straw hat, before turning and placing it on his head her eyes judging the size. “Nonsense, here this will keep you from overheating. Just in case, I made something to hold some water out of bamboo shoots.” She told him her fingers gently pointing to the bucket filled with water for him. The trick was to find a way to bring Ice back with you and put it into a bucket of water to keep it cold until they melted.    His hands settled on the hat and fixed it himself after watching her go off to the shoji doors, “Come along now there is nothing to it and I have to prepare for your sister.” Kaori ordered, though her tone implied he had no choice in the matter. Her eyes looked at him. Waiting for him to come forward. Eventually, she watched him go and wished him luck. With that done she was free to follow and go down to the right side of the main house to find a small squared shed beside it. The cooking had a horrible stench so back home they would have something like this – Of course, what she knew of this was far more detailed. Her family worked hard to build the home and even this did not compare to that.    An emotion flickered on her face for a second before Kaori hardened her eyes, the strong amethyst sharpened like a deadly dagger for a moment. Her pink lips pressing together in disapproval over herself. Not now, they've gone and I will never return to that place. She claimed in her mind, though never out loud. She stepped into the shed and cast a long glance around the wooden room filled with odd items for herself. Right beside the entrance was a cooker the front had a counter, stretched to the end of the shed.    Once done she padded softly over to the cabinets around her shed and pulled out the things she would need to make some remedies some would just be snacks for the boy, but most would take some time in helping his sister. It might sound foolish. But the only thing the girl might need is rest and sleep with the helpful handling of being cleaned from the sweat and dirt and green tea – She could not say what might deem a more drastic remedy at this time. Not to mention Ren probably had little time to run there and back for water for himself and his sister.    Kaori almost smiled to herself at the idea. Poor Ren, she thought to herself. Usually, this wouldn't be a worry for a normal family, but with no one to care for them, this could have killed his sister. Not to mention his sister probably has nothing in her stomach – With that in mind, she decided to make a warm broth for the child. She couldn't gargle salt for her throat just yet, but that couldn't be helped right now.    The day passed way into the afternoon before she wandered out with a tray of snacks for herself and Ren. Broth for the sick girl, green tea for while they had some herbal tea – Lemon this time around would be preferable she thought at the time of making it. At least, she hoped he liked it. A child could be a little picky as this day and age.    I might have to get used to that if things go well… Her lips twitched slightly, she thought pleasant.    Sandals made no sound as she descended the three stairs from the shed. Began a slow walk toward the boy wiping his brow of sweat. “I do hope you did not stay out here without water.” She said, gaze moving to the bamboo canteen with narrowed eyes. “I will not be pleased, Ren.”    The sound of the warning rose the boy's attention instantly, his eyes looking wide and guilty. “I-I didn't at first… But everything was nearly finished.” Ren reasoned his eyes looking down at the finished garden finally watered and plucked of all weeds that were growing underneath. Even she had to admit that the garden had been done quicker, but in no sense did she want him to stay out without water and she scowled at him to let him know that.    “Health is more important than getting the job done, never do it again.” She snapped.    She was right to yell at him. Ren told himself but still flinched at the sharp edge of her voice before looking back up at her to see her face soften. Still scowling at him. “S-Sorry, Healer-Sama. I will not do it again.” He promised her with a frown.    Both went back inside of the hut where she would kneel and began setting lemon tea for them both. Then a plate of snacks for each. Some of it would be Anko, a type of sweet bun with a sweet paste inside. Each being more different than the other one. Certain bowls held green tea Ice cream since she was leaving the tea for the girl and not them – After a while, she decided that some onigiri would be a nice food source for lunch with those sweets and left it there.    Kaori smiled once more the displeasure washed away from her face like nothing happened. “Enjoy, Ren. I should go and feed and clean your sister.” She told him, coming to a stand again she padded away from the table where he sat down to enter the bedroom where she closed the door behind her and kneeled on the floor, a broth and drinks would be all she could do for her at this moment.    She was gentle enough to rouse the girl from her deep sleep, “Come along girl. You need to wake for a moment and don't ignore me…. Unless you want to die?” She had said down to her the movement beneath the eye rousing to reveal blue-green eyes glaring at her in annoyance. Yuri looked almost bored at the glare, honestly, she was as weak as a kitten. Who did she think she was fooling?    Not letting this stop her she urged her with a hand to the back to sit her against the pillow and wall. Taking the green tea first, and pressing it to her mouth. “ This green tea is good for you, so drink it.” Aoi's face softened, flickering her gaze to the drink before parting her lips to take in the bitter tea. Soon doing the same with miso soup, it might not be much but she could feel the warmth of both dishes warm her up. Even her throat seemed to ease on her and she seemed thankful for that with a small weak smile.    “...Thank you...” She muttered not really knowing the person before her left Aoi with a questioning gaze toward Kaori.    It wasn't really needed, but for a moment Kaori shrugged her shoulders. As if dismissing the whole thing in that moment. “We need to clean you now – Not bath, but I will wipe you with a rag and lukewarm water.” She mentioned to her at the moment before rising from her kneeling position to the corner of the room. Her hands grabbed the bucket and rag inside of it before coming back swiftly.    At that time the eyes of Aoi could just see the dark bags under this woman's eyes at once. True, she is a stranger, clearly stressed, and tired. It would have been an insult to not let her do what she intended and to leave her brother would be hard on her. Actually, she was older than him but failed to do anything that an older one could do. She was weak and sore, her eyes watered constantly and her nose was runny and gross. By all means, she had some difference to the younger brother. Deeper blue hues stared with a more babyish face, her long brown hair a deep shade to the point of it being closer to black.    It didn't take long for the plain soft pink kimono to be removed from her body, Kaori was quickly to use the rag and wring it out until it was fairly damp, though cool for her. A soft sigh escaped the woman on the futon. She was quick to get her cleaned of sweat and grime before redoing the kimono on her person – I'll need to question the brother on her size or ask her at another time. She thought to herself idly, fixing the cover over her before removing herself to throw out the dirty water outside.    Ren was waiting for her. No shock there.    “She'll be fine. We had a little chat, in fact.”    “Thank the Kami...” Ren closed his eyes in relief, a genuine smile stretching across his babyish face. Then he opened them to see the healer placing the bucket down. Returning to him to sit on the cushion. “...So what now?”    Kaori shrugged her shoulders and her expression turned thoughtful for a second. “I have chores to do with the free time I have.” She admitted, taking the onigiri to chew on slowly, every now and then she would sip on the herbal tea – Lemon tea with a relaxed posture. She was most thankful for the patience he had at this time, lunchtime usually was her time to freedom. Today, however…. It was far too busy for her to even enjoy it. The snack was gone in seconds before she was drinking the last of her tea. Her hand reaching out for a napkin on the table in the middle before wiping her face.    “Could… Could I help you?”    For a moment the offer looked as if it startled her, but then she laughed. The free sound escaping her sounded rare, playful. Stretching across her face to reveal pearly whites. “I was intending on splitting them actually, this will be your payment.” She joyfully grinned at him.    He seemed to be unable to grin back at her with childish eagerness. “I will do my best. Kaori-sama!” He proclaimed with a nod of his head. Bright blue twinkling with excitement.    Oh dear, she thought. I've never heard of a child looking forward to chores!    The thought left her laughing even further inside before she stood in her place, moving toward the same cabinet from before. Then she came back and with a scroll and ink bottle and feather. “Now… I have to collect water, herbs, buy kimono's for you and Aoi….” The list went on and on that, the boy across from her looked utterly horrified. Her eyes glanced at him with a shake of her head. Eventually, she separated them so he was doing things around her home and garden – As well as the shed. Then she repeated it on the scroll to keep him in check. “Here you go, check in the same cabinet for the things you need. I will take four hours before coming back.” She told him to gesture her hand to the cabinet.    Ren nodded his head in silence, the serious look on his child-like features almost childlike. “Be safe, Kaori-sama!” He told her before she left to get her things. He couldn't help but flush, standing up quickly to stumble toward the cabinet to work on the tasks she had given him.    Kaori watched him with an amused gleam in her eyes, shaking her head at him. Now, to collect some herbs. It wasn't the most annoying job to do, but she wasn't in the mood to do this right now. Her eyes closed while she sighed quietly, coming to a slow stand before going into the room to find her basket and weapons which were tucked neatly underneath the kimono she wore – If anyone found out. Kaori knew there was going to be a conflict with a healer being able to fight. Too many questions and too many curious people.    That would be a nightmare.    Either way, this job couldn't be left until later tonight. Demons roamed during the night, dangerous ones that made her regret becoming a healer. The brunette decided to place the basket on her arm on her way out with a bamboo canteen inside it with water and a few snacks for the trip there and back. If she left some of later, that is. Usually leaving him left her feeling a little free but without thinking about it she knew there was people in her home. The villagers shouldn't cause them too much trouble, or at least she hoped not.    Ren noticed her on the way out and instantly became a little worried about her leaving. “Come back soon, healer-sama!” He shouted while waving his hand in the air.    He was sweet to worry about it. She smiled and waved with less enthusiasm in her wave, making her way down the hill away from her hut and away from the village. A normal healer would be terrified to go out there while not being a Miko, people seem to forget it isn't only demons who would attack them out here. Even if that was the case. She could deal with it if that came to be.    It was still better than dealing with them, by a mile.    Finding things for healing and pleasure could be fairly easy if you knew where to go. Just stepping away from her home was enough for her eyes to wander. Her eyes glanced at the list of herbs she wrote down and began the heavy job of collecting things for tea, and other issues like health, pregnancy, and occasional food. Kaori stuffed her basket full before it went past an hour. Then she began collecting small branches for her fire as well, the basket was pretty big so she could fit those in along with fruits on the way.    A sound rose from the deepest part of the forest. Kaori stood up slowly, feeling the very ground shake suddenly from the sound echoing out of the forest. She stumbled slightly but caught herself by pressing her hands onto the floor to keep herself from falling all the way down. “What… On earth?” Her eyes scanned the surrounding place, it was nothing near the surrounding area. But it was close enough to make her feel the vibrations on the ground?    Whatever it was is close, very close. A demon, but what kind? Even I couldn't handle that out here. She knew that very well, there was a pause before she caught herself and stood upright. Taking a step forward the first thing she did was look for anything out of the ordinary, heading further into the thick surrounding trees leading into the darker side of the forest – Due to the cover It had many demons came here to wait for food.    Her hand pushed a branch and ducked under quickly to avoid being hit. When Kaori straightened what she saw stunned even her. There was a huge Inuyokai on the ground – Bleeding heavily, from the feeling of holy power she would say a powerful holy person got to him or many of them. Her face scrunched up in displeasure, she hated that kind of person. Her interest peaked when an animalistic groan echoed from the dog and then a dangerous growl vibrated along the path. Red eyes staring at her from his place, large jaws lifting up to reveal very sharp canine teeth.    “Aw… Kami.” He had to notice her, didn't he? No, she really couldn't do anything without him attacking her or trying to. Her purple eyes narrowed slightly, “I'm not going to hurt you.” She tried to soothe the hurt demon but was quickly dismissed with a snort. The air coming from the demon bushing her brown hair over her shoulders.    Kami – Demon breath is just nasty.    Kaori made a disgusted face for a moment and wrinkled her nose at him. “Have you ever heard of a breath mint?” She inquired very seriously from the way she was looking. The Inu looked dumbfounded for a second as if she was the first to ever speak to him like that – And she was. He might have looked less adorable to her if he didn't have some big floppy ears upon his head. Either way, she began walking around him – He couldn't move anyway.    The Youkai growled lowly and snapped his jaw in her direction. It was almost a pity, to see his white fur covered in his own blood. She thought to herself, ignoring the growling demon in front of her while she checked the arrow on him. Oh crap, this wasn't going to be easy, the arrow had to be pulled out of him. This would hurt like hell.    “...I guess there is no chance of you turning back to your human form?”    The Inuyoukai bared its teeth in her direction – Well that was a no.    Kaori scowled at him and then pinched the bridge of her nose. “Look. I really don't care about demons, never have, and never will. I don't judge, and I AM a healer.” She began to tell him – Being interrupted by his snarl. She turned to glare at him. “Healer – Not a Miko!” She snarled back in her own human way.    And for a moment the Daiyoukai looked stunned. Beady red eyes blinking at her, before laying his head down on his paws with another growl. For a moment he thought the snarl was pretty good for a human. Though odd.    From the magenta markings on his skin, she deduced that he was no normal demon. This is why she knew what he was at that moment and for a moment Kaori's gentle features hardened with a sternness. “I need to get this out of you. My lord, but would you be able to stop yourself from attacking me if I do it?” It was a simple question. Her Amethyst eyes staring at him with an unreadable expression. The slight indication he was even hearing her was the flicker of his red eyes staring into her – Like it could see through her soul. She supposed it could though, he could scent a lie and many emotions around her after all.    The large head revealed teeth in a warning for a moment – But still rumbled in acceptance. Whether this human could understand that wasn't his problem.    Little did he know she did. She flashed him her pearly white teeth, almost blinding him with how bright it was at first. “Wonderful, then here we go.” She told him with one last look she turned to the arrow, grasping both hands around it in preparation. “One… Two… There!” She exclaimed on the count and with that, her fingers grasped the handle of the arrow tightly before placing her feet on the ground. The human did what she could to pull out the arrow with everything she had. The Inu clenched his teeth in his form and growled through it for a long period of time before turning into snarls. She was sure if he was human that sweat would be forming on his brow before she fell back with the arrow with an “Oomph!”    The Inuyoukai refused to give in though and tried to stand. Blinking tiredly, his legs trembled and screamed from the weight on them before he fell down with a heavy earthquake responding to the fall. The demon growled in frustration, slit eyes narrowing in annoyance. At least he would heal, but until then he would have to settle himself down on this grass he supposed.    The lord unknown land was stuck. Wonderful.    Eventually, the sound of a grumbling woman moved his gaze to her, brown hair gracefully setting back to its place. Purple eyes blinking slightly, then her lips formed into a delighted smile at him. “Oh! Wonderful. Now you can heal better like this.” She claimed happily, her eyes looking over the wound for a moment and decided it could use a clean. Kaori pulled out the bamboo of water, thanking the Kami she brought this with her before pouring it over the nasty gash on his side.    The demon's head reared over and snapped his jaws in surprised anger, the heavy breathing huffing at her action – How dare she?    “Oh, hush. It had to be cleaned unless you want to stay here longer?”    She was right. Still, the Inu glared at her with its unnerving eyes before going back to laying down on his two large paws. Leaving a very annoyed and quickly happy female.    The rustle of the grass rose the attention of the large dog, his eyes watching her with the sharpness that humans failed to have. “Well then,” Kaori began with a look with satisfaction. “I need to head back now – But if you are healing still tomorrow... I will check on you.” A soft huff from the demon below made her smile widen before she grabbed her basket.    “Heal well, my lord!”    And then she was gone, jogging back through the forest to return home.


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