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07/22/2022 06:42 PM 

Momma Stevie's Rules

First and foremost, pleasure to have ya here. This is intended to communicate some preferences and answer any questions you might have before we get the ball rolling.  Don't fret about late responses. I have two jobs and hobbies outside of this, so I'll always understand. In that same regard, I do expect the same patience in return. Will do my best to get replies within a reasonable timeframe. If you start some weirdo drama, I'm out. I'm extremely chill and only here to have fun, write, and get creative. NSFW content is fine by me within reason. I'll elaborate if I have to...  I prefer to write multi-para but am flexible and will suit your preferences. Quality > quantity. I'm also versatile, so crossovers, AU, and all that jazz is welcome. Huge fan of IC banter outside of having a storyline going, so don't be shy. You're more than welcome to pop in my stream posts or add me on discord: ScoopsAhoy#1617 Please don't blur the lines of fantasy and reality. Any dialogue or events that transpire within our characters have absolutely nothing to do with real life.  That's all I can think of for now. Will prob come back and rewrite this at some point.


07/22/2022 02:07 PM 

Come and roleplay with me!
Current mood:  blissful

Just don't waste my time please, don't add me and then just ignore me. :/


07/22/2022 08:19 AM 

𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙥𝙩: 𝙀𝙫𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙏𝙚𝙖
Current mood:  mellow

    Guest Star:Aza-Vela 💙      O, how lovely has this eve been so far. Worry has been put to sleep, perhaps kept at a distance as well. Soft hands shaking ever so mildly are carrying a clay cup to bring the gift of hot remedy to the desired recipient. The lovely doll in rags holding this cup is being careful with her steps so as to not stumble and waste away such a soothing brew. A maiden sitting on the log, eyes on an open scroll, is meant to have the refreshment for body and spirit.    The mild crunching of meddled dirt and twigs perk up the face of the alluring woman. Her attention on the streams of ink has been put into a pause. The strolling form of this beauty in rags accompanied by what is being carried leaves the sitting one to smile. She lightly pats the empty space on her left side to invite the cup-carrier to sit down beside her. The doll obliges but not before stopping and giving the maiden the piping hot gift. The maiden accepts, a thumb lightly stroking the back of one of those shaking hands to comfort her friend who she has been ever so sisterly to for so long.   “Thank you,” confessed the gifted lady, enjoying this soothing spread of warmth in her bare hands. Her voice is as regal as a queen.   “Did you... did you already have one for yourself?”   The doll nods as she sits just a few inches to the left of the scroll-reading, gift-given friend of hers. The sight of the maiden blowing on the hot beverage and soon gently clamping her ruby red lips on the rim of the cup is pleasing to the quiet one. Bluish-green eyes are soon upon what her friend has been occupied with. The other takes notice.   “Oh. Well... I am better understanding these old texts, for you and I,” revealed the maiden, still holding the cup with both hands.   The doll narrows her eyes a bit, unable to comprehend what is inked on the old parchment with much of its bundled roll close to her. She musters to speak, fighting her coyness that has been haunting her ability to be heard properly for so long, even to this very eve.   “W-W-W...... Why?”   Although weak, her voice is quite sweet as if that of a princess who has taken a long break from being a thoroughly-punished plaything.   The maiden takes another hearty drink of the soothing gift. Once done and a delightful sigh has been freed, she secures the cup in her right hand. Her left hand with its fingers, all warm from the once-held vessel, carefully holds up that small chin of her sisterly friend. Her bewitching blue eyes, brilliant as a snowflake, are aiming to bring comfort and clarity to the confused young lady.  “You and I have been arms of the apocalypse for so long, Thea. What we can do so well was tempered with the means to unmake things, to end life. However, it has never been limited to accomplishing those horrid goals. With enough wisdom and leeway on how to go about things, we can also achieve the opposite. And so, my dearest, I humbly ask you this: what if you and I can create rather than just destroy?”    Thea, the doll in rags, gently meets the chin-holding hand of her friend with a loving clasp on its back, the former soon striding up to hold her creamy cheek. Thea’s sealed pink lips squirm as if holding back sadness. But truly, it is a wave of blissful disbelief being suppressed. She takes a deep breath with a great desire to actually free something less vague and more confident. But it would be a whisper, not a loud proud clamor.   “I... I would love that, Aza. I would love to create... finally.”    Aza, the blue-eyed tea-indulging reader, cannot unmake her smile upon Thea. The red-haired sisterly ray of sunshine is irreplaceable, invaluable, inconceivably important to this tormented beauty. Torment, that is something they have shared for too long. Even after their escape from the ungodly regime, the harrowing heyday of being nothing more than tools to bring the worst and be given the worst still haunts her as she knows it still also haunts Thea.    No longer will they have to commit such atrocities and be one on the end of plenty, black and barbaric each act. Aza will not allow herself and Thea to go through all of it again. Their powers to unmake things will be far more disciplined, only to be wielded in the utmost of need. With the scroll on her lap, Aza can perhaps pave the way to a better tomorrow for both of them. Much less of atom collapsing or being rearranged to something terrifying but remodeling something terrific instead. So Aza does sorely hope.    The golden-haired lady frees her hand from uniting with Thea’s cheek and sips on the hot tea again. The eagerness to share this warm wealth with her sister overwhelms her. She must let some of it loose through being the ever-caring elder out of the two of them. She moves her cup-bearing hand closer to Thea.  “P-Please, Thea, have a bit more tea with me. I insist.”    Thea, although hesitant for a few seconds, does not want to be rude towards Aza. She obliges after her doubt is dragged back into the depths of her broken being. Hands soon retrieve what she once gave away. Pink lips open lightly, letting the breeze behind them cool off the steamy surface. The inevitable follows, delighting herself with the tea. The cup soon reaches half-full. Aza waits for Thea to finish, wanting to free the hands of the other. Thea gives the cup back to Aza, sliding herself a bit closer.   “Thank you,” Thea whispered before placing her head to rest on Aza’s left shoulder. Free away a merry sigh.    Aza feels like melting from how doting this beautiful doll next to her is. Even if it would harm her badly in ways no other folk would fathom to go through, Aza will go through hell and back to protect this red-haired angel. She sips on a fair helping before gently leaning the nearest cheek of hers on Thea’s head. Brilliant blue eyes are upon the streams of ink on the parchment.    “You are ever so welcome, my Thea.”    The lovely eve with its peace proceeds.   a n i r o l e p l a y / B r o k e n A n g e l    

Cousland Mercy.

07/21/2022 06:46 PM 


" She might be down to earth and rooted to reality, by responsibility but her soul is a wild one; always set on finding magic in sunset and sunrises that others take for granted. "  “..The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men which brought the Darkspawn into our world. The mages had sought to usurp haven, but instead, they destroyed it. They were cast out, twisted and turned by there own corruption. They returned as monsters, the first of the Darkspawn. They became a blight upon the lands, unstoppable and relentless. The dwarven kingdoms were the first to fall, and from the deep roads, the dark spawn drove at us again and again until finally, we neared annihilation. Until the Grey wardens came-” The lady with long white hair spoke loud and clear, the very tips of her hair covered in a light blue. She brushed over her shoulder while she dressed very casually for reading that morning. Her face was shaped into a heart, covered with a fair complexion almost resembling snow itself. Her teal eyes gazed down at the book in her lap, the words coming out of her mouth like she knew the story from the heart. Those long eyelashes fluttered briefly for a moment before her eyes looked up at the children waiting on the floor in front of her.  Elenora Cousland was a woman of few words when it concerned people out of the family or her home, she was dressed in a puffy shirt which had a few strings at the front that she tied lightly. There was a blue and gold vest that covered her completely, protecting her from the harmful sun around this season. Instead of wearing a skirt she chooses a more practical outfit and placed on some breeches for the sake of walking around and doing the normal rounds as the second heir. On her hip, she had a single sword and brown belt hanging from her side, more for looking at than fighting with. ‘Looks are important.’ As her mother would preach more often than she liked. “Well, I think this is all I can do. Oren,” she said to him. Her blue eyes glancing at him to see his bottom lip poking out more. Rolling her eyes at him, and standing on her own two feet with the brown leather boots tapping on the floor. The book was sat on the side even though the children whined and complained about going back to there lesson.  “Aw...!” The younger boy whined. His brown eyes looking up from his lap after a second, following his Aunt and walking on the floor with her. The small boy was a boy with his mother's ginger hair, a pair of chocolate brown eyes from his father. Who was the first heir to the Cousland line, though not really favored to take over because of his family blood. “Do we have to, Aunty?” He asked again. His brow furrowing slightly while he scowled at the reminder of his father leaving this morning. He was a smart boy, who still have trouble speaking like the rest of him. However, the blood of a Cousland showed through his eagerness to learn and smart talk. He was often found playing with the wooden sword or playing with Elenora who never turned him down. Elenora closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Oren,” She started off sternly, giving him a look. “Fergus is leaving today and I want you to spend time with him. Understand? I have duties to attend to and father is waiting for me.” She explained, her hand touching his head and ruffling his hair. Unlike her he was dressed like the other children, a white shirt and brown shorts with his brown vest opened. The simple shoes on his feet were recently made so he could run around and cause as much trouble as he liked.  Oren sighed, his eyes had a glossy look covering them. “I guess..” He mumbled, his hair falling over his face until her soft hand left his hair. Eventually, he nodded and reached up to give his Aunt a kiss before taking off down the courtyard. Leaving the older woman to watch him go, mixed feelings that came with the first day his father had to leave made her a little guilty and she knew it as much as anyone. Letting someone go out to fight these.. Things was hard for anyone to do. For generations her family the Couslands. Has steward the lands of Highever, earning the loyalty of there people with justice and temperance. When the country and occupied the Orlesian Empire, her father. Bryce Cousland and grandfather served the embattled kings of your land. Today, Elenora's brother takes house Couslands banner in service to the crown--not against the men of Orlais. But against the bestial rising in the south. It was going around her country faster than her father or mother could have planned and now a lot of people worry about them being without her father. She understood, he was a great man and father.  The heiress turned on her heel and made her way through the courtyard. The two soldiers stand at the large gate stood at attention and saluted her. Her lip turned upward at this, “Stand at ease men.” She chuckled. Making her way through the gate the shoulders of each man behind her relaxed. Elenora was the type of woman you could grow to respect and yet there was a powerful presence that came with her. The title never made you powerful, what power came from was the person herself. Instead of using that power, she worked on being herself. A lady and a warrior. Eleanor Cousland wasn’t happy about this and her mother enjoyed bringing her down from her proud image, a lady should be a lady and not both.  “Elenora Cousland!” The woman in person yelled at her from the entryway of the gates the woman standing talk much as she did. Enough to make herself cringe in waiting, “Your father has been waiting for you with, Howe. How long do you intend to lazing around?” Eleanor continued to lecture her. Her eyes looking at her casual attire, the brow on her forehead wrinkled as soon as she finished. The frown on her wrinkled face made it more amusing in a way, unlike her hair was Grey and tied back into two braided buns to keep everything away from her face. The heart-shaped face she had as well made her stand out more. Those silver eyes piercing into her soul, “what have I told you? Dress before meeting with Howe!” Her hand reached over and tugged her daughter toward the right side of the hall, both walking along the hall until they came to her room where the family section was.  Elenora frowned deeply, “Mother. This is just a meeting with Howe,” She reasoned on there way inside her room she turned to face her mother and stopped her. Her Icy blue hues narrowed, “What are you planning?” Eleanor looked around the room, her eyes shifting away from her for a second. “Nothing! Nothing, my dear. I just want you to be at your best.” She told her. Smiling at her while backing toward the door, her hand turned the handle and edged out of the room. “Don’t let them waiting, I want you to meet me and control your dog when you come out.”  “Mother-!” She shouted the door slamming in front of her face before she could get anything out of her. This was just great. First, she had to dress for that pervert, then her mother has something planned and she just knew she was playing matchmaker. Rolling her eyes, turning around where the room she faced was about the size of her training room back in a courtyard away from the men. From the center a few steps were in front of her, leading to the large bed in white and blue sheets that her personal servant and a best friend worked on. When you go to the middle of the room, in front of the bed and down those steps was a dresser with all her make-up and jewels. Just beside that, was a bathroom large enough to be a servant bedroom.  Elenora shoulders relaxed slightly, walking over to the bed she sat down and fell back on it. Her eyes closing for a minute. The peace and quiet and serenity of her room made her feel calm for once. She loved her home, but at times she wanted to be normal and live a life of a commoner. Each had their downside, but as the title gives she has to give back just as much, and watching her back with every turn was exhausting for her. After a minute she sat up, leaned down to pull the boots off her feet, and then her breeches. The vest on her chest was untied by a string at the back so her arm reached behind and tugged it off before removing this and gathering the dirty clothing to a basket filled with dirty clothing, along with the very puffy shirt she enjoyed. Her eyes looked at the door before she shook her head. Her mother wouldn’t come back in case she questioned her this time, both of them knew she wouldn’t accept a arrange marriage unless they needed to make her do that. Turning around slightly, she walked to her bathroom door and pushed it open. Enjoy the steam from the ready-made bath before she paced into the warm waters, a loud sigh coming out from her mouth when her body was completely in the water. With the meeting in mind, she hurried to scrub herself clean and enjoy the smell of Andraste’s grace in her warm bath. Then she stepped out and grabbed a towel, drying herself off with a towel and then wrapping her hair and body in one. Leaving the room to sit at her dresser, brushing the long silver locks down her back, the blue taint showing at the very tips.  Eventually, Elenora walked out of the room with herself dressed and cleaned in a new blue dress. The light fabric left it easy to move around and the choker dress wrapped around her neck and left her back bare. Delicately, the dress was also made to have a couple of layers and fall down her feet. Making it look like any other dress but she could move better than it looked. Her sleeves were detached, and hung on her arm, falling down her wrist as well. On her walk to the main hall, she came to the double door and walked inside to find Rendon Howe waiting.  “I trust, then, that your troops will be here shortly?” Bryce Cousland asked. With his back to them, the fireplace at the front of the room flickering in front of him. From the back, he stood tall with his Grey hair brushed back. The silk suit he wore blinding in with the color of the royal family, much to there distaste Rendon howe followed but he wasn’t here with pure silk or something rich. His own in a velvet color compared to her father's gold outfit.  Her eyes glanced at Howe from the corner of her eyes, standing on the same step as her father while he spoke to his old friend. “ I expect they will arrive shortly,” Howe spoke up. The man in person was like a rat, even his face was shaped like a rat. It made Elenora cringe every time he looked her over and leered, if he did it one more time she was going to kick him somewhere awful. Their eyes clashed and her own shifted to look at her mother who walked out with a forced smile. “Then we can march tomorrow, I’m truly sorry your grace. This is entirely my fault.” “No, No!” Bryce shook his head. Turning to face them while his brown eyes saw Elenora he paid her no mind until he finished. “The appearance of the Darkspawn in the south has us all scrambling.” He turned his head and folded his arms behind his back when he saw Howe. “I only received a call from the king recently, myself.” Walking down from the step near the fireplace. He smiled slightly, “I will send my eldest. You and I can ride tomorrow like the old days.” His eyes followed his old friend who walked up to stand by him. Howe smirked at this, though he seemed to be thoughtful about it. “True, though we had fewer grey hairs and.. We never fought monsters.” He reminded him, the snarky response normal for someone like him. “At least the smell will be the same!” Bryce joked, the sound of the door opening at the front forced his eyes away from him. The soldier walking over whispered into his ear, the news causing a genuine smile to come onto his face. “Very well. Send him in,” he told him before turning to face his little girl. “Pup, you decide to join us did you?” Elenora smiled politely, “Oren was rather eager to hear his usual story,” She told him. Her eyes shifting to Howe. “Good evening, Rendon Howe.” She greeted in a monotone voice, those icy eyes narrowing at him.  “Ah. The lad loves his stories on the grey wardens, speaking of which. Both of you, come and meet my old friend.”  Elenora turned and looked over the man that silently walked to them. Neither of them saw him or heard him before, even though he had some good heavy armor on there. He was a rouge, she could tell since his body wasn’t covered like her own would be. “Grey Warden?” She questioned, her eyes going to her father again. Her tutor spoke of him often. Her own curious nature made her wonder why he was here. However, those were cut off when Howe spoke up. “Grey warden?!” The rat’s eyes widened slightly, “This is honor, your grace. But, why would one be here?” He asked. Those eyes nervously shifting between the tall man and then back to his old friend.  Byrce and Elenora shared a look and then narrowed there eyes, both holding that cold steel look. “He came here without me knowing,” The lord admitted, still holding that same look while his friend looked around him. There was something off about the question, a lot of them had guessed as much but they knew he would never do something now. What fool would? His eyes moved to the man in person. “Duncan. Welcome my friend, this is my little girl Elenora and my old friend Rendon Howe.” He introduced them, the conversation dismissed for now. The tall man was dark skinned, though older she would say he wasn’t as old as her father. Though looks could be very deceiving to people, there was a pair of warm brown eyes on his face that looked at her with a dark mist. His long black hair was tied into a ponytail, keeping it away from his face while he wore a silver armor on his front and arms. The brown breeches left for light running, being a rouge she could tell he worked in strength as well. Duncan, bowed and placed a hand over his chest. “Well met, Lady Elenora and lord Howe.” He greeted in a deep voice. “ Duncan came here looking for more recruits,” Her father told them his eyes shifting to her own. Shaking his head, they knew she was interested but her voice wasn’t going to speak up. While she loved the thought of going, her home needed her and she lived on keeping her duty first in her life. Selfish people couldn’t be here at this time. Duncan nodded his head, “Yes. I happened to see one before coming here.” He admitted, “However. If I might be blunt, your daughter is also a wise choice-” Bryce eyes snapped toward the Grey warden commander. “Honor that might be, this is my daughter were speaking of.” He said, his voice rising slightly while his cold gaze turned to Duncan. “I will not see all my children to war, and Elenora has no interest in going.” He told him. The girl behind him blinking and shaking her head at them before she bowed slightly, before leaving the room in that frustrating dress.  The day was spent with her going around in this frustrating dress, thankfully on her way she found her best friend looking for her. Secretly asking for news on the Grey warden. “There you are, Elenora.” A tall man with strawberry blonde hair walked up to her, a slight smile on his face. “Your mother told me your father summoned you. So, I didn’t want to interrupt.” He admitted, those brown eyes sending warmth through many ladies around Highever. Both knew he had a crush on her, yet she couldn’t say a thing about it or even speak of I because of her family. He was a tall man, with short hair brushed in the middle with a bronze armor covering his entire body, and Highever shield. Much like herself, he grew into fighting for her father, both learned how to be a warrior together and sometimes sparred when her father allowed it.  Raising an elegant brow at him, “ Nice to see you too and yes. He is interested in you,” She told him while shaking her head. The thought of the only close friend going and not herself made her feel jealous, but she knew her duty and that was the only thing she cared about. “He spoke of me?” Gilmore asked, his eyes going wide with a bright smile on his face. Though the more she saw it stretched the more she thought of him grinning. “Well... That’ s good. By the way, your mother is searching for you. Blanca is causing trouble for nan again.” For the most part, both of them spent there day dealing with her dog, her own dog was a little different from the rest. Instead of a normal dog, she had a mixed breed that happened to look like a wolf than a normal dog. He was the lovable sort though, time passed and Elenora went her own way to her brother's room across from her own.  Oren took her own advice and enjoyed his last moments with his father. A small smile came to her face, her face softened at the scene. “Is there really going to be a war, papa? Will you bring me back a sward?” The man in the room had brown hair, and the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen on someone. Her brother, Fergus was like the black sheep but neither of them fought as everyone assumed. If anything, he was the best thing in this family and she loved him. Everyone knew she was father’s little girl though and that wouldn’t change.  Fergus chuckled, “ That’s sword Oren. And I will get the mightest sword I see, I promise.” Standing in the armor of there country, with his Cousland Shield and sword. He stood proudly again and brought his hand to his son's head for a second. Ruffling his hair a little, until he saw his sister. “My dear sister, I hear you're causing trouble again.” “Well, not all of us can be perfect. Brother,” Elenora mused, a grin stretching along her face when she walked over. Kneeling in front of Oren, and picking him up so he was on her waist.  The woman beside her brother was someone he married, without her mother and father knowing. It was amusing, but she was a wonderful lady, not one could blame him. She had red hair which matched her sons and her eyes were a brilliant green. “ I wish victory was indeed so certain,” Orana spoke, her hands folded in front of her lap, anyone could see she worried for her husband greatly. “Don’t scare the lad, love. I will be fine,” Fergus assured, “Now put on a smile and wish me luck.” “I do hope you plan on saying goodbye, before leaving.” A female voice suddenly said, Eleanor and Bryce, coming into the room with a smile on there face. Turning her eyes to Shizuka, “You should go and sleep, my dear. I have to leave in the morning and you should be up to say goodbye and take on the day.” She said. Ushering her to go, with Bryce following Shizuka. His hand touching her shoulder.  Elenora was lead to her room, standing at her door when her father turned to go back. She turned around and frowned. “Father! Is it really wise to go like this?” She asked him, her brow furrowing. Bryce turned, his eyes going wide at her sudden shout. Seeing the concern on her brow, his face softened slightly, walking back to her he placed his hands on her shoulder. “It is when the king demands it. This isn’t a picnic my dear, we are going to war and I may not come back this time.” “Father..” The heiress frown deepened, the blue in her eye darkened with a glossy shine to them.  He smiled at her and urged her into her room. “Don’ worry my dear, think positive and I will be back before you know it.” Her father assured before closing the door on her and turning on to find his wife and lead her to bed. That was the last time she would be seeing them, she should have known or wished she had known. Maybe she could have had a fighting chance, looking after her own country and she failed without even trying. How could she ever forgive herself? Hours passed, no one had any idea that the men were coming that night, and coming on a couple of hours Elenora woke up at the sound of barking and someone knocking on the door. “Blanca?” She called. The wolf’s ear twitched and flickered before it continued barking. Closing her eyes, and rubbing her face with her hand she jumped off the bed and quickly pulled on her armor and clothes. When she was ready her hand reached for the door and something red and brown tackled her down to the ground. Knocking the wind out of the warrior herself she opened her eyes to find Oren. “...O-Oren!?”  The boy she loved as if her own laid on her chest, a sword coming out of the back. Elenora’s eyes slowly widened, “Oh maker.. Baby, what happened!?” Her hands quickly turned him and looked at the pale face of her nephew.  Oren slowly opened his eyes slightly, but they were glazed over - she could just see the life going away from him. “A-Aunty..? Why is it so dark? I saw some mean men.. Then.. Then I ran here. Did I save you? Am I like father?” Her eyes closed tightly, burning behind her eyes forcing one tear to slip down her face. Her hands trembled and touched his face, leaning down with her snow White hair tainted in blood. “..Y-You are my hero, baby... Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise..” She whispered brokenly, her voice cracking at the end. Her face buried into his neck, a silent cry coming from her chest.  Blanca suddenly barked loudly, pouncing on a man who held a bow and arrow and clamping down on his arm. Alerting the white-haired woman. Those steel cold eyes narrowing down on them, “Kill him, boy.” Elenora ordered the sick sound of his arm snapping made him cry his pain. Standing and laying Oren down gently, she walked over there calmly and raised the sword in her hand before she plunged it in his heart.  “Elenora!? Oh- Howe’s men!?” Her mother ran out to meet her, her face paled slightly when she came to see her with blood in her hair. Then her eyes landed on Oren, her face contorting into pain and then anger so quickly. “Oh, my poor boy..” She whispered quietly, her eyes finding Elenora who quietly wiped the sword on her blue skirt. The outfit she wore fitting for her warrior class.  The cold silence continued on from there, both herself and her mother killed the many men they came to. The rage and emotionless face surprising Eleanor and the servant with them. The first thing they did was go to the treasury and get the family sword and shield. She then swapped it for her old ones and followed her mother to the servant's basement. That was the first time since Oren that she showed emotion, the color from her face drained as she kneels before her father. “Father... Howe, He?”  Bryce struggled to keep himself from staying awake for them. His entire body was covered in blood, while he held his side from bleeding out too quickly. “H-Howe..” He choked, his eyes landing on his young girl. “Oh pup..” His eyes softened, his eyes glossing over with tears that slowly fell down his face. He knew he wouldn’t see her grow up anymore or marry. “My darling girl..” He whispered.  Elenora's eyes teared up, “N-No... No! I’m not leaving without you or mother!” She shouted. Shaking her head at his words, or what would have come next. How could they ask that? This wasn’t right. She should fight with them here. The blood on her face was smeared with the fighting, but when she saw him it was enough to make her break.  “You have to, Elle,” Eleanor said, kneeling beside Bryce with her bow and arrow drew and ready for any bastard that came through. However, what came through was Duncan instead. Duncan looked grim. “My lord. The grounds are covered, we won’t have much time I can take your daughter if you agree. “ his brown eyes shifting to Elenora who looked confused. He had pity for her, but he couldn’t go easy on them. He did come for someone and he needed it.  “What? No, father!-” Eleanor shook her head, “Elenora. Go, you must live and kill that bastard. Find your brother and go with Duncan. You will do great things and this is not your ending.” Her voice trembled, but it was strong and neither of them could budge from the floor. When Duncan grabbed her arm and dragged her out, the door broke down and she shoots her arrows at the men trying to kill them. Gaining Duncan and Elenora time so they could run. It was the last time she ever saw them.

The Dark Shinigami

07/21/2022 03:41 PM 

Bass's Battle Data

Bass's battle data:Name: Bass LinegodAge:110 (But appears 19)Weight/Height: 6"0/ 175 poundsHair color: Raven blackEye color: Scarlet redBody build: AtheleticZanpakuto: Tasokari/Reaper of TwilightSpirit Energy color: Silver and BlackBankai: Tsuleyo no Kurieshon/Slayer of CreationBattle Data:Offense: 100Defense: 90Mobility: 90Kido/Spirit Energy: 100Physical Strength: 90Intelligence: 80Total: 550/600Strengths: Master SwirdsmanshipKido expertShunpo expertHakuda expertQuick srudyZanpakutoTasokari:  A large double bladed helix sword  that stands nearly as tall as Bass dies. Representative of the dual nature's residing in Bass, it ro shows this aspect with one side being black and the other side white  . A constant shikai zanpakuto, Tasokari always remains in this formand constantly has to be suppressed to keep its enormous amounts of reiatsu from leaking out.It's shikaibability grants Bass a second reserve of spirit energy known as Dark spirit energy. Combine with hisbnormal reishi and it's own abilities, this allows for amounts of energy and stamina use that far outstrip those of most captains in this regard. Dark spirit energy also has its own reuatsu and abilities to combine with Baes"s normal capabilities to form a devastating combination. Dark Spirit Energy: Bass's secondary reserve of spirit energy and most dangerous. Quite possibly the very reason his bankai is so explosively powerful, Bass even has drawn his name sake from it. On its own the energy is capable of suppressing abilities and effects (void) in an effected radius. It's when combine with Bass's normal spirit energy where the two in tandem become as described by many as anti Matter. Such is the case when utilizing his bankai to fuse a portion of his two energies two create his Saber which is basically a anti matter blade stabilized and in physical form. Goku Ryuha/Dragon Twister: The signature technique of Bass, no matter what energy is being used or the form Bass is in, this attack brings destruction in its wake. Conjured by the dragon like force of Bass's reishi, a violent and destructive twister is formed. Ripping and tearing through all in its path, a twister made of pure energy.Most techniques associated with the Dark spirit energy seem to be more malious on their own (producing sharp objects like spikes and other stabbing objects) but when combined with its sibling energy, the power of complete annihilation is awakened.Life Aura:  A defensive technique that creates an aura of Dark energy around Bass that defends against energy based attacks. It's weakens the construction of whatever comes in contact with the aura then converts the energy into Dark reishi thus stealing it to be used for a counter attack.Bankai: Tsuleyo no Kurieeshon. By merging the energies within him, Bass effectively unlocked the true capabilities of his zanpakuto. The fusion of his spirit energies and the power it creates have been described similarly to Anti matter. Able to cut and destroy matter of all forms without question hence its handle, Slayer of Creation. This power is utilized in the Saber (a beam sword but in normal blade form) Bass now yields. The product of but a portion of the fusion, the blade is an Anti Matter blade solidified. Any and all attacks unleashed from this blade carries Anti matter energy capable of completely annihilating/disintegrating its target completely.The power ofbthe unification even ignites the atmosphere around the Saber as bolts ofbelectricity can be visibly seen around the blade.Chaos Unison: A technique that takes the same principle of Bass's bankai but applies it on himself. This changes Bass's entire outfit black and white while giving off that same atmosphere igniting energy throughout his entire body. This unleashes his capabilities to their absolute peak even shown in his blades new form which is that of a beam Saber now. In this form every one of his attributes have been multiplied several times over. More importantly,Bass's capabilities over anti matter and void respectively are explosively increased allowing him access to even more abilities. Antikenesis: To an extent Bass is able to manipulate the anti matter like power generated by his fusion. This allows Bass to create attacks out of anti matter, not just his known techniques. Null Void: The ability to forcefully weaken or outright suppress an opponents power/abilities with the sheer magnitude of his own reiatsu.

Fιɳαʅ ʝυԃɠҽɱҽɳƚ

07/21/2022 12:26 PM 


Hyper strength, speed stamina, reaction time, and durability Midnight daylight: This allows to change the time of the world to fit his needs by controlling the very stars themselves. In doing so it heightens his senses in accordance to amount of light outside. While at that same type generates a protective barrier around his body.The daylight generates solar power that negates elemental damage increases strength. While the generate defensive power that can propel and deflect attacks deemed a threat away. Harmonized together it can neutralizes all the power a selected target has down to the human lvl with human lvl stats. In other words it domain skill that rules over the authority a target has thus forcing all power and stats of a designated target to be reduced to a human.


07/20/2022 09:21 PM 

Timeline of Events!!!

Moon phases and Eclipses (total, partial, etc of the moon and sun) Link for the 1500s | Link for the 1200s & for the 1300s December 15th, 1396 — InuYasha is born. There is a Total Lunar Eclipse and it is in the middle of winter. 1478 — Kikyo is born. 1486 — Kaede is born. 1496 — InuYasha and Kikyo get to know one another and fall in love. Naraku is born from Onigurmo. Naraku tricks Kikyo and InuYasha, resulting in InuYasha getting sealed and Kikyo dying at 18. 1528 — miroku is born. 1530 — sango is born. 1531 — The Band of Seven is executed. 1534 — Oda Nobunaga, one of the three great unifiers for Japan is born. 1535 — kohaku is born. 1538 — Rin is born. 1543 — matchlock firearms are introduced to the Japanese. If the story took place in 1543 then the matchlock rifles would be new there would be hundreds if not thousands of men learning how to use them. But the time the story takes place the Japanese have already gotten a good grip on how to use use said firearms. [ And a samurai tells a resurrected Jakotsu ( in either late 1546 or early 1547 ) that a spectre over a decade old wouldn’t recognize a matchlock rifle.] Our story picks up 500 years Kikyo’s death in April of 1996 where Kikyo’s reincarnation Kagome has just turned 15. No exact indication of what day Kagome was born. But the year she was born was 1981. She’s in her 3rd of Jr. High School. She travels BACK 450 years via the Bone Eater’s Well thanks to Mistress Centipede. 450 in the past FROM 1996 is 1546. InuYasha has been sealed to the tree for 50 years. 1496 to 1546 is 50 years. Kagome and co spend around 10 months and not a year looking for the Jewel shards due to the Japanese school system since Kagome has to frequently return to the modern age and has to worry about high school entrance exams. The first term starts in early April. And the school year as a whole ends in mid-March. Early to mid April 1546 / early to mid April 1996 — Kagome comes to the Sengoku Jidai, bring the Shikon no Tama with her. She breaks the seal on InuYasha. Early to Mid March 1547 / early to mid March 1997/Early to mid April 1997 — Kagome returns to present day Tokyo AFTER the Shikon Jewel vanishes from existence completely and after defeating Naraku and saving the past. Kagome goes on to her first year of high school. Kagome turns 16. THREE YEAR TIME SKIP 1548 / April 1998 — The Twins are born to Sango and Miroku after a year of marriage. /  Kagome enters second year of high school. Kagome turns 17. April 1999  — Kagome enters her final year of high school. Kagome turns 18. Mid-March 2000 / Mid-March 1550 — Kagome graduates high school. She’s 18. She goes back to the Senogku Jidai to be with InuYasha. Sango gives birth to a son. InuYasha SINCE THEN SPECIAL CHAPTER — It’s mid-September in 1550 as Kagome adjusts to life as InuYasha’s wife and being in the Senogku Jidai full time now as the Bone Eater’s well has completely stopped working. Kagome is 19. Late 1554-Early 1555 — Setsuna, Towa and a little later Moroha are all conceived. 1555 — Setsuna & Towa are born on June 5th during a total lunar eclipse. Moroha is born a few months later either in August or October. Moroha is spirited away to safety while inuyasha and kagome try to fight Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru. 1559 — Towa and Setsuna are living in a forest and are separated during a forest fire. Leading to Towa to being transported to 2009 in Kagome's original time. 10 years past. Towa is in the future/our present for these ten years. 1569 — Towa, Setsuna and Moroha return from 2019 after two of the girls are transported to the future fighting against Mistress Centipede's granddaughter.


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Warriors Three. [ft. Nii-San & Edalia]

      Guest Stars:   Big Bro Skyver   Edalia Vegsemd     From scabbards, be free, blades from a party of three. The moment is nigh for a fierce frivolity. Assume a pose of each by choice. Limbs bent or outstretched, they exude one’s poise. Eyes quite mindful are teeming with calm. Savor the sight. Put to sleep one’s qualm. Breath the free air. Peace and strength accrue. One of the three clearly commands the rest... “ M a i r u ! ”    Forward and onward first, a battle-maiden in red. Swift as the winds she strides forth, leaving behind a sparkling scarlet smoke. The large gap between her and the one who declared for their contest to begin becomes smaller. From fifty yards to several feet, the woman is soon before him with such a commanding voice. Stomp the left foot and then the right. Yield to a pronounced pause. Bark out a sultry growl! The double-edge steel in her hand aims to bury a foot of it from the tip into the side of a belly barred of armor. Then again, none of them are garbed with anything thicker than tanned leather.    Belay being bedazzled by the swiftness and spectacle, purple-garbed fellow. Reply with a stomp back of the left foot. Follow it too soon with a vigorous stroke from a sharply-arched swing of his long single-blade blade in his right hand, skyward first before a drastic downfall ahead of him, aimed at the maiden. Nerves and muscles writhe something fierce but swift from hip to shoulder to wrist to deliver a more poignant response. The path of the blade comes with a bright thin ribbon of light carried from the hasty swordpoint. Meet on past the point and hammer down the threat. C l a n k !    Recoil leaves the lady having a boot kneading down on the patch of short grass. Fingers and wrists sting. Step back and regain her center, though lowered her posture may be. Hazel eyes of the repeller meet those lovely sapphires of the repelled, the latter with her brows a bit furrowed. He marvels upon her beauty, a ruby-tressed maiden who stole the hearts of many men, even women, in their home world.    If only the roads that this glamorous lass took were paved with good intentions rather than a long life drowned in sins, she would make a woman of one’s dreams. She finds much solace in cleaning and agriculture, enough time with a knife and before a lit stove, great with younglings and would lay down her life to defend them, and as this bloke being a mere voyeur from back in the day, a goddess in bed. What more can another ask for? But his heart is ever-unyielding in its steel-strong faith towards another, a best friend since long ago and the dearest mother to his children. Gone is that dream of the former. The latter offers contentment he will not yield for more ambitious aspirations.    Enough fantasy, back to reality. The purple-garbed man takes a step forward. His strength is far from spent. A semblance of momentum from the deflecting strike is still there. He exact two swings upon her, leaping up and then a swish from his upper right to a slanted downward left. He barks his own freed breath, exuding how fierce and focused his feats have been. Aim to wound her nearest limbs, perhaps a sculpt agony onto her shoulder or her smooth cheek. Her heart beats quicker from his fearsome follow-up. She slides back the forward foot to face the man better. Jolt those arms and wrists. Let her sword get quickly reacquainted with his through a sharp twirl to parry away the harm and lessen the speed of the next quick strike.    The other fellow, a man in gray, dear little brother to the warrior in purple, makes haste halfway through that spectacular stride of the fearless woman. Close the gap, albeit slower than her who went on first. Elbows up. Hilt well-gripped. Green eyes are eagles upon his elder brother giving their former governess a bother. Shy of thirty yards away from the clashing pair, the man in gray comes to an abrupt stop. With a loud thud from the grassy earth, he commits to a wide mighty leap forward! Skyward with nerves aching to release the springing strength in him, the fall shall come bearing a fury that can split a person in half.    Now comes a greater struggle for the former defender turned aggressor. The corner of his eye did catch something bulky and onward before his two-hit follow-up towards the battle-maiden. She pushes herself to rise and advance a step. Tease the elder brother with a viper-swift poke aimed at his neck. Deflect this prod with a quick swat of his sword and retreating slide of his left foot. The red-haired sword maiden giggles. They exchange several strikes: half-swings and quick twirls to harm or deflect. The sweet song of the clashing steel rings throughout the green fields. She too is aware of an oncoming being that should truly remind both of them: there is another in this gathering.    The elder hops back shy of three yards, swinging up the long blade forward. Deflect and dilute the fury that comes with the powerful strike aimed at him, or so he hopes his deed will do. The woman steps back to avoid collateral. Her alluring blue eyes are aimed at the elder brother but are soon blocked by the bulk of rags in gray. The longsword gleaming from the murky noon sky seems so eager to make two pieces out of someone. Roar upon descent, man in gray! C r a s h !    A dome of stormwind blasted away the gray-garbed fellow’s blade. The tip almost kissed the strip of grass beneath it. Both the sword-maiden and the purple-dressed man raise a forearm before their eyes. Each wall of limb denies any specks of dirt and debris that may have been hurled from this explosive hysteria caused by that plummet. The performer of that feat narrowed his eyes, nearly shutting them close. As the madness of such a strenuous feat subsides, all of them retreat to a respective stance, the man in gray taking a deep breath.    “You took your time,” teased the woman while she is behind the younger brother.   “I was scouting for an opening,” he responded while unaware that he is obscuring her vision of his elder brother.   “Of course, you are,” she chirped, ripe with snarkiness in her delivery, perhaps those pretty lips squirmed to reinforce her snide.   “Would you rather have me just sit this one out?” he parted her way to fend off her dismissal while also turning his head slightly back.   Scoff with a raised brow, the lone blade from several yards away.   “Save for another time this desire to flirt with each other,” the man in purple called out to them, withholding a smirk.   The air howls quickly at a fierce downward swing of his single-edge blade to his right.   “Our pastime had just begun.”    The once bickering pair obliges with silence at first. They take a deep breath all at once. The woman is strafing to her left and the man in gray does the same but to his right. Widen the gap for a pincer approach. The elder brother keeps his chest forward while taking a stroll forward, eyes upon his dear brother and the fair battle-maiden. Swords are raised either to the heavens or pointed towards the mark ahead. Their postures are impeccable, stressing not only a sense of commitment but the grace of a few who have bathed well in combat for ages.    The pair aiming for a pincer attack advances upon the one who leaped away. This time, the scarlet smoke is joined by a haze of gray mist even if distant from each other. Limbs bend or stretch with a few muscles feeling a bit of strain. Boots stomp on the grass after each quick flight. Hearts thump loudly. Blood flowing through the veins goes warmer than before. The elder brother tightens the grip on the hilt while raising his fearless ally to the side, outstretched to exude the form of someone who does not cower upon the odds. Caution should still be practiced. He is among warriors who shaped their world for the better, not pitiful novices.    Young brother and former governess soon lunge their respective blade upon him. They stride towards him, each aiming to deliver a vigorous slash through and past him. Pause that mellow walk. His foothold on the grassy plain is firm. The raised blade is widely and violently swept with one hand right to left before him. Re-engage and repel the incoming danger in time. Steels sing again!    Forward with poise, deflect or attack. Parry or riposte, strength and speed should not lack. Doubt is unwelcome, a blight to dispel, lest a limb will be lost if one fails to repel. Let it stretch through conflict, this eventful hour. Even if one loses, the bond will not sour. While relieved of duty, relive a pastime. The Warriors Three clash on while still in their prime.

Li'l Lamplight

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Default Setting: The Forest of Lights

(This is the default locale Spark makes its home in, for those who prefer to jump right into a roleplay instead of discussing)A dense green forest with trees that scrape at the skies, branches adorned with a variety of different lanterns of varying brightness - each lit by a different thing: a group of fireflies in this one, a luminescent fungus in the other, a tiny living flame in the third and a perfectly ordinary candle in its neighbor, and so on and so on.Will O' Wisps meander back and forth through the woods, gathering around the glow of the lanterns before scattering to find a new light to flock towards.Scattered across the ground is a vast collection of discarded trinkets, every last one having some manner of shine to it, whether a reflective glint or radiant glow - old coins, gems both valuable and worthless, little gadgets, jewelery, silverware and more..And tending to it all is the little creature named Spark, who makes certain the lanterns keep their glow and any visitors do not go ungreeted, who dances through the forest's dim light and sings songs to the will o' wisps, and who makes its home somewhere hidden among the branches, where the dimmest lantern stoutly shines.


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Custom Text Editor in Messages

Everyone can now use the Custom Text Editor in Private Messages! 


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Character general information

Name: Zain​​​​​Race: RP dependent, but always Human and Hummingbird is some way.Age: 16-21 RP dependent Height: 5' 9.25"Weight: 70lbGender: MaleSexuality: Bi (Male lean)Status/Lover: Single/ No oneStrengths: Perfect recall, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Stamina, Enhanced Reaction Time, Enhanced Reflexes, Enhanced Sight, and Enhanced Hearing.Weaknesses: Requires Sugar/ Glucose to live, has very little to no taste unless it's sweet, has nearly no sense of smell.Enjoys: Sweets, having fun, making friends, trying to make others laugh, and kind people.Hates: Mean people, anything he can't taste, being told how good something smells, seeing others hurt, not being able to help.Ticks: Can't stay still, will do anything for attention, doesn't know how or when to stop, feels useless if he's not constantly doing something.Bio:Zain is a fun loving and kind person. While most people find him annoying due to him always jittering, humming, acting out for attention. He doesn't have any family, a home, or much that he calls his own aside from his specialized drinks and candies that supplement his immense glucose need. He works every day, but his home depending on setting is a treehouse he made himself in a forest that he has worked on basically gathering and living without connection any city amenities, or an abandoned building he works on and upgrades himself to have amenities that he may or may not be stealing. His pastimes when not working is to rehabilitate animals that he finds injured or take care of the lost or abandoned strays that are around where he lives. He always says he has no memory of his childhood or family when he does remember very well but he wishes and hopes that he could forget. Due to what he is and how it happens in the setting he remembers the death of his family and all that lead up to where he is now. He wishes to feel connected to others like that once more, but as he keeps forging forward in his life he has grown to accept that outside of his not at home activities, he will likely be alone. Though because if this when he's at work, school, or out and about he does random and impulsive things to get attention or make others smile and laugh. As far as he's concerned people can love him or hate him, but he just wants to see them smile and laugh no matter what it takes.


07/20/2022 10:15 PM 


As you know if you read Zains story, his true family is dead. That does not stop him from trying to make himself a new one. Anyone can be family just ask, but do know that if you join his family you are expected to accept the other family members too.Mother: NoneFather: NoneElder Sister: NoneElder Brother: NoneYounger Sister: NoneYounger Brother: None


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Rules, regulations, and fun tips!~

Ok time for the ground work!~ I hope I don't forget anything...1. We are here to role play right? So let's role play!!~ That is to say being completely mute is unacceptable. 2. On the note of communication... PLEASE DO NOT USE COMMENTS... Ye... Ummm... You see above where I said I hope I don't forget anything. If you use profile comments I kinda forget they exist and they go unanswered. So messages only please.3. I adore picture comment, and adore stream banter. Like... Trust me I'll aways PC4PC and expect me to be all up in streams having fun responding to you or making my own stuff to try and get people to respond.4. No drama outside of RP. Like... None... At all... Please...5. Do not expect me to do everything. You exist don't you?! I hope You do or else I'd be talking to an AI or something. I want you to have a voice too, so please have one.6. I always feel the need for a relationships rule. Its simple... I only monoship if you don't monoship then don't seek a relationship with my character, and all relationships are RP only!6.1: Any chance for a relationship will ONLY exist with interactions between our characters and from us actually having our characters form that bond.6.2: I honestly was hoping I'd never have to add in 6.1 and 6.2, but seems situations demanded it. This one is in regards to lewd, 18+, ero, what ever you want to call it. Its ONLY with people my character is in an active relationship with, period, no exceptions. Also no matter what, no is a no and means no, and if I say no and you try to push the point or try to circumvent restrictions I put in place. Bye!~7. I do not have a computer. I do everything from my phone, so sometimes my autocorrect is going to brutalize something I type and I won't notice. Just ask for clarification if you need it.8. I mostly talk in character. Of course for discussions and such I break that a bit, but I mostly just keep my energy and mannerisms equal to Zains.9. I am running out of things to say but I want this to be thirteen long because I just want to... Ummm... Oh! I work, please understand that I may not be super fast at responding because of that.10. This is getting harder... Uhhhh uhhhh... Please be respectful? That's common courtesy, but uh yea let's keep filling these out. Oh wait! Better one! Should also be common knowledge... Who ever sent the friend request is incharge of the greeting.​11. Ok three more to go... Please ummm... Uhhh... Yea we are both here to have fun, if you're not just say so and let's work together to fix it!~12. Did you know that before I start typing anything I pick a detail, number, or desired action/ outcome that I MUST include no matter what? Like choosing thirteen rules... I decided I was going to for fun, can't stop myself now... As I think you're learning while you read this and see me telling you this useless tidbit because I don't know what to put here.13. MADE IT! did you? I hope you did!~ If you got here without cheating... What's your name, favorite color, favorite fruit, and why did I pick 13 as the number of rules, also why didn't I shorten it after I ran out of rules?


07/19/2022 09:39 PM 

Random Starters!

Hey ya'll! Mun Cherry here again. Below are just a few assorted starters of varying flavors.Please feel free to shoot me a message or a comment replying to any one of them at any time!Just make sure you specify which one you're replying to to avoid any confusion.  1. "Hands where I can see 'em, perp! I'm revoking your right to remain silent, so scream for mercy and plead for forgiveness, because Max is gonna take you down town!"The rabbity creature stood atop his prize, whom he had face down on the ground and his Luger pointed at threatningly. It could have been a serious crime, murder, highway robbery, or a simple one, like jaywalking, and he'd treat them all the same. With his own unique brand of violent justice.Sharp teeth chattering in excitement, it was impressive he was showing this much restraint. Normally anyone he deemed a criminal would be a stain on the ground. Max was unsupervised and bored. An apocalyptic scenario."C'mon, it's no fun if you pretend to be a sack of rocks! How many pressure points you got? Which ones make you caw uncontrollably like a chicken?"Another nudge of his gun. He was getting impatient.  ~~ 2. For someone of his size, it was impressive he was putting up this much of a fight. His teeth bared with murderous intent, Max stood with every inch of fur puffed out on end. Dirt matted the fluff on his stomach and chest, but that was hardly an issue. He liked dirt baths anyway."Are you even tryin'?! My granddad Maxamillion could do better than that, and he's dead!"The lagomorph bared his short claws and snarled as he bounced on his long feet. He wouldn't give up until he tore his opponent to shreds. Or vice versa. Unfortunately, at times like these where his pride trumped all other logic, self preservation was not on his mind. "I'm ya worst nightmare, bud! Do ya like having those opposable thumbs, because I'll take em from ya!"  ~~   ~ 3. Blech. Rain. He hated rain. It soaked his fur and made him feel sticky. He looked like a sad, groady little rat standing there on the sidewalk, glaring at the other side of the street. Now he wasn't about to admit he was lost.But he as very much lost.His terrible memory sent him wandering from one street to the next, forgetting the reason he even left the office in the first place. Boredom? An actual errand? Who knew? He certainly didn't. Now he was just angry and soaked.If anyone even dared speak to him, he'd probably resort to biting their head off and using their corpse as an umbrella. Maybe just tell them to buzz off. It was a coin toss, really. But for now, he'd just plod along, stomping in puddles and sending up splashes of water in his wake until he remembered what he was even doing out here.  ~~ 4. Banned from gambling in at least 26 different states, and yet still he persisted. His overconfidence would be anyones undoing, yet he was high rolling with seemingly no signs of stopping. The pot contained at least two home deeds, a toupee, and a few gaundy piece of expensive jewelery, a few of which he had adorning his wrists and fingers.It was almost suspicious how often he slammed down a good hand, exclaiming how he won, he won, and all his opponents were smelly losers. "All in, all in!!" The lagomorph cheered in delight, pushing his mountain of chips to the center of the table. The poor saps he had wrapped around his paws sighed in exasperation.They matched. And they lost promptly.Delighted cackling echoed through the casino as he hopped up and down in his chair. It was almost as fun as lighting that gas station on fire that one time. Almost. It was a close second."I'm a king, undefeated, a god among creatures! Revel in my glory!" Paws in the hair, he wiggled his fingers in delight, laughing all the while. What a smug bastard.  ~~   Bonus content, my Max-writing music, because I'm an absolute nerd and love sharingD*ck Barton - Devil's GalopShostakovich String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor (II)Aram Khachaturian - Sabre Dance


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Rules/Things to keep in mind.

1. Despite having RPied for 6 years or so at this point, I am not perfect when it comes to story writing. Mistakes will often happen, be it forgetting parts of long ongoing RP's or inconsistences in my own responses and their content. I will however, do my best to provide the best RP experience possible.2. At times I may go many hours without sending responses. This doesn't mean I'm being lazy or simply don't want to RP, but rather am busy throughout the day with other daily activities. If I ever take over a full day to respond to an RP then I will always said a forward apology before responding.3. Following on from statement 2, sending profile messages or spamming me with short responses to to get my attention is not something I will tolerate. If I'm busy, I'm busy. Not much else I can do about it if I am. All responses will be responded to, but if there are delays, then so be it.That's really all there is to it. If you have any further questions about RPing matters, don't hesitate to message me directly!

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