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07/19/2022 10:43 PM 


these are minor rules that I have for my profile1. please be patient with me I work during the days and sometimes play video games when I get bored 2. I do love sex roleplay and ero,but please no scat not down with that the character is submissive and like things rough3: if in a relationship with a special someone be respectful and honest she is very loyal to her lover and dont cheat please 4: I can only write up if the story is great to a full paragraph to a semi I'm no grammar hog 


07/18/2022 04:57 PM 

Ayana Story

In the feudal era, it was a simpler time at least it was for Ayana and the other creatures that roamed the earth. They never involved themselves in the wars and affairs of the humans. She spends her time at the large shrine and temple she was protecting far up on the mountain and below were the human villages and towns. People would come to visit the shrine but she didn't like them staying too long. Her presence was like being out on the coldest night her name was known to be the spirit of the ice woman. But no one would see her. Her favorite time was when the cherry blossoms came out. She would come out of hiding just to walk around and look at the trees. And how the winds blew the petals in the sky. Yes, life was pretty pleasant for her it was like she didn't have a care in the world.But all of that changed when the humans felt like they needed to rid the temple and shrine of the spirit that occupied it. She was caught totally off guard one day by a very powerful exorcist who wanted to seal her away. So the temple and shrine could be safe for everyone to visit. She fought hard and strong against the male but he was just too much for her. Finally, he locked her away in a large crystal and placed her under the temple with a seal to keep her trapped. Many years passed people lived their lives and several centuries have gone by. The place that was left up in the mountain was still there and was in pretty good condition. People still came to enjoy the temple and the shrine there were stories of the snow woman. But people thought she was just a myth. But what they didn't know was the place that was her resting place was found by some curious teenagers. Who had ventured further into the temple where no one had been in centuries. They saw the large crystal in the middle of the room and they seemed to see that someone was inside. They touched the seal and suddenly there was a bright light that blinded the three then the crystal began to break. Once it did pieces of the crystal flew everywhere and the teens ran for their life. It was a good thing they did leave the room it was covered in ice and it looked like it was snowing. Ayana layout on the floor slowly regaining consciousness and opening her emerald eyes. She looked around. At first, she didn't know where she was until she began to stand. Her legs felt like noodles as she tried to walk she was under the only home she knew. As she began to remember how she had gotten there. She continued on until she was upstairs everything looked the same But somewhat not as new as she remembered. Once she got outside it was then she saw everything she had known had changed this wasn't the land she remembered.Stepping back quickly inside the temple Ayana was in initial shock she felt like she had just woke up to a whole new world. What happened to the world she knew. To her, she felt like she had just been sleeping in that awful crystal for a short time. But she failed to realize that she had been frozen in time for so much longer. It was then she began to truly look around the temple as her small feet padded across the floor. Different things had been rebuilt and moved some dust was accumulating here and there. Who or what had been in her home and why had they made so many changes. She then got to the shrine and there wasn't much to change there thank goodness she thought. She took a deep breath as she walked towards the entrance again she was almost too scared to look outside again. The air didn't even smell as fresh as it used to as she peered from the doors opened them slightly and looked around. Where was the village and town that used to be below the mountain? It used to be so many trees as well but even those were scares. in the area what kind of era had she awakened to, she thought as she slowly emerged from the temple. She began to walk around the grounds slowly trying to make sense of everything. At least she saw that the statues were still intact and her beautiful koi pond was still in the same spot but it seemed the ones she was used to seeing had been replaced with new ones. She bent down to them and touched the water. She always enjoyed how they nibbled her fingers at least they hadn't changed. She thought as she thought about what she could do next.She then wondered what was here in this new era were humans still around? What creatures had survived? She had so many questions and she wasn't too sure how she would get them answered. She felt like she didn't belong in this world any longer. But where else would she go?

ᗰIᖇᗩᑕᒪE ᗯOᖇKEᖇ

07/18/2022 02:12 PM 

Zoids Legacy II - The Story So far
Current mood:  working

Zoids Legacy II, The story so far:About:Included here is the entire story building up to current events set withinthis massive Story Line. For those unfamiliar, Zoids Legacy is based onthe hidden Gameboy Advanced series, Zoids Saga. While several  sequalsexisted up to the Nintendo DS era in Japan, only one was ever produced in thewest that being Zoids Saga II, otherwise known as Zoids Legacy. It tells of a storyin where the multiverse of Zoids has collided into one large continent, people fromacross the eras team up and fight the return of Terra Geist, a group who's sole purposeis conquest.Zoids Legacy II aims to further that goal, with new characters from across all erasmanga, anime, OCs, short stories, and the oldest universe: Battle Story.Crossovers are of course always highly encouraged as well.TImeline:Chapter 1 Odd occurences:While investigating new Zoidian ruins, Van Flyheight and Fiona Elisi Linette ofGuardian Force begin to feel tremmors which ripple across the milky way galaxy.People have gone missing, others show up, even those originally killed in their time.A new mystery begins as both old friends and enemies alike begin to clash.They don't know it yet, but a new war is on the horizon.Also, A mercenaryby the name of Rose Greybane has been introduced and agrees to assist in thecoming crisis.Chapter 2: Invasion! The Vortex appearsIn light of these disturbances, a powerful energy ribbon tears through planetZi, in where a new and mysterious Zoid army unleashes a surprise attack on ourunsuspecting allies. In response, Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz launches a counterattack which is met in disaster. These "Bio-Zoids" tear through the Guardian Forcewith little issue. Guygalos is soon beseiged, forcing the Colonel to muster a majordefense, however time itself is shattered, and the Colonel, along with the entire cityvanish as if it was erased from time entirely. A new universe emerges wherethe Guylos Empire is nothing more than a mere micronation. The only clueour team has is the dissappearence of Schubaltz. Yet there is no way to locate norrescue him as of yet. For now, what remains of the Guardian Force is sent to defendits other major cities such as the rebuilt New Helic City.The war rages on, as New Helic City is soon engulfed in flames. Raven, albeit fromVan's past has appeared. Initially he is intent on attacking Van with the enlisted helpof Rease, however with the Bio Zoids on the move, he soon switches his sights on them.A tense battle between him and Colonel Georg, a man in charge of these new armies.The war for New Helic City rages on, as Raven soon approaches Van and companyto enlist his help. He understands the Digald Empire, the ones running the Bio Zoidsare a serious threat to not only the world, but his ambitions of finally defeating Van.The rivals soon put aside their differences aside and form up a plan to lure the DigaldEmpire into a trap. The capital city is already predicted to fall within a few hours, and asa result, the Republic evacuates all citizens from their homes. While a valiant effort ispushed to defend the city, it is ultimately destroyed as a last resort thanks to a potentcharged particle blast. Digald's forces finally take severe losses, yet their war machineis still able to march on.Chapter 3: Rise of the Ultrasaurus!The original Ulturasaurus, was destroyed during the Death Stinger Crisis, however anotherZoid of its species is found and excavated in the event of another crisis. Lo and behold, theDigald invasion presents a clear and present threat. Work is done to restore this behemothto her glory in an effort to have a fully operational and combat ready, mobile fortress, completewith a new Gravity Cannon installed. However, the sleeping Zoid, like its sister needs to beawakened. Once more the Guardian Force mobilizes into battle to defend her as the main crewworks around the clock to wake the Ulturasaurus.As a fierce battle begins, the Ulturasaurus eventually awakens, and is able to rebel the attackingdigald forces for the time being. She retreats to the sea where she is safer.Chapter 4: Temporal Anomaly, the return of Terra GeistWith only a few days since the Ulturasaurus' awakening, did new signals begin to blip from around aset of islands. To the Republic surprise Corporal Tita Breeze, and her wingman Zan Felhave been located, and are soon rescued from their island. They also agree to help theRepublic, as the reveal of a new threat shows itself. The return of Terra Geist, and its leaderPrince Gard Krueger, with his ambitions to restore the Zenebas Empire. A faction built on brutalbloodshed and conquest. The threat to Zi only grows ever more. Meanwhile more anomalies begin to spin out of control as new and old figures alike beginto emerge. Some agreeing to help the Republic others fighting, while some remain neutral.One such team involves a trio of girls, Midori Ratelme Faeroness, and Seki, whom shedlight of their understanding of Bio Zoids, as they have arrived from not only eons in the future,but from an alternate mirror universe all together.Chapter 5: The Distress Call: Causality LoopOne Early morning the Ulturasaurus' command deck recieves an alarming distress call. From themselves.It claims that the Ulturasaurus is about to be destroyed. Included is their voices of fear and distress as explosionsrock the background. Problem is, no one has memory of this and the distress call is dated to three days in the future.Everyone begins to scramble defenses and draw up plans to avoid this untimely disaster. With tensions high, the onlylogical solution, provided by Rose is to evacuate the Ulturasaurus and await the calamity. If all is fine, then return. Otherwisesacrafice the Zoid to save the crew's lives would be preferrable, however unfourtunate.The evacuation is granted. And everyone begins to flee into their Zoids and small life boards wherever possible until thesenior staff is left. Major Herman decides to stay behind much to the protests of Rose and company. But before they canargue further, an anomally opens up, and with it some large object races out at breakneck speekds. With onlyseconds to spare, one option leads to their salvation, the other their demise. Moonbay figures out the correctand swings the Zoid into the sea barely missing the object by seconds.Rescue teams investigate to see that a new Liger has emerged. A Murasame Liger piloted byRuuji Familon, and soon entering the new rift, his own party. They have knowlege on howto defeat Bio Zoids, which in gratitude for saving them, they share this information. A material is neededcalled Metal Zi, or Leeo. Soon a search is attempted for this rare mineral needed to forge new wepons.Chapter 6: New Century RescueDoctor D manages to find a way to locate Colonel Schubaltzas he notes that rare radioactive particles exist around a craterwhere Guygalos should have been. With advanced tools he is ableto determine that Schubaltz was not killed, however he was displacedin time. And in fact was sent a hundred years into the future.There is a way to rescue the Colonel, as a combined Charged particleblast may open a new tear through space-time, mimicking the results of Gard'sown ZOS expirement. The weapon responsible for this entire crisis. Rose, as wellas Midori volunteer to go through. Meanwhile Digald begins to move and launchesa renewed attack where the vortex is located. It is a race against time to save the Colonel Midori and Rose manage to break free and wind up a century into the future where they aremet with the members of the Blitz and Fluegel teams, as well as a battered, yet very muchalive, Colonel Karl L. Schubaltz. The happy reunion is cut short however as Diglad forceshave landed in this timeline as well, and are manipulating events along with a new enemy.--Chapter 7 will be added soon--


07/18/2022 03:09 PM 

Max Headcanons

Welcome to my list of headcanons for my portryal of Max from Sam and Max-Freelance Police!These are all my own ideas just for fun and character development☠ Max uses he/they/it pronouns. Honestly he doesn't care about gender, it's a weird propoganda meant to sell more tacky dresses and ties. And who needs clothes?☠ He's got an ecosystem of bugs hidden under the floorboards of the office. He wants to see how long it takes them to develop nukes and start a civil war☠ Despite his violent tendencies, he has a collection of plushes that aren't for dismembering. When he gets overwhelmed he likes to hide in them and pretend he is one with the stuffed toys☠ Show him any gun, and he can name the model, how old it is, and how many bullets are in it just at a glance. It's a hobby☠ If you're someone he can loosely consider a friend, and happen to be taller than him, be prepared to be used as a jungle gym constantly, or hear his constant demands to be lifted up so he can feel tall☠ Biting is how he shows affection. And his main line of attack. Good luck figuring out which one when hes got you in his jaws



07/18/2022 02:57 PM 

Bored As Hell
Current mood:  bored

Really wanting to roleplay with someone, but I guess most of my partners have checked out or are just busy as of right now. Anyone up for a roleplay?

𝓓𝓾𝓼𝓽 & 𝓔𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓱

07/18/2022 02:24 PM 

H.C - Guizhong

                    - Guizhong gets sick often. The slightest allergy can turn into something like the flu for her. Her immune system is poor.- Guizhong loves Zhongli. She doesn't know of the changes he has endured since her death, so she still calls him Morax. She cannot paint her feelings into a memory but they are there.- Guizhong is on a quest is to find the source of her resurrection. While wandering the lands she takes in the scenes and people around her. She makes mental notes and constantly analyzes what the changes mean.- Guizhong has not met the traveler, though she has an idea of who they are. Both the traveler and Guizhong have passed each other many times unknowingly. - Guizhong still loves to tinker with things. She likes to analyze how things work, and to create new things.- Guizhong though she knows she is supposed to be dead. She is also aware. When visiting the lands of the respected archon, she can feel their pressence. She is however terrified of inuzuma. This is because she has witnessed some of the cruel acts committed by Raiden Shogun.In regards to the shogun, she suspects that there is more to her. She recognizes the abilites and power level. She suspects that the Shogun is a god but she does not know that she is the puppet of a god.- Though she will often wander. Guizhong feels most comfortable in Liyue.  This is not only because of Zhongli, but also because this is HER true home. Therefore a part of her will always be bound to it.


07/18/2022 09:37 PM 


IntroductionFirst Name: YukiNickname: Snow flower, LuckyGender: FemaleAge:  Can vary between agesSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: BisexualAppearanceEye Color(s): BlueHair Color: Black and whiteHighlights: NoneHair Style(s): DownSkin tone: Pale ivoryBody type: HourglassHeight: 5’6FtWeight: 200LbAbout him/herPersonality: Relaxed, Lovable, Playful, Responsible, Peaceful, Loyal, , Troublemaker, Masochist, Brutally Honest, Childish, LustfulLike(s): historical and factual inaccuracies, baking, sand castles, slimes, pearls, running, sports, basketball, alcohol, getting drunk, gymnasticsDislike(s): stargazing, being close to someone emotionally, seafood, sparring, and nordic skatingHobbies: Playing basketballStrength(s): Daring, Critical Thinker, Understanding, Kind, CaringWeakness(es): Narcissist, LewdExtraBlood type: A+Outfit: FavoriteOtherAccessories: A skull earringMakeup: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstickScars: A few scratches on her kneesTattoo(es):  NoneJewelry: NecklacePiercing(s): an industrial and a bridge piercingFavoritesTheme Song: Self Care - Penelope ScottFavorite Food(s): Cantalope, French Toast,  Ice Cream Cake, Banana, Marinara Sauce, Lasagna, Strawberries, MangoFavorite Drink(s):  Tea, LimonadeFavorite Color(s): Fern green, Cobalt blue, Turquoise blue, Pastel violet, Ultramarine blueFavorite Animal(s): octopus, iguanaFavorite Number: noneFavorite Season(s):  Spring, summerFavorite Holiday(s):  None


07/18/2022 03:22 AM 

Current mood:  artistic

::PLEASE READ::1. I am a very nice person, so be nice, if you're nice to me, you'll receive it 10 fold.2. I Prefer Slice Of Life Roleplay mostly but am willing to try other genres. I don't do erotic but will do romance stories since there is some form of structure to the story building up to such a strong romance. If you message me trying anything erotic, the block hammer will befall you. Crossovers are also welcomed.3. Follow the roleplay rules, auto-ing, Godmodding, Meta-gaming are no nos. I will not roleplay with you if these occur.4. I have a life outside of this hobby. My RL takes priority over RP. If you decide to roleplay with me, you're on my time, I am NOT on yours. If that's a problem, then the delete button is not far away. In other words I WILL reply to you when I am good and ready to do so.5. I do Para, Multi-Para, Novella, and Poema. One-liners I usually don't prefer but I will do them if it's just for laughs or a small light-hearted roleplay NO random starters. I like to discuss storylines.6. I DON'T Date on here. I am taken irl and I plan to keep it that way. So I hope that doesn't crush your hopes and dreams.7. I enjoy OOC chatting as well and usually make chatzys to get to know people better. Same rules apply in those as well.8.BE LITERATE! I don't want to comprehend caveman lingo. Trying really hard to read some mixed up failed 3rd grade bogus reply is no fun for me and I will forget about you.9. I prefer messages for roleplaying and comments for just chatting. So if you're planning to roleplay with me, keep it in messages. Also, no I don't have a Discord. I roleplay on a roleplay site. That's what this site is for.10. I've been involved with roleplaying since the old myspace days. I know how the game is played. I ask that you respect me and you will get it in return.

Wolf King

07/17/2022 10:59 PM 

Ebony (ref)

Once the 2nd in command of queen Delilah's pack, Ebony was a strict, ruthless and ill-tempered shewolf. She believed that Delilah was noticeably at some times, a poor and unworthy leader. In the end however, she still her best friend and never stepped out of line. When Delilah had carelessly mated with an omega, her irresonsible breeding resulting in miscarrying all except one pup, Luca. Ebony was enraged by Delilah's consquential affair, ranting how she had truly "failed her and the pack". Years had passed and Luca was now a fully grown wolf, only to lose his father to an unlucky griffin attack. Delilah seemingly spared no emotion to mourn her lost mate as if nothing ever happened. Ebony eventually snapped and took matters in her own favor, killing her best friend and crippled young Luca, making an example of what happens when leaders succumb to weakness. 

Wolf King

07/17/2022 10:01 PM 

Luca (ref)

Luca WhitemaneSex: MaleAge: early 20'sSpecies: White LycanAsk for NSFW information


𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕃𝕚𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕣𝕪

07/17/2022 12:08 PM 

Library Rules

  Only Kind Words Permitted: This site allows others to comment on your work, giving critiques and offering praise for your fellow writers. Please be kind and courteous when commenting on another's work.   NSFW Within Reason: Please no explicit sexual content when posting openly from the sight. A fade to black, or mentions are okay, but nothing detailed. For other Mature content please place a Trigger Warning at the beginning of your post, and state what it is for, (Violence, Gore, drug and alcohol use ect.) Without the warning your post will be deleted by the admins.   All or Nothing: Updates on the site will be posted regularly. As well as mass comments and messages sent to everyone on our friends list. We do not delete inactive accounts, and will add people regularly. If this site is not something you are interested in, please just delete us, and to avoid more requests you may also block the account. Lurkers are fine, if you like to read others' work, but not post anything. That's what a library is all about!   More to come when the need arises~  

💖Animal lover💖

07/17/2022 01:48 PM 


Name Heather Wolf name dewdrop Age 16 Race wolf Looks human Understands speaks to animals Can carry animal children Loves rain Hates wind Close to her older brother Talent she is fast with her one blade Youngest of her siblings Personality playful cute shy loyal caring over protective brave cunning smart Won't Hobbits is clumsy tends to trip or fall Always rides on her brothers back when they travel Can give birth to wolves lions children


07/16/2022 06:12 PM 

Spells Known

Cantrips-Simple spells that are almost effortless to cast for a practiced mage. As such, can be cast functionally an unlimited number of times a day if need be.PrestidigitationA simple utility spell, capable of making small and harmless sensory and illusory effects, cleaning or soiling clothes, chilling, warming or flavoring food or drink and any number of other very minor mystic effects. Mischief at worst, day to day utility at best.Minor IllusionA more dedicated illusion spell, capable of making mid-sized illusions of unmoving objects or creatures. Often used for distraction, stealth, or to convey thoughts words have difficulty expressing. Touching the illusion reveals it as an illusion.MessageA low grade communication spell, capable of quietly relaying messages that only the intended target can hear at a reasonably long distance. Mostly used to whisper inside other people's heads.GuidanceA brief bout of spiritual inspiration on oneself or another, allowing greater insight and understanding of how to perform a task, be that cooking, knot tying, athletics, the study of the arcane, stealthily lying in wait, or really nigh anything in between. It won't make one a master in a craftt, but it will help sharpen existing skills for a time.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Level One Spells- More elaborate than cantrips, much more spiritual focus. As such, can only be used a limited time in a day, capped at four.Silent ImageA larger scale illusion spell, capable of making illusory objects or creatures up to three times the size of those crafted with Minor Illusion. Illusions of creatures can move naturally as a creature of it's type would, though make no sound.Dissonant WhispersA psionic offensive spell, filling the target's head with discordant muttering. The mental overload can cause physical damage to the target anywhere from nosebleed to total systemic shock and induce terror and a primal urge to flee.Animal FriendshipA spell taught by his parents before the troubles, a mystical charm to sooth the minds of beasts, calming them and convincing them that the caster means them no harm. Does as the spell name implies, most often used in emergencies or for utility purposes.Speak with AnimalsAnother spell taught by his parents, endowing the caster with the ability to speak with beasts for a short period of time. Often used to gather information, though can be used in conjunction with Animal Friendship and basic negotiation to potentially broker more long term partnerships with beasts.PuppetA spell that forces the target to move against their will, like a puppet on strings. The control is brief, and offers no control over the person's mind, simply stealing away control of their muscle movements for a few seconds. Relatively harmless, and can not be use to make attacks or the sort, as that requires finer muscle control, but could force a target into a dangerous situation, such a into the path of an arrow or over the side of a cliff if opportunity presented itself.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Level Two Spells- Stronger still than level one spells, and as such calling on more of a spiritual investment. Uses cap at two per day.Phantasmal ForceCreates in the mind of a target an illusion that not only seems realistic, but functionally is real to the one being tarrgeted, and their mind will rationalize any logical discrepencies that may arise. Can take on pretty much any form no larger than an area of about ten feet by ten feet, with accompanying sounds, feel, scent and other aspects and stimuli as appropriate to the illusion. This extends beyond other illusion spells, going so far as being capable of causing real and lasting physical harm if the form chosen would logically do so. The mind makes it real, and the body follows. Only the target can see and interact with the phantasm manifested, however, so the spell is in it's own way situational. Has no effect on the undead or artificial life such a constructs, golems, or mechanica due to the radical difference in how their thought processes function.


07/16/2022 05:07 PM 

Class Features: Spirit Bard LvL 3

Bardic InspirationCapable of infusing motivation in others with little more than a few words or a string of music. A supportive ability that sharpens the skills, strength, and survivability of the target.Jack Of All TradesHas collected bits and pieces of knowledge on a wide range of topics, even if he hasn't fully studied any oth them. Has a fair chance to be okay at most things if tried.Song Of RestCan infuse soothing magics into music and storytelling. Often does so in the form of ghost stories.Magical InspirationSimilar to Bardic Inspiration, though focusing on the arcane. Can empower and heighten the strength of spells both harmful and healing that other cast.ExpertiseA focus of skills gained through years of study and application. In T'nebrus's case, the fields of animal handling and moving with stealth have been key to his survival.Guiding WhispersChanneling both his own talents and the knowledge left behind by those who came before, T'Nebrus is able to channel the spirits of the forgotten, if briefly, to offer insight that may serve helpful to various situations. Or it may just bother ghosts for no reason. Either way, a net boon.Spiritual FocusThrough connections with the spirits of the land and the fallen, T'Nebrus has learned the art of spirit channeling, and to extent fortune telling proper. As a result common tools of fortune telling become powerful arcane foci in his hands. Though any such tools may be used, such as spirit boards, candles, crystals balls and the like, T'Nebrus personally favors cards and skulls as mystic mediums.Tales From BeyondBy listening to the spirits, T'Nebrus can gaiin insight into their legacy, the basics of channeling. With focus, however, he can manifest fragments of these lost stories into being, imparting new skills and abilities into others or himself, if only for a brief moment. These skills vary wildly, from simple defensive boosts to mystical elemental outbursts, depending on the spirit that answers the call at any given moment. T'Nebrus himself has no real control over this in the moment. 


07/15/2022 09:55 PM 

In Good Company. [ft. Lady Mika]

     Guest Star:      Lady Mika     Awaken beneath a ceiling of a sand-shaded canvas. For one lying down on a thick bedroll, it is beyond an outstretched arm’s reach. Light is spilling in from a tall slit between two walls of mildly-swaying cloth.    Take a deep breath. Curl the grisly fingers with palms veiled in gloves. Wiggle the toes tucked well in a pair of boots. Gray cloak of this prone folk shuffles about. Limbs are encouraged to work together with a desire for one to sit up. There is a stream of writhing in the nerves; it warrants a groan of discomfort, brief and whisper-like. What is causing the pain? And as the awareness of this reawakening settles further, another query for oneself: how much time has passed since the prior waking moment?    This corpse-looking man in gray is making sense of what is before and around him. Small crates with tufts of straw peeking up on the topmost wooden prism. Sacks poorly tied up inches below their openings are leaning on the bottom of the stack. Round splintered wooden shields, one of them being a bump away from being split into two, are also tilted upon the rest of the supplies. None of these things seem to be his.    Another pillow is next to his. A depression that can fit a head is on it. Give the crater a bit of stride of his wraithlike fingertips.    Minutes after the awakening, the man leaves the confinement of canvas through that opening between the pair of big loose curtains acting as doors. Green eyes, fair as a spring meadow, are soon greeted by a curious collage once out of the tent past a quenched campfire.    Discolored bones from once-living men and beasts make piles and clutter on unpaved earth, high and low, flat and curved, under a burning red sky. Distant flames are kindled by corpses with a small gathering of long weaponry either stabbed onto them or on the nearby ground. Smoke is rising on each blazing pile. Patches of bent grass brown as mud, petals, stamens and mushrooms too big and misshapen for their own good, and trees lacking even the tiniest leaf on any of their twisted branches and as ash-tinted as his cloak all in tandem suggest a considerable contradiction to an Eden.    On a wavy chest-high wall, a few black rats with wings fight among each on who gets a delectable meal: a plucked eye with scarlet strands behind the fleshly marble. A different kind of gathering is about a fifth of a mile from the lonesome fellow past the squawking scavengers in a squabble and the litter of remains. Hounds tall as the dead trees nearby standing on their hind legs, each of their heads as big as boulders, are nuzzling their snouts down on something he cannot see clearly from he is standing. The choir of crunching perhaps sung through their maw that can swallow a wild boar whole adds to the menacing presence they have. Their own eyes, bright as the flames but richer in their red than the scarlet sky, may not bode well for others. Only a fool waiting to be food or a chew toy would dare to disturb them.    Even one such as he whose visage and stature behind gray rags belongs in a crypt is rather displeased with this loathsome landscape, even if by the slightest. Apathy is his façade. A lesser mind and heart would be drowning in dread for being thrown into this gruesome garden. Unease may haunt him a bit, but it is more of a small ember of confusion, perhaps curiosity. A different query soon prods on him something fierce. What led him here?    While holding onto a shoulder with one of his hands, twisting the former gently to relieve it of strain, he musters what he can to recall what came to pass. It was in dead of night, the moon behind a crowd of thick clouds. Vague silhouettes of things moving, perhaps even people. Rumbles and gallops of boots and hooves. Crisp claps by blade or blunt upon flesh or iron. Grunts and yells of men before bestowing cruelty upon a foe. Growls and snarls freed by great beasts before a vigorous swat of claw-bearing limbs or a hearty bite of mouths with rows of flesh-tearing fangs in them.    The heart beats with a brisk pace, loud in its thump but only for the silent thinker. To swiftly fashion a moment of cruelty and chaos kindles the confusion further. He takes a series of slow deep breaths. The air in this place is rather foul but better than none to savor at all. Soon, his hands go about patting around his waists, rummaging through pouches, and soon on his chest beneath his cloak. Something in his person can perhaps be of aid to dull away the unrest in his mind.    Then comes a sweet sultry giggle of a woman.   “Looking for something, love?” a song-like disembodied voice asked. The inquisitive tone came with the allure of a maiden touting temptation.    The man in gray stops searching himself and slowly turns his head back before the rest of him follows. A conflict of disbelief and displeasure crashes onto his wraithlike face, brows all furrowed and those green eyes in a glare. Before he can spill anything, another deep breath is taken.   “Mika.”    A woman in an olive-green cloak is sitting on a high rocky ledge behind the tent the man awakened from and left out of. Although her face has smears of dirt on it, her elegance is piercing through the mess. Porcelain skin befits a princess at the least. Her long flowing black hair is braided to her left side and the rest in a bun with strands tucked behind one of her ears. Sharp scarlet-red eyes are portraying unassailable confidence. Her ruby red lips are in a light smirk before they clamp on a held object of interest. If the thin cup-like end of the slender curved tool is provided with a tiny bit of flame down on the ground leaves tucked in it, a great moment of calm can be bestowed upon whoever is toking on it.   “You slept sweetly, my dear, like a baby. But I suppose it was necessary for what divine trait is coursing through you to let your wounds heal better. Not much can be done being cursed to look like a corpse though. What a weird condition you have, really.”    “Why are we here and why do you even have that with y—... hang about, did you...?”   He tilts his head, brows firmly furrowed. Those green eyes are eagles on that thing in her hand and partly on her lips.   “Did you steal that from me when I was asleep?”    “Weeeellllllll... no,” she dragged her response perhaps a bit too long for his liking.   “It may have fallen off of you while you were being moved about.”   “Fallen off, mhm,” he muttered right after a whispered scoff.   Slowly, the man stands up, raising his left hand with an open palm in a glove.   “If you would not mind,” he calls out to her.   “My pipe. Please, give it back.”   Bare corpse-like fingers curl in and out together.    She frees the peace-bringing thing off her lips. She wags up and down the tip with a hole on it upon the beckoning fellow.   “Your limbs seem to be working well enough,” her choice to contest his demand.   “Come, join me up here and sit next to me, Grey. Please.”   Her left hand is softly patting on the dirt to her side.   “Why do I—?”   Mika interrupts Grey.   “—Humor me, Grey. I will answer what other questions you may have. I will even give this back to you, ready for your toking pleasure. That fuss you were on about was in search of this, yes?”   Her hand holding the pipe waved it about for a moment.   “But first, please...”   Lips and cheeks squirm to exude enunciation. There is even a bit of snarl in her sultry voice. Even her ledge-patting hand matches a downward stomp for each word.   “Get... up... here.”    Grey frees a defeated sigh. Mika giggles. She then brushes off the grains of dirt on her patting hand on her cloak.   “Much appreciated,” Mika thanked Grey who is halfway through his hike.   By the time he gets up there and less than a yard to her left, unease stirs in him again, just as much as knowing that she is in possession of his smoking pipe. Two double-edge blades in their respective sheaths, one being a longsword and the other a dagger, are resting behind Mika. Oh, those brows of his furrow and his eyes narrow. Dispel away the sudden rise of frustration, lest be compelled to do something to the maiden too crude for his own good.   “Did those fall off me as well?”   He nearly growled when he spilled the query.    “No, I relieved you of them while you were dreaming of things,” she confessed without hesitation. One hand is holding the bottom of the pipe bowl while the other has her slim fingers kneading on each other’s tips inches above the chamber. She keeps the thing half a foot away from her precious visage. Eyes go back and forth in their gaze between those tiny limbs at work and the dwarfish cauldron inches directly below them.   “But only for safe-keeping and to spare your dear spine of further sorrow while you were sleeping soundly. You and I have our... differences, sure. But I have not the desire to cross you by means of petty theft. Come and reclaim them, please.”   She mumbles something, a foreign phrase of sorts. Tiny sparks trickle away from her kneading fingers and down into the bowl like tiny embers. The dry brown clump in the chamber is set ablaze brightly and orange. As soon as she swings back the tip of the tool with the bore on it, Mika indulges in a deep toke. The heat from the stream of searing mist invigorates her senses. A few seconds after puffing in, a slim wall of smoke is freed from the corner of her slightly open mouth, obscuring the horizon a bit.    “Well, how kind of you,” his sardonic way to thank her with a small wedge of sincerity tucked in it. Before honoring her request, he picks up both weapons. He straps them well on his person, the longsword on his back and the dagger behind him, mingling with the thick leather belt around his waist.   Another blade in a sheath, thinner than even the dagger is resting on the other side of the damsel. If given the chance, amazing and atrocious art can be performed through it by the cloaked vixen.    Grey finally sits down next to her. Mika soon passes him the pipe. Her face portrays endearment through a comforting smile. Grey obliges her willful parting of his possession with a nod of his head, the pipe soon in his grasp. Lips so dreadfully different from the damsel compliments his mummified mug. What storm of sorrows he had to brave to end up being such a living blasphemy to beauty, perhaps he can share those tragic tales when privy to a better time.    Grey delights himself with a hearty toke of his pipe. Mika leans the side of her head on his nearest cloaked-veiled arm. The man in gray does not mind her intimate deed. While they are at odds from time to time, maybe even margins more than sometimes, their alliance when honored has proven to bear the sweet fruit of duties fulfilled with high praises. Grey conjures his own small tower of freed smoke, soothing his writhing nerves and ailing mind. There are still things to consider, and questions that need answers.    “Why are we here, Mika? What business do we have in this province?”   Grey shares his pipe again.   “Were we not in somewhere less... red? I recall visions of a battle. I presume that I was a part of it. Did we forsake it? Did I forsake it? Or did I muse over madness which did not occur?”   Mika does not deny his charity, relieving him of his peace-bringing tool.   “It did occur, love. Forsaken it, well... it is less so a ‘yes’ and more so a ‘no.’ It is quite a twisted tale. A few things happened along the way leading to our refuge here.”   Mika reenacts the soothing deed from half a minute ago with the pipe in hand.   “Well, I relish a tale. So, do regale me of what I may have forgotten or missed.”   “Very well, Grey darling.”    Both man and woman are perusing the peculiar land. The small pack of giant beasts at the distance are feasting well on a cluster of bloody corpses. Drag marks of the feast can be seen from further down to the back of one of them. The red sky can make one with sensitive eyes squint or reject a hearty gaze above, this hellscape with its hazy hellish hue. Until thoughts are well-sorted and writhing nerves are no longer a bother, Sir Grey and Lady Mika enjoy each other’s company in an Eden for the wicked.

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