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April 23rd, 2021

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April 06, 2013


04/07/2013 04:06 PM 

Fanpages and rules

If you were wondering I do have a Deviantart and a facebook fan page. If you would like to watch my progress in my art, please feel free to add them. The more views I get would be really helpful with getting my name out. But first here is a few rules I would like to make before you add them. Please be kind and fallow them.


-;Speaking: If you come and speak with me please give me your display name because more then likely, I won't know who you are in other places. Or possibly let me know here that you will be adding them and what your display name is.

-;Content: This is public for people to see my art work. Please do not put any horrible content on comments that can be displayed to friends, family, and even possible job scouters. Please keep content clean, at least pg-13.

-;Manners: Please be nice and curtsies to me and others of my fan pages. You can agree to disagree or you will be deleted off.

-;Critiques: I enjoy reading critiques. If you see something off please tell me. It will help me to get better. But please be nice and give constructive criticism. No horrible comments. You may be deleted off if I feel like you are meaning to be mean.


This is all I can think of at the moment of what I would like to see of your actions if you do decide, to further your reach out into my art.  Just like anything else I do take my art seriously. Kazumi is a means to get better and maybe find new people to see as a true artist.  I enjoy Kazumi because it gives me inspiration to practice, practice, and practice.  Not only to get better in my art but to also get better in writing as well. An animator, I don't only create the pictures of a story. But also create beautiful works of art that has a story line as well.  Hope you enjoy my art work and please come and create a story with me. 


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