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April 23rd, 2017

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April 19, 2017

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04/19/2017 10:14 PM 

Rules Desu

I'm really lax but guidelines are needed.


Please, and I mean please, don't single line. Its dreadfully boring, just dreadfully. I don't respond to them so don't do it. If you single line, you have no business role playing. To put it simply, if you can keep it interesting, then I can keep rping with you.


Grammar. I try not to be a grammar nut, but if your typing like a dead cat with down syndrome, then I can't help but point it out. To be on this site, you have to be on something connected to the net. Google the word you need to spell, so no one has reason to be sounding like an idiot.


Rp in the third person please. Just to avoid confusion.


If you friend request me, try to say something, I'm not just going to come to you. If I friend request you, I'll sending a greeting, and try to discuss an rp if we're not just shooting the bull.


Ooc is in comments please. Roleplay in messages. Why? Because it keeps things orderly for me. Simple right? Memorize it.


Please don't pester me about replies or send me a million freaking messages just because I haven't gotten back to you. I'm probably doing something, so relax, I'll get to you, unless you know annoy me somehow. Also, don't pester me about anything stupid with a million freaking messages. If I'm busy, I'm f***inging busy. I'll get to you when I can.


One warning and one warning only. Don't auto my character in any way, shape or form. Show a little respect. As well, you should know what’s next. No god-modding. A basic rule everyone should know, but some people seem to miss.


Please don't steal anything from me. A lot of hard work and time has gone into everything you've seen. Not just by me but also each of the respective creators of both images and this layout. Thank you.


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