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04/20/2017 02:11 PM 


1: I do not take kindly to others attempting to take over my character, if I he has not done anything do not make him do it. Let's say I step into a room however in your reply you bump into him in a different room, that's going to be fully ignored.

2: That minimum I will accept in replies are four sentences, anything less I will ignore. I need details and more than a few sentences.

3: I request no drama although tolerable in more than a few cases I don't wish for it.

4: Please do not rush replies and I won't rush you for them, I am gone from time to time and some times days at a time. If this is something you are not a fan of please remove me, however a message to check up on things is acceptable as I may do the same. Not to rush but to see if everything is alright.

5: In  pertain to rule 4 if my "check up" messages are something of a bother please let me know, if you're not a fan of the idea please let me know ahead of time.

6: Yes I do mature themes if requested as well as serious role plays, neither is required as I am open to most genres of role play.

So far these are my regulations, if you wouldn't mind signing below so I can know you have read and understood them. IF more are required I shall add them at a later date and let you know.


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