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April 23rd, 2017

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April 20, 2017

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04/20/2017 07:13 PM 

Common Curtosy

1: My character is a female as am I so I expect you not to force yourself on her, if you should and you are told to stop but insist on trying you will be blocked.

2: Yes I do mature themes, there's nothing wrong with that. If you don't like this you're most certainly free to leave.

3: I am far from on every single day, my life can become pretty busy so there will be times when I haven't been on for a few days or so. If this is going to bother you again feel free to remove me.

4: Please do not rush for replies, I most certainly won't. This place is meant of fun not to be pressured on replying back at the snap of a finger.

5: Attempting to control my character or her actions will be completely ignored, if you need a example here's one.

If I am in a completely different area in my reply but in yours you somehow manage to have her pump into you or you pump into her when she's no where near you this is one of a few ways of controlling another's character.

6: There is no killing my character, no she's not immortal but I'm not going to let her die either. Maybe black out or fall into a coma but death is out of the question.

7: I use foul language at times, if you have no mind for it and find it "ignorant" or "insufferable" then please show yourself out. My language use doesn't show lack of intelligence but anger or just because I can.

8: As posted on my profile I do not reply to one liners, semi-paras. Yes I understand some of you don't do so well with lengthy replies but that's not my fault and I won't deal with such laziness.

9: If I have a feeling you're ignoring me, not interested in talking or creating a story with me or just using my as a number I will delete you. There's a reason it's there after all.

10: I tend to look at other's profiles from time to time or even before accepting their request's or adding them, if I see you have loads of friends let's say around One or Two hundred I may add you but if I go days without a word I'll be removing you.

11: I do not require drama or attitudes or even other's trying to get under my skin and claim they're "playing" around, if you should show such behavior's you'll receive a warning. Continue that behavior you'll be removed.

12: My character has a name, please use it. It's Vera so don't go calling me Doll, babe, sexy, cutie or anything along those lines. I'll only allow nick names once a friendship has formed.

13: Role playing is a two way street and I'm still learning, if you're not going to put any effort into your replies or helping with ideas for the story then I do not require you to be on my list.

14: Reality and Fantasy are completely different so let's keep it this way alright? I won't be giving my number out or any other personal information out that's for sure, pestering me about it will only get you removed and blocked.

So far these are my rules and they stand as firm as I, if you should read them and understand them I would ask you simply sign below letting me know. If you have an issue with any of them you may leave, if you should break any on purpose you'll be removed.

If I should happen to think of more or create more because of certain situations I will do so.

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Queen of the Road


Read, signed and understood.

Posted on Fri Apr 21, 2017, 16:12

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