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May 23rd, 2017

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Gender: Male

Age: 24
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May 07, 2017

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05/18/2017 06:01 PM 

Other information&Quirk evolution Please read
Current mood:  accomplished

✦ p e r s o n a l i t y

O | passionate - focused - resourceful - loyal - sociable
= | restless - composed - critical
X | distrustful - secretive - envious - petty - manipulative

◇ Shigeki is a man of passion, and is emotionally and morally driven. He is focused and dedicated to his causes, and wastes little time thinking about other things. In this, he can be quite resourceful as well, and he has a tendency to think outside of the box, or at least, come up with all kinds of 'solutions' for any difficulty he faces on the spot. He is a loyal friend, and those who  earn his trust will know that he is always on their side. His nature is sociable, and so he enjoys talking to and engaging in activities with other people.

◇ He can also be quite restless, and tends to fidget when he's in such a state. Although some of it stems from anxiety, most of it just comes from boredom, and he hates having to sit still and not do anything. Despite his passionate nature, he can be composed when he needs to be, and can even surpress his urge to fidget. He knows how to keep his cool. Shigeki can also be critical, mostly of himself but also of others.

◇ Due to his belief that everyone can turn against you, he is distrustful, and has a hard time relying on other people. He is secretive and likes to keep to himself, not divulging too much information about himself to others. Envy is not unknown to him, and he often longs for things other people have, such as a normal, stable family. He's petty, and sometimes does things purely out of spite, especially if it concerns someone he doesn't like he is not known for anger,but can be triggered if somone speaks about his mom or praises his brother it causes him to black out and become unconscious this causes him to rampage releasing a thousand percent of his quirk during this time only the smoke can become hard . Shigeki's true nature is  manipulative,  and dark though he attempts to keep his true nature hidden,from everyone. The only individual able of seeing through his fasade was shin-sou hitoshi witch is why they get along extremely well. 

All in all, he makes for a good friend, but a terrible enemy,tho he knows who his allies are he even sees them as pawns to manipulate for his own ends,other than shinsou,and his true friends he considers himself allied with.
◇  Likes:   Bodybuilding. simple people | savoury and spicy food (especially curry) | all kinds of coffee as well as protein shakes.) | scale models (especially buildings and vehicles) | Chicken alfredo and bread.
◇  Dislikes: dairy products | sweet food | lateness | paper and plastic bags | perfume | going to the doctor/hospital | reading long books

✦ h i s t o r y

TLDR: loses mother at young age → decides to pursue her dream of becoming a pro hero → enters U.A. 

◇ Shigeki's mother, a former class C student, had a rough life, being unable to achieve her dream of becoming a pro hero to help others, and having a child fuwa's older brother who turned out to be a villain Muscular at 19. Her fire-related quirk wasn't nearly strong enough to be suitable for combat, and in the end, she became a firefighter. Ironically, she died in a house fire when Shigeki was 4, and had just discovered his quirk  his big brother  muscular was already known for big time criminal activity he set there house on fire in the middle of the night . A balk of timber fell on her as they were escaping the house, and she told him to run out of the house, claiming she'd only use her quirk without him around as her fire could harm him. She never did follow him out of the house.

After that, Shigeki's uncle, Ren, took him in. Although he did his best to care for his sister's son, things were always a little tense due to Shigeki's uncanny resemblance to his mother and brother. As he grew up, Shigeki learnt of his mother's wish to become a pro hero to help others, and decided he wanted to do the same to make her proud as well as avenge her death and defeat his brother. Shigeki studied hard in the face of opposition, practiced a lot with his quirks, everyday brutally trained his physical body and strength and eventually aced the U.A. entrance exams. He had quite the advantage there, as the 'villains' were mostly mechanical and electronic, allowing him to corrode and short-circuit them. His intangibility allowed for easy evasion of traps.

He was accepted into U.A., and finished his first year without a hitch. Now a second year, it seems things are finally getting interesting...

◇ Reason for coming to U.A: to make his mother proud,and  become the hero she always wanted to be in order to be able to defeat his brother and avenge his mother while carrying out her dream.

✦ e x t r a

◇  Voice:  Tachibana, Shinnosuke 
Fighting Style: Shoot wrestling &jut-ken-do 
◇  Eng dubVoice:Jarrod Greene
◇  Singing voice: InvaderT
◇  Trivia: 
-Loves and has a passion for bodybuilding due to this and his former admiration of his brother and father he take his time when not in school be it after or days off to constantly train and for power lifting completions. He enjoys maxing out his pump
- has exceptionally good spatial awareness
- his glasses are mostly for reading, without them he really struggles reading anything (but will pretend he's fine)
- only keeps his hair down to cover his face in 'formal' settings so that no one ever sees through his true intentions. 

◇  Family: 
Muscular igeki (マスキュラー 
- Fuwa, Ryouko { 浮際 燎子 }; mother | died at 23, would've been 36 by now 
Fuwa, Ren { 浮際 鍊 }; uncle | 38 | teacher at U.A.
◇  Relationships: 
Furutsu, Houmei { 古津泡鳴 }  partner in crime ? sits in front of him
Ametsuchi, Shizuka { 天地静夏 } friend, classmate    Hitoshi shinsou{ 浮際 燎子 }

Second -Quirk and Abilities
Muscle-strength Augmentation (筋肉増強 Kin'niku Zōkyō?): Fuwa's Quirk allows him to augment the muscle fibers that are beneath the skin, increasing the power and speed of his movements. He has also been shown to use his quirk for defense; by covering his whole body in augmented muscle fiber. Unlike his elder brother the augmented muscle compresses within his body increasing the size and density of his body to the same degree as his brother and does not obscure his outer body.  He has not figured out how to use his brothers variation as of yet. Also this quirk allows him to multiply his strength five-fold but only for three minutes.
Immense Strength: Fuwa has shown extreme levels of physical strength. Even without using his Quirk, he is able to send tokoyami and denki flying with remarkable force with merely a simple elbow to them both. When using his Quirk to augment his strength, he has shown to be able to easily shatter rock and overpower a fully powered tokoyami and denki kaminari with minimal effort, even when playing around. After going serious, his reinforced strikes were able to cause destruction on a similar scale to Izuku's 100% Detroit Smash. He was also able to directly overpower denki and tokoyami they were both using ,100% at the time, in a two on one physical clash.

Immense Durability: Fuwa much like his older brother was shown to have a frightening level of impermeability to physical harm. When using his Muscle Augmentation, he was able to take the full brunt of tokoyami's 100% dark shadow'sat night power  with minimal injury. Indeed, he was incapacitated only after tokoyami's quirk went into a rage rampaged.

Enhanced Speed: Fuwa was shown to be surprisingly swift. He was able to catch tokoyami fumikage and denki kaminari off-guard several times during their fight. When using his Muscle- Augmentation, he can la


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