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Mira chan is back

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May 20th, 2017

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 17
Country: United States

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May 18, 2017

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05/18/2017 07:18 PM 

about mira chan

Name Mira chan 
race grip reaper neko 
form a large demon cat 
status single 
hair purple with some black in his hair
eyes purple with a hint of black and pink 
Orination Gay ( Uke) sometimes seme depends )
height 5''5''
weight 130 pounds 

personality shy , cute, adroable , kind scared of people at first until he warms up Loyal cuddles a lot works through the grim reaper school, tends to be a cry baby 

details about him once he get a owner or a master he will listen to them as well as fight with them along side of them he can fight in the large cat form as well as his neko form he will wear a collar around his neck with his owner holding onto the leash like to control him only his master or  misstress can control him depends on who has control over him he can grind on bones and flesh as well as eat there bodies and souls he can eat them and bring them back to the grim reaper school when he purrs you can hear the souls screaming when he meows you hear sobbing of the lost souls he can change when ever he wishes but is most strongest under a full moon or a new moon  his owner can also mate with him thus making him have kittens as well even though he is a male he can carry children because he has both sex when it comes to mating even a shemale can get him with kittens  he tends to give loves bites it shows he cares and loves that person as well he tends to hiss and also is scared of everyone at first once he knows he can trust that person he will protect them till end of time.  he can turn into his kitten form as well as a large cat his owner can ride on a demon can control him or a fellow grim reaper to a fellow vampire to a human as well depends on who he falls in love and trust as well 


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