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May 20th, 2017

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Gender: Male
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Age: 17
Country: United States

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May 18, 2017

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05/18/2017 07:27 PM 


1. no grammar police though i am a child in real life and i love role playing i just want to let you know my spelling is not the best okay so if you do not like the way i do this i am so deeply sorry v.v you do not have to role play with me if you do not want to but then it will crush me if you do so v.v 

2. i will be offline and online a lot i am on my phone so i will try to get online when i can as well so if i am not online a lot i do have a life though so again sorry >////<

3. if you add me you send me a greeting if i add you i will send you a greeting okay sweetness !!!

4. i do mild gore so very mild not very bad gore but mild very very mild so do not ask me to kill you i will refused but i will kill other people >.> in the role play just not your chara 

5.mira is only a kitten with his race so he looks highly grown up he is only a kitten so bare with his kitten selfness he can be childish as well as cute so just please bare with him and his mood swings he is just like a normal cat 

6. if you want this to go into romance romance with him taken and loving with your chara let me know okay before so i can put taken and loving in my name kay ♥

7. please put more details in the role play not like lame one liners i want to read a lot with your reply and starter not read read oh thats it come on people i want to get some story going on ^^ 

8. oh yes if you send me a one liner most likely  i will send you the same amount you send me >.> if you send me a long ass starter i will do my best to give you it back in return love ♥

9. if you do not reply back to me with in  a week i will delete you i am not a number so there for i should not be treated like one v.v 

10. please do not let your friends be mean to me v.v and i will not be mean to them in return i hate bullies i really do TT^TT 

11. if you want to be in a edit i am down to that as well pick out a picture and i can edit it ^^ 


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