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May 23rd, 2017

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05/19/2017 01:07 PM 

God Breaker Tavius vs Dragon Lord Tau

Rules For Spectators
-You may watch and hell even post it does not matter to me but keep your OOC comments to yourselves till after the fight.
-No interfiering in the fight
-Be Respectful
-This is not a death match so no character will be deleted
-Enjoy the Show :)


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Abyssal Heart


The young boy would follow his older sister. Taking in the surrounding around him he would watch his father. He would stand beside his sister as his black and white hair would fall into his face. He would stare at his father and then would listen to his sister chanting. He could swear he could see her with pom poms. He  looked at his father knowing he would win. "Come on dad. You can do it. We believe in you."

Posted on Mon May 22, 2017, 18:01

Demonic Heartless Dragon


Arriving at the destination where her father was to fight. She would look around keeping her distance as she would let her long black and ice blue hair flow against her. Her exceed right beside her as she would smile. "You can do it papa!" She yelled as she would stand beside her little brother.

Posted on Mon May 22, 2017, 17:51



Of The Western Sea
"bathe in the light of the divine, and be turned to dust."

est of the designated battlefield sat a King with no throne. From a Kingdom in a realm far off from this one, but today he sat here to bear witness to one of the many fights he had witnessed since having be cast away to this land. Atop a mountain is where he sat, one leg crossed over the other with a clear view of all that was to transpire. Through scent and sensory abilities he could determine that there was but one male prepared to get this show on the road, but where was his opponent? Will his entrance be a grand one? It was a mystery, but soon the battle will be underway. From here he intended to spectate until the very end, it was not all the time he would get to observe an exchange of fists & power involving one of Asphodel’s members.  Win or lost, he hoped that this would be an enjoyable learning experience, gaining knowledge in the midst of battle so that one could further grow as a fighter, a warrior.

He was a patient being, with no intention other than to enjoy the show for now, from a seat so high up from the ground floor. A thick layer of clouds beneath his feet, lady zephyr sweeping across the land pulling azure strands of hair in the direction in which it blew, ‘Hmm, am I the only one that came to watch?’ He thought to himself, scanning the area around him before turning his attention back to the battlefield.


Posted on Mon May 22, 2017, 13:27

Devil Dragon


*it was a sunny day as usual and on this day something greater was gonna take place. Dragons are feared as one of the most powerful creatures of the mythical world. Their power is unrivaled and could take on the likes of beings stronger than them. Some Dragons are born natural others are created with each their own respective desires and purpose same with power.*

*Tavius Kijjin, Son of the She Devil and Last Descendant of the Kijjins, also known as Tavius the God Breaker is a man with ambition and prowess that was unrival. throughout the years he had met and fought many warriors. from humans to Demons to Dragons and even Gods. Tavius was never one to resist a challenge with a opponent. even from a weak opponent he can learn something*

**Currently Tavius is seen walking down the fields in his human form. with a sinister look in his eyes he walked to his next designation. Tavius was a tall muscular young man, he had slightly long black spiky hair. his ice blue iris can be seen staring into the distance. he had black lining around his eyes. Tavius wore a cloak over his body but under it was a ice blue toga that resembled that of ancient greek men. exposing his muscular upper body his guild marking was on his left pectoral, the marking of Asphodel. he wore a pair of black baggy pants. he had a black belt on with a silver belt buckle. Tavius wore silver gaunlets with black open finger gloves. he did not wear any shoes so he walked barefoot across the land*

*he finally arrived in the mountains where he waited for his opponent Tau Virtus. his thoughts on him? he was a dragon who spoke too much and did not like that he was yet to back up his words. One respect he had for him was being the Uncle of one of his biggest rivals and aquiantance, Azure Beta, and he knew Tau may be stronger than him but it was not gonna stop him from fighting. he soon sat down on the ground as he focused his power*

Posted on Fri May 19, 2017, 01:09

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