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𝓢oul 𝓗ound

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May 21st, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 112
Country: Japan

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May 15, 2017

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05/19/2017 10:11 PM 

About the Hound

Full Birth Name: Adararisus Hex Brown
Alias: Hex
Nick Names: Adara, Risu, Hexy, Crimson wolf
Age: 100+ 
Gender: Male or Female (Depends on the person I am role playing with)
Species: Deity/Vampire
*Comes from a pure blood vampire blood line and the child of Anubis
Career: Cutting the strings of Life and Deciding ones fate. He may give someone another chance or kill them all together and creates life as well taking over for the three fates.
Human Job: Model for Gothic clothing
Personality: Mischievous and playful at times if around someone his energy or body rejects he may be hostile. He may act tough and flirtatious around men and women when he is actually quite shy even with how many lined up brides he has.
Family: Mariana Brown(Birth Mother), Anubus(Birth Father), Bastet(Step Mother), Upuaut(Aunt), Kebechet(Half Sister), Ra(Grand father), Nephthys(Grand mother), Alistair Brown(Uncle), Killian(Uncle's son), Lunara(Half Sister), Tsukiara(Half Sister)
Sexual Preference: Pansexual leans towards males a little more
Position: Seke but is more of a uke.
Mate: No one
Past Relationships: Many yet none took. 


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