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July 6th, 2020

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March 03, 2020


03/10/2020 08:45 PM 

my darkest days (sample)
Current mood:  annoyed

Mikoto was sure that he had found what he was looking for. The darkness of the long hallway was stiffing, but he had to ignore it, and push forward through the murky darkness. It was a strange smell that came from the end of the hall-way. He had been called in to investigate a strange spike in the atmosphere, more than likely a demon that had found it's way into the crevices of the school. He knew the student teachers of the school were anxious to go down to the boys locker room. It was difficult to see and his flash-light was almost out of batteries. It was a simple time when flip-phones were hot and heavy in the social main stream.

Iphones and more advanced technologies had not been invented yet. It was the early days of the internet and Mikoto was just figuring out how to use his cell phone that his uncle bought him. His parents gave up their rights to him because they were both hard-core drug addicts and his aunt and uncle took him in. They had raised him since he could remember, and Mikoto was thankful for the things they had to sacrifice for him to be happy and healthy growing up. Although he was a bit of a brat, they still appreciated him. A lot more than his parents did -- they were both selfish, and Mikoto didn't want to end up like them. That was one of his worst fears -- becoming his parents.

When he got down to the locker room of the boy's gym, he looked for sulfur and any traces of a demon or vengeful spirit. He took a can of salt and littered it across the exits and entrances of the door. He was sure that he could capture the demon with the appropriate symbol and make-shift circle. He was not pagan by any means, but their methods usually did the trick when it came to demon hunting and honoring spirits.  Suddenly, a loud noise came from a set of sneakers that lay abandoned by the entrance of the office located to the right upon entering the boys locker room. He took a look around; walking down the isles of lockers to see if anything was a-miss. However, he found nothing, sighed, and sat down at the end of the bench in the middle of the room. He dared anything to come forward, and although he felt awkward, he couldn't help but think this was a hoax and he was being played as a joke.

It seemed nothing was there. It was simply playing into the minds of the people who feared darkness, and the age-old "basement-fear" as he liked to call it. He was sort of irritated that he was sent down here for nothing. As he walked out of the locker room he began to hear the noise of what sounded like footsteps, but he couldn't make them out at first. Suddenly, he was pulled into the darkness of the night. He felt his hands being grabbed and his arms being bound with chains, and knocked out for what seemed to be hours. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

The man was scaring people away from the basement so he could drain them of blood without anyone noticing. No one thought to look in the basement because everyone was too afraid to go down and check it out. When someone thought they heard screaming, moaning, and shouting, like someone was in severe pain, was when they decided to bring a hunter into the situation. He supposed all the rumors of the Sanders high school locker rooms being haunted were, yes, true.

"Have you missed me?" a voice in the darkness asked, and he knew this voice from somewhere, but Mikoto didn't want to believe that it was his deceased ex-boyfriend. The one that had been so addicted on alcohol and drugs that he over-dosed on pain medication and committed suicide. It was difficult for him to tell but he was sitting there, smiling, grinning, and waving her hand at him. "You-hoo-" he said, appearing next to him, "I-I'm sorry, I should have been there for you more-- Kisuke.. p-please, forgive me." he said and whimpered, keeping his tears down was proving to be more difficult than he would have liked. He found Kisuke deceased against the bathtub of their two bedroom apartment when he was coming home from work one evening. 

He didn't know how long he had been draped over the bathroom tub, but he immediately called the ambulance and authorities when he discovered him. It was a difficult time for both him and his family. His aunt and uncle had really started to get attached to Kisuke especially since they knew Kisuke was also Asian like Mikoto was. He moved here with his family a long time ago, they were blacksmiths looking for a different kind of freedom, and moved from Osaka Japan to Greenville , Colorado.

 It was a difficult move for the rest of the family, especially in those times with disease and poor health claiming lives so easily. Eventually, though, Mikoto's family settled in their new home-land, and made their lives very plain and simple. They were a common family and lived happily and healthy in their line of work. Mikoto's aunt was an actress and his uncle whom he looked up to as a father, was a freelance writer and artist. That's how they made a living, and for many years Mikoto tried various things which he would often find himself coming back to. He liked playing guitar and playing video games. His best friends were Andy, Sarah, and Michelle. It was not hard to spot Mikoto - he was mostly the only Asian in the school so imagine how surprised he was to meet and become attracted to Kisuke.

 Kisuke was a troubled youth that got into a lot of trouble, and Mikoto was following him down a path that he didn't like. They fought, argued, and disagreed about a lot of things, but Mikoto would have never wished suicide on him. He often wondered what he could have done different, and he always makes sure that his friends are at least comfortable enough to talk to him about their every-day struggles. He wanted to make a change in his life to empower himself instead of beating himself down and pointing fingers at himself for not being there enough for Kisuke.

 It wouldn't have mattered -- his aunt and uncle assured him that he couldn't have done anything else, but he couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for it. His aunt hugged him and told him not to worry about it and try to keep his mind off of it. He did, and getting a job at a club seemed to be the only thing that helped him. 

That's where he met his new group of friends. He would often hang out with them after school, and he would find things to do with them as a group like going to the mall or movies after school during the week. He also studied a lot of stuff when he was on weekends and studied his homework, got good grades, and eventually got high enough marks to be class president. He still didn't know how the prince of the high school got suckered into playing ghost-busters with the boys locker-room, though. He looked at Kisuke's ghost and sobbed, "I-I'm so very s-sorry," he whimpered, and suddenly, Kisuke vanished like he was never there in the first place. 

"Was it even real?" he asked, dumbfounded, and frankly a little shaken. He shook his head and ran his pale hands through luscious brown and messy locks of hair. He walked back up the stairs, and reported back to the main office that there was nothing to be afraid of. He knew there was, but he didn't want to go back down there, either. Now that he saw just what was scaring everyone; he wanted to be far, far away from it.


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