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// Just a quick FAQ/PSA here before we get started. I write Izumi from the show Legend of Korra. A lot of her backstory is unwritten which allows for a decent amount of creative freedom. I try to portray her as accurately as I can but, depending on who her mother is, her personality will vary from what we saw in the show. I have seen both A:TLA, TLOK and have read several of the comics/books outside of the show. While I have my own headcanons, I am not afraid to explore others so, please do not hold back on ideas. The more creativity, the better!

  1. Mains/Connections: Those special slots are earned, not given.
  2. Locations: Keep roleplay and OOC/chit-chat separate.
  3. Forced Interactions: No god-moding or auto-hitting.
  4. Discord: Please do not ask if I have a Discord or LINE. If you want to discuss, we do it here.It is very distracting and writing is my top priority on this site. I don't like to give it out to people unless I've roleplayed with them for some time.
  5. Literacy: Leave illiteracy at the door. Don't worry about having a typo here and there but, for the sake of my sanity, please know the difference between your/you're and their/there/they're. 

  6. Interactions: With the exception of a love interest, I write with everyone. All storylines are separate from each other and therefore, I will write with repeat characters; meaning if I already have a storyline with a Katara, I am open to writing with another Katara.
  7. Length Preferences: I have a 4 paragraph roleplay minimum for muse-related purposes. You never have to match the amount I write so, please do not feel pressured. We're here to write and have fun.
  8. Crazy People: Roleplay and real-life are completely separate. Confusing the two will automatically send you into the blocked category.
  9. Response Time: Patience is a virtue. This is a hobby, Izumi is not my only character and there will be times where I won't be able to get back to you right away. If it takes me more than a few weeks to get back to you, feel free to ask what's going on. Usually I provide updates in stream.
  10. No RPGs.


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