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05/21/2020 12:57 PM 

Character Sheet[Traits&Abilities]

Betsalel Tensho ValkyrCurrent Ability Sheet5/20/2020

[Racial Traits]

Obsidian Scale(s): The Nāga are both a mythical, and semi divine species of beasts that originally resided in the heavens. Each of them are adorned with a varying set of what can only be called colored scales. Those of the Black Scaled Nāga possess a resistance to magical energy both within, and outside of his body. This not only dampens harmful magical energies aimed to hinder them, but it also does the same to healing magic. Making even the most trivial of wounds more difficult to recover from when magic is involved.

Nāga Beast Core: As a beast considered divine by the natural order of things the Nāga has developed a core filled to the brim with both its Qi, and Chi. Normally these two types of energy clash with one another, but within a beast they merge into a special power called Sutra. A source of strength for beasts that allow them to perform magic, and all sorts of varying abilities that could be considered as such. Naturally Sutra is considered to be evil by the Immortals living within Heaven, and thus numerous rumors about it being corrupted appeared. However it was all lies. Sutra is naturally occurring within beasts as a fusion of Heavenly Strength, and Earthen Fluidity.

Venomous Sutra: While Sutra isn't naturally harmful to others the Nāga have all developed a special form of it. As they evolved, and further cultivated themselves into a form similar to humans they shed their fangs. In place of them their Sutra begun to exhibit traits that their now vanishing venom would have. Gaining a dimly lit magenta color that has become corrupted by a few traces of an obsidian tinge. For the Nāga it is harmless, but in the case of others they can experience immense nerve pain coupled with eventual side effects that all depended upon the element existing within them. In the case of most Black Scales it was the elements of Water, and Metal in which manifested as a slowly spreading petrification.

Physical Abnormalities: Aside from the obvious serpent like scales that can be seen all across their bodies. Alongside them are also sharp tipped finger nails, and even a pair of fangs that lack any venom. Instead being used to directly inject Sutra into the body of foes. These advantages granted to the Nāga are paired with enhanced physical abilities that show themselves all across the board. Normally manifesting as superior strength, speed, and durability that ranks among the modest tier(B) of its class.

[Personal Abilities]

Sutra Arrays: A special, and rare set of spells that are often labelled as the Fantasy Field. Often considered to be spell circles that can aid in the casting of many diverse area of effect spells. These are continuous, and often encompass a singular location around the person in question. Secondly they can perform restrictions that are akin to seals in which can be directed towards others in order to literally restrict the power of a foe through barriers of some kind. These types of spells can often only be triggered through the use of specialized equipment, and artifacts that were designed to place them. Betsalel has been known to use a singular flag with enchanted etched into its shaft for similar effect.

Seismic Sense: Few Nāga are born with this ability making it impossible for most to learn later on in their life. Thus it is mostly considered to be special, or extremely personal. Betsalel contains such an ability within himself. Now able to pick up even the most slight of vibrations within the earth so long as he is touching it directly. Meaning flesh to flesh. Never through his clothing, or shoes for that matter of fact. Currently he can only sense people that are within around 20 ft of himself, and nothing more. Never finding out a way to actually improve this range at all.

Serpentine Ire: At times of intense battle Betsalel has been known to enter what can only be deemed a trance like state. While within it he shows off an immense potential for both violence, and martial arts. Combining his knowledge of both to deliver incredible strikes to his foes. However this focus only ever appears while amidst battle, and can be improved upon through that same method. As he continues to take damage Betsalel will slowly begin to lose his intelligence, and become more beast like as time goes on. Punches become swipes, and ordinary techniques will be improved through animalistic fury. Pain is nearly halted, but the damage received is not. He simply forgets the wounds he suffers in order to make his pain into power. Visually his scales will become more defined as numerous patches begin to take on a black tinge, and spread further over himself.


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