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August 13th, 2020

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May 19, 2020


05/21/2020 02:41 PM 

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Seeing I thought it would be better to place them here so they didn't overwhelm my page, here will be some respectful guidelines.

1: Respect me and I'll respect you. Simple right?
2: Please try to be my friend before asking for edits or to be in edits with me. 
3: I usually range in multi-para length. I could do novella if I have to, but replies take longer then.

4: 1st person will be accepted only if it's para length or more to show you can be a decent writer. 3rd person is preferred though.
5: I don't rush on replies so don't rush me. We all get busy or want to do other things.
6: Mature themes are accepted but will never be mandatory and I will never force one on anyone, ever.
7; I value a good story overall.
8: I befriend who I won't. If you have issues with them, keep them with that person. I don't need the drama and don't want to take sides. Not fair to me or you. I would never make you pick sides.
9: I am not picky where you talk ooc but rps will be for messages or a discord server if you prefer discord. Easier for me to keep track.
10: I am fine with using discord. Leave me your's in a message to assure safety.
11: I value chatting just as much as rp.
12: I will state when I am addressing out of character
13: Will add more as we go or as needed. For now, let's enjoy each other's company, alright? ♥


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