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05/22/2020 02:30 PM 

My Hero Academia Verse


The class of 1-A entered the dorms. All the students went to their rooms to wash up and get into their more comfortable clothing. Once they were done, the girls sat on the couches in the common area and began to talk amongst each other. Tsu turned to the girls and put a finger to her chin.


“Did you all hear the rumor? Apparently there might be someone transferring into our class soon. They were recommended highly by pro heroes. Ribbit.” 


The girls all look at Tsu and made surprised faces. Soon Mineta and Kaminari came out and sat on the couch with them. They waved hi and asked what the girls were so surprised about. Ashido began telling Kaminari how Tsu heard a rumor about a person transferring into their classroom. Kaminari scoffed,


“But our class is full! How are they gonna fit a whole nother person in the class room? Let alone the dorms! Wait... Do we have an extra room?” 


Momo nodded and said she had a spare next to her room, and she had noticed there was a spare next to Midoriya’s room when they held their decorated room competition. But then they all began to wonder. What if someone had to get kicked out in order for this student to get into the classroom? Ashido asked “If someone were to get kicked out, who do you think it’d be?”. Slowly the girls and Kaminari turned their head towards Mineta, and Mineta stared off into the distance oblivious to their glares. Mineta then pointed a finger up in realization and said, 


“Hagakure! We can’t see her or her boobs so what is the point in having her in the cla-“ 


He was cut off by a karate chop to the head from Hagakure. They all laughed before looking back at Tsu. Uraraka asked Tsu how she knew a student would be transferring into their class. Tsu began explaining how she needed to ask Aizawa about something and as she walked to the teacher’s office she heard them talking inside. 


“I know I shouldn’t have eavesdropped but I couldn’t help myself, Ribbit. They were talking about a girl who had a quirk that could deal with peoples shadows. I didn’t get too much information on her quirk, but they said her father is an ex-pro hero and other pro heroes said she was trained a lot, but she has been turning rebellious lately against her father so he enrolled her to U.A, and they want to put her in our class based on the recommendations.”


Mineta popped up at the mention of a girl. His nose began bleeding at the thought of another girl joining the classroom, and soon Hagakure gave him another chop on the head. Everyone laughed before moving onto a new topic, and after an hour or so everyone went to sleep. The next day during class, Lida was outside the door of the classroom with Momo, encouraging everyone walking in the halls to get to class quickly. Soon the bell ran and everyone took their seats. Aizawa went to the podium in his yellow sleeping bag and began to speak. 


“Good morning class. Today we will be working on a paper assignment. You will have to answer scenarios on how to react when dealing with a villain situation in a busy city. Make sure you be very specific in instructions an-“


He was cut off by the sound of the door opening. A small girl with fair skin walked in, her grey hues staring at Aizawa. She bowed and spoke softly, “Excuse me, I was receiving my tour of the campus.” She lifted her head back up and Aizawa yawned. 


“Good timing. This is our new student Hakai.. She will be joining our class, thats why there is another desk at the front. Hakai why don’t you introduce yourself and your quirk and then begin our assignment for the day while I...”


Aizawa slumped in the corner and began to sleep, the students giving a shocked face before all giving their attention back to Hakai. Her steps echoed as she walked up to the podium. She faced the classroom and cleared her throat. 


“Ahem... Well as you know I am Hakai. I am new to this whole hero thing so I don’t really have a cool name or anything like that. But my quirk is um... Well its this.”


She looked around to find a good spot until she could clearly see her shadow. Soon she reached down, her palm against the top of her shadow until something began to take form. She created three little daggers and threw them at the door. They landed in a straight vertical line, but Hakai remained expressionless. She walked over and took the daggers out of the door, and the turned back into her shadow, sliding down back her body until it formed back into her shadow. She bowed to the class and some stared in awe. Mineta’s nose began to bleed and Kaminari laughed. Hakai grabbed a slip of paper and began to work on it at the desk that sat against the wall. She certainly felt out of place. But she didn’t really mind..


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