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September 16th, 2020

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05/22/2020 05:57 PM 

Spells & Techniques & Arrays

Betsalel Tensho ValkyrSpells & Techniques & Arrays5/22/2020

Venom Bullet: After concentrating ones Sutra into the fingers a caster will shoot forth a volley of venomous energy bolts. Each shaped like an arrow despite taking on the name sake of bullet. At most 5 of these bullets can be fired at once, and the given force beyond each of them is enough to pierce through iron as if it were flesh.

Venomous Sphere: After once again concentrating, and then condensing ones Sutra into the area before them the caster will deploy a large orb before them. It will stick in place, and fire out several small beams every 2 posts. This sphere will vanish after 5 posts, and can't be summoned more than twice per thread.

Viper Erosion Array: A rather small scale array that can be performed through the use of a single Formation Flag. It is established on the group, and when activated causes several viper shaped streams of self contained Sutra to arise from the ground. They each carry the effect of draining away the energy pool of the foe, or physically weakening them a bit.


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