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July 12th, 2020

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June 28, 2020


06/28/2020 06:24 PM 

Roleplaying rules.
Category: Guidelines

1.   I'm a storyteller/Roleplayer. I love stories within every single depth. Whenever it is super-deep or shallow I do not care. As long there is a story to latch on, there will be always a new opportunity.

2. I'm someone who looks for opportunities. Meaning that I look for people to roleplay. Once I get a chance I'll snatch it immediately. As there is potential in everybody. Hence why I might friend request people to my likings. I'm not selective but very shy at times. I respect everyone's age requirements anyway if there are any. If I do not meet them I simply leave them alone.

3. Dedicated and a serious roleplayer: I'm very dedicated to roleplaying and I do that most of my spare time. I write and write as much as my heart contents me. I'm also serious meaning I actually want to do it and not just "coward" myself out.

4. Friend-Request friendly. I do not deny anybody's friend requests. So read the second phrase of me being someone who uses the opportunities. I never deny as this could ruin possible friendship!

5. Genre friendly: Even though I love war and saving the world and such. I am also open to non-war stuff such as romance and other things. I'm pretty much open to anything meaning that I would love to roleplay any kind of genre.  Even something that makes both of our characters part of the story.   

6. All roleplay levels are accepted; What does that mean? It means I allow simple, advanced, intermediate roleplaying so that means all of that is accepted. Thanks for understanding.

Please be a serious roleplayer. It is all I am asking for! I don't want any trolls in my PMS causing trouble and drama!

Also, please don't write things like: *Eats* *Goes to.* it makes it really boring. As there would be NOTHING to work with. Honestly, seriously my lads.

I see potential in everybody. I don't care if you have ADHD, Autism or anything like that. You are who you are. I don't care, I see potential in the learning of all people. With the RIGHT confidence, you can do it! Do not give up and I will assist you.

MXM-MXF: I don't do any fxf or fxm because I don't like being a female. As I am horrible at being one in an RP and had huge issues. I'm willing to double up!  But I'm overly decent at playing male characters. Thank you for understanding why. As for romance I only do mxf. MXM? Nah, sorry about that.

Thank you SO much for reading my rules! I hope we can become the greatest partners ever in this forum.
To those who do not meet the requirements or those who I do not meet. I want to say, you are the most epic roleplayer ever and even you can make aspiring plots. Good LUCK OUT THERE! With the roleplaying and the shenanigans.
What I dislike and despise!

People who friend request me and then let me down because of my "Ideas." without solving the problems first.     I'm a negotiable guy and I'm willing to make things work,  but if you haven't read that part of the rules because you either missed it then it's alright but. If we do not fit because we have different opinions/likes or something it's alright too as long as we tried to negotiate it first and have not come into an agreement.  Here, I am also able to try out your ideas as well too!  If you did read it and decided to ignore it.   OH COME ON!  If you've read the rules I said I was open for brainstorming and expanding ideas 100 times,  have you seriously not gotten any brain cells lately or I'm being dumb?  Plus,  if you're not comfortable roleplaying with minors or 15-year-old people then it's fine!  I'm not here for just roleplaying but also talking to people! 

People who just straight out unfriend me / Block me for no reason in the middle of roleplay or OOC without negotiating! 

Unfriending me because I am deemed as:  "Aggressive in my rules." when I am trying to explain my feelings to people.  The fact that I'm aggressive does not fit my definition of roleplaying.  I told this 100 times, I am negotiable and I may seem aggressive in my rules but I'm really nice when you chat or talk to me. Don't judge a book by it's cover, alright?  However,  if I do get out of my mind then you do have the right to unfriend me but it's better if you remind me because I am openminded.  If there's a valid reason for it.  Which could be anything that seems reasonable to me.  I'm alright with ghosting and such.  

People who say: "NO BOYS/GIRLS ALLOWED! or If you're a boy, leave this profile." Those people are what I really dislike since I believe everyone is equal no matter what gender. For example: Just because someone is lesbian/homosexual doesn't mean they have to be unwelcoming to males or females roleplaying with them. It doesn't have to be that way! For those who do FxF roleplay or MXM, I don't mind if you prefer a female or male OC's but seriously. Some males do like to play FXF too! Grow up already please those who do that. I've seen those people in the forums and I'm confused why they do that. I also have seen males doing the same thing! Some people might disagree with me, that is fine. I keep my thoughts to myself.

People who think that gender is better than another gender. Seriously, everyone is equal. I am an egalitarian myself, I personally like it when people are getting along no matter what gender, sexuality and etc.

Read the rules, please! Message or like down here: "OneForAll" or like the blogpost. As a confirmation, you have read my rules. I won't unfriend you, I will remind you.

People who call me a creep: My response would just be: "...Whatever.".


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