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Nathaniel Omega*

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July 2nd, 2020

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Gender: Other

Age: 22
Country: Norway

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June 28, 2020


06/28/2020 09:30 PM 


Name  Nathaniel 
age 33 
sex ? both male and female 
eyes purple 
Hair pastel purple almost silver 
height 5''5''
weight 120 LBs 
status single 
Orination pansexural 
status single 
Family yes but dont remember them  or who he is 
race demon of lust God of love forgiveness and empathy  and animals 
Sub or dom : he is submisive very submisive known as a omega can carry young 

Likes sweets animals kind people cuddling kisses nuzzling others tends to care for others over himself forgiving when people hurt him can not stand up for himself always gets bullied and walks way form it  caring romatic cute adorable 
personality cute adorable and gentle and kind caring for others and always protects others tends to get to stressed and moody at times cute when angered 
dislikes Yelling abusing any living things bugs yuck!! fears bugs water snakes spiders and creepy things afraid of the dark and shadows afraid of flies and bees scared of birds 

ears are flufy and slightly big 
tail fluffy and puffy and soft 

Demon powers 
lust feed feeding on people while having sex or mating he feeds and gains powers of the peson while mating or having fun 
 death kiss  when he kisses someone and they die from the kiss sucking ones soul out of their bodies 
death mark when angered he marks the person to die with in a few years or a few days or  month 
rage attack  this attack he attack someone with full on rage mentally attacks them 
compel when he controls someone and uses them to sin or do things that they are not ment to do or should not do they control them to steal lie ect with their powers as well as comand them to do their bidding  
enslavement kiss this movements  controls someone to be their slaves and work for them and do sinful acts for him as well as  kill or murder someone with their compel magic 
death voice this is when they can speak to someone who is dead and talk to their souls and force them to haunt someone as well as hurass a being who is living 

god powers 
healing kiss when he can heal someone by kissing their wounds and they will be healed 
Protection spell he will have to say stay safe and the person will be protected from any illness or death or any thing they will be well protetive for life and may live a long healthy life as well as protect them from negitive powers like his and others like himself 
HOlly wish  this will help him grant wishes  to others as well as himself wishing dust and wishing magic 
animal tongue when he can speak to animals as well as hear their voices and understand them as well as  protect them 
forgiveness act when he will forgive those who have sin and will grant them to heaven 
light beam when he can make a beam of light to light up the darkness of times and can brighten up a darknes room his body will glow 
animal sight he can see at night or see through any animals vission plus hearing and smell as well he can use their ablties for his own 
Illusion  when he can turn himself into anything he wishes by using his magic to hide himself from others 
Holly touch this abltiy can help him touch someone and forseen their future as well as what happen to them and for seen negivie and postion future for the person 

more powers will come in time for now this is all i can right down 


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