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July 12th, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 15
Country: Sweden

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June 28, 2020


06/28/2020 04:48 PM 

Nesy Celvius (SCI-FI THEME)


Name:  Nesy Celvius


Age:  908 000


Gender:  Male


Alignment: Neutral Good


Species: Ancient Alien (Celvestian)


Class:    Resilient Warrior.


Occupation:  Peaceful adventurer. Armed for self-defence. 




-- Elemental manipulation:  Nesy can manipulate two elements simultaneously and the range of the manipulation is 10 ft which includes that Nesy can create weapons at the size of 2x2x2M is the limit.  These weapons are made out of whatever element is used and can be mixed.   He can only manipulate:  Fire,Electricity and that's it!  


-- (Passive) Lifeforce production:  Nesy's mitochondria produces life force that is used against beings that drain life force or feed upon it.  They could also be attracted to him as well.  


-- (Passive) Psionic resistance:  Nesy is invulnerable towards charms that affect or influence him of how he moves or thinks.  This includes illusion magic as well.  


-- (Passive)  Dark magic / Curse resistance:    Nesy has resistance to curse-magic and has weaker effects on him.    The amount of resistance Nesy has against dark magic-based attacks or curses which include cursed areas or surfaces is 75%.   


(Passive) Universal reduction: While below 75% health. Universal reduction as a passive skill is increased by 12% but if it's below 50% health it'll increase by 25%.   While below 25% health U.R is at 36%.    It can be stacked but the limit cannot go over 90%. It only wears off if it's deactivated or if HP is over 75% or death.


Some strange quirky personalities.

Slower running speed due to heavy weapon and armour.  | Greater firepower and defence.

Electrical magic:  He's more susceptible to get harmed by electricity or electric attacks. 


Likes:    | No data recorded |


Dislikes: | No data recorded | 


Physical appearance:   Nesy appears like a normal humanoid but he has a heterochromia so he has 6 eye colours: Blue,Yellow,Green,Red,Purple.   His body is slick and well-trained.




  Nesy in a way is very upbeat but could be calm and a happy person because of his parents growth. He's like a eccentric person who's acting differently from other people, he usually wants to be in the spotlight at the right moment but Nesy also refrains from doing things that are wrong or considered to be unethical. He's a very happy person but also kind towards other people. Nesy usually doesn't like things that are causing negative impact on things and therefore wants to improve and continue to strive and never give up! Nesy does have respect for his elders and superiors too. He's loyal towards his friends and always stays by their side but also not annoying them as well.




Nesy is a Celvestian,  an extraterrestrial being coming from another universe but from another planet called: Celvestia.  His race has multiversal travelling capabilities and can go through any realm possible.  His growth was rather peaceful where his parents were kind and noble ones.  During school, he is one of the smartest kids in the class and was awarded a PhD in engineering and science.  Where he one day went out to the stars and beyond to explore.   Celvestians are knowledgeable for their high intelligence but they’re also a type of being that accepts all races,  does no discrimination.  Nesy is a retired soldier who wants to live his dream but he was made to repel invasions and Demonoid hostilities in his special operations on other planets. He had met other aliens and demons as well!  Nesy has hexa-helix genes but are very similar to the human genome,  just that it’s in a hexa-helix configuration and altered to work that way.  Despite his efforts to repel invasions,  he’s very kind towards demons or anything, to be honest.  An egalitarian so to say! Some people call him a feminist or masculinist,  but he calls himself an egalitarian anyway as he works for a goal… Everyone is equal no matter what. 


The anti-demon class is a type of specialised unit that has abilities to deal with demons that tend to seduce or drain it’s victims but also inflict torture or pain. It does not necessarily mean it’s a demon slayer but it’s just highly specialized to do these things.  As a retired soldier,  he would adventure through the darkest voids of the multiverse to find things he might seek interest. His passion lives on,  like an infinite fire. 


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