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07/12/2020 01:52 PM 

tower of dreams ;

Genre: psychological, horror, mystery, high-strangeness 

As always, feel free to reply if this interests you as a starter. If you have questions, lemme know. cc welcome!  ♥

tower of dreams ;

‘Back again?’

Koue sighed, greeted with an all too familiar sight. The undying kunoichi had been hosted in the Tower of Dreams far too long.

In reality, the Tower of Dreams had been reduced to a low lying ruin, without windows or any actual towers. While the palace was geographically of the Land of Wind, historically none dared settle near the cursed ruin. On the outside, it was a palace of crumbling ancient stone, a roof of scale shaped black tiles, many of which had fallen off. Its architecture was outlandish, the building seemed to coil around itself in a serpentine shape. The entrance was a large oval shaped archway, engraved to appear in the likeness of a human eye from afar. After passing through the archway, the foyer walls were decorated with fanciful engravings, most notably a hooded woman’s face. The face engraving itself was quite plain, but the steady dribble of ‘tears’ that flowed from its obsidian eyes were something of a strange phenomena. Legend said, if you wished to enter the Tower of Dreams, you first must drink from the pool of tears below the statue. And Koue had drunk deeply.

She’d been at this spot countless times, no matter which path she took, all routes seemed to lead back to this room. It was mostly empty, aside from a long table, set for many people, a spread of fresh food to feed as many too. Yet as far as she knew, the only soul in this ancient ruin was her own. There were several doorways, halls, stairways up and down, all of which eventually led back here. The vastness of this palace’s interior compared to its outside appearance perplexed her. The longer she was there,more apparent other peculiarities became.

By her best judgement, it had been at least a couple hours of searching this labyrinth. Although without any source of natural light, the passage of time was hard to pick up on in this place. It was dimly lit, by sparsely placed torches and candles, the flames of which burned a strangely aquamarine color, the shadows they cast danced strangely. When she’d find herself in new areas of the palace, much of what she saw seemed unreal. Visions of the past, whispering voices of her innermost thoughts, and mirrors into unspeakable futures. She tried not to spend much time in such places, cautious of its effect on her own mind. As always, she’d eventually find herself back in the dining hall, for some reason she seemed unable to delve deeper.

Hungry, she’d plucked a grape from the table, squeezing the red orb between her fingers and eyeing it warily. To her disappointment, it was more fancy than food. An illusion. Curiously she tasted it, and to her astonishment it tasted quite real. To fool her senses, whatever the source of this illusion was, it was certainly potent. No wonder she was sent to fetch it for the snake sannin, although she wished she had any sort of idea of what such a thing would look like. She would not be allowed to return empty handed. Sage hued orbs narrowed, scanning the plain stone walls for something amiss...anything.

Something is obviously up. What am I missing?


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