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August 3rd, 2020

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July 13, 2015


07/29/2020 07:39 PM 

Hey you!

Hey you! Yeah, i'm talking to YOU. How many times are ya gonna log in and out of your account, with nothin' to show fer it? Forget about being the toughest. Forget about picking your brain for countless hours, tryna make the perfect post. How about somethin' different fer a change? Something that can be as lighthearted or deep as you wanna make it. I'm inviting you to join my little family of vagabonds, misfits, and outlaws.

The Jett Pirates!

But Jetty, I don't know anything about One Piece. The characters are weird. 

You should know that there's beauty in the bizzare -- and that this whole holabaloo i'm going on about, is meant for ya to just jump right on in. Besides, if you can handle Jojo or My Hero, One Piece is a cake walk!  

Okay, but how exactly do I go about making a character? What roles are you looking to fill?

That's a great question. I'm looking for eight O.C. {Original Character} crew members, each with a unique purpose and role to fufill. I am also in search of possible antagonists, rivals, and other villians. If you find yourself interested, send a request my way and i'd be more than willing to help you get started on character creation. Keep in mind, I am open to having multiple roles fufilled, such as having more than one Swordsman or Doctor etc. etc.

I don't know Jetty, there doesn't seem to be too many people in the verse right now.

All the more reason for you to jump in with a fresh start. They'll be stories, and even stories about booze! If you made it this far, you might as well go ahead and give me that request. But if you skipped to the end without reading, dishonor on your cow. You will likely hit your head on something before the night's over. Anyways,  here are our roles!

*Commander 1 [SHARK D. IGGY]
*Commander 2 [Open]
Commander 3 [Open]
*Swordsman [Pending]
*Navigator [Open]
*Chef [Open]
*Shipwright [Open]
*Doctor [Open]



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