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Shido Itsuka

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August 3rd, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 26
Country: United States

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July 29, 2020


07/29/2020 08:12 PM 


1. Respect. I ask you simply respect me as a person. I have my values and have been awhile a long time. Know if I screw up or make mistakes that make a person angry there is a chance it's because I seized or showed signs of seizing.  I'm epileptic and have been since middle school when I seize they cause me to snap unexpectedly. But I always regret snapping at people I trust. I WILL SAY THIS ONCE I WANT NO BULLYING OR HARASSMENT OR ABUSE  OF ANY KIND AROUND ME. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN BEING Blocked.
Things that classify as abuse
-Some degrees of flirting for it makes me weird as a person, granted people have mistaken my nature in reality as flirting. I'LL ELOBORATE I'm nice to all who respect me. I may hate you at times yes. But I will respect you if you tell me what I did wrong in my mistakes.
-Other forms are kisses and hugs this is more personal but to be blunt given in reality I will not joke about this all I knew were people who bullied me. I never understood affection. I never had true friend. Only possible exceptions to this one are those within the same verse or those I grew attached too.
2. Relationship-Shido is technically a mult-shipper. However I do not ship with anyone who breaks the rules.
3. Bluntly put, no erotic under and all conditions. You respect me and give me time I'll do the same to you.
Break them you will be blocked.

-More may be added- sign if you agree to these rules 

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Harley Quinn(MC)


I understand

Posted on Jul 30th 2020 - 4:10 AM

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