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07/29/2020 11:58 PM 

Coyote Starrk Headcanons

1.) Starrk is a sad individual to his core. He has been lonely for so long he's become pessimistic when it comes to building new relationships. He always expects to end up alone somehow.

2.) On the other hand, if he does care about you he can be very protective. He worries deeply for those important to him and worries about them, especially during combat.

3.) Despite being such a skilled fighter, Starrk is very lazy and doesn't want to fight others. He'd rather play dead and let his opponent leave instead of going through a drawn out battle. With that being said, when push comes to shove he's more than willing to fight.

4.) He's quiet around others. He's so used to being alone that having someone to talk to is something that he isn't used to so he's quiet even though he's enjoying their company.

5.) Starrk does not like loud noises it really bothers him. He's usually surrounded by silence so the sounds of bustling cars or explosions annoy him.

6.) In relationships Starrk is not the type to plan out dates or grand gestures, he'd rather stay at home and cuddle or relax.

7.) He doesn't want to be alone so he can be clingy at times.

8.) As lazy and non-committal as he usually is, Starrk will do anything for his partner. If it requires a lot of energy, they may have to beg a little but he will eventually do it.


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