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July 31, 2020


07/31/2020 08:59 PM 

β™‘ guidelines & faq's.
Category: Guidelines

Guidelines & faq's.

Hopefully short and straight to the point.

Hi & welcome to the profile! Just before I say anything else, I do indeed play Dead by Daylight on a regular basis (currently doing the new rift), I play on Xbox so sometimes I won't be here that and health messes with my muse sometimes. I'm from the United Kingdom if that's of interest to others.
I play Meg Thomas from Dead by Daylight which is a video game for those who don't know. I play her as canon as I can but will often do it my way since there's not a lot of lore out there until I complete the rift.
Crossovers welcomed and encouraged, same with OC's / Non Canons.
Replies / Starters.
In regards to replies or starters, I usually take anywhere near a few hours to a week to reply. It all depends on my state of mind or how busy I am. If you can't be patient then I'm probably not the one to be writing with. I prefer to take my time on a reply that I'm happy with rather than sending out a reply just to get it done. I don't respond to random starters.
I'm up for practically anything and everything. In regards to smut, I won't write it randomly, at all. I'm not that great at it as it is so don't ask or you'll be blocked straight away.
When it comes to writing, whilst I prefer to write in paragraphs to multi paragraphs, I'm adaptable. I just can't write novella unless it's for a drabble or I get carried away. I'll write with anyone of any lengths, I'm not selective. As long as you can string a sentence together & keep the storyline going then that's perfect with me.

- Meg's writer.


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