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August 3rd, 2020

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November 26, 2019


07/31/2020 08:37 PM 

Akio Sakamoto (Bleach Captain)

Akio grew up in the House of Sakamoto as the daughter of the leader of the respected family she was raised to take over the family one day being the eldest her brother Takeshi was next in line when she stepped down. She excelled in martial arts her parents already saw great promise in their daughter at an early age. Her parents felt very honored when. she decided when she was old enough she wanted to go to Shio Academy to go through what other people went through to become shinigami and higher. She was stronger and more of a challenge than a lot in her class before she graduated she had already learned her sword's name and was achieving her Banki. She was brought in as captain of the 3rd squad a lot of people thought she was placed as captain cause she was like royalty no one could believe she was that strong she didn't look like she was and her background didn't show she was that tough. From then on she had to prove herself not just to her squad but to the other captains. Her zanpakuto is HenkĊ it gives her the ability to equip any weapon in her arsenal it could be a sword, axe, lance or staff this makes her a very unpredictable you never know what she might use or what she might wear since she also has the ability to change her attire as well.


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