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08/01/2020 01:51 PM 

Reply to Sweet Fangs

Damien Thorn. Son of Satan. Anti-Christ. Reluctant high schooler. When his father had told Damien that he was attending school in South Park, Damien had not thought it would be for this long. He had popped back up in South Park during 6th grade and here he was: first day in High School. Just what was his father up to back in Hell? Was he so far gone in ‘love’ that he wasn’t going to fulfill what he created Damien for? Should he just do something himself? Those were the questions that always seemed to plague Damien’s mind. He was growing tired of the mortals that he had been forced with. But no matter how much he argued and fought with his dad: he never budged. ‘Father?’ the tentative question was put out there, but he never got a response back. Damien huffed, gaze hard on the mirror before him. He was a thin boy, with short black hair and red eyes that would show the fires of hell inside of them. They were hidden behind sunglasses to keep others from seeing the inhuman feature. Right now, his sunglasses were on the sink as he stared at himself. He had been there when the new student was introduced. Funny how he never got that introduction: even on his return trip to South Park. Not that he was really complaining. He hated attention even though he got plenty of it from the blasted females of this world.

He straightened up, realizing that he should get ready to go to class. His backpack was hanging loosely from his shoulder as he picked up his sunglasses and shoved them on. Time to pretend as if he was a regular high schooler instead of the Anti-Christ that was made to destroy the world. He walked out of the bathroom and headed to class. He was used to the giggles and the not-so-quiet whispers of the females that he passed by. Why they liked him he did not really know. He had heard them once say something about him being a ‘bad boy’. Oh, if they only knew how tame that was to explain him. If they only knew that all he wanted to do was string them up and see how pretty their insides were compared to the outside. Ah speaking of dissecting. He could hear the words of the boys around him. They were extremely excited on what could be coming up in anatomy. Damien already knew what the insides of certain humans and creatures looked like. The hellhounds that he sometimes brought up to cause havoc were keen on it. He hadn’t seen a full intact one though. But that was humans. This was a damn frog. How exciting can this sh*t be?


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