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July 29, 2020


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Other skills


Angel: Sandalphon (鏖殺公サンダルフォンŌsatsukō?. lit. "Massacre Ruler")

Weapon: Broadsword

Original owner: Tohka Yatogami

Shido first summoned <Sandalphon> when he was cursing his uselessness after Ellen defeated Tohka. He would intentionally summon it for the first time while trying to stop DEM's falling satellites. <Sandalphon> is a big broadsword with both close and long-range capabilities if used well by the wielder. In Shido's case, he cannot bring himself to use the sword at its maximum potential due to the pain it caused to his body. Unlike Tohka, who can utilize the sword as many times as she pleases, Shido can barely swing it a few times before his body breaks down.

  • Final Sword: Halvanhelev (最後の剣ハルヴァンヘレヴSaigo no Ken (Haruvanherevu)?. lit. "Sword of the End") Shido uses the real form of <Sandalphon> against Westcott during the war between Ratatoskr and DEM. It is determined by Shido and Westcott through <Beelzebub> to be the strongest attack in his arsenal at the time.


Angel: Camael (灼爛殲鬼カマエルShakuran Senki?. lit. "Bright Burning Annihilating Demon")

Weapon: Halberd

Original owner: Kotori Itsuka

Shido has not wielded this Angel, but he has used its healing ability.

In Kotori's hands, the Angel takes the form of a halberd which slashes with tremendous force. One of its "sub-skills" is healing, which can be used by both Shido and Kotori. In Shido's case, it is an automatic "tool" that activates whenever Shido receives a fatal wound. This ability is also useful for Shido because it heals his drained body from the usage of <Sandalphon>. However, the pain and fatigue from using other powers are still felt. The ability will not activate for minor injuries within the scope of natural healing. There is also a limit to how much the flames can heal if Shido's body had already been injured. Before Kurumi re-winded time to save him, Ellen was able to successfully kill Shido by decapitating him after the flames were already preoccupied with a fatal chest wound.


Angel: Zadkiel (氷結傀儡ザドキエルHyōketsu Kugutsu?. lit. "Freezing Puppet")

Weapon: Puppet

Original owner: Yoshino

Shido utilizes the power of <Zadkiel> by causing ice to manifest.

Shido first activated the powers of this Angel by creating a wall of ice to protect Miku from an attack made by Tohka in her Inverse state. During the battle against the monsters coming from Nia's <Beelzebub>, Shido consciously uses <Zadkiel> to freeze the monsters' legs to the ground. During the time when his powers went out of control, he was able to cause snowfall willingly and create beautiful candles and flowers made out of ice.


Angel: Haniel (贋造魔女ハニエルGanzō Majo?. lit. "Forgery Witch")

Weapon: Broom

Original owner: Natsumi

Shido uses <Haniel>'s powers to transform both himself and his surroundings. When he traveled back to the past, he accidentally turned into his younger self to fool his neighbor. During the period when his powers went out of control, Shido shows a great flexibility when using <Haniel>'s powers. When the sealed Spirits cornered him, he summoned the mirror to transform everyone around him (including himself) into Shiori to make a way for his escape. Later, during his dates, he used the power to dress himself up in a swimsuit and tuxedo.

  • Kaleidoscope (千変万化鏡カリドスクーぺSenpen Banka-kyō?. lit. "Ever-changing Mirror"): During the conflict against Mukuro, Shido was able to manifest the broom and use the <Kaleidoscope> ability to create a copy of <Michael> at will, Mukuro's angel. With said duplicate, he battled against her and copied <Michael>'s unlock ability to open the seal on Mukuro's heart. Mukuro later sealed <Haniel>'s ability to transform into <Michael>. However, Shido is still able use <Haniel> for other purposes like creating the illusion of an uninjured body when he was later was accidentally struck by Mukuro's attack.


Angel: Raphael (颶風騎士ラファエルGufū Kishi?. lit. "Hurricane Knight")

Weapon: Combined Bow and Arrow

Original owner: Yamai

<Raphael> grants Shido the power to control the wind. This wind is very powerful and has been used to blast away the enemies that were either standing in his way or ambushing him. When he lost control of his powers, Shido was able to use <Raphael> to manipulate the air currents, so that he could glide through the sky. During the fight to save Nia, he consciously uses <Raphael> to blow away the monsters that were blocking his way. After successfully unlocking Mukuro's heart, Shido used <Raphael> in conjunction with <Zadkiel> to soften the impact of atmospheric reentry for both him and Mukuro.

When fighting agaisnt Westcott and <Nibelcol>, Shido heavily uses <Raphael> to control the winds and fly to avoid the countless clones attacking him.


Angel: Gabriel (破軍歌姫ガブリエルHagun Utahime?. lit. "Army-Breaking Songstress")

Weapon: Organ

Original owner: Miku Izayoi

During the time when he lost control of his powers, Shido was able to use <Gabriel> to brainwash a crowd of people into serving as a distraction for him. As he was using multiple Angels at once, he uses Miku's <Requiem> as a pain reliever song for both himself and Nia.

  • March (行進曲マーチKōshinkyoku?. lit. "March"): Later on, <March> becomes his regular enhancement technique used to increase his physical abilities beyond that which is capable for a normal human being.
  • Requiem (鎮魂歌レクイエムChinkonka?. lit. "Requiem"): A pain killer song that allows Shido to ignore the pain caused from wielding the angels.


Angel: Metatron (絶滅天使メタトロンZetsumetsu Tenshi?. lit. "Angel of Extinction")

Weapon: Crown

Original owner: Origami Tobiichi

Shido first used this Angel once just to dodge an incoming attack from Ellen. It is the same transporting skill Origami uses when she is about to get hit, dodging by transforming into light and teleporting somewhere else. However, the ability has a limited range.

During the war between Ratatoskr and DEM, Shido is seen using <Metatron> on different occasions.

  • Mal'akh (天翼マルアクTen'yoku?. lit. "Heavenly Wings"): By taking on a wing-like formation and folding the pillars behind her back, Origami is able to fly and achieve great speeds. Shido uses <Mal'akh> in conjunction with <Raphaels healing and <Zadkiel time manipulation during battle with Westcott and <Nibelcol>.


Angel: Michael (封解主ミカエルFūkaishū ?. lit. "Seal-Removing Lord")

Weapon: Key

Original owner: Mukuro Hoshimiya

Even before sealing Mukuro, Shido had access to <Michael> by copying the Angel's power through <Haniel>. Although he momentarily lost this ability when Mukuro sealed it away with her own <Michael>, Shido regained the ability to use the Angel shortly after sealing Mukuro. He later utilizes the Angel in an attempt to unlock his past memories of Mio. He was not confident in accurately warping with its wormholes during Ratatoskr's war with DEM, due to its relatively recent sealing.

  • Rātaibu (開ラータイブKai?. lit. "Unlock"): Allows Shido to unlock objects and concepts previously sealed with <Michael>. Shido first used this technique with a copy of <Michael> produced by <Haniel> in order to open the seal placed on Mukuro's heart.  
  • Tefetē (小鍵テフェテーKogagi?. lit. "Small Key"): Shrinks <Michael> down to a miniature version small enough to be held at the palm of his hand. Shido uses this form of <Michael> in order to more easily point the angel at his own head when attempting to unlock his past memories.
  • Segva (閉セグヴァHei?. lit. "Lock"): Seals away the target pointed at by the key. Shido first used it in order to lock Westcott's ability to use <Beelzebub> after he was defeated.


Angel: Zafkiel (刻々帝ザフキエルKokkokutei?. lit. "Time Emperor")

Weapon: ClockFlintlock PistolMusket

Original owner: Kurumi Tokisaki

Before her actual sealing, Kurumi had unintentionally given Shido her Sixth Bullet: Vav after giving him a thank you kiss for saving her from Kotori. While using <Zafkiel>, Shido's left eye takes on Kurumi's distinctive golden-clock pattern.

  • Sixth Bullet Vav (六の弾ヴァヴVavu?): Sends the consciousness of its target into the body of a past version of themselves. However, unlike the Twelfth Bullet, the user is only able to travel back to a few days at maximum regardless of how much time is used. Shido later uses the bullet to escape from Mio and return back to the day before Ratatoskr and DEM's final battle.
  • Tenth Bullet Yud (十の弾ユッドYuddo?): Allows Shido to observe the past of whatever person or object the bullet pierces. Shido is instructed by Kurumi to use it on himself to regain his altered memory of Tohka (actually Tenka) taking Mio's Sephira Crystal. 


Angel: Rasiel (囁告篇帙ラジエルKokushō Henchitsu?. lit. "Tome of Revelation")

Weapon: Book

Original owner: Nia Honjou & Kurumi Tokisaki

Due to Westcott stealing the vast majority of Nia's Sephira Crystal beforehand, Shido lacked the ability to use Rasiel even after sealing Nia. However, he later gains the power of this Angel properly after Kurumi steals back Nia's Sephira and allows Shido to seal her. Indirectly, Shido channeled upon Raisel's power along with the other nine Angels in order to land a devastating punch onto Westcott, who had since become the Second Spirit of Origin.

While in Tenka's world, Shido had the option of using Rasiel to regain his true memories of what transpired after Mio died. However, Kurumi advised him to use Zafkiel to perform this function instead. As a result, Rasiel to this day remains the only Angel in his arsenal that Shido has not directly made use of its power yet.

Mio's Angels

Angel: Ain Soph Aur (万象聖堂アイン・ソフ・オウルBanshō Seidō?. lit. "Sanctuary of All Things In Creation")

Weapon: Flower

Original owner: Mio Takamiya

A flower containing a silhouette of Mayuri at the center of the petals. Following the command to bloom, the flower constantly emits particles of light that instantly kills everyone that comes in contact with it, except for those protected by an Astral Dress or a strong enough <Territory>. This Angel was first used to help Tohka against her fight with the huge Mio copy produced as the immune system from Mio's Sephira Crystal. The pollen from the flower was used to disable the huge Mio's arms.

Angel: Ain Soph (輪廻楽園アイン・ソフRinne Rakuen?. lit. "Samsara of Paradise"):

Weapon: Tree

Original owner: Mio Takamiya

A huge tower decorated with flowers and branches that pierces the sky and reshapes the surrounding landscape, giving it a monochrome, chessboard-like appearance. Within this area of effect, Shido can freely manipulate the laws of reality. He used the roots to restrain the huge Mio copy.

Angel: Ain (アイン)

Weapon: Seed

Original owner: Mio Takamiya

An Angel of the void without a physical form. It instantly illuminates the entire world with light before erasing whomever or whatever Shido desires from reality. This was first used to erase the huge Mio copy, leaving behind only its core intact.

Original Techniques

During this time, he was able to create his own original attack, “Roaring Flash Blast Wave!”, a technique named by himself back in his middle school years. The blast released from his hands was enough to completely destroy the Bandersnatch units sent to attack him. This technique is comparable to the energy beams released from Tohka’s <Sandalphon> and Origami’s <Metatron>. After sealing all ten Angels, he was able to channel their power into his fist to throw a shock wave inducing punch that defeated Westcott, who had become the Second Spirit of Origin.


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