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09/13/2020 02:45 PM 

Tigress vs Tiger: Jade Palace

((This is a battle between Tigress and Tiger, two tigers looking to see who was best. If you would like to post feel free but post as a spectator and please don't interfere with the match directly.))

Tigress would be sitting in the center of the training yard as she awaited for Tiger to show up. She had issued a challenge to him earlier in the day and he had accepted much to her delight. The last time that had a match together he had managed to beat her but this time was going to be different, she had continued her training and now had better control of her chi energy and she felt this would help give her a little bit of an edge over him. It was true Tiger could control his own chi as well but now the level should be a little more even between the two of them now. She had her eyes closed with her paws resting in her lap as she meditated, going over her strategy. This match was a friendly one but between her and Tiger there was always a bit of competitive energy due to the fact that they both were tigers perhaps and one always had to be the better and Tigress knew she was equal to him in almost every way but she did like to have the chance to say that she was the top tiger for once, it was her pride talking as Tiger was not one to hold such a thing over her he always saw it as extra training with a worthy sparring partner.

"Hmmm...if I could win just once I think I wouldn't try to push this so much on him."


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Tigress would grit her teeth as Tiger avoided her attacks but would be left wide eyes as he would dodge her last one, she felt she had him but he managed to pull a quick turn of his body as her fist went right by him. After that she felt the strong grip of his own paw on hers before her arm was lifted up and a sharp and powerful impact would hit her ribs and the second hitting her stomach causing her to stumble back on her heels a bit from it. Her right arm would instantly move over her stomach and ribs as she managed to plant her feet and stop herself from going back any further, looking up she would see him coming right after her as he was the one pushing the attack this time. When he dashed in at her and went for a strike to the left side of her head she brought her left arm up to block it and save herself from more pain. The follow up almost caught her off guard but she managed to hop back avoiding the blow to her chin and put herself out of range of the kick but it seemed he still wasn't done as he stepped forward at her right after the kick in an attempt to strike with the backside of his paw, it was a powerful blow and one she couldn't let hit her. Tigress would then jump and lets her body fall back onto her paws while bringing her legs up and around his arm.

Now with his arm trapped she pulls down on her legs which would pull him down with them and as she slipped one leg from his arm and would kick up into his face to send the larger tiger back as she flipped back onto one knee and now with his reeling she moved in and took hold of his right arm pulling it down as she slams her right shoulder into him extending her right paw into his stomach with great force and while still holding onto his right arm she took hold of his shirt and lifts him up and over her shoulders spinning as he was upside down and open giving her the perfect shot as she kicks Tiger in the face sending him flipping through the air until he would land hard on the ground.

Posted on Sep 17th 2020 - 2:54 AM



Tiger would looked to her still with his fist set firmly into the palm of his left
as Tigress would slowly standing herself up and turning to face him now. As she
would speake but a single sentance he knew she wanted to get right into things and
he would oblige her. Standing at only six feet apart either one was well within
range to make the first as he settled himself into his stance as well. His eyes
locked back with hers as he tried to read her body but Tigress wouldn't give him
enough time to do so as she made the first attack and quickly to. Coming at him 
with her paws rotating infront of her chest he would try to make a guess at which
paw was coming for him and as she spun to her right he brought his left arm up to
block the backfist, took a single step back to avoid her short kick to his leg 
and leans back to stay out of range of the palm strike.

As she bent her knees and went for the forward thrust punch to his chest Tiger 
knew he was vunerable as leaning back to avoice the palm left his body open to
the oncoming attack. Reacting quickly he turns his body to the left to allow her
fist to go right passed him and as she was now the vulnerable one he would take
hold of her extended arm lifting it up with his left paw exposing her body and
steps to the side drawing himself closer to her to slam his elbow into her ribs
before extending that same arm hitting her in the stomeche to force her to stumble
back on her feet. Wasting no time he followed after her by dashing in at her with
his left reaching across his own body to strike at the left side of her head in 
a quick snap of the arm as he brought his right palm up aimed to hit under her
chin but not to knock her off her feet but to push her back more as he kicks at
her chest with his left foot with a forward kick of his own and as his foot lands
he leans forward with is right paw bent at the wrist aiming to slam the backside
of his paw into her body.

Posted on Sep 14th 2020 - 4:33 PM



Tigress would soon feel his energy getting closer to the courtyard as an excited smile would slowly creep along her lips. As the door would open and he would take his first few steps in Tigress remained sitting for but a moment before she would stand and turn as her back was facing him on his way in. Once on her feet and facing him she would smile back to him as she would place her right fist into the palm of her left paw and nods her head to him.

"The honor is mine Tiger"

She would say say to him as the two were now but six feet from each other and she would slowly shift her body into her stance and settles. Her eyes narrow slightly as she gazed into his hues now. Her body was laxed yet prepared as she would be the first to make a move. She dashed forward while rolling her paws in front of her to not let on which she intended to attack with first to make him guess and once she was within range she spun to her right and swung her right paw around with her body aimed for the side of his head while she followed it up with a kick from her left foot aimed at his leading leg as she followed through with the kick as a step forward to reset herself as she thrust her left paw forward with a palm strike where his face would be but pulled it back as she bent her knees slightly and through a straight punch at his chest.

Posted on Sep 13th 2020 - 2:55 AM



It hadn't been to bad or long of a day for Tiger and so he felt he would be just
fine as he would now be heading for the Jade Palce to have his promised match with
Tigress. Along the way he would be stretching his body out as his bones would 
crack and pop a bit as he removed the tension from them as it wouldn't be long
before he would enter the valley and then up the many steps that would take him
up to the Jade Palace. Standing before the large gates he would take a breath and
then pushes them open stepping into the large home and training grounds. Tiger
would look around for a moment and smiles, this place was always a scene of peace
and beauty. He could understand why it was easy for her to live here but that
would have to come later as he would pass through the next door way and into the
courtyard which was the training grounds and it was there he would find Tigress
waiting for him, sitting at it's center. A smile came to his lips as he steps up
and placed his right first inot he palm of his left paw.

"Thank you for the invitation. May we have a good match."

Posted on Sep 13th 2020 - 2:48 AM

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