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18+Princess goddess Haley

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September 20th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 115
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September 13, 2020


09/13/2020 03:29 PM 


  1.  no one liners allowed 
  2. no random starters allowed 
  3. NO romance role play if your married or taken 
  4. you add me you send me a greeting 
  5. if you i add you i send you a greeting
  6. if your packing extra you can not have a large monster you know what 
  7. no mutes allowed 
  8. No drama please 
  9. do not rush to me respond to you 
  10. i do not f*** shota or Lollies that is nasty and you need help for that 
  11. NO anime theme role plays allowed 
  12. NO i mean NO gaming charaters 
  13. more rules will come shortly 


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